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PC “Art” on display

“The Unexpected” is to be expected. July 16, 2017

As an observer with somewhat of a knowledge & study in the arts, the downtown project called “The Unexpected” (murals on historic buildings) raises lots of questions. Who is paying these various “artists” for their travel & work expenses? Who, if anyone, critiques the planned art project and are there any criteria or standards applied?

What is called “art” is a very subjective subject. There are various viewpoints such as the “Emperors’ New Clothes” faction, in which whatever the “experts” say is acceptable or appropriate art must be so. There is a malevolent faction which does all it can to project ugliness, misery, distortion of reality, and often seeks to dare the viewer not to agree or feel awe for their work. Then, there is a faction which seeks to portray life in a rational, benevolent way, even to inspire. All artists are portraying their own sense of life, how they feel about humankind and the world in which we live.

With those thoughts in mind, observe what the Fort Smith canvas is portraying. Some projects show a complete lack of reality or benevolence, some make no sense at all, some are cartoonish, some are just plain ugly, and a few give a sense of dignity & intelligibility.
In my opinion if any vetting is done it is poorly accomplished. This town has a very unique history which could have been portrayed in the tracing of that history in a dignified, educational, inspiring way. From Wild West bandits, to the Judge & Marshal’s, to the genteel presence of Southern etiquette & accomplishment. From wagons, horses, blacksmiths, farmers, saloons, to ladies & gentlemen and the building of fine structures, such as the marble train station and elegant hotels & theaters, to the crowded Avenue lined with fine stores of all venues & throngs of people making their way up & down, including the WWII troops. So many opportunities to educate, stimulate & inspire, lost forever.

What we see now with clear eyes & rational minds is a growing array of graffiti…no doubt expensive. Don’t know about others but I don’t relish the idea of this becoming known as “Graffiti City”, no matter how “well-meaning” or “expert” the instigators & enablers might present themselves to be.

The “Unexpected” is not so unexpected in this time of political correctness and relinquishment of standards and beauty.

Those of us old enough to remember times of decorum, etiquette, esthetics, honor, & rugged individualism recognize what destructive endeavors are unfolding. The “Youngers” are mostly mired in PC indoctrination & those who have resisted are to be admired…and pitied for the agonies without the ecstasy’s to be endured.

Pity the young.

~Barbara McCutchen

Where are the “Distressed Cavaliers” when we need them? (Hint: their gene pool has mostly been destroyed)

resubmitted June 11, 2017

June 21, 2009 What the politicized institutions don’t want you to know.

The “Distressed Cavaliers”…….The best kept secret in our history, next to the truth about tyrant “Honest Abe”. (Read “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo)

The Collectivists/Politically Correct purveyors’ worst nightmare would be for American citizens to learn of their true Founding history….from the establishment of Jamestown by adventurers and businessmen BEFORE the Pilgrim’s Plymouth Rock, the first Thanksgiving at Berkley Plantation, BEFORE the Pilgrims’, to the wonderment of the saga of the “Distressed Cavaliers”. (Such knowledge might give rise to the pride Americans once had in their heritage, something carefully destroyed by the Politically Correct method of Cultural Marxists.)

In the mid 1600’s Sir William Berkeley, Governor of Virginia, had the brilliant plan of recruiting the younger sons of English Noble families. He was able to entice them with promises of land and position because under the custom of the day, only the oldest son was allowed to inherit the family estate and fortune. Another contributing factor was the ascendency of the Puritans in England who persecuted the non-Puritans. Hence the name, “The Distressed Cavaliers”. (“Albion’s Seed”, by David Fischer)

From these ranks came young men of education, intelligence, bravery, honor, ambition, entrepreneurial ship, and leadership. Englishmen of breeding and substance. It was from this stock that the First Families of Virginia arose. They included names such as Custis, Harrison, Randolph, Mason, Madison, Washington, Lee, Jefferson, Jay, Carroll, etc.

Our beginnings and subsequent progress were not based on “Diversity”, a twisted concept at best. It was based on consistency, rule of law, honor, and a knowledge of the Enlightenment philosophy of Individualism. A man was judged by strict rules on conduct, which allowed those of lesser circumstances to function and succeed as well.

No wonder none of this is taught in the Collective Government Schools. Knowledge such as this might make for a citizenry schooled in merit and the fact that government’s only legitimate business is that of protecting the rights of the citizens and the Constitution.

A great country cannot grow based on ignorance, superstition, or anarchy, which is the result of multi-culturalism, (too many legal & illegal aliens from 3rd World cultures having little or no redeeming factors…in short all people are not the same; much depends on their achievements and values) leading to tyranny and dictatorship over the masses. Individual rights and freedoms are an anathema to Collectivists—whether Socialists, Fascists, Communists, or Monarchists.

Every aspect of Western Civilization is under attack and every other culture is being touted…all by design to destroy its very foundations. Some call it genocide.

Our Founders accomplished the most astonishing achievement in the history of the known world…they established a Constitutional Republic at the beginning of our nation, which differed drastically from Democracy (Mob Rule)which is how politicians, bureaucrats and other co-conspirators are fond of describing our system today, and all forms of Collectivism ever tried. The rights of the individual were held supreme, not the power of government. The Right to Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness was not meant for government but for individual citizens.

Oh, how we need the Cavaliers today to vanquish the trolls and harpies who rule over us, demean and threaten our very existence.

Barbara McCutchen

Old Collectivist education programs merely renamed & expanded

Update on “Education” June 4, 2017

Once the public/parents catch on to the goals of government school programs, e.g. School to Work, Goals 2000, Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind, Common Core…the tactic is simply to change the name, give glowing recommendations and expand the collectivist/Marxist dumb down goals to short circuit children’s minds. Why? Ignorant, indoctrinated students grow into compliant, uninformed citizens, easily manipulated.

Notice the admiring article in the Times Record 6/1/17 “Future School wraps up first year”. They are pushing ahead into something called “Summit Learning”…Here is a quote from that website:


The platform comes with a comprehensive curriculum developed by teachers in classrooms. The base curriculum is aligned with the Common Core, and each course includes meaningful projects, playlists of content and assessments, all of which can be customized. Teachers can adapt or create new playlists and projects to meet their students’ needs.”

Anyone who has taken an interest in what children are being taught will recognize all the old buzzwords and realize these “programs” are more of the same with different aliases.

There is no point in lengthy explanations, there are dozens which have been done by experts…those who are intelligent enough or care enough are either already aware or will do more of their own research to find the truth, which is nauseating.

This is merely to shine the light of day on one of Fort Smith’s latest attempts to stealthily implement federal government goals and outcomes. Unfortunately the teachers are either victims/believers of the system or are knowingly complicit in compliance.

Most parents merely look at schools as convenient “free” babysitters or accept government control over the individual as acceptable.

For those who don’t…beware. Do your homework and do not give up your or your child’s freedoms for any price. You may not be able to afford homeschooling, but you can at least detoxify everyday whatever indoctrination eggs have been laid. If you are lucky and have good genes your kids could turn out okay, but will have missed vital/important information they may never obtain.

As for the rest, they get what they deserve.

~Barbara McCutchen

Indoctrination vs. Education

It is common sense knowledge that facilities do not produce well educated students. The one room schoolhouse with outhouses for toilets produced much better educated students than today’s Taj Mahal’s. Why?

Example in the 5/23/17 TR article “School to hire Consultant”.

We are told by School Board member Talicia Richardson the usual educanto newspeak designed to say a lot and explain nothing. “We are making a great decision to MOVE FORWARD”. “We’ve never done anything like this before & just because we maintain our facilities (long time leaky roofs at Southside?), it’s time to take our facilities to the NEXT LEVEL”. “we need to be more STRATEGIC AND PLAN for not only short term but long term STRATEGIC moves that are going to put our district in a position REGIONALLY, –exceptional employers…place to work—all of those different factors. And if we DO NOT have facilities of monies (taxes) and things of that nature to support that we will not be able to MOVE FORWARD, as a district”. (Please note bureaucratic buzz words in caps) Translation=subterfuge & obfuscation re more funding & expansion.

Secretary Bill Hanesworth agreed. “We have to have a STRATEGIC plan and it’s not just facilities. It’s where are we going to be five or 10 years from now?” Doesn’t this sound like the Board & Administration do not have the expertise or comprehension to manage and direct our school system?

Superintendent Doug Brubaker said “that STRATEGIC planning allows for conversations with different STAKEHOLDERS such as parents, students teachers administrators, staff, business leaders and others in the community about what the district wants students to understand know how to do by the time they graduate.” (What exactly does that mean?)

For $36,410 CAMBRIDGE STRATGIC SERVICES will compile data & an overall PLAN for the district that will include BELIEFS—a statement that is a formal expression of the district’s & community’s fundamental ”VALUES: ETHICAL CODE, OVERRIDING CONVICTIONS & INVIOLATE COMMITMENTS—EXPRESSION OF DISTRICT’S IDENTITY, PURPOSE AND THE MEANS OF ACTION; STRATEGIC PARAMETERS,” ETC. ETC. ETC.

The CONSULTANTS will also give….”an examination of those forces over which the district has little or no control such as social, political, economic, demographic, technological or educations trends; competition”…etc. etc. etc.

You understood the precise meaning of what our hard-earned $36,410 will get for us and the children, right? Does it ever occur to you that when you read these glowing reports from public education that there is never a word about upgrading curricula, increasing academic demands, insisting on highly intelligent, well-educated motivated teachers, or reconstructing teaching courses/schools in a way which demands higher standards and more rigorous studies? No, and you won’t. Sadly most well-intentioned educators are victims of the same system and do not understand the role they are playing. Some may understand but have no means to fight the system and even may attempt to do what they can to counter the collectivist agenda. Scant few comprehend the socialist strategy, most think they are carrying out a noble cause or are too ignorant themselves to understand the difference between educating and indoctrinating.

A well-educated, inquisitive, hard-working student is not what today’s “leaders” want….because they are not easily fooled or controlled that is why. Under the guise of EQUALITY/DIVERSITY the system seeks to “educate” to the lowest common denominator…the slowest, least intelligent, and thereby bringing all to SOCIAL JUSTICE where no one feels left out or humiliated. The ultimate victim is the intelligent youngster or any other who wants to learn.

Perhaps you have noticed the ridiculous NEW MATH, the lack of teaching cursive writing, the disdain for memorization, the absence of logic, the presence of highly revised history, the disappearance of higher academic subjects in science, astronomy, Latin, ancient history, geography, grammar, etc.

In case you are not aware, CONSULTING FIRMS (particularly pertaining to anything governmental & usually employing retired bureaucrats) are agents of the government and take their instructions from it. Whatever direction the government wants the school to take, that is where the CONSULTANTS take them in all their glorious educanto newspeak, designed not to be precisely understood. Meanwhile, of course they rake in mega taxpayer bucks. The ultimate goal is to remove all local control & keep the taxpayers from knowing what they are doing and why. Another goal is to short-circuit the child’s mind and render it helpless to be self-sufficient, not needing government help & guidance.

Don’t be intimidated with the educanto gibberish that even its practitioners don’t completely comprehend. They are well paid parrots who do as they are told, no matter how nonsensical, as long as it fulfills the demands of salary, perks, & pensions.

Pity the young. Get them out of any school which receives federal money.

~Barbara McCutchen

Trail Mania/Altruism/Destruction of Individualism

May 21, 2017
Trail mania—who’s behind and the real purpose, besides huge bucks for owners of 501c3’s & 4’s?

Recall Fort Smith is hustling for 87 miles of trails and recently “visionary” Miles Crawford who claims to be an altruist and a selfless individual has proposed 35 more miles in an article in the TR May 14, 2017 declaring that abandoned railroad beds from Central City to Paris & all villages in between would be the recipients of the Trail. Ownership? Maintenance? Financing? Usage?

Is it your foolish belief that the idea for massive numbers & miles of trails were birthed in U.S. cities, e.g. Fort Smith? If so, why then the proliferation of thousands upon thousands of miles of trails & costing billions of dollars to fund & construct across the nation? Crawford & all his fellow travellers enjoy saying trails are “good for the economy, will bring jobs.” Evidence please. An old Fort Smith standby promotion tool is e.g. “Fayetteville & other cities are constructing trails”, as if there a mandate for Fort Smith.

Two years ago the dozen or so promoters of FS trails held a series of meetings in Fort Smith, Van Buren, Greenwood, & Pocola & produced less than a scant 100 citizen attendees…mostly special interests.

So what are these trails really for, besides for the CEO’s of the 502c3’s & 4’s? There is another reason, but what is it?

Miles Crawford is CEO of something curiously named “Go Ye Employment Services” & Chair of Ark. Workforce Development Board. Obviously Crawford is inextricably linked to and a product of government and involved in a 501c3 or 4. Another question , who planted the railroad bed trail system in his mind?

Diane Morrison is the Fort Smith trail boss and her 501c3 is the recently resurrected Frontier MPO…also on the incompetent board of WAPDD…conflicts? Ask the Mayor and City Directors, they are the experts in conflicts, cover-ups & transparency. Ms. Morrison has the credentials of a full-blown Marxist.

Individuals or corporations who set up 501c3’s & 4’s, traditionally called “non-profits” are anything but non-profit. Never forget that the 501c3’s & 4’s CEO’s and their enablers set themselves up with nice salaries, with little or no oversight, and taxpayers one way or another always subsidize/fund them.

Mr. Crawford’s justification for putting this 35 mile extravaganza together, with 2 friends, states the nascent project has gone from the “idea stage” and now they are pursuing the “developmental stage” and about ready to enter the stage to “Obtain the necessary resources,( i.e. taxpayer money) to purchase the land and develop it”, in other words another 501c3, Crawford the CEO to be & the frenzy for obtaining taxpayer monies (Grants) begins. Question: Who put Crawford and his 2 friends up to promoting another political vision? All politicians & bureaucrats are famous for their self-serving “visions”, but never involving their own money.

In the beginning I state that Crawford & his 2 friends proudly admit they are Cultural Marxists (Altruist & selflessness) I see no evidence of their commitment to self-sacrifice, smells like another tier of government welfare on the march, i.e. Grants.

Their claim of being Altruistic and practitioners of selflessness is the three allegedly walked a few miles on the rail bed and amateurishly droned part of the 35 mile span.

Auguste Compte, a French philosopher in the 1830’s coined the words Altruism & Sociology, the antithesis of our Founding Fathers & the Enlightenment. True altruism & selflessness is pure Cultural Marxist, communist, socialist, progressive propaganda as shown in the quote below.

A simple definition of Altruism by Ayn Rand, “What is the moral code of Altruism?” “The basic principle of Altruism is that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence and that self-sacrifice is the highest moral duty, virtue, and value”. Mr. Crawford you don’t fit that definition. What you fit is the profile of a self-serving government parrot.

So Mr. Crawford, again I ask who planted the Rails to Trails concept in your head, probably in one of your required government seminars.

All the while, nationally & locally bridges, highways, streets, sanitation systems, are crumbling while our corrupt politicians add to the crisis by spending billions on trails and non-essentials all flying in the face of our $20 Trillion national debt, 7 ongoing wars, billions yearly on legal & illegal immigrants who contribute mightily to all the above. Therefore; what is government’s tyrannical plan for Trail Mania?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Senator John Boozman, using the same editorial space in the TR today in a piece titled “Graduates, can you make a difference?

Opining the same kind of Marxist dribble as Miles Crawford, is espousing—borrowing from Hillary Clinton—“It Takes a Village”.

Boozman recycles (no pun intended)…for instance with poetic Marxism, “We’re all capable of helping others”, “How can you make a difference”, “Live your life as a giver”, he omitted the other cliché, “Giving back”. Same old collectivist indoctrination drilled into students heads, killing our nation. Not one word about merit, achievement or rugged individual responsibility.

Residing in the Congress for 16 years and has not made one significant legislative accomplishment. Perhaps he would be advised to practice the Marxist mantra he asks of others. Such people are enemies of our Constitutional individual freedoms.

See reliable source for details.

The Deranged vs. the Sane

Deranged vs. Sane April 14, 2017

Who outnumbers who? The deranged, with differing degrees of severity, dominate most important institutions—education; media; politics/government all levels; also the military/industrial/surveillance/banking complex.

The variably deranged dominate the indoctrinated young; the power-hungry, warmongering elites & neoconservatives; the Democrat party; the propagandized “victims”, e.g. gays, lesbians, LGBTQ’s, blacks, Hispanics, OTM’s (other than Mexicans), “refugees”, illegal aliens….illiterates, semi-illiterates, pyschos, neurotics, misfits & other “challenged” individuals.

The Deranged among those listed in the previous paragraph are much easier to comprehend than those of high ranking positions, I.Q., academic achievements, etc. Usually such intelligent individuals might be expected to excel in common sense, intellectual honesty, strive for peace with law & order resulting in justice. Unfortunately for the sane, the educated, intelligent deranged are more energetically driven for power & wealth and lack a conscience on how those goals are obtained. They look down with disdain at the sane who honestly work for a living, pay their taxes, raise their kids, live on a budget & believe in self-reliance, liberty, Constitutional Bill of Rights, property rights, etc. and who mostly cannot comprehend the motives of the deranged and or of what terrible things they are capable.

The Deranged have many labels…Liberals, Progressives, Cultural Marxists, neoconservatives. The latter has been especially successful with their psychological warfare. For example, their creation of phantom enemies/false flags have drummed up “patriotic” hysteria which lure the young to join the military in their “eternal wars” (power & $Trillions) as their cannon fodder and keep the public in line with their bromides of “keeping us safe”, all the while scoffing at the stupid, compliant, insouciant public. One of the worst, ironic results of their wars is the creation of “refugees” who have every reason to seek revenge for their war torn countries and are being welcomed into the deranged Western countries who ravaged those countries. How insane is that?

This is a pivotal historical time in the USA & all Western Civilization nations. Whether the sane or the deranged tip the scales—so goes the world.

The Sane are not in positions of power and many are misinformed and misled, making solidarity nearly impossible. Without cohesion, comprehension, and a solid truthful knowledge of history their coming together as a force to be reckoned with is doubtful.

Since the decades of deliberately dumb-down/indoctrination, It appears too late for the sane to reintroduce the Enlightenment—logic, common sense, merit, achievement, rugged individualism, et al to save us from being led back to the Dark Ages & thence back to the jungle where might makes right & dog eats dog and the individual is sacrificed to the Deranged Collectivists?

Never has a society been so relentlessly conditioned to accept serfdom in the name of “diversity” & “social justice”—never so intent on its own white race genocide. (“White Guilt”)

History & science prove that the white race has the genes which drive progress, prosperity, innovation, greatness in music, the arts, and sciences, and most importantly the will & knowledge required to install Constitutional law which protects the innocent, and the ability to raise the quality of life for all, regardless of mentality/ethnicity/race.

Patriots voted for Donald Trump because he was not a politician and said he was opposed by the political Establishment, the Marxists, the Anarchists, the Progressives, the media, academia, et al. The people understood that much anyway…that if all the bad guys were against him, he must be the one to fight them.

But he has not divested himself of all the Deranged and let too many of them into his tent which accounts for his reneging on the campaign promises which elected him. Perhaps the Deep State is much larger & powerful than even he could imagine. Or perhaps he was a clever plant by globalists who want the voters to keep thinking their vote counts to throw out the bad guys. Or perhaps like Perot, he is now placed in a position of keeping himself & family alive by following directions.

The question for me always remains—once the elite globalists have killed the Golden (White) Goose, whence comes the $$$ ? But then they are deranged/insane & perhaps incapable of following that simple logical thought.

Whoopee, a majestic throne over a sub-human mess of species who are unable to achieve or create wealth, only to plunder/ravage or to be dependent. Makes no sense whatsoever…but maybe I’m playing checkers with champion chess players & simply can’t comprehend their next moves.

I still have to ask how do you deal with; much less overcome ruling deranged lunatics who appear to be invincible with in impenetrable protection racket ring ensconced around them? Observe all the maniacal, unconstitutional acts with which they have gotten away.

Pity the disarmed, misinformed, illogical youth.

~Barbara McCutchen

The White Founding Stock Genocide

The White American Founding Stock on the precipice of being relegated to minority status—by design. March 30, 2017

Then What?

Never in the history of our Republic has there been so much treasure spent maliciously, i.e. Bush’s 16 year indulgences in criminal, unconstitutional wars, likewise public education and nothing positive gained.

T.R. 3/28/17: “School District seeks diversity”, i.e. more historical crime and government expansion being launched against middleclass white Americans further reducing us to a proletariat dimension.

I have debated myself for years which federal government agency is the most criminally corrupt that those reside under the federal government umbrella. Finally, my winner: government schools. The T.R. article above tipped the scales for me.

Yes, the American military killing machine being engaged in eternal preemptive wars (since 1950;s Korea) now with an uninvited presence in 160 nations resulting in murder, destruction, torture, rape, sniping, U.S. government overthrows, all claiming mysterious phantom enemies and oh yes, are “keeping us safe”…while failing to secure our national borders. The military killing machine does have brief interludes for retrofitting their armaments ($54 billion x 3 years) while the short circuiting of American white children minds is perpetual. The young foolishly courageous soldiers providing the man power (cannon fodder) for global insurrection believe they are “keeping us safe”. Most not understanding the U.S. is the global enemy (Dick Cheney’s call for war) set us on the path for global Armageddon. Most of these brave young troops are products & victims of the public schools’ systems—government—PC, social behavior, absent logic, history & philosophy.

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Annette Henderson (assistants, deputies, associates, acting—a fiscal crime & how many of these are dwelling in the district?) proclaims 89% of the teachers are white (from her purview that is bad), 42% of students white–bad, 33.7% Hispanic–good. Interestingly and tragically Mexicans and OTM’s outnumber black Americans by 22.4%. In other words, foreign nationals, mostly illegals, are one-third of the student population—a constitutional, immoral crime. Why is so much treasure, attention, energies spent on foreign born nationals while black & white American students, most particularly white are neglected academically?

Why did Assistant Superintendent Henderson not disclose or perhaps she did not know and why did not Reporter Alex Golden ask some of the following questions?

1. How many Mexicans & OTM’s in the district are illegal & how many, along with their parents are being fed, clothed, schooled & medicated in the Fort Smith system? Ms. Henderson acquaint yourself with 8USC, sections 1324a, 1324c, 1325. Where do you come up with a constitutional fact that allows you to advocate that illegals and legals should be afforded extended rights while dumbing down, in the main, most white students? First of all the illegals should be deported and the legals expected to acculturate into our society and abandon their failed philosophies & cultures. You obviously do not understand this.
2. How many foreign languages are spoken in the district? How is this linguistic tsunami dealt with?
3. How many illegals on welfare and why are taxpayers forced to pay?
4. How many unreported crimes in the district?

Never to my knowledge has the U.S. Dept. of Education, NEA, or the AEA complained about inheriting and teaching in a foreign national environment. One example, which emanated from Former Superintendent Benny Gooden who proclaimed at the zenith of the illegal Mexican & OTM invasions, with fervor (referring to illegals)…”we will take all we can get”. Of course his aim was more money and expansion for the criminal government education protection racket. Observe the results!

THE CRIME: Where is it stated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and in any legislation that in the main white middleclass citizens are obligated or have the moral responsibility to house, feed, educate, medicate these hordes of millions, legal & illegal, resulting in the pretzelizing the minds of black & white middleclass children by dumbing down the curriculum and implementing wholesale political correctness compliments of the Cultural Marxist Frankfurt School and their “march through the institutions”?
The depth of the educational criminal enterprise is indeed breathtaking! All connected with government become automatons of government, surrendering their independence for what they believe is a little security.

No school Board members, no teachers, no administrators, and certainly no politicians ever question the faux curriculum being foisted on the unknowing parents & children. Why? The above 4 groups are educational traitors and are deliberately trading down academically to accommodate the hordes who have and are invading our republic, e.g. Hispanics, mideasterners, sub-Saharan Africans, Indians, & Orientals, all resulting in a mongrelized population and societal destabilization as the end result—all in nation-killing practice of DIVERSITY. Is that Ms. Henderson’s, et al goal?

The curriculum that is now being laid against American black & white students consists of out-right lies (154 yr. old Lincoln cover-up), omissions, revisions, indoctrination, PC emergence, all cultures are equal, DNA same, everyone equal, conditioning, propagandizing—all resulting in the short-circuiting our children’s minds—all by design.

Sadly, many if not most, are purposely devoid of factual history & the ability to think logically & independently—The antithesis of public schools. Trading down academically will soon force our once preeminent republic to implode/explode. Sooner rather than later. The U.S. academically ranks #29 for a reason.

Look no further than the incumbents who ‘we the people’ continually reelect cycle after cycle. In the minds of politicians, incumbency confers ownership resulting in crime & irreversible corruption.

The real mass immigration tsunami into America is on the horizon. This is our last call to breakfast.

Merit is out, trading down is in, a national fairly homogeneous white founding population is out and a vagabond, illiterate, diversified factions in.

Mass immigration, legal & illegal, has made the U.S. formerly the most envied nation in the history of mankind and now in all likelihood, the most hated nation—turned into a land mass & and an uncivilized gypsy population that cannot be properly governed, particularly when that government is thoroughly criminally corrupted.

Joe McCutchen

Can the 3rd world tsunami be stopped in Politically Correct nations?

Orwell, Huxley, Rand, Wells, Bradbury, etc…saw and warned us of everything they foresaw coming…except the 3rd world tsunami. March 24, 2017

They warned against the indoctrination, conditioning, revisionism, brainwashing, etc. where the elitists hoodwinked and ruled over the masses in one manner or another.

They understood the eternal war of Collectivism (tyranny) vs. Individualism (liberty), but from what I have read, did not understand the possibility of the 3rd world overwhelming and destroying Western Civilization—the “white” man.

The first writer I am aware of to foresee what is happening today was Jean Raspail in his definitive work “The Camp of the Saints”, (1975) which was written later in time than the aforementioned books.

By Raspail’s time evidence was becoming obvious to the logical thinker that Political Correctness (introduced by the Jewish Frankfort School into academia in the 1930’s) had influenced Western societies, i.e. all cultures good/same; white guilt/privilege bad; relentless attacks on all Western values (Critical Theory), i.e. down with the family unit & patriarchal leadership; up with sexual freedom; drugs/anything goes that feels good; educational dumb down was well on its way to the lowest common denominator…all in the name of equality & social justice.

Raspail foresaw hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of 3rd worlders (with resentments against all whites) on huge freighters plying the oceans of the world on their way to France/Europe to claim their “due” & flee their cesspool homelands. At the same time he saw the effete PC white academia/media particularly excited to welcome the “refugees” with open arms, sure that they would welcome & appreciate the hospitality, food, shelter, and what the entire 1st world had taken for granted.

What a shock when the illiterate hordes landed in France and swooped over the land like locust plagues, devouring everything in sight…lives, food, drink, smashing, slashing & bashing.

The indoctrinated military was so unprepared and intimidated they were either killed or deserted like rats off a sinking ship.
Western countries today, particularly their leaders/academia/media are so deranged with the PC psychological warfare that they are welcoming the hordes into their countries with no regard for their own safety/consequences. Just examine Scandinavia, Germany, France, et al. The men have been emasculated & the women raped at will. Law enforcement useless, as though the “instinct” for self-survival had been snuffed out.

The irony of all this is that the hubris attacks by the USA & NATO forces on nearly all Mideast countries…blowing up families, homes, antiquities…expecting no retaliation have produced the motivation for the tsunami of “refugees”, mostly military aged men, to flood Western Countries.

Various factions are to blame…the military/industrial/banking/surveillance/political complex…each with their own greedy motivations. Not to mention the rage of revenge of the unprovoked ravaged beings.

Western Culture (the target of the Cultural Marxists (Communists)) is sinking rapidly due to the successful dumbing down and pussification of those once somewhat educated, self-defense warriors by the public fool systems, the revisionist media/entertainment, etc. –all part of the deadliest psychological warfare weapon ever known…called Political Correctness which has turned rugged individuals into sniveling snowflakes afraid of their own shadows or of being called names. Disgraceful excuses for human beings. How our ancestors must be shuddering in shame & disbelief.

Is this the tragic end to Western Civilization which once brought the Enlightenment, individual freedom & liberty? Will whites bow down to illiterate savages and allow themselves to slaughtered/annihilated—therefore drawing this world back into the Dark Ages, and worse, the jungle?

If so, resurrection is more than doubtful. Pity the young.

If there is indeed a Deep State Cabal running the world, one can only wonder what they gain from such a world.

~Barbara McCutchen

Murder of the mind

Which is the greatest sin, murder of the body or murder of the mind? February 12, 2017

Regarding the proper role of education, the following Ayn Rand quote explains:

“The only purpose of education is to teach a student how to live his life—by developing his mind and equipping him to deal with reality. The training he needs is theoretical, i.e., conceptual. He has to be taught to think, to understand, to integrate, to prove. He has to be taught the essentials of the knowledge discovered in the past—and he has to be equipped to acquire further knowledge by his own effort.”

That means the child must start from the building blocks of logic which dictate the learning of any subject must require starting from the essential basic conceptual building blocks, then connecting them in logical order to build the pyramid of understanding that subject matter, e.g. mathematics, science, history, geography, reading, etc.

The “education” of today is anything but that, it is designed specifically to destroy the student’s ability to live his life rationally. The Cultural Marxists (Communists) of the 1920s-30s devised an imminently successful plan to destroy Western Civilization when they realized it couldn’t be done by bloody revolution (the Russian Revolution in particular) they attacked the mind/philosophy. It was to be achieved by their “march through the institutions”…infiltrating every important influential aspect of Western cultures. Names, dates, places are easily researched. (They were precluded by John Dewey at the turn of the century with his emphasis on emotion rather than rationality, which made their goals easier to achieve.)

Elements of their philosophy included “Critical Theory”, i.e. criticize, relentlessly attack all aspects of western values…the family unit, the father figure, the use of reason, civility, etiquette, manners, knowledge of true history, merit, earned pride/self-esteem, high expectations, achievement, rugged individualism. Also, one was to be discriminating in their choice of friends, activities, values—meaning divesting oneself of any negative influences. Today we are taught the opposite, that discrimination is deplorable & to be vilified.

The principal tool used to accomplish their success is “Political Correctness”, i.e. feminism, sexism, racism, affirmative action, quotas, homophobia, group reliance, “takes a village to raise a child”, diversity, ad infinitum. Collectivism good, individualism bad.

Some of the first subjects to be banished were logic, ancient history, Latin, philosophy, epistemology, literary classics, poetry, challenging/higher mathematics & sciences…anything requiring excellence, effort, merit was deemed bad, whereas the emphasis more & more became the group, ease in subject matter, approximations instead of hard true facts(2+2 can = 5), feelings became more important than subject matter, history (& other subjects) were revised to suit the collectivist controllers. Children were no longer to be challenged because their “feelings” might be hurt, expectations were lowered, false self-esteem instilled (everyone gets a trophy), their subject matter education was delayed and watered down. Discipline became a no no, it too might hurt “feelings”, therefore standards were badly diminished.

Rugged individualism, upon which this country was founded and grew to preeminence, was now verboten because that was the principal enemy of Collectivism where “each was given according to his need”, forced redistribution was not only expected but enforced. The ruling elites were just more equal than all the others (Animal Farm). Rugged individuals not only don’t fit in, they fight back.

Outcome: “Snowflakes” who wither in the light of day, slithering cowards seeking “safe places”, dysfunctional families, citizens who not only do not understand the proper role of government but do not seek that knowledge (willing slaves), children who’ve been conditioned not only to be arrogantly ignorant but even to doubt their own gender or that of others. Sheer insanity from which only the strongest of minds can escape.

But, as always, the blame falls on the taxpayers for not giving up more of their earnings to malevolent education/propaganda/conditioning institutions. There are mega-bucks attached to failure, so the beat goes on & on. Funding follows failure. Today the parents & teachers are victims of the same mind-bending and have no idea what is wrong—but many know SOMETHING is wrong, but unequipped to think, use logic to discover what.

Outcome: Ignorant, propagandized students march in protest of things they do not comprehend, thugs & savages are in the streets, rioting, destroying, even killing without accountability because being held accountable was erased in our major institutions……education, justice system, politics, media, etc. Eternal wars are waged against phantom enemies invented by the industrial/military/media complex for untold riches, while the patriotically conditioned youth (watch the military worship preceding public events) is used as mere cannon fodder.

The Collectivists knew the key to Western & Caucasian destruction was the elimination of true education and they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Chaos, tribalism, & loss of individual freedoms are their results, along with ultimate power and $Trillions of unearned, bloody money. The “Camp of the Saints” is in full bloom, along with the end of civilization. Only the fabulously wealthy globalists will not pay the terrible price—they hope.

~Barbara McCutchen

Has Political Correctness finally peaked?

A true ongoing narrative regarding Talladega College located in historic downtown Talladega, AL. January 13, 2017

Last evening on Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News was the appearance of Talladega College President Dr. Billy Hawkins.

Talladega College’s large marching band has been invited to perform at President Elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration celebration.

What made Dr. Hawkins appearance so important was not that he is a black president of an all-black college, but of all things he was being assailed by black counterparts for accepting the invitation for the very excellent college’s band to appear in the presidential ceremonial activities?

His life had been threatened along with bodily harm to his family & others, an effort to get him fired, and so on.

Dr. Hawkins has steadfastly stayed the course, understanding the vast array of experiences that the marching band would and will experience—chances of a lifetime!

Mr. Dobbs indicated for those interested where they can make a donation to this very worthy endeavor. What a grand educational experience. Dr. Hawkins vowed to continue his efforts on behalf of the college students.

After a brief conversation between Barbara & I , it was our decision to be a part of this exciting effort to send the very talented youngsters to DC.

After my 7:00AM full body MRI this morning & returning home, I asked Barbara how much had been collected in the students’ behalf—she exclaimed $323,000 ! The beauty of this amount is the fact that the president & students only needed $75,000—enough left over for scholarships and/or a new professor that could educate in meaningful course work.

Is this not a beautiful ongoing story about mankind and volunteer meaningful civility? Especially in the wake of decades of sickening politically correct propaganda/accusations/smears of racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, ad infinitum.

A true ongoing narrative regarding Talladega College located in historic downtown Talladega, AL. January 13, 2017

Last evening on Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News was the appearance of Talladega College President Dr. Billy Hawkins.

Talladega College’s large marching band has been invited to perform at President Elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration celebration.

What made Dr. Hawkins appearance so important was not that he is a black president of an all-black college, but of all things he was being assailed by black counterparts for accepting the invitation for the very excellent college’s band to appear in the presidential ceremonial activities?

His life had been threatened along with bodily harm to his family & others, an effort to get him fired, and so on.

Dr. Hawkins has steadfastly stayed the course, understanding the vast array of experiences that the marching band would and will experience—chances of a lifetime!

Mr. Dobbs indicated for those interested where they can make a donation to this very worthy endeavor. What a grand educational experience. Dr. Hawkins vowed to continue his efforts on behalf of the college students.

After a brief conversation between Barbara & I , it was our decision to be a part of this exciting effort to send the very talented youngsters to DC.

After my 7:00AM full body MRI this morning & returning home, I asked Barbara how much had been collected in the students’ behalf—she exclaimed $323,000 ! The beauty of this amount is the fact that the president & students only needed $75,000—enough left over for scholarships and/or a new professor that could educate in meaningful course work.

Is this not a beautiful ongoing story about mankind and volunteer meaningful civility? Especially in the wake of decades of sickening politically correct propaganda/accusations/smears of racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, ad infinitum.

By the way I will be planting my two confederate battle flags in the front yard for my love & admiration of General R.E. Lee, his father Lighthorse Harry Lee & grandfathers Francis Henry Lee & Francis Lightfoot Lee who were members & signers of the Declaration of Independence (descendents of the “Distressed Cavaliers”), and contributed so much to the birth & substance of America.

All bravos to Dr. Billy Hawkins!

Joe & Barbara McCutchen

All bravos to Dr. Billy Hawkins!

Joe & Barbara McCutchen