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Diversity = Dilution

Times Record 1/7/18…”Plan to address school district staff” January 7, 2018

41% of the district’s students are a white minority. “Teachers are role models”. How is it they are role models when actually all they are doing is propagandizing, indoctrinating and dumbing-down our white student population and transferring all the emphasis on 3rd world minorities. The district school systems are not only accomplishing the above, but will/are diluting the white teacher majority down to minority standards.

Question: Director of “Human Resources” (collective terminology) Martin Mahan said “There are some things that are traditionally in place that we would build upon”. What Mahan is actually saying in using the word “traditionally” is deceptive simply because there is nothing traditional about the operation of school systems today in the dumbing-down process. At the inception of the Dept. of Education, academic traditions were erased in the government-controlled school systems.

Mahan continues “I think one of the greatest assets to this community of Ft. Smith is the cultural diversity”. Explain to the readers of this article how diversity is an asset to this or other communities, except cheap labor and votes.

Let’s deal with reality, i.e. the truth for a change. None of the 3rd world illegal immigrants residing in our republic and in their thousands of year’s existence have ever had a substantive accomplishment. Yet they come here by hook or crook mainly for welfare, compliments of the criminally corrupt federal and state governments. Mahan goes on to say, “You also want your teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, every component to model that representation”. WHY? Are they mentally deficient, if not why the dumbing-down process?

Illegal aliens have swamped our welfare system, enlarged their failed cultures & philosophies and have in the main, no intention of acculturating. While at the same time attacking Americans’ way of life. As an example of why this condition exists look only to 18 year warmonger going for 24, Senator John Boozman who has no positive record re the middleclass but has voted for and funded the murdering crimes that Pres. G.W. Bush created and has been sustained.

As Ron White stated, “You can’t fix Stupid”. Enter Superintendent Doug Brubaker, his contribution to this article demonstrates government schools and their short-circuiting of the minds of the producing class whose ancestors settled our republic and sustains it, and finally the most generous nation around the globe. Brubaker states “we want to make sure our salaries are competitive”. Money, money, money, but not a hint about excellence in academics.

Vision 2023 is going to expand the government school’s where they will own every aspect of your children’s lives, e.g. more school “resource officers” (cops…why?), nurses, social workers, test coordinators, mental health providers, technology specialist, instructional technology, educators, career development educations (informs students what their career will be), pre-K teachers, English language learners, educators and by all means Grant Writers. Do any of you believe that any of the above is for the betterment of white students or dedicated to expand our children’s mental capabilities? The expansions are directed wholly to minorities, mostly illegal aliens.

Ain’t diversity grand?

Joe McCutchen

Illegal alien invasion, aided & abetted by government & church officials

The nation be damned, traded for gutless self-service. September 5, 2017

9/4/17 Ark. State Reps Charlie Collins & Greg Leding appeared on Ch. 5 Ft. Smith campaigning to uphold 1 million plus DACA (Dreamers/amnesty/plus all their relatives) remaining ostensibly in the U.S. to attend college—gratis, opposed to the legal position of being deported to Mexico/elsewhere as proposed by POTUS. Will he stick?

Why are Collins & Leding championing this illegal act? For a number of reasons. Remember both office holders have sworn their allegiance to uphold and abide by the U.S. Constitution and its undergirding laws.

Both represent the citadel of sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, NWA. The destructive Act began in the late 1940’s and continues unabated today, compliments of John Sr. & Don Tyson.

I do not know about Collins, but Leding is a Catholic. Catholics have been deeply embedded in this illegal practice for decades for the purpose of building sanctuary cities & filling their pews—observe Springdale & Rogers. The vehicle used is “Catholic Charities” that the federal government (taxpayers) fund in the hundreds of millions yearly, resulting in the destruction of our culture, most of which is directed to aiding illegals and replete with hundreds of DC lobbyists.

AR Catholic Bishop Anthony B. Taylor openly advocates for open borders. A number of years ago he stated the Catholic Church in Arkansas could not survive without illegals. What a pathetic creature. Presently Taylor is begging for DACA and money. Taylor daily slaps the Constitution and non-Catholic American’s faces with impunity.

Our nation is teaming with illegal aliens—some studies indicate 25-35 million illegals encamped in our Republic, destroying our infrastructure, enjoying special welfare programs, i.e. COLLEGE, free prenatal care, housing, food, stealing jobs, installing their own cultures, MS13 gangs, etc. May I suggest to the illegals an academic institution of some renown—Ark. State Univ., Queretaro, Mexico.

Rep. Collins & Leding, accompanied by Bishop Taylor are criminals! Citing a portion of 8 USC, Section 1324a: “Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony, punishable by 10 years jail plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien”.

Section 1324c: “Officers are to enforce”. Obviously another police stand-down
Remember the oath Collins & Leding swore to and the aggressive behavior the Pope and his minions exert over U.S. affairs.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S. Throw in Senators Boozman & Cotton.

The “Free Food” Racket & other musings

THE FREE FOOD RACKET & OTHER MUSINGS—Senator John Boozman (R) & Friends August 26, 2017

Those that control the belly, own the soul—The “Free Food” Folly.

A landmass too large, a national government too large, too corrupt & self-serving to govern constitutionally & legally, e.g. mass immigration, global preemptive wars, Charlottesville, VA. , Baltimore, confederate statues destroyed by savages, etc. etc. Observe the ongoing national carnage! We’re the global enemy?

Citizens are to blame for continuing to embrace the two political cesspools—Democrat & Republican. Government keeps on lyin’ and citizens keep on buyin’.

This article is an attempt to present another enigma and a devastating government policy in league with 501c3’s so-called non-profits (disguised in altruistic clothing)–another nation killer. The subject is the ever-expanding faux “Free Food” racket.

To my knowledge there have been no scientific or legislative studies, no public outcry, no comments re the cause, no exegesis, the brevity & escalation and no strategies to mollify the growing dispensing of the “Free Food” frenzy awarded to all on demand and representing another huge step in creating a dependency on government, not self-sufficiency, an unconstitutional practice that kills self-reliance, by design brought about by mostly alien invasions accompanied by their failed cultures & philosophies numbering in the tens of millions and multiplying.

“Free Food” merchants and their recipients continue to multiply at a meteoric rate, contributing mightily to plunging our nation squarely into Cultural Marxism, i.e. Third World status. This is only one of many Government endeavors that was launched to destroy the white middleclass, the foundation of our republic and the last bastion of constitutional government. You see, the middleclass are the funders being exploited by force by all U.S. counties, cities, states, & federal government entities. Middleclass Americans create 67% of all the jobs in our nation. America’s growing scrambled populations enhances the “Free Food” explosion and will ultimately destabilize our society and give rise to the implementation of a full blown police state, abetted by 501c3’s Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) which are all taxpayer funded with lucrative job securities and serve as a conduit for political correctness, another nation-killer creating a national crisis. So, why does government want to kill the Golden Goose and replace with Third Worlders?

Fort Smith, a microcosm of maleficent federal bureaucracies & their NGO’s laboring under the aegis of altruistic benevolence—“Free Food”.
Just a tip of the iceberg re recent quotes, statistics, & actual practices of dispensing the PC phrase “Free Food”.

1. Fort Smith schools dispense 1,100 “free” meals daily, a disgrace and an unbridled taxpayer theft coupled to other unconstitutional government programs while educators, bureaucrats & politicians wear the ”Free Food” giveaway as a badge of honor, and the above dispensers are benefiting economically. As a sidebar, the Regional Valley Food Bank provides at least 55,000 meals each month! Antioch for Youth & Family feeds 7,000 per month. Another new entry into the 501c3 Free Food Fest Combine is to be the Riverview Hope Campus with more free food provisions. The Next Step Day Room, the Community Clearing House, followed by others. The 501c3’s, commonly called non-profits are all about profits for their progenitors…taxpayer funded. Americans should view the dispensers & receivers with alarm & revulsion. The Spirit of our Founders gone forever.

2. Phillip Garcia: Child Nutrition Director said “kids do not have to be students at Fort Smith public schools, just have to be 18 years or younger.” Observe: no protocols.

3. Also from Mr. Garcia, leaving the impression the school systems are “conquering heroes”, “if we (who is we?) didn’t see growth then we would not have been doing it for 10 years”(Why would you be proud of creating child welfare addiction & growth?) Mr. Garcia obviously has no shame or concern about the faux “Free Food” explosion or identifying the alleged causes. Garcia revels in the “Free Food” expansion since it means more funding for the program and job security for him.

4. A congenital patron of the Fort Smith welfare “Free Food” scam and her appraisal, “Parents and their children come every summer and the kids enjoy the meals and it helps (in this case) with her budgeting”. “Free Food” giveaways now factor into family budgetary preparations, subsidized by the productive middleclass.

5. Deputy Superintendent Gordon Floyd and his benevolent remarks re “Free Food”: “There is no written protocol”, i.e. obviously no limitations or oversight. “Staff encourages (advertises) them (adults) to apply for free food or reduced lunch”. “They don’t realize they qualify for free or reduced lunch and they can apply anytime.” “Breakfast is free for all students”. What ever happened to parental responsibilities? Unbridled welfare. Even animals take care of their own! Dr. Floyd should be reminded that those folks paying for the “Free Food” scam are also the ones paying for your inflated salary.

6. More benevolence via the FS School Board…”The Board voted to make free breakfast a permanent program.” No deliberative thought that would effectuate cause & effects by their action…i.e. perpetuation of dependence.

7. Dr. Floyd proclaims the district made $7.8 million last year from the “Free Food” giveaway. How is that possible? Making a huge profit for giving something away. Was the funding amount left over from the “Free Food” grants? Will the $7.8 million be returned to the taxpayers or will it be banked & applied to the current year’s funding, or more aptly will the District keep the $7.8 million and ask for an increase in funding for expansion of the “Free Food” racket? After all, Garcia has had a 10 year increase in numbers of people and dollars drawn to the welfare trough. Question: how much of this “Free Food” is dumped into garbage containers each day? I have been told by educators, tons in a school year.
8. The last session of the Ark. State Legislature passed a bill that provides that drug offenders can begin signing up for all public benefits, including food. Is that supposed to help with their rehabilitation—removing responsibility for self?

9. Crawford-Sebastian Community Council (C-SCDC) (501c3) to help. CEO Marc Baker, “The Food Bank distributes grocery products to more than 190 501c3’s in 8 counties.” That 23 additional food banks in each of 8 counties. Baker continues, “I just want to get the word out that, with these needs (what are the needs?), we’re the people to come to”. No proven justified need, just takers plea! Just show up. Hardly a day goes by that some new “Free Food” 501c3 operation is announced, and good food is dumped daily. Baker and the rest of the “Free Food” merchants are a despicable lot.

The exacerbation of such magnitudes and practices in our republic, a land of plenty, is an abomination that destroys two of our Founding Fathers’ Principles—self-reliance and independence, tools that led to national preeminence.

Citizens forced to carry out orders by the federal government and enforced by city, county, regional, & state agencies additionally have their own 501c3 NGO organizations. They have little or no oversight, elected & non-elected, tax exempt, and anointed by elected officials who delegate their sworn responsibilities to those creating the 501c3’s (NGO’s). As an example, The Arkansas Municipal League, taxpayer funded as are all local, regional, city, county & state NGO political organizations & numerous others unrelated to food dispensing. All take their orders from the federal government, not we the people. All are politically powerful agents of the Federal government and Deep State Industrialists.

Why does CEO Marc Baker feel the need to advertise for individuals to avail themselves of “Free Food”—grants, funding, and more profit for himself & his cronies.

Federal government statistics claim 3% of citizens are mentally/physically or both incapable of caring for themselves. Realistically the percentage should be raised to 5 % and the percentages in that category must be taken care of with no limitations.

And the other 95%? In addition to the 3%, 37% of the 95% are on some type of welfare, i.e. food, equaling 40% of our national population! Very conservative. Translation: 60%, mostly middleclass Americans are feeding 40% of the national population, not including illegals. How is it possible to terminate the illegitimacy of these “free food” tsunamis? Not possible. The “Free Food” practice expands yearly if for no other reason than used as an excuse for the introduction of new politically destructive nation-killing government programs. Government’s most reliable asset & the major purveyor of the “Free Food” programs are the public schools.

It would not be politically correct for government to identify the hundreds of ethnicities and their numbers who have invaded and are slopping at the “Free Food” welfare trough, and the inherent costs to taxpayers. The newest wave of unwanted invaders is the Mideast Muslims practicing primitive Sharia Law & already leaving their fingerprints on the U.S. judicial system. They have nothing in common with western culture but are welcomed by progressive Marxists, i.e. Democrats & various splinter groups. What fools we are!

Today there are 50 million American citizens and millions of illegal alien nesters receiving food stamps, and are beneficiaries of other existing welfare programs, some have been specifically crafted for blacks & Mexicans—why? How could anyone be hungry?

Food Stamps are available and advertised by government to every soul in America, why then the existence of multiplying 501c3 Food Banks by the thousands? Money, influence, and to initiate & foster government dependency.

Again my sense is the most egregious & corrupt of all the “free food” factories are the enabling nation’s public school systems, the vehicles for economic, political, social, educational indoctrination & expansion. Most importantly, teachers are pretzelizing the minds of young children carried out in these once proud institutions while many of the teachers are unaware of their complicity & their debilitating influences due to their own indoctrination in the very system they’re teaching. Of course, there is the teacher fear factor & job security that permeates every facet of the public school workforce.

The contravening reason for government expanding “Free Food” policy on demand? Answer: again, to achieve citizen dependency on government by instituting a political/social/economic genocide on middleclass white Americans, making it easier for the Deep State to bring down our current President or future presidents and our Constitutional government that is occurring as I write.

Notice the huge dollar amount spent by government and NGO’s encouraging and almost demanding individuals & families enroll in the free food & reduced price programs. Additionally, I would say that over the years I have encountered only 2 locally that I define as genuinely legitimate free food & lodging facilities, those being the Salvation Army in Fort Smith and the Gospel Rescue Mission in Van Buren.

Locally other taxpayer subsidized “Free Food” merchants, other than those previously named; Meals on Wheels, Senior Centers, Area Agency on Aging, Western Arkansas Planning & Development, a new huge entry by the name of Antioch Community Food Pantry, as well as various homeless agencies…and the NGO 501c3 beat goes on.

By chance, if the outcry continues that there remain enormous numbers of hungry folks (locally & nationally), where is the proof?

The following is a hypothesis & only a hypothesis, if there are thousands of hungry souls residing in America, why? Perhaps it is government’s priority, e.g. our Southern border of 2200 miles is virtually unprotected and been so for decades. Over 1 million illegal foreign national invaders enter our republic yearly, added to the entrance of 1.2 million legals, coupled to a lottery system & visas, most of them never leave, and eat at “Free Food” dispensaries. This alone proves the dispensing of “Free Food” by our government is unnecessary and a deranged ruse. There is no intention to terminate mass immigration, legal & illegal by government whose intentions are for global hegemony.

Republican Arkansas Senator John Boozman lobbied for and received low-wage illegal Mexican foreign workers on behalf of a personal friend. Boozman emailed the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey, Mex. asking for 80 illegal Mexican workers for a farm in Arkansas. This activity was on behalf of his friend Doug Gillam of Gillam Farms of Arkansas. Gillam owns the farm with his brother Jeremy Gillam, who is the Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives. A culpable offense by both Boozman & the Gillams—see below, 1324a.

Why does the criminally corrupt American government, both parties, NOT enforce existing U.S. immigration law 8-USC, Section 1325, 1324a, & 1324c? 1324a = “Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years in jail, plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien”. Answer: they are never held accountable by their all-encompassing protection racket.
There is the matter of the 17 year ongoing preemptive wars by the U.S. and at least 4 more in the hamper and no end in sight. Congress this year added $80 Billion to the bloated U.S. military budget which approaches $1 Trillion yearly. Government’s sordid phony excuse for subsidizing this massive military/industrial complex is “We’re keeping you safe”. War is America’s economic engine, unfortunately and is rapidly approaching the point of destroying all mankind—there are no winners in a nuclear war, but the psychopaths in DC disagree.

Incumbency is a toxic weed…Deadly

Joe McCutchen

Trail Mania/Altruism/Destruction of Individualism

May 21, 2017
Trail mania—who’s behind and the real purpose, besides huge bucks for owners of 501c3’s & 4’s?

Recall Fort Smith is hustling for 87 miles of trails and recently “visionary” Miles Crawford who claims to be an altruist and a selfless individual has proposed 35 more miles in an article in the TR May 14, 2017 declaring that abandoned railroad beds from Central City to Paris & all villages in between would be the recipients of the Trail. Ownership? Maintenance? Financing? Usage?

Is it your foolish belief that the idea for massive numbers & miles of trails were birthed in U.S. cities, e.g. Fort Smith? If so, why then the proliferation of thousands upon thousands of miles of trails & costing billions of dollars to fund & construct across the nation? Crawford & all his fellow travellers enjoy saying trails are “good for the economy, will bring jobs.” Evidence please. An old Fort Smith standby promotion tool is e.g. “Fayetteville & other cities are constructing trails”, as if there a mandate for Fort Smith.

Two years ago the dozen or so promoters of FS trails held a series of meetings in Fort Smith, Van Buren, Greenwood, & Pocola & produced less than a scant 100 citizen attendees…mostly special interests.

So what are these trails really for, besides for the CEO’s of the 502c3’s & 4’s? There is another reason, but what is it?

Miles Crawford is CEO of something curiously named “Go Ye Employment Services” & Chair of Ark. Workforce Development Board. Obviously Crawford is inextricably linked to and a product of government and involved in a 501c3 or 4. Another question , who planted the railroad bed trail system in his mind?

Diane Morrison is the Fort Smith trail boss and her 501c3 is the recently resurrected Frontier MPO…also on the incompetent board of WAPDD…conflicts? Ask the Mayor and City Directors, they are the experts in conflicts, cover-ups & transparency. Ms. Morrison has the credentials of a full-blown Marxist.

Individuals or corporations who set up 501c3’s & 4’s, traditionally called “non-profits” are anything but non-profit. Never forget that the 501c3’s & 4’s CEO’s and their enablers set themselves up with nice salaries, with little or no oversight, and taxpayers one way or another always subsidize/fund them.

Mr. Crawford’s justification for putting this 35 mile extravaganza together, with 2 friends, states the nascent project has gone from the “idea stage” and now they are pursuing the “developmental stage” and about ready to enter the stage to “Obtain the necessary resources,( i.e. taxpayer money) to purchase the land and develop it”, in other words another 501c3, Crawford the CEO to be & the frenzy for obtaining taxpayer monies (Grants) begins. Question: Who put Crawford and his 2 friends up to promoting another political vision? All politicians & bureaucrats are famous for their self-serving “visions”, but never involving their own money.

In the beginning I state that Crawford & his 2 friends proudly admit they are Cultural Marxists (Altruist & selflessness) I see no evidence of their commitment to self-sacrifice, smells like another tier of government welfare on the march, i.e. Grants.

Their claim of being Altruistic and practitioners of selflessness is the three allegedly walked a few miles on the rail bed and amateurishly droned part of the 35 mile span.

Auguste Compte, a French philosopher in the 1830’s coined the words Altruism & Sociology, the antithesis of our Founding Fathers & the Enlightenment. True altruism & selflessness is pure Cultural Marxist, communist, socialist, progressive propaganda as shown in the quote below.

A simple definition of Altruism by Ayn Rand, “What is the moral code of Altruism?” “The basic principle of Altruism is that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence and that self-sacrifice is the highest moral duty, virtue, and value”. Mr. Crawford you don’t fit that definition. What you fit is the profile of a self-serving government parrot.

So Mr. Crawford, again I ask who planted the Rails to Trails concept in your head, probably in one of your required government seminars.

All the while, nationally & locally bridges, highways, streets, sanitation systems, are crumbling while our corrupt politicians add to the crisis by spending billions on trails and non-essentials all flying in the face of our $20 Trillion national debt, 7 ongoing wars, billions yearly on legal & illegal immigrants who contribute mightily to all the above. Therefore; what is government’s tyrannical plan for Trail Mania?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Senator John Boozman, using the same editorial space in the TR today in a piece titled “Graduates, can you make a difference?

Opining the same kind of Marxist dribble as Miles Crawford, is espousing—borrowing from Hillary Clinton—“It Takes a Village”.

Boozman recycles (no pun intended)…for instance with poetic Marxism, “We’re all capable of helping others”, “How can you make a difference”, “Live your life as a giver”, he omitted the other cliché, “Giving back”. Same old collectivist indoctrination drilled into students heads, killing our nation. Not one word about merit, achievement or rugged individual responsibility.

Residing in the Congress for 16 years and has not made one significant legislative accomplishment. Perhaps he would be advised to practice the Marxist mantra he asks of others. Such people are enemies of our Constitutional individual freedoms.

See reliable source for details.



In the springtime many weeds can be beautiful, but quickly lose their colored petals, their array of attractive leaves & stems, i.e. politicians once elected and convening their legislative sessions. As the season wears on the weeds lose their entire luster and become ugly detritus, i.e. the legislative sessions conclude. You see, these weeds are destructors of the soil (we the people) and they bleed all beneficial nutrients, chemical compounds from the soil. If these weeds, politicians and their residue–legislative bills, are not removed the weeds’ destruction amplifies and ultimately squeezes the life breath out of the rich soils that once produced food for all nature and the beauties/freedoms that once sustained “we the people”.

At this point, the unconstitutional & irreverent conduct of Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson & his Republican legislative serfs will be omitted and the question of allegiance will be posed.

Specifically speaking, there has not been one word in any media regarding the stated political positions of Arkansas’ six national Republican representatives and 2 terms Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and their support or lack of for President Donald Trump, during the campaign & after election.

This fact is indicative that in all likelihood none voted for the President while hoping for a Trump failure. Each of these political twerps is intermeshed with the Establishment (both), the RNC & multi-national corporations, if not the Deep State.

All 7 are political cowards, opportunists, unconstitutionally irrelevant and pathetic pieces of humanity. Case in point. 16 year incumbent & going for 22 and a traitor to Americans/Arkansans, Senator John Boozman, warmonger & world traveler. But after all, Arkansans did elect. Apparently the qualifications for elections in Arkansas are Republican, so-called conservative, Christian, Evangelical, etc. paying no attention to what has occurred under their reign. How embarrassing.

President Trump, giving his all for those issues that must be sacred to the American people…borders, language & culture, freedom of choice in healthcare and most certainly jobs. All 7 of these twerps AWOL.

Not one of the 7 traitors has put their shoulder to the grindstone to enact the Trump agenda and remold our republic into a nation that is prosperous and honorable.

I am particularly gratified that the President is not a Republican and that he only used the party label as a vehicle for victory.

Joe McCutchen

The Forgotten Paragons of Peace & Civility


Does anyone really know the mindset of President-Elect Donald Trump? January 21, 2017 the neutral pendulum will begin to swing right or left. Citizens should be keenly aware of nuances, meaningless statements; political positions that regularly come forth from his mouth, as well as the super large issues he will be instantly confronted with. The importance is simply that the new president will hold more collective power in all the political arenas on that date than any man in the history of the world. Which way and how far will the pendulum swing?

The American government, on a perpetual basis, needs soldiers and lots of them to continue their unconstitutional, preemptive murdering and destructive psychotic pursuits.

President Elect Donald J. Trump, who I voted for with certain caveats, has reiterated multiple times that:
1. U.S. must greatly strengthen nuclear capabilities
2. Retrofit the existing U.S. military
3. Furthermore: Increase the numbers & scope of the U.S. military top down. These statements (positions) and their implementation have the capacity to destroy mankind.

Question: why the necessity for the above? Who is today’s U.S. enemy du jour? Not one foreign national government has shown an inclination for war since 1945.

The current U.S. military is the largest and best equipped in the history of the world, yet President Elect Trump wants to rebuild & build on those numbers. At least 5 countries have a nuclear capability that could destroy the globe 10X over in minutes, namely the U.S., U.K., China, Israel, & Russia. There are others. Of the 5, who presents the greatest threat to precipitate a nuclear Armageddon—in my mind, the U.S. and/or Israel.

Should President Elect Trump proceed on the psychotic misadventures for global destruction i.e. arms race, as opposed to pursuing a vigorous global peace initiative, laissez faire capitalism, and as one of the Founders stated…”no foreign entanglements”, we shall pay dearly in blood & treasure. There is an excellent chance that civilization could be wiped off the face of the earth, e.g. the U.S. forcing China & Russia into a nuclear global conflict, now occurring—U.S. military along Russian borders & naval forces in the South China Sea. These two nations will not be bullied.

Bush I & II engaged this nation into 15 years of continual murdering and destruction, aided by Barack Obama with no end in sight. The RNC (Republican National Committee) and its sitting Senators & Representatives are warmongers of the highest order and no doubt inherited their DNA from the butcher of butchers, President Abraham Lincoln, e.g. Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsay Graham, and in AR. neophyte war-activist Sen. Tom Cotton, & indolent Sen. John Boozman who acts only on command from the RNC to pull the levers for war, otherwise his 15 year legislative presence has been a blank slate & a disgrace.

If President Elect Trump is successful in the macro enlargement and retrofitting of the U.S. military, what are his plans for utilizing this behemoth? The U.S. currently has a military presence in 130 countries! Again, I ask why? None of these countries have shown one iota of interest in any manner to engage the U.S. militarily, while at the same time the U.S. has meddled, destroyed, & murdered millions of innocent citizens around the globe, e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Ukraine, Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela, & Russia (posting NATO troops on the borders of countries contiguous with Russia—e.g. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, a U.S. naval armada in the South China Sea, and a recent deployment of tanks in Eastern Germany. ) Who is the aggressor?

I ask again, what does Mr. Trump plan to do with his proposal to metastasize the U.S. military? Are the troops going to languish in their barracks sitting on their bunks polishing their brass and rearranging their foot lockers? Certainly not, it is a formula for global destruction/hegemony, the only logical conclusion with which one can arrive, with another massive buildup of troops & material. Armies are assembled to destroy countries, kill, and torture, remove individual freedoms & institute multiple methods of captivity ending in slavery. The U.S. military is not assembled for peaceful engagements. (Accompanied by a national debt of $20 TRILLION & GROWING)

To the point. Paul Wolfowitz, dual Israeli/U.S. citizen, heavily involved in Bush II’s criminal adventures & author of the Wolfowitz Doctrine—“WE SHALL HAVE NO RIVALS”, and using the doctrine simply means, as he states, “ETERNAL WAR FOR ETERNAL PEACE” resulting in an insane equation for the pursuit of U.S. global dominance with the obvious need for massive numbers of young Americans, i.e. cannon fodder, to satisfy the dreams & goals of elitists, bankers, military/industrial/surveillance complex, and of course in the mid-east to do the fighting & funding for Israeli Jews.

All Americans during the last 4 decades have been recipients of daily fuselages of indoctrination, propagandizing, conditioning, and directives, to institute emotional behaviors that is producing an overweening emotional admiration for war and the military, and at the same time citizens hardly realizing our republic has been embroiled in a continuing 15 year war that engages in super criminal acts.

The above methods are being used at every public event (free & paid) at public institutions (public schools, universities & entertainment venues) & always with an accompanying display of force: enormous flags, cannons, fireworks, military presence, flyovers, music—highly successful maudlin spectacles which produce the desired enlistments, none of which should be a part of private citizen’s entertainment & academic interests, nor should citizens be subjected to a bellicose environment at any time.

Therefore: who will you say is violating the cannons of civility? Put another way, who do you believe deserves the title of “global enemy”?

The whole of America, mainly due to ignorance, is betraying the principles laid down by our Founding Fathers, resulting in the U.S. becoming a belligerent historical wasteland.

Painfully said, the courageous U.S. fighting force is bringing our republic down by creating chaos & fear at home & abroad, not “KEEPING US SAFE” as the general officers, politicians & media bloviate daily. The U.S. has become the global enemy and unless these young people realize they are subsidizing their own demise in unconstitutional, preemptive wars and the criminal activities of American governments we will never arise from the filth and vermin to which this & past American governments have brought us.

The courageous American military are not heroes, they are tools used by elitists who foolhardily pursue their hegemonic ambitions. Some solutions for the neutralization of our despotic federal government are akin to simple syrup—simple.

Redeploy all American troops back to the confines of the USA, use the redeployed troops to lockdown all our national borders—land, sea, & air; use a substantial number of the remaining redeployed to build a wall contiguous with Mexico. Discharge all military personnel who do not provide active rolls in positively serving our nation; remove all illegal foreign nationals from roles in our military. Deport all illegals and those residing here on expired visas. The redeployment will also provide for a sleek, effective fighting force and relieve U.S. taxpayers from paying billions of dollars on foolish military excursions. If the numbers remaining are sufficiently great they should be directed to rebuilding our infrastructure. And finally, there should be instituted a 5 year moratorium on all immigration, giving our nation a chance to acculturate/assimilate the hundreds of ethnic groups who reside here legally.

Citizens, you do understand that politicians & bureaucrats are not going to resolve on their own the multiple crises we taxpayers are enduring—they created them all for their own enrichment. The coup de gras to complete the above tenants for saving our Constitutional Republic; all incumbents must be given the boot promptly, removing any chance of reenacting conscription, among other repugnant things.

Speaking of heroes, 3 individuals stand out, Edward Snowden fled to Russia, Bradley Manning federal prison, & Julian Assange house arrest Ecuadorian Embassy. They have given their all to alert/educate Americans to the magnitude of the criminal cabal located in DC—the federal government. President Elect Donald Trump, in my view, should pardon these 3 men and award with appropriate medals of honor—they may just have saved our nation.

Joe McCutchen

Draining the Swamp–includes Boozman

November 4, 2016
Senator John Boozman once again talks down to “we the people” and lies. The Senator is in the process of completing 15 years languishing in the cesspool of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC and harvesting huge benefits.

He entered this formerly beautiful admired city the same time as the second coming of the Bush Crime Family entered. Boozman immediately became an enabler & vassal for Bush & his Jewish underwriters for undeclared wars, destruction of whole countries and ultimately (now) the displacement of hundreds of thousands of mideasterners.

Boozman is a war criminal as are the other 436 and the previous administrations dating back to 911. He has voted to fund Bush’s butchery now carried on by Obama with no end in sight.

The litmus test that he sincerely believes & correctly so, the majority of Arkansans are politically ignorant putting them on a level of juveniles

The acid test is of course the political ads he is running via TV. I have noted this in recent articles about his complicity in 15 years of war crimes, bankrupting the nation, & so on.

In his most recent ad, among other things, he stated that “he was fighting to keep big government out of the homes of Arkansans”. Any fool understands that nothing in a household is free of the government fingerprint. Other of his statements say he is “fighting for jobs for Arkansans and veterans”, he “is fighting to fix the VA”, he is “fighting to keep us safe” (how?—name one fact), he says he’s against illegal immigration while his home is the citadel of illegal immigration (Rogers, AR), at the same time he votes more funding to sustain wars and create new ones, therefore more global enemies. This man is a congenital liar.

During his 15 years he has lived lavishly, never a chairman of a committee, no constitutional accomplishments, just a hired gun for the RNC and the Deep State. Legislatively, he is a hoax.

Voters have & will continue to flock to the polls and reelect Boozman—the enabler of war crimes and self-aggrandizement, and some of the reasons given for their vote “he is a conservative, has Arkansas values, is a Christian, is an evangelical, he is the lesser of the 2 evils”, ad infinitum.

If voters were smarter, better educated, and showed some courage the Boozman/Eldridge voting boxes would be left blank. Citizens, does it ever occur to you what multiple crises we are engaged in that began on 911 at the hand of the Bush Crime Family, and never a mention by Boozman what his position is with regard to the corruption of the both Parties and does not support the GOP presidential candidate, and most of you are willing to give him 6 more years to continue Republican warmongering & crony capitalism?

Joe McCutchen



“The evil that is in this world always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding”—Albert Camus


Briefly: Boozman resides in Rogers, AR, an optometrist, served on the Rogers School Board at the height of the illegal Mexican and OTM invasions and no public outcry from Boozman or the Board against the nesters.

The now Senator Boozman initially rode into the U.S. Congress on the coattails of his deceased brother, a physician, and before his brother’s untimely death, he was employed by the Arkansas State Health Department.

Boozman was sworn into the U.S. House on 11/20/01 after a special election and held that office for 10 years. George W. Bush was inaugurated as POTUS earlier that same year.

Broadly speaking, Boozman has been invisible (no voice) for middleclass Arkansans during his 15 year residency in the U.S. House& Senate, but readily available to Tyson’s, Wal-Mart, the globalist Chambers of Commerce, the U.S. military/industrial complex, bankers & most assuredly the corrupt warmongering Republican Establishment.

Within months of his congressional swearing in ceremony he became a willing trigger man & enabler for the Bush/Republican Establishment & the deep-state cabal (the government within our government) which is shown later in this article that sets the tone for his unconstitutional & criminal acts in his now concluding 15 years in the nation’s capital—the DC cesspool.

President G.W. Bush, militarily attacked Afghanistan 10/07/01, 26 days after the inside U.S./Israeli job of 911, followed by an attack on Iraq on March 20, 2003—still raging 15 years later and to what end? These far beyond horrific events were built on lies & deceit orchestrated principally by Jewish neoconservatives & carried out by Republican neocons. Recall: the bringing down of the twin towers occurred on 9-11-01 & Americans emotionally swallowed another lie put forward by the U.S. government that 19 Saudis neutralized the whole of the U.S. military & intelligence services. The plan for the Mideast destruction was created by well-placed Jewish neocons and the proposed operation was named the “Project for a New American Century” (PNAC) e.g. Rumsfeld, Kristol, the Kagans, Wolfowitz (the Wolfowitz Doctrine—“we shall have no rivals”), Feith, Chertoff, Perle, Bolton, Gaffney, Soros, Rothchilds, and other Jewish insiders. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the media carried out the seduction of emotional Americans. PNAC evolved in the late 1990’s lying in wait for an excuse to activate, e.g. 911. Why did Bush attack Afghanistan 26 days after 911 and Iraq some 2 years later since Bush & the neoconservative Jews, Republicans & media alleged the perpetrators were 19 Saudis?

Why 15 years later, with preemptive strikes & total destruction of at least 7 mideast countries that meant no malice and offered no military threat are still being subjected to murder, torture, the creation of millions of refugees caused by Bush & continued by Obama, coupled to a $20 TRILLION debt, surveillance & murdering by drones here & globally, spying on & killing American citizens, loss of liberty, and the creation of the now U.S. police state—all compliments of Senator John Boozman & his colleagues who secretly engineered the overthrow of foreign governments, e.g. Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and soon to come Syria and of course all the killing fields without declarations of war. All the while demagoguing Russia as our enemy. Vladimir Putin is the only peace-seeking statesman around the globe. U.S. forces have encircled the Russian state and are provoking war—why? Jewish & American neocons quest for global dominance.

Boozman is a Vichy collaborator. His votes prove he is an active participant in every sordid crime that has been spawned by the Bush & Obama administrations. Couple this with the fact that the Republican Establishment verbally & arrogantly have shown no respect for( Republican) Americans who are the base of the party by their disavowing the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States—Donald J. Trump. All for protecting their ill-gotten personal monetary and political gain.

The RNC first showed their disdain for the nominee June 25, 2015.

Senator Boozman has not produced or articulated one position paper on the criminal activities of either the Bush & Obama administrations. Of course not, he is an enabler & approved. The truth is he has been an active player behind the scenes and in the Senate Chamber that passed thousands of pieces of legislation that have destroyed our sovereignty, our former racial cohesiveness & has reduced our formerly preeminent republic to a nation of 3rd world cultists , e.g. a $20 TRILLION national debt, unbridled immigration legal & illegal, No Child Left Behind, Common Core, the IRS scandal, Fast & Furious, the Benghazi murders, 93 million Americans unemployed, 43 million on food stamps, the international invasions by Syrian refugees, the overthrow of democratically elected Presidents of Ukraine, Libya, & Egypt, the tens of thousands of emails that frame Hillary Clinton guilty of treason and not a word from the Republican controlled House & Senate. All this and more, created on Boozman’s & his cohorts watch as they have engorged themselves lavishly and lived in an opulent realm. Boozman receives $3 million per year “walking around money”.

Boozman, invisible for 15 years, no public stands on the aforementioned crimes, is a lower echelon member of the Club and is a de facto supporter of Hillary Clinton as most of Republican office holders are. I unabashedly declare that Boozman, Cotton, Womack, Crawford & Hutchinson will not vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Listed below are some of the legislative crimes that Boozman supported & voted for, resulting in deaths, destruction, torture, droning, spying, sniping that has reduced our nation to a depraved police & welfare state.

This U.S. government created & sustains the Taliban, NUSRA, Al Qaeda, ISIS, et al now with the intentions of overthrowing President Assad’s Syrian government with the sole goal of territorial expansion for the postage stamp of terror—Israel, by exploiting the American military and spending U.S. tax dollars—which we do not have.

Continuing are a few of the Constitutional, legislative, & military crimes Senator Boozman has enabled by his vote in the two legislative chambers he has occupied for 15 years. Understand that there are thousands of the aforementioned and time & most particularly space will not permit their identification. With that in mind, only a microcosm of the Senator’s criminal involvements are listed. I will forego the category labeled Constitutional because only 1% of congressional acts & legislation is Constitutionally enacted.

I. LEGISLATIVE CRIMES. This category ID’s only 26 of the unconstitutional & criminal acts in this section and involves Trillions of dollars since March 25, 2004. In 2004 the national debt was $7.5 Trillion and not to be redundant, today it is $20 Trillion—all voted yes by Senator Boozman. Accounting for these trillions were such bills as…The Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) an expanded NAFTA. The Thought Crime Bill, Aid to the Mexican Military (while the U.S. is the recipient of 25-25 million illegal Mexicans & our laws preventing such invasions go arrogantly unenforced by the designs of corporate America, banks & the military). The Bail-Out Bill…authorizing the Treasury Dept. to use $700 billion of taxpayer money to bail-out banks who had skimmed for mortgage related securities…at that time Oct. 2008 our national debt was $9 Trillion. Boozman told a Pulaski Tea Party group in April that year he liked some of Obama’s new healthcare legislation, e.g. parents could keep their children on Obamacare welfare until the age of 26. Boozman voted for a Budget Resolution, that was a mandatory bill requiring that spending must be $1.5 trillion in fiscal 2005. Observe today’s mandatory spending—it is despicable. The 15 year savagery has cost taxpayers in the Trillions and Boozman has voted for an increase in the federal budget each year.

II. MILITARY CRIMES. During 8 years with the criminal Bush Administration here is a smattering of more treasonous votes by Boozman. As previously mentioned he has voted every time for the Patriot Act which nullifies the 4th & 10th Amendments. He voted for the Military Commissions Act (MCA) which negates Habeas Corpus. He voted to silence Posse Comitatus. Boozman is a member of the NATO Committee with intentions to implement Globalism. The U.S. is bankrupt yet we have 400,000 troops patrolling and securing borders internationally while refusing to secure our own national borders. In my view of all the dastardly acts Boozman has committed the worst was voting for the rendition/torture portion contained the National Defense Authorization Act (spying on every American) “sealed the deal” that America now is a Police State. The 2016 military budget is $58 Billion dedicated to the phony war on terrorism, maintaining the “killing fields” and the baloney “keeping us safe”. The U.S. has military presence in 130 countries. Why?

Boozman and his televised campaign rhetoric have talked down to & has insulted every veteran who has served in the 15 year Mideast debacle. Remember: Boozman was involved in the Mideast destruction from day one and has continued to support and encourage the continuous brutal, unconstitutional preemptive assaults that has destroyed 7 sovereign Mideast nations. The audacity of Boozman who salivates and advocates “eternal war for eternal peace”, the Jews battle cry.

Excerpts from some of Boozmans’ TV ads, while fomenting for more war, is trying to apply a Band-Aid to cover the deaths, maiming and pain he and his cohorts have inflicted on Vets. They are designed apparently thinking that veterans are low-information citizens/voters. He sends our troops to war then offers pathetic sound bites to sooth.

15 years on your watch MANDRAKE, tell the veterans & the rest of us, HOW & WHEN do you plan to implement your promises to the Vets?

Boozman’s commercials:
1. “I will fight to get veterans good paying jobs” How Mandrake?
2. “I will fight to get veterans jobs” How Mandrake?
3. “I am fighting for you” How Mandrake?
4. “I’m fighting to protect you” (He sends you to war and he is going to protect you?) How Mandrake?
5. Boozman states “he is going to wipe them off the map” (spoken like a purebred warmongering Republican)
6. “I will fix the VA hospital” How Mandrake?

No incumbent who holds a national office, most particularly Republicans, and in this case Senator John Boozman deserves your vote. The boxes labeled Boozman & Eldridge should be left blank. A blank box is our only offense.

The only national Republican that is worthy of your vote is Donald J. Trump

Joe McCutchen

What’s to Fear? The Comprachicos are Here!!


A “Comprachico” education—only the techniques have changed in public schools & media.

“Comprachicos”—child buyers labored in the 17th century, forgotten in the 18th and revived in the 20th century. In the 17th they bought & traded children. They physically disfigured children’s bodies & minds by all sorts of grotesque procedures and their ultimate result was the destruction of the children’s’ bodies/minds for there was a market for these children as clowns, court jesters, sideshows, etc.

To create their physical & mental savagery comprachicos had to procure the child early. Getting the child early was key—3 years.

Government knows this, the NEA & AEA know this, and the public school teachers may or may not know this, but are the purveyors of the refined state of the Comprachicos. Note: Government administrations continue to lower the age they seize the child, literally and figuratively. As Government schools continue to expropriate the child mentally they edge nearer & nearer to the actual acquisition of the child at birth; witness the role reversal and the widening gulf between parents & childrens’ relationships due to government forcing its will upon families.

A statement attributed to the Jesuits, “give me a child for 7 years and you may do what you like afterwards”.

The Jewish Frankfurt School (Frankfurt, Germany) in the 1930’s, and the late 30’s in the U.S. expanded their ideas into the minds of “all ages”, by their “MARCH THROUGH (our) THE INSTITUTIONS” impregnating all sectors with their intent to destroy all vestiges of western civilization, e.g. the United States, and they were and are prodigious & successful beyond imagination giving birth & maturity to Political Correctness—an enemy that will not be defeated due to the vastly changed American demographic, i.e. unbridled mass immigration, legal & illegal, resulting in a sea of divergent cultures & philosophies—all dependent on government in one form or other. The white middleclass, the new proletariat, soon to be a fleeting memory.

The first 5 or 6 years of a child’s life gives rise to his cognitive resources and if presented with the necessary stimuli & tools will quickly develop only a smattering of their potential resources. In most cases the degree of cognition achieved is directly proportional to the amount & type of tools & stimuli made available.

The Comprachicos brutal activities achieved their goals. The disfigurement of the mind is the current edition of a different form of Comprachicoism in 21st century Americana, in a more gentle, insidious approach.

Most American middleclass adults & their children are oblivious and totally unaware of the battles for the minds of their children, the enemies are government schools, their administrators & teachers who are no more than dutiful automatons marching to the drumbeat of the corrupt Department of Education, unions and international authorities. Teachers are teaching the same lies, obfuscations, omissions, cover-ups, methodology that they themselves have been taught, i.e. victims of the same system they are teaching.

To quote Ayn Rand, “If, in any 2 years of adult life, man could learn as much as an infant learns in his first 2 years, he would have the capacity of a genius”.

Today’s goal of Government schools is to short-circuit the child’s mind by mostly sophisticated methods, unlike those used by the Comprachicos. In today’s sophisticated technical world middleclass American students coming out of public schools have nearly zero knowledge of our nation’s history, philosophy, and our economic system. Simply put, history & philosophy are the keystones of knowledge, undergirded by geography, literature, and the arts & sciences. The one exception taught in public schools that allow students to achieve are the music departments. Scholars have warned for years without a foundation in history, civilization will continue to make century old tragic mistakes. Observe…if you will—eternal wars, a massive welfare state, nationalized healthcare, unbridled immigration, national debt, etc.

Today’s teachers condition, indoctrinate, program, teach group & government dependency, all cultures & individuals are equal (statist indoctrination) i.e. egalitarianism, the sure equation for mental submission and civic/social destruction. All cultures & ethnic groups are not the same in any regard. Observe.

A huge mental void exists in children today and adults of the last 5 decades in terms of logic, cognitive abilities, reason, rationality, concepts & most importantly, Individual initiative & thinking that gives rise to new ideas which are the engines of advancement—ALL BY DESIGN.

Group mentality is the global design—easier to control—brainwashed & government dependent. Most teachers are still well received and even admired by some, even though they are the globalists’ messengers of academic fraud.

Public schools teach that the child should be group oriented and their individual genetic characteristics should be submerged in deference to the group. The child is taught not look to himself in a decision making capacity or leadership but to the group/herd, thereby suppressing new ideas & methods. (Same results with incumbent politicians…e.g. Senator John Boozman.)

Adults & children are taught to respect authority figures, e.g. congressmen, county judges, the general assembly, etc. regardless of how criminally inspired, stupid, immoral or arrogant they are as individuals. In the same vein, the government controlled public school system and media teach the art of subterfuge, fear mongering, social absurdities, and pretzelized logic.

I have long been engaged in self-debate as to which entity of government is the most criminally corrupt; it came down to the military and public schools. 1. The military under civilian command, i.e. POTUS & Secretary of Defense & a curious General Officer Corps, have kept our Republic in a continuous state of war for no legitimate reasons, e.g. Clinton, Bush, Obama. The U.S. federal government is our enemy & we should be fearful. Observe the murder & mayhem—all sides. 2. A conscious attack by public schools on the minds of children. The self-debate concluded with government schools winning by a hair. Why? Because the child has no defense mechanisms to defend against conscious attacks via the scrambling of the minds of millions of children by educational groups of all stripes. Teachers have become the citadel of statist indoctrination—witness their products–the millennials.

Teachers indoctrinate, condition, propagandize all children without regard to the damage they are inflicting, but after all they are also victims & have been bathed in the same system. Some of the effects of the public school failures, can be attributed to voting patterns, e.g. continuing to reelect incumbents decade after decade. Observe the state of the U.S. nation & who are the causative agents of our decline into near decadence—career politicians & bureaucrats, compliments of ignorant voters…example: in Arkansas I again present one Senator by the name of John Boozman, a pathetic shell of a man and a product of the Bush Crime Family.

‘Troubling that citizens refuse to observe the cause and effect of government incumbency, particularly the national scene & seemingly do not understand that our only weapon to restore freedom is to withhold the vote. (Think about it…Boozman & Eldridge)

Solution: In 1965 Governor Orval Faubus & the AR General Assembly betrayed Arkansans by turning over complete control of the city/state run education systems by accepting federal funding. The initial sell-out amounted to 5.7% of that year’s state education fund.

Federal funding now amounts to 17% of Arkansas’ current education budget, which means the Feds own 17% of our state educational network & hard working citizens own 83% of the said network, yet the Feds control 100% of citizens’ property, all pseudo academics , and their17% percent of the funding is printed out of thin air! Result: citizen stupidity & political criminals.

Every ongoing state administration from Orval Faubus to Asa Hutchinson has allowed this condition to exacerbate.

We private sector citizens have paid for the physical structures, the real estate, administrators, teachers & their ancillary help’s inflated salaries (vs. equivalent private sector salaries), and yet we through our insouciance allow faceless bureaucrats & elected or appointed slugs dictate the terms & methods of our children’s so-called education.

If Arkansans had honorable politicians & educators they would say no more federal funding, allowing the state’s citizens to determine what’s best educationally for our children—back to basics. It would be exciting to have citizen control of our public schools, taking management out of the hands of the Dept. of Education, unions and the massive democrat voting block of teachers…plenty of statewide funding is available to properly conduct our schools without the federales stolen funding & their strong-armed tactics. We desperately need to elect courageous, morally straight candidates with an awareness of our children’s educational needs. Today all we have is a collection of self-servers.

A snippet: the Fort Smith School Board & its administration, without a whimper increased this year’s yearly budget by $3 million, and have allowed the further institutionalizing of cultural welfare on demand, e.g. 70% (a colossal disgrace & hands held out for more) of all Fort Smith students are on free breakfasts, lunches, adult tutoring, etc stupidly in technicolor. In addition, Governor Asa Hutchinson signed on to Obamacare welfare, renamed by Hutchinson—ARKANSAS WORKS—WHICH HAS NOW REACHED THE NUMBER OF 308,000 & IS ROCKETING. This is the state paid “AFFORDABLE CARE ACT”.

Hutchinson would call this “Arkansas Values” with a “Vision”.


Joe McCutchen

Mass killings, False flags?, & eternal wars


In my opinion Orlando, FL is not the narrative, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, & Poland are. June 15, 2016

Could it be Orlando was a false flag or simply government incompetence? It is said the shooter ripped off 103 rounds with a single shot repeater that required him to stop & insert at least 3 clips during the shooting spree. The setting, we are told, was a small room accommodating 200-300 people. It is difficult to believe that in a prolonged period of time, not one of the 200-300 occupants challenged the shooter. The FBI reported the shooter had made 2 recent trips to Saudi Arabia, was vetted & cleared each time. Same scenario for the 2 Boston shooters, 2 trips to eastern Russia, vetted & cleared. By the way, Saudi Arabia was the home of the 19 individuals alleged to have brought down the twin towers with box cutters??

If you believe the official government explanation regarding Boston, you most likely believe all the other highly questionable tales that the government has spun e.g. Waco, Ruby Ridge, 911, Okla. City, Wounded Knee, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, BLM—Nevada & Oregon; Fast & Furious;… and internationally—have overthrown duly elected democratic regimes in Ukraine, Libya, Egypt…accompanied by their destruction; not to mention Iraq & Afghanistan. Then of course there is Benghazi. Why the plethora of failures by the 17 federal security agencies, notably CIA, FBI, NSA—if they were not false flags

Immigration, legal & illegal, is the root cause of most of the acrimony, bellicosities, instability, & violence occurring in our republic…all due to corrupt presidents & legislatures who refuse to enforce existing U.S. Immigration Law.

Regardless of who staged & carried out the heinous Orlando act, politically it serves 2 purposes. It stimulates Cultural Marxist bureaucrats & politicians, prepping Americans for more government assaults with the goal of completely disarming citizens and to institute another run-up for continuing “eternal war for eternal peace”. Recall: World class criminal Republican President Geo. W. Bush thrust America into a 16 year war against mideasterners, at the behest of Israel & American neoconservatives (mostly Republicans). During this 16 year period the warring organizations of Al-Qaeda, The Taliban, ISIS, the rebels in Syria, and a host of other religious/non-religious sects were covert creations of the U.S. government. Today our friends, tomorrow the enemy!

Now the Narrative. While America’s attention is focused on the Orlando massacre, NATO under the thumb of the U.S. government is demonstrating a psychosis never seen before due to weaponry (nuclear), stealth, & the insatiable desire for global governance. The U.S. involvement in aggressive actions has now propelled the U.S. to a breath away from a nuclear Armageddon with Russia, & China. Iran of course would join Russia if there are any remains. Make no mistake; Russian President Vladimir Putin will retaliate in kind if he fears the Russian homeland is dangerously threatened, as now seems to be the case.

Let it be said, in spite of the lies being spewed by the U.S. government, media, & bureaucrats Russia is NOT poised to attack Europe, Ukraine or any other country. In spite of the litany of perpetual lies, President Putin is not only the only global statesman but the only statesman seeking global peace. Observe his geopolitical positions during the past 10 years. Middleclass Americans should demand an alignment with Russia, accentuated with treaties & REAL FREE TRADE.

NATO is amassing, as I write, 4 battalions of combat troops on the borders of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland. These battalions follow the orders of the U.S. High Command and it is yet to be said how many Americans will participate in the battalions and what are the ultimate overall numbers projected to be.

The American government has implemented dual-citizen Israeli Paul Wolfowitz and his “Wolfowitz Doctrine…we shall have no rivals”….to the letter.

The actions by NATO, under U.S. command, following orders from mostly neoconservative Republicans can only be described as psychotic Hubris in their hegemonic pursuit to achieve U.S. global dominance.

Arkansas has 4 Republican contributors to the potential nuclear Armageddon. Senator Sleepy John Boozman who the RNC awakens only when they need his vote. Recall: Boozman was one of Bush II’s featured rubber stamps. Senator Tom Cotton, who in his first year in the U.S. Senate (a hugely dangerous war aggressor) met with casino owner (Las Vegas & Macao) Sheldon Adelson in his private office on 12/24/14 and accepted a $3 million check. Ownership immediately changed hands from the citizens of Arkansas to a dual-citizen Israeli Jew. Other wealthy Jews buying Cotton’s allegiance are William Kristol $960,000; Paul Singer; Seth Klarman; John Bolton; ad infinitum. The dollar love fest between Cotton and select wealthy Jews, coupled with his war mentality, has very dangerous implications. It is my belief that Sen. Cotton has been groomed to be the Jews’ Republican presidential candidate in 2020, Cotton being the quisling Goy.

Aside from being Israeli President Netanyahu’s personal U.S. Senate chattel (he owns most of the U.S. government), Cotton has all the qualifications Jews are demanding: Cotton is intelligent; energetic; daring; takes & gives orders well; Ivy League degrees; mideastern military service; and from his previous political activities there is no doubt he too is in a hurry to seek the U.S. presidency in spite of the price.

Congressmen Steve Womack & Rick Crawford are also neocon warmongers. Too early to identify Congressmen French Hill & Bruce Westerman’s positions on warmongering.

Conspiracies you say?—In due course we shall see & hopefully I am wrong. Remember, aside from the few conclusions I drew, all the data cited are factual.

Joe McCutchen