Reasonable question to law enforcement

The question below posed to Sebastian County & Fort Smith law enforcement is self-explanatory.

This same inquiry went to Sheriff Hollenbeck, Judge Hudson, & Police Chief Clark: (There was no response from Chief Clark)

Judge David Hudson
Fort Smith, AR

Judge Hudson,
September 5, 2017

In lieu of what has happened recently in Charlottesville, VA & Durham, NC, but not limited to, and considering the police in each instance stood down while violence occurred, if one of these events was staged in your jurisdiction what would be your reaction?

I would appreciate a specific response.

Thanking you in advance,

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

Response from Sherriff Hollenbeck & another question (unanswered)

Sheriff Hollenbeck,
As the Chief law enforcement officer for Sebastian County and your authority supersedes that of the FS Chief of Police and the Federal Government, I would be pleased to know who or what government agency issued the surveillance order for “that weekend only”.
Thanking you in advance,
Joe McCutchen

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2017 11:45 AM
To: Barb and Joe M
Subject: Re: question please
It is my understanding that the monument in question does not belong to the county but to a private historical group. Following of the unrest in Charlottesville we assigned deputies to protect it 24/7 the entire weekend. This assignment was based on what happened in Charlottesville, VA & Durham, NC, and intelligence information we received from another agency. It was specific for that weekend only.

As to what we would do that is also dependant upon the intelligence we receive before hand. I will tell you this we will protect it to the best of our ability just as any other threat we would receive regarding vandalism of personal property. Our department would coordinate with other agencies to keep the peace and to prevent any crime or vandalism. We would request assistance from the Arkansas State Police and the FSPD if the situation required.

As with any issue it is my hope that cool heads would prevail and respect given to both sides of this issue. We will respect the right to lawfully assemble and protest. Destruction of any private property would result in arrest and prosecution.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Hollenbeck
Sebastian County

Response from Judge Hudson:
Judge Hudson,

Thank you for terse response.

Joe McCutchen

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2017 4:32 PM
To: Barb and Joe M
Subject: Re: Question please

Mr. McCutchen

I understand you have posed this question to several local officials. As
you have been advised by Sheriff Hollenbeck we have coordinated closely with our Sheriff, Police Department and Prosecuting Attorney concerning
this matter. We will continue to collaborate in this fashion.

David Hudson
Sebastian County Judge
35 South 6th, Room 106
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Illegal alien invasion, aided & abetted by government & church officials

The nation be damned, traded for gutless self-service. September 5, 2017

9/4/17 Ark. State Reps Charlie Collins & Greg Leding appeared on Ch. 5 Ft. Smith campaigning to uphold 1 million plus DACA (Dreamers/amnesty/plus all their relatives) remaining ostensibly in the U.S. to attend college—gratis, opposed to the legal position of being deported to Mexico/elsewhere as proposed by POTUS. Will he stick?

Why are Collins & Leding championing this illegal act? For a number of reasons. Remember both office holders have sworn their allegiance to uphold and abide by the U.S. Constitution and its undergirding laws.

Both represent the citadel of sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, NWA. The destructive Act began in the late 1940’s and continues unabated today, compliments of John Sr. & Don Tyson.

I do not know about Collins, but Leding is a Catholic. Catholics have been deeply embedded in this illegal practice for decades for the purpose of building sanctuary cities & filling their pews—observe Springdale & Rogers. The vehicle used is “Catholic Charities” that the federal government (taxpayers) fund in the hundreds of millions yearly, resulting in the destruction of our culture, most of which is directed to aiding illegals and replete with hundreds of DC lobbyists.

AR Catholic Bishop Anthony B. Taylor openly advocates for open borders. A number of years ago he stated the Catholic Church in Arkansas could not survive without illegals. What a pathetic creature. Presently Taylor is begging for DACA and money. Taylor daily slaps the Constitution and non-Catholic American’s faces with impunity.

Our nation is teaming with illegal aliens—some studies indicate 25-35 million illegals encamped in our Republic, destroying our infrastructure, enjoying special welfare programs, i.e. COLLEGE, free prenatal care, housing, food, stealing jobs, installing their own cultures, MS13 gangs, etc. May I suggest to the illegals an academic institution of some renown—Ark. State Univ., Queretaro, Mexico.

Rep. Collins & Leding, accompanied by Bishop Taylor are criminals! Citing a portion of 8 USC, Section 1324a: “Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony, punishable by 10 years jail plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien”.

Section 1324c: “Officers are to enforce”. Obviously another police stand-down
Remember the oath Collins & Leding swore to and the aggressive behavior the Pope and his minions exert over U.S. affairs.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S. Throw in Senators Boozman & Cotton.

Files/Pitsch/Hutchinson…out of control government

Like a Bond the “Fix” is ready to mature. August 27, 2017

Feb. 26, 2017 I wrote an article titled “Deep City Fort Smith” that called attention to the inept & corrupt behavior of a number of the county’s politicians. I further stated that Representative (the Screw) Matt Pitsch would assume Senator Files Senate seat when he fell on his sword. On May 16, 2017 news of Files alleged criminal activities were beginning to be reported.

Before you could say Jack Robinson, the House Screw appeared the next day in Business in Politics. Pitsch stated “I’M EXCITED TO MOVE TO THE SENATE AND CONTINUE REPRESENTING OUR COMMUNITY”. How about that for arrogance and double-dealing inside trading by Pitsch & unnamed others?

Sheer conjecture: Obviously there was a sordid deal cut long before Files was to fall on his sword, between I believe, Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Doyle Webb, Pitsch & Files. Regardless if I’m wrong about the fix dealers, there was and is a fix. One thing for sure, Hutchinson was involved. You know, he’s the guy that has “Arkansas Values” and he is diligently working to remove the 3 real conservatives in the Arkansas legislature.

Pitsch’s total employment revolves around government and is nothing more than an automaton for government, and a double-dipper & maybe more of taxpayer funds.

Hutchinson’s government has proven to be a nest of charlatans. I will cite three other corrupt deals the Republican legislators and Hutchinson have crafted.

1. Issue 3, which clothed itself in ethics when actually it extended term limits and increased legislator’s salaries significantly.

2. Hutchinson and his family & other Republican minions created a hoax named “Arkansas Works”, which in due course created another 340,000 welfare addicts.

3. Hutchinson, along with the entire national, state, & local Republicans are now working to destroy our Founding Father’s 7th Amendment, i.e. a guarantee of trial by jury of one’s peers (our only protection), and replace it with Government politicians dictating outcomes. They call it “Tort Reform”. State government has already been bought off by nursing homes, hospital chains & large corporate interests.

In order for the Screw to be named to the Senate by Hutchinson, Senator Files must wait to resign until there is no time left for a Special Election.

The taxpayers have been betrayed by Republican office holders, top down. There are only a few office holders in government that is not self-serving, one being the President of the U.S., Donald Trump…at least at this point and bravo, not a Republican. Same corruption & criminal behavior can be said of the Democrats.


Joe McCutchen

The Dumb-Down on steroids

Times Record headline 8/27/17 “Progress made on strategic plan”

How to put this in plain English without writing a book? The “Plan” is a 5 year plan…remember the USSR? It is being devised starting with a “25 person advisory team after 2 ½ days of meetings”. The team is comprised of “students, educators, & community members”. There will also be 7 action teams of 20-25 people yet to be chosen to be assigned topics for education improvement. Yes, Virginia, it does take a village.

It appears that the Education Establishment no longer knows how to teach students and requires complete overhauling…which it does, but not by a collective, no matter how well-intentioned, with no clue as to the acquisition of knowledge.

Wading through the newspeak, educanto gibberish, one would conclude that schools are to take the place of parents as to the “needs of all children & families (physical/mental/emotional/academic/social/etc.)” Now that is quite an undertaking…arrogance & ignorance on parade. Independence is never mentioned.

Long story short—these people are going to collaborate to bring about an Egalitarian Utopia. While they are making sure that everyone is treated the same, attain the same results, have equitable resources, they say diversity is an asset. In a sane world “diversity” by itself is divisive, not an asset.

They believe “all students have the potential to become successful, productive citizens in our diverse rapidly changing world”. What happened to scientific data such as DNA, IQ, Gene differences, let alone individual’s ambitions, drive, intellectual curiosity—all of which vary from person to person via Mother Nature and environment?

Now here is a particularly asinine statement “Everyone should embrace change in order to achieve at their highest potential”. No explanation or definition of what that “change” might be. What if it is something horrific such as Fascism or Totalitarianism?

Let us compare “education” today to education of back in the day of the one room schoolhouse. Elementary school children back then were taught geography, real mathematics, English & Grammar, how to diagram a sentence, the parts of speech, how to write in cursive, how to find foreign places on a map, what the history was of our country (although already revised), science, how to read classic works of literature including poetry, ad infinitum. Today we constantly see examples of college students who cannot accomplish any, much less all these subjects. Why?

In this article there is no mention of proper discipline in the classroom, schoolyard, etc. which is a known problem, often severe. No talk of improving curricula or returning to more challenging teaching methods. No subject matter is discussed. No Latin, chemistry, literature, et al, just providing the tools with which everyone can be the same. Which by the way is impossible; unless you lower everyone to the lowest common denominator…remember Mother Nature & environment? Denial of facts won’t change them.

Numerous books have been written on the deliberate dumbing down of students in government schools, evidently none of this myriad of planners has read one or comprehends the subject. Don’t they wonder why Johnny can’t read, write or cypher? Do they really believe that more computers, bigger buildings, better stadiums, prettier surroundings, lack of discipline & more love are the answers?

Obviously so. This country has fallen academically behind many other countries when once it was on top…why? You just read why. Academics is out, diversity & inclusion are in, ergo ignorant pupils lacking authentic self-esteem & pride…who act on emotions rather than reason, who are incapable of “critical thinking” which is so lauded. How do you learn to think critically when you’re not exposed to logic and reason? You don’t.

So goes the schools, so goes our country. This was/is by design…it is no accident…but that is another very unpleasant subject.

Pity the young.

~Barbara McCutchen

The “Free Food” Racket & other musings

THE FREE FOOD RACKET & OTHER MUSINGS—Senator John Boozman (R) & Friends August 26, 2017

Those that control the belly, own the soul—The “Free Food” Folly.

A landmass too large, a national government too large, too corrupt & self-serving to govern constitutionally & legally, e.g. mass immigration, global preemptive wars, Charlottesville, VA. , Baltimore, confederate statues destroyed by savages, etc. etc. Observe the ongoing national carnage! We’re the global enemy?

Citizens are to blame for continuing to embrace the two political cesspools—Democrat & Republican. Government keeps on lyin’ and citizens keep on buyin’.

This article is an attempt to present another enigma and a devastating government policy in league with 501c3’s so-called non-profits (disguised in altruistic clothing)–another nation killer. The subject is the ever-expanding faux “Free Food” racket.

To my knowledge there have been no scientific or legislative studies, no public outcry, no comments re the cause, no exegesis, the brevity & escalation and no strategies to mollify the growing dispensing of the “Free Food” frenzy awarded to all on demand and representing another huge step in creating a dependency on government, not self-sufficiency, an unconstitutional practice that kills self-reliance, by design brought about by mostly alien invasions accompanied by their failed cultures & philosophies numbering in the tens of millions and multiplying.

“Free Food” merchants and their recipients continue to multiply at a meteoric rate, contributing mightily to plunging our nation squarely into Cultural Marxism, i.e. Third World status. This is only one of many Government endeavors that was launched to destroy the white middleclass, the foundation of our republic and the last bastion of constitutional government. You see, the middleclass are the funders being exploited by force by all U.S. counties, cities, states, & federal government entities. Middleclass Americans create 67% of all the jobs in our nation. America’s growing scrambled populations enhances the “Free Food” explosion and will ultimately destabilize our society and give rise to the implementation of a full blown police state, abetted by 501c3’s Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) which are all taxpayer funded with lucrative job securities and serve as a conduit for political correctness, another nation-killer creating a national crisis. So, why does government want to kill the Golden Goose and replace with Third Worlders?

Fort Smith, a microcosm of maleficent federal bureaucracies & their NGO’s laboring under the aegis of altruistic benevolence—“Free Food”.
Just a tip of the iceberg re recent quotes, statistics, & actual practices of dispensing the PC phrase “Free Food”.

1. Fort Smith schools dispense 1,100 “free” meals daily, a disgrace and an unbridled taxpayer theft coupled to other unconstitutional government programs while educators, bureaucrats & politicians wear the ”Free Food” giveaway as a badge of honor, and the above dispensers are benefiting economically. As a sidebar, the Regional Valley Food Bank provides at least 55,000 meals each month! Antioch for Youth & Family feeds 7,000 per month. Another new entry into the 501c3 Free Food Fest Combine is to be the Riverview Hope Campus with more free food provisions. The Next Step Day Room, the Community Clearing House, followed by others. The 501c3’s, commonly called non-profits are all about profits for their progenitors…taxpayer funded. Americans should view the dispensers & receivers with alarm & revulsion. The Spirit of our Founders gone forever.

2. Phillip Garcia: Child Nutrition Director said “kids do not have to be students at Fort Smith public schools, just have to be 18 years or younger.” Observe: no protocols.

3. Also from Mr. Garcia, leaving the impression the school systems are “conquering heroes”, “if we (who is we?) didn’t see growth then we would not have been doing it for 10 years”(Why would you be proud of creating child welfare addiction & growth?) Mr. Garcia obviously has no shame or concern about the faux “Free Food” explosion or identifying the alleged causes. Garcia revels in the “Free Food” expansion since it means more funding for the program and job security for him.

4. A congenital patron of the Fort Smith welfare “Free Food” scam and her appraisal, “Parents and their children come every summer and the kids enjoy the meals and it helps (in this case) with her budgeting”. “Free Food” giveaways now factor into family budgetary preparations, subsidized by the productive middleclass.

5. Deputy Superintendent Gordon Floyd and his benevolent remarks re “Free Food”: “There is no written protocol”, i.e. obviously no limitations or oversight. “Staff encourages (advertises) them (adults) to apply for free food or reduced lunch”. “They don’t realize they qualify for free or reduced lunch and they can apply anytime.” “Breakfast is free for all students”. What ever happened to parental responsibilities? Unbridled welfare. Even animals take care of their own! Dr. Floyd should be reminded that those folks paying for the “Free Food” scam are also the ones paying for your inflated salary.

6. More benevolence via the FS School Board…”The Board voted to make free breakfast a permanent program.” No deliberative thought that would effectuate cause & effects by their action…i.e. perpetuation of dependence.

7. Dr. Floyd proclaims the district made $7.8 million last year from the “Free Food” giveaway. How is that possible? Making a huge profit for giving something away. Was the funding amount left over from the “Free Food” grants? Will the $7.8 million be returned to the taxpayers or will it be banked & applied to the current year’s funding, or more aptly will the District keep the $7.8 million and ask for an increase in funding for expansion of the “Free Food” racket? After all, Garcia has had a 10 year increase in numbers of people and dollars drawn to the welfare trough. Question: how much of this “Free Food” is dumped into garbage containers each day? I have been told by educators, tons in a school year.
8. The last session of the Ark. State Legislature passed a bill that provides that drug offenders can begin signing up for all public benefits, including food. Is that supposed to help with their rehabilitation—removing responsibility for self?

9. Crawford-Sebastian Community Council (C-SCDC) (501c3) to help. CEO Marc Baker, “The Food Bank distributes grocery products to more than 190 501c3’s in 8 counties.” That 23 additional food banks in each of 8 counties. Baker continues, “I just want to get the word out that, with these needs (what are the needs?), we’re the people to come to”. No proven justified need, just takers plea! Just show up. Hardly a day goes by that some new “Free Food” 501c3 operation is announced, and good food is dumped daily. Baker and the rest of the “Free Food” merchants are a despicable lot.

The exacerbation of such magnitudes and practices in our republic, a land of plenty, is an abomination that destroys two of our Founding Fathers’ Principles—self-reliance and independence, tools that led to national preeminence.

Citizens forced to carry out orders by the federal government and enforced by city, county, regional, & state agencies additionally have their own 501c3 NGO organizations. They have little or no oversight, elected & non-elected, tax exempt, and anointed by elected officials who delegate their sworn responsibilities to those creating the 501c3’s (NGO’s). As an example, The Arkansas Municipal League, taxpayer funded as are all local, regional, city, county & state NGO political organizations & numerous others unrelated to food dispensing. All take their orders from the federal government, not we the people. All are politically powerful agents of the Federal government and Deep State Industrialists.

Why does CEO Marc Baker feel the need to advertise for individuals to avail themselves of “Free Food”—grants, funding, and more profit for himself & his cronies.

Federal government statistics claim 3% of citizens are mentally/physically or both incapable of caring for themselves. Realistically the percentage should be raised to 5 % and the percentages in that category must be taken care of with no limitations.

And the other 95%? In addition to the 3%, 37% of the 95% are on some type of welfare, i.e. food, equaling 40% of our national population! Very conservative. Translation: 60%, mostly middleclass Americans are feeding 40% of the national population, not including illegals. How is it possible to terminate the illegitimacy of these “free food” tsunamis? Not possible. The “Free Food” practice expands yearly if for no other reason than used as an excuse for the introduction of new politically destructive nation-killing government programs. Government’s most reliable asset & the major purveyor of the “Free Food” programs are the public schools.

It would not be politically correct for government to identify the hundreds of ethnicities and their numbers who have invaded and are slopping at the “Free Food” welfare trough, and the inherent costs to taxpayers. The newest wave of unwanted invaders is the Mideast Muslims practicing primitive Sharia Law & already leaving their fingerprints on the U.S. judicial system. They have nothing in common with western culture but are welcomed by progressive Marxists, i.e. Democrats & various splinter groups. What fools we are!

Today there are 50 million American citizens and millions of illegal alien nesters receiving food stamps, and are beneficiaries of other existing welfare programs, some have been specifically crafted for blacks & Mexicans—why? How could anyone be hungry?

Food Stamps are available and advertised by government to every soul in America, why then the existence of multiplying 501c3 Food Banks by the thousands? Money, influence, and to initiate & foster government dependency.

Again my sense is the most egregious & corrupt of all the “free food” factories are the enabling nation’s public school systems, the vehicles for economic, political, social, educational indoctrination & expansion. Most importantly, teachers are pretzelizing the minds of young children carried out in these once proud institutions while many of the teachers are unaware of their complicity & their debilitating influences due to their own indoctrination in the very system they’re teaching. Of course, there is the teacher fear factor & job security that permeates every facet of the public school workforce.

The contravening reason for government expanding “Free Food” policy on demand? Answer: again, to achieve citizen dependency on government by instituting a political/social/economic genocide on middleclass white Americans, making it easier for the Deep State to bring down our current President or future presidents and our Constitutional government that is occurring as I write.

Notice the huge dollar amount spent by government and NGO’s encouraging and almost demanding individuals & families enroll in the free food & reduced price programs. Additionally, I would say that over the years I have encountered only 2 locally that I define as genuinely legitimate free food & lodging facilities, those being the Salvation Army in Fort Smith and the Gospel Rescue Mission in Van Buren.

Locally other taxpayer subsidized “Free Food” merchants, other than those previously named; Meals on Wheels, Senior Centers, Area Agency on Aging, Western Arkansas Planning & Development, a new huge entry by the name of Antioch Community Food Pantry, as well as various homeless agencies…and the NGO 501c3 beat goes on.

By chance, if the outcry continues that there remain enormous numbers of hungry folks (locally & nationally), where is the proof?

The following is a hypothesis & only a hypothesis, if there are thousands of hungry souls residing in America, why? Perhaps it is government’s priority, e.g. our Southern border of 2200 miles is virtually unprotected and been so for decades. Over 1 million illegal foreign national invaders enter our republic yearly, added to the entrance of 1.2 million legals, coupled to a lottery system & visas, most of them never leave, and eat at “Free Food” dispensaries. This alone proves the dispensing of “Free Food” by our government is unnecessary and a deranged ruse. There is no intention to terminate mass immigration, legal & illegal by government whose intentions are for global hegemony.

Republican Arkansas Senator John Boozman lobbied for and received low-wage illegal Mexican foreign workers on behalf of a personal friend. Boozman emailed the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey, Mex. asking for 80 illegal Mexican workers for a farm in Arkansas. This activity was on behalf of his friend Doug Gillam of Gillam Farms of Arkansas. Gillam owns the farm with his brother Jeremy Gillam, who is the Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives. A culpable offense by both Boozman & the Gillams—see below, 1324a.

Why does the criminally corrupt American government, both parties, NOT enforce existing U.S. immigration law 8-USC, Section 1325, 1324a, & 1324c? 1324a = “Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years in jail, plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien”. Answer: they are never held accountable by their all-encompassing protection racket.
There is the matter of the 17 year ongoing preemptive wars by the U.S. and at least 4 more in the hamper and no end in sight. Congress this year added $80 Billion to the bloated U.S. military budget which approaches $1 Trillion yearly. Government’s sordid phony excuse for subsidizing this massive military/industrial complex is “We’re keeping you safe”. War is America’s economic engine, unfortunately and is rapidly approaching the point of destroying all mankind—there are no winners in a nuclear war, but the psychopaths in DC disagree.

Incumbency is a toxic weed…Deadly

Joe McCutchen

Editorial lies about “Civil War” foment violence & destroy our Constitutional liberties.

To Greg Harton: Regarding todays editorial “Enslaved by the Past” in the Ardemgaz

Only one of your quotes (if you are indeed the writer) is necessary to expose and offer irrefutable evidence that your piece is one of lies, ignorance, or both. “That is our nation’s greatest shame, and Confederates fought to destroy the government established by the U.S. Constitution we so revere today.”

At the Treaty of Paris of 1783, King George III in his signing the Surrender Accords each state was awarded one of his signed accords stating that each of the colonies was a sovereign nation, and so held by the Founding Fathers.

Pertaining to secession, in the case the second one, erroneously called the Civil War, please read the Declaration of Independence and what it has to say re secession and the definition of a Civil War is when two bodies clash to take charge of the central government. The South had no such intention, they just wanted out of Lincoln’s tariff corruption and tyrannical issues.

“He, Lincoln instructed Seward to introduce proposals in the Senate Committee of Thirteen without indicating they came from Springfield. The first resolved that the Constitution should never be altered so as to authorize Congress to abolish or interfere with slavery in the states. Another recommendation that he instructed Seward to get through congress was that all state personal liberty laws in opposition to the Fugitive Slave Law be repealed.” (Doris Kearns-Goodwin)

This proves that the war had nothing to do with slavery, all about Lincoln’s tariffs and the South funding his government well over 70%.
Lincoln & The Corwin Amendment, available in the records of the U.S. House of Representatives, the 106th Congress, Second session, the Constitution of the United States of America, Doc. No. 106-214—slavery in perpetuity.

Individuals such as you are the ilk that is fomenting uncivilized behavior in our Republic. Editorials such as yours are tearing our country apart and you are complicit in the demise of the Constitution you claim to revere!

Slavery was on its way out, rightfully so, due to economics and abolitionist activities in a peaceful manner, there was no need for Lincoln to murder 700,000 during the war and the murder, rape & theft during “reconstruction” and the continuing of same by Grant, Sherman and Sheridan directed at a genocide of Western American Indian tribes.

If you are interested in in-depth documentable truth concerning the Constitution, what lay behind it and the Uncivil War, please contact a scholar named Michael Gaddy at

This is not intended as a letter to the editor, but if you want to print it, please do.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith
August 20, 2017

Who owns you? (Rothschild Banking History)

From: Michael Gaddy []
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2017 12:46 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

WHO OWNS YOU??? (Part one)

Freedom and Liberty are words with different meanings to many; I suppose we could see, like beauty, freedom and liberty are in the eyes of the beholder. Millions sing along with the lyric “land of the free and home of the brave” even though we currently reside in a country where the masses are more enslaved economically than at any other time in history. We also hear repeatedly that our military is fighting for our freedoms, yet with the past 16 years of continuous warfare, conducted by our military, personal freedoms have evaporated at a rate never before seen in the history of this country.

The country promised by those of our founders known as the Federalists ended and the government predicted by our founders known as the Anti-federalists began on that fateful day of April 9, 1865 at a place known to history as Appomattox Court House. Then and there we all became economic and physical slaves on that great nationalist plantation known as the American Empire, for that is the day our country and its people became the property of the international bankers and their bought and paid for minions known as government employees.

“The funding systems are always based on public debts, for the purpose of transferring the control of the government into the hands of the bondholders as security for their obligations.

Whilst the funding systems last, the government is administered in the interest of the bondholders, who control its legislation. Every independent government is jealous of the rival power of those monied oligarchies, which dethrone monarchies and destroy governments by the transfer of the debt to strangers, who thereby secure a powerful and dangerous influence in the government and work its destruction.” Crimes of the Civil War and the Curse of the Funding System by Henry Clay Dean, published in 1867.

In April of 1865, America, because of its great indebtedness to the international banking cartel, debt incurred to prosecute a war, was no longer the home of freedom or liberty. Few are those who know, or even care for that matter, that the bankers of Europe financed both sides of the war history mistakenly calls the Civil War.

Why would anyone finance both sides in a war you might ask; the answer is obvious: regardless of who wins, the victors and the vanquished become the property of those who hold that debt. In this case, as in every war since, the owners are those known simply as the international banking cartel. Those same folks who own you, your home, your business and all the property you call your own. The only thing they cannot own is your soul, unless you become a worshiper of the entity known as government.

You really don’t have to openly worship government itself as long as government employees are viewed as entities worthy of praise and adoration in your eyes. Just ask yourself: who gathers more of your attention, those who teach the tenets of freedom and liberty or politicians and other “public servants?” If government owns and controls them, by default it owns and controls you.

In order to survey the country the international bankers sought to control, in 1859 they sent one of their own to America to survey the political and economic landscape in order to devise a plan to place this country into total subservience by miring it in oppressive debt which can logically and physically never be repaid.

Remember, the founder of the Bank of London, one William Paterson, said in 1694, “The bank hath benefit of interest on all monies it creates out of nothing.”

The person who came to this country in 1859 was the 24 year-old son of James Mayer de Rothschild, Salomon James de Rothschild, sent by his father to “help advance the families banking interests.” And help those banking interests he did; within 6 short years those banking interests owned this country and its government and continue to this day to do so.

Salomon James kept his family informed of his progress in several letters which described in detail current events occurring in America and how those events could be manipulated in order to gain control of the vast resources our country contained.

Salomon James de Rothschild saw through the character of Abraham Lincoln and also saw the true cause that was bringing this country to the brink of war—and it was not slavery. Lets look at Salomon James’ own words in a letter of Sunday, June 23, 1861:
“Now the struggle has been entered into between the North and the South, a struggle of giants, or rather of boule-dogues, in which no one will yield, and where-in, after months and perhaps years of implacable combat, the two sides will find themselves back at the very place from which started, both of them weakened, with their resources exhausted, their country ruined, and with the best of their blood sacrificed, and with no other result obtained than deepening the abyss between them…

I’ll come back later to the slavery question, which was the first pretext for secession, but which was just a pretext and is now secondary. The true reason which impelled the Southern states to secede is the question of tariffs. The South is simply a producer and consumer; the West and the North, and especially the East are most entirely manufacturers, but they need strong protection. The South could supply itself with all necessary items in Europe, at prices from twenty-five to forty percent lower than they have been paying up to now. It [the South] contends that these duties do it no good and that the money goes back into the pockets of the Northern manufacturers. Therefore it wants to escape from this tax. The suppression of , or even a strong reduction in, these duties would completely ruin the eastern states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which could not compete with the cheap prices attained by England and even France. Thousands of men would find themselves unemployed and would therefore threaten the well-being and even the very existence of not only of their employers, but even of the merchants and producers in those areas, leading to an imminent danger of social revolution, which the North must avoid at all costs.

The question of tariffs has been discussed in the deliberative assemblies for more than twenty years, and despite the efforts of the South, despite the majority which its supporters in the North gave it, the country has leaned more toward protectionism than toward free trade. Since a Republican president was elected, the South felt its cause was lost, that the encroachments on its principles would become greater and greater each day under the protection of the federal government. It therefore preferred to fight at once rather than be paralyzed by the measures of the president.”

Here, in the words of an observer who sought only to advance the banking interests of his family, we have an unbiased view of the prelude to our Second War for Independence. Those men in Butternut and Gray took to the field of battle for the very same reason those men on Lexington Green stood in the face of the most powerful military on the planet: in defense of their personal freedoms and liberty, the right to consent of the governed and to avoid a crippling form of taxation— the theft of their own labor.

But, there is much more to this story as was revealed in other letters sent from Salomon James de Rothschild to his banking family in Europe. Letters we shall examine further in subsequent offerings on this subject.


LTE…”The Unexpected”, a Requiem for our culture/heritage/rationality

Submitted to TR July 26, 2017………Published 7/30/17

As an observer with a knowledge of the arts, the downtown project called “The Unexpected” (murals on historic buildings) raises many questions. Who pays? Who critiques the planned art projects and are any standards applied? What is called “art” is a very subjective subject.

Various viewpoints enter like the “Emperor’s New Clothes” faction, where whatever the “experts” say is ”art” must be believed. There is a malevolent faction which purposefully projects ugliness, misery, distortion of reality and dares the viewer to challenge it. Then, there is a faction which seeks to portray life in a rational, benevolent way, even to inspire. All artists are portraying their own sense of life, how they feel about humankind and the world in which we live. With that in mind, observe what the Fort Smith canvas is portraying. Some projects lack reality or benevolence, some are cartoonish, some are just plain ugly, only a few give a sense of intelligibility.

If any vetting is done it is poorly accomplished. This town has a unique history which could have been portrayed in the tracing of that history in a dignified, educational way. From Indians & bandits, to the Judge & Marshal’s, to the gentility of Southern etiquette & accomplishment. From wagons, horses, blacksmiths, farmers, saloons, ladies, gentlemen and fine structures, like the marble train station and elegant hotels/theaters, to the crowded Avenue lined with fine stores, to throngs of people traversing it. Opportunities to educate, stimulate & inspire, lost forever.

What rational minds see now is a growing array of graffiti. I don’t relish the idea of this becoming known as “Graffiti City”, no matter how “well-meaning” the instigators might be. The “Unexpected” is not so unexpected in this time of political correctness and destruction of decorum, etiquette, esthetics, honor, & rugged individualism.

~Barbara McCutchen

A nostalgic walk becomes surreal–beware politicrats & insiders.

A nostalgic walk down the Avenue—evolving into an embarrassing spectacle July 19, 2017

“Never give a sucker an even break”—W.C. Fields, an expression practiced by the Fort Smith City Government and downtown insiders.

In the year 1985, citizens voted on and passed a 1% street/sewer tax which remains in force to this day. By 2010 the tax had generated $650 million, $200 million more than the recent and 3rd Federal Consent Decree issued to the city of Fort Smith by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There has been no stated amount of revenue generated by the tax in the last 7 years, but it is fair to say in the ensuing 32 years the total amount could approximate $1 Billion that have fallen into city coffers by the 1% street/sewer tax. And “we the people” are the recipients of bad streets & a failed sewer system.

The most recent EPA mandate of $480 million, plus a $300,000 fine and 12 years to complete occurred in Dec. 2014, totaling 39 years of apparent malfeasance & misfeasance, absent sewer and ground water complete overhauls.

City Manager Carl Geffken now proposing to add another 12 years to the recent Federal Consent Decree, making a grand total of 51 years (1/2 century) of Fort Smith city government refusing to address the failed sewer & ground water deficiencies, while $1 Billion is unaccounted for they recklessly involve citizens’ money in meaningless, curious & unnecessary pursuits without citizens’ knowledge or permission, resulting in a change of the image of the city, likely for private personal gains including the recycling debacle ($52,000 monthly for 3 years) replete with no transparency, the Files/Webb Softball $2 million Complex fiasco (Manager Geffken wants “to move on”…but where is the accountability?), the bribe by Delta Dental to fluoridate Lake Ft. Smith against citizen wishes, citizens’ money poured into the nascent Marshal’s Museum, $700,000 yearly into the failed Convention Center, the Fire/Police Pension Fund shortage, alleged city business conducted surreptitiously by email, ad infinitum.

The Downtown private business owners have no legal, constitutional or moral authority to change the image of our city for private gain without a detailed public explanation and approval of their future intentions, e.g. “Propelling Downtown Forward”, no doubt detailed in their 113 page dossier that the downtown insiders plan to unleash on city citizens which was prepared by Dallas Gateway Planning. From the number of pages it is easy to see that the scope and magnitude of the downtown self-servers is huge.

Citizen insouciance, fear, and ignorance have and are allowing City Managers, Mayors & official Boards to exhibit and practice hubris and self-service while bathing in perfidy, making the citizens monkeys in the city government circus. If citizens arise and become implacable perhaps one will at least have a rail.

Currently City Manager Geffken and selected sidekicks are soon to be off to DC for another 12 year extension pitch attached to the recent 12 year EPA mandate and a little prime time…who pays? And remember, this translates into 51 years before any functional waste water/ground water safe disposal.

Where did the money go & who got it? Cut out the monkey business, downsize city government, stay out of downtown politics (boxcar graffiti, new age Urban Renewal, & Propelling Ft. Smith), and pay our legitimate bills.

At this point in time the present display of boxcar graffiti does in no way depict our city’s true long & varied history in any manner. Perhaps real history in the artists’ next presentation will be embraced.

Joe McCutchen

PC Art on Display response from sponsor

Mr. Clark, July 17, 2017

Thank you for your civil response (see below) to my opinion piece on the type of mural art being painted on our downtown buildings. I was gratified to learn from you that taxpayer monies are not being used to fund this project.

There are many articles written exposing the true meaning of “modern art” for those interested in the research, I will include a couple. Here is one: Communism’s 45 goals to destroy the United States
Jul 12, 2016 – Communism’s 45 goals to destroy the United States… “My child, you must …. Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

Please note especially the items listed from 15 through the 20’s.

Another is:

Both were sent to me by readers of our distribution list. For those who have convinced themselves that all such facts are “conspiracy theories” there is nothing to say. For those who realize that something is very wrong and that our culture has changed drastically for the worst over the last several decades, there is much to learn and it is unsavory, distasteful and frightening. But learn we must if we are to save our culture, heritage & Western Civilization as a whole. Those in denial are complicit too.

Not wanting to believe or face the truth does not change it…it is what it is. The only thing that implements change is daring to look at true historical facts and to do whatever possible to change the destructive course set by those who seek to destroy individualism, freedom, rule of just law, civility, consequences for behavior, and all our Founding Principles, i.e. our Bill of Rights. Ignorance & apathy are our greatest weaknesses & make us vulnerable to the cunning plan of destruction throughout all our institutions.

Serious minds will research the Cultural Marxist history and tactics for accomplishing what they have already done to our culture. Those who are “in it” for the money or fame will denounce loudly. This project may be “world renowned” but millions of people can be and are duped on a daily basis in many ways. Actually that is proof of the success of the Collectivist movement to demolish what we once had…reason, peace, & others named above.

I do not pretend to understand the Collectivist/Marxist/Socialist/Communist mind-set, to me it is grotesque & inconceivable to want to live in their kind of world, but that is because the instigators are playing Chess, while us “normals” are playing checkers, if I may borrow a famous saying.

Again, I do appreciate your civil response to a negative critique of your Unexpected Project. I can only hope you and others will do some homework, unpleasant as it may be, on the causes of the negative changes & revisionism in our society & history. Knowledge is crucial to survival. Logic is crucial to knowledge. Courage to face truth in the face of criticism & sarcasm is vital.

Best Regards,
~Barbara McCutchen

Mr. & Mrs. McCutchen July 16, 2017

Thank you for taking time to write and express your opinion regarding the now, world renowned, Unexpected Festival. I believe we will agree more than disagree, in that, i agree with you, art is subjective, which is why you enjoy such a wide variety and varying styles of work. The work downtown is paid for, funded by, local patrons of the arts and our city’s largest employers. We work with, one of, the preeminent curators in the world to organize the week, along with hundreds of motivated, local citizens volunteering thousands of hours to make it the success it is. The artists, who come to our city, from all over the world, spend countless hours researching and considering how best to convey their impression of our history AND our future. There have, literally, been millions of social media and online views, for the right reasons, for our city. Our City, chamber of commerce, office of tourism all enthusiastically support this award winning event.

Are there some pieces which appeal to me more than others? Of course!.. and that is art.

I invite and encourage you to participate in the wonderful resurgence of interest in our downtown.

Happy to answer any questions!

Kindest regards,

Steve Clark
479 651 5403

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