Thoughts on Preacher to run for Mayor

Times Record, November 29, 2017…”City Director to run for Mayor”

Preacher/Director Don Hutchings will run for Mayor. November 30, 2017

It would be remiss if it were not pointed out that he has been a City Director in two different City Administrations. The point being he has been a collaborator in one of Fort Smith’s biggest scandals and apt to get bigger.

The scandal of course includes Senator Jake Files, the City Government, banker Sicard and HUD czar Richard Griffin, as well as others. Curiously it has been said the latter two loaned Senator Files huge amounts of money and maybe other valuables in return for what? Quid pro quo? Could it be Files’ distribution of over $1 million in GIF funds to the nascent Marshal’s Museum? Could it be the softball fields and the Marshal’s Museum jump started Files construction career and subsequently his downfall. Remember the Marshal’s Museum was billed as a “private endeavor”.

The all important question: Why were Republican Sen. Jake Files and Democrat Lee Webb (conflicts of interest) picked to develop the River Valley Sports Complex??? This question is tantamount to uncovering the dirt on the River Valley Sports Complex for which Hutchings was an enabler.

In the interview Hutching’s, in a rambling, worn-out stable of bromides stated “I am for less government”. Hutchings has been an instrument in making Fort Smith the highest taxed city in the state. His next offering was “I am trying my hardest to keep fees from going up in this community”. How about voting no to any tax increase, e.g. he just voted for a $38 million bond issue to bribe a plastic company to come to Fort Smith. If you understand the mechanisms involved in bonds it becomes readily obvious that bonds raise taxes. And you might direct this statement to Dir. Keith Lau who says it will not increase taxes.

Another Hutchings throw away statement: “As Mayor I FEEL like you can serve more people”. How?

He rambles on with nonsensical utterings and then he crosses the line that should anger any American and incur their wrath. Hutchings says, “HE AGREES THAT CHURCH & STATE SHOULD BE SEPARATE”. He is employed by the church and at the same an employee of government. The textbook definition of an oxymoron. That statement is an outright trashing of the U.S. Constitution and so doing with arrogance, untruthfulness, and absolutely a lack of character.

Then there is the matter of government “faith-based” funding to churches, consisting of cash payments to those churches accepting and the control of their speech and activities. Where does Rev. Hutchings’ church stand on this crucial point?

Finally, could it be that Hutchings is interested in getting his hands on the nonsensical $250,000 yearly mayoral discretionary fund? Politics and religion are lucrative businesses.

Joe McCutchen

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