Deafening Silence from U.S. Arkansas Legislators continued

Arkansas United States Representatives March 15, 2018
1. Stephen Allen Womack (R)
2. Eric Allen Rick Crawford (R)
3. James French Hill (R)
4. Bruce Eugene Westerman (R)
Arkansas United States Senators
1. John Nichols Boozman (R)
2. Thomas Bryant Cotton (R)

March 16, 2018
Has one or all of the above 6 publicly or privately endorsed President Donald Trump’s campaign initiatives, i.e. building the wall, immigration, jobs, infrastructure, tax cuts, etc.? If not, why not?
Joe McCutchen

March 17, 2018
Is any one or more of the above 6 familiar with Article 4, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution? ( in part, protects every state from invasion) Yet today Congress allows daily invasions from Mexico, Latin America, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Ethiopia, Somali, China, India, ad infinitum.
Is any one or more of the above 6 familiar with Article 6, Clause 2, i.e. THE SUPREMACY CLAUSE—all Laws and Treaties shall be the Supreme Law of the Land? These Articles are simply not being enforced. Why not? Qui Bono?

Joe McCutchen

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