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Can the 3rd world tsunami be stopped in Politically Correct nations?

Orwell, Huxley, Rand, Wells, Bradbury, etc…saw and warned us of everything they foresaw coming…except the 3rd world tsunami. March 24, 2017

They warned against the indoctrination, conditioning, revisionism, brainwashing, etc. where the elitists hoodwinked and ruled over the masses in one manner or another.

They understood the eternal war of Collectivism (tyranny) vs. Individualism (liberty), but from what I have read, did not understand the possibility of the 3rd world overwhelming and destroying Western Civilization—the “white” man.

The first writer I am aware of to foresee what is happening today was Jean Raspail in his definitive work “The Camp of the Saints”, (1975) which was written later in time than the aforementioned books.

By Raspail’s time evidence was becoming obvious to the logical thinker that Political Correctness (introduced by the Jewish Frankfort School into academia in the 1930’s) had influenced Western societies, i.e. all cultures good/same; white guilt/privilege bad; relentless attacks on all Western values (Critical Theory), i.e. down with the family unit & patriarchal leadership; up with sexual freedom; drugs/anything goes that feels good; educational dumb down was well on its way to the lowest common denominator…all in the name of equality & social justice.

Raspail foresaw hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of 3rd worlders (with resentments against all whites) on huge freighters plying the oceans of the world on their way to France/Europe to claim their “due” & flee their cesspool homelands. At the same time he saw the effete PC white academia/media particularly excited to welcome the “refugees” with open arms, sure that they would welcome & appreciate the hospitality, food, shelter, and what the entire 1st world had taken for granted.

What a shock when the illiterate hordes landed in France and swooped over the land like locust plagues, devouring everything in sight…lives, food, drink, smashing, slashing & bashing.

The indoctrinated military was so unprepared and intimidated they were either killed or deserted like rats off a sinking ship.
Western countries today, particularly their leaders/academia/media are so deranged with the PC psychological warfare that they are welcoming the hordes into their countries with no regard for their own safety/consequences. Just examine Scandinavia, Germany, France, et al. The men have been emasculated & the women raped at will. Law enforcement useless, as though the “instinct” for self-survival had been snuffed out.

The irony of all this is that the hubris attacks by the USA & NATO forces on nearly all Mideast countries…blowing up families, homes, antiquities…expecting no retaliation have produced the motivation for the tsunami of “refugees”, mostly military aged men, to flood Western Countries.

Various factions are to blame…the military/industrial/banking/surveillance/political complex…each with their own greedy motivations. Not to mention the rage of revenge of the unprovoked ravaged beings.

Western Culture (the target of the Cultural Marxists (Communists)) is sinking rapidly due to the successful dumbing down and pussification of those once somewhat educated, self-defense warriors by the public fool systems, the revisionist media/entertainment, etc. –all part of the deadliest psychological warfare weapon ever known…called Political Correctness which has turned rugged individuals into sniveling snowflakes afraid of their own shadows or of being called names. Disgraceful excuses for human beings. How our ancestors must be shuddering in shame & disbelief.

Is this the tragic end to Western Civilization which once brought the Enlightenment, individual freedom & liberty? Will whites bow down to illiterate savages and allow themselves to slaughtered/annihilated—therefore drawing this world back into the Dark Ages, and worse, the jungle?

If so, resurrection is more than doubtful. Pity the young.

If there is indeed a Deep State Cabal running the world, one can only wonder what they gain from such a world.

~Barbara McCutchen

Murder of the mind

Which is the greatest sin, murder of the body or murder of the mind? February 12, 2017

Regarding the proper role of education, the following Ayn Rand quote explains:

“The only purpose of education is to teach a student how to live his life—by developing his mind and equipping him to deal with reality. The training he needs is theoretical, i.e., conceptual. He has to be taught to think, to understand, to integrate, to prove. He has to be taught the essentials of the knowledge discovered in the past—and he has to be equipped to acquire further knowledge by his own effort.”

That means the child must start from the building blocks of logic which dictate the learning of any subject must require starting from the essential basic conceptual building blocks, then connecting them in logical order to build the pyramid of understanding that subject matter, e.g. mathematics, science, history, geography, reading, etc.

The “education” of today is anything but that, it is designed specifically to destroy the student’s ability to live his life rationally. The Cultural Marxists (Communists) of the 1920s-30s devised an imminently successful plan to destroy Western Civilization when they realized it couldn’t be done by bloody revolution (the Russian Revolution in particular) they attacked the mind/philosophy. It was to be achieved by their “march through the institutions”…infiltrating every important influential aspect of Western cultures. Names, dates, places are easily researched. (They were precluded by John Dewey at the turn of the century with his emphasis on emotion rather than rationality, which made their goals easier to achieve.)

Elements of their philosophy included “Critical Theory”, i.e. criticize, relentlessly attack all aspects of western values…the family unit, the father figure, the use of reason, civility, etiquette, manners, knowledge of true history, merit, earned pride/self-esteem, high expectations, achievement, rugged individualism. Also, one was to be discriminating in their choice of friends, activities, values—meaning divesting oneself of any negative influences. Today we are taught the opposite, that discrimination is deplorable & to be vilified.

The principal tool used to accomplish their success is “Political Correctness”, i.e. feminism, sexism, racism, affirmative action, quotas, homophobia, group reliance, “takes a village to raise a child”, diversity, ad infinitum. Collectivism good, individualism bad.

Some of the first subjects to be banished were logic, ancient history, Latin, philosophy, epistemology, literary classics, poetry, challenging/higher mathematics & sciences…anything requiring excellence, effort, merit was deemed bad, whereas the emphasis more & more became the group, ease in subject matter, approximations instead of hard true facts(2+2 can = 5), feelings became more important than subject matter, history (& other subjects) were revised to suit the collectivist controllers. Children were no longer to be challenged because their “feelings” might be hurt, expectations were lowered, false self-esteem instilled (everyone gets a trophy), their subject matter education was delayed and watered down. Discipline became a no no, it too might hurt “feelings”, therefore standards were badly diminished.

Rugged individualism, upon which this country was founded and grew to preeminence, was now verboten because that was the principal enemy of Collectivism where “each was given according to his need”, forced redistribution was not only expected but enforced. The ruling elites were just more equal than all the others (Animal Farm). Rugged individuals not only don’t fit in, they fight back.

Outcome: “Snowflakes” who wither in the light of day, slithering cowards seeking “safe places”, dysfunctional families, citizens who not only do not understand the proper role of government but do not seek that knowledge (willing slaves), children who’ve been conditioned not only to be arrogantly ignorant but even to doubt their own gender or that of others. Sheer insanity from which only the strongest of minds can escape.

But, as always, the blame falls on the taxpayers for not giving up more of their earnings to malevolent education/propaganda/conditioning institutions. There are mega-bucks attached to failure, so the beat goes on & on. Funding follows failure. Today the parents & teachers are victims of the same mind-bending and have no idea what is wrong—but many know SOMETHING is wrong, but unequipped to think, use logic to discover what.

Outcome: Ignorant, propagandized students march in protest of things they do not comprehend, thugs & savages are in the streets, rioting, destroying, even killing without accountability because being held accountable was erased in our major institutions……education, justice system, politics, media, etc. Eternal wars are waged against phantom enemies invented by the industrial/military/media complex for untold riches, while the patriotically conditioned youth (watch the military worship preceding public events) is used as mere cannon fodder.

The Collectivists knew the key to Western & Caucasian destruction was the elimination of true education and they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Chaos, tribalism, & loss of individual freedoms are their results, along with ultimate power and $Trillions of unearned, bloody money. The “Camp of the Saints” is in full bloom, along with the end of civilization. Only the fabulously wealthy globalists will not pay the terrible price—they hope.

~Barbara McCutchen

Has Political Correctness finally peaked?

A true ongoing narrative regarding Talladega College located in historic downtown Talladega, AL. January 13, 2017

Last evening on Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News was the appearance of Talladega College President Dr. Billy Hawkins.

Talladega College’s large marching band has been invited to perform at President Elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration celebration.

What made Dr. Hawkins appearance so important was not that he is a black president of an all-black college, but of all things he was being assailed by black counterparts for accepting the invitation for the very excellent college’s band to appear in the presidential ceremonial activities?

His life had been threatened along with bodily harm to his family & others, an effort to get him fired, and so on.

Dr. Hawkins has steadfastly stayed the course, understanding the vast array of experiences that the marching band would and will experience—chances of a lifetime!

Mr. Dobbs indicated for those interested where they can make a donation to this very worthy endeavor. What a grand educational experience. Dr. Hawkins vowed to continue his efforts on behalf of the college students.

After a brief conversation between Barbara & I , it was our decision to be a part of this exciting effort to send the very talented youngsters to DC.

After my 7:00AM full body MRI this morning & returning home, I asked Barbara how much had been collected in the students’ behalf—she exclaimed $323,000 ! The beauty of this amount is the fact that the president & students only needed $75,000—enough left over for scholarships and/or a new professor that could educate in meaningful course work.

Is this not a beautiful ongoing story about mankind and volunteer meaningful civility? Especially in the wake of decades of sickening politically correct propaganda/accusations/smears of racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, ad infinitum.

A true ongoing narrative regarding Talladega College located in historic downtown Talladega, AL. January 13, 2017

Last evening on Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News was the appearance of Talladega College President Dr. Billy Hawkins.

Talladega College’s large marching band has been invited to perform at President Elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration celebration.

What made Dr. Hawkins appearance so important was not that he is a black president of an all-black college, but of all things he was being assailed by black counterparts for accepting the invitation for the very excellent college’s band to appear in the presidential ceremonial activities?

His life had been threatened along with bodily harm to his family & others, an effort to get him fired, and so on.

Dr. Hawkins has steadfastly stayed the course, understanding the vast array of experiences that the marching band would and will experience—chances of a lifetime!

Mr. Dobbs indicated for those interested where they can make a donation to this very worthy endeavor. What a grand educational experience. Dr. Hawkins vowed to continue his efforts on behalf of the college students.

After a brief conversation between Barbara & I , it was our decision to be a part of this exciting effort to send the very talented youngsters to DC.

After my 7:00AM full body MRI this morning & returning home, I asked Barbara how much had been collected in the students’ behalf—she exclaimed $323,000 ! The beauty of this amount is the fact that the president & students only needed $75,000—enough left over for scholarships and/or a new professor that could educate in meaningful course work.

Is this not a beautiful ongoing story about mankind and volunteer meaningful civility? Especially in the wake of decades of sickening politically correct propaganda/accusations/smears of racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, ad infinitum.

By the way I will be planting my two confederate battle flags in the front yard for my love & admiration of General R.E. Lee, his father Lighthorse Harry Lee & grandfathers Francis Henry Lee & Francis Lightfoot Lee who were members & signers of the Declaration of Independence (descendents of the “Distressed Cavaliers”), and contributed so much to the birth & substance of America.

All bravos to Dr. Billy Hawkins!

Joe & Barbara McCutchen

All bravos to Dr. Billy Hawkins!

Joe & Barbara McCutchen

The Forgotten Paragons of Peace & Civility


Does anyone really know the mindset of President-Elect Donald Trump? January 21, 2017 the neutral pendulum will begin to swing right or left. Citizens should be keenly aware of nuances, meaningless statements; political positions that regularly come forth from his mouth, as well as the super large issues he will be instantly confronted with. The importance is simply that the new president will hold more collective power in all the political arenas on that date than any man in the history of the world. Which way and how far will the pendulum swing?

The American government, on a perpetual basis, needs soldiers and lots of them to continue their unconstitutional, preemptive murdering and destructive psychotic pursuits.

President Elect Donald J. Trump, who I voted for with certain caveats, has reiterated multiple times that:
1. U.S. must greatly strengthen nuclear capabilities
2. Retrofit the existing U.S. military
3. Furthermore: Increase the numbers & scope of the U.S. military top down. These statements (positions) and their implementation have the capacity to destroy mankind.

Question: why the necessity for the above? Who is today’s U.S. enemy du jour? Not one foreign national government has shown an inclination for war since 1945.

The current U.S. military is the largest and best equipped in the history of the world, yet President Elect Trump wants to rebuild & build on those numbers. At least 5 countries have a nuclear capability that could destroy the globe 10X over in minutes, namely the U.S., U.K., China, Israel, & Russia. There are others. Of the 5, who presents the greatest threat to precipitate a nuclear Armageddon—in my mind, the U.S. and/or Israel.

Should President Elect Trump proceed on the psychotic misadventures for global destruction i.e. arms race, as opposed to pursuing a vigorous global peace initiative, laissez faire capitalism, and as one of the Founders stated…”no foreign entanglements”, we shall pay dearly in blood & treasure. There is an excellent chance that civilization could be wiped off the face of the earth, e.g. the U.S. forcing China & Russia into a nuclear global conflict, now occurring—U.S. military along Russian borders & naval forces in the South China Sea. These two nations will not be bullied.

Bush I & II engaged this nation into 15 years of continual murdering and destruction, aided by Barack Obama with no end in sight. The RNC (Republican National Committee) and its sitting Senators & Representatives are warmongers of the highest order and no doubt inherited their DNA from the butcher of butchers, President Abraham Lincoln, e.g. Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsay Graham, and in AR. neophyte war-activist Sen. Tom Cotton, & indolent Sen. John Boozman who acts only on command from the RNC to pull the levers for war, otherwise his 15 year legislative presence has been a blank slate & a disgrace.

If President Elect Trump is successful in the macro enlargement and retrofitting of the U.S. military, what are his plans for utilizing this behemoth? The U.S. currently has a military presence in 130 countries! Again, I ask why? None of these countries have shown one iota of interest in any manner to engage the U.S. militarily, while at the same time the U.S. has meddled, destroyed, & murdered millions of innocent citizens around the globe, e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Ukraine, Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela, & Russia (posting NATO troops on the borders of countries contiguous with Russia—e.g. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, a U.S. naval armada in the South China Sea, and a recent deployment of tanks in Eastern Germany. ) Who is the aggressor?

I ask again, what does Mr. Trump plan to do with his proposal to metastasize the U.S. military? Are the troops going to languish in their barracks sitting on their bunks polishing their brass and rearranging their foot lockers? Certainly not, it is a formula for global destruction/hegemony, the only logical conclusion with which one can arrive, with another massive buildup of troops & material. Armies are assembled to destroy countries, kill, and torture, remove individual freedoms & institute multiple methods of captivity ending in slavery. The U.S. military is not assembled for peaceful engagements. (Accompanied by a national debt of $20 TRILLION & GROWING)

To the point. Paul Wolfowitz, dual Israeli/U.S. citizen, heavily involved in Bush II’s criminal adventures & author of the Wolfowitz Doctrine—“WE SHALL HAVE NO RIVALS”, and using the doctrine simply means, as he states, “ETERNAL WAR FOR ETERNAL PEACE” resulting in an insane equation for the pursuit of U.S. global dominance with the obvious need for massive numbers of young Americans, i.e. cannon fodder, to satisfy the dreams & goals of elitists, bankers, military/industrial/surveillance complex, and of course in the mid-east to do the fighting & funding for Israeli Jews.

All Americans during the last 4 decades have been recipients of daily fuselages of indoctrination, propagandizing, conditioning, and directives, to institute emotional behaviors that is producing an overweening emotional admiration for war and the military, and at the same time citizens hardly realizing our republic has been embroiled in a continuing 15 year war that engages in super criminal acts.

The above methods are being used at every public event (free & paid) at public institutions (public schools, universities & entertainment venues) & always with an accompanying display of force: enormous flags, cannons, fireworks, military presence, flyovers, music—highly successful maudlin spectacles which produce the desired enlistments, none of which should be a part of private citizen’s entertainment & academic interests, nor should citizens be subjected to a bellicose environment at any time.

Therefore: who will you say is violating the cannons of civility? Put another way, who do you believe deserves the title of “global enemy”?

The whole of America, mainly due to ignorance, is betraying the principles laid down by our Founding Fathers, resulting in the U.S. becoming a belligerent historical wasteland.

Painfully said, the courageous U.S. fighting force is bringing our republic down by creating chaos & fear at home & abroad, not “KEEPING US SAFE” as the general officers, politicians & media bloviate daily. The U.S. has become the global enemy and unless these young people realize they are subsidizing their own demise in unconstitutional, preemptive wars and the criminal activities of American governments we will never arise from the filth and vermin to which this & past American governments have brought us.

The courageous American military are not heroes, they are tools used by elitists who foolhardily pursue their hegemonic ambitions. Some solutions for the neutralization of our despotic federal government are akin to simple syrup—simple.

Redeploy all American troops back to the confines of the USA, use the redeployed troops to lockdown all our national borders—land, sea, & air; use a substantial number of the remaining redeployed to build a wall contiguous with Mexico. Discharge all military personnel who do not provide active rolls in positively serving our nation; remove all illegal foreign nationals from roles in our military. Deport all illegals and those residing here on expired visas. The redeployment will also provide for a sleek, effective fighting force and relieve U.S. taxpayers from paying billions of dollars on foolish military excursions. If the numbers remaining are sufficiently great they should be directed to rebuilding our infrastructure. And finally, there should be instituted a 5 year moratorium on all immigration, giving our nation a chance to acculturate/assimilate the hundreds of ethnic groups who reside here legally.

Citizens, you do understand that politicians & bureaucrats are not going to resolve on their own the multiple crises we taxpayers are enduring—they created them all for their own enrichment. The coup de gras to complete the above tenants for saving our Constitutional Republic; all incumbents must be given the boot promptly, removing any chance of reenacting conscription, among other repugnant things.

Speaking of heroes, 3 individuals stand out, Edward Snowden fled to Russia, Bradley Manning federal prison, & Julian Assange house arrest Ecuadorian Embassy. They have given their all to alert/educate Americans to the magnitude of the criminal cabal located in DC—the federal government. President Elect Donald Trump, in my view, should pardon these 3 men and award with appropriate medals of honor—they may just have saved our nation.

Joe McCutchen

Mike Gaddy…”Lessons unlearned & unintended consequences”


“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.” ~ Margaret J. Wheatley

Janus, the Roman god who has faces on both sides of his head in order to look forward as well as backward is the symbol for January, and as we are on the threshold of a new year, would it not be proper for us to look to the past for lessons for the future?

Over the course of several decades, I have learned firsthand the hazards of being knowledgeable of history and trying to relay that knowledge to others to avoid the admonishment so eloquently stated by George Santayana that those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat its mistakes. Such a venture would certainly qualify as an effort in futility. People, especially those on the right of the political spectrum, become most agitated and angry when one draws back the curtain revealing their historical ignorance and unwillingness to learn those historical lessons.

In early 2000, a so-called “conservative think-tank” formulated a plan that has led to continual war, rampant mass immigration and acts of terror all over the globe. The big problem is, the Neocons (read Republicans) who operated and funded this think-tank not only influenced their own political party but made their totally failed plan the hallmark of the current Democrat administration. Not only that but following through with the principles of the Hegelian Dialectic, they have made the majority of Americans believe the way to cure the problem created with their policies is to apply more of what caused the problem in the first place.

A quick perusal of any social media site will show a great many Americans believe the way to stop terrorism and mass immigration is to continue doing what caused it in the first place.

Back in 2003, because of the massive false hype for the invasion of Iraq, I wrote an article on the above-referenced think-tank which is known as the Project For The New American Century. (PNAC) In the title for that article, I claimed PNAC’s plan was the death certificate for our Republic. I stand by my prognostication. I ask you, the reader, to review this article and compare it with where we are today.

(Please note: I have emphasized in bold some things that are most relevant)
Project For The New American Century:
The Death Certificate For Our Republic

By Michael Gaddy (Originally published on 03/03/03)

I, like many other supporters of the Constitution, have been asking since the 2000 election; exactly what drives the foreign policy of the Bush Administration. The answer is revealed in the doctrines of the Policy for the New American Century, (PNAC)
Neil Mackay, in the Scotland Sunday Herald, reveals the master plan now driving this administration.

“A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure ‘regime change’ even before he took power in January 2001.

The blueprint, uncovered by the Sunday Herald, for the creation of a ‘global Pax Americana’ was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice- president), Donald Rumsfeld (defense secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld’s deputy), George W Bush’s younger brother Jeb and Lewis Libby (Cheney’s chief of staff). The document, entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century, was written in September 2000 by the neo-conservative think-tank Project for the New American Century (PNAC).”

This plan can be found here in PDF format.

The plan put forth by PNAC reveals, regardless of whether Saddam Hussein was in power in Iraq, an attack there was preordained. Maybe this can explain why the powers that be and their lap-dog media continue the war beat no matter how many times this administration is caught prevaricating about Iraq.

Inside the document prepared by PNAC is the following: “The United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.”

To facilitate their plans, our military cannot be constrained by our Constitution. The plan calls our military, “the cavalry on the new American frontier.” In other words, the new American frontier is wherever our government says it is. If this is not a game plan of empire, I have never seen one.

The thoughts brought forth in this document should scare the bejeezus out of anyone who calls him or herself an American.
The PNAC plan:

Supports a “blueprint for maintaining global US preeminence, precluding the rise of a great power rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests.”

This “American grand strategy” must be advanced for “as far into the future as possible,” the report says. It also calls for the US to “fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars” as a “core mission.”
1. Refers to key allies such as the UK as “the most effective and efficient means of exercising American global leadership.”
2. Describes peacekeeping missions as “demanding American political leadership rather than that of the United Nations.”
3. Reveals worries in the administration that Europe could rival the USA.
4. Says “even should Saddam pass from the scene” bases in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will remain permanently — despite domestic opposition in the Gulf regimes to the stationing of US troops — as “Iran may well prove as large a threat to US interests as Iraq has.”
5. Spotlights China for “regime change” saying “it is time to increase the presence of American forces in Southeast Asia”. This, it says, may lead to “American and allied power providing the spur to the process of democratization in China”
6. Calls for the creation of “US Space Forces”, to dominate space, and the total control of cyberspace to prevent “enemies” using the Internet against the US. (How long will it be before those of us who oppose this quest for empire, become the “enemy”?)
7. Hints that, despite threatening war against Iraq for developing weapons of mass destruction, the US may consider developing biological weapons — which the nation has banned — in decades to come. It says: “New methods of attack — electronic, ‘non-lethal’, biological — will be more widely available … combat likely will take place in new dimensions, in space, cyberspace, and perhaps the world of microbes … advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”
8. Pinpoints North Korea, Libya, Syria and Iran as dangerous regimes and says their existence justifies the creation of a “worldwide command-and-control system.”

Our European allies know of this plan. Perhaps that is why the administration’s plan for “regime change” is meeting such opposition there.
Tam Dalyell, father of the House of Commons in the UK, and one of the leading British voices against war with Iraq said: “This is garbage from right-wing think-tanks stuffed with chicken-hawks — men who have never seen the horror of war but are in love with the idea of war.

Men like Cheney, who were draft-dodgers in the Vietnam War. This is a blueprint for US world domination — a new world order of their making. These are the thought processes of fantasist Americans who want to control the world. I am appalled that a British Labour Prime Minister should have got into bed with a crew which has this moral standing.”

Ironically, the policies of PNAC were first brought forth in Papa George’s administration, but it was not well received and the would-be world controllers backed off for the time being. Scott McConnell of the American Conservative magazine says; “In the final year of the first Bush administration, Paul Wolfowitz penned a memo under the aegis of then Secretary of Defense Cheney, calling for the United States to ramp up its defense spending in order to deter any other country from “even aspiring to a larger regional or global role.” China, Russia, Germany, and Japan were to be intimidated from seeking more power in their own regions. After the Wolfowitz draft was leaked to the press, it received widespread ridicule, and the Bush I diplomats rushed to reassure allies that Wolfowitz’s views did not truly reflect American foreign policy.

But, during the 1990s, these did become the views of the neoconservatives, packaged under the slogan “benevolent global hegemony” touted by William Kristol and Robert Kagan. The positions of the neoconservative foreign policy team in exile were fleshed out in a PNAC book, Present Dangers, which called for the U.S. to “shape the international environment to its own advantage” by being “at once a European power, an Asian power, a Middle Eastern power, and of course a Western Hemisphere power” and to “act as if instability in important regions of the world … affect[s] us with almost the same immediacy as if [it] was occurring on our own doorstep.” In practice, this meant assertive risk-taking virtually everywhere. Jonathan Clarke, reviewing the volume in the National Interest, wrote, “If the book’s recommendations were implemented all at once, the U.S. would risk unilaterally fighting a five-front war, while simultaneously urging Israel to abandon the peace process in favor of a new no-holds-barred confrontation with the Palestinians.” This book has become the blueprint for the foreign policy of George W. Bush.”

The most alarming part of this document is the proposals for our military. Those of us who believe that we maintain a military for defense are in for a real shock. When this plan is implemented there will have to be a name change in our government. We will no longer have a department of defense; it will have to be changed to the department of offense.

Does anyone really believe we can accomplish the outlined military goals with an “all volunteer” force? Or will we once again be required to subject our young people to a draft so they can be made indentured servants to a government so as to “fight for freedom?” Don’t forget Secretary of Offense, Donald Rumsfeld, recently praised our “all volunteer’ military as being one where everyone is there by choice, yet days later froze all lengths of service for the U.S. Marines and all forces in Korea until further notice. (stop-loss)

This plan for world domination, written in 2000, called for raising our outlay on military spending to 3.8 percent of our GNP from the then level of 3.5. With the last increase in military spending by this administration, we reached the exact figure of 3.8!
The steps of this plan, which are being followed to the letter by George W. Bush, (and then by Obama for the past 8 years) will lead to the end of what little is left of our Republic and a disaster for us as a nation on the world stage. History is resplendent with the tragedies of nations that sought empire and failed. We will be no different.

All allies will be repulsed in our desire to dominate the world. It is happening already. Our European allies have gone from those with headlines on 9/11 that proclaimed “We are all Americans now,” to disgust with our leaders, our foreign policy and its intended goal of world domination. Sure, we will be able to buy some allies, just as we have Turkey, but we must be aware we have only purchased the support of the government. The people of the world will never support a foreign power that seeks to make everyone victims of its democratization and moral superiority.

When we subdue Iraq, will the oil resources be given to the citizens? I think not. A puppet government will be installed and the oil resources will be channeled to US interests, just as poppy production is being done in Afghanistan. Why else would a supposed “leader” of a country require 24/7 protection by US Special Forces soldiers from his own citizens?

We call what we seek to impose on the world, “democracy.” What majority of citizens in Afghanistan elected Hamid Karzai to be head of the country? Could it be coincidence Karzai was a former Unocal employee? Is it also coincidence the plan for the oil line across Afghanistan is now being implemented? Could the Taliban have become military opponents of the United States simply because they refused this same pipeline deal with Unocal after being wined and dined in Texas back when Dubya was governor in 1997?

What will it take for the majority of citizens in this country to realize we are becoming that which we fought so hard to oppose 50+ years ago? By continuing to implement this policy set forth by Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Perle and Bush, do we not become the same as the Soviet Union whom we fought so hard to defeat, costing us tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars? One need only to compare the proposed ideologies of our new neoconservative leaders with those of Leon Trotsky!

Another thing this plan for world domination will bring us here at home is terrorism too intense to be imagined. When we have separated ourselves from the other people of this planet by our quest for domination, by what other means will they be able to retaliate? Does the thought of Rome being invaded by the Barbarians bring forth any visions? If they invade across our Southern Border, they will be assisted by our government’s policies rather than opposed?

What will become of those here in this country who seek to remain loyal to the Constitution? Will we not become just as much an opposing force to those who seek world domination as those in other countries who do not wish to become American subjects?
How much more of our personal resources will be required to accomplish world domination? How many more of our freedoms?


Trump’s Deals?

December 3, 2016

Deal making is the forte of President-elect Donald Trump. Deals can be good or can be bad…mostly they are bad when made by government.

Throughout the 1 ½ years of Mr. Trump’s campaigning, never once did scurrilous Senate Majority Leader (R) Mitch McConnell offer Trump a lending hand. Why?

Now the Art of the Deal: Trump appoints Communist Elaine Chao Secretary of Transportation, wife of Sen. McConnell and that buys McConnell’s allegiance and should McConnell stray from Trump’s pack he will be taken to the woodshed and spanked, i.e. Commissar Chao will be summarily fired.

Recall, on the website ( a piece dated Nov. 29, 2016 that Chao was a Communist and head of the Dept. of Labor under traitor G.W. Bush and her father is owner of the Chinese Overseas Shipping Company (COSCO) whose Communist containers are seen in every nook & cranny in the United States. More later about Commissar Chao—this woman is dangerous and if allowed to pursue her agenda middleclass America will cease to exist.

Also, what is left of public education will be scuttled by Cultural Marxist Sec. of Education, Betsy DeVos—sister of Erik Prince, owner of Blackwater Mercenary.

That boy Trump is “draining the swamp”?

Joe McCutchen

The Grande Dame–Besmirched

The Grande Dame—Besmirched—forever? November 12, 2016

The Dame must descend the pole, be furled, placed in a worthy container & put out of every person’s sight!

The Founding Fathers, after the first war for independence (secession), gave citizens a roadmap that could secure our individual freedoms through their wisdom & experiences, so stated in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution & Bill of Rights.

Benjamin Franklin answering a question from a patriot, then “what kind of government do we have?” Franklin’s answer, “a Constitutional Republic, if you can keep it”, not a democracy. We have not kept it.

Today’s United States is the antithesis of our Founders’ dream, and plainly visible, the former States have morphed into the United State of America, not individual state sovereignty as the Founders envisioned, free to withdraw (secede) at any time any one of the individual states was uncomfortable with the conduct of the central government—Washington DC. (Violations of the Constitution)
The meltdowns of our Constitutional Republic began early on with one of the Founders initiating the act, Alexander Hamilton. While state sovereignty was destroyed by Abraham Lincoln & his creation of the Republican Party—1861-65, a president who declared war without authority and against the citizens who elected him. The major erosions of individual liberty & international meddling after Lincoln commenced with Woodrow Wilson, then the introduction by Jews the nation killing Frankfort school that introduced the U.S. to Political Correctness by their “march through the institutions”. Following the Frankfurt school were Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and fluttering in the wind during those unconstitutional wars the nexus to the Frankfort School did not terminally tarnish the Grande Dame and could still hold her head high due to honorable citizens’ misguided patriotism & political/historical ignorance which reigns today.

I commenced this article on Election Day Nov. 8, 2016 never dreaming that America would partially come to her senses and elect Mr. Donald Trump. A cause celeb for his courage, determination and stated positions—i.e. Make America Great Again. He now begins with Tabula Rasa to clean up the dastardly mess created by the above and below.

At the end of this article I conclude my pre-election day thoughts and facts with a statement pertaining to Mr. Trump I made on June 25, 2015.
The brutal hegemonic preemptive attacks on American citizens and the international community began in earnest with Presidents Bush I (attacks in Somalia, Kuwait & Iraq & half-baked deals with Saudi Arabia), Clinton (Destruction of the Balkans), Bush II (911, Afghanistan, Iraq, the “Patriot Act”, torture), & Obama ( overthrows in Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, potentially Syria, Obamacare, mass legal and illegal immigration & international spying).

These 4 treasonous, treacherous presidents have made a mockery of the Grande Dame.

The warmongering neoconservative Republicans with the aid of select Democrats (mostly Jews), continue their uncivil pursuit for global conquest. The Jew Paul Wolfowitz’s plan for America’s world conquest is called The Wolfowitz Doctrine—“WE SHALL HAVE NO RIVALS”. What does this declaration mean to you?

More abuse (subliminal—conditioning, propagandizing, indoctrinating for more preemptive warfare) of the Grande Dame! The Dame, at most public events, ball games, car races, concerts, religious activities, ceremonies, etc. put the Dame on display which incites emotions/comfort for more unjust wars & used as a recruiting tool. On unladylike, garish display Huge American flags, accompanied by all brands of military contingents, singers jazzing up the National Anthem, the flyovers, fireworks displays, athletic uniforms in camo, complicit exploitative media, etc.

Flying state flags and singing their songs where the event is being held would demonstrate the allegiance to that state resulting in the display of some modicum of state sovereignty & sensibility, not THE STATE, (MILITARY).

Citizens’ emotions dominate phase one of the Thought Process, rarely ever pursuing phases two & three, asking such questions as why, for what purpose, who benefits, what results, etc.? Emotions, absent facts are the psychology Washington tyrants use leaving Americans non compos mentis.

The U.S. government regularly creates false flags, i.e. to create our alleged next new enemy. Hopefully, Mr. Trump will remove U.S. forces from the backyards of the 130 countries where there is American military presence and return them back to America! Nay, he vehemently supports the retro-fitting of the U.S. military.

If the American military departed what would the returning troops do to earn their existence? Answer: Build the Wall, secure our borders, handle deportations, rebuild infrastructure—roads, bridges, ad infinitum.

Can Mr. Trump accomplish his goals? He will have to wade through DC Oligarchs, neocon Republicans & selective Democrats. Unfortunately at the present time the Republican House & Senate have shown themselves to also be non-compos mentis and political self-serving cowards, e.g. Senator John Boozman.

Can Mr. Trump remove some of the blood-splattered stain from the Dame that our criminally corrupt governments have bathed her in and let her proudly once again honorably flutter in the breeze?

Mr. Trump’s credentials as I view them are quite unique; breeding that runs deep, courageous, tenacious, refuses to accept defeat, academically positioned, wildly successful in business & trade, and uniquely an individualist, not a participant in the Cultural Marxist collective.

The negatives: his V.P. Mike Pence: his hero is neoconservative, warmongering Dick Cheney & allegiance to Israel.
Mr. Trump’s negatives: he informed a black congregation that he would model his administration after Abraham Lincoln, indicative that he is dangerously devoid of historical facts, particularly from the period 1854-74. The factual history pertaining to that period can be found in the archives in DC and Richmond. He further appears deficient in matters of the U.S. Constitution & his position on the retro-fitting of the U.S. military is the prescription for more warfare.

It is our last call—LONG LIVE THE TRUE GRANDE DAME! Drain the toxic swamp of corrupt democrats, republicans, bureaucrats, lobbyists & substitute peaceful negotiations for the PHONY WARS ON TERRORISM—THE GIGANTIC HOAX.

Joe McCutchen

Merit vs. Political Correctness?

The model should have been another Clark, by the name of Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee.

The hiring of a new police chief…on merit or political correctness/affirmative action? 10/13/16

Fort Smith City Manager Carl Geffken named Nathaniel Clark the new F.S. Chief of Police. Does the official City Board have no influence in the hiring of such an important position?

Clark states he has 31 years of police experience and is well-traveled.

The new Chief served as Pine Bluff, AR. Chief of Police for 2 years and was terminated, apparently over racial issues. He sued the city in both state & federal courts and was exonerated. Is this not potential trouble on the horizon since the race card has been played?
The Chief has retired twice from two different positions.

Geffken interviewed 33 candidates and the above was his choice.

In what was designed to be a confidential memo from Geffken to Fort Smith city officials, a number of questionable statements appear, e.g. “he understands the need to engage the community and try to become a part of it”. How do the words “engage” apply here and becoming “a part of the community”? Geffken goes ahead to write “community policing and understanding the difference in being a peace officer and warrior is so needed, not only in Fort Smith but throughout the country”. What?

Geffken’s above statement is clearly inflammatory and is subconsciously alluding to the erroneous implication that the city of Fort Smith has racial problems. If so, please state what they are and when they occurred. The fact that Geffken wanted to keep his memo confidential is a clear indication that he cannot be trusted. We the People, not only ask for but demand transparency in all government divisions, e.g. city government, F.S. School Board, et al.

A Police Chief should not be hired to be a public relations minion. He/she should be hired to run a tight ship, favoring none, allow, in this case Ft. Smith citizens, to determine protocols, certainly not affiliating with foreign national policing organizations & U.N.’s Agenda 21, obeying strictly their sworn obligations to the U.S. Constitution and that should be indicative that the Chief and his officers have read & understand the Constitution, but how many of the aforementioned would you believe have ever read, studied or understood the Constitution that they have solemnly sworn to uphold?

Geffken: “I will hold Clark accountable and will ask that he provide a plan (you hired this man without a plan?) on how he intends to move the Police Dept. forward. Exactly what does he mean by moving the city forward?

This looks like potential trouble with a capital T, right here in River City.

Joe McCutchen

Collectivism Vs. Individualism–the eternal war

The road to Collectivism is a 24/7 process—witness government schools, formerly public schools…oh yes, their marquees. October 9, 2016

Whether you identify by calling it Collectivism, Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, Political Correctness or Programming, the results are always the same—civil unrest, poverty, & more importantly loss of freedom.

Leon Trotsky, an avowed Jewish Marxist, was the inventor of the word “Racist”. Recall that Jews fashioned Political Correctness that has swept and done irreversible damage to our American culture & heritage.

First, a look at the makeup of the Fort Smith School Board, compliments of city citizens. The president is a disgruntled, new-age carpet bagger who came south seeking employment and to destroy everything locally Southern. Then the lady who is prexy’s right hand and addicted to traveling at city expense to pseudo state & national School Board functions, i.e. faux study groups, fact finding, task forces, retreats, etc. Then the two new male members who were elected to stand firm on Constitutional matters and transparent legitimate school discourse, both geed & hawed at the first volley requiring the courage to dissent. Perhaps they owe their manhood to the downtown brigade leaders, Griffin & Sicard, & their serfs. Two other nondescript individuals and the newest member of the Super-enablers is a much-traveled woman on Griffin’s taxpayer payroll (HUD) and has been ID’ed as a “Community Organizer”. She perhaps envisions herself as a disciple of “the displaced Kenyan” aka POTUS. Those are the stalwarts.

The Board is preparing to hire a new Super, unknown, but already replete with a 10K raise and Lord knows how many & how much of yet to be identified value of the plethora of Perks to be. All Supers are precisely of the same mental makeup. Right out of the Marxist mold & Metro 1313…and none have ever spawned an original thought. Their job is simply to enforce U.N. Agenda 21 (now 2030). The agenda is to short-circuit the child’s mind—absent logic, individuality is verboten, everyone is alike, all cultures are equal, and government is their savior.

The teachers are the useful idiots and those few who understand the despotic system they are tied to are too frightened to open their cheeps. If you indeed believe your child is getting a “good” education, i.e. academic, not social engineering, you are probably a victim of the same indoctrination system.

Folks, those of you who believe teachers are underpaid and the government schools are cash strapped are falling for the same ole line. There was a time when both the above were true, but not today—schools are cash mills.

The 24/7 Process. The government schools not only indoctrinate, obfuscate, withhold & revise inside but carry on those practices outside. Note: Elementary School marquees, but not limited to. The programming must continue. Note the “Word or words of the Week”—not words or grammatical expressions to be used to amplify communication skills but words that are used to subliminally convey their collective philosophy—make good little government socialist automatons. Today the words are SHARING & COOPERATION…never words praising the individual, always the collective mantra.

Where do you believe those words emanate? Certainly not locally.

City Managers, also born & reared in the U.N. vat, are only enforcers of Cultural Marxism, and City Directors are his/her Yes-men. Their allegiances are to the higher Order of Regionalism, 501 c3’s and Planners–all enemies of the Constitution and We the People.

Joe McCutchen

The Comprachicos of the Mind.

The Comprachicos revisited (see What’s to Fear? The Comprachicos are here… September 22, 2016

Briefly, Comprachicos (child buyers) were not unusual in the 17th century, i.e. those who purchased young children, ideally by the age of 3, in order to transform their bodies into freakish sideshow attractions & jesters, thereby providing the Comprachicos with fame & fortune.

Modern day Comprachicos, aka “Early Education” programmers (by age 3)c, switched from body deformers to mental manipulators, obviously to control thought processes, values and workforce automatons, as you shall see.

Simple equation at work:
Public education = F
F = Funding Follows Failures
If public school doing well academically = No increased Funding
If public school Failing = Increased Funding
Therefore; failure by design in order to receive more FUNDING!

How many program failures have been tried? From Progressive education of John Dewey (early to mid 1900’s), to Headstart, School to Work, Outcome-based education, Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and now Common Core among the myriad of mind-bending experiments.

The new U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr. recently visited Little Rock, AR to promote Obama’s “new” Preschool for All initiative that would provide pre-K for ALL low-income & middleclass children. King stated “We also know it’s good for the local economy because we want a well-prepared WORKFORCE. Students who get quality early learning are more likely to succeed in post-secondary education, and they are going to be a stronger future WORKFORCE.”
A Big Fat Lie. Btw, whatever happened to the vaunted Headstart program? Nothing. it is still there after decades of colossal failure, according to only one source of many:

It’s Time to Stop Head Start
By Darcy Ann Olsen

This article appeared in the Human Events on September 1, 2000.

Excerpts: “In 1985 the Department of Health and Human Services undertook the first meta-analysis of Head Start research and shook the establishment with its dire findings: “In the long run, cognitive and socioemotional test scores of former Head Start students do not remain superior to those of disadvantaged children who did not attend Head Start.” “In other words, Head Start was a false start—the net gain to children was zero.” “Thirty-five years, $44 billion, and 17 million children have passed through the Head Start gates since 1965”. “To put all children on an equal footing would require genetic engineering, surrogate parents, and for many kids, home away from home.” “After 35 years without success, it’s time politicians reconsider the wisdom of Head Start. When they do, it will be time to let the program go.”

Face it folks, academics are out & social programing is in. Look around at the results…emotional automatons programed to view life from a Collective point of view…the group is everything, the individual is of little value (except when being taught unearned self-esteem, e.g. all answers are correct). Hence the rise of the “communities” (LGBTQ, Gay, Black, Latino) and the fall of rugged individualism. Dependency vs. Independence, emphasis on the “team”, de-emphasis on the person. After all, rugged individuals who rise according to their own efforts & talents are intimidating and unfair to the “disadvantaged”.

Most dictators & collectivist leaders have always known the value of “getting the child while very young” as have religious sects. Mold the mind to think in ways that are advantageous to the molders and goals are achieved much easier than trying to herd a bunch of individuals thinking for themselves who probably won’t agree or want to go along with the molders.

Notice the emphasis Secretary King places on the workforce…a dead giveaway to communistic/socialist/collectivist beliefs & goals…a compliant mass of willing workers to help achieve the goals, in this case of a One-World globalist agenda.

The equation is fulfilled—ignorant collectivist/global worker bees who generate Funding—death of individual freedom & rise of tyranny. The modern Comprachicos are highly successful—mental capacities & standards have been disfigured, deformed, & rendered incapable of logic…indeed of common sense.

Pity the young!

~Barbara McCutchen