Will the eternal, costly Sewer problem ever be flushed?

Congratulations to the Fort Smith City Government and pop the corks! December 8, 2017

Fort Smith, AR prepares to correct the massive deficiencies in the FS sewer system.

Circa 1983 the city received the first of three consent decrees mandated by the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

In 1985 the citizens voted for a dedicated 1 cent sewer/street tax which has generated in the neighborhood of $700 MILLION! Where did the money go? Another case of a lack of transparency and accountability.

The citizens have inherited a double tax of $500 MILLION to be raised in 12 years for at least the 3rd federal mandate for work that should have been completed as early as 1995.

Most of the present Board have been a part in this financial crime, e.g. Director Hutchings served a partial term a number of years ago and probably watched the evolution and perhaps where the money was spent and now running for Mayor. Director Settle is another long term occupant.

The onus is upon every City Mayor, Administrator and Board since 1985….something is terribly wrong with this picture.
Citizens have voted for the 1 cent tax overwhelmingly since its inception…as comedian Ron White had an affinity for saying to his audiences…”You can’t fix stupid”!

Now our collection of city “public servants” have embarked on a $38 MILLION Bond deal which Director Lau states that there are no new taxes involved in the bond deal, along with the arrogant attack on private businesses for what Directors opine is a (unconstitutional) $100 Fee (tax) to generate $500,000 yearly along with another deal which raises another $500,000. By their own admission the money will be dropped into a politicians’ Honey Hole which is called the “General Fund” and initially was declared some of the money was for the police department for the hiring of 13 new officers and other nebulous projects, without justification or transparency. The “General Fund” is the source for politicians dirty tricks.

How much of this money has been spent on the downtown insiders’ for-profit endeavors, e.g. the nascent Marshal’s Museum, etc. etc.?

Real public servants are hard to come by and that certainly is not the description holding the reins of the Fort Smith city government.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Progressive, runs the same type of scheme—working to keep Arkansas’ Obamacare on track. Since Hutchinson took office he has expanded his version by 340,000 new welfare recipients, now called “Arkansas Works”, which is a bald-faced lie since most are able-bodied unmarried unemployed males.

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