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The DC Swamp via Arkansas

Continue to sleep and trust, my friends and… November 11, 2017

The passing of Congressman Steve Womack and Senator John Boozman

It occurred to me that I have heard no political commentary emanating from the above elected U.S. Arkansas national politicians pertaining to their postulated positions about the now President of the U.S. Donald Trump, either in his campaign or since he took office from the above two—no radio, no TV, no media hyperbole circa Nov. 1, 2016.

I concluded they both must be dead and perhaps the other 4 U.S. elected Arkansas national Politician’s. All alleged “Conservative” Republicans with “visions” and “Arkansas values” one would believe they would have enthusiastically entered the political foray in public support of our President & his platform. Nay, that did not happen. Conversely, they have all distanced themselves from President Trump, if they are still alive.

It now appears as an absolute, they were/are charter members of the DC Swamp aimed at bringing down the President.

President Donald Trump’s political goals were/are moral & admirable, with one glaring exception—peacemaker or warmonger? His platform contained the curtailing of legal & illegal immigration, a border wall, deportation of illegal foreign nationals, jobs, reduction of taxes, & obliteration of Obamacare, etc. Again, dead (no pun intended) silence from Boozman & Womack re the above—they surely must have passed on.

As previously mentioned there is the matter of the other 4…Senator Cotton and the 3 remaining Congressmen. It’s hard to believe they all passed in the same time frame. Observing their negative and blank slate records and showing/showed no fealty for middleclass Arkansans.

Here is a short list of Boozman’s former infringements on the Bill of Rights—4th, 5th, 6th, 7th (e.g. the Bundy’s), & the 10th. Senator Boozman has resided in the DC swamp for 17 years & going for 24 which is a disgrace; e.g. he voted for the “Patriot Act” twice; funding for a 17 year ongoing murdering, destructive spree in the Mideast, i.e. erroneously called the “war on terrorism”; the Military Commissions Act and other global involvements. He also recently secured 80 illegal Mexican immigrant workers for a crony who just happens to be the Speaker of the Arkansas House Jeremy Gillam—a federal crime. Boozman voted for the most heinous & infamous Act ever conceived to muzzle Americans, i.e. the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), i.e. torture, global surveillance, arresting citizens, i.e. Americans without warrants, murdering & incarceration without trial, and many sent abroad to torture camps, never to return. These acts and more have emasculated our Bill of Rights & the foundation of American culture & heritage. Boozman has never chaired a committee nor has he ever passed minor or major legislation in 17 years, but he is good at showing up for photo ops with veterans.

Then there was the perceived death of the warmongering Senator Tom Cotton who will probably be crowned by the Jewish Elites as their presidential candidate for 2020 or 2024. For instance, Sheldon Adelson (dual Israeli citizen, Israel firster) Las Vegas casino owner (Venetian Inn) and other casinos including Macau comes into focus. Senator Cotton visited with Adelson the night of Dec. 24, 2015 and walked away with millions in campaign funds. Post Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukah? It should be noted that Adelson is one of many Israel-firsters & neocons to fund Senator Cotton. The question comes to mind, how many meetings in the year 2017 has Cotton had with Bibi Netanyahu both in Israel & the U.S.? Can we conclude he is an Israeli asset? Individuals don’t drop millions on a politician out of affection.

Congressman Steve Womack’s only stance was/is campaigning to raise taxes on the internet.

Forget the other three, they are also non-compos mentis.

After counting the negative successes of the aforementioned 3, nothing but zeroes for “we the people”, and in retrospect it was a good thing they passed due to their unconstitutional and warring entanglements. Ahh, the wisdom of the voters–incumbency & the Democrat & Republican Parties—killers of cognition, individual rights & liberty, and all the while these political drecks are treated like ruling Sheiks by non-thinking, frightened, uneducated American voters. Observe the status of our republic–$20 Trillion national debt; 17 year continuing global warfare (for what?) and looking for more—Russia, Iran & Syria, all fabricated enemies built on a foundation of lies, compliments of the Jewish Elite & the Neocons; 2 standing armies (military & police) with military encamped in 150 country’s front yards; a failed, irretrievable public education system; out of control Welfare & illegal alien invasions. All the while throngs of Americans stupidly worship Diversity…a concept of destructive failures throughout history. And there is the matter of 2 standing armies, chirping “they are keeping us safe” while in the midst of destroying, murdering & overthrowing sovereign nations without legitimate cause and 2,000 miles of unguarded borders contiguous with Mexico producing a 3rd world dumping ground in the U.S.

Low & behold, I awakened to the fact they all 6 are alive & well, cowardly cowering under their respective DC desks and waiting to see what direction the political winds will blow—will the courageous President Trump survive the criminally corrupt Democrat/Republican/military/industrial/bankster swamp or will they bring him down? The above 6 epitomize the Swamp and the drecks are waiting to see which bandwagon to support.

Ahh, America…motherhood, apple pie, baseball, the flag and war.

Fortunately President Trump is neither Democrat nor Republican.

Incumbency, the toxic weed—Fatal. What does it take for Americans to understand that the vast majority of elected politicians are nothing more than politically correct, bought off representatives of their benefactors?

Joe McCutchen

Not to be left out, Gov. Asa Hutchinson is the senior member of Arkansas’ DC swamp.

Questions re Files/Pitsch/Hutchinson/Ft. Smith

Is it possible—what if? October 21, 2017

This hypothetical narrative, accompanied by some facts, begins with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and could end with the Governor.
The Governor acts like a Progressive with both feet in the DC & Arkansas swamps, an important fact in the narrative.

“Talk Business” broke the story May 16, 2017 in Little Rock that Sen. Jake Files (R) was allegedly the subject of an FBI criminal investigation, absent Lee Webb. Curious! The next day (Hutchinson’s Screw) Rep. Mat Pitsch (R) boldly announced to the media, “He will enjoy serving as the next new Republican State Senator”. Was the fix in? Did Pitsch anticipate Files had fallen on his sword?

Question: At that juncture why did Hutchinson not demand Files resignation? 10/21/17 the Governor still mum re: the Senator’s undergoing a number of investigations, along with his refusal to resign his State Senate seat, all in view of the fact the FBI has/had him under investigation. It is said that during one of the investigatory FBI summons Files stated he was cooperating, yet in a civil deposition he pled the 5th Amendment.

Another question & purely conjuncture: What action against Files, if any, would be taken by & if Hutchinson called an emergency session of the Arkansas legislature? Files remains a sitting member in the current Arkansas Senate and is Chair of the Senate Revenue and Tax Committee. If he remains in the current legislative body would this act not be fraught with constitutional & legal problems?

Now the matter of Files legal difficulties moved up the Arkansas River to Fort Smith pertaining to the now defunct River Valley Softball Complex that Files & partner Lee Webb (D) a county employee that were awarded a contract to build the Complex, another curiosity and potentially corrupt act by the Fort Smith City Government. Webb, as stated is also an active government functionary and appears to be a phantom in the current criminal investigation.

The nexus between the Fort Smith city government and Files & Webb’s contractual agreement has been going on well before at least March, 2014. The Fort Smith Board has refused to divulge why these two elected politicians (huge conflicts of interest & maybe more) were awarded the potentially lucrative contract—no transparency. Was the contract between the two parties (Fort Smith & Files/Webb) a pay-off, a quid pro quo deal, incompetence, or some other arcane involvements? It is known Files & Webb spent well over $2 million taxpayer dollars, plus “in kind” services (e.g. National Guard, Gary Grimes—dirt work) replete with no City oversight—NONE during the 5 year period. Why? After the project was identified as a failure in 2017, $27,000 or more made its way from the AIDC to WAPDD to the City Board and ultimately into the hands of Senator Files. What prompted the Board to continue funding an abject failure?

Could it be there is a working arrangement in Fort Smith comprised of the City Government, Special Interests, coupled to Files & Webb? Have all & more entities abused a plethora of city, state and federal government taxpayer funds, and leverages available to government and their cronies?

For example: The nascent Marshal’s Museum, billed as a private endeavor—not so! How many millions did Senator Files pump into Sam Sicard’s & Richard Griffin’s museum? Perhaps from the GIF, accompanied by grants, New Market Tax Credits, and perhaps a plethora of more taxpayer funded operations.

It appears the powers behind the Museum operation are First National Bank CEO Sam Sicard, Richard Griffin (long time czar of the constitutionally corrupt HUD & owner of a construction company) & a host of lesser lights.

An FOIA directed to the officers & attorney for the museum resulted in the redaction of names of seed donors & other pertinent data in this ultimately government venture.

It appears that both Sicard & Griffin have had substantial financial dealings with Files—to what end & why? Particularly with Files laundry list of failed corporate ventures. All that is left in the Files political quiver is the politically potent Chair of the previously mentioned State Revenue & Tax Committee; that allegedly cemented their former quid pro quo relations? If & when the Museum becomes functional who claims ownership & maintains it and if it fails, then who picks up the tab?

The city & county have contributed thousands of dollars in cash and in-kind resources to the 50,000 sq. ft. Museum behemoth, coupled to federally produced commemorative medallions, paid for by middleclass taxpayers. It looks like these ongoing downtown projects are enhancing the value of the downtown property owners and would not Sicard’s & Griffin’s economic & political pyramid do the same at taxpayer expense?
President Trump has a pool of candidates to select from for nominations for Federal Prosecutors, i.e. the Western District of Arkansas. In the selection of Federal Prosecutors, Senator Boozman, Congressman Womack & Gov. Hutchinson will probably make the choice. Federal Prosecutors seem to be chosen due to their past political deeds and/or political connections, not legal prowess.

In this narrative the Federal Prosecutor selected may be tied to a caveat. The caveat: the individual appointed will not initiate prosecutorial measures against Sen. Files because of what he knows. With that said, could Gov. Hutchinson be the primary force that creates the caveat to be inserted into the appointment? As insurance and for what?

At this point Files behavior has been one of arrogance and smugness. One would think with the legal baggage he is carrying he would present the opposite.

Maybe Files is holding the winning hand after all—that is a headful of dirty linen that may have been carried out by Hutchinson & his minions and of course including the Fort Smith City Government, and some of the insiders who may have leaned on Files for political/financial favors.

If the legal winds are blowing toward prosecuting Files, he may have to play his alleged hold card which is, if the principals in this matter threaten to prosecute Files, will he blow the whistle and reveal all the possible dirty tricks employed by the aforementioned that conceivably could bring down the Hutchinson regime as well as involvement with the FS city government– and Files would skate? Hypothetically the key is their choice of a Federal Prosecutor, accepting the caveat.

This hypothetical narrative, in the main, actually has become all too common in federal, state & local government.

Wake up Americans: Incumbency is a toxic weed—fatal.

Joe McCutchen

Hutchinson/Pitsch/Files…a Toxic Mixture


A definition for the word Screw: the warden, in this case Gov. Asa Hutchinson conveys his orders to the Screw (as in prison guard) Representative Mat Pitsch. When the warden wants someone or group in the yard (General Assembly) rubbed out, beaten up, thrown in the hole, etc. the Screw is informed by the warden who he wants taken out. The Screw then approaches the targeted stoolies to carry out the Warden’s (Hutchinson’s) demands and only has to look the stoolies in the eye and nod; the job will be done, lacking violence in the above case. The political theater & the stage are now set for Asa & Mat to perform their nefarious legislative Acts in the Arkansas House of Representatives, i.e. raise taxes, etc.

In Arkansas the above is the Modus Operandi in the House of Representatives “Yard”. Governor Asa Hutchinson, the Warden, Rep. Pitsch, the Screw and the General Assembly, the prisoners, should one or more disobey–better do their bidding or no plums.

I have written 9 articles commencing on March 25, 2015 and ending August 27, 2017. The titles of 3 such articles:
1. Files/Pitsch/Hutchinson…Out of Control Government

2. Files/Pitsch Republican high political drama

3. Who will replace Files?

The first day it became known publicly that Senator Jake Files was being investigated; Pitsch boldly announced to the media he will enjoy serving the next session as the new Arkansas State Senator, i.e. the seat being vacated by Jake Files. How was it that Pitsch the Screw so arrogantly & confidently was so sure of inheriting Files’ position? Do you see a picture evolving?

A deal was cut by Western Ark. Intermodal Authority (WAIA) and was awarded a startup cost of $142,857 from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) and contracts with Western Arkansas Planning & Development Department (WAPDD) for an $11,000 monthly expense. WAPDD is the same organization that awarded Files $27,000 for some unpaid activities in conjunction with the softball complex that he & Lee Webb were hired to develop… a huge failure due to the incompetency of the Fort Smith Board of Directors’ lack of oversight and the pillaging of Files & Webb. A more than curious hire. Is there any relationship between WAIA and RITA and does Pitsch run both regional entities?

Pitsch runs RITA, in all likelihood WAIA and is a State Representative where he spends at least 6 months a year languishing at the Capital, along with extensive travel. His absence from RITA for 6 months poses the question, is his RITA salary cut in half? Do you believe with his numerous government affiliations he has ever served “we the people” one day?

Now specifically to the Screw: WAPDD cut another curious deal that awards newly created “Consultant” & State Rep. Pitsch $7,400 per month, he also receives $40,188 as a legislator plus $29,975 per diem and other expenses (?) from the Ark. State House. He also received $8,103 in support for travel, and other nefarious activities outside the state….for a grand total of $166,076.00. More than just triple dipping, all unconstitutional carried out by many State Representatives & Senators acting in dual capacities as State Reps/Senators and now “Consultants”.

So Joe Blow now can contact a “Consultant” (any elected House member who chooses to be one) and in this case a State Rep (like the Screw), allowing legislative palms to be greased, thence the Reps do their bidding, i.e. introducing their bills, receiving appointments, favors, etc. Pitsch is also involved in another racket as an officer WAIA. These are all “regional” operations that take control of cities, thereby neutralizing citizens’ influence in their home cities by non-elected persons who enjoy the benefits of 501c3’s, 4’s, etc. financed by you!

Take a look at WAIA and observe who the officers are, most of who are city administrators, mayors, county judges, and consummate insiders, etc. Whose interests do you believe they represent?

Pitsch is also on the panel of the new Cultural Marxist Government educational program called “Vision 2023”…an extension of Common Core. The Screw is everywhere Big Government exists.

As a sidebar, in all probability there are only 5 bonafide elected officials in the Ark. General Assembly who cannot be purchased: Senator Bryan King & Rep. Josh Miller probably the only 2 Constitutionalists, and there are 3 others who are very close, Senators Linda Collins-Smith, Terry Rice & Rep. Dan Sullivan

In my long life there have been some good governors and many bad ones, beginning in 1945 with Sid McMath (D) (decorated Marine), Francis Cherry (D)—both excellent governors, which brings me to the 2017 Governor. My belief is that we the people are recipients of the most corrupt & in some cases criminally so and self-serving government since before 1945. This of course is Asa Hutchinson (R/CM), who by the way, is using his PAC to defeat at least one of the five excellent legislators listed above. In Asa’s many years sloshing around in the welfare taxpayer trough, he has never had successful results, e.g. U.S. Attorney (Mena/Barry Seal/Medellin Drug Cartel), Congressman (illegal Mexican drug cartels/distribution centers NWA while increasing the illegal alien invasions exponentially), U.S. Border/Drug Czar (open borders, opining that “illegals could not sleep for fear of deportation”), and now as the Ark. Governor has created 340,000 new welfare recipients—able-bodied males, unemployed, not married, no children under a program Hutchinson has ironically named “ARKANSAS WORKS” and expanded the number of Arkansas government employees.

Jake Files was Asa’s point man in the Senate and the Screw Pitsch is Asa’s choice to take Files place. That pretty well sums it up.
Quoting Founder & Patriot Patrick Henry, in this case government is a collection of “rapacious harpies”—Dems, Repubs, & RCM’s.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Hutchinson proclaims to be a Conservative and an Evangelical, a man with “Arkansas Values” (?) and a “Visionary” (raising taxes). Hogwash!

INCUMBENCY IS A TOXIC WEED—FATAL—OBSERVE! The road to slavery & the guillotine.

Files/Pitsch/Hutchinson…out of control government

Like a Bond the “Fix” is ready to mature. August 27, 2017

Feb. 26, 2017 I wrote an article titled “Deep City Fort Smith” that called attention to the inept & corrupt behavior of a number of the county’s politicians. I further stated that Representative (the Screw) Matt Pitsch would assume Senator Files Senate seat when he fell on his sword. On May 16, 2017 news of Files alleged criminal activities were beginning to be reported.

Before you could say Jack Robinson, the House Screw appeared the next day in Business in Politics. Pitsch stated “I’M EXCITED TO MOVE TO THE SENATE AND CONTINUE REPRESENTING OUR COMMUNITY”. How about that for arrogance and double-dealing inside trading by Pitsch & unnamed others?

Sheer conjecture: Obviously there was a sordid deal cut long before Files was to fall on his sword, between I believe, Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Doyle Webb, Pitsch & Files. Regardless if I’m wrong about the fix dealers, there was and is a fix. One thing for sure, Hutchinson was involved. You know, he’s the guy that has “Arkansas Values” and he is diligently working to remove the 3 real conservatives in the Arkansas legislature.

Pitsch’s total employment revolves around government and is nothing more than an automaton for government, and a double-dipper & maybe more of taxpayer funds.

Hutchinson’s government has proven to be a nest of charlatans. I will cite three other corrupt deals the Republican legislators and Hutchinson have crafted.

1. Issue 3, which clothed itself in ethics when actually it extended term limits and increased legislator’s salaries significantly.

2. Hutchinson and his family & other Republican minions created a hoax named “Arkansas Works”, which in due course created another 340,000 welfare addicts.

3. Hutchinson, along with the entire national, state, & local Republicans are now working to destroy our Founding Father’s 7th Amendment, i.e. a guarantee of trial by jury of one’s peers (our only protection), and replace it with Government politicians dictating outcomes. They call it “Tort Reform”. State government has already been bought off by nursing homes, hospital chains & large corporate interests.

In order for the Screw to be named to the Senate by Hutchinson, Senator Files must wait to resign until there is no time left for a Special Election.

The taxpayers have been betrayed by Republican office holders, top down. There are only a few office holders in government that is not self-serving, one being the President of the U.S., Donald Trump…at least at this point and bravo, not a Republican. Same corruption & criminal behavior can be said of the Democrats.


Joe McCutchen

There can be no trust without transparency & honesty in government


March 24, 2017

All data that is available to the public suggests that at least a substantial portion of the corrupted project lies at the feet of city government along with Republican Ark. State Senator Jake Files and Democrat election fixture Lee Webb in the matter of the failed River Valley Sports Complex.

A laundry list of questionable & provable allegations follow Sen. Files which begs the question, why has Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and the Republican Arkansas “Issue 3 Ethics Committee” not at least censored, investigated and/or removed Files from the Ark. General Assembly by resignation or other means. The Republican majority under the guidance of Republican Hutchinson has proven it to be a hotbed of criminal activities.

Always in the matter of the RVSC failed project is the question…WHY WAS THIS POTENTIALLY LUCRATIVE ENDEAVOR AWARDED TO FILES & WEBB? Conflicts of interest abound, possible forgeries, unpaid bills, questionable relations with lobbyists, alleged litigation, overdrafts, etc.
Which member or members affiliated with city government (former City Manager, Mayor, Board & or others) promoted Files & Webb? And why? Was it a quid pro quo? A cover-up question? Promises of future monetary gain, a protection racket? Etc.

Why did Ivy Owen, Manager of the Ft Chaffee Development Authority and on what authority donate a parcel of taxpayer owned land to the city of Fort Smith for the express purpose of giving ownership to Files & Webb for the RVSC for-profit complex?

Remembering the City Board dropped $1.08 million in cash into the soiled hands of Files & Webb, replete with no fiduciary oversight. Following on the heels of that unearned largesse and deep into the RVSC game the city applied & received 3 grants totaling $141,257.73 in behalf of Files & Webb from the taxpayer subsidized WAPDD—another unelected, no oversight Agenda 21 NGO & planners of your lives… incompetent & run by a political sponge by the name Sasha Grist who neglected to get bids for the three grants.

A recipient for one of the grant monies is the elusive Diana Gonzalez, who is yet to be located in the amount of $26, 954.91. As the story goes she has not been located for a number of months.(Has there ever been a search?) Suggestion: the NSA could locate her in 30 minutes, after all this is the corrupt government outfit that has collected personal data on every citizen in the U.S. Thanks to Manning, Snowden & Assange citizens now know this.

City Manager Carl Geffken states “The liability to pay the provider of goods & services at the Sports Complex is the responsibility of the RVSC organization and Jake Files & Lee Webb.” Not so fast, Geffken on a prior occasion, trying to divorce the City Government from the corrupt RVSC escapade stated on TV-5 “City government wanted to move on”. (what do they propose to do with the mostly incomplete complex?) Geffken obviously wants taxpayer citizens to believe the lie that the FS City Government is snowflake clean—not by a long shot! The failed RVSC project has cost the city, state, & national taxpayers somewhere south of $4 million and like criminal Bush’s 16 year butchery & destruction, what is to be shown, nothing except in this case floods of 3rd world refugees. SEAL THE BORDERS!

Mr. Geffken refuses to address the foundation of what evolved into this criminal enterprise—the awarding of the RVSC project to the tainted Files & Webb. Does Geffken expect taxpaying citizens to eat the loss and allow the feckless City Government to proceed on with nefarious downtown projects that come under the scrutiny of the Griffin/Sicard new-age Agenda 21 Urban Renewal onslaught? Paid for by hardworking taxpayers.

For justice to be done both parties should and must be investigated by state/federal entities promptly, not what the city has in mind.
In the minds of a politicians, incumbency confers ownership!

Joe McCutchen

P.S. State Senator Bryan King introduced SB175 to require Medicaid providers and other government officials to disclose their business relationships. It was defeated. The Fort Smith city government offers at least 2 perfect examples why SB175 should be passed (the RVSC & the street/sewer tax.) The SB175 defeat was at the hands of Big Government Establishment man Gov. Asa Hutchinson.
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In the springtime many weeds can be beautiful, but quickly lose their colored petals, their array of attractive leaves & stems, i.e. politicians once elected and convening their legislative sessions. As the season wears on the weeds lose their entire luster and become ugly detritus, i.e. the legislative sessions conclude. You see, these weeds are destructors of the soil (we the people) and they bleed all beneficial nutrients, chemical compounds from the soil. If these weeds, politicians and their residue–legislative bills, are not removed the weeds’ destruction amplifies and ultimately squeezes the life breath out of the rich soils that once produced food for all nature and the beauties/freedoms that once sustained “we the people”.

At this point, the unconstitutional & irreverent conduct of Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson & his Republican legislative serfs will be omitted and the question of allegiance will be posed.

Specifically speaking, there has not been one word in any media regarding the stated political positions of Arkansas’ six national Republican representatives and 2 terms Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and their support or lack of for President Donald Trump, during the campaign & after election.

This fact is indicative that in all likelihood none voted for the President while hoping for a Trump failure. Each of these political twerps is intermeshed with the Establishment (both), the RNC & multi-national corporations, if not the Deep State.

All 7 are political cowards, opportunists, unconstitutionally irrelevant and pathetic pieces of humanity. Case in point. 16 year incumbent & going for 22 and a traitor to Americans/Arkansans, Senator John Boozman, warmonger & world traveler. But after all, Arkansans did elect. Apparently the qualifications for elections in Arkansas are Republican, so-called conservative, Christian, Evangelical, etc. paying no attention to what has occurred under their reign. How embarrassing.

President Trump, giving his all for those issues that must be sacred to the American people…borders, language & culture, freedom of choice in healthcare and most certainly jobs. All 7 of these twerps AWOL.

Not one of the 7 traitors has put their shoulder to the grindstone to enact the Trump agenda and remold our republic into a nation that is prosperous and honorable.

I am particularly gratified that the President is not a Republican and that he only used the party label as a vehicle for victory.

Joe McCutchen

Arkansas Government seeks to execute our 7th Amendment (trial by jury)

February 28, 2017

The Arkansas State Government’s execution of the 7th Amendment of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

The idea that the fate of our nation/state could be carried out by Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and a majority of the 2017 Arkansas General Assembly is surreal!

Jesus would say “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. Patrick Henry would have called this gang of Republicans “Rapacious Harpies”. I call them self-serving, traitorous saboteurs of freedom. They have just undermined the foundation upon which our Republic is built—the right to a speedy trial by a jury of one’s peers.

At 6:13pm, 2/27/17 the 7th Amendment to the Constitution (SJR8) was carried up to the Hangmen occupying the Arkansas State Agencies & Governmental Affairs Committee, located in the Ark. State Capitol, for the sentencing to death to be executed, courtesy of Senators Missy Irvin, Eddie Joe Williams & a cast of others.

To witness publicly the death of one of our most cherished possessions, now in the filthy hands of state government is unfathomable & still unbelievable.

One of the two chief hangmen, Senator Eddie Joe Williams, a bagman for the RNC (money-changer & legislation arranger) along with the complicity of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which in this case herds the Arkansas General Assembly in all legislative matters, owned by the Koch Bros. The Arkansas Republican General Assembly is also a conduit for the DC Deep State. Outsider/insider Dan Greenberg promotes and orchestrates the murder of the 7th Amendment.

I want to sincerely thank Senators Linda Chesterfield & Joyce Elliot for asking some challenging questions pertaining to SJR8, i.e. “tort reform” in a committee hearing.

Another traitor in the Republican cabal is Senator Missy Irvin from the hamlet of Mountain View. She claims to be a marketer for her husband’s medical practice—marketing what? She has demonstrated her trenchant legislative marketing skills that are saturated with personal conflicts of interest by driving the traitorous SJR8—“tort reform”.

SJR8 is the initial step in taking down the totality of the Right to Trial by a Jury of our Peers, which is the bedrock of Western Civilization and Civil Justice and has served our Republic beautifully since Dec. 15, 1791, first ratified by the Virginia Delegation.

Could in your wildest dreams ever believe that power/money-hungry thugs like nursing home magnet Michael Morton, the Chambers of Commerce, Insurance companies, hospital conglomerates, etc. have anesthetized the majority of the Ark. State Government to pass such heinous legislation as contained in SJR8?

As previously stated, this is the first successful attack against the 7th Amendment. And underway since the 1930’s is the uber success of the German Jew Frankfort School that instituted political correctness in the U.S. and permeates all American institutions to the point that PC influences what we can say, when & how we can say it, resulting in the destruction of the First Amendment, the right to free speech. PC destroyed the public school system and higher Ed thanks to these political marauders.

The third attack well underway today in the 2017 Hutchinson General Assembly is an overt attack on the 2nd Amendment—the right to bear arms, by way of making Americans register their arms, buy license to fire, license to carry, license to open-carry, license for education in arms, while eliminating whole segments of the population. All are unconstitutional & result in more taxation and force.

The mercenary cowards in the Ark. State Government deserve no quarter. They have lied, betrayed, dismantled our freedoms and yet the likes of Sen. Jake Files, is allowed to continue his/their treachery unabated.

Taxpaying citizens, are you going to continue to allow the carnage that is bringing us down and creating 3 strata’s of society? Do you not understand incumbency is the lethal cancer that is accomplishing the acts?

We the People cannot politically or civilly be comfortable and survive these very aggressive assaults on our liberties by the Ark. Governor, the General Assembly, and others. Tampering with the Bill of Rights is the sin of all sins.

Joe McCutchen

Government double dippers & beyond

The packing continues, not the courts this time but the Arkansas General Assembly.

You might say government for government. September 13, 2016

As an example: LeAnn Burch of Monticello is an attorney for the state Department of Human Services and is seeking the position of a state legislator. More double dipping but the ramifications are far more serious than the double dipping.

The Arkansas General Assembly has become a haven for retired/active employees of government and those individuals dependent on government.
The double dippers show an absolute lack of character. The fact they would take advantage of we the people in such a manner is despicable. In the case of Burch, a retired BGNG, she is a triple dipper, but not as bad as Hutchinson.

The aforementioned individuals are products of a parasitic corrupt government and are enemies of the private sector. Unfortunately, most of we the people don’t recognize this travesty—always in the name of “PUBLIC SERVICE”.

Back to Burch, if she is a full time employee of DHS, how is it she can spend 5-6 months a year attending to state business as a legislator when she should be devoting 12 months a year to her certified employment. Her votes, as is the case with the rest, will always be skewed to & for government—always. Is Burch going to receive full pay as an attorney for the state as well as that of a legislator?
The Arkansas legislature is filled with school teachers, administrators (active & retired), as well as many other government connected individuals. This in itself shows the bar is not set too high.

Someone by the name of Vince Insalaco stated in behalf of Burch, “She would work to strengthen public education”…how? For Mr. Insalaco’s information, which he obviously needs…never has so much money and attention been given to our children and never have they been in so much peril. Just observe government’s results!

Government employees, past & present, most particularly school teachers, are messengers, enablers, & indoctrinators for the Dept. of Education, NEA, AEA, & other Big Government entities.

Joe McCutchen

What’s to Fear? The Comprachicos are Here!!


A “Comprachico” education—only the techniques have changed in public schools & media.

“Comprachicos”—child buyers labored in the 17th century, forgotten in the 18th and revived in the 20th century. In the 17th they bought & traded children. They physically disfigured children’s bodies & minds by all sorts of grotesque procedures and their ultimate result was the destruction of the children’s’ bodies/minds for there was a market for these children as clowns, court jesters, sideshows, etc.

To create their physical & mental savagery comprachicos had to procure the child early. Getting the child early was key—3 years.

Government knows this, the NEA & AEA know this, and the public school teachers may or may not know this, but are the purveyors of the refined state of the Comprachicos. Note: Government administrations continue to lower the age they seize the child, literally and figuratively. As Government schools continue to expropriate the child mentally they edge nearer & nearer to the actual acquisition of the child at birth; witness the role reversal and the widening gulf between parents & childrens’ relationships due to government forcing its will upon families.

A statement attributed to the Jesuits, “give me a child for 7 years and you may do what you like afterwards”.

The Jewish Frankfurt School (Frankfurt, Germany) in the 1930’s, and the late 30’s in the U.S. expanded their ideas into the minds of “all ages”, by their “MARCH THROUGH (our) THE INSTITUTIONS” impregnating all sectors with their intent to destroy all vestiges of western civilization, e.g. the United States, and they were and are prodigious & successful beyond imagination giving birth & maturity to Political Correctness—an enemy that will not be defeated due to the vastly changed American demographic, i.e. unbridled mass immigration, legal & illegal, resulting in a sea of divergent cultures & philosophies—all dependent on government in one form or other. The white middleclass, the new proletariat, soon to be a fleeting memory.

The first 5 or 6 years of a child’s life gives rise to his cognitive resources and if presented with the necessary stimuli & tools will quickly develop only a smattering of their potential resources. In most cases the degree of cognition achieved is directly proportional to the amount & type of tools & stimuli made available.

The Comprachicos brutal activities achieved their goals. The disfigurement of the mind is the current edition of a different form of Comprachicoism in 21st century Americana, in a more gentle, insidious approach.

Most American middleclass adults & their children are oblivious and totally unaware of the battles for the minds of their children, the enemies are government schools, their administrators & teachers who are no more than dutiful automatons marching to the drumbeat of the corrupt Department of Education, unions and international authorities. Teachers are teaching the same lies, obfuscations, omissions, cover-ups, methodology that they themselves have been taught, i.e. victims of the same system they are teaching.

To quote Ayn Rand, “If, in any 2 years of adult life, man could learn as much as an infant learns in his first 2 years, he would have the capacity of a genius”.

Today’s goal of Government schools is to short-circuit the child’s mind by mostly sophisticated methods, unlike those used by the Comprachicos. In today’s sophisticated technical world middleclass American students coming out of public schools have nearly zero knowledge of our nation’s history, philosophy, and our economic system. Simply put, history & philosophy are the keystones of knowledge, undergirded by geography, literature, and the arts & sciences. The one exception taught in public schools that allow students to achieve are the music departments. Scholars have warned for years without a foundation in history, civilization will continue to make century old tragic mistakes. Observe…if you will—eternal wars, a massive welfare state, nationalized healthcare, unbridled immigration, national debt, etc.

Today’s teachers condition, indoctrinate, program, teach group & government dependency, all cultures & individuals are equal (statist indoctrination) i.e. egalitarianism, the sure equation for mental submission and civic/social destruction. All cultures & ethnic groups are not the same in any regard. Observe.

A huge mental void exists in children today and adults of the last 5 decades in terms of logic, cognitive abilities, reason, rationality, concepts & most importantly, Individual initiative & thinking that gives rise to new ideas which are the engines of advancement—ALL BY DESIGN.

Group mentality is the global design—easier to control—brainwashed & government dependent. Most teachers are still well received and even admired by some, even though they are the globalists’ messengers of academic fraud.

Public schools teach that the child should be group oriented and their individual genetic characteristics should be submerged in deference to the group. The child is taught not look to himself in a decision making capacity or leadership but to the group/herd, thereby suppressing new ideas & methods. (Same results with incumbent politicians…e.g. Senator John Boozman.)

Adults & children are taught to respect authority figures, e.g. congressmen, county judges, the general assembly, etc. regardless of how criminally inspired, stupid, immoral or arrogant they are as individuals. In the same vein, the government controlled public school system and media teach the art of subterfuge, fear mongering, social absurdities, and pretzelized logic.

I have long been engaged in self-debate as to which entity of government is the most criminally corrupt; it came down to the military and public schools. 1. The military under civilian command, i.e. POTUS & Secretary of Defense & a curious General Officer Corps, have kept our Republic in a continuous state of war for no legitimate reasons, e.g. Clinton, Bush, Obama. The U.S. federal government is our enemy & we should be fearful. Observe the murder & mayhem—all sides. 2. A conscious attack by public schools on the minds of children. The self-debate concluded with government schools winning by a hair. Why? Because the child has no defense mechanisms to defend against conscious attacks via the scrambling of the minds of millions of children by educational groups of all stripes. Teachers have become the citadel of statist indoctrination—witness their products–the millennials.

Teachers indoctrinate, condition, propagandize all children without regard to the damage they are inflicting, but after all they are also victims & have been bathed in the same system. Some of the effects of the public school failures, can be attributed to voting patterns, e.g. continuing to reelect incumbents decade after decade. Observe the state of the U.S. nation & who are the causative agents of our decline into near decadence—career politicians & bureaucrats, compliments of ignorant voters…example: in Arkansas I again present one Senator by the name of John Boozman, a pathetic shell of a man and a product of the Bush Crime Family.

‘Troubling that citizens refuse to observe the cause and effect of government incumbency, particularly the national scene & seemingly do not understand that our only weapon to restore freedom is to withhold the vote. (Think about it…Boozman & Eldridge)

Solution: In 1965 Governor Orval Faubus & the AR General Assembly betrayed Arkansans by turning over complete control of the city/state run education systems by accepting federal funding. The initial sell-out amounted to 5.7% of that year’s state education fund.

Federal funding now amounts to 17% of Arkansas’ current education budget, which means the Feds own 17% of our state educational network & hard working citizens own 83% of the said network, yet the Feds control 100% of citizens’ property, all pseudo academics , and their17% percent of the funding is printed out of thin air! Result: citizen stupidity & political criminals.

Every ongoing state administration from Orval Faubus to Asa Hutchinson has allowed this condition to exacerbate.

We private sector citizens have paid for the physical structures, the real estate, administrators, teachers & their ancillary help’s inflated salaries (vs. equivalent private sector salaries), and yet we through our insouciance allow faceless bureaucrats & elected or appointed slugs dictate the terms & methods of our children’s so-called education.

If Arkansans had honorable politicians & educators they would say no more federal funding, allowing the state’s citizens to determine what’s best educationally for our children—back to basics. It would be exciting to have citizen control of our public schools, taking management out of the hands of the Dept. of Education, unions and the massive democrat voting block of teachers…plenty of statewide funding is available to properly conduct our schools without the federales stolen funding & their strong-armed tactics. We desperately need to elect courageous, morally straight candidates with an awareness of our children’s educational needs. Today all we have is a collection of self-servers.

A snippet: the Fort Smith School Board & its administration, without a whimper increased this year’s yearly budget by $3 million, and have allowed the further institutionalizing of cultural welfare on demand, e.g. 70% (a colossal disgrace & hands held out for more) of all Fort Smith students are on free breakfasts, lunches, adult tutoring, etc stupidly in technicolor. In addition, Governor Asa Hutchinson signed on to Obamacare welfare, renamed by Hutchinson—ARKANSAS WORKS—WHICH HAS NOW REACHED THE NUMBER OF 308,000 & IS ROCKETING. This is the state paid “AFFORDABLE CARE ACT”.

Hutchinson would call this “Arkansas Values” with a “Vision”.


Joe McCutchen

Dismantling the 7th Amendment-Trial by Jury




Metro Charters & Constitutions give all power to these ruling bodies stripping all citizens and voters of self-rule & self-government. Note; non- government organizations (NGO’s) & Regionals in Fort Smith flying under the aegis of non-taxable 501 c3’s & 4’s, politely called “non-profits”, anything but!

Especially at state and local levels, Public Employee Unions (PEU) are thwarting economic growth, strangling the middleclass, and high-jacking the democratic process to serve their own ends rather than the public’s.

Government agencies are packed, bloated, inefficient, corrupt, & all are suffocating the middleclass. Teachers’ Unions represent a classic example. They are one of the largest blocs of delegates to the Democrat Conventions. The single largest donor contributors in the 2010 election was the American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees.

Citizens cannot reform the federal level without first correcting the huge problems existing at local levels which can be readily accomplished by extracting the political teeth of their respective union executives. All overpaid, over staffed, mostly corrupted & collectively incompetent.

Elected officials often serve as employees of unions rather than as their managers. That said, for instance, to begin with state workers must be forced to start contributing more to their healthcare and pensions.

Not only have the public unions too often become the dominant partners in the relationship with elected officials as their contracts and spending habits demonstrate.



I. International Property Maintenance Code
(In Ft. Smith now functioning under the names of)
a. Arkansas Fire Protection Code
b. Fort Smith Zoning Code
c. Fort Smith Neighbor Services (an overview)

The word INTERNATIONAL pertaining to the above 3 Fort Smith codes was redacted by one or more F.S. city governments. These codes and others have apparently been incrementally forwarded & implemented for the last decade and a half. Concomitantly, the city has involvement with the ICC as paying members: training, testing, protocols, and so on.

II. The Fort Smith Police Department is a paying member of The International Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Association (CALEA), The INTERNATIONAL Association of Police Chiefs (IAPC), & the International Police Association (IAA). CALEA “makes adjustments when necessary to meet a body of internationally accepted standards”. (Their website) Ask yourself why Fort Smith, AR or any other city should be governed by international bodies & their protocols? Why did the FSPD surreptitiously delegate city authority to an international entity & upon whose authority?

Three emails were sent to the Fort Smith Board of Directions (10/8, 10/12, & 10/15, 2014 & one registered letter to Mayor Sanders (delivered same day) and never picked up, making specific inquiries asking why these two city owned agencies had been removed, unconstitutionally, from “we the people” & why our elected & appointed city government found it necessary to seek & join international bodies and implement their individual protocols. For detailed information visit and search for two of these communications: 1. No idea and an alleged conspiracy and 2. Keith Lau, Fort Smith City Director.

International control of USA-AR cities, counties, & state governments is the point. For conspiracy deniers here is an overview of the facts.

Metro 1313 is dedicated to the proposition that every local representative of government should be replaced with Regional Governance and ruled from the Federal Court. Examples: functioning RITA (Regional Intermodal Transportation Authority)/CEO/State Representative Matt Pitsch (double-dipper, government owned)…is it your belief that Mr. Pitsch labors for the middleclass? 2. The proposed hostile takeover of the 7th Amendment of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights by the RNC & contributors, Ark. A.G., public/private partnerships, the Ark. General Assembly, & gadfly Dan Greenberg as the “pusher”.

The objective of Metro organizations is to create cross jurisdictional agreements between city & county officials that create a Metropolitan Regional Governance Association. At that juncture citizens will have become second class baggage.

Simply put: A building at 1313 East 60th St., Chicago, IL is for the use and occupancy of city establishment and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). The building is commonly known as 1313. Endorsement of FSM NGO’s (unelected bodies with no oversight) emanates from the National Municipal League. For the county government, their direction is coming from the National Association of County Government. This is a core organization that is part of Metro 1313. The Governors’ Conference and the Council of State Governments are also part of Metro 1313. They control everything that government does—e.g. Gov. Asa >Hutchinson & the Ark. General Assembly.

Again, Regionalism is becoming the accepted method of unelected governance. (Unelected councils, regulators, task forces, public/private partnerships, etc. and is the form of government utilized in Socialist/Communist countries.

Funding flows from the Carnegie, Rosenwald, Sears, Rockefeller, & Ford Foundations. These foundations have poured tens of millions into regional government projects. Again the goal is to replace representative government. Question: are elected officials too stupid to recognize the presence of a movement to replace them?

22 other organizations, concerned with state, city, county operations are located in 1313, e.g. American Society of Planning Officials, Committee for International Municipal Cooperation, 1313 National Association of Counties…(control/ownership) of all waters, natural resources, housing, transportation, modes of travel, trails, & so on.

1313 E. 60th St. is a national center for the production of experts to fabricate Progressive Legislation for governments at all levels, e.g. rewrite state constitutions to take over as City Manager, County Manager, or Metro Managers or Regional Managers when citizens have been sufficiently conditioned & indoctrinated to accept outside governance, thereby relinquishing citizen ownership of city, county & state governments.



The trainees in 1313 are consumed with Cultural Marxism, disdain for the Constitution, Capitalism, and the ones now implementing Metro Government are funded by the aforementioned Foundations and numerous other organizations.

Stated again, the Mastermind in this aggressive obscene & unconstitutional Fort Smith take-over is the NATIONAL MUNICIPAL LEAGUE (NML).

The above sets the stage for what some of the 22 destructors housed at 1313 60th St. Chicago & more specifically the Arkansas Republican Party shilling for government and corporate America are involved in. This is FASCISM—A NEXUS/COLLUSION BETWEEN CORPORATIONS & GOVERNMENT…THE CEO IS THE GOVERNMENT, I.E. NAZI GERMANY 1939. Now number 2. The Republican Party, all branches, describing the issue as “Tort Reform” have been laboring for 2 decades to quash the 7th Amendment—“The right of Trial by a Jury and no fact tried by Jury shall otherwise be re—examined…”

The following exemplifies the whole of what has been described in all the above.

A news release on 4/21/16 stated that Republican Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge approved wording of a proposed ballot that would direct the Ark. State Legislature to set a dollar cap on all lawsuits involving medical malpractices to $250,000, also applying to injuries sustained through employment venues, auto accidents, & so forth, though no fault of the victim. If Rutledge &
Dan Greenberg and underlying political/corporate forces succeed with the passage of this piece of Marxist legislation there will be no legal recourse for the middleclass. Categories that would benefit immensely financially & politically in various categories are hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, Wal-Mart, Tyson, insurance companies, ad infinitum. Periodically, if this piece of criminal legislation is passed, another group of Arkansas political hacks, i.e. members of the Arkansas Supreme Court, would be the final arbiters chosen to advise on the amount of the legislature’s affirmed cap or caps by either increasing or decreasing, e.g. recall the recent Issue 3 legislation, laced with corruption/deception brought to us by the state’s General Assembly.

Is your life, limb, eye-sight, & so on worth only $250,000 or less? Where in the Constitution is the authority for A.G. Rutledge & journeyman Greenberg to initiate such an egregious hatchet job on the Bill of Rights? (i.e. the 7th Amendment)

It is unbelievable, unconscionable and criminal that Leslie Rutledge would approve legislation that overrides the U.S. Constitution, which proves she is nothing more than a self-serving gypsy politician attempting to undermine our Founding Principles.

This proposed attack on middleclass Arkansans’ right to trial by a jury of their peers is being scuttled, first by the A.G. Rutledge, the next step in the process is getting petitions signed by ignorant Arkansas voters carried out by AAI CEO political gadfly Dan Greenberg funded by Dark Money (the source of?) and on to the Arkansas General Assembly. Make no mistake the ole DC Establishment apparatchik Gov. Hutchinson will sign it.

Obviously, Rutledge and her cadre of 100 or so featherbedding attorneys have not read the preface of nor the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. What has been completed under Rutledge’s name is to confer huge numbers of self-serving organizations a license to pursue & destroy the intent of the Founding Fathers’ 7th Amendment and insert a collection of governing politicians/bureaucrats for the express purpose of economically satisfying the demands of nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, & corporations (e.g. Tysons, Wal-Mart, ad infinitum).

In short Madame A.G. all power is derived from the people…not nursing homes, not Tyson, not Wal-Mart, not the Chambers of Commerce, but from “we the people”, certainly not the lies of you & Greenberg.

From the Declaration—“THAT TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS, GOVERNMENTS ARE INSTITUTED AMONG MEN, DERIVING THEIR JUST POWER FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED”….Again, not Wal-Mart, not Tysons, etc. but “we the people”. Rutledge & Greenberg and the Dark Money crowd have sold their souls and betrayed citizens of Arkansas by purposely proposing to institute an amendment that allows government to jury tamper and prevents citizen jury nullification which dismantles the 7th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights. The two can only be described as “Rapacious Harpies” (Patrick Henry).

Madame A.G. what you have authorized can be translated to mean any number of things, all unconstitutional and beyond. Madame A.G., you have created your own “DECLARATION”—a betrayal of Arkansas citizens.

For example: You have put the 7th Amendment potentially in the hands of a collection of professional vagabond politicians, bureaucrats & special interests. Certainly what you authorized, if passed by the General Assembly, is jury tampering, removal of jury nullification, collusion, and the fusion of NGO’s, government entities, MPO’s, etc…all funded by dark money.

The proposed ballot items emasculate & make a mockery of the 7th Amendment and its intentions put forth by the Founders and rendering juries inconsequential.

Who is the front man? Dan Greenberg, at the head of the previously named Arkansas Advance Institute (AAI), also an active member of The State Policy Network (SPN). SPN recently was exposed in aiding the effort to highjack, in this case Arkansas state politics & government. The above two organizations are connected at the hip and connections run deep. The Koch Brothers’ American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) owns outright most of the Republican members of the Arkansas General Assembly and its national tentacles are far reaching. ALEC is a corporate gin mill and funnels its own prewritten/constructed legislative bills directly to State Legislators, in this case Arkansas.

Greenberg’s Advance Arkansas Institute has hosted numbers of ALEC’s seasoned operatives and must be noted here, Greenberg does not list his AAI donors. DARK money leads to no good, is no good & indeed leaves the citizens in the DARK, of course the intentions of Greenberg & his ilk.

If the proposed Arkansas execution of Trial by Jury (7th Amendment) is to become successful it will quickly become known as a treasonous act inaugurated by Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, carried out to fruition by bagman Dan Greenberg, ill-informed Arkansan signatories (the gift that just keeps on giving), passed & signed by the General Assembly & Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and protected by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Among the immediate beneficiaries is the elitist 1%…all of which declare that middleclass Arkansans are irrelevant, in that they cannot afford to hire an attorney due to the predetermined caps, thereby leaving them legally defenseless.

Ms. Rutledge, by her resume and her recent dastardly act, has proven herself to be nothing more than a hired gun of government. What do you believe A.G. Rutledge is expecting from Santa at her terms end?

Joe McCutchen