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Deafening Silence from U.S. Arkansas Legislators continued

Arkansas United States Representatives March 15, 2018
1. Stephen Allen Womack (R)
2. Eric Allen Rick Crawford (R)
3. James French Hill (R)
4. Bruce Eugene Westerman (R)
Arkansas United States Senators
1. John Nichols Boozman (R)
2. Thomas Bryant Cotton (R)

March 16, 2018
Has one or all of the above 6 publicly or privately endorsed President Donald Trump’s campaign initiatives, i.e. building the wall, immigration, jobs, infrastructure, tax cuts, etc.? If not, why not?
Joe McCutchen

March 17, 2018
Is any one or more of the above 6 familiar with Article 4, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution? ( in part, protects every state from invasion) Yet today Congress allows daily invasions from Mexico, Latin America, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Ethiopia, Somali, China, India, ad infinitum.
Is any one or more of the above 6 familiar with Article 6, Clause 2, i.e. THE SUPREMACY CLAUSE—all Laws and Treaties shall be the Supreme Law of the Land? These Articles are simply not being enforced. Why not? Qui Bono?

Joe McCutchen

Deafening silence from Arkansas U.S. Legislators

Arkansas United States Representatives March 16, 2018

1. Stephen Allen Womack (R)
2. Eric Allen Rick Crawford (R)
3. James French Hill (R)
4. Bruce Eugene Westerman (R)

Arkansas United States Senators

1. John Nichols Boozman (R)
2. Thomas Bryant Cotton (R)


Has one or all of the above 6 publicly or privately endorsed President Donald Trump’s campaign initiatives, i.e. building the wall, immigration, jobs, infrastructure, tax cuts, etc.? If not, why not?

Joe McCutchen

Illegal alien invasion, aided & abetted by government & church officials

The nation be damned, traded for gutless self-service. September 5, 2017

9/4/17 Ark. State Reps Charlie Collins & Greg Leding appeared on Ch. 5 Ft. Smith campaigning to uphold 1 million plus DACA (Dreamers/amnesty/plus all their relatives) remaining ostensibly in the U.S. to attend college—gratis, opposed to the legal position of being deported to Mexico/elsewhere as proposed by POTUS. Will he stick?

Why are Collins & Leding championing this illegal act? For a number of reasons. Remember both office holders have sworn their allegiance to uphold and abide by the U.S. Constitution and its undergirding laws.

Both represent the citadel of sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, NWA. The destructive Act began in the late 1940’s and continues unabated today, compliments of John Sr. & Don Tyson.

I do not know about Collins, but Leding is a Catholic. Catholics have been deeply embedded in this illegal practice for decades for the purpose of building sanctuary cities & filling their pews—observe Springdale & Rogers. The vehicle used is “Catholic Charities” that the federal government (taxpayers) fund in the hundreds of millions yearly, resulting in the destruction of our culture, most of which is directed to aiding illegals and replete with hundreds of DC lobbyists.

AR Catholic Bishop Anthony B. Taylor openly advocates for open borders. A number of years ago he stated the Catholic Church in Arkansas could not survive without illegals. What a pathetic creature. Presently Taylor is begging for DACA and money. Taylor daily slaps the Constitution and non-Catholic American’s faces with impunity.

Our nation is teaming with illegal aliens—some studies indicate 25-35 million illegals encamped in our Republic, destroying our infrastructure, enjoying special welfare programs, i.e. COLLEGE, free prenatal care, housing, food, stealing jobs, installing their own cultures, MS13 gangs, etc. May I suggest to the illegals an academic institution of some renown—Ark. State Univ., Queretaro, Mexico.

Rep. Collins & Leding, accompanied by Bishop Taylor are criminals! Citing a portion of 8 USC, Section 1324a: “Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony, punishable by 10 years jail plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien”.

Section 1324c: “Officers are to enforce”. Obviously another police stand-down
Remember the oath Collins & Leding swore to and the aggressive behavior the Pope and his minions exert over U.S. affairs.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S. Throw in Senators Boozman & Cotton.

What Kind of People Callously Celebrate Unprovoked War?


Times Record editorial Sunday, April 30, 2017

Title: Report shows how vital military is to the area.

“Everyone knows just how important the military is.” “ (If you don’t, you should.)”

Equating dollar income with death, destruction & torture is the depth of depravity and debauchery. Building an economy through force of war and celebrating it is tragically deranged.

The editor’s celebration of the now ongoing 16 years of preemptive, unprovoked 7 wars, now Syria, replete with a U.S. military presence in 160 countries, naval armadas in the Yellow, Mediterranean, So. China & Sea of Japan, along with the Persian Gulf, attest to the fact insanity prevails as shown by this editor that celebrates war as a source of revenue is indeed as demented as the occupants of the D.C. Swamp, no exception. I failed to note the numbers of American troops strewn across these 160 sovereign nations in their pursuit of Armageddon. Do you get the picture?

Huge numbers of American troops are on the Latvian & Estonian borders complimented by F-35 overflights, contiguous with Russia (certainly not an enemy) and huge concentrations in Poland are a sure sign that peace initiatives are never to be implemented. Unfortunately American citizens have assumed the role of passivity through ignorance, laziness, fear, indoctrination’s, conditioning & other maladies, while the madmen in DC—Boozman, Cotton, Womack, & all the others, mostly Republican neocons, busily weave their web for in all likelihood a nuclear conflagration resulting from their quest for global hegemony.

Editor, you and the millions of American enablers enjoy your billions of taxpayer dollars built on murder, torture, destruction, poverty, and all the other inhumane products resulting from in this case 8 unprovoked wars, and more to come.

Much of our nation is behaving like a collection of uncivilized banshees celebrating, cheering, flag waving at the sight of any military contingent. The military’s only proper job is to defend our sovereighty & secure our national borders & nothing else.

Twice decorated, Medal of Honor winner Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler said it best, “War is a Racket”. The real heroes of this decade are Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, & Bradley Manning, who have in all likelihood surrendered their lives to make Americans aware of the government police state surveillance of every citizen around the Globe by the FBI, CIA, NSA, & a host of others.

Enjoy your sordid blood money!

Joe McCutchen

The Forgotten Paragons of Peace & Civility


Does anyone really know the mindset of President-Elect Donald Trump? January 21, 2017 the neutral pendulum will begin to swing right or left. Citizens should be keenly aware of nuances, meaningless statements; political positions that regularly come forth from his mouth, as well as the super large issues he will be instantly confronted with. The importance is simply that the new president will hold more collective power in all the political arenas on that date than any man in the history of the world. Which way and how far will the pendulum swing?

The American government, on a perpetual basis, needs soldiers and lots of them to continue their unconstitutional, preemptive murdering and destructive psychotic pursuits.

President Elect Donald J. Trump, who I voted for with certain caveats, has reiterated multiple times that:
1. U.S. must greatly strengthen nuclear capabilities
2. Retrofit the existing U.S. military
3. Furthermore: Increase the numbers & scope of the U.S. military top down. These statements (positions) and their implementation have the capacity to destroy mankind.

Question: why the necessity for the above? Who is today’s U.S. enemy du jour? Not one foreign national government has shown an inclination for war since 1945.

The current U.S. military is the largest and best equipped in the history of the world, yet President Elect Trump wants to rebuild & build on those numbers. At least 5 countries have a nuclear capability that could destroy the globe 10X over in minutes, namely the U.S., U.K., China, Israel, & Russia. There are others. Of the 5, who presents the greatest threat to precipitate a nuclear Armageddon—in my mind, the U.S. and/or Israel.

Should President Elect Trump proceed on the psychotic misadventures for global destruction i.e. arms race, as opposed to pursuing a vigorous global peace initiative, laissez faire capitalism, and as one of the Founders stated…”no foreign entanglements”, we shall pay dearly in blood & treasure. There is an excellent chance that civilization could be wiped off the face of the earth, e.g. the U.S. forcing China & Russia into a nuclear global conflict, now occurring—U.S. military along Russian borders & naval forces in the South China Sea. These two nations will not be bullied.

Bush I & II engaged this nation into 15 years of continual murdering and destruction, aided by Barack Obama with no end in sight. The RNC (Republican National Committee) and its sitting Senators & Representatives are warmongers of the highest order and no doubt inherited their DNA from the butcher of butchers, President Abraham Lincoln, e.g. Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsay Graham, and in AR. neophyte war-activist Sen. Tom Cotton, & indolent Sen. John Boozman who acts only on command from the RNC to pull the levers for war, otherwise his 15 year legislative presence has been a blank slate & a disgrace.

If President Elect Trump is successful in the macro enlargement and retrofitting of the U.S. military, what are his plans for utilizing this behemoth? The U.S. currently has a military presence in 130 countries! Again, I ask why? None of these countries have shown one iota of interest in any manner to engage the U.S. militarily, while at the same time the U.S. has meddled, destroyed, & murdered millions of innocent citizens around the globe, e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Ukraine, Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela, & Russia (posting NATO troops on the borders of countries contiguous with Russia—e.g. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, a U.S. naval armada in the South China Sea, and a recent deployment of tanks in Eastern Germany. ) Who is the aggressor?

I ask again, what does Mr. Trump plan to do with his proposal to metastasize the U.S. military? Are the troops going to languish in their barracks sitting on their bunks polishing their brass and rearranging their foot lockers? Certainly not, it is a formula for global destruction/hegemony, the only logical conclusion with which one can arrive, with another massive buildup of troops & material. Armies are assembled to destroy countries, kill, and torture, remove individual freedoms & institute multiple methods of captivity ending in slavery. The U.S. military is not assembled for peaceful engagements. (Accompanied by a national debt of $20 TRILLION & GROWING)

To the point. Paul Wolfowitz, dual Israeli/U.S. citizen, heavily involved in Bush II’s criminal adventures & author of the Wolfowitz Doctrine—“WE SHALL HAVE NO RIVALS”, and using the doctrine simply means, as he states, “ETERNAL WAR FOR ETERNAL PEACE” resulting in an insane equation for the pursuit of U.S. global dominance with the obvious need for massive numbers of young Americans, i.e. cannon fodder, to satisfy the dreams & goals of elitists, bankers, military/industrial/surveillance complex, and of course in the mid-east to do the fighting & funding for Israeli Jews.

All Americans during the last 4 decades have been recipients of daily fuselages of indoctrination, propagandizing, conditioning, and directives, to institute emotional behaviors that is producing an overweening emotional admiration for war and the military, and at the same time citizens hardly realizing our republic has been embroiled in a continuing 15 year war that engages in super criminal acts.

The above methods are being used at every public event (free & paid) at public institutions (public schools, universities & entertainment venues) & always with an accompanying display of force: enormous flags, cannons, fireworks, military presence, flyovers, music—highly successful maudlin spectacles which produce the desired enlistments, none of which should be a part of private citizen’s entertainment & academic interests, nor should citizens be subjected to a bellicose environment at any time.

Therefore: who will you say is violating the cannons of civility? Put another way, who do you believe deserves the title of “global enemy”?

The whole of America, mainly due to ignorance, is betraying the principles laid down by our Founding Fathers, resulting in the U.S. becoming a belligerent historical wasteland.

Painfully said, the courageous U.S. fighting force is bringing our republic down by creating chaos & fear at home & abroad, not “KEEPING US SAFE” as the general officers, politicians & media bloviate daily. The U.S. has become the global enemy and unless these young people realize they are subsidizing their own demise in unconstitutional, preemptive wars and the criminal activities of American governments we will never arise from the filth and vermin to which this & past American governments have brought us.

The courageous American military are not heroes, they are tools used by elitists who foolhardily pursue their hegemonic ambitions. Some solutions for the neutralization of our despotic federal government are akin to simple syrup—simple.

Redeploy all American troops back to the confines of the USA, use the redeployed troops to lockdown all our national borders—land, sea, & air; use a substantial number of the remaining redeployed to build a wall contiguous with Mexico. Discharge all military personnel who do not provide active rolls in positively serving our nation; remove all illegal foreign nationals from roles in our military. Deport all illegals and those residing here on expired visas. The redeployment will also provide for a sleek, effective fighting force and relieve U.S. taxpayers from paying billions of dollars on foolish military excursions. If the numbers remaining are sufficiently great they should be directed to rebuilding our infrastructure. And finally, there should be instituted a 5 year moratorium on all immigration, giving our nation a chance to acculturate/assimilate the hundreds of ethnic groups who reside here legally.

Citizens, you do understand that politicians & bureaucrats are not going to resolve on their own the multiple crises we taxpayers are enduring—they created them all for their own enrichment. The coup de gras to complete the above tenants for saving our Constitutional Republic; all incumbents must be given the boot promptly, removing any chance of reenacting conscription, among other repugnant things.

Speaking of heroes, 3 individuals stand out, Edward Snowden fled to Russia, Bradley Manning federal prison, & Julian Assange house arrest Ecuadorian Embassy. They have given their all to alert/educate Americans to the magnitude of the criminal cabal located in DC—the federal government. President Elect Donald Trump, in my view, should pardon these 3 men and award with appropriate medals of honor—they may just have saved our nation.

Joe McCutchen

Senator Tom Cotton being groomed by AIPAC?

Vdare—Paul Nachman—Joe McCutchen December 18, 2016

Paul Nachman’s narrative and its companion plea written on Dec.. 9, 2016 & Dec. 12. 2016 appears on under the title “On immigration, will Tom Cotton succeed Jeff Sessions as “America’s Senator”?

Senator Jeff Sessions has been tried & true for many years on the issue of illegal immigration, while Senator Tom Cotton has been AWOL. Senator Sessions, over this same period has shown courage, dedication & tenacity in keeping the controversial immigration issue alive. Many thanks to Senator Sessions. For the many uninformed American citizens who are constantly barraged by politicians & media that our immigration system is broken. Wrong, near perfect immigration laws have been on the books for years, just unenforced—e.g. 8 USC, Section 1324a, 1324c, 1325, & E-Verify.

Senator Cotton: As Mr. Nachman rightly states, Senator Cotton is well credentialed, Harvard twice, the bastion of political correctness & Cultural Marxism, coupled to the neoconservative Claremont Institute he attended & a meritorious stint In Bush II’s illegal 15 year and continuing war of murder & destruction commonly known as the faux “War on Terror”.

So what is really behind Nachman’s pleading, begging Arkansans and the rest of America for Cotton to become “America’s Senator”?
I would be remiss if I did not reproduce a statement re: Tom Cotton made by Nachman in the opening of his narrative: “He grew up on a farm in Arkansas and then—despite being the lowest of the low, i.e. “a white male from flyover country”. Mr. Nachman, is this your perception or are you conveying the thought that’s what DC elitists think of Arkansans and their whiteness, which by the way I am very proud of & refuse to be P.C.ed by the Jewish Frankfurt School.

What Mr. Nachman did not say or does not know, Cotton grew up a mile outside the sanctuary hamlet of Dardanelle, AR where there are more illegal Mexicans & OTM’s than there are American citizens, compliments of Catholic Charities (taxpayer subsidized) and Arkansas based Tyson Foods, America’s premier employer of illegals, and former Gov. Mike Huckabee who installed the unconstitutional (Article I, Section 10) Little Rock Mexican Consulate! The 7 decade illegal environment is what Senator Cotton grew up in which provided him with an experience of living among illegals and should clearly demark his position as constitutional or unconstitutional referencing illegal immigration, tepid in any case. Some other users of illegals in Arkansas & nationally are Wal-Mart, Simmons, Arvest, etc. –money & lots of it, accompanied by massive amounts of political influence here & nationally. Does Mr. Nachman believe Senator Cotton would bow-up against these globalist Arkansas giants?

Nachman alleges in a murky way that some outfit named “Powerline” was responsible for Cotton’s entry into the Arkansas 2012 4th Congressional political fray—surely he jests—see above.

More sunshine on Cotton. Cotton was elected to the U.S. Congress and was sworn in Jan. 3, 2013. Literally 14 days after his swearing in ceremony the story was leaked he was now campaigning for the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. Mark Pryor and it was verified approximately 2 weeks later. By that act he betrayed his constituents in the 4th Congressional District, e.g. Little Rock, Hot Springs & the rest of the folks residing in that District were without congressional representation for 2 years.

Obviously the Congressman is in a big hurry—to get what & where? Within 2 years he went from a DC lawyer, to a congressman, & ultimately the U.S. senate.

Cotton’s political travels in this short span should have elicited some kind of political furor from Arkansas citizens—no public response from the 4th District citizenry, just emotional fervor for Republican Senator Cotton, absent cognition.
In addition to the aforementioned Arkansas political powers & drivers, who else might be politically pulling the strings of the young Senator?

That being asked will be answered later. Jews have long been identified as the group that fuels mass immigration, legal & illegal, the big push commencing in the 1920’s. Jews, in their various efforts to dilute America’s Founding Stock, ownership, and influence have created a plethora of minority organizations, e.g. the NAACP, Maldef, Lulac, La Raza, & a host of others to fracture America to create dissonance while they continue funding these groups. After Jews created the NAACP it was years before a black was invited to sit on the official board. For precise information on Jewish ownership & domination of the United States log on & search “Are we there?” It specifically I.D.s the attackers. Unfortunately, due to American apathy, Jews have been wildly successful in their drive for ownership and control of our once preeminent republic.

Have you ever observed an influential Jew or groups of Jews—AIPAC, AEI, ACLU, SPLC, ADL, pursue any measure that would secure U.S. Borders, institute any effort to deport, or vet the invaders—legal and illegal? AIPAC is an unlicensed, very powerful foreign national Jewish lobbying organization, i.e. Israel.

What is the link between Senator Tom Cotton & the international Jewish ruling cabal? Answer: money, power, & global hegemony.

Selective Jews (the DC junta) have formed what I believe to be a symbiotic relationship with Cotton by utilizing anecdotal/empirical data, facts, history, & conjecture. My theory is Cotton, his cozy personal relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, accompanied by his many visits to Israel, large numbers of Jewish donors and other observances, Cotton is the perfect model for the ruling Jewish class to have selected him to possibly become their candidate for POTUS in the years 2020 or 2024. Jewish interests have put far too many millions of dollars into Cottons coffers leading me to believe that the large amount of money signifies more than just legislative favors.

Jews recognize that Senator Cotton possesses all the magnets that attract voters to the booth, i.e. married, children, twice Harvard educated, middle-east decorated veteran, hungry for political power, a proponent for preemptive war, a mid-east neoconservative war monger with Iranian implications which are vital to Israel-firsters, i.e. erasing middle-east borders for Israeli expansion.

The Senator appears to be Jewish chattel.

The acid test that he is Jewish Chattel is cradled in his willingness to accept vast amounts of money from prominent Jews, most of whose allegiances are directed to Israel, quietly supports mass immigration, and knowingly or unknowingly is intimately involved in the dissolution of Western Civilization (culture) and his failure to separate himself from the Jewish nation-killing Political Correctness (the Frankfort School) & their unsavory use of minorities.

Most of the Senator’s funding comes from the very deep pockets of Jewish billionaires, not from Pacs & Foundations. Some examples: those Jews who are publicly donating money to boost immigration numbers—Bill Gates, the Koch Brothers, Michael Bloomberg, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, & Rupert Murdoch (Fox News). Some of these names will appear as donors to Cotton.

Known Jews donating directly to Cotton: American Israel Education Foundation, The Emergency Committee for Israel–$1 million to sabotage the Iran-nuclear deal; William Kristol (son of neoconservative founder & Trotskyite, Irving Kristol), Paul Singer; John Bolton (former U.N Ambassador); Cherna Moskowitz; Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas & Macao Casino owner); Seth Klarman; Kenneth Bialkin, Elliott Abrams, Susan Kristol, Ann Kristol, & Goldman-Sachs, etc. etc. These individuals are all Israel-firsters, some dual citizens, and representing an American Jewish population that hovers around 2 1/2 % of our republic.

Again, I would say Jews are the marketers of mass immigration, legal & illegal, and in my opinion have Senator Tom Cotton securely bedded down. If you are interested in an extension of this article & the real players who dictate the tenor of business in our former preeminent republic log on to and search for “Are We There?”.

Senator Cotton would welcome Syrian refugees that would allow more than 10,000 over the 10,000 the President promised to shelter (no vetting)—his Religious Persecution Relief Act. Senator Cotton is an advocate of rendition and other means of torture (I describe as hard core) based on his interview and admission at CNN with anchor Wolf Blitzer.

Senator Tom Cotton, I believe is immature, and a dangerous cog In the U.S. Senate with no concerns for reigning in the out of control 3rd world invasions, i.e. well on our way to becoming a 3rd World dumping ground.

In conclusion I will simply say Senator Cotton has visions of grandeur & has been genetically endowed with the Napoleonic Complex.

Joe McCutchen

LTE re idiotic no caps on gov’t spending!

Another Infamous Issue 3 September 16, 2016

Issue 3—would remove the cap on all state-issued bonds amendment which would allow the state to issue unlimited bonds to a corporation, association, institution, or individuals to help finance economic development projects & services.

Issue 3 on the November ballot is described as a “multi-pronged measure (theoretically) promoting economic development”.
Issue 3, promoted by Regional Chambers of Commerce.

Issue 3 is a reach-out for acquisition of unlimited political power and mischief.

The National Chamber of Commerce is the largest financial advocate of mass immigration, open borders, illegal labor and amnesty. Are enablers & advocates for outsourcing jobs via NAFTA, GATT, TPP—billed as “free trade”—Not free!

Issue 3 would effectively add to Arkansas government’s own wealth and the wealth of its favored groups.

If passed, the Arkansas government & legislature will be in a position to dominate the entire state economic system, replacing the private sector.

The word “regional” equates to losing individual cities’ political & economic influence.

An example of a super-project gone awry–the failed Lockheed-Martin $87.1 million expansion in Camden, Arkansas.

Revealed: Doug Coutts, Senator Tom Cotton’s Chief of Staff, son of Robert Coutts, a former executive at Lockheed, now owner of the company Missile & Fire Control facility in Camden. Robert Coutts & wife gave thousands to Cotton’s senatorial campaign.

David Ray, a former spokesman for Senator Cotton, regarding the failed Lockheed deal, “Arkansas taxpayers shouldn’t be fronting for one of the largest & most successful companies in the world”. Ray continued, “Streamline regulations that will benefit all businesses, not just one hand-picked company”.

The matter of the failed Fort Smith Mitsubishi plant. Total cost? Status & cost of the arcane Arkansas State University located in Queretaro, Mexico?

Giving politicians’ carte blanche spending ability is gross stupidity.

Joe McCutchen

The antithesis of what our Founding Fathers designed.

Ignorance does not have to be permanent, but if cultivated can evolve into stupidity—Observe today’s America. The antithesis of what our Founding Fathers designed.

September 11, 2016

America is too large to govern and the application of a few Band-Aids may slow the wasting process of local, state & federal governments. President Richard Nixon divided the U.S. into 10 Federal Districts—for what purpose?

Americans are suckers for bread & circuses—entertain ‘em, keep their bellies full, & dwell on emotional phony issues. All is accomplished by the government/media complex by conditioning, propagandizing, indoctrinating, and lies.

A deadly game being played out for Americans by Americans, and in most cases to satisfy the demands of Jews, duel-citizens & Israelis. Government’s effective political commercial is to “Keep us Safe”. Governmental agencies are directing the circus (by preemptive Wars, etc.) and are now middleclass Americans’ enemy #1 and such is the case with most of the global community.

Who else but the U.S. is destroying whole countries, unprovoked? Murdering millions with preemptive wars in its quest to achieve global hegemony. And who are some of the major insider/outsider players? Look no further than to establishment Jews. For starters: Soros, Murdoch, the de Rothchilds, Gaffney, Perle, Bolton, Mercer, Kagans, Krauthammer, Abrams, Wurmser, Feith, Chertoff, J. Goldberg, M. Levine, Kristol, Brooks, Boot, Ladeen, Libby, Frum, Kissinger, Koch Bros., Podhoretz, Morris Dees (SPLC), Adelson, and the lord of all, Paul Wolfowitz who is the architect of the “Wolfowitz Doctrine”…”We shall have no rivals”—Abram Shulsky (author of “weapons of mass destruction”) was Director of the Office of Special Plans for G. Bush. To add to the mix throw in a s few white boys to carry out the Wolfowitz Doctrine; (neocons all) Bush & Clinton Crime Families, McCain, Graham, Cotton, Boozman, Womack, Crawford, Rove, Cruz, Ryan, Romney, Kasich, Sasse, Bozell III, Whitmans, O’Reilly & Beck, et al…remember, this is just a smattering. The U.S. House & Senate are messenger boys & enablers for Israel. For more complete information on the subject of Jewish control of America search “America’s Trail of Tears, Are We There Yet” @

What about “American exceptionalism?” I say American’s exceptionalism segued to murder, destruction, displacement, spying, and creating $20 TRiLLION national debt—now that’s exceptionalism.

The murdering psychopaths in DC that you ignoramuses continue to reelect for decades, based solely on Party affiliation, have now massed troops on the Russian frontier bordering Estonia, Latvia, & Poland, provoking President Putin, who in my judgment is presently the only legitimate global statesman, and is pursuing a lasting peace initiative with the U.S. to no avail. Citizens, believing the lies of government and the 4th estate, reinforced with indoctrination, conditioning, deception, & emotion, make DC inhabitants smile knowing they can continue to hoodwink Americans while they destroy peace & civility.

Bread & Circuses: America offers a splendid array of B & C’s for government’s conditioning, propagandizing, indoctrinating, military recruitment and their cry for eternal war…all directed at useful citizen idiots, e.g. football, basketball, baseball, soccer, rodeos, & land grant colleges, and oh yes, public schools, on & on. Note that many of these venues consistently present military adoration—a cancer.

Since 911 there have been 3 outstanding heroes (non-military), 2 American & 1 Aussie….Snowden, Manning, & Assange—who made America aware of the absolute total corruption of the U.S. Government & are paying a dear price for their honesty & courage.

Using NASCAR as a poster child for the Bread & Circuses analogy—upon entering a raceway, first finding your seat, followed by the race car lineup on the track.

At that juncture you see a cadre of military in uniforms of some descript, followed by a uniformed military color guard doing basic ceremonial maneuvers related to the American flag. At some events the flag may be half the size of the state Rhode Island, at which time the military salutes & the singing of the National Anthem, the singer’s own pathetic rendition, mostly by women, commonly off key, punctuated with inappropriate yea, yeas, mispronouncing words and/or omissions…with thunderous applause from ignoramuses in the stands. Then comes the flyover with 2-3 SNJ’s or AT6’s.

At some venues the audience is asked to stand, remove their headdress, hand over heart & cite the Pledge of Allegiance. The pledge is an anti-constitutional, anti-state sovereignty piece written by a retired preacher, a flaming socialist by the name of Francis Bellamy. Simply put, we are not members of an American State, but meant to be a collection of 50 sovereign states that the Founders deemed had every right to engage in nullification & secession without violence. The despot Abraham Lincoln terminated that portion of the Founders intent by pitting Americans against Americans and Republicans stupidly or intentionally call themselves the Party of Lincoln.

Government has again accomplished one of their goals, i.e. military displays at public events will continue to be a substantial part of the conditioning process of useful idiots to believe that the military should be part & parcel of every American experience. Recall the Founders fear & loathing of a standing army.

The point of these military spectacles is simply they are to be used as an emotional recruiting tool, a plea for more war, a plea that we are militarily threatened, and citizens should come to expect what the government claims as a patriotic ceremonial experience accompanied with whoops & hollers.

It’s about the big lie, “To keep us safe”! The ignoramuses, victims of the public schools haven’t comprehended & won’t, that the Enemy Are Us—the voters!

1. The major portion of the voting public refuses to analyze what has & is happening to our once preeminent Republic and who has caused it & who is to blame—namely, they are the incumbents they continue to reelect.
2. DC is an island to itself, & certainly no allegiance to middleclass Americans (as witnessed by the conduct of the Republican Establishment this year), busily selling out our culture, heritage & philosophy that has given way to throngs of 3rd world invaders, legal & illegal. Diversity means No Whites. Why is our government trading down?
3. A complete & immediate shakeup of the Flag Corp.
4. Leave no incumbent standing.
5. Extricate the military from public events, supplant with appropriate state flags, state songs & a peaceful setting.

A simple solution: there is only one individual running for a position in our national government that deserves our vote—Donald J. Trump. Incumbents begin their political careers as paupers or near paupers and become wealthy. SINCE THEY ARE SO GOOD IN THE ART OF ACCOUNTING FOR THEMSELVES, HOW IS IT THEN “WE THE PEOPLE’ OWE A NATIONAL DEBT OF $20 TRILLION & $120 TRILLION IN UNFUNDED MANDATES?

If Hillary Clinton is elected POTUS, then immediate attention must be given to a peaceful means to restore nullification & secession, which was the Founding Fathers’ intent. Each state from Sec. of Treasury Hamilton through Lincoln was a sovereign entity until 1865. In the year 1800, Vermont specifically, & later all of New England tried for 10 years to secede from the Jefferson government & others, and never was a sword drawn.

We are the proud recipients of secession from England.

Joe McCutchen

Mass killings, False flags?, & eternal wars


In my opinion Orlando, FL is not the narrative, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, & Poland are. June 15, 2016

Could it be Orlando was a false flag or simply government incompetence? It is said the shooter ripped off 103 rounds with a single shot repeater that required him to stop & insert at least 3 clips during the shooting spree. The setting, we are told, was a small room accommodating 200-300 people. It is difficult to believe that in a prolonged period of time, not one of the 200-300 occupants challenged the shooter. The FBI reported the shooter had made 2 recent trips to Saudi Arabia, was vetted & cleared each time. Same scenario for the 2 Boston shooters, 2 trips to eastern Russia, vetted & cleared. By the way, Saudi Arabia was the home of the 19 individuals alleged to have brought down the twin towers with box cutters??

If you believe the official government explanation regarding Boston, you most likely believe all the other highly questionable tales that the government has spun e.g. Waco, Ruby Ridge, 911, Okla. City, Wounded Knee, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, BLM—Nevada & Oregon; Fast & Furious;… and internationally—have overthrown duly elected democratic regimes in Ukraine, Libya, Egypt…accompanied by their destruction; not to mention Iraq & Afghanistan. Then of course there is Benghazi. Why the plethora of failures by the 17 federal security agencies, notably CIA, FBI, NSA—if they were not false flags

Immigration, legal & illegal, is the root cause of most of the acrimony, bellicosities, instability, & violence occurring in our republic…all due to corrupt presidents & legislatures who refuse to enforce existing U.S. Immigration Law.

Regardless of who staged & carried out the heinous Orlando act, politically it serves 2 purposes. It stimulates Cultural Marxist bureaucrats & politicians, prepping Americans for more government assaults with the goal of completely disarming citizens and to institute another run-up for continuing “eternal war for eternal peace”. Recall: World class criminal Republican President Geo. W. Bush thrust America into a 16 year war against mideasterners, at the behest of Israel & American neoconservatives (mostly Republicans). During this 16 year period the warring organizations of Al-Qaeda, The Taliban, ISIS, the rebels in Syria, and a host of other religious/non-religious sects were covert creations of the U.S. government. Today our friends, tomorrow the enemy!

Now the Narrative. While America’s attention is focused on the Orlando massacre, NATO under the thumb of the U.S. government is demonstrating a psychosis never seen before due to weaponry (nuclear), stealth, & the insatiable desire for global governance. The U.S. involvement in aggressive actions has now propelled the U.S. to a breath away from a nuclear Armageddon with Russia, & China. Iran of course would join Russia if there are any remains. Make no mistake; Russian President Vladimir Putin will retaliate in kind if he fears the Russian homeland is dangerously threatened, as now seems to be the case.

Let it be said, in spite of the lies being spewed by the U.S. government, media, & bureaucrats Russia is NOT poised to attack Europe, Ukraine or any other country. In spite of the litany of perpetual lies, President Putin is not only the only global statesman but the only statesman seeking global peace. Observe his geopolitical positions during the past 10 years. Middleclass Americans should demand an alignment with Russia, accentuated with treaties & REAL FREE TRADE.

NATO is amassing, as I write, 4 battalions of combat troops on the borders of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland. These battalions follow the orders of the U.S. High Command and it is yet to be said how many Americans will participate in the battalions and what are the ultimate overall numbers projected to be.

The American government has implemented dual-citizen Israeli Paul Wolfowitz and his “Wolfowitz Doctrine…we shall have no rivals”….to the letter.

The actions by NATO, under U.S. command, following orders from mostly neoconservative Republicans can only be described as psychotic Hubris in their hegemonic pursuit to achieve U.S. global dominance.

Arkansas has 4 Republican contributors to the potential nuclear Armageddon. Senator Sleepy John Boozman who the RNC awakens only when they need his vote. Recall: Boozman was one of Bush II’s featured rubber stamps. Senator Tom Cotton, who in his first year in the U.S. Senate (a hugely dangerous war aggressor) met with casino owner (Las Vegas & Macao) Sheldon Adelson in his private office on 12/24/14 and accepted a $3 million check. Ownership immediately changed hands from the citizens of Arkansas to a dual-citizen Israeli Jew. Other wealthy Jews buying Cotton’s allegiance are William Kristol $960,000; Paul Singer; Seth Klarman; John Bolton; ad infinitum. The dollar love fest between Cotton and select wealthy Jews, coupled with his war mentality, has very dangerous implications. It is my belief that Sen. Cotton has been groomed to be the Jews’ Republican presidential candidate in 2020, Cotton being the quisling Goy.

Aside from being Israeli President Netanyahu’s personal U.S. Senate chattel (he owns most of the U.S. government), Cotton has all the qualifications Jews are demanding: Cotton is intelligent; energetic; daring; takes & gives orders well; Ivy League degrees; mideastern military service; and from his previous political activities there is no doubt he too is in a hurry to seek the U.S. presidency in spite of the price.

Congressmen Steve Womack & Rick Crawford are also neocon warmongers. Too early to identify Congressmen French Hill & Bruce Westerman’s positions on warmongering.

Conspiracies you say?—In due course we shall see & hopefully I am wrong. Remember, aside from the few conclusions I drew, all the data cited are factual.

Joe McCutchen