The Founders’ Constitutional Republic has been murdered…Most foul.

ROLL BACK THE YEARS TO CIRCA DEC. 5, 1788 December 11, 2017

Imagine if you will Colonial Williamsburg, VA, about 8 or 9 in the evening. A group of men sitting around a large table in a tavern enjoying their pipes & ale, while seriously discussing how they might prevail against the attacks on the recently signed Constitution (September 17, 1787). One of the principals of the attacks was the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, who in debate was brilliant & eloquent. Two of his numerous political positions were that a President should be appointed for life and Governors would be determined by the federal government. Other issues which were heatedly debated were the “General Welfare” clause (abused at the outset & grossly abused now) coupled to his belief the Constitution conveyed “Implied Powers”. Other of Hamilton’s visions were not unlike that of England’s George III’s government that American patriots had fought against for 8 years to secede from the choke hold he had on the commoners and they ultimately won and produced a free & independent American Republic.

Sitting around the table were a number of the colonies’ leading patriots, i.e. George, Patrick, Lighthorse Harry, Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel, James and others. They were discussing what parameters they had to prevent Hamilton’s visions they knew would ultimately lead to a tyrannical government. So sad, that is where we are today…Hamilton prevailed.

Suddenly, a patriot burst through the tavern door and informed those at the table that the Williamsburg Town Hall meeting had concluded in a discussion that would level a tax on Williamsburg’s businesses. Does this ring familiar?

Did the Patriots march down to the Town Hall with a cadre of Blue Coats and George commanding, to protest, arrest the pro-tax traitors, or hang ‘em high. None of the above occurred. Remember: this war was fought for the “right of self-determination and to be secure in their persons, homes, businesses”, i.e. the rights of man to be free from oppressive, corrupt government.

The gentlemen seated around the table simply asked the question without emotion; was there support for a tax?

You see, in 1788 Americans were truly free and independent and indelible facts that guaranteed citizens would be extremely watchful in protecting their newly fought for independence. Citizens of today long ago lost their vigilance on our evil governments.

One would have expected the courageous patriots sitting around the table the word TAX would have elicited an emotional outburst. Their reaction was stoic.

Simply put, the colonists lived under a new form of government, the Constitution nationally & locally TOWN HALL MEETINGS FOR DISCUSSION, and concluded at a later date for TOWN HALL MEETINGS FOR DECISION—the reason the gentlemen were not irate…freedom & transparency were at work with citizens deeply involved. Far different from today where we have allowed ourselves to be politically extricated from the process while being forced to pay all the bills for government follies.

Town Hall Meetings assured there would be no force used, theft, lies, and intimidations…all the methods used by today’s politicians. Corruption abounds!

The Town Hall concept was the capstone for transparency & honor. Tragically this concept was swept away many years ago by unscrupulous politicians & bureaucrats and actually accelerated with the Lincoln Presidency. Note the State of the Union today—too large in area, too many unassimilated cultures, too populated and again government corruption reigns supreme; to ever have a chance to return to a true Republican form of government. President Trump’s mightiest efforts will never clear the swamp. Americans unfortunately identify with political parties as opposed to truth, honor & courage.

Such is the case today. Observe Fort Smith, Arkansas’ City Government wallowing in a plethora of misadventures under-girded with malfeasance and misfeasance. The city is presently engaging in processes giving Fort Smith control over more millions taken by force & deception. Most of the money will end up in the General Fund where there is no citizen oversight or accountability. The city government & their enablers tightly control the tenor of business while citizens pay the tariff and “we the people” can only be described as their serfs.

I am incensed that we the people have allowed all governments in the U.S. to lay claim to everything we own, from mind to property—everything our Founders fought against, e.g. the two new taxes and bond issue the city government proposes violates our person.

An excerpt from one of Patrick Henry’s Speeches, “THE GOVERNMENT CAN TAX YOU AT WILL AND THEN PUNISH YOU IF YOU REFUSE TO PAY, (with the barrel of a gun) YOU HAVE LOST YOUR LIBERTY. THEY MAY TAKE INTO THEIR OWN HANDS THE EDUCATION OF CHILDREN, THEY MAY ASSUME THE PROVISION OF THE POOR (GENERAL WELFARE CLAUSE GROSSLY ABUSED)” All the edicts in the quote unfortunately came true. It is precisely what the Fort Smith, AR government did Dec. 5, 2017 with their proposing to use force (an unconstitutional act) to collect what they term “a $100 fee”. Fees, licenses, permits, etc. are rawboned taxes. What the city fathers are doing is the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers fought for and created—freedom from political pressures, abuses, & criminalities. Remember, in the early days of our Republic the people were the Decision Makers, not self-serving, abusive politicians.

Citizens, are you aware that the city of Fort Smith is the highest taxed city in the state and clamoring for more and that Arkansas, by a huge margin, is the highest taxed state with regard to our bordering states.

Joe McCutchen

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