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War & More War…who benefits?

My gut has been wrenching for the last 24 hours. April 12, 2018

Mr. President, where is the proof? Mr. President, why are we in Syria at all and threatening Russia?

A decade ago the U.S. government, media, etc. stated for months that the Assad government had attacked its own people with deadly gas and 1 ½ year later proved to be a grand lie. The same strategy is being used today.

President Assad’s Syria is the only nation in the Mideast that allows all religions to be practiced freely and without fear, which includes Christians.

So who is behind Bush neocons’ and the Jews’ 18 year war proven to be built on lies and presently promoting another disastrous war? The rebels, 2 years ago, were defeating the Syrian army and closing in on Damascus when the Russian air force and a minimum of ground troops came to Assad’s rescue and destroyed the rebels in a few days. Now the U.S. claims the victory.

Israel has always claimed the land between the Nile and the Euphrates Rivers belonged to them. The U.S. has been fighting Israel’s wars for the last 20 or more years with huge casualties & cost and it appears the U.S. military has been propagandized to the point of being nothing but automatons. Hopefully this applies only to a small segment of Mideast forces. This statement is based upon the fact that one of the Mideast commanders named General Clark stated that numbers of his troops have vowed that they would die for Israel…what fools.

U.S. forces are securing Israel’s borders and others while the corrupt U.S. Senate & House of Representatives refuse to secure our own national borders, and that includes the Arkansas Six with Boozman & Cotton at the top of the list. Guess who is financing Cotton.

President Trump, in a Tweet challenged Russia with bravado and more stupidity, notice this was right after the Bush neocon John Bolton was hired. President Vladimir Putin has for years tried to become friends with the U.S. and the West, while being dogged as a “Warmonger” and a threat to the U.S. Lies & more lies.

Trump must understand that a conventional war against Russia that Russia has never been defeated on their turf. The next step would be nuclear, which could threaten the whole world. It is my belief that a phone call to Putin could resolve the whole matter. It is my further belief that if the U.S. attacks Russia on their soil we will be humiliated and then what? World destruction initiated by the Republican Swamp.

Citizens, we are in a crisis where sensible heads do not seem to prevail. The above is just a figment of what is transpiring that threatens a peaceful & stable civilization.

Joe McCutchen
Arkansas Freedom dot Com

The DC Swamp via Arkansas

Continue to sleep and trust, my friends and… November 11, 2017

The passing of Congressman Steve Womack and Senator John Boozman

It occurred to me that I have heard no political commentary emanating from the above elected U.S. Arkansas national politicians pertaining to their postulated positions about the now President of the U.S. Donald Trump, either in his campaign or since he took office from the above two—no radio, no TV, no media hyperbole circa Nov. 1, 2016.

I concluded they both must be dead and perhaps the other 4 U.S. elected Arkansas national Politician’s. All alleged “Conservative” Republicans with “visions” and “Arkansas values” one would believe they would have enthusiastically entered the political foray in public support of our President & his platform. Nay, that did not happen. Conversely, they have all distanced themselves from President Trump, if they are still alive.

It now appears as an absolute, they were/are charter members of the DC Swamp aimed at bringing down the President.

President Donald Trump’s political goals were/are moral & admirable, with one glaring exception—peacemaker or warmonger? His platform contained the curtailing of legal & illegal immigration, a border wall, deportation of illegal foreign nationals, jobs, reduction of taxes, & obliteration of Obamacare, etc. Again, dead (no pun intended) silence from Boozman & Womack re the above—they surely must have passed on.

As previously mentioned there is the matter of the other 4…Senator Cotton and the 3 remaining Congressmen. It’s hard to believe they all passed in the same time frame. Observing their negative and blank slate records and showing/showed no fealty for middleclass Arkansans.

Here is a short list of Boozman’s former infringements on the Bill of Rights—4th, 5th, 6th, 7th (e.g. the Bundy’s), & the 10th. Senator Boozman has resided in the DC swamp for 17 years & going for 24 which is a disgrace; e.g. he voted for the “Patriot Act” twice; funding for a 17 year ongoing murdering, destructive spree in the Mideast, i.e. erroneously called the “war on terrorism”; the Military Commissions Act and other global involvements. He also recently secured 80 illegal Mexican immigrant workers for a crony who just happens to be the Speaker of the Arkansas House Jeremy Gillam—a federal crime. Boozman voted for the most heinous & infamous Act ever conceived to muzzle Americans, i.e. the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), i.e. torture, global surveillance, arresting citizens, i.e. Americans without warrants, murdering & incarceration without trial, and many sent abroad to torture camps, never to return. These acts and more have emasculated our Bill of Rights & the foundation of American culture & heritage. Boozman has never chaired a committee nor has he ever passed minor or major legislation in 17 years, but he is good at showing up for photo ops with veterans.

Then there was the perceived death of the warmongering Senator Tom Cotton who will probably be crowned by the Jewish Elites as their presidential candidate for 2020 or 2024. For instance, Sheldon Adelson (dual Israeli citizen, Israel firster) Las Vegas casino owner (Venetian Inn) and other casinos including Macau comes into focus. Senator Cotton visited with Adelson the night of Dec. 24, 2015 and walked away with millions in campaign funds. Post Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukah? It should be noted that Adelson is one of many Israel-firsters & neocons to fund Senator Cotton. The question comes to mind, how many meetings in the year 2017 has Cotton had with Bibi Netanyahu both in Israel & the U.S.? Can we conclude he is an Israeli asset? Individuals don’t drop millions on a politician out of affection.

Congressman Steve Womack’s only stance was/is campaigning to raise taxes on the internet.

Forget the other three, they are also non-compos mentis.

After counting the negative successes of the aforementioned 3, nothing but zeroes for “we the people”, and in retrospect it was a good thing they passed due to their unconstitutional and warring entanglements. Ahh, the wisdom of the voters–incumbency & the Democrat & Republican Parties—killers of cognition, individual rights & liberty, and all the while these political drecks are treated like ruling Sheiks by non-thinking, frightened, uneducated American voters. Observe the status of our republic–$20 Trillion national debt; 17 year continuing global warfare (for what?) and looking for more—Russia, Iran & Syria, all fabricated enemies built on a foundation of lies, compliments of the Jewish Elite & the Neocons; 2 standing armies (military & police) with military encamped in 150 country’s front yards; a failed, irretrievable public education system; out of control Welfare & illegal alien invasions. All the while throngs of Americans stupidly worship Diversity…a concept of destructive failures throughout history. And there is the matter of 2 standing armies, chirping “they are keeping us safe” while in the midst of destroying, murdering & overthrowing sovereign nations without legitimate cause and 2,000 miles of unguarded borders contiguous with Mexico producing a 3rd world dumping ground in the U.S.

Low & behold, I awakened to the fact they all 6 are alive & well, cowardly cowering under their respective DC desks and waiting to see what direction the political winds will blow—will the courageous President Trump survive the criminally corrupt Democrat/Republican/military/industrial/bankster swamp or will they bring him down? The above 6 epitomize the Swamp and the drecks are waiting to see which bandwagon to support.

Ahh, America…motherhood, apple pie, baseball, the flag and war.

Fortunately President Trump is neither Democrat nor Republican.

Incumbency, the toxic weed—Fatal. What does it take for Americans to understand that the vast majority of elected politicians are nothing more than politically correct, bought off representatives of their benefactors?

Joe McCutchen

Not to be left out, Gov. Asa Hutchinson is the senior member of Arkansas’ DC swamp.

When two constitutional illiterates meet!

Two Constitutional illiterates met and the ensuing aftermath.

Last evening a town hall meeting was held in Fort Smith, AR. August 21, 2014

The guest speaker was U.S. Rep. Steve Womack (R) Rogers, AR.

Rep. Womack was asked how he and the Republican Party could square their position on Tort Reform in view of the 7th & 10th Amendments. Republicans position on Tort Reform is to allow U.S. government bureaucrats to set arbitrary, limited, binding awards on personal injury and malpractice.

Womack refused to answer the aforementioned question which was posed numerous times. Finally, Womack capitulated on his position on Tort Reform by stating he was not there to answer questions; thereby retreating. Then why was he there?

For those of you who are not constitutionally savvy, the 7th Amendment demands, among other things, “in Suits at Common Law, where the value in controversy shall exceed $20, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved”.

It is crystal clear that Republican stalwarts are ignorant of the Constitution and/or they view it as an impediment. An impediment, which prevents them from satisfying the unconstitutional demands of physician groups, insurance companies and corporate America, while betraying in this case, middleclass Arkansans, but not limited to.

The 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the State, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”.

Womack further stated, “Congress makes the laws, the President signs the law and it is the law of the land until it is litigated in court”. Congressman Womack continued to show he is in a forest of ignorance.

If Womack and his peers are/were knowledgeable pertaining to the U.S. Constitution, why would the Congress pass laws in direct opposition to the Constitution? Whether it be through ignorance or illegality the results are the same—an attack on American independence & jurisprudence.

Womack’s position is indeed ironic: this man has served as the mayor of Rogers, AR for a number of years, U.S. Army Reserve for many years and now serving in the U.S. Congress. How many times has Congressman Womack sworn allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, but still has no comprehension of what the Constitution demands.

University of Arkansas (Ft. Smith) Chancellor Paul Beran made his way to the townhall meeting surrounded by a coterie of illegal Mexicans & perhaps OTM’s flaunting the Constitution and projecting an in-your-face hubris toward middleclass taxpayers.

In the discussion pertaining to illegal immigration Beran exclaimed our Southwest borders cannot be secured. Beran’s statement flies in the face of the rule of law and U.S. sovereignty. Most certainly U.S. borders can be secured! The legal mechanism is in place. All that is needed is enforcement orchestrated by the two cowardly political parties and the Cultural Marxist Barack Obama. Beran, like most, if not all pseudo-educators, is by his own admissions & activities can be rightfully described as a Cultural Marxist and that puts him in the company of U of A flagship President G. David Gerhart who has on more than one occasion spoken in favor of the illegal alien mass invasions and has brought them to Fayetteville for a mass demonstration in a brazen show of illegal bravado, knowing full well the laws would not be enforced.

Recall Fort Smith Superintendent Benny Gooden, who a number of years ago also brazenly stated, “We’ll take all we can get” referring to illegal Mexicans and OTM’s.

The Republican Party and self-serving bureaucrats such as Paul Beran are nothing more than shills for corporate America and the Chambers of Commerce, shipping American jobs internationally and importing uneducated, poverty-stricken foreign national 3rd World illegals—an absolute betrayal of the American Middleclass and the ultimate demise of Western Civilization.

If you value our liberty, property rights, free speech, self-determination, and our culture then the likes of the two constitutional no-shows at last evening’s townhall meeting are a very dangerous breed.

Continue to elect & hire the likes of the two mentioned above, you travel at your own peril.


Joe McCutchen

More “For the Children” cruel hoax.

Re: The Times Record 7/23/14 editorial “We must do more for the children”. July 24, 2014

As I have stated before, ‘never has so much money (forced redistribution/taxes) been spent “For the Children’, and never have they been in more peril”.

This particular editorial lauds something called, in government Newspeak, the “Kids Count Data Book” which grades states on “child well-being” in education and healthcare. Most of us know that government “official” figures cannot be trusted, but in this case even the “Data Book” gives Arkansas bad grades. So does that tell us the figures are even worse than reported?

For instance, “child poverty has grown”…but no mention of multiple businesses closing and/or relocating…such as Fort Smith’s Whirlpool (move to Mexico) & many of its suppliers, nor mention of the myriads of illiterate illegal alien children drawn to the state by cheap labor corporations such as Tyson’s, not to mention Huckabee’s free prenatal care for illegals & Arkids 1st healthcare, also Huckabee instigated a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock. The poverty numbers include all ethnicities being lured onto welfare “benefits” and the encouragement to raise fatherless children (currently 70% of black babies born out of wedlock & a soaring crime/murder rate)…just a microcosm of the welfare juggernaut…all funded by overtaxed, dwindling middleclass citizens who have no “advocates” or proper representation. The injustice is breathtaking.

The editorial glows about increasing funding while suppressing the facts that children were better off in the poverty of the Great Depression and in their one-room schoolhouses than they are today in sumptuous facilities and curricula which discourages true education in literature, grammar, geography, languages, science, logic, math, & true history, the truth serum so badly needed to correct horrible misconceptions…. instead, encouraging dependency, low expectations, teaching to the test, dumbing down, etc.
Collectivists/Socialists/Communists always oppose self-reliance, excellence, merit, rugged individualism personal rights & liberties. Dependency on the village/government is their goal, i.e. slaves.

“For the Children” is such seductive bait that children are being used as the front for hundreds of thousands of 3rd world aliens, legal & illegal, to invade the U.S. & all 1st world countries in order to overwhelm the welfare systems & destroy sovereignty, culture, & cohesiveness.

Ironic isn’t it, that the straw that broke America’s back is being accomplished “For the Children?

~Barbara McCutchen


Another salvo from the United Nations’ Agenda 21. July 5, 2014

Remember when the downtown bunch was touting “Quality of Place”, in all likelihood it was one the first shots fired into Fort Smith by Agenda 21 and the “Sustainable” bunch. So when City Manager Ray Gosack and his enablers were using the phrase “Quality of Place” just what were they saying?

Parks Director Mike Alsup and Frontier Engineering are bantering around the new phrase “Event Nodes”…does anyone believe the aforementioned two or Gosack & his crew came up with that phrase? Not if you have one eye open.

The project that brought “Event Nodes” into the conversation is geared toward building a 12-foot-wide riverside path accompanied by a bridge. The phrase “Event Nodes” is the eloquent definition for benches. According to Alsup it’s “where there are benches and you can sit down”. Alsup goes on to say “There will be a shade structure so you can get out of the sun”. What, no fans? What else is covered by the phrase “Event Nodes”?

Overtaxed Fort Smith citizens are contributing $1 million to match Wal-Mart’s $1 million to cover the luxurious path. Observe the types of projects Wal-Mart so graciously subsidizes…most point to Agenda 21.

The stage is rapidly being constructed to encircle all U.S. urban areas for the purpose of mass control of citizens, limiting transportation (movement) accompanied by the numbers & size of vehicles, requiring in many cases bicycle transportation, new oversized trails as we see today to accommodate older & new forms of transportation, stack & pack the population in condensed multi-story housing, the rationing of water, food, & healthcare, to name only a few. Eventually any violation of the Agenda 21 rules will be labeled a crime.

These cute little phrases offered by NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) are leading to the death knell of our republic and the individuals and corporations we elect & hire to protect our freedoms and property are steadily selling us out. Unfortunately, Fort Smith is only a microcosm of what is happening nationally and globally. DO THE RESEARCH!

Low-information voters are making it all possible by reelecting politicians for decades—gross stupidity.
Related to the above are the orchestrated invasions by illegal Hispanics that in all likelihood will continue unabated due to the criminal corruption of Marxist President Barack Hussein Obama and Democrat & Republican officeholders. . The illegal child invasion (only one facet of the illegal invasions), occurring on our SW border, the genesis of which is Obama, who has aligned himself and the Democrat Party with the leadership of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador, to bring about this heinous crime by any standard—the USE & ABUSE OF CHILDREN.

What are the odds that Wal-Mart, Microsoft, etc. are providing cash, supplies, food, transportation, etc. for the egregious Hispanic child invasion presently paralyzing our nation?

Joe McCutchen



Addressing politicians & bureaucrats as “Honorable”, plus the hue & cry for more jail/prison cells—WHY?

Issue #1. Calling a politician or bureaucrat “Honorable” is obscene and in the extreme, criminal. Two recent examples, (occurring during the week of June 16 makes the point) Commissioner of THE IRS, John Koskinen was caught lying on multiple occasions to a select congressional committee delving into the IRS scandals. Congressional lawmakers voted and passed an Amendment to put new limits (to reign in) on surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA). 3 of the 4 Arkansas Congressmen, Crawford, Cotton, & Womack voted against it–WHY? Each of the 3 demonstrated they have an utter disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, e.g. violation of Amendments Four, Nine & Ten. The 3 can only be described as warmongers. The 3 congressmen, along with Senators Pryor & Boozman have launched numerous other unconstitutional attacks on individual freedoms. Cited below are more examples of their traitorous conduct: passage of the Patriot Acts, neutering Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus, Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, National Defense Authorization Act (can only be described as the most diabolical act ever perpetrated against Americans), National Security Agency NSA (wiretapping, spying/frying drones). The recently passed Amendment to restrict many of the surveillance activities (described above) using drones by the NSA was answered by the NSA saying they were too large and the computer system was too big for them to abide by the new edict laid down by congress. So much for the rule of law. The 5 (#6 is not running for reelection) can only be described as traitorous enablers for participating in anti-constitutional conduct. Accompanying the aforementioned criminal acts and remaining unresolved are: the scandalous Fast & Furious, spying on the Associated Press, unilateral attack on Libya, the Benghazi slaughter, the IRS scandal, and let’s not forget the illegal invasions on our southwest border. 25-35 million illegals are presently here and thousands of children are being dumped weekly, and U.S. congressional bodies are too cowardly to stop these invasions orchestrated by Pres. Barack Hussein Obama.

Where is the citizen outrage regarding the many criminal assaults being waged against American citizens by the U.S. President and the complicit Congress & Senate as well as the enabling Federal Government—all departments?

The whole of American government is constitutionally bankrupt & corrupt, yet Americans continue to reelect these governmental thugs decade after decade; therefore who’s to blame for the destruction of our once vaunted republic? Citizen fools, of course.

Americans stupidly continue to support the two corrupted political parties, the Democrat welfare party, and the Republican warmongers, also known as the Party of Irrelevance. In the new 21st century the warmongering Republican Party and its coterie of enablers have either partially or totally destroyed 7 countries on the way to Global hegemony financed with fiat money and will ultimately result in a global conflagration.

Voting for the “lesser of two evils” means approval of what the lesser evil is doing to you. Only when votes are withdrawn, i.e. refusing to vote, then you command their attention, politicians & bureaucrats will then understand that the citizens now comprehend their scurrilous game of unconstitutional and criminal behavior in which they are wallowing—bottom up.

Issue #2. More jail cells.

Politicians & bureaucrats have only one solution to a problem or crisis, i.e. more taxpayer theft. Do we need more jail/prison cells, answer; absolutely not and here are some of the reasons why.

Corrupt politicians refuse to enforce immigration laws, in all likelihood a criminal involvement refusing to enforce existing immigration laws (See 8 USC), specifically those securing our national borders and mass-deportations, all part of the U.S. Criminal Code. All the while military & civilian forces are quasi-securing the borders of such postage stamps of terror, e.g. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Israel…to name a few. In the meantime the U.S. southwestern border is more porous than a sieve and is the recipient of one of the most onerous & skillfully constructed invasions in the history of man. Ratcheted up by the Marxist/Racist U.S. President Barack Obama. The invasion bringing in tens of thousands of young people fully understanding they may walk into the U.S. without one visible obstacle, resulting in not only their illegal presence but reintroducing diseases and many acting as Drug Mules. Obama is the genesis of this draconian nation-killing crime. The collusion orchestrated by the Democrat party in no way is being challenged by the Party of Irrelevance. Not one elected politician has the backbone to stand firm and quote existing immigration laws with the demand they be enforced to the letter. For instance, Governor Perry of Texas and Gov. Brewer of Arizona do not have the Constitutional will to call out their respective National Guards and post them on their borders and use the WWII courage, Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Not one word from the Arkansas Six on this social and military crisis. The Six are political self-serving cowards and all are hunkering down like infants in a bassinet. Same goes for all the rest. Citizens refuse to deal with the intent and results of these invasions. The White Founding Stock of our republic is rapidly becoming victim of a purposeful genocide. Our homeland is now little more than a legal & illegal 3rd world international dumping ground, brought to citizens by the white congressional majority.

Addressing jail/prison cells:

The question becomes how many foreign nationals, legal & illegal, are incarcerated in our jails and prisons? The numbers are mighty and all under this description should be physically deported immediately. Recently 36,000 hardened illegal criminals were released by Obama.

A politician and/or a bureaucrat will never offer an objective solution, all the bums know is MORE FUNDING. Does it occur to anyone that reducing the sentences by ½ of all white collar crime would free up tens of thousands of cells? For this to occur the voting public must get the attention of prosecutors of all stripes, judges of all stripes and citizens who make up juries. The sentences that are handed out pertaining to white collar crime in most cases are draconian and serve no useful purpose. Actually the sentences represent lodestones hanging from the necks of American taxpayers. Federal judges & prosecutors are the guiltiest. State Legislators, referencing state laws, could remedy this brutal assault on productive citizens in one fell swoop. Begin by ferreting out every law dealing with white collar crime (crime that has inflicted no pain on his fellow man/woman) and write one law that states “FROM THIS DAY FORWARD ALL WHITE COLLAR CRIME THAT CAN BE REASONABLY DESCRIBED AS SUCH, BE REDUCED BY ONE-HALF”. The Attorney General and his staff could use this blanket statement and fashion a law which would serve all Arkansans and Americans.

It’s way past time to quit playing beach ball with government thugs, self-servers, and many times outright criminals.

Away with Political Correctness! The claim of a nation is secure borders resulting in sovereignty & stability, not a borderless mass of real estate with no authority or protections for native American citizens.

Joe McCutchen

Gaddy re: Minuteman Project/Immigration

We are in complete agreement with Mike Gaddy’s conclusions. Open borders and a “welfare” state is a sure fire recipe for disaster….”entitlements” to citizens is bad enough & anyone who tells you “immigrants” (many of which are hostile to America) don’t get all kinds of welfare is a bald-faced liar.

Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2014 7:58 AM
To: Michael Gaddy
Subject: Wrote this almost 9 years ago.

Of course the “Libertarian” website I was writing for at the time chose not to publish but in the light of recent revelations such as those I sent out yesterday perhaps this piece deserves another look-see.

June 27, 2005

In the month of April I traveled to the Arizona border and worked as a volunteer with the Minuteman Project. Upon returning I wrote an article that appeared at LRC. For several days that followed I received many emails, including fellow writers at LRC who took issue with my stance on protecting our borders. I understand the issue this raises with those who believe in the open border policy advocated by many Libertarians. My question is: can we live with the theory of open borders when obviously what we are experiencing is not people immigrating for a better way of life, but an invasion?

The one question that I never received an answer to from all those who wrote me in opposition to my position was: with the current open border policy and the welfare state how do we protect the private property of not only those who live on the U.S. side of the border, but others whose private property is being destroyed by the criminal element that constantly flows across our porous borders?
While one of my most respected writers at LRC, Anthony Gregory, touches briefly on the objections to free immigration in a welfare society by Hans-Hermann Hoppe in his work, I believe there was absent a delving into the meat of Hoppe’s argument in which he addresses what he believes to be an invasion as opposed to free immigration.

In Hoppe’s work On Free Trade and Restricted Immigration, he states:
“In light of steadily mounting immigration pressure from the world’s low-wage regions, three general strategies of dealing with immigration have been proposed: unconditional free immigration, conditional free immigration, and restrictive immigration. While our main concern will be with the latter two alternatives, a few observations regarding the unconditional free immigration position are appropriate, if only to illustrate the extent of its intellectual bankruptcy.”
As for unconditional free immigration, Hoppe’s words are certainly relevant if one is a close up observer of our basically unprotected borders today, and the millions here illegally who demand their share of welfare “entitlements,” and politicians who seek votes by insisting these immigrants receive the fruits of the labor of others.

“Since unconditional free immigration must be regarded as a prescription for national suicide, the typical position among free traders is the alternative of conditional free immigration. According to this view, the U.S. and Switzerland would have to first return to unrestricted free trade and abolish all tax-funded welfare programs, and only then should they open their borders to everyone who wanted to come. In the meantime, while the welfare state is still in place, immigration would have to be made subject to the condition that immigrants are excluded from domestic welfare entitlements.”

Here Hoppe draws a distinction between free trade and free immigration.
“There is no analogy between free trade and free immigration, and restricted trade and restricted immigration. The phenomena of trade and immigration are different in a fundamental respect, and the meaning of “free” and “restricted” in conjunction with both terms is categorically different. People can move and migrate; goods and services, of themselves, cannot. Put differently, while someone can migrate from one place to another without anyone else wanting him to do so, goods and services cannot be shipped from place to place unless both sender and receiver agree. Trivial as this distinction may appear, it has momentous consequences. For free in conjunction with trade then means trade by invitation of private households and firms only; and restricted trade does not mean protection of households and firms from uninvited goods or services, but invasion and abrogation of the right of private households and firms to extend or deny invitations to their own property. In contrast, free in conjunction with immigration does not mean immigration by invitation of individual households and firms, but unwanted invasion or forced integration…”

Hoppe elaborates on the view that illegal immigrants are nothing more than foreign invaders, forcing themselves on those who have no choice but to receive them.

“…with respect to the movement of people, the same government will have to do more in order to fulfill its protective function than merely permit events to take their own course, because people, unlike products, possess a will and can migrate. Accordingly, population movements, unlike product shipments, are not per se mutually beneficial events because they are not always —necessarily and invariably—the result of an agreement between a specific receiver and sender. There can be shipments (immigrants) without willing domestic recipients. In this case, immigrants are foreign invaders, and immigration represents an act of invasion. Surely, a government’s basic protective function includes the prevention of foreign invasions and the expulsion of foreign invaders. Just as surely then, in order to do so and subject immigrants to the same requirement as imports (of having been invited by domestic residents), this government cannot rightfully allow the kind of free immigration advocated by most free traders.”

In my view, Hoppe could not be more correct in his belief that the government should protect its citizens from the foreign invasion of those who enter our country illegally. In fact our Constitution demands it.

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion…” ~ Article 4 Sec. 4 of the U.S. Constitution

I understand how one can idealistically look at free immigration and believe that to place restrictions on the free flow of people is inconsistant with liberty. Those who support this view should travel to the border and see first hand the destruction being wrought on the private property of our citizens; slaughtered livestock, water lines dug up from the ground and left running in an environment where water is as valuable as gold, fences destroyed, homes invaded and burned, citizens literally afraid to walk to the mailbox unarmed, private property owners who have actually deserted their property to avoid the constant harrassment, threats and violence and the refusal/inability of our government to protect them from this destruction.

In fact, many of our politicians, including Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona, have sought federal intervention against those private property owners who seek to protect their property from these invaders. His words on the subject speak volumes.
“An atmosphere exists in southern Arizona that threatens to ignite in a flashpoint of violence. The words and actions of these groups (read private property owners) are evidence of an armed racial movement intent on taking the law into their own hands. We cannot allow the complex issues in U.S.-Mexico border policy to be hijacked by individuals who have chosen to break faith with our government and take matters into their own hands.”

In my view, this issue is one of national security more than any other. Our run away government’s reckless foreign policy has created a plethora of enemies who seek our destruction, not just of our government but of the citizens as well. Allowing those who wish to destroy us unfettered access to our property and our lives is ridiculous in the extreme.

Our insane policy concerning those who are invading our country and seek to do us harm is most obvious in the following: when natives of Mexico are apprehended after crossing illegally into this country, they are fingerprinted, given food and water, medical attention if needed and then transported back to Mexico, but an illegal from any other country, including those with whom we are at war, even though these wars are illegal and immoral, are taken to a city such as Tucson, processed, given a trial date to appear in court and then released! Should it come as a big surprise that less than 5% ever return to honor their court date?

To doubt the millions crossing our border and the millions already here constitute an invasion is baffling. Immigrants migrate for a better way of life while invaders come to dominate and control. One need only listen to the words and writings of the invaders and their supporters, many of who are teaching in our institutions of higher learning here in the United States.

“California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. They should go back to Europe.” ~Mario Obledo
“The border remains a military zone. We remain a hunted people. Now you think you have a destiny to fulfill in the land that historically has been ours for forty thousand years. And we’re a new Mestizo nation. And they want us to discuss civil rights. Civil rights. What law made by white men to oppress all of us of color, female and male. This is our homeland. We cannot—we will not—and we must not be made illegal in our own homeland. We are not immigrants that came from another country to another country. We are migrants, free to travel the length and breadth of the Americas because we belong here. We are millions. We just have to survive. We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. It’s a matter of time. The explosion is in our population.” ~Jose Angel Gutierrez, Professor and Attorney, University of Texas Arlington.

“The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan. Communism would be closest [to it]. Once Aztlan is established, ethnic cleansing would commence: Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled — opposition groups would be quashed because you have to keep power.” ~Miguel Perez of Cal State-Northridge’s MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) chapter.

“As an academic mission I’m proposing it (El Norte) as a thesis. But I’m also an advocate of the idea, I myself-through the way I teach my classes and to the students I help form in the classroom-that’s my activism. The main incentive would be so people of the same culture, language, and identity could develop their own nation-state under the principal of self- determination.” ~ Chicano Studies Professor Charles Truxillo at the University of New Mexico who advocates that California, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona secede from the United States to form the Chicano republic of El Norte.

Professor Truxillo, is a self-described disciple of Chicano-Marxist terrorist Reies Lopez Tijerina. Tijerina and his terrorist group have been advocating retaking the southwest since the mid ’60s. In June 1967, Tijerina led his gang in an assault on the courthouse in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico. During the attack, he proved that his violence was non-discriminatory. They shot fellow Mexican-American jailer Eugolio Salazar in the face, pistol whipped fellow Mexican-American Undersheriff Dan Rivera, and killed fellow Mexican-American Deputy Sheriff Nicainor Saizan.

Professor Truxillo claims that the new nation of El Norte should be established “by any means necessary.”

“These are the critical years for us as a Latino community. We’re in a state of transition. And that transformation is called ‘the browning of America’. Latinos are now becoming the majority. Because I know that time and history is on the side of the Chicano/Latino community. It is changing in the future and in the present the balance of power of this nation. It’s a game – it’s a game of power – who controls it. You (to MEChA students) are like the generals that command armies. We’re in a state of war…What this means is a transfer of power. It means control.” ~ Armando Navarro, Prof. Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside.

Are the above the words of those who seek only economic opportunity?

While I am in complete agreement with Anthony Gregory and others that the State will only use this issue to pass more oppressive legislation against its citizens, I hardly see how allowing the free flow of immigrants who are determined to colonize the Southwestern United States will stop this oppression. If the ignorant among us show an unwillingness to buckle to the desires of the State, there will always be another “New Pearl Harbor.”

I was asked on two separate occasions this past week to be a guest on talk radio out of Mexico City. During my appearance, I asked the host if he locked the doors of his home at night and when he was away. He finally, after repeating the question until he answered, said that he did. When I asked him why, he said to keep unwanted people out of his home—people who might steal his property or harm his family. My question to him and to others is: Why should we not control our borders for the same reason?

Michael Gaddy, an Army veteran of Vietnam, Grenada, and Beirut, lives in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest. He is also the honorary editor for The Price of Liberty.

Response to Congressman re AMNESTY


A reply to Ark. Congressman Steve Womack’s stance on illegal immigration accompanied by a snippet pertaining to Rep. House Speaker John Boehner and Alan Birsin, Assistant Secretary of Affairs & Chief Diplomatic officer at DHS: 

Congressman Womack,                    January 2, 2014   789

I will dispense with the formality usually attributed to a congressional delegate.  The issue is much too grave and the divide between Fort Smith, Arkansas and Washington, DC far too distant for political bantering.

I do thank you for the attached missive even though it appears to have been written by one of your plebes. 

Your email begins by stating our immigration system is in shambles.  Of course, the reason being is the fact that you and those who have preceded have refused to adhere to your/their sworn Constitutional obligations, in this case, the enforcement of 8 USC and its subsections which would have prevented the illegal Mexican & OTM invasions, and in so doing have created a 3rd World U.S. human dumping ground…in the same sentence the writer under your name proclaims in government talking points the lie that there are “only 11 million illegals” in our republic.  Steve, show me the genesis of that number.  You and/or the writer fail to disseminate that if & when some form of amnesty is conferred; these heretofore illegal nesters could/would bring in their immediate families from their respective homelands and would/will number in millions, accompanied by continuing waves of illegals.  Question: Steve, why is it you are willing to allow our republic to be overwhelmed by continued illegal 3rd World invasions? Citizens readily understand that the Founding white population will soon become a minority in our own country due to the GOP’s lack of courage and begs the question, why are you & the GOP so willing to trade down? The illegal 3rd world interlopers are devoid of accomplishments in the arts & sciences, education, technology, etc.  Are you so engrossed in self-service that you are willing, by your vote, to forsake our once preeminent republic and turn it into a band of assorted races, religions, and nationalities, united only by their presence in the same land and no native culture to provide unity? Trading down is not the mark of an intelligent society.

There is no such thing as a multi-cultural utopia.

Your referencing H.R. 2278, the SAFE ACT “renews our commitment to interior enforcement efforts and increases security measures to the entry of criminal immigrants”.  When, in recent history (100 yrs) has there been a commitment to secure our national borders???  Answer: never.   Steve, you have some military experience; therefore you obviously know the only way to secure our borders is with a military commitment.  That’s where the military should be instead of spread all over the planet attempting to generate U.S. global hegemony.  Acquaint yourself with Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution.  When has any border state been protected from invasion in our lifetime?  You and your colleagues, as an excuse not to secure U.S. borders only speak in terms of cost.  We have a military presence in 150 countries, subsidizing NATO which should have been dissolved in the 50’s, securing any number of foreign national borders, and so on.  You do get the picture don’t you?

H.R. 1772—Doublespeak Congressman?  Your quote, “but it protects our businesses to use the system in good faith from being prosecuted.”  Another cowardly sell-out.  What you are saying is you do not have the political will or courage to spell out the details.  H.R. 1772 will continue to allow businesses to retain their illegal workforce and advertise for more, e.g. Tyson’s/Mexico.  You hail from NW Arkansas, the epicenter of illegal immigration, yet nothing but silence.  You, like the Republican leadership, have lost the will to fight, indicating no fealty to the Constitution. Your sole congressional thrusts seem to be a oriented toward the implementation of an internet sales tax , while continuing to support the phony wars on terrorism….13 years in Afghanistan & Iraq—for what?  

What about the illegals who are already here and working? How about enforcing the laws already on the books and begin prosecuting those businesses which currently have illegals in their employ, e.g. Tyson’s, et al?

What does “gaining operational control of our borders” mean? 

You say you are “unapologetically opposed to unconditional amnesty”.   Are you for total removal of those now in this country illegally or conditional amnesty?  There is then the Anchor Baby paradigm, what are your proposals in this matter?

We know the Iranians have been crossing the SW border for decades.  If they have formed “terrorist cells” why allow them to stay on conditional basis?

What are you proposing to do with 8 USC, Sections 1325, 1324a, 1324c, & 1644, which is beautiful legislation and all it needs is enforcement?

Why does there have to be so many pieces of proposed legislation to deal with such a straightforward issue? Don’t you understand the legislation is already in place?

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S.  Again, what possible rational basis do you have that would allow you to vote for conferring amnesty (by any means) on 25-35 million illegal Mexicans & OTM’s (not the 11 million lie espoused by government)?  Political fear?




Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith, AR   

From: Representative Steve Womack []
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2013 2:52 PM
Subject: Reply from Congressman Steve Womack

                                                                                    December 20, 2013
Dear Mr. McCutchen,
              Thank you for contacting me to express your thoughts on immigration reform.  It is good to hear from you.
              As you know, our immigration system is in shambles.  We have an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in our country, a porous border, and a visa system that fails to meet the needs of American companies. 
              In an attempt to address these problems, the Senate passed S. 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.  I have numerous concerns with this bill, from its treatment of criminal aliens to the invitation of potential fraud and lack of firm border protection.  Additionally, the bill has weak enforcement of border security triggers – made to be executed before the legalization of current illegal immigrants – which could leave much discretion to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 
              It is unlikely the House will take up S. 744.  Instead, the House is expected to address these issues this fall when it considers a collection of the following four bills.
              First, H.R. 2278, the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement (SAFE) Act, renews our commitment to interior enforcement efforts and increases security measures to deter the entry of criminal immigrants or those who pose security risks to our nation.  Second, H.R. 1772, the Legal Workforce Act, makes E-Verify mandatory for new hires, but it protects our businesses that use the system in good faith from being prosecuted, an important safe harbor provision.  Next, H.R. 1773, the Agricultural Guestworker (AG) Act, works to streamline the H-2A guestworker programs, eliminating onerous requirements that have contributed to illegally overstaying visas.  It also creates more certainty with legal and wage-related matters.  Finally, H.R. 2131, the Supplying Knowledge Based Immigrants and Lifting Levels of STEM Visas (SKILLS) Act, replaces certain visa programs that are not as useful today with those programs that will help our economy and make our country more competitive in the global marketplace.  It increases Green Cards for STEM graduates, provides visas for entrepreneurs who will create employment opportunities here, strengthens the investor green card program, and eliminates some arbitrary caps tied to countries of origin, among other things.
              All these bills were approved by the House Judiciary Committee in June, and they are now awaiting consideration by the full House.
              Additionally, the House Homeland Security Committee approved H.R. 1417, the Border Security Results Act, in June.  This will require the Department of Homeland Security to gain operational control of our borders and report these metrics to Congress.
              Like many of my constituents, I am unapologetically opposed to unconditional amnesty.  To me, it is fundamentally unfair to reward those adults who came here illegally by guaranteeing them citizenship or putting them in front of those trying to come here legally.
              We have left these issues undone for far too long, and I am looking forward to considering this legislation in the 113th Congress. 
              Thank you again for contacting me.  Please continue to keep me informed of the issues important to you and be sure to visit my website,, for more information and to sign up for my newsletter.
                                                                       Congressman Steve Womack
                                                                   Member of Congress      

“Conservative” Republicans, Spying & Frying, & Illegal Aliens

Is the Republican Party really “Conservative” or is that a midsummer night’s dream? And the matter of illegal Mexican & OTM invasions.            July 15, 2013

 The U.S. federal government has a growing national debt of $17 Trillion and $100 Trillion in unfunded mandates. 

This piece delves topically into the political/economic conduct of alleged “conservative” Senator John Boozman (R-AR), and a few immigration morsels.

The “Travelin’ Man” Senator Boozman just returned from one of his many trips to the Mideast.  It is fair to say the senator has made more trips to the Mideast during his tenure in Washington than former governor Mike Huckabee has made to Israel; I believe the count hovers around 18. The senator was accompanied on this trip by 5 other senators.  Senator McCain traveled to the Mideast in the same timeframe and apparently had his own private taxpayer subsidized entourage. Who paid? Only a microcosm of the vulgar abuse of American taxpayers.

The 6 senators traveled last week to Afghanistan, Jordan, Turkey, & the United Arab Emirates. The trip terminated, as always in Europe, where the federal legislators partake of fine dining and nest in Europe’s signature hotels. At what cost to taxpayers?

Recall, that President Obama just finished a trip to Africa visiting his kin at a cost of at least $100 million taxpayer dollars. Obama’s display of opulence in Africa was in the same time frame as the Boozman safari along with 5 or more companions and of course McCain & his private party.   Boozman and his party did not spend $100 million but one can only guess at this juncture what his safari did cost.  Another reminder, Boozman, McCain, and Obama’s trips were paid for by money taken by force from the taxpayers who earned it and not allowed to keep it.

Senator Boozman, as do all senators, receives $3+ million per year to spend at their discretion with no citizen accountability. For the 100 Senators, that is $300 million per year.  There are 435 Representatives receiving $1 million or more per year which is $435+ million each year. These numbers do not include salaries, healthcare, ad infinitum.  Dispensing this amount of money to politicians is obscene and perhaps criminal. Are citizens getting their money’s worth? Remember the $17 Trillion debt.

The news release failed to state what the purpose of Boozman’s Mideast safari was.  Of course, the standard answer is that it was a “fact-finding mission”.   Citizens already know the facts…which are: Total destruction of at least 4 Mideast countries, killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians while thousands of our own citizens/soldiers are maimed & killed and spending over $1 Trillion. For what? Answer: hubris, hegemony & warmongering madness. 12 years in Iraq & Afghanistan and lesser numbers in Libya, Egypt, Chad, Somalia, and presently indirectly in Syria orchestrating the overthrow of Pres. Assad, while contemplating a military attack on Iran while spewing all sorts of lies with the purpose of whipping up public sentiment for the attack.

In deference to Senator Boozman, he did make one sacrifice, Boozman said he met with more than a dozen Arkansans on his safari who were serving in the aforementioned countries…he said “I gave them a pat on the back and told them how much the people of Arkansas respected them being there”.   Senator, what a pathetic verbal display. That statement tells me you look at those young men as nothing more than cannon fodder.

Boozman has signed every heinous, freedom taking bill that G.W Bush and Barack Obama has put forth. The last of his unconstitutional signings was the National Defense Authorization Act which has stolen any number of civil rights from American citizens, e.g. 30,000 drones overflying the U.S.—spies & silent assassins, e.g. appearing in today’s Times Record a story so sobering and revulsive one must ask what kind of monsters have the warmongering American government created?  The former 188th Fighter Squadron is now home to drones and the monsters that fly them.  A partial admission of the heinous conduct of the pilots and their associated personnel comes from a Major Heath Allen, a 188th executive officer stated that “full time mental health professionals and a chaplain were on staff”.  Comes the real hair-raising statement in the article pertaining to the medical help & chaplain, “That will give anyone involved in the ‘kill chain’ the opportunity to talk about things that are bothering them”.  These are American citizens who have turned on their fellow man, their neighbors, their kin, and folks they never heard of with the mission of SPYING & FRYING. Where is the outcry regarding the murdering uncivilized conduct and the wholesale destruction of the U.S. Constitution, pitting Americans against Americans?   Senators Boozman & Pryor and Cong. Womack have promoted and sanctioned this traitorous conduct, but not limited to.

The Industrial/Military Complex owns Boozman outright.  He supports subsidizing the Egyptian military to the tune of $1.5 Billion yearly to keep it up and running….why?  Is it to bribe Egypt to protect Israel’s flank? At the same time Boozman favors doling out $3 Billion+ to Israel per year. This arrangement is about border protection for Israel.  Border security everywhere except for the U.S.  Remember, the funding for all these phony wars on terrorism and international benevolences are paid for by dollars printed out of thin air, placing a civilization killing burden on Americans now and in the future. Remember the $17 Trillion debt?

To you Senator Boozman and all the rest of the globe-trotting representatives, you could be of some service if you concerned yourselves with securing our borders (8 USC, Section 1325 & 1324a). We are losing our nation to the unbridled legal & illegal foreign 3rd World invaders and any fool can see our culture is changing daily, perpetrated by Political Correctness and the continuing massive 3rd World invasions. Janet Napolitano is a liar. Our borders are wide open and thousands of illegals from around the globe are entering monthly…and we have a president who has ordered the Border Patrol, for all practical purposes, to cease and desist.

Hispanics and Jews are the driving forces for passage of the faux Immigration Reform bill designed to confer amnesty on the existing 25-35 million illegals nesting in our republic and the ongoing overrunning our republic with new 3rd World legals & illegals, accompanied by no sealing of our borders. The prominent Hispanics promoting this treachery are Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Congressmen Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) & Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), but not limited to.  The three most prominent Jews involved in promoting America’s “game-changer” are Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) (the architect), Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY). Will the Republican House majority follow their lead and cave due to fear of Jewish lobbying organizations, i.e. AEI, AIPAC, ADL & the Hispanic organizations of La Raza, Maldef & LULAC, all influenced by such operations as Tyson’s, Wal-Mart, the Chambers of Commerce, etc. or will they stand straight & firm and vote against amnesty by any name and for the absolute security of our borders?  If these traitors were in any way honorable they would demand enforcement of existing laws immediately which satisfy all illegal immigration demands and insist that the 700 miles of border fence, already enacted into law but never completed, get under way and finished promptly.

The above two minorities are only interested in increasing their numbers and their political influences, not acculturating and embracing U.S. heritage, culture, and the tenants of Western Civilization. Their methodology utilizes ceaseless attacks on our culture and rule of law.

Senator Boozman has zero experience on the U.S. southern border as is the case with Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) who has a history of hiring illegals. These facts alone demonstrate that Boozman and Senator Pryor have no compassion or feelings for the multiple attacks on U.S. citizens along the southern border, economic & cultural cost to middleclass Americans and more importantly the sovereignty of our republic.

Speaking of the mess in Egypt, which the U.S. created, Boozman allows “there are no good answers”.  Yes Senator, there is a very good answer…get our military out of not only the Mideast but around the globe and quit meddling, quit murdering, and quit destroying other folk’s countries.

The Republican Party is not “conservative”. It has transitioned into neo-conservatism, which is Eternal War for Eternal Peace.

The Senator has lost the feel for the middleclass which he is helping to destroy. Voters thought he was a good man when first elected.

  It’s time to flush the federal government, not wiped but flushed, and the thrones they built for themselves must be destroyed.  The D.C. Protection Racket is erasing our Republic.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. To Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) who states “we are a nation of immigrants”. No, Cong. Gowdy, we are a nation WITH immigrants.  

The Gang of 8 & other betrayers




The ongoing illegal 3rd World invasion of our Republic could have been averted by simply enforcing 8 USC, Sections 1324a, 1324c, 1325, & 1644.  Understand that all of the 435 U.S. Representatives and 100 Senators, past & present, since passage of 8 USC have declined to enforce the aforementioned statutes, allowing our nation to be overrun by  some 25-35 million illegals of all descriptions, creating a multinational 3rd World gulag, not the government lie of 11 million. 

If the House of Representatives & Senators were honorable men & women in their misguided immigration reform efforts, they in unison would call for enforcement immediately of 8 USC statutes dealing with border security.  Of course they are not.

The chief architect of the traitorous S 744 is Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).  Recall Schumer’s tribe implemented mass immigration, cheap labor, and open borders in the 1920’s. Unfortunately Schumer’s tribe has influenced both Houses of Congress into maintaining the status quo, i.e. the cascade of erosions of our intended social structure via fear. Another tribesman, in this case, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) is rattling the sabers for House Republicans to CAVE and vote for the sell-out S 744.

It appears the warmongering Sen. John McCain is second in command and the mouthpiece for the S 744 treachery is slick talking Hispanic anchor baby Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. The lesser lights involved in the traitorous S 744 are: Senators Menendez (questionable activities in the Caribbean), Graham (another warmonger & McCain’s bagman) , Flake, Durbin, & Bennett. 

A quote attributed to Sen. Rubio appearing in the Miami Herald and described as “eloquent”.  Rubio’s statement was made on the Senate floor.  Regarding illegals “They have come because in the land of their birth, their dreams were bigger than their opportunities”.   “And so they came to America….”  The illegals who Rubio blathers about stole the dreams of others who were coming here legally.  Rubio’s mentality indicates that anyone from anywhere should be able to enter our nation by any means.

The aforementioned 8 (with the exception of Rubio), and accompanied by most of the House & Senate, have been ensconced in their lofty positions of power for decades; one can rightly conclude that the “Divine Right of Kings” has been reconstituted and now magnifies the fact the 8 and the remaining 92 senators & 435 representatives are precisely the ones who have spurned the Constitution, the rule of law, have put middleclass American citizens in untenable positions in favor of the corporate/government nexus that is promoting our republic as the Mecca for massive legal & illegal 3rd World immigration—Observe the many negative consequences that now prevail, all consequences of corrupt government.  The above named assemblage of traitors created and have sustained the multiple atrocities directed at middleclass Americans;  and the big question remains, why would any citizen place trust in sitting elected officials and bureaucrats with their records of corruption and self-service?  When the issues of sealing borders, implementing deportations, discontinuing welfare benefits, and promoting legal immigration with cultural balances & numbers are on the table, nothing but waves of silence from the Elites. There is no intention by either Party to accomplish any of the elements of legitimate immigration reform so direly needed by middleclass Americans and our republic using the Constitution and the rule of law as their guide. . All the while, the United States government is destroying nations, murdering their citizens, securing foreign borders, uprooting established governments, spying, i.e. everything that is unconstitutional, illegal and uncivil? Our former preeminent Republic has degenerated into warmongering depravity, and not a whimper from U.S. citizens; why?

The spying net that has been cast over American citizens by the lying NSA Chief James Clapper is breathtaking.  Surveilling citizen’s computers & phones, and spying by drones capable of assassination upon command. These endeavors, accompanied by who knows what and how many others, have completely negated the 4th & 10th Amendments.  Only one conclusion can be reached, the U.S. government is a rogue operation.  The “War on Terrorism” is phony and the U.S. government is the Bogey Man.  

What should be done with these 8 traitors, accompanied by a throng of Marxist Democrats and a pathetic group of neoconservative Republican Senators who voted for S 744?  Perhaps we should to return to yesteryear, cuff & march the traitors onto the D.C. Mall and drag out the horse whips…they deserve no quarter.  It’s the Republic.

Never do we hear the phrase “Seal the borders” from any of the supporters of S 744 and the media.  Here is a sample of what we do hear:  “Beef up the border”, “they will protect us”, “we will fix it”, “enhance border security”, “more secure borders”, “improved border security” (compliments of Marco Rubio), “security steps”, “tighter border security”, and “border under control”.  These quotes demonstrate there is absolutely no intention in securing/sealing the borders.

Congressman Paul Ryan uttered this preposterous memorable quote “You can’t control the borders, people have to be able to come here legally”…all the while the U.S. takes in more immigrants than the rest of the world combined and 23+ million Americans cannot find work.

The leadership of the former Republican Party, now the Party of Irrelevance (POI), can only be described euphemistically as Simpletons. The POI leadership has embraced the Marxist Democrats line, uttered incessantly by Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, and Durbin “Republicans must vote for amnesty or they will never win another presidential election”. The POI’s have fallen for that and other Democrat asininities hook line & sinker, such as Louisiana Gov. Jindal’s & Rubio’s command “We must like Hispanics”.  The Simpletonian Complex is in full bloom.  The Constitution, the rule of law and principles never enter the minds of the Republicans (POI’s) which is the only course to victory. Screw morality & the Constitution, whatever it takes to win an election. The mentality the Republican leadership is displaying deserves defeat.  Republicans have no foundation, i.e. what do they stand for?   White flight will continue.  It is indeed frightening that Republicans would subscribe to anything that the Democrats would offer, put another way they actually believe they can out-Democrat the Democrats. The Republican leadership is an unprincipled lot.  Look who’s carrying the water…McCain, Graham, Boehner, Priebus, McConnell, Flake…for openers. 

 Most all incumbent politicians have no redeeming qualities—both Political Parties are corrupt to the core, all levels.

It is obvious in the coalescence occurring in all government entities and their creation of a corporate nexus, there is no room for American citizens in the governing process. The Protection Racket is complete.  See the Declaration of Independence. Has the United States government become public enemy #1 in the eyes of citizens and the global community? 

My friend and patriot Mike Gaddy counseled me in the following statement. “The elected president, vice-president, House of Representatives & the Senate spout the U.S. Constitution, because there are no consequences in their minds and that the Constitution is flexible and no absolutes exist and they (the ruling elites) duly understand without consequences, there is no law”; therefore citizens are no more than a collection of vassals…and the government assaults on the Constitution, rule of law, and civil liberties will continue unabated unless citizens soon recognize and respond to the constant unconstitutional salvos being hurled at them.

Let it be said that Edward Snowden has done more to alert Americans to the despotic inbred conduct of American government, specifically, in the case of NSA, but not limited to, more than any other American in decades. The federal government would have citizens believe they occupy the Constitutional and legal high ground in this matter all the while government wallows in criminal activities A-Z. Edward Snowden is an American Hero and will pay the price.

Edward Snowden worked for Booz, Allen, Hamilton that is owned by the Carlyle Group; some of the big investors of the Carlyle Group were the Bin Laden family & the Bush Family.  All Booz, Allen, Hamilton revenue comes from the U.S. government.
James Clapper, current Director of NSA, the liar, is a former executive of B.A. H.
Booz, Allen, Hamilton & the Carlyle Group can only be described as a barrel of venomous snakes.  Again, Edward Snowden is an American Hero.

The two things that will happen with the passage of S 744 & its modifications:

1.    Our former preeminent Republic will be overrun by 3rd World nationals, legal & illegal—by design.
2.    When the 3rd Worlders (legal & illegal) deem they have the numbers, civil disobedience in multiple forms will erupt and Whites will be history, never to recover—the modern version of the Camp of the Saints will be accomplished.

The Republican (POI) Cavemen & Cavewomen will do just that, cave again.

Joe McCutchen