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Another in a long line of Education “Vision” Failures

Headline T.R. 12/19/17 …”School Board okays five year plan” with a Vision 2023 December 21, 2017

The multifaceted plan presented by the School Board accompanied by a montage of 180 citizens that allegedly constructed the 5 year plan. Pure hogwash—straight out of the U.S. Dept. of Ed. and the anticipated 5 year disease to be carried out in the district is to be transmitted by Superintendent Doug Brubaker. Brubaker & his acolytes claim the 5 year plan was a local creation. When the plan is researched it demonstrates a direct attack on children’s minds, particularly the “bright”, compliments of the U.S. Dept. of Education. Brubaker and his 180 public relations committee unfortunately are speaking for 87,000 citizens who had nothing to do with crafting the plan. The 5 year plan has now evolved into a one year plan.

The 5 year plan is right out of Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” and Hillary Clinton’s “It takes a village”. The Hegelian Dialectic is what is at play here—look it up. Politicians and bureaucrats have long relied on the Hegelian Dialectic to sell their Marxist agenda. The first part of the plan ——-“Engage in high quality instruction”, followed by “will be taught by highly qualified professionals”. What this statement blatantly says is there are no highly qualified professionals or teaching methods in the FS school system. What all good Marxist’s do simply means that government will re-train existing teachers to follow the Marxist line while the faculty will be salted with instructors who are purebred Marxists out of the federal government stable to further indoctrinate our children.

A brief summary and partial list of the DOE demands for the FS school district.

1. Each student will have equitable access to programs, etc. Question: Specifically what are the programs and do they not now exist in the district? Government using the word Program (observe) is a dangerous term, i.e. erasing citizen’s constitutional rights.

2. Instruction—“each student will engage in high-quality instruction”, meaning teachers are now providing sub-par teaching methods and where are the high-quality teachers coming from?

3. Each student will be instructed by highly qualified professionals—source, numbers and cost? “Qualified” means what Dr. Brubaker? What do those remarks say about our current teaching community?

4. Equity in instruction…translation: reduce every student to the lowest common denominator to match the mental deficiencies of the invading 3rd world multicultural jungle; thereby suppressing citizen/student Americans’ individual creativity & independent thought/achievement.

5. Government planning is for complete control of your child’s life cycle (birth to death) for whatever government may perceive their thought patterns should be, e.g. the workforce (another Marxist term). Your child is & will be further programmed for life’s journeys, where to work, live, and play, etc…under the aegis of force & surveillance.

6. Of course, government’s ultimate plan will utilize its blend of technology with “go-at-your-own-pace” (minorities) that will undermine genuine learning & academic core knowledge.

Public schools are indoctrinators from birth to death. As I speak the government is short-circuiting your child’s mind and body producing a nation unable to defend their God-given & constitutional rights.

Reducing children’s minds to a common denominator, all by design, serves two major purposes, to create mass unbridled diversity which is subservient and falls under the spell of government, making it easy for them to be controlled, not so easy to rein in white American youth & adults. 3rd World minorities & many Americans, unfortunately are mesmerized and easily controlled by government dispensing unearned largesse. It’s all about votes, the Collective and Global Governance.

Absent in Brubaker’s faux plan is the most important facet, academics! Lowering standards has already been accomplished. To allow another such a plan being foisted on parents and children is an absolute crime. Teachers have become government robots held captive by the AEA & the NEA and completely devoid of individual critical thinking, accompanied by omissions, falsehoods & revisionism.

Technology is government’s best weapon. Absent core subjects which are the foundation of all real learning experiences. Many if not most school subjects have been squelched or attenuated. Real education cannot be achieved under such circumstances.

Dr. Brubaker’s plan has crossed sabers with the U.S. Dept. of Education. He states he created this 5 year plan. Information coming from the DOE states, “Feedback from our stakeholders indicates that the previous 5 year update cycle was not frequent enough. In response, with this 2017 update we commence a pattern of yearly smaller scale updates”.

The game is obviously to make citizens believe the plan comes from local sources when in fact it comes from government via Dr. Brubaker.

Oh by the way, the cost??!!

Joe McCutchen

The “Free Food” Racket & other musings

THE FREE FOOD RACKET & OTHER MUSINGS—Senator John Boozman (R) & Friends August 26, 2017

Those that control the belly, own the soul—The “Free Food” Folly.

A landmass too large, a national government too large, too corrupt & self-serving to govern constitutionally & legally, e.g. mass immigration, global preemptive wars, Charlottesville, VA. , Baltimore, confederate statues destroyed by savages, etc. etc. Observe the ongoing national carnage! We’re the global enemy?

Citizens are to blame for continuing to embrace the two political cesspools—Democrat & Republican. Government keeps on lyin’ and citizens keep on buyin’.

This article is an attempt to present another enigma and a devastating government policy in league with 501c3’s so-called non-profits (disguised in altruistic clothing)–another nation killer. The subject is the ever-expanding faux “Free Food” racket.

To my knowledge there have been no scientific or legislative studies, no public outcry, no comments re the cause, no exegesis, the brevity & escalation and no strategies to mollify the growing dispensing of the “Free Food” frenzy awarded to all on demand and representing another huge step in creating a dependency on government, not self-sufficiency, an unconstitutional practice that kills self-reliance, by design brought about by mostly alien invasions accompanied by their failed cultures & philosophies numbering in the tens of millions and multiplying.

“Free Food” merchants and their recipients continue to multiply at a meteoric rate, contributing mightily to plunging our nation squarely into Cultural Marxism, i.e. Third World status. This is only one of many Government endeavors that was launched to destroy the white middleclass, the foundation of our republic and the last bastion of constitutional government. You see, the middleclass are the funders being exploited by force by all U.S. counties, cities, states, & federal government entities. Middleclass Americans create 67% of all the jobs in our nation. America’s growing scrambled populations enhances the “Free Food” explosion and will ultimately destabilize our society and give rise to the implementation of a full blown police state, abetted by 501c3’s Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) which are all taxpayer funded with lucrative job securities and serve as a conduit for political correctness, another nation-killer creating a national crisis. So, why does government want to kill the Golden Goose and replace with Third Worlders?

Fort Smith, a microcosm of maleficent federal bureaucracies & their NGO’s laboring under the aegis of altruistic benevolence—“Free Food”.
Just a tip of the iceberg re recent quotes, statistics, & actual practices of dispensing the PC phrase “Free Food”.

1. Fort Smith schools dispense 1,100 “free” meals daily, a disgrace and an unbridled taxpayer theft coupled to other unconstitutional government programs while educators, bureaucrats & politicians wear the ”Free Food” giveaway as a badge of honor, and the above dispensers are benefiting economically. As a sidebar, the Regional Valley Food Bank provides at least 55,000 meals each month! Antioch for Youth & Family feeds 7,000 per month. Another new entry into the 501c3 Free Food Fest Combine is to be the Riverview Hope Campus with more free food provisions. The Next Step Day Room, the Community Clearing House, followed by others. The 501c3’s, commonly called non-profits are all about profits for their progenitors…taxpayer funded. Americans should view the dispensers & receivers with alarm & revulsion. The Spirit of our Founders gone forever.

2. Phillip Garcia: Child Nutrition Director said “kids do not have to be students at Fort Smith public schools, just have to be 18 years or younger.” Observe: no protocols.

3. Also from Mr. Garcia, leaving the impression the school systems are “conquering heroes”, “if we (who is we?) didn’t see growth then we would not have been doing it for 10 years”(Why would you be proud of creating child welfare addiction & growth?) Mr. Garcia obviously has no shame or concern about the faux “Free Food” explosion or identifying the alleged causes. Garcia revels in the “Free Food” expansion since it means more funding for the program and job security for him.

4. A congenital patron of the Fort Smith welfare “Free Food” scam and her appraisal, “Parents and their children come every summer and the kids enjoy the meals and it helps (in this case) with her budgeting”. “Free Food” giveaways now factor into family budgetary preparations, subsidized by the productive middleclass.

5. Deputy Superintendent Gordon Floyd and his benevolent remarks re “Free Food”: “There is no written protocol”, i.e. obviously no limitations or oversight. “Staff encourages (advertises) them (adults) to apply for free food or reduced lunch”. “They don’t realize they qualify for free or reduced lunch and they can apply anytime.” “Breakfast is free for all students”. What ever happened to parental responsibilities? Unbridled welfare. Even animals take care of their own! Dr. Floyd should be reminded that those folks paying for the “Free Food” scam are also the ones paying for your inflated salary.

6. More benevolence via the FS School Board…”The Board voted to make free breakfast a permanent program.” No deliberative thought that would effectuate cause & effects by their action…i.e. perpetuation of dependence.

7. Dr. Floyd proclaims the district made $7.8 million last year from the “Free Food” giveaway. How is that possible? Making a huge profit for giving something away. Was the funding amount left over from the “Free Food” grants? Will the $7.8 million be returned to the taxpayers or will it be banked & applied to the current year’s funding, or more aptly will the District keep the $7.8 million and ask for an increase in funding for expansion of the “Free Food” racket? After all, Garcia has had a 10 year increase in numbers of people and dollars drawn to the welfare trough. Question: how much of this “Free Food” is dumped into garbage containers each day? I have been told by educators, tons in a school year.
8. The last session of the Ark. State Legislature passed a bill that provides that drug offenders can begin signing up for all public benefits, including food. Is that supposed to help with their rehabilitation—removing responsibility for self?

9. Crawford-Sebastian Community Council (C-SCDC) (501c3) to help. CEO Marc Baker, “The Food Bank distributes grocery products to more than 190 501c3’s in 8 counties.” That 23 additional food banks in each of 8 counties. Baker continues, “I just want to get the word out that, with these needs (what are the needs?), we’re the people to come to”. No proven justified need, just takers plea! Just show up. Hardly a day goes by that some new “Free Food” 501c3 operation is announced, and good food is dumped daily. Baker and the rest of the “Free Food” merchants are a despicable lot.

The exacerbation of such magnitudes and practices in our republic, a land of plenty, is an abomination that destroys two of our Founding Fathers’ Principles—self-reliance and independence, tools that led to national preeminence.

Citizens forced to carry out orders by the federal government and enforced by city, county, regional, & state agencies additionally have their own 501c3 NGO organizations. They have little or no oversight, elected & non-elected, tax exempt, and anointed by elected officials who delegate their sworn responsibilities to those creating the 501c3’s (NGO’s). As an example, The Arkansas Municipal League, taxpayer funded as are all local, regional, city, county & state NGO political organizations & numerous others unrelated to food dispensing. All take their orders from the federal government, not we the people. All are politically powerful agents of the Federal government and Deep State Industrialists.

Why does CEO Marc Baker feel the need to advertise for individuals to avail themselves of “Free Food”—grants, funding, and more profit for himself & his cronies.

Federal government statistics claim 3% of citizens are mentally/physically or both incapable of caring for themselves. Realistically the percentage should be raised to 5 % and the percentages in that category must be taken care of with no limitations.

And the other 95%? In addition to the 3%, 37% of the 95% are on some type of welfare, i.e. food, equaling 40% of our national population! Very conservative. Translation: 60%, mostly middleclass Americans are feeding 40% of the national population, not including illegals. How is it possible to terminate the illegitimacy of these “free food” tsunamis? Not possible. The “Free Food” practice expands yearly if for no other reason than used as an excuse for the introduction of new politically destructive nation-killing government programs. Government’s most reliable asset & the major purveyor of the “Free Food” programs are the public schools.

It would not be politically correct for government to identify the hundreds of ethnicities and their numbers who have invaded and are slopping at the “Free Food” welfare trough, and the inherent costs to taxpayers. The newest wave of unwanted invaders is the Mideast Muslims practicing primitive Sharia Law & already leaving their fingerprints on the U.S. judicial system. They have nothing in common with western culture but are welcomed by progressive Marxists, i.e. Democrats & various splinter groups. What fools we are!

Today there are 50 million American citizens and millions of illegal alien nesters receiving food stamps, and are beneficiaries of other existing welfare programs, some have been specifically crafted for blacks & Mexicans—why? How could anyone be hungry?

Food Stamps are available and advertised by government to every soul in America, why then the existence of multiplying 501c3 Food Banks by the thousands? Money, influence, and to initiate & foster government dependency.

Again my sense is the most egregious & corrupt of all the “free food” factories are the enabling nation’s public school systems, the vehicles for economic, political, social, educational indoctrination & expansion. Most importantly, teachers are pretzelizing the minds of young children carried out in these once proud institutions while many of the teachers are unaware of their complicity & their debilitating influences due to their own indoctrination in the very system they’re teaching. Of course, there is the teacher fear factor & job security that permeates every facet of the public school workforce.

The contravening reason for government expanding “Free Food” policy on demand? Answer: again, to achieve citizen dependency on government by instituting a political/social/economic genocide on middleclass white Americans, making it easier for the Deep State to bring down our current President or future presidents and our Constitutional government that is occurring as I write.

Notice the huge dollar amount spent by government and NGO’s encouraging and almost demanding individuals & families enroll in the free food & reduced price programs. Additionally, I would say that over the years I have encountered only 2 locally that I define as genuinely legitimate free food & lodging facilities, those being the Salvation Army in Fort Smith and the Gospel Rescue Mission in Van Buren.

Locally other taxpayer subsidized “Free Food” merchants, other than those previously named; Meals on Wheels, Senior Centers, Area Agency on Aging, Western Arkansas Planning & Development, a new huge entry by the name of Antioch Community Food Pantry, as well as various homeless agencies…and the NGO 501c3 beat goes on.

By chance, if the outcry continues that there remain enormous numbers of hungry folks (locally & nationally), where is the proof?

The following is a hypothesis & only a hypothesis, if there are thousands of hungry souls residing in America, why? Perhaps it is government’s priority, e.g. our Southern border of 2200 miles is virtually unprotected and been so for decades. Over 1 million illegal foreign national invaders enter our republic yearly, added to the entrance of 1.2 million legals, coupled to a lottery system & visas, most of them never leave, and eat at “Free Food” dispensaries. This alone proves the dispensing of “Free Food” by our government is unnecessary and a deranged ruse. There is no intention to terminate mass immigration, legal & illegal by government whose intentions are for global hegemony.

Republican Arkansas Senator John Boozman lobbied for and received low-wage illegal Mexican foreign workers on behalf of a personal friend. Boozman emailed the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey, Mex. asking for 80 illegal Mexican workers for a farm in Arkansas. This activity was on behalf of his friend Doug Gillam of Gillam Farms of Arkansas. Gillam owns the farm with his brother Jeremy Gillam, who is the Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives. A culpable offense by both Boozman & the Gillams—see below, 1324a.

Why does the criminally corrupt American government, both parties, NOT enforce existing U.S. immigration law 8-USC, Section 1325, 1324a, & 1324c? 1324a = “Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years in jail, plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien”. Answer: they are never held accountable by their all-encompassing protection racket.
There is the matter of the 17 year ongoing preemptive wars by the U.S. and at least 4 more in the hamper and no end in sight. Congress this year added $80 Billion to the bloated U.S. military budget which approaches $1 Trillion yearly. Government’s sordid phony excuse for subsidizing this massive military/industrial complex is “We’re keeping you safe”. War is America’s economic engine, unfortunately and is rapidly approaching the point of destroying all mankind—there are no winners in a nuclear war, but the psychopaths in DC disagree.

Incumbency is a toxic weed…Deadly

Joe McCutchen

Who owns you? (Rothschild Banking History)

From: Michael Gaddy []
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2017 12:46 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:

WHO OWNS YOU??? (Part one)

Freedom and Liberty are words with different meanings to many; I suppose we could see, like beauty, freedom and liberty are in the eyes of the beholder. Millions sing along with the lyric “land of the free and home of the brave” even though we currently reside in a country where the masses are more enslaved economically than at any other time in history. We also hear repeatedly that our military is fighting for our freedoms, yet with the past 16 years of continuous warfare, conducted by our military, personal freedoms have evaporated at a rate never before seen in the history of this country.

The country promised by those of our founders known as the Federalists ended and the government predicted by our founders known as the Anti-federalists began on that fateful day of April 9, 1865 at a place known to history as Appomattox Court House. Then and there we all became economic and physical slaves on that great nationalist plantation known as the American Empire, for that is the day our country and its people became the property of the international bankers and their bought and paid for minions known as government employees.

“The funding systems are always based on public debts, for the purpose of transferring the control of the government into the hands of the bondholders as security for their obligations.

Whilst the funding systems last, the government is administered in the interest of the bondholders, who control its legislation. Every independent government is jealous of the rival power of those monied oligarchies, which dethrone monarchies and destroy governments by the transfer of the debt to strangers, who thereby secure a powerful and dangerous influence in the government and work its destruction.” Crimes of the Civil War and the Curse of the Funding System by Henry Clay Dean, published in 1867.

In April of 1865, America, because of its great indebtedness to the international banking cartel, debt incurred to prosecute a war, was no longer the home of freedom or liberty. Few are those who know, or even care for that matter, that the bankers of Europe financed both sides of the war history mistakenly calls the Civil War.

Why would anyone finance both sides in a war you might ask; the answer is obvious: regardless of who wins, the victors and the vanquished become the property of those who hold that debt. In this case, as in every war since, the owners are those known simply as the international banking cartel. Those same folks who own you, your home, your business and all the property you call your own. The only thing they cannot own is your soul, unless you become a worshiper of the entity known as government.

You really don’t have to openly worship government itself as long as government employees are viewed as entities worthy of praise and adoration in your eyes. Just ask yourself: who gathers more of your attention, those who teach the tenets of freedom and liberty or politicians and other “public servants?” If government owns and controls them, by default it owns and controls you.

In order to survey the country the international bankers sought to control, in 1859 they sent one of their own to America to survey the political and economic landscape in order to devise a plan to place this country into total subservience by miring it in oppressive debt which can logically and physically never be repaid.

Remember, the founder of the Bank of London, one William Paterson, said in 1694, “The bank hath benefit of interest on all monies it creates out of nothing.”

The person who came to this country in 1859 was the 24 year-old son of James Mayer de Rothschild, Salomon James de Rothschild, sent by his father to “help advance the families banking interests.” And help those banking interests he did; within 6 short years those banking interests owned this country and its government and continue to this day to do so.

Salomon James kept his family informed of his progress in several letters which described in detail current events occurring in America and how those events could be manipulated in order to gain control of the vast resources our country contained.

Salomon James de Rothschild saw through the character of Abraham Lincoln and also saw the true cause that was bringing this country to the brink of war—and it was not slavery. Lets look at Salomon James’ own words in a letter of Sunday, June 23, 1861:
“Now the struggle has been entered into between the North and the South, a struggle of giants, or rather of boule-dogues, in which no one will yield, and where-in, after months and perhaps years of implacable combat, the two sides will find themselves back at the very place from which started, both of them weakened, with their resources exhausted, their country ruined, and with the best of their blood sacrificed, and with no other result obtained than deepening the abyss between them…

I’ll come back later to the slavery question, which was the first pretext for secession, but which was just a pretext and is now secondary. The true reason which impelled the Southern states to secede is the question of tariffs. The South is simply a producer and consumer; the West and the North, and especially the East are most entirely manufacturers, but they need strong protection. The South could supply itself with all necessary items in Europe, at prices from twenty-five to forty percent lower than they have been paying up to now. It [the South] contends that these duties do it no good and that the money goes back into the pockets of the Northern manufacturers. Therefore it wants to escape from this tax. The suppression of , or even a strong reduction in, these duties would completely ruin the eastern states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which could not compete with the cheap prices attained by England and even France. Thousands of men would find themselves unemployed and would therefore threaten the well-being and even the very existence of not only of their employers, but even of the merchants and producers in those areas, leading to an imminent danger of social revolution, which the North must avoid at all costs.

The question of tariffs has been discussed in the deliberative assemblies for more than twenty years, and despite the efforts of the South, despite the majority which its supporters in the North gave it, the country has leaned more toward protectionism than toward free trade. Since a Republican president was elected, the South felt its cause was lost, that the encroachments on its principles would become greater and greater each day under the protection of the federal government. It therefore preferred to fight at once rather than be paralyzed by the measures of the president.”

Here, in the words of an observer who sought only to advance the banking interests of his family, we have an unbiased view of the prelude to our Second War for Independence. Those men in Butternut and Gray took to the field of battle for the very same reason those men on Lexington Green stood in the face of the most powerful military on the planet: in defense of their personal freedoms and liberty, the right to consent of the governed and to avoid a crippling form of taxation— the theft of their own labor.

But, there is much more to this story as was revealed in other letters sent from Salomon James de Rothschild to his banking family in Europe. Letters we shall examine further in subsequent offerings on this subject.


What Kind of People Callously Celebrate Unprovoked War?


Times Record editorial Sunday, April 30, 2017

Title: Report shows how vital military is to the area.

“Everyone knows just how important the military is.” “ (If you don’t, you should.)”

Equating dollar income with death, destruction & torture is the depth of depravity and debauchery. Building an economy through force of war and celebrating it is tragically deranged.

The editor’s celebration of the now ongoing 16 years of preemptive, unprovoked 7 wars, now Syria, replete with a U.S. military presence in 160 countries, naval armadas in the Yellow, Mediterranean, So. China & Sea of Japan, along with the Persian Gulf, attest to the fact insanity prevails as shown by this editor that celebrates war as a source of revenue is indeed as demented as the occupants of the D.C. Swamp, no exception. I failed to note the numbers of American troops strewn across these 160 sovereign nations in their pursuit of Armageddon. Do you get the picture?

Huge numbers of American troops are on the Latvian & Estonian borders complimented by F-35 overflights, contiguous with Russia (certainly not an enemy) and huge concentrations in Poland are a sure sign that peace initiatives are never to be implemented. Unfortunately American citizens have assumed the role of passivity through ignorance, laziness, fear, indoctrination’s, conditioning & other maladies, while the madmen in DC—Boozman, Cotton, Womack, & all the others, mostly Republican neocons, busily weave their web for in all likelihood a nuclear conflagration resulting from their quest for global hegemony.

Editor, you and the millions of American enablers enjoy your billions of taxpayer dollars built on murder, torture, destruction, poverty, and all the other inhumane products resulting from in this case 8 unprovoked wars, and more to come.

Much of our nation is behaving like a collection of uncivilized banshees celebrating, cheering, flag waving at the sight of any military contingent. The military’s only proper job is to defend our sovereighty & secure our national borders & nothing else.

Twice decorated, Medal of Honor winner Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler said it best, “War is a Racket”. The real heroes of this decade are Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, & Bradley Manning, who have in all likelihood surrendered their lives to make Americans aware of the government police state surveillance of every citizen around the Globe by the FBI, CIA, NSA, & a host of others.

Enjoy your sordid blood money!

Joe McCutchen

Senator Tom Cotton being groomed by AIPAC?

Vdare—Paul Nachman—Joe McCutchen December 18, 2016

Paul Nachman’s narrative and its companion plea written on Dec.. 9, 2016 & Dec. 12. 2016 appears on under the title “On immigration, will Tom Cotton succeed Jeff Sessions as “America’s Senator”?

Senator Jeff Sessions has been tried & true for many years on the issue of illegal immigration, while Senator Tom Cotton has been AWOL. Senator Sessions, over this same period has shown courage, dedication & tenacity in keeping the controversial immigration issue alive. Many thanks to Senator Sessions. For the many uninformed American citizens who are constantly barraged by politicians & media that our immigration system is broken. Wrong, near perfect immigration laws have been on the books for years, just unenforced—e.g. 8 USC, Section 1324a, 1324c, 1325, & E-Verify.

Senator Cotton: As Mr. Nachman rightly states, Senator Cotton is well credentialed, Harvard twice, the bastion of political correctness & Cultural Marxism, coupled to the neoconservative Claremont Institute he attended & a meritorious stint In Bush II’s illegal 15 year and continuing war of murder & destruction commonly known as the faux “War on Terror”.

So what is really behind Nachman’s pleading, begging Arkansans and the rest of America for Cotton to become “America’s Senator”?
I would be remiss if I did not reproduce a statement re: Tom Cotton made by Nachman in the opening of his narrative: “He grew up on a farm in Arkansas and then—despite being the lowest of the low, i.e. “a white male from flyover country”. Mr. Nachman, is this your perception or are you conveying the thought that’s what DC elitists think of Arkansans and their whiteness, which by the way I am very proud of & refuse to be P.C.ed by the Jewish Frankfurt School.

What Mr. Nachman did not say or does not know, Cotton grew up a mile outside the sanctuary hamlet of Dardanelle, AR where there are more illegal Mexicans & OTM’s than there are American citizens, compliments of Catholic Charities (taxpayer subsidized) and Arkansas based Tyson Foods, America’s premier employer of illegals, and former Gov. Mike Huckabee who installed the unconstitutional (Article I, Section 10) Little Rock Mexican Consulate! The 7 decade illegal environment is what Senator Cotton grew up in which provided him with an experience of living among illegals and should clearly demark his position as constitutional or unconstitutional referencing illegal immigration, tepid in any case. Some other users of illegals in Arkansas & nationally are Wal-Mart, Simmons, Arvest, etc. –money & lots of it, accompanied by massive amounts of political influence here & nationally. Does Mr. Nachman believe Senator Cotton would bow-up against these globalist Arkansas giants?

Nachman alleges in a murky way that some outfit named “Powerline” was responsible for Cotton’s entry into the Arkansas 2012 4th Congressional political fray—surely he jests—see above.

More sunshine on Cotton. Cotton was elected to the U.S. Congress and was sworn in Jan. 3, 2013. Literally 14 days after his swearing in ceremony the story was leaked he was now campaigning for the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. Mark Pryor and it was verified approximately 2 weeks later. By that act he betrayed his constituents in the 4th Congressional District, e.g. Little Rock, Hot Springs & the rest of the folks residing in that District were without congressional representation for 2 years.

Obviously the Congressman is in a big hurry—to get what & where? Within 2 years he went from a DC lawyer, to a congressman, & ultimately the U.S. senate.

Cotton’s political travels in this short span should have elicited some kind of political furor from Arkansas citizens—no public response from the 4th District citizenry, just emotional fervor for Republican Senator Cotton, absent cognition.
In addition to the aforementioned Arkansas political powers & drivers, who else might be politically pulling the strings of the young Senator?

That being asked will be answered later. Jews have long been identified as the group that fuels mass immigration, legal & illegal, the big push commencing in the 1920’s. Jews, in their various efforts to dilute America’s Founding Stock, ownership, and influence have created a plethora of minority organizations, e.g. the NAACP, Maldef, Lulac, La Raza, & a host of others to fracture America to create dissonance while they continue funding these groups. After Jews created the NAACP it was years before a black was invited to sit on the official board. For precise information on Jewish ownership & domination of the United States log on & search “Are we there?” It specifically I.D.s the attackers. Unfortunately, due to American apathy, Jews have been wildly successful in their drive for ownership and control of our once preeminent republic.

Have you ever observed an influential Jew or groups of Jews—AIPAC, AEI, ACLU, SPLC, ADL, pursue any measure that would secure U.S. Borders, institute any effort to deport, or vet the invaders—legal and illegal? AIPAC is an unlicensed, very powerful foreign national Jewish lobbying organization, i.e. Israel.

What is the link between Senator Tom Cotton & the international Jewish ruling cabal? Answer: money, power, & global hegemony.

Selective Jews (the DC junta) have formed what I believe to be a symbiotic relationship with Cotton by utilizing anecdotal/empirical data, facts, history, & conjecture. My theory is Cotton, his cozy personal relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, accompanied by his many visits to Israel, large numbers of Jewish donors and other observances, Cotton is the perfect model for the ruling Jewish class to have selected him to possibly become their candidate for POTUS in the years 2020 or 2024. Jewish interests have put far too many millions of dollars into Cottons coffers leading me to believe that the large amount of money signifies more than just legislative favors.

Jews recognize that Senator Cotton possesses all the magnets that attract voters to the booth, i.e. married, children, twice Harvard educated, middle-east decorated veteran, hungry for political power, a proponent for preemptive war, a mid-east neoconservative war monger with Iranian implications which are vital to Israel-firsters, i.e. erasing middle-east borders for Israeli expansion.

The Senator appears to be Jewish chattel.

The acid test that he is Jewish Chattel is cradled in his willingness to accept vast amounts of money from prominent Jews, most of whose allegiances are directed to Israel, quietly supports mass immigration, and knowingly or unknowingly is intimately involved in the dissolution of Western Civilization (culture) and his failure to separate himself from the Jewish nation-killing Political Correctness (the Frankfort School) & their unsavory use of minorities.

Most of the Senator’s funding comes from the very deep pockets of Jewish billionaires, not from Pacs & Foundations. Some examples: those Jews who are publicly donating money to boost immigration numbers—Bill Gates, the Koch Brothers, Michael Bloomberg, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, & Rupert Murdoch (Fox News). Some of these names will appear as donors to Cotton.

Known Jews donating directly to Cotton: American Israel Education Foundation, The Emergency Committee for Israel–$1 million to sabotage the Iran-nuclear deal; William Kristol (son of neoconservative founder & Trotskyite, Irving Kristol), Paul Singer; John Bolton (former U.N Ambassador); Cherna Moskowitz; Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas & Macao Casino owner); Seth Klarman; Kenneth Bialkin, Elliott Abrams, Susan Kristol, Ann Kristol, & Goldman-Sachs, etc. etc. These individuals are all Israel-firsters, some dual citizens, and representing an American Jewish population that hovers around 2 1/2 % of our republic.

Again, I would say Jews are the marketers of mass immigration, legal & illegal, and in my opinion have Senator Tom Cotton securely bedded down. If you are interested in an extension of this article & the real players who dictate the tenor of business in our former preeminent republic log on to and search for “Are We There?”.

Senator Cotton would welcome Syrian refugees that would allow more than 10,000 over the 10,000 the President promised to shelter (no vetting)—his Religious Persecution Relief Act. Senator Cotton is an advocate of rendition and other means of torture (I describe as hard core) based on his interview and admission at CNN with anchor Wolf Blitzer.

Senator Tom Cotton, I believe is immature, and a dangerous cog In the U.S. Senate with no concerns for reigning in the out of control 3rd world invasions, i.e. well on our way to becoming a 3rd World dumping ground.

In conclusion I will simply say Senator Cotton has visions of grandeur & has been genetically endowed with the Napoleonic Complex.

Joe McCutchen

Draining the Swamp doesn’t mean preserving the snakes & alligators

He’s going to “drain the swamp”…no he’s not. November 29, 2016

As the announcement came forth stating Mr. Donald Trump would be the next president of the U.S. and before the words hit the floor, Mr. Trump had changed gears from a political street fighter to a political pussy. Talk about a snake-oil salesman—he is the best.

President elect Trump stated he would mold his presidency after Abe Lincoln—a war monger, liar, and the destructor of the U.S. constitution.

V.P. elect Pence is a Israel firster and declared he would do everything to defend Israel at all costs while Jews control most of the assets of the U.S.

Some examples: He let “Crooked Hillary” off the hook by refusing to prosecute her for high crimes. We allegedly embrace the “rule of law”.

He appointed S.C. Gov. Sikh Nikki Haley Ambassador to the U.N. President Obama could not have done better and of course she lobbied against trump for a year and one half while Trump stated he would remove the U.S. from the U.N if current members did not pay their fair share.

His appointee to the criminally corrupt Dept. of Education is Betsy DeVos, a communist married to the inheritor of Amway and the sister of Eric Prince, the creator of the savage Blackwater Mercenary organization. DeVos is also on the Board for 2 of Jeb Bush’s “Foundations”. She is an advocate of Common Core and has no experience in government or anything dealing with education. Trump said he would eliminate the Department of Education.

Mr. Trump slapped us all in the kisser today by appointing the scumbag Senator Mitch McConnell’s wife as Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, the daughter of the former owner of the Chinese shipping company Cosco and one of the uber leaders in the Chinese Communist Party.

This is the man who is going to pursue the reclamation of middleclass America and bring our country together again—all hot air. The country is too large in sq miles to govern and will never return to stability due to the hundreds of different ethnic groups…glowingly called DIVERSITY!

Good luck Americans…doncha love those Lincoln Republicans???

Joe McCutchen

Draining the Swamp–includes Boozman

November 4, 2016
Senator John Boozman once again talks down to “we the people” and lies. The Senator is in the process of completing 15 years languishing in the cesspool of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC and harvesting huge benefits.

He entered this formerly beautiful admired city the same time as the second coming of the Bush Crime Family entered. Boozman immediately became an enabler & vassal for Bush & his Jewish underwriters for undeclared wars, destruction of whole countries and ultimately (now) the displacement of hundreds of thousands of mideasterners.

Boozman is a war criminal as are the other 436 and the previous administrations dating back to 911. He has voted to fund Bush’s butchery now carried on by Obama with no end in sight.

The litmus test that he sincerely believes & correctly so, the majority of Arkansans are politically ignorant putting them on a level of juveniles

The acid test is of course the political ads he is running via TV. I have noted this in recent articles about his complicity in 15 years of war crimes, bankrupting the nation, & so on.

In his most recent ad, among other things, he stated that “he was fighting to keep big government out of the homes of Arkansans”. Any fool understands that nothing in a household is free of the government fingerprint. Other of his statements say he is “fighting for jobs for Arkansans and veterans”, he “is fighting to fix the VA”, he is “fighting to keep us safe” (how?—name one fact), he says he’s against illegal immigration while his home is the citadel of illegal immigration (Rogers, AR), at the same time he votes more funding to sustain wars and create new ones, therefore more global enemies. This man is a congenital liar.

During his 15 years he has lived lavishly, never a chairman of a committee, no constitutional accomplishments, just a hired gun for the RNC and the Deep State. Legislatively, he is a hoax.

Voters have & will continue to flock to the polls and reelect Boozman—the enabler of war crimes and self-aggrandizement, and some of the reasons given for their vote “he is a conservative, has Arkansas values, is a Christian, is an evangelical, he is the lesser of the 2 evils”, ad infinitum.

If voters were smarter, better educated, and showed some courage the Boozman/Eldridge voting boxes would be left blank. Citizens, does it ever occur to you what multiple crises we are engaged in that began on 911 at the hand of the Bush Crime Family, and never a mention by Boozman what his position is with regard to the corruption of the both Parties and does not support the GOP presidential candidate, and most of you are willing to give him 6 more years to continue Republican warmongering & crony capitalism?

Joe McCutchen

The Drone Rangers Ride Again


September 11, 2001, the USA was the envy of the world. Since 911 the U.S. has become easily one of the most despotic nations in the history of man due to brute force, technology, a quest for global hegemony underwritten by a criminally corrupt government, insiders & outsiders.

Today the Times Record printed an extensive article describing the MQ-9 DRONE REAPER as the new mission of the Ark. Air National Guard, 188th Wing in Fort Smith. The author of the article stated the Reaper had international spying and killing capabilities. Citizens, this includes you & you.

The Bush II crime family started this 15 year reign of terror orchestrated by Neoconservatives, most of which are Jewish. Bush Ii & Obama are now calling this a “War on Terror” (PHONY). Members of the U.S. government are the terrorists, undergirded by Israel. Result: we are now the most hated & most dangerous country in the world. Why would Americans think there would be no retaliation by the victims to our military murdering & maiming of their friends & family?

The U.S., in this 15 year reign of terror, has completely destroyed 7 nations, unprovoked, killed & maimed millions, now a cascade of “refugees”. All the while the U.S. has overthrown the democratically elected governments of Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, etc. and gave birth to Al Qaeda and Al Nusra, and are presently funding their attacks on Syria, in opposition to Russia’s peaceful initiatives. This is only a thumbnail sketch of the terror meted out by the U.S. every hour of every day just like the overflying killer drones.

There never has been one mention that I’m aware of that we engage in peaceful dialog for peace with
Russia and China, i.e. the development and signing of a Peace Pact—instead Politicians, the media continue to track the lie that Putin is our enemy when in actuality he is a global statesman begging the U.S. for a Peace treaty.

The article goes on to proclaim, as if it were an honor, that physicians, Chaplains, & mental health advisors are on staff to help pilots? This can only be described as an admission that what they are doing is constitutionally wrong & morally disgusting. What kind of people would even want these positions, especially a Chaplain?

The Commander, Col. Bobbi Doorenbos speaks unabashedly of how many new positions the 188th is going to hire and call them jobs. Murder & spying is not a “job”…it is abhorrent.

I wrote 2 articles on the “Drone Rangers” June 19, 2013 & September 7, 2013 and can be found on by searching “drone”.

Our government has expanded, trained & armed every principal division of government, e.g. U.S. Forestry, Game & Fish, etc. If you believe individuals that are wearing a badge are protecting Americans’ God-given & constitutional rights, you are a fool & this is demonstrated by your continuing reelection of incumbents. The best example is Sen. John Boozman who is currently running a campaign for 6 more years in the Senate which would give him 22 years. His TV ad states, “He’s helping our Vets, is going to improve the ‘VA, & going to help Veterans find jobs”. He is the very reason that the veterans need help and he has the audacity to run such a commercial—Boozman is an enabling murderer & “conservatives” will trot down to the voting booth in November and vote for this pathetic skeleton of a man. He has voted for every freedom taking bill for the last 15 years in Congress.

Your voting presence would be felt if the ballot marked Eldridge/Boozman were left blank.

Joe McCutchen

The antithesis of what our Founding Fathers designed.

Ignorance does not have to be permanent, but if cultivated can evolve into stupidity—Observe today’s America. The antithesis of what our Founding Fathers designed.

September 11, 2016

America is too large to govern and the application of a few Band-Aids may slow the wasting process of local, state & federal governments. President Richard Nixon divided the U.S. into 10 Federal Districts—for what purpose?

Americans are suckers for bread & circuses—entertain ‘em, keep their bellies full, & dwell on emotional phony issues. All is accomplished by the government/media complex by conditioning, propagandizing, indoctrinating, and lies.

A deadly game being played out for Americans by Americans, and in most cases to satisfy the demands of Jews, duel-citizens & Israelis. Government’s effective political commercial is to “Keep us Safe”. Governmental agencies are directing the circus (by preemptive Wars, etc.) and are now middleclass Americans’ enemy #1 and such is the case with most of the global community.

Who else but the U.S. is destroying whole countries, unprovoked? Murdering millions with preemptive wars in its quest to achieve global hegemony. And who are some of the major insider/outsider players? Look no further than to establishment Jews. For starters: Soros, Murdoch, the de Rothchilds, Gaffney, Perle, Bolton, Mercer, Kagans, Krauthammer, Abrams, Wurmser, Feith, Chertoff, J. Goldberg, M. Levine, Kristol, Brooks, Boot, Ladeen, Libby, Frum, Kissinger, Koch Bros., Podhoretz, Morris Dees (SPLC), Adelson, and the lord of all, Paul Wolfowitz who is the architect of the “Wolfowitz Doctrine”…”We shall have no rivals”—Abram Shulsky (author of “weapons of mass destruction”) was Director of the Office of Special Plans for G. Bush. To add to the mix throw in a s few white boys to carry out the Wolfowitz Doctrine; (neocons all) Bush & Clinton Crime Families, McCain, Graham, Cotton, Boozman, Womack, Crawford, Rove, Cruz, Ryan, Romney, Kasich, Sasse, Bozell III, Whitmans, O’Reilly & Beck, et al…remember, this is just a smattering. The U.S. House & Senate are messenger boys & enablers for Israel. For more complete information on the subject of Jewish control of America search “America’s Trail of Tears, Are We There Yet” @

What about “American exceptionalism?” I say American’s exceptionalism segued to murder, destruction, displacement, spying, and creating $20 TRiLLION national debt—now that’s exceptionalism.

The murdering psychopaths in DC that you ignoramuses continue to reelect for decades, based solely on Party affiliation, have now massed troops on the Russian frontier bordering Estonia, Latvia, & Poland, provoking President Putin, who in my judgment is presently the only legitimate global statesman, and is pursuing a lasting peace initiative with the U.S. to no avail. Citizens, believing the lies of government and the 4th estate, reinforced with indoctrination, conditioning, deception, & emotion, make DC inhabitants smile knowing they can continue to hoodwink Americans while they destroy peace & civility.

Bread & Circuses: America offers a splendid array of B & C’s for government’s conditioning, propagandizing, indoctrinating, military recruitment and their cry for eternal war…all directed at useful citizen idiots, e.g. football, basketball, baseball, soccer, rodeos, & land grant colleges, and oh yes, public schools, on & on. Note that many of these venues consistently present military adoration—a cancer.

Since 911 there have been 3 outstanding heroes (non-military), 2 American & 1 Aussie….Snowden, Manning, & Assange—who made America aware of the absolute total corruption of the U.S. Government & are paying a dear price for their honesty & courage.

Using NASCAR as a poster child for the Bread & Circuses analogy—upon entering a raceway, first finding your seat, followed by the race car lineup on the track.

At that juncture you see a cadre of military in uniforms of some descript, followed by a uniformed military color guard doing basic ceremonial maneuvers related to the American flag. At some events the flag may be half the size of the state Rhode Island, at which time the military salutes & the singing of the National Anthem, the singer’s own pathetic rendition, mostly by women, commonly off key, punctuated with inappropriate yea, yeas, mispronouncing words and/or omissions…with thunderous applause from ignoramuses in the stands. Then comes the flyover with 2-3 SNJ’s or AT6’s.

At some venues the audience is asked to stand, remove their headdress, hand over heart & cite the Pledge of Allegiance. The pledge is an anti-constitutional, anti-state sovereignty piece written by a retired preacher, a flaming socialist by the name of Francis Bellamy. Simply put, we are not members of an American State, but meant to be a collection of 50 sovereign states that the Founders deemed had every right to engage in nullification & secession without violence. The despot Abraham Lincoln terminated that portion of the Founders intent by pitting Americans against Americans and Republicans stupidly or intentionally call themselves the Party of Lincoln.

Government has again accomplished one of their goals, i.e. military displays at public events will continue to be a substantial part of the conditioning process of useful idiots to believe that the military should be part & parcel of every American experience. Recall the Founders fear & loathing of a standing army.

The point of these military spectacles is simply they are to be used as an emotional recruiting tool, a plea for more war, a plea that we are militarily threatened, and citizens should come to expect what the government claims as a patriotic ceremonial experience accompanied with whoops & hollers.

It’s about the big lie, “To keep us safe”! The ignoramuses, victims of the public schools haven’t comprehended & won’t, that the Enemy Are Us—the voters!

1. The major portion of the voting public refuses to analyze what has & is happening to our once preeminent Republic and who has caused it & who is to blame—namely, they are the incumbents they continue to reelect.
2. DC is an island to itself, & certainly no allegiance to middleclass Americans (as witnessed by the conduct of the Republican Establishment this year), busily selling out our culture, heritage & philosophy that has given way to throngs of 3rd world invaders, legal & illegal. Diversity means No Whites. Why is our government trading down?
3. A complete & immediate shakeup of the Flag Corp.
4. Leave no incumbent standing.
5. Extricate the military from public events, supplant with appropriate state flags, state songs & a peaceful setting.

A simple solution: there is only one individual running for a position in our national government that deserves our vote—Donald J. Trump. Incumbents begin their political careers as paupers or near paupers and become wealthy. SINCE THEY ARE SO GOOD IN THE ART OF ACCOUNTING FOR THEMSELVES, HOW IS IT THEN “WE THE PEOPLE’ OWE A NATIONAL DEBT OF $20 TRILLION & $120 TRILLION IN UNFUNDED MANDATES?

If Hillary Clinton is elected POTUS, then immediate attention must be given to a peaceful means to restore nullification & secession, which was the Founding Fathers’ intent. Each state from Sec. of Treasury Hamilton through Lincoln was a sovereign entity until 1865. In the year 1800, Vermont specifically, & later all of New England tried for 10 years to secede from the Jefferson government & others, and never was a sword drawn.

We are the proud recipients of secession from England.

Joe McCutchen

Political Correctness & Corruption Must Be Burned at The Stake


It is said he is a Conservative, it is said the Establishment hates him, really? I speak of course of Senator Ted Cruz and his candidacy for the U.S. presidency.

The Republican Establishment has recently stated in various ways and venues that rank &file Republicans & Independents are too stupid or too ignorant to allow them to choose the Republican presidential candidate. I agree but for reasons that are polar opposites.

Recently the Republican Establishment, in a raw public reach to continue its hold on to their powers & riches, and in desperation made it abundantly clear they regard White middleclass Americans as nothing but a collection of hayseeds. Also the Establishment has made it clear that national candidates are always preselected and makes no never mind who is elected simply because they are all in the fold, i.e. owned & controlled. But a glitch recently developed in their corrupted “Deep State” activities—one Donald Trump appeared on the political scene. “Deep State”= Members of the Establishment make the rules under the surface away from the purview of the public. Example: The past weekend, members of the corrupt Republican Establishment & others met on Sea Island, GA to fashion a plan to destroy Donald Trump’s political aspirations. Among the attendees were Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R), House leader Paul Ryan (R), etc. The Sea Island conclave is reminiscent of the 1910 Jekyll Island sortie put on by the “BIGS” that gave birth to the Federal Reserve—a thin-air printing press.

The Establishment fully understands the preponderance of voters–all stripes, employ raw emotion as their determinate in the voting process. Not knowledge & fact, just Party lines—both R & D. Observe that nearly all incumbents were reelected as per usual by large pluralities in the current election cycle. If voters had been armed with fact and knowledge they would be dusting off their Louisville Sluggers.

Now scroll down to history, objectivity, and huge doses of logic & reality and calculate what is revealed by reelecting incumbents. $20 TRILLION national deficit, $120 TRILLION in unfunded mandates, 16 years of ongoing global self-induced warfare (for what?), 93 million unemployed Americans, true unemployment rate hovers around 23%, 47 million on Food Stamps, open borders, 25-35 million illegals roaming around in our nation, Obamacare (that Republicans continue to fund), the pitiful state of public education, political correctness, global spying, muffling of public discourse–had enough? But the beat goes on & on.

The multiple crises inflicted upon the American taxpayers listed above are compliments of incumbents. For example, 16 year bottom-feeder Arkansas Senator John Boozman was selected to another potential 6 year term. His reign of terror began with criminal Bush II’s inauguration by pulling the corrupt levers of the Republican Neoconservative Establishment which have produced 16 years of uninterrupted savagery. Boozman has not produced one positive accomplishment during his 16 year tenure that benefited or helped secure the beleaguered White middleclass, just our destruction. Check his voting and travel recordS. One of the several reasons I agree with the Establishments’ use of the word stupidity, but as previously stated for entirely different reasons.

The only way White middleclass Americans can survive is to vote against all national incumbents and/or the method of choice is to withhold your vote. It has no value. Give it thought before you emotionally erupt.

Senator Ted Cruz is not a natural born American citizen; he is a Cuban-American born in Canada. For those who scream “Birther”, ask yourselves if aware, why the Senator’s birth records are sealed, as is the case with Pres. Barack Hussein Obama. The Establishment presented “we the people” with an unconstitutional quid pro quo—Obama & Cruz—throw in Anchor Babies Jindal & Rubio.

History and current events clearly define Cruz, as previously mentioned as an Hispanic, as president of “we the people” what could we expect from him in the matter of legal & illegal immigration and border security? Not much. Cruz has been all too quiet about his relationships with anti-American organizations, e.g. La Raza (the Race), Mecha, Lulac, etc. all created & funded by Jews. Cruz long ago abandoned his discussion of borders & border security.

Cruz is a warmongering Republican neoconservative and embraces the Wolfowitz (a Jew) Doctrine (“we shall have no rivals”, meaning preemptive wars) He is aggressively pursuing expansion of the U.S. military that currently is spending $56 Billion (he wants more) per year to maintain & pursue global hegemony.

November 2015 Cruz stated on the Senate floor that he was the Southwestern representative for Israel. Never anything pertaining to the representation of the white or black middleclass.

Heidi Cruz, wife of Ted, both belong to the global nation killing Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Another destructor of American sovereignty.

Heidi sat on the original commission that gave birth to the North American Union (NAU). The NAU’s mission is to dissolve U.S. borders contiguous with Mexico & Canada. Recall, Cruz was born in Canada.

Heidi is a long time high ranking executive with the Jewish banking firm of Goldman Sachs. Ted’s senatorial campaign was funded by Goldman Sachs; some say a “loan”.
The Senator’s presidential campaign is almost wholly funded by Jews, i.e. Goldman Sachs, George Soros, Paul Singer, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Robert Mercer ($11 million), and the scroll continues. Why do you believe Cruz is so popular with Jews? And where does his allegiance lie? He is an owned commodity.
The Senator and his father are evangelical extremists, associated with Dominionism. Some of their base beliefs are said to border on the laws & courts similar to Sharia.

The national media and the Establishment of both Parties continue to wail that they “hate Cruz”. CRUZ IS THE ESTABLISHMENT AND IS WHOLLY OWNED BY U.S. JEWISH INTERESTS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF ISRAELI PRESIDENT BENJAMIN NETANYAHU.

We constantly hear the drumbeat for DIVERSITY, the victims of Diversity are the White middleclass Founding Stock. The present Supreme Court, absent one, is made up of 5 Catholics & 3 Jews, not one member of the Court is from the majority White Founding Stock or any other Caucasian. The above is known as “packing” the courts. The Founding Fathers had grave concerns regarding Catholics & Jews. Interesting to note here that Pres. Obama’s recent nominee for the Supreme Court is Merrick Garland, a Jew. In his first public utterance regarding the appointment, in the first 51 seconds he invoked “anti-Semitism” twice. Jews are 2% of the national population—yet they own the Federal Reserve, all major banks, control most sensitive areas of federal government, funders & creators of anti-American minority hate groups, own 97% of all media & same percent for entertainment. Thought control? On the other hand, Catholics flaunt 8 USC immigration laws and fan the flames for more legal & illegal immigration, now including Muslims & so-called “refugees” while the Pope is sticking his nose into U.S. constitutional & political affairs, most obviously our sovereignty and social conduct. If Trump is not elected President of the U.S. this year our Republic will be overwhelmed with legal & illegal 3rd world foreign nationals, As always, the Founders were right on target. The product is SELECTIVE DIVERSITY.

Observe the disasters that have occurred in our once preeminent Republic which have destroyed our national borders, on the brink of erasing our culture, heritage, identity—all caused by reelecting incumbents decade after decade (both parties) who suppress & violate our Founding Principles—the fulcrum of our society–while leading to corruption & crime which defines the federal government today.
If “we the people” are to avoid a soon to be 3rd world existence the global cesspool known as Washington, DC must be drained & fumigated in November.

Corruption & Political Correctness must be burned at the stake!

Joe McCutchen

P.S. If Donald Trump gets very close or receives the Republican nomination for the office of President of the U.S. , do you believe that he will be “rubbed out”? The stakes are hundreds of Billions transferred daily & global power and both Establishments have always gamed the system (“Deep State”) and be damned with the American middleclass…all flavors.