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The Founders’ Constitutional Republic has been murdered…Most foul.

ROLL BACK THE YEARS TO CIRCA DEC. 5, 1788 December 11, 2017

Imagine if you will Colonial Williamsburg, VA, about 8 or 9 in the evening. A group of men sitting around a large table in a tavern enjoying their pipes & ale, while seriously discussing how they might prevail against the attacks on the recently signed Constitution (September 17, 1787). One of the principals of the attacks was the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, who in debate was brilliant & eloquent. Two of his numerous political positions were that a President should be appointed for life and Governors would be determined by the federal government. Other issues which were heatedly debated were the “General Welfare” clause (abused at the outset & grossly abused now) coupled to his belief the Constitution conveyed “Implied Powers”. Other of Hamilton’s visions were not unlike that of England’s George III’s government that American patriots had fought against for 8 years to secede from the choke hold he had on the commoners and they ultimately won and produced a free & independent American Republic.

Sitting around the table were a number of the colonies’ leading patriots, i.e. George, Patrick, Lighthorse Harry, Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel, James and others. They were discussing what parameters they had to prevent Hamilton’s visions they knew would ultimately lead to a tyrannical government. So sad, that is where we are today…Hamilton prevailed.

Suddenly, a patriot burst through the tavern door and informed those at the table that the Williamsburg Town Hall meeting had concluded in a discussion that would level a tax on Williamsburg’s businesses. Does this ring familiar?

Did the Patriots march down to the Town Hall with a cadre of Blue Coats and George commanding, to protest, arrest the pro-tax traitors, or hang ‘em high. None of the above occurred. Remember: this war was fought for the “right of self-determination and to be secure in their persons, homes, businesses”, i.e. the rights of man to be free from oppressive, corrupt government.

The gentlemen seated around the table simply asked the question without emotion; was there support for a tax?

You see, in 1788 Americans were truly free and independent and indelible facts that guaranteed citizens would be extremely watchful in protecting their newly fought for independence. Citizens of today long ago lost their vigilance on our evil governments.

One would have expected the courageous patriots sitting around the table the word TAX would have elicited an emotional outburst. Their reaction was stoic.

Simply put, the colonists lived under a new form of government, the Constitution nationally & locally TOWN HALL MEETINGS FOR DISCUSSION, and concluded at a later date for TOWN HALL MEETINGS FOR DECISION—the reason the gentlemen were not irate…freedom & transparency were at work with citizens deeply involved. Far different from today where we have allowed ourselves to be politically extricated from the process while being forced to pay all the bills for government follies.

Town Hall Meetings assured there would be no force used, theft, lies, and intimidations…all the methods used by today’s politicians. Corruption abounds!

The Town Hall concept was the capstone for transparency & honor. Tragically this concept was swept away many years ago by unscrupulous politicians & bureaucrats and actually accelerated with the Lincoln Presidency. Note the State of the Union today—too large in area, too many unassimilated cultures, too populated and again government corruption reigns supreme; to ever have a chance to return to a true Republican form of government. President Trump’s mightiest efforts will never clear the swamp. Americans unfortunately identify with political parties as opposed to truth, honor & courage.

Such is the case today. Observe Fort Smith, Arkansas’ City Government wallowing in a plethora of misadventures under-girded with malfeasance and misfeasance. The city is presently engaging in processes giving Fort Smith control over more millions taken by force & deception. Most of the money will end up in the General Fund where there is no citizen oversight or accountability. The city government & their enablers tightly control the tenor of business while citizens pay the tariff and “we the people” can only be described as their serfs.

I am incensed that we the people have allowed all governments in the U.S. to lay claim to everything we own, from mind to property—everything our Founders fought against, e.g. the two new taxes and bond issue the city government proposes violates our person.

An excerpt from one of Patrick Henry’s Speeches, “THE GOVERNMENT CAN TAX YOU AT WILL AND THEN PUNISH YOU IF YOU REFUSE TO PAY, (with the barrel of a gun) YOU HAVE LOST YOUR LIBERTY. THEY MAY TAKE INTO THEIR OWN HANDS THE EDUCATION OF CHILDREN, THEY MAY ASSUME THE PROVISION OF THE POOR (GENERAL WELFARE CLAUSE GROSSLY ABUSED)” All the edicts in the quote unfortunately came true. It is precisely what the Fort Smith, AR government did Dec. 5, 2017 with their proposing to use force (an unconstitutional act) to collect what they term “a $100 fee”. Fees, licenses, permits, etc. are rawboned taxes. What the city fathers are doing is the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers fought for and created—freedom from political pressures, abuses, & criminalities. Remember, in the early days of our Republic the people were the Decision Makers, not self-serving, abusive politicians.

Citizens, are you aware that the city of Fort Smith is the highest taxed city in the state and clamoring for more and that Arkansas, by a huge margin, is the highest taxed state with regard to our bordering states.

Joe McCutchen

Government double dippers & beyond

The packing continues, not the courts this time but the Arkansas General Assembly.

You might say government for government. September 13, 2016

As an example: LeAnn Burch of Monticello is an attorney for the state Department of Human Services and is seeking the position of a state legislator. More double dipping but the ramifications are far more serious than the double dipping.

The Arkansas General Assembly has become a haven for retired/active employees of government and those individuals dependent on government.
The double dippers show an absolute lack of character. The fact they would take advantage of we the people in such a manner is despicable. In the case of Burch, a retired BGNG, she is a triple dipper, but not as bad as Hutchinson.

The aforementioned individuals are products of a parasitic corrupt government and are enemies of the private sector. Unfortunately, most of we the people don’t recognize this travesty—always in the name of “PUBLIC SERVICE”.

Back to Burch, if she is a full time employee of DHS, how is it she can spend 5-6 months a year attending to state business as a legislator when she should be devoting 12 months a year to her certified employment. Her votes, as is the case with the rest, will always be skewed to & for government—always. Is Burch going to receive full pay as an attorney for the state as well as that of a legislator?
The Arkansas legislature is filled with school teachers, administrators (active & retired), as well as many other government connected individuals. This in itself shows the bar is not set too high.

Someone by the name of Vince Insalaco stated in behalf of Burch, “She would work to strengthen public education”…how? For Mr. Insalaco’s information, which he obviously needs…never has so much money and attention been given to our children and never have they been in so much peril. Just observe government’s results!

Government employees, past & present, most particularly school teachers, are messengers, enablers, & indoctrinators for the Dept. of Education, NEA, AEA, & other Big Government entities.

Joe McCutchen

Questions re AG pick for Solicitor General

August 2, 2015

What is Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge up to?

Hiring a New York Yankee (not baseball) by the name of Lee Rudofsky as Arkansas Solicitor General. By the way, no qualified Arkansans?

AG Rutledge, with this hire, stated “My commitment to make the AG’s office the top law firm in the state”. What does this statement mean? She is comparing a citizen subsidized state protection racket for politicians who employ 70-80 or more attorneys while apparently equating it to private sector law firms?

Back to Rudofsky: Rudofsky has been assistant general counsel for Wal-Mart. He received a BS and a Masters of Public Administration from Cornell and a law degree from Harvard. He also spent years in DC, general counsel for a CA candidate for governor, and likewise, for presidential candidate Romney.

With his impressive academic and political credentials from Ivy League schools and years of slumming with DC politicians, why did he leave Wal-Mart and more to the point why did he accept the position with the AR AG for $120,000 per year with his formidable background?

There is something smelly here!!

So AG Rutledge what’s the deal?

Joe McCutchen

Open borders, globalist bureaucrats in action

September 20, 2014
More bureaucratic orating that does not serve the American republic or middleclass Americans.

The orating is compliments U.S. District Judge Robert T. Dawson & UAFS Chancellor Paul Beran in their participation naturalizing 78 immigrants from a multitude of countries.

First, some salient facts regarding the financial stability of the United States:

1. The presence of 25-35 million illegal 3rd World foreign nationals, not the government lie of 12 million.
2. 97 million American citizens unemployed.
3. 48 million American citizens on Food Stamps. This figure does not include the millions of illegals here and coming here that are on every form of welfare made available to American citizens, plus those crafted specifically for illegals.
4. Approaching an $18 Trillion national debt and $100 Trillion in unfunded mandates.
5. Multiple undeclared mid-east wars at a cost of $3-$5 Trillion.
6. The GAO estimates that 50% of American citizens are on some form of welfare.
7. All forms of U.S. government growing at an astonishing rate.
8. The most troubling is the fact émigrés legal & illegal are displacing the foundation of American society, i.e. the middleclass.

Yet, the 78 new immigrant American citizens are welcomed by Judge Dawson & Chancellor Beran as if they were an endangered species. Simply put, more & bigger government, which these two no doubt approve. The Democrat Party’s open borders policy & the Republican Party’s reluctance to challenge, coupled to the 1 ½ million legals entering yearly simply is not sustainable. All by design.

Note these newly minted citizens are from 3rd & 4th world countries accompanied by 1 or 2 eastern Europeans. Odds are that most are already on some form of American welfare.

Note the dress of the new citizens (front page Times Record 9/20/14) only three, from the photo, were dressed appropriately for such a somber occasion. Compare these folks with the immigrants that arrived at Ellis Island in the 1900’s debarking from ships they had been on for weeks living in filth & squalor, yet as they placed their feet on U.S. soil the men were in suits, ties and fedoras of their native culture, and the women in mostly homemade & pressed frocks & hats, accompanied with acres of smiles, no expectation of welfare, & champing at the bits for the American challenge (hard work and individual freedom to keep what you earn), glaringly absent in the 78.. The arrivals in the 1900’s were some of the reasons the U.S. achieved global preeminence.

Compare the two sets. Do you believe the recent millions of 3rd worlders invading our shores accompanied by applause from bureaucrats & politicians will strive to achieve what the émigrés of yesteryear brought?

Federal Judge Robert T. Dawson, an unelected position with a lifetime lock opined the following, “I submit to you that one of our strengths is that we are a nation of immigrants”.

A brief history of the settling of America—we are not a nation of immigrants—we are a nation with immigrants. Absent a founding group or majority it would be no nation at all, just an assortment of peoples of assorted races, religions, nationalities, etc. and would be united only by their presence on the same piece of turf.

American history shows that we had a distinct Founding culture and a homogeneous culture for the most part. 80% Brits, 20% Scots, German & Dutch and overwhelmingly Christian, 98% Protestants. The aforementioned was sustained throughout the settling process and until the mid 1960’s. Observe the downward spiral since that point in time.

These were the settlers that defined the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America until very recently; she was not the recipient of unbridled immigration invasions, both legal & illegal.

Judge Dawson continues with a nebulous statement “We all started from somewhere else, so I am proud to be here today”. Statement does not deserve comment.

Enter globalist, open-borders activist and taxpayer subsidized world traveller, UAFS Chancellor Paul Beran, another unelected bureaucrat feasting at the taxpayer trough. He offered up this educanto jewel, “This ceremony reinforces the fact that we are serving a global community”. This statement is documentation he is an enemy of U.S. sovereignty and a bonafide open-borders advocate.

The aforementioned 2 bureaucrats seemingly have no regard for middleclass Americans who are the bulwark of our republic. Chancellor Beran is an open-border & globalist enthusiast & mouthpiece for global governance. Judge Dawson, alleged to be a follower & supporter of the rule of law, has never taken a public stance against the illegal Mexican & OTM invasions. Is the Judge a Democrat?

As eluded to in past pieces, regarding some of the sobering activities of the Ft. Smith police, has once again reared its ugly head. There were 3 police at the doorway of the naturalization proceedings and 3 U.S. Marshalls shaking down resident American citizens. Police state? Did they shake down the 78?

Before remaking the world, Americans should check the state of their own liberties and opportunities. (Fred Reed)

Joe McCutchen

Cities play game: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

A Reciprocal game they play.

Fort Smith, AR City Manager Ray Gosack takes another bite out of the Federal Government lexicon while trying to justify raises for city employees without salient facts. September 4, 2014

Gosack using his 2nd edition of Orwellian government doublespeak in his campaign for a city employee raise.

The words “leakage” and “pay adjustments” jump out. “Leakage” is designed to replace the accepted English words quit and/or fired, and “pay adjustments” likewise; rather than the time honored salary or pay increases.

The above words are designed to be more malleable.

Recall: The 1st edition of the Orwellian government doublespeak that citizens were bombarded with “quality of place”, “sense of place”, “event nodes”. Gosack must think he is Winston Smith (1984) whose job it is to propagandize.

Gosack uses a misleading premise in making his case for employee pay raises absent a public foundation on which to support.

Gosack states city employees have had no pay raises for four years. Cost of living increases ranging from 1 ½ % to 3% per year have been given. These are pay raises no matter what you call them.

Gosack continues, “Fort Smith compares its salaries with about ten other cities across the U.S.” Here Gosack is attempting to make the point that the city is making an honorable attempt to remain in the format of acceptable pay scales. More obfuscation.

By this alleged method city leadership protects themselves from the public by being able to retort, “we are paying what we have to”, or “that’s what everyone else is paying”

All cities are wildly diverse in their makeups. Population demographics—old, young, percentage of 3rd worlders, education, employment vs. unemployment, agrarian vs. manufacturing, natural resources, and the existing tax base. In government there is always the tendency to overstaff throughout, which is certainly the case of Fort Smith. This is only a partial list of considerations that should dictate pay increases.

What happens in Joplin, MO; Rockford, IL; Paducah, KY; Jonesboro, AR; Peoria, IL; etc. offers no foundation for determining salaries or pay scales for Fort Smith, AR. City Government, stand on your own two feet.

Typically, all governments pay their employees on average 22% more than those laboring in comparable jobs in the private sector. That includes cash and perks.

Gosack further states, “We are slipping behind”. Gosack registers no concern regarding middleclass woes, i.e. unemployment, underemployment, salaries that plateaued 10 years ago and these are the folks who pay for the overprotected & proliferating government sectors.

Specifically, for Gosack & the City Directors: Produce statistics relevant to the relationship between city government salaries and private sector salaries of like or similar job skills at all levels and allow the taxpaying citizens to view the results. Included would be dollars paid, health insurance, paid holidays, sick days and days off, vacations, in some cases use of vehicles, retirement, etc.

If the City Directors who claim to be doing the work of the citizens do not demand Gosack produce the above statistics for citizen viewing they can only be described as counterfeit representatives.

The above statistics can be procured simply by calling the open borders, cheap labor outfit commonly called the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce. They most certainly can tell the city residents how many illegals permeate our job market, along with other specific requests, and that it costs $20,500 per school year to keep an illegal in the government school system. (This statistic comes from the U.S. General Accounting Office).

City Government, produce honest salary appraisals.

Joe McCutchen

Property Rights vs. Forced Redistribution

Citizen Taxpayers vs. Library tax or Property Rights vs. Forced Redistribution August 19, 2014

Background: The concept of private individual property rights is a recent arrival in the timetables of human history, much less its official enactment in various degrees by governments around the world—specifically Western Civilization.

The concept finally caught fire in intellectual philosophers’ minds, mainly by the 16th century, to the extent that by the time our Founders were young pupils studying classical literature, languages & philosophies, the rarified ideas of individual rights were honored and struggling to be achieved in reality. The overwhelming significance was for the masses of people who had suffered nearly forever under the heavy hand of tyranny. Up until then it was unheard of that an individual had the right to keep the fruits of his labor and that no one had the right to take them by force of any means.

Our Founders gave us the first nation on earth based on such concepts as individual rights, freedoms, responsibilities and liberty. That an individual doesn’t owe his life to anyone else, nor did anyone else owe theirs to him.
So what happened?

Morph to today—look around at everything governmental (taxpayer funded)—opulence far beyond basic needs, if indeed real NEEDS even exist. Libraries, post offices, police & fire stations, city halls, convention/entertainment centers, schools/sports facilities, office buildings for myriads of agencies, ad infinitum, and all with well paid employees (salaries & perks) while most of the folks paying the bills struggle mightily in comparison.

Altruism is often used as the excuse for taxpayer abuse, e.g. pointing the government gun (laws, regulations, fines, imprisonment) at the heads of wage earners to steal what they want for their particular project, e.g. the illegal child invasions at our borders designed to financially & culturally break the backs of our middleclass and destroy sovereignty.

Altruism is an effective ancient concept generally preached by some religions. It was formally named by Auguste Compte in 1851. Its basic tenant is that one’s own life does not morally belong to the individual but rather to the collective/group/community/others and that serving their interests was superior to one’s own self-interest. It is an impractical, irrational, unlivable, destructive imperative which our Founders would have found reprehensible.

Perhaps the hardworking people of Fort Smith have grown weary of the ever-demanding, unending growth/funding of government entities when the voters recently voted against new onerous increases in taxes to fund the Library cabal’s “visions”. This time they didn’t fall for the “It’s For the Children”, or the perpetual knee-jerk “Giving Back to the Community” propaganda so prevalent today. (Btw, who paid for all that pro-tax advertising?) After all, there are those who still remember the proper & only roll for libraries….books to learn from, not every new technological advance & government program which exists today.

The Library puppet-show & Kabuki dance designed to make folks feel guilty for wanting to keep more of their earnings didn’t work this time and is usually a surefire tactic, and must make the politicians & bureaucrats shocked and angry at this unexpected rejection. They are in all probability already plotting new strategies to get their way…maybe by cutting services under the guise of underfunding to punish the upstarts?

The concept of “rugged individualism” is all but lost, “it takes a village” has won most battles but this one little victory against Forced Redistribution means the flame is not completely out, at least not yet.

~Barbara McCutchen

Library tax hoax in progress…will taxpayers take the bait?

THE LIBRARY HOAX. August 10, 2014

A projected hijacking without a mask & gun in broad daylight. Of course it is the proposed library tax brought to Fort Smith citizens, at least in part by the Mayor & Board of Directors.

Some citizens have stated that at least 2 members of the official library board have not read the projected budget which is based on an additional $2.8 million in tax money. The chief architects of this grand theft are Library Director Jennifer Goodson & her lackeys.
If the tax is passed in the first year it will produce a $1 million in surplus funds. This figure does not include projected taxes on new homes, new businesses, increases in population, etc.

Chief librarian Goodson should understand that English is the official language of the USA, yet she has outlined in the budget an ongoing budget of $40,000 per year for Spanish language books (illegal Mexicans & other Hispanics) and an additional ongoing $40,000 per year for Vietnamese language books. Taxpayers are in no way constitutionally or morally obligated to spend money in this manner.
She wants to spend $50,000 for customer Self-Check stations at all 4 libraries (reason given: “because some people prefer to self-check themselves out”.


If this tax is implemented the average salary of library employees will be $38,400! Many entry level school teachers & attorneys are not afforded that kind of salary. Included in this salary are the library’s coffee jerks (money losing cafe).

This diatribe could proceed on factually for hours, but readers of this piece should be able to see in the wink of an eye the flimflamming going on in the city library of Fort Smith, AR.

Goodson wants to hire 14 new employees at an average salary of $37,800.

Goodson is proposing $200,000 for raises for current staff to get their salaries “up to market level”. Which “market level” is she referring to? Muldrow, Jonesboro, Chicago or New York? Goodson, a self-serving bureaucrat seems to have no concerns about middleclass Fort Smithians, many of whom have had no raises in an extended time frame and are the ones who subsidize her egregious demands.

This is another instance of government corruption painted with the broad brush of “We Need”, which has no factual basis whatsoever: therefore how many Fort Smithians do you suppose will stupidly give Ms. Goodson & her lackeys $4.213 million (& growing) per year to feather their unseemly political & economic nests?

As with all government, THE FIX IS IN.

Joe McCutchen
P.S. as previously stated these ludicrous expenditures that have been cited are just the tip of the iceberg.

“Educating Mexicans in the U.S. not enough, now we must educate them in Mexico!


To Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, Members of the Arkansas General Assembly, & Director of Higher Education Shane Broadway:      January 26, 2014

Huge questions remain and new ones arise pertaining to the professional conduct regarding ASU Chancellor Tim Hudson, ASU President Charles Welch, and their various enablers.

An old and extremely important question is still posed:

A.    What is the authorizing authority and what individual or entity instituted it on behalf of Hudson & Associates regarding the construction of an A-State campus in a foreign land, and more notably with no discussions with the owners, i.e. taxpayers concerning their feelings & thoughts regarding the Mexico matter. What say you?

It is being said that reports to Internal Audit are never resolved or even followed up on. What say you?

In my last piece I stated that Dr. Dee Dee Hudson, wife of the Chancellor, was reported being given a $16,000 per year stipend, other reports suggest it is more like $50,000 per year with lucrative travel allowances. For what?  What say you?

The list goes on!

Your silence on these various egregious behaviors is deafening and revealing, your failure to exercise your official oversight and attention in protecting the interests of citizens is cause for grave concern.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith  

P.S. One has to wonder how many more “Arkansas States” there are. 

Is Chancellor Hudson the Artful Dodger?

An update on the proposed theft of Arkansas taxpayer property and the attack on college age kids.

Arkansas—Mexico State University
                January 16, 2014

Tuesday night, Jan.14, 2014 a third attempt was made to get an FOIA request in the hands of Arkansas State Chancellor Tim Hudson or one of his minions. After 2 previous failures using registered U.S. Postal service, & email, FedEx was chosen.  Wednesday January 15, FedEx was successful in delivering the FOIA and it was signed for by B. James at 9:29 AM. 

Recall this process began on Dec. 31, 2013 when the USPS service was rejected.

By law Arkansas-Mexico State has 3 working days to respond to the request.

As information comes in regarding Hudson and others’ attempted theft of Arkansas State taxpayers’ property, the Mexico scam is beginning to closely resemble Barack Obama’s scandalous/criminal administration.

The following names continue to show up in any number of venues related to the Ark. State/Mexico scam.  Those names are Charles Welch, President of ASU; Chancellor Tim Hudson; along with 3 people named Frey, Cooksey, & Stripling.

Other names in a similar context are also mentioned:  Gov. Mike Beebe; A. G. Dustin McDaniel; Higher Education Director Shane Broadway; and occasionally Congressman Crawford, all graduates of Arkansas State.

Information has it that in particular Welch, Hudson, Frey, Cooksey, & Stripling all use texting to subvert the FOIA request. Of note Chancellor Hudson tried unsuccessfully to run this scam while employed at Texas Tech.

It has been theorized that to defray some of the economic burden related to the ASU/Mexico scam the above five, but not limited to, have moved some taxpayer dollars directed to fund ASU activities on the Jonesboro campus and diverted them into the ASU Foundation to avoid Arkansas State purchasing laws.

Conversations with a number of past & present legislators indicate that this was an end run around the state legislature which eliminated objective discussions and precisely as to why Chancellor Hudson, his minions and perhaps Gov. Beebe would run roughshod over Arkansas taxpayers, steal Arkansas taxpayer property for personal gain (as yet undetermined) and forsake Arkansas’ college aged youth allegedly to educate Mexican nationals in Mexico. 

Information has it that other financial abuses reign supreme—travel, per diems, supplies, services, utilization of A-State personnel, ad infinitum…which has not been verified yet.

In view of Arkansas State University’s ruling hierarchy’s irresponsible and very likely illegal activities and failure to justify spending hard-earned Arkansas taxpayer dollars which have been and are being spent in Mexico while thousands of Arkansans are qualifying for Medicaid weekly, joblessness mounting, 50% of Arkansas students entering colleges & universities requiring remedial education, K-12 ranking in the high 30% nationally, and our elective and governing bodies allowing a scam of this magnitude while coupling the above to the 25-35 million illegals already nesting in the U.S. is a proposal that can only be described as psychopathic behavior.

The individuals or entities willing to cough up $50 million for this self-serving enterprise will soon be known and by any standard a full scale criminal investigation by appropriate authorities should be launched immediately specifically into the internal affairs of the A-State administration, Gov. Beebe’s involvement if any, and finally is A.G. McDaniel advising?

Note: These are all Democrats that are ensconced in this proposed smelly misadventure.

Apparently the outright theft of the Arkansas State brand makes no difference to these politicians/bureaucrats who have spent their adult lives in the producers’ trough, no not “public service”, self-service.

In the final analysis, could this have anything to do with oil, gas, and other natural resources or just about educating cheap labor?

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith   

Double-Dippers are a Dime a Dozen


Another stench out of Jonesboro, AR. i.e. Senate District 21, vacant due to criminal corruption…a microcosm of Arkansas politics.                October 14, 2013

The subject of the rant is Radius Baker, Superintendent of Valley View School District.

Superintendent Baker is no virgin in politics (a school superintendent). If elected to the state senate he will be in the company of any number of self-serving active government employees, retired government employees and those who have businesses dependent on government, resulting in a packed Arkansas state legislature, both Houses for decades.

Baker is cocked to become a full time shill for the National Education Assoc. & the Arkansas Educational Assoc. while picking up another taxpayer subsidized check.

 If Baker succeeds in winning the District 21 Senate seat election he will add to the already burgeoning self-servicing in the Arkansas Legislature. Baker offers no apologies for his disregard of his position & his obligation to the students & citizens of Valley View in his chase for the Senate seat. If elected he becomes another double-dipper. The real crime in Baker’s candidacy is his utter disregard for his academic responsibilities. At the same time he is stealing from Arkansas taxpayers, not only money but more importantly, the trust parents in the Valley View District have in him to lead & educate, and also those who are funding his professional endeavors.

1.    On average government school employees sign contracts for about 186 days per year.
2.    On average state legislators spend in the neighborhood of 150 days in yearly sessions, in addition to any number of meetings, which factor to more than 6 months per year in legislative activities.
3.    Baker should understand that his government school contractual obligation of at least 186 days is almost identical to the number of days absent from said obligations to the Valley View school district. How then can Baker & the Valley View school board justify retaining him in any capacity, much less the Superintendent of the schools?
4.    Is the Valley View School Board going to continue to pay his contractual salary or any other financial remuneration, if he is elected?
5.    Or is the plan, if elected, he then retires and becomes an active lobbyist for the NEA and AEA in the legislature? Surely no one in Jonesboro believes this government employee/operative will represent any modicum of middleclass taxpayers’ concerns.

Not one cry from the Governor, the legislature, or any other faction in the state pertaining to Baker’s proposed academic theft and ethical violations.  As previously mentioned the Ark. State Legislature is packed with active and retired government employees, individuals whose businesses are dependent on government and all are there principally for financial considerations and expansion of state government and the unconstitutional government employee unions.

To verify the claim the state government is packed, all that is needed is to briefly profile the very district in which Baker is seeking a Senate seat.

Initially there were 7 candidates seeking the District 21 senate seat…4 Democrats & 3 Republicans. Two of the candidates were termed out Democrats who obviously are addicted to government. They were Ray Kidd & Gene Roebuck.   Then there is Radius Baker, the subject of this screed.  Out of the 4 Democrats only one appears not to be steeped in government politics…Steve Rockwell.

On the Republican side there is Dan Sullivan who runs a business named Ascent Children’s Health Services, wholly dependent on Medicaid. A quote or so by Sullivan leaves no doubt he’s a BIG government man, e.g. “Neither a proponent or opponent of the private option”.  Sullivan as reported, has made contributions to Democrats, including Gov. Beebe, and follows that up by saying “that’s the way we do business”.  What business? Sullivan has also been in the taxpayer trough as a school Principal where he suspended an 8 year old for 3 days for pointing a breaded chicken finger at a teacher and saying Pow…sounds like Sullivan has a problem with the 2nd Amendment! Sullivan’s statement “that’s the way we do business” is extremely troubling, indicating that he is philosophically bankrupt.  Unfortunately the precise blueprint that the Arkansas Legislature uses as their Bible.

Former candidate Chad Niell borrowed $100,000 from himself for the campaign, therefore who do you think he would represent knowing the fact that his business is also dependent on government—jails, prisons, etc.

 The 3rd GOP candidate is a gentleman by the name of John Cooper who has no government affiliations and is retired from AT&T.

Out of the seven, who do you believe would represent middleclass Arkansans? Individuals who are employed by the government, retired from the government or owners of businesses dependent on government who have vested interests in the all-powerful Government Protection Racket, e.g. NEA, AEA, & a host of government unions.

 It is incumbent on citizens to understand the motives of candidates for public office, i.e. which will be public servants or which self-servants.  

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S. Out of the seven Dist. 21 candidates only two are not inextricably tied to the government protection racket.