Another self-serving Governor

Twenty-five plus years in the taxpayers’ trough and Governor Beebe has not learned the art of camouflage. On the other hand, he is an expert in passing responsibility to others as he stealthfully makes his wishes known. 

I speak specifically of the taxpayers’ airplane, a 1982 King Air twin turboprop.  The plane is approaching the time for a major overhaul, thanks to former governor Huckabee’s abuse.   

Governor Beebe relates: will cost $750,000-800,000 to meet FAA standards, but Beebe has requested the state to set aside $4 million to buy a new plane or fix the existing one. Beebe is sending a distinct message to his old pals in the legislature that he wants a new plane. He further states that he will leave it up to the state police to decide on the “most fiscally responsible solution for the short and long term” regarding whether to fix or replace the plane.  The state police are not qualified to make a General Aviation decision.  

Governor, Central or some other GA business should make that determination. It is wrong for you, as well as past and future governors to use the state’s airplane for personal and political reasons. Charter a plane and you pay.  Cleanliness is next to godliness.  

I’m a fifty year pilot and own planes that are vintage “60’s.  Maintain the aircraft and they will fly forever. Return the $3 million back to the taxpayers.  

Governor, I have not forgotten the illegal Mexican Consulate, have you? 



Joe McCutchen

Fort Smith




Government VS Hollis Wayne Fincher

What is the relationship of the illegal conviction of Hollis Wayne Fincher to the Military Commissions Act and the Martial Law Codicil?  

October 17, 2006 President Bush signed the two into law.  The Military Commissions act abolished Habeas Corpus, laying the foundation for military tribunals for U.S. Citizens. The second Republic killer called the Martial Law Codicil permits the President to seized control of state and National Guard units for any activity he deems a “disaster”.  This law neutralizes the Insurrection Act and the Posse Comitatus Act.  

These two laws are literally the foundation of the American concept of due process and prevented the centralization and militarization of law enforcement.  A spinoff of the aforementioned is the Safe Neighborhood Act, giving the impression that law enforcement agencies would protect citizen neighborhoods—a false flag.  The Act allegedly is to seek out and punish gang activity.  So who are the troops who would patrol our neighborhoods? Some are already here—local police departments that have become appendages of Homeland Security.  Local police are receiving combat weaponry, armed personnel carriers, and other assets incompatible for law enforcement but suitable for martial law.  

Who will disarm the population? See above.  

Why was Hollis Wayne Fincher brutally arrested by eight enforcement agencies, headed by the BATFE and a surrogate Federal Prosecutor dancing to music of George Bush by an Act designed to uncover gang activity? Police departments have been instructed by Homeland Security to view critics of the “war on terrorism” as potential terrorists. 

The Feds command and “local” police obey in the name of “presidential security”. The Feds are busily defanging American citizens across the board, and the individuals occupying all levels of government have become our enemy instead of our protectors. 

Hollis Wayne Fincher was acting to alert the American citizens of the many dangers posed by a criminally corrupt federal government who are warmongers and torturers.  

Objectively view the past six years.  

Why aren’t Boozman, Pryor, Lincoln making us aware of this criminality?


Joe McCutchen


What have we become?

What have we become?  We bear no resemblance to the “home of the brave, land of the free”.

Citizens are terrified of government, while being forced to fund unconstitutional, immoral acts/programs.  Free? What’s free about people ensnared with hundreds of thousands of regulations and taxes?

“Justice” is for the politically connected or exploitable aliens, not taxpaying citizens.  Witness the Hollis Wayne Fincher case as prime example.  A lifelong, patriotic citizen of Washington County brutally assaulted and incarcerated by eight law enforcement agencies.

His offense? Pick one.  His brilliant defense of the  2nd Amendment, “The Silver Bullet”? His organization and training of a well-regulated civilian militia, of which all major law enforcement were officially notified more than once over many years?  His devout Christianity?  His devotion to family?  His 4th generation family acreage which is now prime property?  His fight against an ordinance which essentially nullifies property rights, passed the day after his arrest?  His outspoken defense of the U.S. and Arkansas Constitutions? His never harming or threatening  anyone in his life?  His openly owning weapons not “sanctioned” by the Feds?

 He is 60 years old, with health problems. He’s been held virtually incommunicado since his arrest Nov. 12.  Arkansas is overrun with illegal aliens, gangs, drug cartels, identity thieves, and hostile anti-American, open-border advocates.  Eight agencies have the time (8 months) and money to arrest one citizen, but how about the myriad illegals and their felon employers?

Fincher was denied his constitutional rights and there was jury tampering by withholding information and evidence from the jury since they were not allowed to hear his defense, or much else.  

Something is not just “rotten in Denmark”, something is very rotten in the U.S. when good is punished and evil is rewarded.  

What have we become? Nothing the Founders would approve.


Barbara McCutchen       

Fort Smith



Immigration Laws – Unenforced

Federal Law
8 USC Sec 1325 – Illegal Entry

Any alien who enters U.S. other than at A port of entry by false or misleading representation shall be subject to civil and criminal penalties can be fined and imprisoned

Section 1324a  Hiring – Harboring – Transporting any illegal alien
Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/ transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years jail + $2,000 fine per illegal alien + forfeiture of vehicle or property used to commit the crime.
Section 1324c  Law officers have authority to make arrests…
All officers whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws shall have authority to make arrests for violation of any provision of this section (affirmed US vs. Perez-Gonzalez 2002 Fed App 0360, 6th Circ.) Section 1324a Hiring – Harboring – Transporting any illegal alien.

Section 1644
No local ordinance, rule, or measure shall stop law enforcement officers from enforcement of this section (affirmed Southern District Court of NY, US vs. Rudy Giuliani, 1996.


Judge Hendren:                                                           February 20, 2007

I am taking the liberty of faxing you some of my research on the BATFE.  Perhaps you are aware of this particular data; however it would be my hope that you are not; since this organization is irreversibly criminally corrupt and employs measures which are reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Please pay particular note to paragraph 11 of the article.

It has become more than obvious that the Federal Justice Department is a product of instability and obfuscation and this indeed is unsettling to say the least.  This is the case when an innocent American citizen is at the butt end of a federal assault.

If Hollis Wayne Fincher was in fact guilty of any crime, would not a simple knock on the door and a discussion or legal debate solve the concerns of the Feds since he had a one on one relationship with local and county law enforcement officers?  At the same time would have eliminated the brutality that the Fincher’s were and are undergoing.  Not to mention the taxpayers’ money and the eight agencies involved in this witch hunt.

Do you not think that the above mentioned resources could not have been better utilized in rounding up gang members of MS-13, Los Zetas, etc., etc., etc….illegals and those who employ them?  Bentonville Police Chief Allen “didn’t think his city had a gang problem until recently”.  Just how out of touch are these law enforcement agencies, or are they?

Why was Fincher ensnared under the $500,000 Project Safe Neighborhoods program when there is an obvious criminal gang problem?

I met Hollis Wayne Fincher only once, on a Friday evening in August of ’06 at the Militia Headquarters on Black Oak Road at Fincher’s request to tell them of my time spent on the border last year in the Minuteman Project. I found him to be a kind, interesting, articulate, patriotic human being and we share the same serious concerns pertaining to the direction this Republic is headed, i.e. to a Constitutional abyss.

Judge, who are the real enemies of this Republic? Do you really believe the Washington County Militia is a threat to society?

Hopefully you will utilize this information in your decision making process.

“A legislative act contrary to the Constitution is not law”.  Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall.


Kindest regards,


Joe McCutchen

Fort Smith

You live in a criminally corrupt cesspool—Rogers, Ark

Congressman Boozman:  this letter and article exposing the criminality of the BATFE are self-explanatory. Said article is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the brutes who are running the BATFE and the complicit federal prosecutors, who as Bud Cummins told me, cannot move without explicit orders from D.C.

John, you live in a criminally corrupt cesspool—Rogers, Ark.  The entrapment of Hollis Wayne Fincher was and is scurrilous and the fact that you and other high ranking officials are not supporting Mayor Womack in his efforts to clean up the aforementioned cesspool is disgraceful…along with your association with criminal Bush and the neo-cons. 

You talk a good game but what have you done?


Kindest regards,


Joe McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return