Deep State Double-Speak Raises Taxes

Frontpage T.R. 1/10/18…”Governor proposes a 3 % spending hike” January 13, 2018

Before entering the Arkansas Governor’s spending double-speak one should first know just who is and what his political philosophy really is.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson is an active founding & practicing member of the DC swamp, alternatively called the “Deep State”. Recall he has been in the taxpayers’ troughs nigh onto 4 decades and held sensitive positions throughout the U.S. government and has been an abject failure at every stop, in all likelihood by design and political cowardice, i.e. the Rogers, AR congressional & law enforcement groups created to terminate the illegal Mexican drug distribution centers in NW Arkansas, as a Congressman, no accomplishments. As Western Arkansas’s Federal attorney he failed in his interrogations & efforts to prosecute of Barry Seal & his illegal drug cartels, including Clinton & the whole Mena affair, followed by his failure as the U.S. Border Czar and now the tax & spend Governor of the state of Arkansas. He raised 3 tax bills and failed on 2 last session, and now on his way to bankrupt the state. Only a fool would call him a “conservative”.

After the above miniature profiling of Gov. Hutchinson’s failures we return to this present day spending spree. Last year he added 340,000 individuals, mostly unmarried, unemployed males, no children and below 35 years of age. These deadbeats entered into Hutchinson’s welfare system now commonly known as “Arkansas Works”, an integral part of Obamacare which Hutchinson refuses to discard but cannot fund.

A quote from the aforementioned T.R. written by Andrew DeMillo, AP…”Hutchinson proposed a $5.6 Billion budget that increases funding for the state’s Medicaid program. Where are his considerations for the middleclass taxpayers? Continuing on with his quote, voters please analyze the meaning of the rest of the quote, “while setting aside surplus money for future tax cuts, etc.” On the one hand he is asking to raise taxes for various purposes and on the other hand in the same breath is saying it’s for tax cuts. What in the world is the meaning of his ending quote and how can he justify such a huge increase in the 2018 budget? He can’t!

“The budget is conservative in spending (!) increasing our savings and invests in our future”. This Swamper is nothing but a Deep State active member. Is the State General Assembly stupid and self-serving enough to abide by Hutchinson’s language which was put together solely for multiple tax increase and makes no sense whatsoever and perhaps written to confuse those citizens who are silly enough to vote for this Swamper.

Joe McCutchen

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