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Deafening Silence from U.S. Arkansas Legislators continued

Arkansas United States Representatives March 15, 2018
1. Stephen Allen Womack (R)
2. Eric Allen Rick Crawford (R)
3. James French Hill (R)
4. Bruce Eugene Westerman (R)
Arkansas United States Senators
1. John Nichols Boozman (R)
2. Thomas Bryant Cotton (R)

March 16, 2018
Has one or all of the above 6 publicly or privately endorsed President Donald Trump’s campaign initiatives, i.e. building the wall, immigration, jobs, infrastructure, tax cuts, etc.? If not, why not?
Joe McCutchen

March 17, 2018
Is any one or more of the above 6 familiar with Article 4, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution? ( in part, protects every state from invasion) Yet today Congress allows daily invasions from Mexico, Latin America, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Ethiopia, Somali, China, India, ad infinitum.
Is any one or more of the above 6 familiar with Article 6, Clause 2, i.e. THE SUPREMACY CLAUSE—all Laws and Treaties shall be the Supreme Law of the Land? These Articles are simply not being enforced. Why not? Qui Bono?

Joe McCutchen

The Founders’ Constitutional Republic has been murdered…Most foul.

ROLL BACK THE YEARS TO CIRCA DEC. 5, 1788 December 11, 2017

Imagine if you will Colonial Williamsburg, VA, about 8 or 9 in the evening. A group of men sitting around a large table in a tavern enjoying their pipes & ale, while seriously discussing how they might prevail against the attacks on the recently signed Constitution (September 17, 1787). One of the principals of the attacks was the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, who in debate was brilliant & eloquent. Two of his numerous political positions were that a President should be appointed for life and Governors would be determined by the federal government. Other issues which were heatedly debated were the “General Welfare” clause (abused at the outset & grossly abused now) coupled to his belief the Constitution conveyed “Implied Powers”. Other of Hamilton’s visions were not unlike that of England’s George III’s government that American patriots had fought against for 8 years to secede from the choke hold he had on the commoners and they ultimately won and produced a free & independent American Republic.

Sitting around the table were a number of the colonies’ leading patriots, i.e. George, Patrick, Lighthorse Harry, Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel, James and others. They were discussing what parameters they had to prevent Hamilton’s visions they knew would ultimately lead to a tyrannical government. So sad, that is where we are today…Hamilton prevailed.

Suddenly, a patriot burst through the tavern door and informed those at the table that the Williamsburg Town Hall meeting had concluded in a discussion that would level a tax on Williamsburg’s businesses. Does this ring familiar?

Did the Patriots march down to the Town Hall with a cadre of Blue Coats and George commanding, to protest, arrest the pro-tax traitors, or hang ‘em high. None of the above occurred. Remember: this war was fought for the “right of self-determination and to be secure in their persons, homes, businesses”, i.e. the rights of man to be free from oppressive, corrupt government.

The gentlemen seated around the table simply asked the question without emotion; was there support for a tax?

You see, in 1788 Americans were truly free and independent and indelible facts that guaranteed citizens would be extremely watchful in protecting their newly fought for independence. Citizens of today long ago lost their vigilance on our evil governments.

One would have expected the courageous patriots sitting around the table the word TAX would have elicited an emotional outburst. Their reaction was stoic.

Simply put, the colonists lived under a new form of government, the Constitution nationally & locally TOWN HALL MEETINGS FOR DISCUSSION, and concluded at a later date for TOWN HALL MEETINGS FOR DECISION—the reason the gentlemen were not irate…freedom & transparency were at work with citizens deeply involved. Far different from today where we have allowed ourselves to be politically extricated from the process while being forced to pay all the bills for government follies.

Town Hall Meetings assured there would be no force used, theft, lies, and intimidations…all the methods used by today’s politicians. Corruption abounds!

The Town Hall concept was the capstone for transparency & honor. Tragically this concept was swept away many years ago by unscrupulous politicians & bureaucrats and actually accelerated with the Lincoln Presidency. Note the State of the Union today—too large in area, too many unassimilated cultures, too populated and again government corruption reigns supreme; to ever have a chance to return to a true Republican form of government. President Trump’s mightiest efforts will never clear the swamp. Americans unfortunately identify with political parties as opposed to truth, honor & courage.

Such is the case today. Observe Fort Smith, Arkansas’ City Government wallowing in a plethora of misadventures under-girded with malfeasance and misfeasance. The city is presently engaging in processes giving Fort Smith control over more millions taken by force & deception. Most of the money will end up in the General Fund where there is no citizen oversight or accountability. The city government & their enablers tightly control the tenor of business while citizens pay the tariff and “we the people” can only be described as their serfs.

I am incensed that we the people have allowed all governments in the U.S. to lay claim to everything we own, from mind to property—everything our Founders fought against, e.g. the two new taxes and bond issue the city government proposes violates our person.

An excerpt from one of Patrick Henry’s Speeches, “THE GOVERNMENT CAN TAX YOU AT WILL AND THEN PUNISH YOU IF YOU REFUSE TO PAY, (with the barrel of a gun) YOU HAVE LOST YOUR LIBERTY. THEY MAY TAKE INTO THEIR OWN HANDS THE EDUCATION OF CHILDREN, THEY MAY ASSUME THE PROVISION OF THE POOR (GENERAL WELFARE CLAUSE GROSSLY ABUSED)” All the edicts in the quote unfortunately came true. It is precisely what the Fort Smith, AR government did Dec. 5, 2017 with their proposing to use force (an unconstitutional act) to collect what they term “a $100 fee”. Fees, licenses, permits, etc. are rawboned taxes. What the city fathers are doing is the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers fought for and created—freedom from political pressures, abuses, & criminalities. Remember, in the early days of our Republic the people were the Decision Makers, not self-serving, abusive politicians.

Citizens, are you aware that the city of Fort Smith is the highest taxed city in the state and clamoring for more and that Arkansas, by a huge margin, is the highest taxed state with regard to our bordering states.

Joe McCutchen

Arkansas Government seeks to execute our 7th Amendment (trial by jury)

February 28, 2017

The Arkansas State Government’s execution of the 7th Amendment of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

The idea that the fate of our nation/state could be carried out by Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and a majority of the 2017 Arkansas General Assembly is surreal!

Jesus would say “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. Patrick Henry would have called this gang of Republicans “Rapacious Harpies”. I call them self-serving, traitorous saboteurs of freedom. They have just undermined the foundation upon which our Republic is built—the right to a speedy trial by a jury of one’s peers.

At 6:13pm, 2/27/17 the 7th Amendment to the Constitution (SJR8) was carried up to the Hangmen occupying the Arkansas State Agencies & Governmental Affairs Committee, located in the Ark. State Capitol, for the sentencing to death to be executed, courtesy of Senators Missy Irvin, Eddie Joe Williams & a cast of others.

To witness publicly the death of one of our most cherished possessions, now in the filthy hands of state government is unfathomable & still unbelievable.

One of the two chief hangmen, Senator Eddie Joe Williams, a bagman for the RNC (money-changer & legislation arranger) along with the complicity of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which in this case herds the Arkansas General Assembly in all legislative matters, owned by the Koch Bros. The Arkansas Republican General Assembly is also a conduit for the DC Deep State. Outsider/insider Dan Greenberg promotes and orchestrates the murder of the 7th Amendment.

I want to sincerely thank Senators Linda Chesterfield & Joyce Elliot for asking some challenging questions pertaining to SJR8, i.e. “tort reform” in a committee hearing.

Another traitor in the Republican cabal is Senator Missy Irvin from the hamlet of Mountain View. She claims to be a marketer for her husband’s medical practice—marketing what? She has demonstrated her trenchant legislative marketing skills that are saturated with personal conflicts of interest by driving the traitorous SJR8—“tort reform”.

SJR8 is the initial step in taking down the totality of the Right to Trial by a Jury of our Peers, which is the bedrock of Western Civilization and Civil Justice and has served our Republic beautifully since Dec. 15, 1791, first ratified by the Virginia Delegation.

Could in your wildest dreams ever believe that power/money-hungry thugs like nursing home magnet Michael Morton, the Chambers of Commerce, Insurance companies, hospital conglomerates, etc. have anesthetized the majority of the Ark. State Government to pass such heinous legislation as contained in SJR8?

As previously stated, this is the first successful attack against the 7th Amendment. And underway since the 1930’s is the uber success of the German Jew Frankfort School that instituted political correctness in the U.S. and permeates all American institutions to the point that PC influences what we can say, when & how we can say it, resulting in the destruction of the First Amendment, the right to free speech. PC destroyed the public school system and higher Ed thanks to these political marauders.

The third attack well underway today in the 2017 Hutchinson General Assembly is an overt attack on the 2nd Amendment—the right to bear arms, by way of making Americans register their arms, buy license to fire, license to carry, license to open-carry, license for education in arms, while eliminating whole segments of the population. All are unconstitutional & result in more taxation and force.

The mercenary cowards in the Ark. State Government deserve no quarter. They have lied, betrayed, dismantled our freedoms and yet the likes of Sen. Jake Files, is allowed to continue his/their treachery unabated.

Taxpaying citizens, are you going to continue to allow the carnage that is bringing us down and creating 3 strata’s of society? Do you not understand incumbency is the lethal cancer that is accomplishing the acts?

We the People cannot politically or civilly be comfortable and survive these very aggressive assaults on our liberties by the Ark. Governor, the General Assembly, and others. Tampering with the Bill of Rights is the sin of all sins.

Joe McCutchen

Pinning the tails on the Donkeys & the Elephants!

Deep City Fort Smith—related to the DC Deep State— the unelected always control the process. February 26, 2017

The primary question remains unanswered: Why were State Senator Jake Files (R) Chairman of the Ark. Senate Revenue & Taxation Committee and Lee Webb (D) member of the Board of Election Commissioners & also the chairman of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission awarded the political, potentially lucrative contract/agreement for the construction and ownership of the River Valley Sports Complex located at Chaffee Crossing?

The above question alone is evidence that there were/are substantive numbers of economic & political conflicts embedded in this odoriferous deal! Arrows also point to a possible complicity of some sort by the former City Administrator, the present City’s Mayor and one or more of the Board of Directors for allowing this travesty to be created & continued to exist for 5 years. Omitted from the equation are recently appointed City Administrator Carl Geffken & newly seated Director Tracy Pennartz.

Both Files & Webb have shown themselves to be in positions of influence peddling pertaining to government money pits, i.e. Files position as Chairman & Webb’s position with the AEDC. The conflicts, minus details, explanations, lack of transparency should have been investigated by city government & reported to the taxpaying citizens. A partial list of taxpayer concerns: contractual obligations, no apparent oversight during the 5 year project, no information regarding insurance, accounting practices, ownership, liability concerns, 501c3’s & their officers & salaries, lucrative venues related to the project, e.g. concessions, parking, multiple other entertainment venues, Files & Webb’s fiduciary obligations & other responsibilities, and in case of failure (which is the status) what restitution is due, if any?

Obviously the project was erected on sinking sand.

Since November 26, 2011 (“Sticking pins in the eyes”), I have written at least 16 articles asking the questions posed above and many more specifically directed to the former City Manager, the Mayor and the Board of Directors and may be found on

Furthermore; one such article titled “Hold your horses” was posted on April 17, 2012 regarding the Times Record front page story “Developers take stand on sports complex”, another article titled “Is this political patronage” dated Aug. 29, 2012 detailed multiple questions, legal, ethical & financial. Another was devoted to an FOIA sent to Mayor Sandy Sanders by certified mail/receipt requested. The U.S. Postal Service informed me that Sanders refused to sign for delivery which lay on his desk unopened for 1 month at which time it was returned to the sender.

The city of Fort Smith has dumped $1.6 million in cash, plus other in-kind taxpayer services, e.g. the National Guard, the regular Army & Army reserves which if, (as previously stated) the city had employed accepted accounting practices & monitoring, they would have known Files & Webb have spent over $2 million on this nefarious project…and nothing to show for it. Question: did some of these funds pay for any of Files & Webb’s personal expenses and are there still unpaid bills? Then of course there is the matter of some bids that appear to be fraudulent. (Was the disappearing Hispanic contractor an illegal?)

An editorial that appeared in the DemGaz Sunday February 19, 2017 excoriated Files for his manipulation of the General Improvement Fund for $46,500 that the city government obediently applied for & received to help with the Park project. Why? This is in addition to the $1.6 million the city paid Files & Webb for work allegedly completed since 2014. The GIF is a slush fund for politicians, in this case, Senator Jake Files, to buy votes, incur other favors and enrich themselves. Senator Files has a roadmap of business failures and unsavory dealings and some appear to be outright illegal.

That the Fort Smith city government could be this incompetent & dysfunctional is hard to swallow. It is my belief that a maelstrom now exists in the Deep City, e.g. the $400 million EPA mandate the $300,000 EPA fine, the demand for an EPA 12 year completion…followed by Geffken’s request for a 25 more year extension, the shortfall in the police & fireman retirement fund, the huge amount of taxpayer money being spent on private property in Downtown Fort Smith (1960’s Urban Renewal), large subsidies to the proposed Marshal’s Museum (billed as a private endeavor & who owns?), the bankrupt City Civic Center (costing the taxpayers $700,000 per year), and the shell games go on.

In a recent TV-5 interview with Manager Geffken, he made some brief remarks, e.g. “we need to move on” which to me is indicative that he & the Board want to scrub the River Valley Sports Complex, if not true, then where did Geffken want “to move on” to? What is needed here is that Geffken call for an official, independent investigation, criminal & otherwise, into the actions of all parties since November 2011 involving the softball complex. Soon we will find out where Geffken stands on accountability & transparency.

Why is Senator Files allowed to remain a functionary in state government in view of his sordid political & economic adventures using hard earned taxpayer dollars, and same for the Mayor & City Directors? Do contractual obligations/responsibilities no longer exist?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. One has to wonder if double government dipper, Rep. Matt Pitsch, Arkansas Speaker of the House & Regional (government Change Agent) Czar for RITA is anxiously waiting in the wings for Senator Files to fall on his sword. (Regional government=non-elected officials appointed by elected city officials to plan and hold control over large swaths of land, water, & people, and are the “PLANNERS” & those plans always come with a huge price, not only of money but of loss of freedoms.)

I direct your attention to both Files & Pitsch who are both lead dogs in the proposed legislation SJR8 (tort reform) that leads to the abolishment of our Founding Fathers’ Bill of Rights, Amendment 7 guaranteeing citizen rights to trial by a jury of our peers. Files, Pitsch and other traitorous Republicans in the Ark. General Assembly are bribed by nursing homes, insurance companies, and many corporate interests. They have totally abandoned their constituencies, as well as their ethics, morality & history of our republic.

What Constitutional Amendment will these Republicans attack next?

Recapturing the principles of the American Revolution/Mike Gaddy Speaker

Everyone is invited who believes that our Liberty and individual rights are being stripped daily by our Government to attend the lecture by Mike Gaddy, a nationally known scholar on our Constitution and the Bill of Rights
Please share with and bring your friends & family

FEB28, 2017
Recapturing The Principles of the American Revolution.
• Hosted by McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm

Tuesday, February 28 at 6 PM – 9 P
Speaker: Michael Gaddy

DoubleTree by Hilton Fort Smith City Center
700 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901

Are you sick of being lied to by politicians, bureaucrats, & media? Do you know something is terribly wrong but not sure of the specifics or what to do? Take a little time to learn the truth you have not been told by the mainstream (including the government school system) from an expert scholar who has been studying, writing articles & lecturing on these subjects for decades. Teachers & students are especially encouraged to attend. Politicians & bureaucrats are welcome.

You don’t have to join or pay a fee; you only have to come with an open mind and a thirst for true knowledge. You will even have a chance to ask questions & get unbiased answers. This has nothing to do with either of the main political parties who are the sources of most of our dilemmas. This has to do with our Founders and their intent to create the world’s first society based on individual freedom and justice for all. A Sovereign nation with borders, a unique culture, and a unifying language.
An opportunity not to be missed by any sincere, courageous truth-seeker.

Secrecy & “Tort Reform”

A quote attributed to Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither, and will lose both”. February 11, 2017

The Arkansas legislature, in this case under the direction of State Senator Gary Stubblefield (R) offers a bill bent on erecting another wall of secrecy between we the people and the government that paralyzes the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act pertaining to the number of security officers & law enforcement officers on the 33 college & university campuses as well as the public schools regarding all information about their numbers, records, security plans, procedures, studies, measures, ad infinitum. Why do law enforcement’s huge numbers deserve this type of protection? They don’t!

This all-encompassing legislation has no basis for existence, it is simply another government protection racket aimed at neutralizing we the people with the built in foundation for continuing expansion, e.g. Secretary of State Mark Martin wants the same for the Capitol Police.

The inordinate numbers of attacks on our freedoms listed above provokes the question, what next? This measure, if enacted, simply opens the door for more secrecy in other government venues.

Police forces are militarily trained, equipped, fusion centers available, and utterly no necessity to enact more freedom-killing legislation. Members of the Ark. legislature constantly refer to themselves as conservative—just exactly what is it they are conserving? Republican legislators are indeed a very dangerous breed if the Constitution and its Bill of Rights are dear to you.

Another example of a potential crime being promoted before our very eyes: SJR8, commonly known as the RNC’s (Republican) “Tort Reform” that savages our 7th Amendment that guarantees the right to trial by a jury of one’s peers, not a “trial” controlled by a collection of bribe-taking Republican legislators, lobbyists, bureaucrats & other self-servers.


It is inconceivable that these bribe-taking Republican betrayers would dare take away what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to give us and have it replaced by self-serving state legislators & at the behest of other parasites, i.e. nursing home operators, hospitals, corporations, etc.–only to enhance their bottom line. Who do you put your trust in, politicians or your neighbors?

Ask the Honorable Asa Hutchinson and your elected representatives their positions on this proposed slaughter of the 7th Amendment.

Joe McCutchen

Dismantling the 7th Amendment-Trial by Jury




Metro Charters & Constitutions give all power to these ruling bodies stripping all citizens and voters of self-rule & self-government. Note; non- government organizations (NGO’s) & Regionals in Fort Smith flying under the aegis of non-taxable 501 c3’s & 4’s, politely called “non-profits”, anything but!

Especially at state and local levels, Public Employee Unions (PEU) are thwarting economic growth, strangling the middleclass, and high-jacking the democratic process to serve their own ends rather than the public’s.

Government agencies are packed, bloated, inefficient, corrupt, & all are suffocating the middleclass. Teachers’ Unions represent a classic example. They are one of the largest blocs of delegates to the Democrat Conventions. The single largest donor contributors in the 2010 election was the American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees.

Citizens cannot reform the federal level without first correcting the huge problems existing at local levels which can be readily accomplished by extracting the political teeth of their respective union executives. All overpaid, over staffed, mostly corrupted & collectively incompetent.

Elected officials often serve as employees of unions rather than as their managers. That said, for instance, to begin with state workers must be forced to start contributing more to their healthcare and pensions.

Not only have the public unions too often become the dominant partners in the relationship with elected officials as their contracts and spending habits demonstrate.



I. International Property Maintenance Code
(In Ft. Smith now functioning under the names of)
a. Arkansas Fire Protection Code
b. Fort Smith Zoning Code
c. Fort Smith Neighbor Services (an overview)

The word INTERNATIONAL pertaining to the above 3 Fort Smith codes was redacted by one or more F.S. city governments. These codes and others have apparently been incrementally forwarded & implemented for the last decade and a half. Concomitantly, the city has involvement with the ICC as paying members: training, testing, protocols, and so on.

II. The Fort Smith Police Department is a paying member of The International Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Association (CALEA), The INTERNATIONAL Association of Police Chiefs (IAPC), & the International Police Association (IAA). CALEA “makes adjustments when necessary to meet a body of internationally accepted standards”. (Their website) Ask yourself why Fort Smith, AR or any other city should be governed by international bodies & their protocols? Why did the FSPD surreptitiously delegate city authority to an international entity & upon whose authority?

Three emails were sent to the Fort Smith Board of Directions (10/8, 10/12, & 10/15, 2014 & one registered letter to Mayor Sanders (delivered same day) and never picked up, making specific inquiries asking why these two city owned agencies had been removed, unconstitutionally, from “we the people” & why our elected & appointed city government found it necessary to seek & join international bodies and implement their individual protocols. For detailed information visit and search for two of these communications: 1. No idea and an alleged conspiracy and 2. Keith Lau, Fort Smith City Director.

International control of USA-AR cities, counties, & state governments is the point. For conspiracy deniers here is an overview of the facts.

Metro 1313 is dedicated to the proposition that every local representative of government should be replaced with Regional Governance and ruled from the Federal Court. Examples: functioning RITA (Regional Intermodal Transportation Authority)/CEO/State Representative Matt Pitsch (double-dipper, government owned)…is it your belief that Mr. Pitsch labors for the middleclass? 2. The proposed hostile takeover of the 7th Amendment of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights by the RNC & contributors, Ark. A.G., public/private partnerships, the Ark. General Assembly, & gadfly Dan Greenberg as the “pusher”.

The objective of Metro organizations is to create cross jurisdictional agreements between city & county officials that create a Metropolitan Regional Governance Association. At that juncture citizens will have become second class baggage.

Simply put: A building at 1313 East 60th St., Chicago, IL is for the use and occupancy of city establishment and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). The building is commonly known as 1313. Endorsement of FSM NGO’s (unelected bodies with no oversight) emanates from the National Municipal League. For the county government, their direction is coming from the National Association of County Government. This is a core organization that is part of Metro 1313. The Governors’ Conference and the Council of State Governments are also part of Metro 1313. They control everything that government does—e.g. Gov. Asa >Hutchinson & the Ark. General Assembly.

Again, Regionalism is becoming the accepted method of unelected governance. (Unelected councils, regulators, task forces, public/private partnerships, etc. and is the form of government utilized in Socialist/Communist countries.

Funding flows from the Carnegie, Rosenwald, Sears, Rockefeller, & Ford Foundations. These foundations have poured tens of millions into regional government projects. Again the goal is to replace representative government. Question: are elected officials too stupid to recognize the presence of a movement to replace them?

22 other organizations, concerned with state, city, county operations are located in 1313, e.g. American Society of Planning Officials, Committee for International Municipal Cooperation, 1313 National Association of Counties…(control/ownership) of all waters, natural resources, housing, transportation, modes of travel, trails, & so on.

1313 E. 60th St. is a national center for the production of experts to fabricate Progressive Legislation for governments at all levels, e.g. rewrite state constitutions to take over as City Manager, County Manager, or Metro Managers or Regional Managers when citizens have been sufficiently conditioned & indoctrinated to accept outside governance, thereby relinquishing citizen ownership of city, county & state governments.



The trainees in 1313 are consumed with Cultural Marxism, disdain for the Constitution, Capitalism, and the ones now implementing Metro Government are funded by the aforementioned Foundations and numerous other organizations.

Stated again, the Mastermind in this aggressive obscene & unconstitutional Fort Smith take-over is the NATIONAL MUNICIPAL LEAGUE (NML).

The above sets the stage for what some of the 22 destructors housed at 1313 60th St. Chicago & more specifically the Arkansas Republican Party shilling for government and corporate America are involved in. This is FASCISM—A NEXUS/COLLUSION BETWEEN CORPORATIONS & GOVERNMENT…THE CEO IS THE GOVERNMENT, I.E. NAZI GERMANY 1939. Now number 2. The Republican Party, all branches, describing the issue as “Tort Reform” have been laboring for 2 decades to quash the 7th Amendment—“The right of Trial by a Jury and no fact tried by Jury shall otherwise be re—examined…”

The following exemplifies the whole of what has been described in all the above.

A news release on 4/21/16 stated that Republican Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge approved wording of a proposed ballot that would direct the Ark. State Legislature to set a dollar cap on all lawsuits involving medical malpractices to $250,000, also applying to injuries sustained through employment venues, auto accidents, & so forth, though no fault of the victim. If Rutledge &
Dan Greenberg and underlying political/corporate forces succeed with the passage of this piece of Marxist legislation there will be no legal recourse for the middleclass. Categories that would benefit immensely financially & politically in various categories are hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, Wal-Mart, Tyson, insurance companies, ad infinitum. Periodically, if this piece of criminal legislation is passed, another group of Arkansas political hacks, i.e. members of the Arkansas Supreme Court, would be the final arbiters chosen to advise on the amount of the legislature’s affirmed cap or caps by either increasing or decreasing, e.g. recall the recent Issue 3 legislation, laced with corruption/deception brought to us by the state’s General Assembly.

Is your life, limb, eye-sight, & so on worth only $250,000 or less? Where in the Constitution is the authority for A.G. Rutledge & journeyman Greenberg to initiate such an egregious hatchet job on the Bill of Rights? (i.e. the 7th Amendment)

It is unbelievable, unconscionable and criminal that Leslie Rutledge would approve legislation that overrides the U.S. Constitution, which proves she is nothing more than a self-serving gypsy politician attempting to undermine our Founding Principles.

This proposed attack on middleclass Arkansans’ right to trial by a jury of their peers is being scuttled, first by the A.G. Rutledge, the next step in the process is getting petitions signed by ignorant Arkansas voters carried out by AAI CEO political gadfly Dan Greenberg funded by Dark Money (the source of?) and on to the Arkansas General Assembly. Make no mistake the ole DC Establishment apparatchik Gov. Hutchinson will sign it.

Obviously, Rutledge and her cadre of 100 or so featherbedding attorneys have not read the preface of nor the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. What has been completed under Rutledge’s name is to confer huge numbers of self-serving organizations a license to pursue & destroy the intent of the Founding Fathers’ 7th Amendment and insert a collection of governing politicians/bureaucrats for the express purpose of economically satisfying the demands of nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, & corporations (e.g. Tysons, Wal-Mart, ad infinitum).

In short Madame A.G. all power is derived from the people…not nursing homes, not Tyson, not Wal-Mart, not the Chambers of Commerce, but from “we the people”, certainly not the lies of you & Greenberg.

From the Declaration—“THAT TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS, GOVERNMENTS ARE INSTITUTED AMONG MEN, DERIVING THEIR JUST POWER FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED”….Again, not Wal-Mart, not Tysons, etc. but “we the people”. Rutledge & Greenberg and the Dark Money crowd have sold their souls and betrayed citizens of Arkansas by purposely proposing to institute an amendment that allows government to jury tamper and prevents citizen jury nullification which dismantles the 7th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights. The two can only be described as “Rapacious Harpies” (Patrick Henry).

Madame A.G. what you have authorized can be translated to mean any number of things, all unconstitutional and beyond. Madame A.G., you have created your own “DECLARATION”—a betrayal of Arkansas citizens.

For example: You have put the 7th Amendment potentially in the hands of a collection of professional vagabond politicians, bureaucrats & special interests. Certainly what you authorized, if passed by the General Assembly, is jury tampering, removal of jury nullification, collusion, and the fusion of NGO’s, government entities, MPO’s, etc…all funded by dark money.

The proposed ballot items emasculate & make a mockery of the 7th Amendment and its intentions put forth by the Founders and rendering juries inconsequential.

Who is the front man? Dan Greenberg, at the head of the previously named Arkansas Advance Institute (AAI), also an active member of The State Policy Network (SPN). SPN recently was exposed in aiding the effort to highjack, in this case Arkansas state politics & government. The above two organizations are connected at the hip and connections run deep. The Koch Brothers’ American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) owns outright most of the Republican members of the Arkansas General Assembly and its national tentacles are far reaching. ALEC is a corporate gin mill and funnels its own prewritten/constructed legislative bills directly to State Legislators, in this case Arkansas.

Greenberg’s Advance Arkansas Institute has hosted numbers of ALEC’s seasoned operatives and must be noted here, Greenberg does not list his AAI donors. DARK money leads to no good, is no good & indeed leaves the citizens in the DARK, of course the intentions of Greenberg & his ilk.

If the proposed Arkansas execution of Trial by Jury (7th Amendment) is to become successful it will quickly become known as a treasonous act inaugurated by Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, carried out to fruition by bagman Dan Greenberg, ill-informed Arkansan signatories (the gift that just keeps on giving), passed & signed by the General Assembly & Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and protected by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Among the immediate beneficiaries is the elitist 1%…all of which declare that middleclass Arkansans are irrelevant, in that they cannot afford to hire an attorney due to the predetermined caps, thereby leaving them legally defenseless.

Ms. Rutledge, by her resume and her recent dastardly act, has proven herself to be nothing more than a hired gun of government. What do you believe A.G. Rutledge is expecting from Santa at her terms end?

Joe McCutchen

The Arkansas Con-Con Con

THE CON-CON (Constitutional Convention) CON MARCHES ON. March 9, 2015

Just what is this collection of RINOS in the Arkansas General Assembly really up to? On the one hand they are trying to create a new amendment while at the same time trying to destroy an existing amendment—Amendment #7 (trial by jury).

The Constitutional Convention being pushed by RINOS in the current Arkansas General Assembly session is allegedly leading toward a balanced budget amendment at the federal level. Oh yeah? The RINOS just recently agreed to accept $200 million or so yearly from the Feds, allowing them to inflate Medicaid (Obamacare).

This endeavor is an absolute absurdity & hoax. The United States Federal Government has not used the United States Constitution & Bill of Rights as their compass since 1861. This can’t be a legitimate endeavor being pursued by the current Arkansas General Assembly with a nexus to other states.

I would challenge any member of the current Assembly to name one (1) Constitutional event that the President, the Senate or the House has been involved in.

War Criminal and former President Geo. W. Bush, if you recall, made his infamous statement “the Constitution is just a “G.D” piece of paper”…that statement was a battle cry that the Constitution was no longer inviolate and since that day the Constitution has been shredded by the criminally corrupt American government, e.g. the neutering of the 4th & 10th Amendments—the bulwarks of former American freedom; years & years of undeclared wars; a plethora of illegal & unconstitutional Executive Orders; the overthrowing of governments in sovereign nations (the latest Ukraine); torture; murdering of American citizens as well as foreign nationals, accompanied by spying, lying, propagandizing political correctness, ad infinitum.

Do the RINOS in the Ark. General Assembly actually believe that a new amendment would actually stop the unconstitutional spending fiesta? ——Now an $18 TRILLION national debt & $120 TRILLION in unfunded mandates. Members of the Assembly—you cannot possibly be that stupid.

The members of the Ark. General Assembly cannot plausibly believe the Con-Con Con they are pursuing is legitimate and in the best interest of the citizens of Arkansas specifically and America generally …………, what is really their ultimate goal in the nefarious Con?

Surely they understand that if they are to achieve their goals the Constitution and its demands will, for all practical purposes, no longer exist—it will be attacked by any number of entities pursuing their own personal goals, as I believe the RINOS in the current Ark. General Assembly are doing and who are their puppet-masters?


Joe McCutchen

The Con-Con Con & Republicrats


Con-Con is the current verbiage for a Constitutional Convention.

Republicans, for at least a decade, have been pursuing a very, very dangerous “Constitutional Convention”. It is improbable that they are so dense that they do not understand the potential damage a Constitutional Convention can wreak. Once in motion there are no controlling mechanisms to limit what individuals or entities can participate in the Convention, modify, or expand perpetuating their own self interests.

The two Republican shills directing Con-Con activities in this year’s Arkansas General Assembly are Rep. Nate Bell (R-Mena) and Rep. Bob Ballenger (R-Hindsville).

Both Bell & Ballenger’s resolutions depend on approval of 38 and 34 states respectively.

Specifically, Rep. Bell requires the petitioning of Congress for a Constitutional Convention to CONSIDER a federal balanced budget amendment. Bell’s bill is ID’d as HB 1006.

Rep. Ballenger’s bill has also been endorsed as House Joint Resolution 1003.

Ballenger’s resolution calls for a C-C to also impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limiting their power & jurisdiction and the closing part of his resolution states—“limiting the terms of federal office holders”. An insult to every Arkansan. Refer to his vote on Issue 3….doubling term limits for the General Assembly.

Isn’t that interesting since Ballenger & also Bell voted for the Republican sponsored Issue 3 that allowed the Senate and the House a 150% increase in their salaries as starters, also allowing Republicans to put together an independent commission of political cronies to rule on ethics & salaries. The corrupt Republican state party masked their true intent by labeling Issue 3 as an ethics bill that in fact DOUBLED THEIR TERM LIMITS. What a scurrilous bunch!

The Republicans in the Arkansas General Assembly pushing for one Constitutional Amendment and at the same time laboring feverishly to destroy the 7th Constitutional Amendment in the Bill of Rights…the right to trial by jury of your peers—not government or big business administering trials and capping damages.

Elected Republicans are too cunning & deceptive to believe they have the ability by any means, most particularly a C-C that could or would slow down, much less stop any aspect of the criminal, cowardly U.S. Federal Government. Our U.S. Constitution states very explicitly what is demanded of government in every aspect. Observe the corrupt conduct of the 3 branches of government. Look no further than the past 14 years—unending wars, the Affordable Care Act (Ark. Republicans extended for 2 years, which means it is here to stay), illegal immigration, amnesty, $18 Trillion national debt, spying & frying, the neutering of the 4th & 10th Amendments, the National Defense Authorization Bill, & the deadly merry-go-round keeps spinning. War criminal, former President G.W. Bush stated the U.S. Constitution was nothing but a “G.D. piece of paper”. Who do Republicans think they are kidding?

So who are Arkansas Republicans shilling for and why? Definitely the RNC, ALEC, the Koch Brothers, etc. etc. it’s hard to imagine that 2 representatives from Mena & Hindsville have a burning interest in a Constitutional Convention, and most particularly when both reside in illegal Mexican sanctuary cities under the control of the leadership of the quad-cities of NW Arkansas.

Another attempt to destroy our American heritage, culture, sovereignty and the monumental efforts gifted to us by our Founding Fathers.
As the Republican majority party in Arkansas, you have again proven yourselves to be nothing more than the betrayers of citizen’s trust and a laughing stock.

The question remains—what is the real purpose of the proposed “Constitutional Convention”?

Joe McCutchen

Scalia–another charleton in a lifetime position of destruction


February 27, 2015

Regarding Scalia’s speech in Fort Smith, AR yesterday:

Scalia, speaking about the cases he “falls on his sword for” are those that deal with the “real Constitution and those who attempt to tinker with the construction of government”. In that statement he was at least disingenuous, since the DC Republican establishment and the Republican members of the Ark. General Assembly in concert with the U.S. Chambers of Commerce, nursing home lobbyists, and the multitude of big business interests have launched a serious attack on the Bill of Rights, Amendment 7, i.e. the right of trial by jury of your peers shall be preserved.

The aforementioned organizations are lobbying & purchasing support to overturn the 7th Amendment to allow government to predetermine caps on monetary awards. Government will of course make the various appointments e.g. the recently appointed ethics committee created in the Ark. General Assembly to determine their own salaries & any ethical concerns, better known as Issue 3—an inside job by any dimension.
Scalia further stating, “every tinhorn dictator and every banana republic today has a Bill of Rights”, Scalia said but without a Constitution to prevent centralization of power to one person or one political party. Is this not what we are presently witnessing in the U.S. compliments of Obama?

The very idea that Justice Scalia would make the above statements when he and the other 8 “Justices” have allowed the past 3 presidents to engage in any numbers of criminal acts, e.g. former Pres. Bill Clinton destroyed the sovereign nation of Yugoslavia resulting in the creation of 6 provinces, all done so the Clinton Administration could “protect U.S. interests”…what U.S. interests?—preemptive, murderous air strikes, 500 per day.

Former Pres. G.W. Bush destroyed Iraq, at the time an ally of the U.S. , all built on lies resulting in the murdering of millions of innocent Iraqis that offered no threat to the U.S. Bush’s attacks on U.S. citizen liberties were and are unprecedented until the present U.S. president entered the scene. Bush and Zionist insiders passed twice the unconstitutional Patriot Acts nullifying the 4th & 10th Amendments, neutered Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus, permitted torture, international spying, the murder of American citizens without any hearings, droning, the Military Commissions Act, The Homegrown Radicalized Terror Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, etc. etc. All draconian, immoral, and unconstitutional.

In view of these facts and many more, how can Scalia look in the faces of 800 school children and crow about his love and upholding of the U.S. Constitution?—a crime in itself.

Fast forward to President Barack Hussein Obama, who with the aid of both political parties passed unconstitutionally The Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, with the aid of Republican Chief Justice Roberts, claiming Obamacare was a “tax”, and the Republican Party.

The lawlessness of the Obama administration, i.e. the Executive Branch is unparalleled, a dictatorship. Obama’s corruption has passed into the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank. He has carried on torture, assassination of U.S. citizens without the due process of law, issued untold numbers of Executive Orders that dissolve U.S. border security & allows mass immigration, legal & illegal, awards amnesty to millions of illegals, has tripled H1-B visas while 92 million Americans are jobless. The Obama Administration has overthrown the duly elected government of Ukraine, the Libyan government and his sites are on the governments of Syria, Venezuela, Argentina, and Cuba. The U.S. has been transformed into a police state, compliments of the past 3 presidents, congress, the Dept. of Justice, and the Supreme Court and the beat goes on & on.

The United States has preemptively destroyed 7 Mideastern countries in a 14 year war and observe the casualties on both sides at a Trillion dollar cost and for what?

Scalia has been on board in his lifetime position since the Reagan Administration and has been a strong voice posing as a conservative while aiding and abetting the hemorrhaging of the Constitution and U.S. citizens.

Scalia is nothing more than a Constitutional Imposter. The Constitution is not dead, only the people elected & appointed to protect it.
The constitution has not been a part of American lives since the mid 1900’s and to be more specific, since 1861.

Joe McCutchen