Mission Statement

Mission Statement for Arkansas Freedom Dot Com

May 8, 2014

For many years we realized how ill-informed the public, not only in Arkansas, but in the USA really was regarding the corruption in politics. Starting with federal and running all the way down through state, county and town governments a “protection racket” had become clear among the elected and bureaucratic elements of all government agencies, programs, and institutions.

It became obvious that many of the “people” were not only ill-informed but misinformed and dumbed-down…voting incumbents back into office decade after decade. Therefore it occurred to us that a record or chronicling of events, companies, agencies, individuals, etc. involved in shady dealings and outright unconstitutional activities needed to be kept for referencing by the general public in search of answers.

After experiencing the eye-opening occurrences on the border with the 2005-2007 Minuteman Projects and observing the usurpation of its constitutional, patriotic goals by agent provocateurs and surreptitious money hungry con artists, we determined to record events and name names for the public to see and hopefully understand.

We had the same thoughts concerning our Arkansas state government and its members including then Governor Mike Huckabee, along with key businesses & institutions.

Therefore, in 2007, was born the idea of a website/blog for the entire world to see. It was never envisioned as a chat site, but as historical references to often little known or advertised facts. Most of the articles were written by either one of us and in many instances by other writers on what we considered important subjects needing as much exposure as possible.

One consistent subject of concern is interwoven throughout our efforts and that is the grave danger posed to this country’s heritage, culture, sovereignty, rule of law & individual rights our Founding white stock based our system upon is immigration, legal & illegal, most particularly by 3rd World nationals who have brought their failed philosophies/cultures with them and have become increasingly aggressive in their demands for “free” taxpayer funded stuff and customs/laws contrary to our Founders’ principles and beliefs.

In May of 2014 we found that our blog cast on Go Daddy was being discontinued and have had to change hosts, formats, etc. Once this is accomplished our site will continue its relentless pursuit of truth and justice and a trustworthy source for research & knowledge.

Brief bio on Joe McCutchen

May 8, 2014

Joe has been an activist for the Constitution and against unwise policies on Immigration, legal & illegal, for decades.

Across the nation he has appeared on many, many talk shows, he has confronted local, state, & federal politicians & officials of all persuasions, he has been interviewed by countless reporters, written about in numerous publications and of course been the target of several Leftist/Socialist/Communist publications, authors, interviewers, etc. His thousands of letters to the editor have been published and alerted citizens to corruption & usurpations over many decades.

He has spearheaded efforts to get politicians defeated on the basis of their anti-American policies and to get various anti-immigration organizations to coalesce in their efforts…some successful, some not.

He is the epitome of the Scots Irish described in James Webb’s (former Senator & Secretary of Navy) book, “Born Fighting”…and proud of it.

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