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Deceptive Dem-Gaz editorial re illegal aliens

November 28, 2017

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Sunday, November 26, 2017…unsigned editorial titled “Let us reason together—there must be a better way than this”.

The article makes no sense and I believe that to be by design. Therefore I will excerpt just a few statements and address.

1. “Not when the country’s official policy toward illegal immigration is….what is it anyway?” Answer: 8 USC Section 1324a…Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years jail, plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien. Examples: Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, John Tyson, OK Foods, Simmons, Senator John Boozman and the recipient is Jeremy Gillam Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives and his blueberry harvest.

2. The article alludes to 12 million illegals. The then Bear-Stearns in 1999 did an exhaustive study and concluded there were at least 20 million illegals nesting in the U.S. and could go to 25 million. Accepting the U.S. government’s word for anything is gross stupidity.

3. The article states “illegal immigrants may have very legal American children. What to do then?” Answer: send Ma & Pa packing and if the child is an adult he/she can make the call to stay or leave and if an infant they may return legally when of age.

4. The article says “maybe we should start by admitting that we can’t round them all up and send them back”. President Reagan did. The way we should do it is to cut off all welfare, enforce E-Verify, and arrest previously mentioned CEO’s and the illegals will self deport quickly.

5. “Make these folks legal, guarantee them adequate shelter & wages, not to mention police protection and allow them to come out of the shadows”. It is hard to believe that the writer could be this stupid, i.e. “come out of the shadows” when they demonstrate, protest, make demands, fly the Mexican flag, etc. Also, they already get “shelter & wages”. When Gov. Huckabee was in office he passed a bill that all illegal women would receive free pre-natal care and after delivery, all ancillary services they demand. Similarly Gov. Hutchinson, when he was national border czar made the statement that “illegals could not sleep at night for fear of being caught”. Back to Huckabee, he violated U.S. law—Article I, Section 10 by establishing a Mexican Consulate funded by 3 individuals for the transfer of illegals throughout Arkansas, Tennessee & Western Oklahoma.

This paper has always pushed for open borders and amnesty, e.g. Paul Greenberg.

The cost for Arkansas taxpayers the past year was $17 BILLION to subsidize illegals; all the while 93 million Americans are out of work. 73% of all agriculture projects are performed by Americans. Furthermore, the DACA program is a grandiose lie and if passed into law, each DACA recipient could average bringing in 10 or more of their relatives in any physical condition.

Why are citizens allowing our republic to become a 3rd World dumping ground, which is simply trading down.

Meanwhile we have a $20 TRILLION national debt, military presence in 150 countries, ongoing Mideast wars, & provoking Syria, Russia, Iran, & China. How dare them publish such a traitorous article when our republic is literally on the precipice headed for the abyss?

Joe McCutchen


The T.R. front pages 10/17/17, 10/25/17 “Blessing set for new Mercy Clinic” & “Clinic at Riverview Hope Clinic” the right thing to do’. October 31, 2017

Performing the blessing was Bishop Anthony Taylor of the Little Rock Diocese—the state.

The story says the Pope has issued an order to “Reach out to the periphery”—an oxymoron. The “periphery” are all 3rd Worlders.

The “periphery” being the millions of illegal Mexicans & OTM’s that have illegally invaded our nation under the direction of the Pope, i.e. Bishop Taylor, but not limited to, e.g. government, corporations, phony charities, etc.

A cursory look at the Bishop and the Catholic hierarchy, the crimes they have and are committing against America, most particularly, white middleclass Americans. The illegal atrocities being committed by the Catholic Order are distressing, their game is—illegal parishioners & money, and where the money comes from is the oxymoron.

The Bishop openly flouts U.S. Law—8 USC, Section 1325, 1324c, 1304, 1304e, & 1324a—which among other things includes any person who knowingly hires, harbors, transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 yrs jail, plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien, all of which the Catholic Church is practicing.

Bishop Taylor & Gov. Mike Huckabee are responsible for the creation of the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock…in violation of Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. The Mexican outpost functions as a distribution center (Arkansas, Tennessee & Eastern Oklahoma) for illegals, directing them to jobs & sanctuary cities—all Arkansas cities are now sanctuaries, e.g. Fort Smith & NW Arkansas.

Catholic Charities is an unconstitutional misnomer and a fraud. The American taxpayer, predominately whites are forced and coerced into funding Catholic Charities, i.e. taxes, grants, & tax credits. Visit the national capital and one of its ongoing congressional hearings dealing with finances and query numerous Catholic Lobbyists who freely admit they are there to hustle for Catholic Charities.


Catholics, re immigration, illegal & some forms of legal, insure the demise of Western Civilization; sovereignty, language, culture, and the rule of Constitutional law–AMNESTY. Hundreds of ethnic groups reside in America with no intentions of acculturation, coupled to their drug distribution, gangs, welfare usage, and none of the foreign national cultures have any recent history of a substantive accomplishments. Why are we not being more selective in immigration policies as the Founders intended?

Should not the Pope & his Cardinals practicing their (pseudo) benevolence divest the Holy See of Billions of dollars, gold, silver, precious gems, art, & property they have stolen over the centuries and use for the good of the “Periphery”??? That would be the moral high ground.

2013 Taylor began to use the U.S. Constitution as a defense for his illegalities by quoting the “Common Good” clause in the U.S. Constitution as an argument for continuing a massive taxpayer forced wealth redistribution from earners to illegal takers. The Founders stated in the Federalist Papers the “common good” clause was expressly for self-determination and responsibility for self, not what is evolving presently.

The Catholic hierarchies have campaigned for over 100 years for universal healthcare. Taylor stated Medicaid creates jobs and without illegal aliens the Catholic Church could not survive. Quite an admission!

Bishop Taylor photographed blessing a water fountain at the new Mercy Clinic is indeed disturbing. Are we not now in the 21st century?
Finally, for the 900,000 “Dreamers” there is an excellent university in Queretaro, MX for you. The name is the Queretaro Branch of Arkansas State University–Queretaro, MX.

“We can all be conned but at what point do we realize we are being conned and at what point do we allow ourselves to be conned?” Guy Ritchie

Joe McCutchen

P.S. 75% of all agricultural work is done by American citizens—not illegals.

Illegal alien invasion, aided & abetted by government & church officials

The nation be damned, traded for gutless self-service. September 5, 2017

9/4/17 Ark. State Reps Charlie Collins & Greg Leding appeared on Ch. 5 Ft. Smith campaigning to uphold 1 million plus DACA (Dreamers/amnesty/plus all their relatives) remaining ostensibly in the U.S. to attend college—gratis, opposed to the legal position of being deported to Mexico/elsewhere as proposed by POTUS. Will he stick?

Why are Collins & Leding championing this illegal act? For a number of reasons. Remember both office holders have sworn their allegiance to uphold and abide by the U.S. Constitution and its undergirding laws.

Both represent the citadel of sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, NWA. The destructive Act began in the late 1940’s and continues unabated today, compliments of John Sr. & Don Tyson.

I do not know about Collins, but Leding is a Catholic. Catholics have been deeply embedded in this illegal practice for decades for the purpose of building sanctuary cities & filling their pews—observe Springdale & Rogers. The vehicle used is “Catholic Charities” that the federal government (taxpayers) fund in the hundreds of millions yearly, resulting in the destruction of our culture, most of which is directed to aiding illegals and replete with hundreds of DC lobbyists.

AR Catholic Bishop Anthony B. Taylor openly advocates for open borders. A number of years ago he stated the Catholic Church in Arkansas could not survive without illegals. What a pathetic creature. Presently Taylor is begging for DACA and money. Taylor daily slaps the Constitution and non-Catholic American’s faces with impunity.

Our nation is teaming with illegal aliens—some studies indicate 25-35 million illegals encamped in our Republic, destroying our infrastructure, enjoying special welfare programs, i.e. COLLEGE, free prenatal care, housing, food, stealing jobs, installing their own cultures, MS13 gangs, etc. May I suggest to the illegals an academic institution of some renown—Ark. State Univ., Queretaro, Mexico.

Rep. Collins & Leding, accompanied by Bishop Taylor are criminals! Citing a portion of 8 USC, Section 1324a: “Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony, punishable by 10 years jail plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien”.

Section 1324c: “Officers are to enforce”. Obviously another police stand-down
Remember the oath Collins & Leding swore to and the aggressive behavior the Pope and his minions exert over U.S. affairs.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S. Throw in Senators Boozman & Cotton.

Exchange re Civilization World is Drowning…Senator evokes Bible

Senator Alan Clark, September 30, 2015

Allow me to respond to your sermon and I will then terminate our political love-affair.

I deal in facts and reality. Something you chose not to address.

Your first sentence “We hold these Truths”…….is a beautiful & true statement, and deals only with the natural rights of men & women, but that’s where equality ends and genetics begin. Observe the success of Western Civilization vs. all the rest–not nearly perfect but the best the world has seen.

The government school systems, of which you are an integral part, have willingly accepted & embraced political correctness which is destroying the fabric of our society and our sovereignty by teaching down to 3rd world masses while at the same time short-circuiting the minds of American children by cheating through false history, rewarding failure, falsified math, sciences, grades, ad infinitum. People, genetically are not created equally and the corruption you are involved with in pursuing an egalitarian citizenry is not only depressing but doomed from the start.

You & some of your political cohorts have in veiled statements, with no documentation, indicated I was a racist for daring to tell truths and expose lies. You hurl racial epitaphs but never factually defend your statements. Too bad, means you have no foundation on which to stand.

Since your diatribe was apparently religiously motivated perhaps I should pose some moral questions for you.

Ex-president George W. Bush, 14 years ago committed heinous crimes against mankind that is still going on today with no end in sight and never will there be a resolution. As we are about to reap our just deserts for our debauchery. And add on to the Statue of Liberty, Emma Lazarus, as a result of Russian pogroms & I paraphrase, people were coming here for a breath of fresh air, hard work, freedom & acculturation…none of which is occurring today in the masses. Now to the question, since the U.S. has criminally destroyed in 14 years at least 12 sovereign nations, accompanied by murdering & maiming which is now the resultant cause of massive invasions by these same peoples into Europe and soon to be the U.S., accompanied by the ultimate destruction of Western Civilization…so the question Senator…are we as descendants of Western Civilization morally obligated to take in these millions who will come here for welfare and others to destroy us a.s.a.p., in any case our culture will not survive. What is your moral stance?

The 3rd worlders invade our nation and bring with them their failed cultures and philosophies and aggressively demand expansion of them, while obliterating the Constitution with the help of appointed & elected individuals such as yourself, John Boozman, Benny Gooden, etc. and while this is going on, i.e. being besieged by the Hispanic invasion, they are pushing native born Americans, especially blacks & white middleclass Americans further into the abyss. Of course there are always individual exceptions but I am addressing the millions of émigrés, most illiterate, poverty-ridden, unassimilated masses which ultimately will result in the irreversible demolition of Western Civilization built by whites. You really need to read The Camp of the Saints badly. What is your solution?

As a member of the State Legislature, you have allowed some Arkansas policing agencies in your district to conduct themselves as brutally as the Nazi Gestapo in Garland County, and observing no corrective action being taken. I am referring to the Gov. Hutchinson, the Ark. General Assembly, and certain members of Arkansas State Police, Sheriffs, & various agencies etc. who brutally assaulted, both mentally & physically the innocent Hot Springs Stanley family in the dead of the night, with no end in sight, just the destruction of a God-fearing family. Senator Clark where were you during all of this?

So Senator, with your religious exaltation’s directed at me personally, along with a few of your political cohorts, what have you done on behalf of the Stanley’s and have you stuck your hand in your pockets & pulled out some money to be passed on to the Stanley’s to help in their legal expenditures as I did months ago, more importantly, what have you done for them as their local representative and furthermore what have you done to terminate the brutish behavior of the slugs involved in this criminal act? What do think Jesus would do?

Actions speak much louder than words…..facts+ reality=justice.

Joe McCutchen
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Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 11:20 PM
To: Barb and Joe M
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Subject: Re: The Civilized World is Drowning in Pathological Altruism via P.C.

Mr. McCutchen,

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal…”. I cannot say it better than that. This is one of the founding truths of conservatism. This thought did not originate in 1776. It did not originate in the Magna Carta. It certainly did not come from the theory of evolution or from any of the world religions or philosophies that teach different classes of people and that one has justification for treating some well and others not so well.

This thought has it’s genesis in the Jewish and Christian scripture in the book we call Genesis. It states that Man was created by God. In the 3rd chapter, it says that Adam called his wife’s name Eve because she was the mother of all living. Although science ,so-called, decried that fact for a hundred years or so, in the last 2 decades, DNA research proves that all of mankind are the descendants of one mother. Being cousins makes us pretty darn equal.

The Apostle Paul builds on this thought when in his epistle to the Romans he spells out repeatedly that we all are equally guilty in our sin, and that we are equally in need of grace. There is no difference between us in God’s eyes according to Paul.

The Apostle John adds to this idea when in the second chapter of I John he challenges us to answer how we can love God whom we have not seen if we cannot even love man whom we have seen.

But Jesus cinches it in the story of the Good Samaritan. After he taught that the second highest commandment after loving God with our utmost, was loving our neighbor as ourself, he was challenged as to who our neighbor is. What a great question. It’s easy (for most of us; some are just hateful to everyone it seems) to love those who look like you, think like you, act like you. Surely those are our neighbors. And we can think less of the rest.

But the hero of the story is the Good Samaritan. The religion of the day taught that this mixed race group that were cousins to the the tribe of Judah were as low as dogs. As such, it was okay to cheat them, lie to them, mistreat them. Certainly the questioner was not expected to love them. Right?

Jesus used the story to illustrate not only that they were to love the Samaritans, but the hated Samaritan was the one who saved the victim’s life. Not his priest, not the leaders of his religion, not those who agreed with him politically, but the man who should have been glad that he was laying on the side of the road dying. The lowly Samaritan was not only his neighbor, he demonstrated the love that Jesus was teaching about by saving the man who probably on any other day might have spat on him.

There is no doubt that there is much I do not know. Perhaps I am as ignorant on world history as you assume (If we ever publicly debate you may find you are gravely mistaken about that, also.) But of this, I am sure. If I am beaten, robbed, and left lying on the side of the road to die, I have much more confidence that Senator Flowers, Senator Elliot, or Senator Chesterfield (in spite of the differences in our politics, worldview, and other disagreements) would be much more likely to help me (or anyone else for that matter), than you would.

It actually saddens me that you and I are supposedly on the same side, politically. If you do not understand “that all men are created equal” I am afraid you do not understand conservatism at all. Your statement could have said, “Americans”, “Patriots”, “Those who care about this country”, “Freedom lovers”, etc. need to come out of the shadows. But with “white American citizens” as your choice of words and then your defense of the same, you did me a great favor by telling me who you really are.

Thank you for that. Just add me to the list of the hated with Hutchinson, Boozman, and Womack. I will consider it an honor.

Alan Clark

P.S. Do not misconstrue this as a defense of illegal immigration. Any literate free thinker will see that it is not. You do much harm to our position of stopping illegal immigration by confirming every evil stereotype the “Left” would paint of those of us who try to stem the tide.

The Scales of Justice Broken



Do you believe Gov. Asa Hutchinson, the Arkansas General Assembly, Senators John Boozman & Tom Cotton, et al. have any intentions of attempting to solve the horrendous escalations in prison populations whether it be city, county, state, or Fed, other than, perhaps building more beds & prisons? The answer is a resounding NO!

Prisons & Jails are good businesses, profitable businesses, for both government & private endeavors, expands government, and favors suppliers. Prisons & jails are like city-states. They need all products demanded by small communities, and then some. It appears the business of prisons has become a very large, lucrative racket and the “War on Drugs” a miserable, expensive failure.

Case in point: The Times Record printed a story Friday, March 27,2014 titled “Drug Charges Net Fort Smith Man 17 years”, actually the sentence was 17 ½ years followed by 5 years of supervised release, and that in itself, in some cases, is worse than the actual sentence.

The sentence was all about ONE count of methamphetamine possession and intent to distribute.

Yes, the 33 year old man broke the law and should be penalized, but 22 ½ Years for possession of methamphetamine? 22 ½ years? The sentence was demanded by Federal Prosecutor Conner Eldtridge, U.S. Attorney for the Western District Arkansas. The sentence meted out for this young man was/is barbaric and uncivilized, and will be hugely taxpayer expensive, a condition that does not resonate in government.

In the same context, the man found guilty of stealing $272,236 from the Southside High School Band & on a prior occasion, $360,000 from the Missouri Willard High School Band Boosters, Sentence: 5 Years, so says Eldridge on a Channel 5 newscast. Weigh the magnitude of the crimes and sentences and compare.

Eldridge, in defense of his draconian sentence would no doubt stand on the government platform stating the federal law permits that sentence. Think about this again, 22 ½ long years just for having some methamphetamine in his possession and think further the exorbitant taxpayer cost to keep this man incarcerated for 17 ½ years, followed by another 5 years when he may or may not be released.

What will be positively accomplished by the barbaric sentence? If anything, it could be achieved in a much shorter time span—say 6 months to 1 year.

If politicians were interested in attempting to resolve at least a portion of the prison crisis, they would first visit & reevaluate the draconian sentencing laws at all levels of the judicial system, followed by drastic reductions in mandatory sentencing laws, as would be the case in this matter, from 6 months to 1 year, 2 years max followed by the creation of general educational classes based on the individual’s prevailing achieved academic status and professional instruction would last for the length of the sentence. A system reflecting this outline would not be perfect, but a beginning & a civilized approach to incarcerations, probably reducing recidivism and absolutely reducing the horrendous expenditures immensely. Today, the Arkansas recidivism rate, depending on the source, ranges between 45 & 70%. GOT THAT!

Tons of amphetamines & derivatives were legally prescribed from the 1940’s through the 1990’s (the military, weight control, and psychiatrics, etc.) and in the main, society functioned very well. Illicit drugs can be a menace to society with the continuation of prohibition-like laws as the treatment of choice to deal with the illicit drug problem that has proven to be wholly dysfunctional. Yet individuals who are elected, appointed & hired to protect society continue the prescription of failure. As Professor Polya so aptly calls it, “The Coalition of the Willing”.

Federal Prosecutor Eldridge is a political appointee and in all likelihood has never physically examined the inside actual workings of a Federal Prison. I heartedly suggest that he and others in like stations motor east to the federal prison in Forrest City and/or south to same in Texarkana and observe the masses of young prisoners, both sexes, gathered with their young families at visitation time and ask your collective selves, is this not in fact the real institution of criminality—wildly excessive incarcerations? Furthermore, Mr. Eldridge, if you and those of you with like minds spent one day and night in and under prison conditions; maybe you would change your prosecutorial positions.

Just think, like so many who have gone before, the 33 year old William Joseph Alexander has been put into a 22 ½ year vacuum and in all likelihood with prosecutorial vengeance, for a few milligrams or perhaps kilos (2.2 lbs.) of methamphetamine while at the same time similar sentences have incarcerated millions for having a bag or a few bags, or less of marijuana, etc.

The U.S. incarceration at a rate is 5X, YOU READ IT RIGHT, 5X the average incarceration rate of the industrialized world.


What is missing from this screed? The other half of Judicial incompetence & the arrogance & brutality of the entire system. What about the enforcement of 8 USC, Sections 1324a, 1325, 1459, & 1644…all of which clearly states the heavy penalties for illegally entering our country and for aiding, abetting, hiring, sheltering or transporting illegals, all absent prosecutions by Federal Prosecutors.

There are thousands of illegals nesting in the Fort Smith area specifically and Arkansas generally, accompanied by numerous gangs; therefore why is Prosecutor Eldridge not using the many policing agencies & powers at his disposal to round up illegals, the gangs, and their employers and prosecute?

Is it not ironic that Fed. Prosecutor Eldridge can step out the front door of his office, gaze south for a couple of hundred yards, and see one of the bigger violations of 8 USC in the matter of abetting, hiring and employing thousands of illegal Mexicans and OTM’s by a foreign-owned poultry corporation. At the same time Prosecutor Eldridge has no qualms regarding sending a young American citizen to the Big House for 17 ½ years while destroying his potentially productive life.

Federal Prosecutor Eldridge along with all federal officials has sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rule of Law. All Federal Prosecutors have refused to use & enforce their legal authorities in prosecuting the illegal alien U.S. population and their U.S. employers. At the same time U.S. President Obama has released onto the streets 167,000 foreign national illegal criminal aliens who have been duly prosecuted, serving hard time, and not a word or explanation from the Western District Federal Prosecutor, or any of the rest of their numbers.

While all the above carnage is being dumped on American society, President Obama, unconstitutionally and illegally, is importing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and the local Western District Prosecutor, along with his colleagues, have all been muzzled and are obviously willing participants demonstrated by their silence. THE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM IS NOT BROKEN—IT IS THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THE SYSTEM THAT ARE BROKEN & CORRUPT.

While Federal Prosecutor Eldridge turns a blind eye to rampant criminal behaviors he has no problem in sending the young man William Joseph Alexander up the river for much of his life. SO MUCH FOR REAL AMERICAN JUSTICE. BREAD & CIRCUSES, YOU KNOW!

Is it any wonder that the United States holds more prisoners per capita than any country around the globe? Nothing to be proud of. By the way, William Joseph Alexander will be 55 years of age, if he is fully released on schedule…for possession of a few grams or less of Meth.

Government has no shame or concern for taxpaying Arkansans and Americans, and is more than willing to let this poisonous spider continue to grow its killing tentacles.

Education in the prison system, accompanied by an 80% reduction in the length of certain prison sentences are possible viable solutions for taxpayer financial and a general societal relief.

Joe McCutchen

Three departments in Arkansas government dealing with Corrections had an increase this year of $20 million.

This followed up by a $40 million surplus and Gov. Hutchinson gets $20 million to spread at his pleasure. The State Senate & House divide the other $20 million to secure their positions & other purposes

Why was this $40 million not returned to the beleaguered taxpaying citizens? The practice is abject corruption by any standard.

FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA…out of the mouths of babes & communists

FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA…Out of the Mouths of Babes & Communists.

August 11, 2014

From an article in the Times Record, 8/11/14, “Immigrant-Rights Nonprofit learns from Arizona Organizations” we are told “Change agents with Arkansas United Community Coalition returned Sunday after a five-day trip to the heart of the border crisis in Arizona with ideas on how to inspire change in their communities. (Emphasis mine)

This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s method for change (always meaning the destruction of Western values, e.g. liberty, private property, personal responsibility, rule of law, etc.) as outlined in his book “Rules for Radicals”.

Community organizing is the background of Barack Hussein Obama and radically changing what America used to be is the goal. It is obviously working since there is little recognizable that is left.

Most of the quotes in the article about their glowing experiences were from teenaged Hispanics…one would expect little else to emanate from their mouths.

Unknown to them is that what made this country great is the opposite of what they are working to achieve…a place with no borders, no principal language, no dominant culture, and no rule of law (meaning proper laws for individual justice rather than whim of men)

For example: the laws on the books now re immigration include 8 USC Sec 1325 – Illegal Entry

Any alien who enters U.S. other than at port of entry by false or misleading representation shall be subject to civil and criminal penalties can be fined and imprisoned

Section 1324a Hiring – Harboring -Transporting any illegal alien
Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/ transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years jail + $2,000 fine per illegal alien + forfeiture of vehicle or property used to commit the crime.

Section 1324c Law officers have authority to make arrests… All officers whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws shall have authority to make arrests for violation of any provision of this section.

When was the last time you heard of these laws much less saw them enforced?

Once our immigration laws were meant to protect our sovereign nation from invasion, diseases, criminal elements and deadbeats. This produced rugged individualism and limited the forced redistribution of earnings of those who worked for them to be given to those who did not. The following quote sums up nicely just what is going on today, which is the death of representative government and the concepts of individual achievement and the ability to keep the rewards of one’s labor.

The Regime Uses Words And Phrases Designed To Bamboozle Us All
August 11, 2014 by Bob Livingston

“Immigration reform: Along the southern border an invasion is taking place perpetrated by Barack Obama policies and pronouncements and intentional lack of border security. The intentionally crafted crisis is designed to flood America with socialist-minded aliens seeking government handouts, an opportunity to bring more family members along and willing to work for slave wages. The process was conceived as a way to overwhelm the system in order to force acquiescence on a policy granting amnesty to millions of potential low-wage earners for businesses big and small, more union slaves and millions of potential Democrat voters. Worse, it’s allowing violent gang members, human traffickers, drug traffickers and violent criminals into the U.S. in large numbers, along with thousands of people infected with Third World diseases.”

Cultural Marxist George Lukacs said in 1919, “Who will save us from Western Civilization?”, theorizing that the greatest obstacle of Marxism was the culture of Western civilization itself.

He and his co-founders would be ecstatic today to read the Times Record article along with myriads of other “accomplishments” globally.

Multi-Culturalism (a tool of Marxism) is no basis for a unified sovereign country, but for those seeking to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE the nation, it is one of the best, most divisive tools possible.

When the Golden Goose is dead, there will be no reviving it.

~Barbara McCutchen

Response to Congressman re AMNESTY


A reply to Ark. Congressman Steve Womack’s stance on illegal immigration accompanied by a snippet pertaining to Rep. House Speaker John Boehner and Alan Birsin, Assistant Secretary of Affairs & Chief Diplomatic officer at DHS: 

Congressman Womack,                    January 2, 2014   789

I will dispense with the formality usually attributed to a congressional delegate.  The issue is much too grave and the divide between Fort Smith, Arkansas and Washington, DC far too distant for political bantering.

I do thank you for the attached missive even though it appears to have been written by one of your plebes. 

Your email begins by stating our immigration system is in shambles.  Of course, the reason being is the fact that you and those who have preceded have refused to adhere to your/their sworn Constitutional obligations, in this case, the enforcement of 8 USC and its subsections which would have prevented the illegal Mexican & OTM invasions, and in so doing have created a 3rd World U.S. human dumping ground…in the same sentence the writer under your name proclaims in government talking points the lie that there are “only 11 million illegals” in our republic.  Steve, show me the genesis of that number.  You and/or the writer fail to disseminate that if & when some form of amnesty is conferred; these heretofore illegal nesters could/would bring in their immediate families from their respective homelands and would/will number in millions, accompanied by continuing waves of illegals.  Question: Steve, why is it you are willing to allow our republic to be overwhelmed by continued illegal 3rd World invasions? Citizens readily understand that the Founding white population will soon become a minority in our own country due to the GOP’s lack of courage and begs the question, why are you & the GOP so willing to trade down? The illegal 3rd world interlopers are devoid of accomplishments in the arts & sciences, education, technology, etc.  Are you so engrossed in self-service that you are willing, by your vote, to forsake our once preeminent republic and turn it into a band of assorted races, religions, and nationalities, united only by their presence in the same land and no native culture to provide unity? Trading down is not the mark of an intelligent society.

There is no such thing as a multi-cultural utopia.

Your referencing H.R. 2278, the SAFE ACT “renews our commitment to interior enforcement efforts and increases security measures to the entry of criminal immigrants”.  When, in recent history (100 yrs) has there been a commitment to secure our national borders???  Answer: never.   Steve, you have some military experience; therefore you obviously know the only way to secure our borders is with a military commitment.  That’s where the military should be instead of spread all over the planet attempting to generate U.S. global hegemony.  Acquaint yourself with Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution.  When has any border state been protected from invasion in our lifetime?  You and your colleagues, as an excuse not to secure U.S. borders only speak in terms of cost.  We have a military presence in 150 countries, subsidizing NATO which should have been dissolved in the 50’s, securing any number of foreign national borders, and so on.  You do get the picture don’t you?

H.R. 1772—Doublespeak Congressman?  Your quote, “but it protects our businesses to use the system in good faith from being prosecuted.”  Another cowardly sell-out.  What you are saying is you do not have the political will or courage to spell out the details.  H.R. 1772 will continue to allow businesses to retain their illegal workforce and advertise for more, e.g. Tyson’s/Mexico.  You hail from NW Arkansas, the epicenter of illegal immigration, yet nothing but silence.  You, like the Republican leadership, have lost the will to fight, indicating no fealty to the Constitution. Your sole congressional thrusts seem to be a oriented toward the implementation of an internet sales tax , while continuing to support the phony wars on terrorism….13 years in Afghanistan & Iraq—for what?  

What about the illegals who are already here and working? How about enforcing the laws already on the books and begin prosecuting those businesses which currently have illegals in their employ, e.g. Tyson’s, et al?

What does “gaining operational control of our borders” mean? 

You say you are “unapologetically opposed to unconditional amnesty”.   Are you for total removal of those now in this country illegally or conditional amnesty?  There is then the Anchor Baby paradigm, what are your proposals in this matter?

We know the Iranians have been crossing the SW border for decades.  If they have formed “terrorist cells” why allow them to stay on conditional basis?

What are you proposing to do with 8 USC, Sections 1325, 1324a, 1324c, & 1644, which is beautiful legislation and all it needs is enforcement?

Why does there have to be so many pieces of proposed legislation to deal with such a straightforward issue? Don’t you understand the legislation is already in place?

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S.  Again, what possible rational basis do you have that would allow you to vote for conferring amnesty (by any means) on 25-35 million illegal Mexicans & OTM’s (not the 11 million lie espoused by government)?  Political fear?




Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith, AR   

From: Representative Steve Womack []
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2013 2:52 PM
Subject: Reply from Congressman Steve Womack

                                                                                    December 20, 2013
Dear Mr. McCutchen,
              Thank you for contacting me to express your thoughts on immigration reform.  It is good to hear from you.
              As you know, our immigration system is in shambles.  We have an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in our country, a porous border, and a visa system that fails to meet the needs of American companies. 
              In an attempt to address these problems, the Senate passed S. 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.  I have numerous concerns with this bill, from its treatment of criminal aliens to the invitation of potential fraud and lack of firm border protection.  Additionally, the bill has weak enforcement of border security triggers – made to be executed before the legalization of current illegal immigrants – which could leave much discretion to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 
              It is unlikely the House will take up S. 744.  Instead, the House is expected to address these issues this fall when it considers a collection of the following four bills.
              First, H.R. 2278, the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement (SAFE) Act, renews our commitment to interior enforcement efforts and increases security measures to deter the entry of criminal immigrants or those who pose security risks to our nation.  Second, H.R. 1772, the Legal Workforce Act, makes E-Verify mandatory for new hires, but it protects our businesses that use the system in good faith from being prosecuted, an important safe harbor provision.  Next, H.R. 1773, the Agricultural Guestworker (AG) Act, works to streamline the H-2A guestworker programs, eliminating onerous requirements that have contributed to illegally overstaying visas.  It also creates more certainty with legal and wage-related matters.  Finally, H.R. 2131, the Supplying Knowledge Based Immigrants and Lifting Levels of STEM Visas (SKILLS) Act, replaces certain visa programs that are not as useful today with those programs that will help our economy and make our country more competitive in the global marketplace.  It increases Green Cards for STEM graduates, provides visas for entrepreneurs who will create employment opportunities here, strengthens the investor green card program, and eliminates some arbitrary caps tied to countries of origin, among other things.
              All these bills were approved by the House Judiciary Committee in June, and they are now awaiting consideration by the full House.
              Additionally, the House Homeland Security Committee approved H.R. 1417, the Border Security Results Act, in June.  This will require the Department of Homeland Security to gain operational control of our borders and report these metrics to Congress.
              Like many of my constituents, I am unapologetically opposed to unconditional amnesty.  To me, it is fundamentally unfair to reward those adults who came here illegally by guaranteeing them citizenship or putting them in front of those trying to come here legally.
              We have left these issues undone for far too long, and I am looking forward to considering this legislation in the 113th Congress. 
              Thank you again for contacting me.  Please continue to keep me informed of the issues important to you and be sure to visit my website,, for more information and to sign up for my newsletter.
                                                                       Congressman Steve Womack
                                                                   Member of Congress      

Votes for Sale or Rent?


Do you remember Roger Miller’s song “King of the Road” and the lyrics “Trailers for rent or sale”?  To fit the needs of the U.S. congress simply change the lyrics to “Votes for rent or sale”.     July 31, 2013

It is written “We the people…” but have we the people been erased from the equation, i.e. the American middleclass are never in the conversation dealing with what are THEIR needs? 

The following factual remarks deal with recent ongoing corruption in the U.S. government and what are the positions or non-positions of the Arkansas Six…Senators Pryor & Boozman, Representatives Womack, Crawford, Griffin, & Cotton on the vital issues of Amnesty, National Security Agency, and the Internal Revenue Service, et al.

Amnesty:  Folded into the amnesty question is the proposed legal separation of parents from their children.  There is a wave of pseudo concern that the children of illegals should be granted amnesty.  The U.S. government continues to babble that there are 11 million illegals nesting in our republic.  That is a blatant lie.  Scientific studies conducted in 2004 by the U.S. government & Bear Sterns stated there were as many as 20 million and could go as high as 25 million illegals residing in our republic.

Democrat congressional office holders and any number of Republicans are willing to engage in selective law enforcement while trashing the Constitution with regard to conferring amnesty to children.   To refresh politicians’ minds, the illegals came here on their own free will, understanding full well they were breaking U.S. laws (8 USC, Sections 1324a, 1324c, 1325, & 1644).  Certain U.S. corporations were and are actively engaged in advertising and encouraging (in violation of U.S. law) Mexicans in particular to enter the U.S. illegally. The U.S. government stood by and not only allowed but promulgated these illegal invasions.  American citizens are not ethically, morally or constitutionally obligated to accept another economic and cultural underclass burden.

Furthermore; what this corrupt government is not discussing is the fact that if amnesty is granted to children of illegals, legalization of their parents will occur immediately and they in turn will have the right to bring in the hordes of their immediate families.

Arkansas’ four congressmen, all Republicans, said they are struggling with the issue of amnesty for the young.  Crawford, Griffin, and Womack declined to address the issue.   Votes for sale?

Describing the children of illegals as “Dreamers”, Crawford, Griffin, & Womack expressed a desire to make an accommodation for the “Dreamers”. So tell us legislators, what are your priorities specifically for American kids who are likewise dreamers and have not only fallen through the cracks but many are in a free-fall to the abyss? Where do your allegiances lie?

Womack extended the conversation by bloviating “My heart bleeds for them”.     How touching.

To Crawford, Griffin, & Womack, tell your constituencies and Americans if your hearts are bleeding for the 23 million unemployed Americans, the 4 out of 5 Americans have or are experiencing economic insecurity and distress, and black Americans who in spite of entitlements, set-asides, affirmative action & quotas are worse off than 50 years ago, and citizens hear no meaningful objective discussions emanating from congress on how to reverse the plight of black Americans.  And certainly there are many whites that are experiencing the same straits.   Couple those conditions with the $17 Trillion national debt and the pathetic education American kids are getting partially due to the bulging classrooms of illegals who cannot speak English, not to mention the burgeoning crime and drug scene. 

Your collective statements again: So “you are struggling with the issue of amnesty for the young”. Priorities you say, or do you just lack political guts?

Gentlemen: Cite the constitutional process that permits an illegal act to become a legal act—conferring amnesty on illegal aliens.

To Crawford, Griffin, & Womack, is it your wish to create another massive permanent underclass that  fading middleclass Americans will be forced to subsidize?  Votes for sale or rent?  While Womack’s heart is bleeding, Wal-Mart, Tyson’s, et al are lurking in his congressional district with big money sticks.  No question what Womack will do.

Phase 2:  The matter of the criminally corrupt NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY.  Why should such a harsh description be utilized?  When a federal government agency, in secret rendezvous’ and some not so secret now, thanks to Manning and Snowden, it comes to light that the NSA has destroyed any pretense of privacy in the U.S. & globally, i.e. wiretapping, 30,000 drones overflying the U.S. with orders to spy & fry, and no telling what else.

Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) introduced a congressional resolution to defund the NSA, it failed 205-217.  Some of NSA’s sordid escapades brought to light by Edward Snowden must have confounded American citizens by the defeat of Congressman Amash’s Amendment.  

How did the 4 Arkansas congressmen vote on the failed amendment to defund the corrupt NSA? Any congressman that refused to defund the NSA is a traitor to the American people.  Recall the 4th Amendment states: THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO BE SECURE IN THEIR PERSONS, HOUSES, PAPERS, AND EFFECTS, AGAINST UNREASONABLE SEARCHES & SEIZURES, SHALL NOT BE VIOLATED…..

Congressmen Crawford, Cotton, and Womack are Arkansas’ traitors.  The three have deep roots in  government…the money pit. The three are government men.

Map Light researched and determined that Defense Cash was a better predictor of a member’s vote on the Amash amendment than Party affiliation.   House members, who voted to continue the massive phone/call/metadata/drone spy program, raked in 122% more money from Defense contractors than those who voted to dismantle it.

Law makers who voted to continue the NSA dragnet/surveillance program averaged $41,635 from the pot, whereas House members who voted to repeal authority averaged $18,765.  Votes for sale or rent? Crawford, Cotton, Womack?

Two courageous Americans, Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden, will pay dearly for their patriotic acts of opening the envelope and exposing some of the criminal Genies residing in a criminally corrupt American government and confirming what thinking Americans had already suspicioned.  Americans owe them a debt of gratitude.  U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder wrote in a letter to Russia, dated July 23, 2013, that Snowden “won’t be tortured if handed over to the U.S.”  Why would torture even be a consideration in America? Who are the real criminals?  Is it Manning & Snowden or the federal government—let’s bundle—Pres. Obama unilaterally attacking Libya/Benghazi; Attorney General Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious; the NSA; the IRS, Drones spying & frying; etc. etc.?

The IRS and weapons to the rebels in Syria offers more evidence of the deep rooted depravity and decay that resides in the U.S. government.  The various government agencies have taken on the mantle of City States as evidenced by the fact that congressional committees cannot access the records dealing with Fast & Furious, Benghazi, unilateral attack on Libya by the president, the IRS, the NSA, the DOJ, and the brazen attack launched against the American people in form of amnesty for illegals and refusal to secure our national borders and deport the interlopers. Amnesty must not be conferred and the invaders must assume responsibility for their unlawful conduct and Americans must not be burdened by another layer of Third World failures.

Nothing can be learned from the offices of senators Pryor & Boozman pertaining to the potential for sending arms to the “rebels” in Syria fighting against President Assad, who happens to be a reasonable and stable leader in spite of what government says and not owned by the U.S. In all likelihood the rebels who are assaulting Syria are one in the same that U.S. armed forces have been fighting across the Middle East for 12 years in the phony war on terror.

Multiple phone calls were made on July 29 to the offices of Senators Mark Pryor and John Boozman asking their positions on arms to be sent to the rebels in Syria.  It is easily understandable why our nation is in such a state of decline & decay.  I received nothing resembling an answer nor was I afforded the courtesy of being provided one at some later date.  There was hostility in the voices of Boozman’s crew and they were downright rude. 

We the people……Votes for sale or rent?

Joe McCutchen 

“Conservative” Republicans, Spying & Frying, & Illegal Aliens

Is the Republican Party really “Conservative” or is that a midsummer night’s dream? And the matter of illegal Mexican & OTM invasions.            July 15, 2013

 The U.S. federal government has a growing national debt of $17 Trillion and $100 Trillion in unfunded mandates. 

This piece delves topically into the political/economic conduct of alleged “conservative” Senator John Boozman (R-AR), and a few immigration morsels.

The “Travelin’ Man” Senator Boozman just returned from one of his many trips to the Mideast.  It is fair to say the senator has made more trips to the Mideast during his tenure in Washington than former governor Mike Huckabee has made to Israel; I believe the count hovers around 18. The senator was accompanied on this trip by 5 other senators.  Senator McCain traveled to the Mideast in the same timeframe and apparently had his own private taxpayer subsidized entourage. Who paid? Only a microcosm of the vulgar abuse of American taxpayers.

The 6 senators traveled last week to Afghanistan, Jordan, Turkey, & the United Arab Emirates. The trip terminated, as always in Europe, where the federal legislators partake of fine dining and nest in Europe’s signature hotels. At what cost to taxpayers?

Recall, that President Obama just finished a trip to Africa visiting his kin at a cost of at least $100 million taxpayer dollars. Obama’s display of opulence in Africa was in the same time frame as the Boozman safari along with 5 or more companions and of course McCain & his private party.   Boozman and his party did not spend $100 million but one can only guess at this juncture what his safari did cost.  Another reminder, Boozman, McCain, and Obama’s trips were paid for by money taken by force from the taxpayers who earned it and not allowed to keep it.

Senator Boozman, as do all senators, receives $3+ million per year to spend at their discretion with no citizen accountability. For the 100 Senators, that is $300 million per year.  There are 435 Representatives receiving $1 million or more per year which is $435+ million each year. These numbers do not include salaries, healthcare, ad infinitum.  Dispensing this amount of money to politicians is obscene and perhaps criminal. Are citizens getting their money’s worth? Remember the $17 Trillion debt.

The news release failed to state what the purpose of Boozman’s Mideast safari was.  Of course, the standard answer is that it was a “fact-finding mission”.   Citizens already know the facts…which are: Total destruction of at least 4 Mideast countries, killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians while thousands of our own citizens/soldiers are maimed & killed and spending over $1 Trillion. For what? Answer: hubris, hegemony & warmongering madness. 12 years in Iraq & Afghanistan and lesser numbers in Libya, Egypt, Chad, Somalia, and presently indirectly in Syria orchestrating the overthrow of Pres. Assad, while contemplating a military attack on Iran while spewing all sorts of lies with the purpose of whipping up public sentiment for the attack.

In deference to Senator Boozman, he did make one sacrifice, Boozman said he met with more than a dozen Arkansans on his safari who were serving in the aforementioned countries…he said “I gave them a pat on the back and told them how much the people of Arkansas respected them being there”.   Senator, what a pathetic verbal display. That statement tells me you look at those young men as nothing more than cannon fodder.

Boozman has signed every heinous, freedom taking bill that G.W Bush and Barack Obama has put forth. The last of his unconstitutional signings was the National Defense Authorization Act which has stolen any number of civil rights from American citizens, e.g. 30,000 drones overflying the U.S.—spies & silent assassins, e.g. appearing in today’s Times Record a story so sobering and revulsive one must ask what kind of monsters have the warmongering American government created?  The former 188th Fighter Squadron is now home to drones and the monsters that fly them.  A partial admission of the heinous conduct of the pilots and their associated personnel comes from a Major Heath Allen, a 188th executive officer stated that “full time mental health professionals and a chaplain were on staff”.  Comes the real hair-raising statement in the article pertaining to the medical help & chaplain, “That will give anyone involved in the ‘kill chain’ the opportunity to talk about things that are bothering them”.  These are American citizens who have turned on their fellow man, their neighbors, their kin, and folks they never heard of with the mission of SPYING & FRYING. Where is the outcry regarding the murdering uncivilized conduct and the wholesale destruction of the U.S. Constitution, pitting Americans against Americans?   Senators Boozman & Pryor and Cong. Womack have promoted and sanctioned this traitorous conduct, but not limited to.

The Industrial/Military Complex owns Boozman outright.  He supports subsidizing the Egyptian military to the tune of $1.5 Billion yearly to keep it up and running….why?  Is it to bribe Egypt to protect Israel’s flank? At the same time Boozman favors doling out $3 Billion+ to Israel per year. This arrangement is about border protection for Israel.  Border security everywhere except for the U.S.  Remember, the funding for all these phony wars on terrorism and international benevolences are paid for by dollars printed out of thin air, placing a civilization killing burden on Americans now and in the future. Remember the $17 Trillion debt?

To you Senator Boozman and all the rest of the globe-trotting representatives, you could be of some service if you concerned yourselves with securing our borders (8 USC, Section 1325 & 1324a). We are losing our nation to the unbridled legal & illegal foreign 3rd World invaders and any fool can see our culture is changing daily, perpetrated by Political Correctness and the continuing massive 3rd World invasions. Janet Napolitano is a liar. Our borders are wide open and thousands of illegals from around the globe are entering monthly…and we have a president who has ordered the Border Patrol, for all practical purposes, to cease and desist.

Hispanics and Jews are the driving forces for passage of the faux Immigration Reform bill designed to confer amnesty on the existing 25-35 million illegals nesting in our republic and the ongoing overrunning our republic with new 3rd World legals & illegals, accompanied by no sealing of our borders. The prominent Hispanics promoting this treachery are Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Congressmen Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) & Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), but not limited to.  The three most prominent Jews involved in promoting America’s “game-changer” are Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) (the architect), Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY). Will the Republican House majority follow their lead and cave due to fear of Jewish lobbying organizations, i.e. AEI, AIPAC, ADL & the Hispanic organizations of La Raza, Maldef & LULAC, all influenced by such operations as Tyson’s, Wal-Mart, the Chambers of Commerce, etc. or will they stand straight & firm and vote against amnesty by any name and for the absolute security of our borders?  If these traitors were in any way honorable they would demand enforcement of existing laws immediately which satisfy all illegal immigration demands and insist that the 700 miles of border fence, already enacted into law but never completed, get under way and finished promptly.

The above two minorities are only interested in increasing their numbers and their political influences, not acculturating and embracing U.S. heritage, culture, and the tenants of Western Civilization. Their methodology utilizes ceaseless attacks on our culture and rule of law.

Senator Boozman has zero experience on the U.S. southern border as is the case with Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) who has a history of hiring illegals. These facts alone demonstrate that Boozman and Senator Pryor have no compassion or feelings for the multiple attacks on U.S. citizens along the southern border, economic & cultural cost to middleclass Americans and more importantly the sovereignty of our republic.

Speaking of the mess in Egypt, which the U.S. created, Boozman allows “there are no good answers”.  Yes Senator, there is a very good answer…get our military out of not only the Mideast but around the globe and quit meddling, quit murdering, and quit destroying other folk’s countries.

The Republican Party is not “conservative”. It has transitioned into neo-conservatism, which is Eternal War for Eternal Peace.

The Senator has lost the feel for the middleclass which he is helping to destroy. Voters thought he was a good man when first elected.

  It’s time to flush the federal government, not wiped but flushed, and the thrones they built for themselves must be destroyed.  The D.C. Protection Racket is erasing our Republic.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. To Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who states “we are a nation of immigrants”. No, Cong. Gowdy, we are a nation WITH immigrants.  

Legislators, illegal aliens & our demise

Senators John McCain & Lindsay Graham
Washington, DC                            June 17, 2013

Today I note that you Senator Graham opined that if S. 744 did not pass the Republican Party would spiral into the abyss.  With the lack of morality & principle and your only stated course is warmongering, so what’s to lose?  Oh yes, the republic.

The traitorous bill that the two of you and the propagandizing Anchor Baby & liar Senator Marco Rubio, accompanied by the other five perpendicular fools would not only erase our sovereignty, Western Civilization, the Constitution & the rule of law, but would overwhelm our republic with 3rd World illegal uninvited aliens with a huge appetite for welfare and reproduction. Observe.

Democrat U.S. Senator Menendez said it all, “If Republicans don’t pass this bill they will never elect another Republican”.   Atta boy, Bobby, glad to see you Democrats are concerned about Republicans.

Then there is Sen. Charles Schumer, the architect of this traitorous offering.  This is the guy whose tribe has been fanning the flames of mass immigration and open borders since the 1920’s.

Senators Graham & McCain, you two and a multitude of other Senators  & Congressmen can only be described as psychopathic fools.   Let me offer some of the ways you qualify for that description:
1.    A $17 Trillion national debt
2.    25-35 million illegal Mexicans & OTM’s roaming around in our country. No not the 11 million you liars are propagating.  Enforcement of 8 USC, Sections 1325, 1324a, 1324c, 1644 would have prevented all these criminal entanglements.
3.    Undeclared, murdering invasions into countries around the globe & you two fools calling for military interventions in Syria & Iran and who knows what is next in your evil minds.
4.    A locked-down society:  Drones, the Patriot Acts, the Military Commission Act, attacks on Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus, NDAA, Obamacare.
5.    Now the revelations regarding the IRS, NSA, immoral, illegal conduct in the State Dept., the DOJ.
6.    Then there is Fast & Furious built on lies & more lies and no pending resolution.
7.    There’s the lies & ongoing murdering surrounding Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. which has accomplished what? Nothing but debt, destruction & death.
8.    There is also the unilateral attack on Libya by Obama and not a peep from you two. Look at the results.  Recall:  Obama stated the Libyan encounter would last days not weeks.  Since that uttering the murderous encounters have been going on for a year & 4 months & we lost 4 Americans in the Benghazi attack, accompanied by Obama’s stonewalling. The Republicans are such a cowardly bunch you & they are fearful to go after the Democrats jugular, top down for the recent divulgences.
I hear you perpendicular fools mouthing about citizens’ safety and threats & more threats.   May I suggest that the three of you and the other 534 (Pres. & VP included) have worn this song out.  The Federal Government is the real threat to our freedom & the stability of our republic…some of you are actually attacking and some are no-shows.  

Any American that would put trust in the three of you are even bigger fools, one might even say outright stupid.    Oh yes, Dick Cheney, one of America’s all time traitors stated last night that Edward Snowden was a traitor.  Dickey boy, that won’t play either.  Snowden is a Hero; look at the revelations since his public statements and the tap-dancing at the NSA.   I wonder if droning Snowden is in the offing.  Obama has been characterized as the “Drone Ranger”….rightly so.

The House & the Senate created most of these government entities that are devoid of oversight, and now holding their pathetic hearings as if they were wearing halos over their evil heads. Does any citizen believe any of these criminals will enter barbed-wire city?

Our nation is on the precipice of collapsing.

H.L. Mencken:  “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (& hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”.

Joe McCutchen    

Cc:  the Arkansas Six & citizens