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Deceptive Dem-Gaz editorial re illegal aliens

November 28, 2017

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Sunday, November 26, 2017…unsigned editorial titled “Let us reason together—there must be a better way than this”.

The article makes no sense and I believe that to be by design. Therefore I will excerpt just a few statements and address.

1. “Not when the country’s official policy toward illegal immigration is….what is it anyway?” Answer: 8 USC Section 1324a…Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years jail, plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien. Examples: Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, John Tyson, OK Foods, Simmons, Senator John Boozman and the recipient is Jeremy Gillam Speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives and his blueberry harvest.

2. The article alludes to 12 million illegals. The then Bear-Stearns in 1999 did an exhaustive study and concluded there were at least 20 million illegals nesting in the U.S. and could go to 25 million. Accepting the U.S. government’s word for anything is gross stupidity.

3. The article states “illegal immigrants may have very legal American children. What to do then?” Answer: send Ma & Pa packing and if the child is an adult he/she can make the call to stay or leave and if an infant they may return legally when of age.

4. The article says “maybe we should start by admitting that we can’t round them all up and send them back”. President Reagan did. The way we should do it is to cut off all welfare, enforce E-Verify, and arrest previously mentioned CEO’s and the illegals will self deport quickly.

5. “Make these folks legal, guarantee them adequate shelter & wages, not to mention police protection and allow them to come out of the shadows”. It is hard to believe that the writer could be this stupid, i.e. “come out of the shadows” when they demonstrate, protest, make demands, fly the Mexican flag, etc. Also, they already get “shelter & wages”. When Gov. Huckabee was in office he passed a bill that all illegal women would receive free pre-natal care and after delivery, all ancillary services they demand. Similarly Gov. Hutchinson, when he was national border czar made the statement that “illegals could not sleep at night for fear of being caught”. Back to Huckabee, he violated U.S. law—Article I, Section 10 by establishing a Mexican Consulate funded by 3 individuals for the transfer of illegals throughout Arkansas, Tennessee & Western Oklahoma.

This paper has always pushed for open borders and amnesty, e.g. Paul Greenberg.

The cost for Arkansas taxpayers the past year was $17 BILLION to subsidize illegals; all the while 93 million Americans are out of work. 73% of all agriculture projects are performed by Americans. Furthermore, the DACA program is a grandiose lie and if passed into law, each DACA recipient could average bringing in 10 or more of their relatives in any physical condition.

Why are citizens allowing our republic to become a 3rd World dumping ground, which is simply trading down.

Meanwhile we have a $20 TRILLION national debt, military presence in 150 countries, ongoing Mideast wars, & provoking Syria, Russia, Iran, & China. How dare them publish such a traitorous article when our republic is literally on the precipice headed for the abyss?

Joe McCutchen

More “For the Children” cruel hoax.

Re: The Times Record 7/23/14 editorial “We must do more for the children”. July 24, 2014

As I have stated before, ‘never has so much money (forced redistribution/taxes) been spent “For the Children’, and never have they been in more peril”.

This particular editorial lauds something called, in government Newspeak, the “Kids Count Data Book” which grades states on “child well-being” in education and healthcare. Most of us know that government “official” figures cannot be trusted, but in this case even the “Data Book” gives Arkansas bad grades. So does that tell us the figures are even worse than reported?

For instance, “child poverty has grown”…but no mention of multiple businesses closing and/or relocating…such as Fort Smith’s Whirlpool (move to Mexico) & many of its suppliers, nor mention of the myriads of illiterate illegal alien children drawn to the state by cheap labor corporations such as Tyson’s, not to mention Huckabee’s free prenatal care for illegals & Arkids 1st healthcare, also Huckabee instigated a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock. The poverty numbers include all ethnicities being lured onto welfare “benefits” and the encouragement to raise fatherless children (currently 70% of black babies born out of wedlock & a soaring crime/murder rate)…just a microcosm of the welfare juggernaut…all funded by overtaxed, dwindling middleclass citizens who have no “advocates” or proper representation. The injustice is breathtaking.

The editorial glows about increasing funding while suppressing the facts that children were better off in the poverty of the Great Depression and in their one-room schoolhouses than they are today in sumptuous facilities and curricula which discourages true education in literature, grammar, geography, languages, science, logic, math, & true history, the truth serum so badly needed to correct horrible misconceptions…. instead, encouraging dependency, low expectations, teaching to the test, dumbing down, etc.
Collectivists/Socialists/Communists always oppose self-reliance, excellence, merit, rugged individualism personal rights & liberties. Dependency on the village/government is their goal, i.e. slaves.

“For the Children” is such seductive bait that children are being used as the front for hundreds of thousands of 3rd world aliens, legal & illegal, to invade the U.S. & all 1st world countries in order to overwhelm the welfare systems & destroy sovereignty, culture, & cohesiveness.

Ironic isn’t it, that the straw that broke America’s back is being accomplished “For the Children?

~Barbara McCutchen

Tax slaves to subsidize education in Mexico?

Is this the legacy Gov. Mike Beebe seeks?            January 13, 2014

It appears the Beebe administration is in an aggressive mode to sellout citizen taxpayers’ property to a foreign national government, i.e. Mexico…why?

The proposed location of Arkansas State University’s foreign campus is Queretaro, Mexico.  A-State Chancellor Tim Hudson stated in a press conference that “the demand for higher education is rapidly rising in Mexico, along with its growing affluence and economy”. With the “growing affluence & economy in Queretaro, Mexico what is the purpose that demands the state of Arkansas build and subsidize the proposed university?  Hudson goes on to say “Hispanics are an expanding demographic in the U.S., and Arkansas State will be better equipped to fulfill related needs and opportunities”.   The United States is home to 25-35 million, uninvited illegals Mexican & OTM invaders, not the phony 11 million that government agencies are peddling.

Chancellor Hudson did not amplify on exactly how Arkansas State will better equip nor did he state what the needs & opportunities are for Mexicans. Why is it incumbent on American taxpayers to provide a university for Mexican?  From his statements it is obvious that the government/corporate plan is to continue to trash, in this case middleclass Arkansans, in favor of illegal and legal Mexicans— MORE CHEAP LABOR, DEMOCRAT VOTES & THE ERASURE OF OUR SOUTHERN BORDER…ENDING SOVEREIGNTY.  This can only be described as constitutional and financial corruption at governments’ highest levels.

To substantiate the above, Alan Birsin, Assistant Secretary of Affairs & Chief Diplomatic Officer at DHS recently made the following statement to the American/Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC “The Guatemalan border with Chiapas (the southernmost state in Mexico) is now the United States’ southern border.”    A-State Mexico & Birsin’s statement are just small parts in the over-all strategy to erase U.S. borders—the outcome will be the globalists’ North American Union.

Is there any doubt in any citizen’s mind that there is a frontal destructive assault on middleclass American citizens, our sovereignty and the rule of law brought to us, but not limited to, by Gov. Mike Beebe, Shane Broadway and the Dept. of Higher Education & Chancellors of U.S. universities, and the Chambers of Commerce?  As pointed out on multiple occasions, Beebe, A.G. McDaniel, ASU Chancellor Hudson are in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, and theft of Arkansas citizen’s property used and intended to be used for other purposes for which it was intended, e.g. Mexico.

There 6 other universities which have officially signed up to jump into the Mexican giveaway.  Other than growing government in any number of ways, what do the other 6 universities get out of this deal? One of the 6 is Univ. Arkansas Fort Smith and Chancellor Paul Beran in another attack on citizens, has proposed a master plan that would reach $200 million. Education, like all government entities, is a huge self-serving protection racket.

An FOIA was sent to Chancellor Tim Hudson, certified mail and he was made aware of the arrival of the FOIA Dec. 31, 2013.  Legally Hudson has 3 days to respond…as of 1:00 pm today, January 13, 2014 the FOIA has not been picked up which questions how money has been and is being spent.

A second FOIA was sent by email Sunday, January, 12, 2014, confirmation of receipt requested.  At this juncture, no response.

As to why Gov. Beebe, A.G. McDaniel, Chancellor Hudson and a host of others have not chosen to respond is anyone’s guess.  Two options come to mind immediately;

1.    They are playing games.
2.    They are involved in a massive cover-up.

It is noted that Beebe is working on the fiscal 2015 budget, which he says will be his last.  The question comes to mind, how much of this budget will be dedicated to the unconstitutional proposed Mexican campus.  In the same category how many Arkansas tax dollars have been spent of the illegal Mexican Consulate in Little Rock?

It is patently obvious that Gov. Beebe, A.G. McDaniel, Chancellor Hudson, the Ark. Legislature feel no responsibility for detailing the very expensive & unconstitutional ramifications of this proposed assault on Arkansas & American taxpayers.

The United States ranks 16th globally in education, which is shameful, accompanied by a $17 TRILLION national debt, and these individuals elected & appointed, are hired to protect & educate Arkansas citizens.

They call themselves “public servants”, surely they jest.  They are feeding their political & economic appetites.

Why doesn’t Chancellor Hudson “man-up” and complete the FOIA or has Beebe & McDaniel advised otherwise?  The time will come when they have to answer. 

Will this be Beebe’s tarnished legacy?

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith   

The North American Union is back–ASU

Do we now know what a confirmed Globalist is doing in the Arkansas Delta?

Is there something rotten in Denmark?                January 3, 2014

Governor Mike Beebe, after a 3 decade life in Arkansas government, made statements to the press which were murky at best, when asked about his political future.

Responding to questions from the Associated Press, “Where am I going to go? Washington?”  Continuing on the Governor said “I want good people to go up there. Just don’t make me do it.”  A tinge of arrogance would you say?  With the usual political drivel he stated “I’d argue that 32 years of public office, I’ve served my time, I’ve given back”.   He failed to say he “made a difference”.

The governor does not preclude himself from running from another political office but you do not have to run for political office to hold a political office, e.g. school superintendents, Director of Higher Education, university Chancellors, ad infinitum.  You see, politicians are not like old soldiers, they NEVER fade away, they just keep coming back.

It was pointed out in two missives the past two weeks that Arkansas State University, compliments of Gov. Mike Beebe, the state legislature, ASU Chancellor Tim Hudson, and a host of private entities and government employees have literally and absolutely stolen taxpayer property—the Arkansas State name, funding, personnel, equipment, travel, ad infinitum, and there has been no public discussion to my knowledge directed at citizens by the Governor or state legislature pertaining to this nefarious affair.

As previously pointed out, A-State employees and “Internationalist” Chancellor Tim Hudson are holding dual roles directing the affairs of A-State Jonesboro and the A-State holdings in the Mexican State of Queretaro that is projected to be an A-State location. Incidentally, where do Hudson’s & the A-State faculty’s allegiances lie?  Hudson’s profile will substantiate his “globalist” background and interests.  It was further pointed out that the 3 year subsidy plan for the A-State Mexican University is to be funded by as yet unknown individuals/corporations, i.e. the Huckabee 3 year payment plan that brought in the unconstitutional & illegal Mexican Consulate to Little Rock.

From afar can the following propositions be put forth with a reasonable amount of certainty?
1.    When Governor Beebe’s term expires he then moves on to become Chancellor of A-State, Jonesboro, AR. Beebe is a graduate of ASU.
2.    At that point, current ASU Chancellor Tim Hudson moves to Queretaro, Mexico and assumes the Chancellorship of the embryonic ASU Mexico.
3.    Then former Gov. Mike Beebe, who would now be the ASU Chancellor, would spend at least 6 months of each year lobbying the Ark. State Legislature for A-State Jonesboro and A-State Mexico, i.e. the king & his court.
4.    More corporate welfare (providing more cheap educated Mexican & OTM labor, while displacing the American middleclass) & expansion of state government.

If A-State Mexico becomes reality it will be the grandest rape of middleclass Arkansans in the history of our state.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S.  Politician sell-outs of citizens abound everywhere—Alan Birsin, Assistant Secretary of Affairs & Chief Diplomatic Officer at DHS “The Guatemalan border with Chiapas (the southernmost state of Mexico) is now the United States’ southern border.” 

Even More “Higher Education” shenanigans

What is a confirmed globalist doing in the Arkansas delta?      December 27, 2013

The globalist in question is Arkansas State University’s Chancellor, Tim Hudson.
A tacit review as to why Chancellor Hudson is described as a bona fide Globalist.

He was special assistant to the chancellor for International Programs and Initiatives at the University of Houston System. From 2004 until 2010 he was president of the University of Houston–Victoria, following a two-decade career as a professor of economic development, program director, founding dean of the College of International and Continuing Education.  Hudson is the recipient of two Fulbright Fellowships (Germany and Mexico), and an ITT International Fellowship to study in Colombia, South America. He also has developed and led more than 30 programs for U.S. students to study abroad and was awarded an honorary doctorate by London Guildhall University for his contributions to global literacy.

A quote from Hudson, “Ark. State Univ. will change the trajectory of EDUCATION IN MEXICO with a partnership Queretaro that will help A. State fulfill its mission of students to be GLOBAL CITIZENS”. What is a GLOBAL CITIZEN, other than someone who no longer recognizes sovereignty and how is Mexico’s education our business?  Hudson shows no concern for American students and their outlook for American jobs, just cheap corporate labor.

Very recently, 12/26/13, it was divulged on a limited basis, accompanied by no political fanfare, that Ark. State Univ. located in Jonesboro, AR was installing another Ark. State Univ. in Queretaro, Mexico and official groundbreaking to take place Feb. 5, 2014.

There has been no public comment, no discussion by Ark. Governor Mike Beebe, the state legislature, Senators John Boozman & Mark Pryor, and Congressman Rick Crawford representing the 1st Congressional District, Arkansas which is home to ASU.

With such a huge undertaking why no public discussions by Arkansas’ elected public officials?  The move by ASU Chancellor Hudson and his yet unknown co-conspirators, both American citizens & foreign nationals, have essentially hijacked a publicly owned institution for their own political & economic visions and gains.
The Constitution (Article 1, Section 10) and the Rule of Law have been smashed by both elected & unelected representatives of the state of Arkansas.  What possible foundation could be used to subsidize a foreign national country’s educational base other than by self-serving politicians & others closely related to government? 

The seizure of ASU by the Chancellor & his bunko squads have replicated former Gov. Mike Huckabee’s unconstitutional & illegal scheme that brought us the Mexican Consulate, i.e. funded for 3 years by private individuals and/or corporations, and at the 3 year juncture the tax burdens placed on the backs of Arkansas taxpayers. The tactics that Hudson and his enablers are using are known as the “Huckabee Bump”.  
At this point the only conclusion that can be reached regarding the hijacking of ASU by national and foreign nationals is to turn ASU into their private economic/political playpen.

It is obvious that the cabal has no regard for sovereignty, the rule of law, and Western culture.

If the aforementioned is not absolutely correct then Governor Beebe & other engaged Ark. officials are challenged to present themselves for public discussion and debate as to why citizen-owned Ark. State Univ. should be seized by private & foreign national interests.

Citizens will look forward to hearing from each of you since we fully understand as public servants your vested interests lie in the arms of the citizens.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S. Whether or not it is relevant, Gov. Mike Beebe, Congressman Rick Crawford, State Senator Jake Files, and House Speaker Davy Carter are graduates of ASU.

Will the theft of Arkansas’ taxpayer owned ASU be allowed to stand?  

More Higher Education Shenanigans

Headline: Arkansas State University to start Mexico campus, Times Record, December 26, 2013
Some quotes:  “A $50 million undertaking that’s being funded with private money”, followed by a statement “with the private foundation underwriting any operating deficits for 3 years after the campus opens”.   Who makes up the private foundation and what is their purpose?   Are the Tysons, Waltons and Stephens, etc. footprints on this endeavor?   In this case more cheap educated Mexican labor on the horizon, benefiting American corporations?

ASU Chancellor Tim Hudson comes forth with some typical educanto statements, e.g. “The campus will be transformative for Arkansas State (how?) and energize our mission of creating globally competitive opportunities for our faculty and students”.  Somewhere in the seams of the Chancellor’s scheme taxpayers will end up paying for this unconstitutional bunko endeavor; furthermore where is it written that taxpayers should subsidize opportunities for the ASU faculty? In this regard, Mexico will not fund.

More world view economics from Hudson, “The business and government partners share our interest in educating students (Mexicans) who will contribute to a sustainable democracy and socio-economic progress in Mexico”.  (Does the Chancellor really believe there is a democracy in Mexico?) Now you have it, business and government, cheap labor the goal, are cranking up this hideous operation and in 3 years Arkansas taxpayers will subsidize. Chancellor Hudson is not aware or perhaps does not care that a nexus between business and government is Fascism, and government is the CEO.

Is Chancellor Hudson so ensconced in expanding his piece of the criminally corrupt education pie that he has lost sight of the tragic failures of American education at all levels, much of it brought on by illegal Mexicans and OTM’s?

A further Hudson quote, “we need our students to acquire skills”.  Who are our students?  Mexican or U.S.?

And here is the most bombastic statement from a so-called higher education czar, i.e. Hudson, “We are preparing a new generation for employment opportunities and employment needs that have not yet been defined”.    How do you prepare for something that doesn’t exist?

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee violated the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 10 by planting an illegal Mexican Consulate in Little Rock.  The same 3 year agreement as stated above was in effect for the illegal, unconstitutional Little Rock Mexican Consulate, and perhaps the same violation is occurring in the ASU proposition.   An FOIA request was issued to Huckabee and the name or names of the entity or entities funding the first 3 years of the illegal Mexican Consulate were redacted from the FOI. Could this be the same group?

From the above factual statements one can only conclude that ASU and any number of other of higher educational facilities are being run and promoted by self-serving, uneducated fools.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith                                                                        

More P.C.B.S. re: Illegal & 3rd world immigration

Steve Brawner in a column appearing in 1/11/13 Times Record “State Melting Pot Will Have More Salsa”.


Brawner refers to the recently released Winthrop Rockefeller report, “A Profile of Immigrants in Arkansas”.  The report was for the edification of cheap labor, open border advocates, i.e. the Chambers of Commerce, government, and captains of industry.

Brawner, like many columnists, bandies the word “immigrant” in much too loose a fashion.  An Immigrant is defined as one that emigrates from one country to another, abiding by laws that the recipient country has in place; therefore Brawner is unabashedly categorizing illegal Mexicans & OTM’s as if they were here by invitation.  The aforementioned Rockefeller study indicates that 42% or MORE of the Hispanic population is here illegally and is costing Arkansas taxpayers an estimated $460 million just on their children’s education yearly.  This stat was from 2009-2010. With Hispanics proclivity to produce large numbers of children those numbers could have easily doubled. More importantly the study failed to identify the myriad of negatives Hispanics bring.

Brawner states that the study indicates Hispanics have had an estimated impact on Arkansas’ economy upwards to $4.3 billion that year. Brawner admits “the state spends more money providing services to immigrants than it gets back in taxes from them” (an understatement)—“but then, that’s the case with all of us citizens which is why the country has a $16 Trillion debt”.  Brawner attributing the $16 Trillion debt is due American citizens benefiting is a falsehood, much of the $16 Trillion debt is due to wars and more wars, foreign aid, global military bases, a huge standing army, business subsidies, ad infinitum…and oh yes, welfare for Americans which without illegals would solve the massive unemployment woes and those revenues produced back into the economy.

You see, if the 25-35 million illegals (not the 12 million number the government floats) nesting in the U.S.  were deported as 8 USC laws demands, there would not be these millions upon millions (both citizens & illegals) on welfare, drawing unemployment, et al.

To the real aspects of unbridled immigration: 90+% of all emigrants entering our republic are 3rd World, non-white, uneducated, poor, and as mentioned previously high child bearing individuals who have no history of any meaningful successes, i.e. arts & sciences.

This of course, all by design, orchestrated by corrupt states and the federal government.  Brawner, a former employee of former Gov. Mike Huckabee (POI), in all probability was involved in Huckabee’s criminal act in creating a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, brought about in stealth, for the purpose of disbursing illegals to a 4 state workforce.   The criminal act is in violation of Article I, Section 10 of the US Constitution…look it up.

In the main, Hispanics bring their failed cultures, philosophies, and heritage to our republic and keep them alive, accompanied by little or no acculturation, no understanding the U.S. Constitution & the ideals it gives rise to, or our heritage & culture, as a matter of fact, most make sport of our rule of law and population’s achievements.

Does Brawner think for one minute that the transition from a predominately white culture to a 3rd World multicultural existence will accomplish what the white Founding Stock has achieved?  Furthermore; the public school system, in its new found ethic of political correctness, is a joke and has & is punishing American kids by dumbing down the curriculum while creating a dependent social welfare environment—devoid of CHIPS.

Another imaginative statement…”America is an immigrant nation that thrives on the fresh perspectives brought by ambitious newcomers”. Just where & what are these perspectives? Open borders & cheap labor types, of which Brawner seems to approve, are fond of stating “we are a nation of immigrants”…no, we are a nation WITH immigrants.

A quick history lesson for Brawner and other open border advocates, the following quote by Howard Sutherland…”Absent a founding group or majority; it would be no nation at all, but a random gathering of people of assorted races, religions, and nationalities, united only by their presence in the same land. With no native culture to provide national unity, the population would tend to fragment on racial and ethnic lines, ensuring division and strife as groups pursue their interests at each other’s expense”.

What is occurring today in the U.S appears to be a multicultural future, guaranteed to fail…this brought to us by a nexus between corporations and the national government, the government acting as the CEO…which is what created Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.   Our national destruction is by design.

The U.S. foolishly is the yearly recipient of 3-5 million foreign nationals (legal & illegal), while at the same time the federal government fans the flame for hundreds of thousands of abortions and paying for them with taxpayer dollars.  Our former preeminent republic is steeped in government filth and squalor.

Joe McCutchen  

Education Foreign Aid

WHAT’S THE PAYOFF FOR BEEBE, HUDSON, & WELCH?            December 11, 2012

Another Grand Theft of taxpayer dollars—Arkansas taxpayer dollars transported to Mexico to educate Mexican nationals to work for the 500 international companies located in the rich Mexican state of Queretar.

Theft, absurdity, asininities, and lies, brought to you by Ark. Gov. Mike Beebe & friends.

The above partially describes the unmitigated treachery & conduct of Arkansas State University’s imported Texas Tech transplant, Chancellor Tim Hudson, accompanied by ASU System President Charles Welch, undergirded by the illegal & unqualified interim Director of The Dept. of Higher Education, Shane Broadway and Gov. Mike Beebe. How long is temporary Gov. Beebe?

The proposal brought forth by the aforementioned individuals was partially accomplished by (drumroll please) ASU Trustee Dan Pierce, bloviating that what they were initiating was the first step in becoming a global university and he was honored to make a motion to accept this.

Therefore; what are these self-anointed elitists residing in Jonesboro and Little Rock, AR up to aside from their blatant traitorous attack on middleclass Arkansans?
These pseudo-educantists and smarmy political hacks are dead-set on creating an Arkansas State University campus in the Mexican state of Queretar, as previously stated acknowledged to be a materially rich Mexican state with more than 500 international companies, some Fortune 500’s, including American giant Boeing Aircraft.  Why?  Taking middleclass Arkansans money by force to subsidize and educate a foreign population is at best traitorous. In Welch’s own words “The area is vibrant, growing and affluent, and has a rising middleclass”. The U.S. middleclass is stagnant and moribund. The gall of their proposal!  Education cabals and long-term political activists are all corrupt to the core and have no regard for our state’s citizen taxpayers. Their plans have already been crafted without citizen knowledge and perhaps there are those in the legislature who are not aware of the ASU global anointing. Their plans are reminiscent of Gov. Mike Huckabee bringing to Arkansas a Mexican Consulate which was and is a violation of Section I, Article 10 of the U.S. Constitution to warehouse and transport illegal Mexicans & OTM’s to work sites in Arkansas, Tennessee & Missouri. If their proposal reaches fruition Hudson & Welch announced they would send ASU students to study at the Mexican ASU campus.  At what cost and for what purpose?

The collective sponges offer up a host of untruths.  Under their proposal ASU will use federal funds to pay for the “startup”.  The U.S. federal government currently owes $16.4 Trillion and these self-serving buffoons are advocating for federal funds? Imagine the cost of this bureaucratic nightmare. What Hudson, Welch, and Beebe are demanding is simply foreign aid for Mexico. Hudson & Welch admitted that Arkansas taxpayer money would be channeled into the richest state in Mexico—Queretar.  

 Are Hudson, Welch, Broadway, Pierce & Beebe suggesting that Mexican nationals residing in the rich Mexican state of Queretar are not intelligent enough to create universities and educate themselves?

What Hudson & Welch are involved in creating is simply Fascism. Fascism is a nexus between government & corporations, and the government is the CEO while the corporations are allowed to function as long as they operate under the strict edicts of the government.  Citizen participation? Funding—citizen tax dollars!

This group has no affinity for U.S. sovereignty and individual rights.  They are busy setting the stage for the transitioning of the U.S. into a 3rd World multicultural gulag.  Note: Democrats have pursued the goal of 3rd World multiculturalism for decades and as of Nov. 7 the now irrelevant Republican Party adopted the Democrats mantra—AWOL from the Fiscal Cliff & joining the amnesty parade.  A Constitutional and moral government would realize the economic and cultural burdens that both the Democrats & Republicans have conferred on middleclass Americans and would certainly pursue strong measures to correct these constitutional & legal oversights.   Residing in the U.S. are 25-35 million illegal Mexicans & OTM’s (no, not 11 million) who are uninvited nesters/parasites and soon to be provided amnesty. 

Who still says we are a free people?

The organization known as the “Advancement of Mexican Education” claims they will underwrite any deficit in the first 2 or 3 years after classes begin.  How benevolent, coming from the richest state in Mexico.

ASU projects that the program will ultimately be completely self-supporting.   A bald-faced lie.  When has any government entity ever been self-supporting—never!  Funding for education, all divisions lobby government at every level constantly for more funding to subsidize their failures.

ASU Chancellor Tim Hudson tried to create this traitorous endeavor while at Texas Tech Univ. Lubbock and yes, there were myriads of consultants.  Summing up education in Arkansas—a dismal failure.  As this is being written, Gov. Beebe & state legislators are preparing to dump millions more into the failed K-12 system where 51% of high school graduates must receive remedial instruction before attending regular college classes.

Hudson, Welch would better serve our state’s educational woes by transferring their education energies into Arkansas full-time.  The fact is the educational cabal is corrupted top down, e.g. the Univ. of Arkansas and the Univ. of Central Arkansas, and to be Politically Correct individuals in positions of power & authority continue foolishly and self-servingly calibrate education with taxpayer dollars. 

Joe McCutchen  

Obit for pussified Republicans

The Pussification of White America—how complete the process?    November 12, 2012

The absolute irrelevancy of the Republican Party—Observe!

On October 1, 2012 I communicated via email and the website titled “The Real State of Affairs” that on Nov. 7, 2012 regardless of which of the two presidential candidates was elected…the Republican Party would immediately become irrelevant.

Nov. 7, 2012 the prophecy became fact due to any number of circumstances.

Before the facts are enumerated regarding the now irrelevant Republican Party, bankrupt ethically, morally, constitutionally, and perhaps more importantly devoid of a rational philosophical base.

Note:  nationally elected Republican legislators, both Houses, and Fox News bloviators, on cue began calling for comprehensive immigration reform, a mask for amnesty for the 25-35 million illegal aliens (not the 11 million that the government lies about) nesting in our formerly preeminent republic.  Republicans like referring to their “Values” but I have yet been illuminated as to what those “Values” allegedly were.  I use the past tense because of their traitorous conduct consummated on Nov.7, 2012.  Both Parties are overflowing with criminal behavior, but give the Democrat Party one negative credit—they tell you in your face that their grand plan is taking by force citizen’s property and redistributing to deadbeats and 3rd World interlopers for vote buying purposes. The act of true Cultural Marxists.  The Republicans are THE GRAND PRETENDERS spewing verbiage pertaining to Conservatism, small government, etc.

The clarion call for the Republican surrender was issued Thursday evening Nov. 15 by Fox News analyst Sean Hannity stating he had been wrong in his insistence that border security must be a first and deportation following. Continuing, Republicans must immediately change their course and campaign for government to do much more for Blacks, Hispanics, women, and other minorities.  Answering that clarion call immediately were other neo-cons, President of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist and California Congressman Duncan Hunter. On that evening, Republican spokesmen gave up any pretense of being conservative & using the Constitution as their guiding document. All in the name of vote-getting. One can conclude that Democrats & now Republicans are stating with an exclamation mark that Blacks, Hispanics, women & other minorities do not have the mental capabilities and/or the physical energy of intellectually & independently promoting their causes without government assistance (i.e. the seizing of other people’s property) and direction.  If the Democrat & Republican leadership believes the above mentioned cannot fend for themselves, why don’t they admit it and develop a rational policy to deal with the circumstance?  Or are they gaming the system for a quid pro quo, i.e. vote buying? Welfare always destroys all able recipients, no matter who they are. Note the intensity with which Blacks defend set-asides, affirmative action, quotas, ad infinitum. Who pays? Middleclass America of course.

Why now?  When a word was not spoken about our immigration crisis in the presidential debates?  Fox News Sunday Nov. 18, 2012; the political parade continues. Former Governor, Preacher Mike Huckabee, displaying his best piety in a conversation with neocon Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, opined that Americans should not punish the children of illegals by deporting. The parents knew full well that breaking into our country was illegal and there should be consequences. Huckabee has long been an advocate of the illegal Mexican invasion. Along with other unconstitutional aiding & abetting illegal aliens, he surreptitiously cut a deal with former Mexican President Vicente Fox to place a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, AR and was in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section X.  The purpose of the consulate was to warehouse illegals & disseminate them to the various poultry processing plants & construction businesses.( )   Never a word from the Bush justice department. Another case of selective law enforcement.

Later in the day neocon Lindsay Graham & Zionist Israel-firster, Senator Chuck Schumer appeared together on a show, both vigorously stating we need COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM. Schumer in a strong voice said Americans want illegal immigration stopped but they favor continuing legal immigration. Why now Senators?  12 days after the election and the Democrats & Republicans have an immigration plan that they have refused to discuss for the past 50 years. To Graham & Schumer and all the rest of the slugs, middleclass Americans demand a 5 year moratorium on ALL legal immigration & an immediate sealing of our borders & deportation.
The overlying reason the Republican Party is dead, except pockets of white conservatism throughout the South, soon to be a non-factor, both the Democrat & Republican Parties have refused to uphold the rule of law, particularly the aspect that defines our sovereignty.  The very specific law defining sovereignty is 8 USC, Sec. 1325—illegal entry; Sec. 1324a—hiring, harboring, transporting any illegal alien; Sec. 1324c—law officers have authority to make arrests; Title 19, USC 1459—reporting requirements.

Nothing has been done, nor will anything be done to secure our national borders—hence our sovereignty. This is simply selective law enforcement enforced by the strong arms of all government entities.

The Republicans on Nov. 7 reacted as if they were a collection of 10 year old brats who had been denied a favor.  Now in the aftermath of a pathetic cowardly presidential campaign by Republicans is the new battle-cry!  We must embrace comprehensive immigration reform, i.e. AMNESTY.  Absolutely no regard for the constitution, rule of law, ethics, morality, it’s all about votes, money and power. Republicans are so blinded they are oblivious to the new political path they have chosen (same as the Democrats) is the direct route to the Marxist takeover. Both parties sing the praises of creating an even more “diversified” U.S. 3rd World dumping ground which is undergoing fruition at an alarming rate. Both Parties, aware there are 30 million American citizens without jobs and irrationally advocating more 3rd World immigration, legal & illegal. With minimal border security and both parties advocating amnesty will only serve as a stimulus for millions upon millions to enter our nation legally & illegally. Are Republicans so foolish they do not comprehend that with 4 more years of a Democrat president who issues Executive Orders by the numbers, will in fact effectively force whites into the realm of minority status…never to return…and again, it is our White government who is responsible for White middleclass genocide. Government elites understand that the destruction of White middleclass America is their last obstacle in achieving a global government.  Their actions can only be described as despicable, if not psychopathic. Democrats & Republicans mantra for amnesty will be flowing crocodile tears stating illegals have been here for years and are good people and in some cases they are even called citizens, e.g. Federal Prosecutor Jane Duke of the Little Rock office. Illegals knew they were wrong when they came here and it’s time for them to face the music, (i.e. the rule of law), deportation and companies hiring them punished.

Do the Republican traitors believe that the illegal Mexican invasions coupled with other Hispanics are going to move from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party?  The illegals understand very clearly that the thieving Democrat Party is their source of billions of unearned largesse through entitlements of unknown enormous quantities. Republicans will never out-Democrat the Democrats.

November 10, 2012 Anchor baby & U.S. Senator Marco Rubio proclaimed that Republicans must do “much more” for Hispanics.  Translation:  “much more” = more theft of white middleclass earnings. In my judgment Rubio is not a bonafide American citizen.  His Cuban parents came here as illegals and Rubio was not naturalized until 4 yrs after his parents’ arrival.   I personally do not take kindly to a foreign national dictating the tenor of business in our nation.  In the same thought—think OBAMA.

It is White elected & appointed officials who are performing genocide on the white middleclass who are the bedrock of our Western civilization. Does any one of you believe the 3rd World nationals invading our shores are coming here to embrace our heritage, our culture, our Constitution and the ideals it gives rise to?  Observe.

Our former republic, due to self-serving, White elected legislators & officials is wallowing in a multicultural cesspool and calling for more of the same.

Let me again remind you regarding our traitorous politicians, that’s virtually all of them, what they like to hark is demonstrating an affinity for 3rd World illegal aliens…”we are a nation of immigrants”.  No we are not a nation of immigrants, we are a nation with immigrants & here is why.

“Absent a founding group or majority it would be no nation at all, but a random gathering of people of assorted races, religions, & nationalities, united only by their presence in the same land. With no native culture to provide national unity, the population would tend to fragment on racial & ethnic lines, insuring division and strife as groups pursue their interests at each others’ expense.” (compliments of Howard Sutherland, Nov. 18, 2002)

Is this not what the United States has devolved into?  What a tragic shame.

It should be further noted that Zionist interests precipitated their attack on America in the 1920’s through massive 3rd World legal and illegal immigration policies and now on the precipice of destroying White middleclass America on their way to World Government.  Their victory is near. All through the auspices of the White federal government. The Zionists’ have absolute control of the legislative & judicial branches of the federal government, as well as most important influential national institutions.

The national Republican Party is a vile and slimy collection who embrace neo-conservatism…”eternal war for eternal peace”.  Murder is their game, accompanied by the theft of citizen freedoms. I direct your attention to what has been done in the name of the phony “wars on terrorism”.
1.    Passage of the Patriot Acts, not once but twice…negates the 4th & 10th Amendments.
2.    Military Commissions Act
3.    The removal of Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus.
4.    The most heinous act in world history was the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act which gives the president to authority to assassinate American citizens at home or abroad; provides for no legal counsel, may secretly imprison American citizens at home or abroad with undetermined times.  All this with 60,000 drones overflying the U.S. and other areas around the globe. The government’s new assassination weapon of choice.
5.    Recall, that Bill Clinton without congressional authority destroyed Serbia; Geo. W. Bush destroyed Iraq & Afghanistan without congressional authority; President Hussein Obama unilaterally attacked Libya stating the war would last days, not weeks, we are coming upon a year’s involvement in Libya compliments of Obama; couple that with gun-running, the lying A.G. Eric Holder, and Benghazi and all 3 traitors were reelected. Candidate Romney, in typical Republican cowardice never mentioned the many criminal, unconstitutional acts of President Obama.
6.    Refusal by the entire federal government to enforce U.S. immigration laws

 Hopefully, our legislative branches will shore up their law-making backbone and restore Constitutional rule of law and sovereignty. Fat Chance! The racial divide deepens by the day and why wouldn’t it, the huge numbers of different cultures residing in the U.S. guarantees racial strife.
The results of the flowering Republican defection will prove to be very interesting.  Will Republicans receive a net gain or net loss from the defection, e.g. will their trade-out for 3rd World amnesty replace their net loss of patriotic American citizens?

The land of the free, you say?  What patriotic American would shoulder the banner of the Republican Party today?

Joe McCutchen   

Huckabee’s Mexican Connection caught in more shenanigans

The “Mexican Anomaly” runs aground.                  September 17, 2012

It has long been accepted that the Mexican Anomaly was appointed Director of Rehabilitation Services as a political payoff…for what follows. 

The Mexican Anomaly now appears to be involved in state malfeasance, misfeasance and incompetence regarding documentation errors, a $20,431.00 shortage, improperly recorded payables and receivables, competitive bids not taken on purchases, e.g. $77,000 worth of furniture, etc. etc.  

Back in the day when Mike Beebe was A.G. and Mike Huckabee was governor some unconstitutional and illegal acts occurred. As some may recall Huckabee had an unholy alliance with then Mexican President Vicente Fox to bring a Mexican Consulate to Little Rock.  Huckabee ran this operation for the most part in stealth & secrecy. It was said the legislature was oblivious to his transgressions, save perhaps for two members. His bag boy was the Mexican Anomaly.   Remember, Beebe the A.G, i.e. the alleged chief law enforcement for the state of Arkansas had no stated concerns pertaining to Huckabee’s unconstitutional acts which violated Article I, Section X of the U.S. Constitution which states in part, no state shall, without the consent of congress enter into any agreement or Compact with another state or with a foreign power. The Constitution was rolled over and spit upon by the aforementioned two.

The Mexican Anomaly, Robert Trevino, former president of LULAC (an anti-American, pro illegal alien outfit) was Huckabee’s accomplice and enabler in bringing a Mexican Consulate to Little Rock which currently serves as a clearing-house and distribution center for illegals aided & abetted by the Catholic Church & other religious orders.

Fox communicated to Huckabee that the Mexican government did not have the funding for the Consulate; that being the case the following occurred:

An FOIA was filed in the name of Robert Trevino to make some factual determinations. It was revealed that an Arkansas “Consortium” (perhaps the Arkansas Friendship Coalition) agreed to pay the expenses incurred by the Consulate for 3 years with an option for 3 more. One of the specific questions asked in the FOIA was who were the names involved in the Arkansas Consortium?  While my attorney and I were in Trevino’s office to receive the information requested in the FOIA Trevino redacted the names of those subsidizing the Consulate. As a side bar, the benevolent preacher/politician Huckabee emailed me and stated in a brusque manner, if I wanted the information in the FOIA I would have to motor to Little Rock and pick it up.

It was also determined that Mexican lawyers were officing in a state owned building using state employees for secretarial work. It should be noted here that the state and the city of Little Rock also awarded substantial amounts of taxpayers’ cash to the embryonic unconstitutional Mexican Consulate.

Members of the Ark. State legislature, both houses, should pay closer attention to what has happened and is happening in Arkansas state government.  Think if you will, how many billions of hard-earned taxpayer’s monies have been spent in serving up the unconstitutional demands of the 200,000+  illegal Mexicans and OTM’s residing in Arkansas. Governor Beebe is on record saying he has no idea how much illegals are costing citizens…and frankly he couldn’t care less as he pursues the goal of putting another quarter million illegals & terminal whiners on the backs of producers at the urging of the Marxist President Barack Obama.

The Arkansas state government can best be described as made up of self-servers steeped in Political Correctness—our downfall.

Joe McCutchen