Government always wants more!

Times Record 12.01.17…City proposes new business fees/$100 per business.

The arrogance of City Manager Carl Geffken proposing another tax increase, this one on city businesses—far too much political & economic control.

In view of the Ft. Smith’s city government ongoing incompetence, ineptness and failures the pomposity & disrespect for local taxpayers is unfathomable, Softball Complexes, Trails, “Propelling Downtown Forward”, 113 page document compiled by Gateway Planning in Dallas, accompanied by in all likelihood millions for the 501c3 Establishment…specifically for what? Then there is the more recent $38 MILLION Bond deal—government’s way of raising taxes without citizen’s knowledge, claiming all the while “it is not a tax increase”.

It may be a new thought to Geffken and the City Board, because they “Need” something that does not mean taxpayers should lay down and cough up the dough—improvise. Got it? Improvise.

Those nebulous figures thrown out for police needs by Geffken are anything but specific, as usual—meaning they can spend any way they desire.

In the manner of the police purview is the $790,000 surplus residing in the coffers of the FSPD and demanding more while an alleged deficiency in police & fire retirement funds. How about Sgts & officers going to FBI training schools in Conroe, Tx using city transportation, staying in a Day’s Inn 4 nights at a cost of $23,000 for 7 officers & Sgts?

The point: the majority of the Board, maybe by design, appears blandly unaware of who is really running the government and seems to be sorely lacking in business experience and knowledge.

The Board should temporarily ask Geffken to step aside and demand he implement a government that is efficient, transparent and certainly less fat.

The only way to utilize taxpayer dollars efficiently is Zero Based Budgetry, which means every department Head does not begin with a budget with built-in increases year after year. It means every single expense has to be anticipated and accounted for and that each succeeding year begins with reducing the outgo. Some departments could actually increase revenue.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. In Director Don Hutchings political ad yesterday he said “I am trying my hardest to keep fees (taxes) from going up in this community”. So Director Hutchings this is your big chance to back up your statement.

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