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Deceptive Dem-Gaz editorial re illegal aliens

November 28, 2017

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Sunday, November 26, 2017…unsigned editorial titled “Let us reason together—there must be a better way than this”.

The article makes no sense and I believe that to be by design. Therefore I will excerpt just a few statements and address.

1. “Not when the country’s official policy toward illegal immigration is….what is it anyway?” Answer: 8 USC Section 1324a…Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years jail, plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien. Examples: Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, John Tyson, OK Foods, Simmons, Senator John Boozman and the recipient is Jeremy Gillam Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives and his blueberry harvest.

2. The article alludes to 12 million illegals. The then Bear-Stearns in 1999 did an exhaustive study and concluded there were at least 20 million illegals nesting in the U.S. and could go to 25 million. Accepting the U.S. government’s word for anything is gross stupidity.

3. The article states “illegal immigrants may have very legal American children. What to do then?” Answer: send Ma & Pa packing and if the child is an adult he/she can make the call to stay or leave and if an infant they may return legally when of age.

4. The article says “maybe we should start by admitting that we can’t round them all up and send them back”. President Reagan did. The way we should do it is to cut off all welfare, enforce E-Verify, and arrest previously mentioned CEO’s and the illegals will self deport quickly.

5. “Make these folks legal, guarantee them adequate shelter & wages, not to mention police protection and allow them to come out of the shadows”. It is hard to believe that the writer could be this stupid, i.e. “come out of the shadows” when they demonstrate, protest, make demands, fly the Mexican flag, etc. Also, they already get “shelter & wages”. When Gov. Huckabee was in office he passed a bill that all illegal women would receive free pre-natal care and after delivery, all ancillary services they demand. Similarly Gov. Hutchinson, when he was national border czar made the statement that “illegals could not sleep at night for fear of being caught”. Back to Huckabee, he violated U.S. law—Article I, Section 10 by establishing a Mexican Consulate funded by 3 individuals for the transfer of illegals throughout Arkansas, Tennessee & Western Oklahoma.

This paper has always pushed for open borders and amnesty, e.g. Paul Greenberg.

The cost for Arkansas taxpayers the past year was $17 BILLION to subsidize illegals; all the while 93 million Americans are out of work. 73% of all agriculture projects are performed by Americans. Furthermore, the DACA program is a grandiose lie and if passed into law, each DACA recipient could average bringing in 10 or more of their relatives in any physical condition.

Why are citizens allowing our republic to become a 3rd World dumping ground, which is simply trading down.

Meanwhile we have a $20 TRILLION national debt, military presence in 150 countries, ongoing Mideast wars, & provoking Syria, Russia, Iran, & China. How dare them publish such a traitorous article when our republic is literally on the precipice headed for the abyss?

Joe McCutchen


The T.R. front pages 10/17/17, 10/25/17 “Blessing set for new Mercy Clinic” & “Clinic at Riverview Hope Clinic” the right thing to do’. October 31, 2017

Performing the blessing was Bishop Anthony Taylor of the Little Rock Diocese—the state.

The story says the Pope has issued an order to “Reach out to the periphery”—an oxymoron. The “periphery” are all 3rd Worlders.

The “periphery” being the millions of illegal Mexicans & OTM’s that have illegally invaded our nation under the direction of the Pope, i.e. Bishop Taylor, but not limited to, e.g. government, corporations, phony charities, etc.

A cursory look at the Bishop and the Catholic hierarchy, the crimes they have and are committing against America, most particularly, white middleclass Americans. The illegal atrocities being committed by the Catholic Order are distressing, their game is—illegal parishioners & money, and where the money comes from is the oxymoron.

The Bishop openly flouts U.S. Law—8 USC, Section 1325, 1324c, 1304, 1304e, & 1324a—which among other things includes any person who knowingly hires, harbors, transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 yrs jail, plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien, all of which the Catholic Church is practicing.

Bishop Taylor & Gov. Mike Huckabee are responsible for the creation of the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock…in violation of Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. The Mexican outpost functions as a distribution center (Arkansas, Tennessee & Eastern Oklahoma) for illegals, directing them to jobs & sanctuary cities—all Arkansas cities are now sanctuaries, e.g. Fort Smith & NW Arkansas.

Catholic Charities is an unconstitutional misnomer and a fraud. The American taxpayer, predominately whites are forced and coerced into funding Catholic Charities, i.e. taxes, grants, & tax credits. Visit the national capital and one of its ongoing congressional hearings dealing with finances and query numerous Catholic Lobbyists who freely admit they are there to hustle for Catholic Charities.


Catholics, re immigration, illegal & some forms of legal, insure the demise of Western Civilization; sovereignty, language, culture, and the rule of Constitutional law–AMNESTY. Hundreds of ethnic groups reside in America with no intentions of acculturation, coupled to their drug distribution, gangs, welfare usage, and none of the foreign national cultures have any recent history of a substantive accomplishments. Why are we not being more selective in immigration policies as the Founders intended?

Should not the Pope & his Cardinals practicing their (pseudo) benevolence divest the Holy See of Billions of dollars, gold, silver, precious gems, art, & property they have stolen over the centuries and use for the good of the “Periphery”??? That would be the moral high ground.

2013 Taylor began to use the U.S. Constitution as a defense for his illegalities by quoting the “Common Good” clause in the U.S. Constitution as an argument for continuing a massive taxpayer forced wealth redistribution from earners to illegal takers. The Founders stated in the Federalist Papers the “common good” clause was expressly for self-determination and responsibility for self, not what is evolving presently.

The Catholic hierarchies have campaigned for over 100 years for universal healthcare. Taylor stated Medicaid creates jobs and without illegal aliens the Catholic Church could not survive. Quite an admission!

Bishop Taylor photographed blessing a water fountain at the new Mercy Clinic is indeed disturbing. Are we not now in the 21st century?
Finally, for the 900,000 “Dreamers” there is an excellent university in Queretaro, MX for you. The name is the Queretaro Branch of Arkansas State University–Queretaro, MX.

“We can all be conned but at what point do we realize we are being conned and at what point do we allow ourselves to be conned?” Guy Ritchie

Joe McCutchen

P.S. 75% of all agricultural work is done by American citizens—not illegals.

The White Founding Stock Genocide

The White American Founding Stock on the precipice of being relegated to minority status—by design. March 30, 2017

Then What?

Never in the history of our Republic has there been so much treasure spent maliciously, i.e. Bush’s 16 year indulgences in criminal, unconstitutional wars, likewise public education and nothing positive gained.

T.R. 3/28/17: “School District seeks diversity”, i.e. more historical crime and government expansion being launched against middleclass white Americans further reducing us to a proletariat dimension.

I have debated myself for years which federal government agency is the most criminally corrupt that those reside under the federal government umbrella. Finally, my winner: government schools. The T.R. article above tipped the scales for me.

Yes, the American military killing machine being engaged in eternal preemptive wars (since 1950;s Korea) now with an uninvited presence in 160 nations resulting in murder, destruction, torture, rape, sniping, U.S. government overthrows, all claiming mysterious phantom enemies and oh yes, are “keeping us safe”…while failing to secure our national borders. The military killing machine does have brief interludes for retrofitting their armaments ($54 billion x 3 years) while the short circuiting of American white children minds is perpetual. The young foolishly courageous soldiers providing the man power (cannon fodder) for global insurrection believe they are “keeping us safe”. Most not understanding the U.S. is the global enemy (Dick Cheney’s call for war) set us on the path for global Armageddon. Most of these brave young troops are products & victims of the public schools’ systems—government—PC, social behavior, absent logic, history & philosophy.

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Annette Henderson (assistants, deputies, associates, acting—a fiscal crime & how many of these are dwelling in the district?) proclaims 89% of the teachers are white (from her purview that is bad), 42% of students white–bad, 33.7% Hispanic–good. Interestingly and tragically Mexicans and OTM’s outnumber black Americans by 22.4%. In other words, foreign nationals, mostly illegals, are one-third of the student population—a constitutional, immoral crime. Why is so much treasure, attention, energies spent on foreign born nationals while black & white American students, most particularly white are neglected academically?

Why did Assistant Superintendent Henderson not disclose or perhaps she did not know and why did not Reporter Alex Golden ask some of the following questions?

1. How many Mexicans & OTM’s in the district are illegal & how many, along with their parents are being fed, clothed, schooled & medicated in the Fort Smith system? Ms. Henderson acquaint yourself with 8USC, sections 1324a, 1324c, 1325. Where do you come up with a constitutional fact that allows you to advocate that illegals and legals should be afforded extended rights while dumbing down, in the main, most white students? First of all the illegals should be deported and the legals expected to acculturate into our society and abandon their failed philosophies & cultures. You obviously do not understand this.
2. How many foreign languages are spoken in the district? How is this linguistic tsunami dealt with?
3. How many illegals on welfare and why are taxpayers forced to pay?
4. How many unreported crimes in the district?

Never to my knowledge has the U.S. Dept. of Education, NEA, or the AEA complained about inheriting and teaching in a foreign national environment. One example, which emanated from Former Superintendent Benny Gooden who proclaimed at the zenith of the illegal Mexican & OTM invasions, with fervor (referring to illegals)…”we will take all we can get”. Of course his aim was more money and expansion for the criminal government education protection racket. Observe the results!

THE CRIME: Where is it stated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and in any legislation that in the main white middleclass citizens are obligated or have the moral responsibility to house, feed, educate, medicate these hordes of millions, legal & illegal, resulting in the pretzelizing the minds of black & white middleclass children by dumbing down the curriculum and implementing wholesale political correctness compliments of the Cultural Marxist Frankfurt School and their “march through the institutions”?
The depth of the educational criminal enterprise is indeed breathtaking! All connected with government become automatons of government, surrendering their independence for what they believe is a little security.

No school Board members, no teachers, no administrators, and certainly no politicians ever question the faux curriculum being foisted on the unknowing parents & children. Why? The above 4 groups are educational traitors and are deliberately trading down academically to accommodate the hordes who have and are invading our republic, e.g. Hispanics, mideasterners, sub-Saharan Africans, Indians, & Orientals, all resulting in a mongrelized population and societal destabilization as the end result—all in nation-killing practice of DIVERSITY. Is that Ms. Henderson’s, et al goal?

The curriculum that is now being laid against American black & white students consists of out-right lies (154 yr. old Lincoln cover-up), omissions, revisions, indoctrination, PC emergence, all cultures are equal, DNA same, everyone equal, conditioning, propagandizing—all resulting in the short-circuiting our children’s minds—all by design.

Sadly, many if not most, are purposely devoid of factual history & the ability to think logically & independently—The antithesis of public schools. Trading down academically will soon force our once preeminent republic to implode/explode. Sooner rather than later. The U.S. academically ranks #29 for a reason.

Look no further than the incumbents who ‘we the people’ continually reelect cycle after cycle. In the minds of politicians, incumbency confers ownership resulting in crime & irreversible corruption.

The real mass immigration tsunami into America is on the horizon. This is our last call to breakfast.

Merit is out, trading down is in, a national fairly homogeneous white founding population is out and a vagabond, illiterate, diversified factions in.

Mass immigration, legal & illegal, has made the U.S. formerly the most envied nation in the history of mankind and now in all likelihood, the most hated nation—turned into a land mass & and an uncivilized gypsy population that cannot be properly governed, particularly when that government is thoroughly criminally corrupted.

Joe McCutchen

Exposing the Cuckservatives in Arkansas

August 2, 2015
Cuckservative Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s dismal political record: That is, if you brand yourself a bonafide conservative, which I doubt you are. The cuckold I.D. aptly describes the Republican members of the Ark. State Assembly.

I Immigration – Hutchinson was the Director of the DEA, Sec. of DHS “border czar”, and most recently he repudiated presidential candidate Donald Trump’s positions on the illegal Mexican and OTM invasions. Appointed by Bush II, Hutchinson during his reign as border czar presided over the greatest number of illegal aliens to enter our country in its history. . This includes Obama’s treacherous acts of illegal amnesties, illegal children invasions, and the usual illegal activities regarding immigration.

II He and the Assembly caved on Obamacare. He and they added 300,000 and counting more deadbeats tying them to the backs of middleclass producers. Ahh yes, Hutchinson states he will terminate the Obama welfare program in 2016. Sure, he/they will.

III He caved this week on Common Core—adios forever any semblance of state/local control of education—the victims again are our children. The teaching community is in lockstep with this citizen sellout.

IV Hutchinson refuses to speak publicly on the status of former governor Mike Beebe’s and the 2013 AR General Assembly (perhaps further back) actions to create the arcane Arkansas State University’s Mexico division in Queretaro, Mexico.

Who are Governor Asa Hutchinson’s handlers? Middleclass Arkansans, observe the Governor’s relationship with the state’s Chambers of Commerce.

Joe McCutchen

RINO leader reveals true colors–again!

RINO leader reveals true colors—again. July 16, 2015

In typical Governor Asa Hutchinson’s cowardly fashion the Gov. said yesterday, responding to a reporter’s question about Donald Trump’s impending visit to the state this Friday, “I do not agree with many of the comments he made in recent weeks”.

Hutchinson does not say what he disagrees with but, it’s easy for citizens to understand. Hutchinson has been a cowardly flop on immigration at every stop and every statement Trump has made about immigration is dead on and only the pols in media whimper that Trump’s statements are caustic.

Gov. Hutchinson in another diatribe, “We in Arkansas certainly want to have a strong outreach to the Hispanic community to make them part of our economic growth in this state, as well as our political climate in the state”.

Note, Hutchinson does not distinguish between legal & illegal Hispanics and the sum of that statement is telegraphing to the corporate community cheap labor will continue to steal middleclass jobs and he hopes Rino donations & votes, to hell with Constitutional & Federal law.

It appears Hutchinson has a long history regarding illicit drugs. He was Federal Prosecutor/Mena, while in Congress he convened a congressional investigation in Rogers and identified Mexican drug cartels in that area, he was U.S. Drug Czar & famous for the saying the following…he felt bad for illegals because they could not sleep at night for fear of being caught!….results from all these activities…ZERO.

Hutchinson states he has endorsed former Gov. Mike Huckabee, recall: Huckabee who’s the fellow that brought Arkansas a Mexican Consulate in the dead of night—a warehouse & distribution center for illegals; and also brought the LULAC national convention to Little Rock, and he famous for speaking there that white, southern white guys like him would soon be in the minority—with a big smile!

Hutchinson bailed out on Obamacare & bequeathed the productive citizens of Arkansas a gift of another 300,000 welfare parasites. That sealed the day—Obamacare will never leave this state or nation due to Republican political cowardice and complicity.

It can be truthfully said that welfare recipients now occupy 25-30% of the state’s population, and in republican-speak, that is a conservative figure. This cannot be sustained….going the way of Greece.

Joe McCutchen

Socialized Healthcare: The Cruelest Form of Forced Redistribution

May 16, 2015
Sounds like a provisional Marxist to me—that would be Republican Senator Jim Hendren, a 20 year veteran of the rock’em & roll’em Arkansas State Legislature.

Read his words that were printed in the T. R. today.

“Hendren said then that the firm’s proposal was too focused on finding ineligible Medicaid recipients who could be “scrubbed” from the rolls. He also said the firm proposed to have most of its work done within four and a half months, which he said was too brief a time for the scale of the project. “ (How does he know and if he does know what is the need for an expensive Consultant?)

What could be more laudable than kicking out welfare cheats, of which there are tens of thousands in Arkansas, and hiring a company that obviously is not taking advantage of the system, i.e. TAXPAYERS. Bravo. Sen. Hendren is obviously comfortable with doing the exact opposite.

In this regard, it appears that he is surrounded by fellow travelers, i.e. Senator David Sanders and Rep. Charlie Collins…and throw in House Speaker Jeremy Gilliam.

All want to dump previously hired consultants, The Stephens Group, and hire the Public Consulting Group of Boston—WHY? Anything emanating from Boston is highly suspicious, particularly if you are a constitutionalist.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson had the chance to remove Obamacare, i.e. the Affordable Care Act and/or the Private Option once and for all from Arkansas, but did not have the political will or the integrity to do so.

The aforementioned, in my mind, are intent on foisting an incremental Marxist healthcare system on the taxpaying citizens of Arkansas, with full benefits for all illegals. All of this…Sheer Madness.

After all, Republicans are not only warmongers, but have shown themselves to be provisional Cultural Marxists (forced redistribution)—OBSERVE.

Joe McCutchen

The Scales of Justice Broken



Do you believe Gov. Asa Hutchinson, the Arkansas General Assembly, Senators John Boozman & Tom Cotton, et al. have any intentions of attempting to solve the horrendous escalations in prison populations whether it be city, county, state, or Fed, other than, perhaps building more beds & prisons? The answer is a resounding NO!

Prisons & Jails are good businesses, profitable businesses, for both government & private endeavors, expands government, and favors suppliers. Prisons & jails are like city-states. They need all products demanded by small communities, and then some. It appears the business of prisons has become a very large, lucrative racket and the “War on Drugs” a miserable, expensive failure.

Case in point: The Times Record printed a story Friday, March 27,2014 titled “Drug Charges Net Fort Smith Man 17 years”, actually the sentence was 17 ½ years followed by 5 years of supervised release, and that in itself, in some cases, is worse than the actual sentence.

The sentence was all about ONE count of methamphetamine possession and intent to distribute.

Yes, the 33 year old man broke the law and should be penalized, but 22 ½ Years for possession of methamphetamine? 22 ½ years? The sentence was demanded by Federal Prosecutor Conner Eldtridge, U.S. Attorney for the Western District Arkansas. The sentence meted out for this young man was/is barbaric and uncivilized, and will be hugely taxpayer expensive, a condition that does not resonate in government.

In the same context, the man found guilty of stealing $272,236 from the Southside High School Band & on a prior occasion, $360,000 from the Missouri Willard High School Band Boosters, Sentence: 5 Years, so says Eldridge on a Channel 5 newscast. Weigh the magnitude of the crimes and sentences and compare.

Eldridge, in defense of his draconian sentence would no doubt stand on the government platform stating the federal law permits that sentence. Think about this again, 22 ½ long years just for having some methamphetamine in his possession and think further the exorbitant taxpayer cost to keep this man incarcerated for 17 ½ years, followed by another 5 years when he may or may not be released.

What will be positively accomplished by the barbaric sentence? If anything, it could be achieved in a much shorter time span—say 6 months to 1 year.

If politicians were interested in attempting to resolve at least a portion of the prison crisis, they would first visit & reevaluate the draconian sentencing laws at all levels of the judicial system, followed by drastic reductions in mandatory sentencing laws, as would be the case in this matter, from 6 months to 1 year, 2 years max followed by the creation of general educational classes based on the individual’s prevailing achieved academic status and professional instruction would last for the length of the sentence. A system reflecting this outline would not be perfect, but a beginning & a civilized approach to incarcerations, probably reducing recidivism and absolutely reducing the horrendous expenditures immensely. Today, the Arkansas recidivism rate, depending on the source, ranges between 45 & 70%. GOT THAT!

Tons of amphetamines & derivatives were legally prescribed from the 1940’s through the 1990’s (the military, weight control, and psychiatrics, etc.) and in the main, society functioned very well. Illicit drugs can be a menace to society with the continuation of prohibition-like laws as the treatment of choice to deal with the illicit drug problem that has proven to be wholly dysfunctional. Yet individuals who are elected, appointed & hired to protect society continue the prescription of failure. As Professor Polya so aptly calls it, “The Coalition of the Willing”.

Federal Prosecutor Eldridge is a political appointee and in all likelihood has never physically examined the inside actual workings of a Federal Prison. I heartedly suggest that he and others in like stations motor east to the federal prison in Forrest City and/or south to same in Texarkana and observe the masses of young prisoners, both sexes, gathered with their young families at visitation time and ask your collective selves, is this not in fact the real institution of criminality—wildly excessive incarcerations? Furthermore, Mr. Eldridge, if you and those of you with like minds spent one day and night in and under prison conditions; maybe you would change your prosecutorial positions.

Just think, like so many who have gone before, the 33 year old William Joseph Alexander has been put into a 22 ½ year vacuum and in all likelihood with prosecutorial vengeance, for a few milligrams or perhaps kilos (2.2 lbs.) of methamphetamine while at the same time similar sentences have incarcerated millions for having a bag or a few bags, or less of marijuana, etc.

The U.S. incarceration at a rate is 5X, YOU READ IT RIGHT, 5X the average incarceration rate of the industrialized world.


What is missing from this screed? The other half of Judicial incompetence & the arrogance & brutality of the entire system. What about the enforcement of 8 USC, Sections 1324a, 1325, 1459, & 1644…all of which clearly states the heavy penalties for illegally entering our country and for aiding, abetting, hiring, sheltering or transporting illegals, all absent prosecutions by Federal Prosecutors.

There are thousands of illegals nesting in the Fort Smith area specifically and Arkansas generally, accompanied by numerous gangs; therefore why is Prosecutor Eldridge not using the many policing agencies & powers at his disposal to round up illegals, the gangs, and their employers and prosecute?

Is it not ironic that Fed. Prosecutor Eldridge can step out the front door of his office, gaze south for a couple of hundred yards, and see one of the bigger violations of 8 USC in the matter of abetting, hiring and employing thousands of illegal Mexicans and OTM’s by a foreign-owned poultry corporation. At the same time Prosecutor Eldridge has no qualms regarding sending a young American citizen to the Big House for 17 ½ years while destroying his potentially productive life.

Federal Prosecutor Eldridge along with all federal officials has sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rule of Law. All Federal Prosecutors have refused to use & enforce their legal authorities in prosecuting the illegal alien U.S. population and their U.S. employers. At the same time U.S. President Obama has released onto the streets 167,000 foreign national illegal criminal aliens who have been duly prosecuted, serving hard time, and not a word or explanation from the Western District Federal Prosecutor, or any of the rest of their numbers.

While all the above carnage is being dumped on American society, President Obama, unconstitutionally and illegally, is importing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and the local Western District Prosecutor, along with his colleagues, have all been muzzled and are obviously willing participants demonstrated by their silence. THE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM IS NOT BROKEN—IT IS THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THE SYSTEM THAT ARE BROKEN & CORRUPT.

While Federal Prosecutor Eldridge turns a blind eye to rampant criminal behaviors he has no problem in sending the young man William Joseph Alexander up the river for much of his life. SO MUCH FOR REAL AMERICAN JUSTICE. BREAD & CIRCUSES, YOU KNOW!

Is it any wonder that the United States holds more prisoners per capita than any country around the globe? Nothing to be proud of. By the way, William Joseph Alexander will be 55 years of age, if he is fully released on schedule…for possession of a few grams or less of Meth.

Government has no shame or concern for taxpaying Arkansans and Americans, and is more than willing to let this poisonous spider continue to grow its killing tentacles.

Education in the prison system, accompanied by an 80% reduction in the length of certain prison sentences are possible viable solutions for taxpayer financial and a general societal relief.

Joe McCutchen

Three departments in Arkansas government dealing with Corrections had an increase this year of $20 million.

This followed up by a $40 million surplus and Gov. Hutchinson gets $20 million to spread at his pleasure. The State Senate & House divide the other $20 million to secure their positions & other purposes

Why was this $40 million not returned to the beleaguered taxpaying citizens? The practice is abject corruption by any standard.

the Governor lied, surprise, surprise!


That voice was that of “Conservative, Religious & Constitutionalist” (so he says) Gov. Asa Hutchinson. He exclaimed to me that all able-bodied recipients of the “Private Option”, i.e. Obamacare must be “given an incentive to look for a job”. That sounded like a “fool’s gold” bribe to me. With the Governor’s message I thought surely I had already been to the marijuana shoppe, after all a “Conservative” Governor attempting to bribe hundreds of thousands of American shirkers & illegal Mexicans & OTM’s?

An oppressive government (Arkansas) can take by force the economic production from the middleclass and dispense it to those who refuse to work. Precisely what the Governor proposed and is materializing.

Governor Hutchinson has been dining at the taxpaying producers’ lunch box his entire adult life and he knows more than anyone that welfare recipients, in the main, do not and will not look for jobs. His aforementioned proclamation documents the fact that the majority is not now seeking nor will they ever seek employment.

Therefore; why did he make such an outrageous statement that insults the very constituency that voted him into office? And I say citizens, in this collection of parasites are thousands of illegal residents who also enjoy the fruits of middle-class production and all the time the middleclass is subsidizing their own demise by continuing to elect shameless, corrupt career politicians & the hiring of bureaucrats.

May I suggest to the “Conservative” Governor the real antidote for such despicable conduct (the offering & the accepting of bribery) of career welfare-ites, including politicians & bureaucrats…a swift kick in the form of no more checks; the only solution.

It then comes to mind as I am jogging home from the marijuana shoppe that Gov. Hutchinson is also in receipt of 4-5 Elitist welfare checks himself and will always be in favor of government expansion

His voice came to me again, even more resonating, and there was applause in the background—no doubt the state legislature– as he forcefully stated “there will be no effort put forward to cancel the Private Option”, i.e. Obamacare that he and the legislature will wait 2 years so as to provide time to devise, alter and/or craft some form of legislation that will mildly modify the Private Option.

The governor knows full well that 2 years hence there will not be a snowball’s chance in hell to overturn Obamacare, while he as the Governor & state legislature are a significant party to turning over the entirety of American healthcare to the corrupt, criminal state & federal governments.

Asa Hutchinson’s campaign for the Governor of the state of Arkansas was based on two issues:
1. $100 million tax relief for the middleclass
2. The destruction of the “Private Option”, i.e. Obamacare
Both have turned out to be falsehoods, a complete reversal of his campaign promises.

I was beginning to tire returning from my long jog to & from the marijuana shoppe, and I asked myself the question, “what has the alleged ‘Conservative, religious, Constitutional “ Governor Hutchinson ever accomplished in his lifetime career of “public service” (self-service) that has any redeeming qualities? I can find none. Once he came close. As a sitting Congressman he convened a political summit in NW Arkansas made up of congressmen, FBI, DEA, local & state police, sheriffs, etc. to confront what he & other DC luminaries called the illegal drug trafficking problem. The hearing revealed that it was caused by illegal Mexican distribution centers and drug trafficking in NW Arkansas. News of the gathering lasted 12 hours before the news blackout occurred.

He failed as Federal Prosecutor and as head of the DHS. So why would any thinking individual believe he would vigorously support the taxpaying middleclass as opposed to illegals and American shirkers?

He’s making fools of the citizens of Arkansas and the majority of the masses probably deserve that description.

After cogitating the bribe and the continued implementation of the Socialized Private Option by the newly elected Governor, I’ve decided to take a short break & immediately jog back down the Trails to the marijuana shoppe because I know I’m going to be forced to write another check to the rapacious government; therefore the necessity for a few more deep inhalations. I say “forced” because resistance brings government retaliation.

Joe McCutchen

Camp of the Saints & Cultural Marxists

December 5, 2014
Eerily reminiscent of the novel “The Camp of the Saints”, the first few million 3rd & 4th world scouts’ aboard “freighters” (any form of transportation) have arrived, unloaded and dispersed into our nation, as well as all Western civilized nations of the globe.

They were/are given special dispensation….receiving food stamps, healthcare (including Huckabee’s brain child, free pre & post natal healthcare for illegals), education, housing, SSI, ad infinitum, often responding with volatile “demonstrations” demanding “rights” unheard of in their native countries, happening in varying degrees in all 1st world countries, not just the USA.

These freebies, all subsidized by hardworking taxpaying citizens, serve to encourage & embolden the aliens’ unconstitutional, outlaw invasions. Outrageous behavior, all possible because of the utterly corrupt political system in DC, state capitals, city & county administrations’ cowardice & destructive complicity in the USA specifically, and ditto globally.

Khazar Jewish Communist Cultural Marxists, e.g. Lukacs, Adorno (“Who will save us from Western Civilization?”), Horkheimer, Fromm, Gramsci, & Marcuse i.e. designed a system in the 1930’s to destroy Western Civilization without preemptive bloody violence (which was tried and failed in Russia) and that Gramsci described as “The long march through the institutions”; meaning the infiltration & takeover of every institution of influence & education.

The strategy used was called Critical Theory…..relentlessly criticize & attack all Western/cultural/family values and concepts, e.g. the importance of reason, rugged individualism, individual protected rights such as life, liberty & property. The strategy worked like a charm…a slow, steady introduction of anti-American ideas, such as affirmative action, sexism, multiculturalism, feminism, white guilt for real or unreal offenses of past generations (i.e. unearned guilt), etc.

The combination of white guilt & multicultural propaganda (“diversity is our strength” BS) produced the sovereignty killing concept of open borders, allowing the 3rd & 4th world to invade and degrade
The USA morphed from a country with rational self-interest employing the Ellis Island concept of checking would be immigrants for diseases, criminal backgrounds, skills, ability/will to assimilate & sponsors who would be responsible for immigrants not becoming wards of the taxpayers into a lawless system of allowing (often facilitating) the entrance of unchecked aliens by the millions.

No nation can survive that does not protect its culture, language & borders…which was/is the plan. Unchecked Illiterates from 3rd & 4th world societies en masse bring no redeeming qualities for the growth & well-being of a constitutional, rational rule of law society/ country; they bring only frightfully expensive problems for the taxpayers, e.g. schools, law enforcement, healthcare, welfare, dramatically increased crime, chaos, et al. Most are illiterate in their own languages, both in reading & writing.

In addition to the perpetrators whose motive is to destroy western civilization, there are the facilitating hordes of companies, organizations & individuals looking to cash in on cheap labor and government funding for immediate gratification…to hell with the future ramifications/destruction. By the way, when the middle class is gone, who will buy all their products?

Once the “immigrants” are ensconced they are easily agitated into expecting not only more & more, not only of the privileges of lawful folks, but of special goodies also, to the point they feel entitled to unearned rewards, joined by the native agitating neer-do=well parasites.

Now that the U.S. Emperor has proclaimed Amnesty expect untold millions of like aliens, destroying & swallowing up the host country much like locust plagues and/or the destructive stampedes described so eloquently in The Camp of the Saints. Only the Elites may escape. Some statistics project that by 2030 whites will only be 13% of a world population of about 9 billion, considering the successful deliberate fomenting of hatred toward whites by the Cultural Marxists & other races as well, what is your conclusion?

A depletion of treasure & the spillage of innocent blood is the logical result—which translates into savage looting, burning & killing. OBSERVE FERGUSON. Ponder the demographics & try to tell yourself DNA is not a factor. The Camp of the Saints freighter armadas are loaded & in motion & there is nothing to stop them. The tsunami is underway and there is slim to no chance for escape. The Cultural Marxist strategy of destructive “racism” has been successful beyond their wildest dreams and the Camp of the Saints’ prediction is in progress.

A final question: How do the white/Jewish agitator facilitators think they will somehow survive/thrive? Answer: they won’t—the tsunami they unleashed cares nothing for them and will engulf & swallow them up too. Poetic justice…but a tragic dirge for civilized humankind and its achievements, along with happiness & peace on earth…the price for Adorno’s “saving us from Western Civilization”.

~Barbara McCutchen