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War & More War…who benefits?

My gut has been wrenching for the last 24 hours. April 12, 2018

Mr. President, where is the proof? Mr. President, why are we in Syria at all and threatening Russia?

A decade ago the U.S. government, media, etc. stated for months that the Assad government had attacked its own people with deadly gas and 1 ½ year later proved to be a grand lie. The same strategy is being used today.

President Assad’s Syria is the only nation in the Mideast that allows all religions to be practiced freely and without fear, which includes Christians.

So who is behind Bush neocons’ and the Jews’ 18 year war proven to be built on lies and presently promoting another disastrous war? The rebels, 2 years ago, were defeating the Syrian army and closing in on Damascus when the Russian air force and a minimum of ground troops came to Assad’s rescue and destroyed the rebels in a few days. Now the U.S. claims the victory.

Israel has always claimed the land between the Nile and the Euphrates Rivers belonged to them. The U.S. has been fighting Israel’s wars for the last 20 or more years with huge casualties & cost and it appears the U.S. military has been propagandized to the point of being nothing but automatons. Hopefully this applies only to a small segment of Mideast forces. This statement is based upon the fact that one of the Mideast commanders named General Clark stated that numbers of his troops have vowed that they would die for Israel…what fools.

U.S. forces are securing Israel’s borders and others while the corrupt U.S. Senate & House of Representatives refuse to secure our own national borders, and that includes the Arkansas Six with Boozman & Cotton at the top of the list. Guess who is financing Cotton.

President Trump, in a Tweet challenged Russia with bravado and more stupidity, notice this was right after the Bush neocon John Bolton was hired. President Vladimir Putin has for years tried to become friends with the U.S. and the West, while being dogged as a “Warmonger” and a threat to the U.S. Lies & more lies.

Trump must understand that a conventional war against Russia that Russia has never been defeated on their turf. The next step would be nuclear, which could threaten the whole world. It is my belief that a phone call to Putin could resolve the whole matter. It is my further belief that if the U.S. attacks Russia on their soil we will be humiliated and then what? World destruction initiated by the Republican Swamp.

Citizens, we are in a crisis where sensible heads do not seem to prevail. The above is just a figment of what is transpiring that threatens a peaceful & stable civilization.

Joe McCutchen
Arkansas Freedom dot Com

Suicide by Genocide…Again

SUICIDE BY GENOCIDE (Murdering American culture) Another chapter in the criminal escapades of the Arkansas Six March 25, 2018

Four of the Six, Boozman, Crawford, Womack, & Hill participated in the recent massacre, i.e. the $1.3 Trillion budget, from which we shall never recover. Piled on top of the already $21 Trillion national debt.

Boozman, the non-compos mentis, never votes for anything but war & funding. Weekly, he writes nebulous, non-confrontational garbage in the Fort Smith Times Record, mostly pandering to veterans.

Today’s episodic adventure allows that he has “done much to fight sex-trafficking”. Like what?
Kudos to Cotton & Westerman for holding the line.

Today Barbara & I were returning from a happy weekend holiday, and all that weekend happiness was terminated & jolted at the very busy intersection of Thompson and Sunset in Springdale, completely unnoticed by the citizenry or law enforcement. At the stop light, in the parking lot of a large store were dozens of 3rd world illegals exiting from old vans, beat-up U-Hauls with their boxes, duffle bags, tow sacks, etc. with relative new cars picking them up for distribution. Not exactly “hiding in the shadows”, in fact protected by the hoax of “Diversity” & “Racism”.

What a disgusting and depressing sight.


And who is to blame for this never-ending tragedy—Los Americanos Stupidos who continue to reelect, reelect, & reelect these reckless, feckless, scurrilous politicians and their corrupt political parties, as well as the criminal bureaucrats, not to mention the complicit media & academia. Note the recent example of ignorant and/or malicious masses of youngsters protesting their own Constitutional rights! The First & the Second Amendments, of which they obviously know nothing.

Joe McCutchen
Arkansas freedom dot com

Deafening Silence from U.S. Arkansas Legislators continued

Arkansas United States Representatives March 15, 2018
1. Stephen Allen Womack (R)
2. Eric Allen Rick Crawford (R)
3. James French Hill (R)
4. Bruce Eugene Westerman (R)
Arkansas United States Senators
1. John Nichols Boozman (R)
2. Thomas Bryant Cotton (R)

March 16, 2018
Has one or all of the above 6 publicly or privately endorsed President Donald Trump’s campaign initiatives, i.e. building the wall, immigration, jobs, infrastructure, tax cuts, etc.? If not, why not?
Joe McCutchen

March 17, 2018
Is any one or more of the above 6 familiar with Article 4, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution? ( in part, protects every state from invasion) Yet today Congress allows daily invasions from Mexico, Latin America, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Ethiopia, Somali, China, India, ad infinitum.
Is any one or more of the above 6 familiar with Article 6, Clause 2, i.e. THE SUPREMACY CLAUSE—all Laws and Treaties shall be the Supreme Law of the Land? These Articles are simply not being enforced. Why not? Qui Bono?

Joe McCutchen



Addressing politicians & bureaucrats as “Honorable”, plus the hue & cry for more jail/prison cells—WHY?

Issue #1. Calling a politician or bureaucrat “Honorable” is obscene and in the extreme, criminal. Two recent examples, (occurring during the week of June 16 makes the point) Commissioner of THE IRS, John Koskinen was caught lying on multiple occasions to a select congressional committee delving into the IRS scandals. Congressional lawmakers voted and passed an Amendment to put new limits (to reign in) on surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA). 3 of the 4 Arkansas Congressmen, Crawford, Cotton, & Womack voted against it–WHY? Each of the 3 demonstrated they have an utter disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, e.g. violation of Amendments Four, Nine & Ten. The 3 can only be described as warmongers. The 3 congressmen, along with Senators Pryor & Boozman have launched numerous other unconstitutional attacks on individual freedoms. Cited below are more examples of their traitorous conduct: passage of the Patriot Acts, neutering Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus, Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, National Defense Authorization Act (can only be described as the most diabolical act ever perpetrated against Americans), National Security Agency NSA (wiretapping, spying/frying drones). The recently passed Amendment to restrict many of the surveillance activities (described above) using drones by the NSA was answered by the NSA saying they were too large and the computer system was too big for them to abide by the new edict laid down by congress. So much for the rule of law. The 5 (#6 is not running for reelection) can only be described as traitorous enablers for participating in anti-constitutional conduct. Accompanying the aforementioned criminal acts and remaining unresolved are: the scandalous Fast & Furious, spying on the Associated Press, unilateral attack on Libya, the Benghazi slaughter, the IRS scandal, and let’s not forget the illegal invasions on our southwest border. 25-35 million illegals are presently here and thousands of children are being dumped weekly, and U.S. congressional bodies are too cowardly to stop these invasions orchestrated by Pres. Barack Hussein Obama.

Where is the citizen outrage regarding the many criminal assaults being waged against American citizens by the U.S. President and the complicit Congress & Senate as well as the enabling Federal Government—all departments?

The whole of American government is constitutionally bankrupt & corrupt, yet Americans continue to reelect these governmental thugs decade after decade; therefore who’s to blame for the destruction of our once vaunted republic? Citizen fools, of course.

Americans stupidly continue to support the two corrupted political parties, the Democrat welfare party, and the Republican warmongers, also known as the Party of Irrelevance. In the new 21st century the warmongering Republican Party and its coterie of enablers have either partially or totally destroyed 7 countries on the way to Global hegemony financed with fiat money and will ultimately result in a global conflagration.

Voting for the “lesser of two evils” means approval of what the lesser evil is doing to you. Only when votes are withdrawn, i.e. refusing to vote, then you command their attention, politicians & bureaucrats will then understand that the citizens now comprehend their scurrilous game of unconstitutional and criminal behavior in which they are wallowing—bottom up.

Issue #2. More jail cells.

Politicians & bureaucrats have only one solution to a problem or crisis, i.e. more taxpayer theft. Do we need more jail/prison cells, answer; absolutely not and here are some of the reasons why.

Corrupt politicians refuse to enforce immigration laws, in all likelihood a criminal involvement refusing to enforce existing immigration laws (See 8 USC), specifically those securing our national borders and mass-deportations, all part of the U.S. Criminal Code. All the while military & civilian forces are quasi-securing the borders of such postage stamps of terror, e.g. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Israel…to name a few. In the meantime the U.S. southwestern border is more porous than a sieve and is the recipient of one of the most onerous & skillfully constructed invasions in the history of man. Ratcheted up by the Marxist/Racist U.S. President Barack Obama. The invasion bringing in tens of thousands of young people fully understanding they may walk into the U.S. without one visible obstacle, resulting in not only their illegal presence but reintroducing diseases and many acting as Drug Mules. Obama is the genesis of this draconian nation-killing crime. The collusion orchestrated by the Democrat party in no way is being challenged by the Party of Irrelevance. Not one elected politician has the backbone to stand firm and quote existing immigration laws with the demand they be enforced to the letter. For instance, Governor Perry of Texas and Gov. Brewer of Arizona do not have the Constitutional will to call out their respective National Guards and post them on their borders and use the WWII courage, Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Not one word from the Arkansas Six on this social and military crisis. The Six are political self-serving cowards and all are hunkering down like infants in a bassinet. Same goes for all the rest. Citizens refuse to deal with the intent and results of these invasions. The White Founding Stock of our republic is rapidly becoming victim of a purposeful genocide. Our homeland is now little more than a legal & illegal 3rd world international dumping ground, brought to citizens by the white congressional majority.

Addressing jail/prison cells:

The question becomes how many foreign nationals, legal & illegal, are incarcerated in our jails and prisons? The numbers are mighty and all under this description should be physically deported immediately. Recently 36,000 hardened illegal criminals were released by Obama.

A politician and/or a bureaucrat will never offer an objective solution, all the bums know is MORE FUNDING. Does it occur to anyone that reducing the sentences by ½ of all white collar crime would free up tens of thousands of cells? For this to occur the voting public must get the attention of prosecutors of all stripes, judges of all stripes and citizens who make up juries. The sentences that are handed out pertaining to white collar crime in most cases are draconian and serve no useful purpose. Actually the sentences represent lodestones hanging from the necks of American taxpayers. Federal judges & prosecutors are the guiltiest. State Legislators, referencing state laws, could remedy this brutal assault on productive citizens in one fell swoop. Begin by ferreting out every law dealing with white collar crime (crime that has inflicted no pain on his fellow man/woman) and write one law that states “FROM THIS DAY FORWARD ALL WHITE COLLAR CRIME THAT CAN BE REASONABLY DESCRIBED AS SUCH, BE REDUCED BY ONE-HALF”. The Attorney General and his staff could use this blanket statement and fashion a law which would serve all Arkansans and Americans.

It’s way past time to quit playing beach ball with government thugs, self-servers, and many times outright criminals.

Away with Political Correctness! The claim of a nation is secure borders resulting in sovereignty & stability, not a borderless mass of real estate with no authority or protections for native American citizens.

Joe McCutchen

Censorship & Attack on Individual Rights

April 14, 2014

Walter Hussman is.owner of the state’s newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette accompanied by any number of other properties.

Warren Stephens, owner of the Fort Smith Times Record and multiple other newspapers including the Las Vegas Review Journal, the largest off Wall Street bonding agency in the U.S., real estate, hotels, gas & oil interests, accompanied by political ownerships.

A recently concluded American crisis went virtually unreported by American news media with the exception of Fox News,  The Ark. Dem-Gaz & the Times Record were no shows.

The event was the attempted hostile takeover of the Bundy ranch in the state of Nevada by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), all based on trumped up, bogus charges.   The BLM employed snipers, helicopters, drones, boots on the ground thugs, K-9’s, etc.

This un-American collection of government thugs were met by American patriots, many of which were armed, and ultimately was followed by an armed standoff  which took place near the Bundy corral where the BLM had corralled stolen Bundy cattle, cut fences, and engaged in other forms of destruction.  Armed Militia men called the hands of the BLM near the corral and the BLM brutes called off their unconstitutional, illegal attack on the Bundy family. It is noteworthy here that the BLM tasered, manhandled ladies & threatened with vicious dogs.

This is another vivid example of the criminally corrupt U.S. government attacking private citizens and no response from most elected officials.  The Nevada Governor and the Sheriff of Clark County offered no aid or comfort to the besieged Bundy family and the many Patriots who were supportive of the Bundy’s. 
We shall see how the corrupt BLM responds to their defeat and how knowing Americans will react to the next governmental overreach attack directed on private individuals.

At this juncture, few American elected individuals have commented on the brute force used by BLM and where is the so-called press/media?

And most certainly, no positional statements from the s0-called Arkansas Congressional Delegation.  They are: Senators Mark Pryor & John Boozman, Congressmen Griffin, Cotton, Womack, & Crawford.

Why would you expect any of these 6 political parasites to speak out on anything as important & serious as the Bundy crisis?  The 6 have never stated publicly their positions on Fast & Furious, NSA, IRS. Libya, Benghazi, the AP, ad infinitum. The 6 hide out under the cover of silence, while citizen Arky whiles away to day kissing the feet of the 6.

The question remains, why are Warren Stephens &Walter Hussman the purveyors of  censorship, particularly in such important constitutional news that threatens the property rights & freedoms of every American, especially those instituted by the criminally corrupt U.S. government? 

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith 

Political Sell-Outs


U.S. Senator John Boozman (R)                        October 17, 2013
U.S. Representative Steve Womack (R)
U.S. Representative Tim Griffin (R)
U.S. Representative Rick Crawford (R)
U.S. Representative Tom Cotton (R)
Followed by:  Cultural Marxist Senator Mark Pryor (D)

The above named are Constitutional & philosophical unprincipled traitors to the citizens of Arkansas.

They voted to increase the debt ceiling by $1 Trillion (current U.S. debt $17 trillion & $100 Trillion in unfunded mandates), bolstered by the lie that the U.S. would be in default if the Trillion was not raised.  The Six and their staffs are beneficiaries of healthcare largesse not available to American citizens—elitist treatment.

Furthermore; this vote allows for a full blown Socialized Medicine program that will encapsulate American citizens, while providing sub-standard medical care which will in short order be the destroyer of our once vaunted republic. Think: unbridled immigration, legal & illegal.

Senator John Boozman joined the enemy, i.e. Marxist Democrats, before the declaration of war, i.e. the battle to raise the debt ceiling, fund obamacare, and be the recipients of luxury healthcare.

When the battle lines were drawn, all 5 members of the Party of Irrelevance (POI) first retreated, then surrendered with the idea, which is a cruel joke, that they “fought the good fight”…a shell game.

In actuality what they did was live to retreat and surrender another day—February 1, 2014.

At first I felt nothing but revulsion for the 5 Republicans, most particularly Sen. Boozman, and as time wore on my revulsion changed to shame and sorrow for him and the other 4 empty political, Constitutional shells who have demonstrated they have no leadership skills, just pathetic “Yes Men”.  They have no interest in fighting the good honorable fight, especially when the chances to win are slim. Like amoebas they slide along, changing shapes & forms as they view the environment.

My extreme admiration to Senators Ted Cruz & Mike Lee for their courageous stand against the field.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

The Quiet Man is an Anaconda in Sheep’s Clothing

  October 3, 2013

An editorial appeared in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Sept. 30, 2013) titled the Quiet Man Speaks (aka John Boozman).

The elongated 2 column editorial frankly made little sense.  The only conclusions that can be reached is the editors’ assiduous pursuit of the following:

1.    Senator Boozman, the usually quiet sheep, did some “shouting”, but the editorial failed to state what the “shouting” was about.
2.    Other than “congratulations” and “bravos” offered to Boozman for his “shouting” and voting for the criminally inspired Obamacare,  the article scorched and demeaned Senator Ted Cruz.
3.    Any senator that refused to vote for Obamacare was labeled Zanies; Purveyors of Embarrassment & Diversion; Irresponsible Republicans; Zealots; Republican Crazies, and Cruzadors (cute, editor Greenberg).  The above incendiaries occurred in two paragraphs of the editor’s unconstitutional screed.

Pulitzer Prize Editor Greenberg, in the final analysis is congratulating Sen. Boozman for being a Constitutional shredder & political coward.

Boozman, by voting for the pure form of Obamacare had his cake and was eating it too.  He knew the Republican controlled House would vote to defund Obamacare, therefore his vote for Obamacare would go unnoticed and if it was noticed he could always fall back on the same tired excuses gutless Republicans always offer:

1.     We can’t win
2.    We have been beaten on this turf before
3.    The press will destroy us
4.    We can’t win the Senate in 2014
5.    We may lose the House
6.    Corporate contributors (who own the Republican Party) will not support us
7.    On & On

The Senator, as is the case with the rest of the Arkansas congressional delegation, has not discussed publicly their elitist exclusion from Obamacare that is subsidized by middleclass taxpayers.  Two words describe their persona… they are members of an “Offensive Oligarchy” as observed by Henry Clay Dean 144 years ago.

When an issue is constitutionally correct and honorable, you fight for it regardless of the odds—Boozman and Pryor are pathetic self-serving cowards.

Thinking citizens understand why the courageous, Honorable Senator Ted Cruz went against the field, he and we vividly understand that once Obamacare is set into motion it will never be repealed, as is the case with all government programs and will ultimately lay our republic to waste, reintroducing nationally another form of HARD-CORE SLAVERY .

Never in the latter day history of our American Republic has any Marxist program been repealed! OBAMACARE IS A CULTURAL MARXIST/COMMUNIST PROGRAM.

Senator John Boozman is one of many who are literally squeezing life’s breath out of our remaining freedoms.  Recent Boozman history:

1.    Taxes: In his 10 year Congressional reign he voted 27 times for tax increases that resulted in Billions per passed legislation being spent—billions we do not have. Both political parties never mention the $16 TRILLION national debt, accompanied by over $100 Trillion in unfunded mandates. The Senator receives in excess of $3 million per year to spend at his discretion. Furthermore; note the dozens of international trips he takes on a yearly basis, taking advantage of world class Fine Dining and Hotels at taxpayer expense. Conservative you say?
2.    Boozman voted for the unconstitutional Patriot Acts on 2 occasions which shred the 1st, 4th, & 10th Amendments.
3.    He voted for the Military Commissions Act which attacks Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus.
4.    He voted for “Homegrown Terrorist Act”, that allows the U. S. Federal Government to seize American citizens and do as they please in any number of violent procedures.
5.    He voted for “Rendition”—kidnapping and even violent forms of torture—an absolutely un-American, heinous Act demonstrating how corrupt and uncivil the American policing agencies are and quite frankly magnifies their morally bankrupt philosophies and actions, e.g. by relying on information provided by such insidious institutions as the Southern Poverty Law Center.
6.    He voted for the National Defense Authorization Act that guarantees the Feds the ability to spy on American citizens in any number of ways, most particularly the use of killer drones.  The NSA has just outfitted F-16’s to be used as attack drones—Spy & Fry. Recall NSA Director James Clapper was caught lying when he denied the SPYING on Americans.

Senator John Boozman is a neoconservative—“eternal war for eternal peace”, every bit as destructive as the Cultural Marxist Democrats’ redistribution of citizen assets.  He and his kind are the enemies of American freedom; not the Iraqis, not the Pakis, not the Afghans, not the Libyans, not the Egyptians, not the Somalis, and most certainly not the Syrians—where is the evidence Senator Boozman??? Not to be omitted are the proposals for an all-out attack on Iran’s phantom nuclear projects being orchestrated by Israel’s warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu.  Boozman states the blowing up of all the aforementioned sovereign nations is justified, in addition to the murder and maiming of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, not to mention our own troop casualties in the name of the PHONY “WAR ON TERRORISM”.

Additionally, what is Boozman’s position on the gun walking Fast & Furious disgrace, the Benghazi massacre, the criminally corrupt IRS, the “Justice” Department’s data mining invasion of national media, and finally Obama’s unilateral attack on Libya and orchestration of the overthrow of the recent duly elected Egyptian President Morsi?

His attacks on American youth by supporting Bush’s No Child Left Behind and Obama’s Common Core can only be construed as high crimes against our school age children.

Like a giant Anaconda he is squeezing and suffocating American freedoms.

Joe McCutchen   

Dreaded Drones coming-out party?


When is the coming-out party for newly anointed Fort Smith 188th Spy & Fry Squadron?

It was prophesized that August, 2013 is the month American citizens’ newest enemy would launch their unconstitutional & unconscionable mission of Spying on fellow citizens, ensconced with the added capability to Fry same, all made possible by the U.S. President who has declared he possesses these UNCONSTITUTIONALLY FORBIDDEN RIGHTS.  His administration has used these powers to oppress & murder U.S. citizens.  This can only be described as an executive coup.  To enlarge on this crime wave the L.A. Times and other news outlets headline this attack, “Drone strike in Yemen kills 4 suspected Al-Qaeda”.  Note the word SUSPECTED.  Translation—murder.

Terror as defined: Intense fear caused for the purpose of coercing or subduing.  Americans have been conditioned/indoctrinated to accept any and all criminal acts the federal government has given birth to. Chilling is the fact there is no public outcry regarding the deadly use of drones to data mine every American citizen.
The former courageous 188th Fighter Squadron has been reduced to an enemy of liberty.  Recall the Pentagon’s announcement that 30,000 drones would overfly the U.S. for the specific purpose of spying on every American under the guise of keeping citizens safe from “terrorists”, when in reality the U.S. government & its various agencies, e.g. the NSA, are the real enemies of freedom.

Topically speaking how do you describe the mental make-up of an individual who sits in a cubicle and spies on his friends, neighbors and countrymen with instructions to kill on command utilizing drones?

Senators Mark Pryor & John Boozman and Rep. Steve Womack had a heavy hand in the transformation of an American defending force (the 188th) into a traitorous Spy/Fry network. Through the efforts of unscrupulous politicians who have been reelected for decades have most certainly sent our former preeminent republic into a nosedive to the abyss wrapped in depravity. Long term incumbent politicians are the terminal disease, certainly not the cure for the unconstitutional and the criminal conduct of the American government.

Americans have surely descended into THE STATE OF DEPRAVITY under the false flag guise of a “war on terrorism”. America, formerly a peace loving republic, has been transformed into a corrupt, money-changing, warmongering machine and its citizens’ thought processes numbed.

Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s Founders opined that they were “giving us a Republic—if we could keep it”.  (we obviously did not)

Pryor, Boozman, & Womack would have Boobus Arkanicus & Boobus Americanicus believe that the newly created merchants of Spying & Frying were the result of “Job Creation”.  Jobs you say, when all matters of human decency are being obliterated, replete with orders from the Czar Barack Obama?

Recalling that Michigan Congressman Justin Amash introduced an amendment to defund the unconstitutional & criminally corrupt NSA…a close vote but Amash’s Amendment failed.  Arkansas Congressmen Cotton, Crawford & Womack voted to continue funding the NSA.  All 3 are neoconservatives with multiple government ties, with the mantra “eternal war for eternal peace”.

The aforementioned three, but not limited to, are the precise reasons our nation is decaying and perpetually warmongering on borrowed Chinese money, accompanied by money printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve which is a PRIVATE BANKING CONCERN. The current national debt is $17 TRILLION.

What the government has perpetrated is a personal attack on every American citizen—unadulterated savagery monitoring our every move and utterance.  Why?

What next?

Are the members of the 188th conscious of the deadly & immoral game that they are playing…do they understand they are being used and duped? Is that why those in command are promising mental & religious consultations & other forms of professional mental healthcare?

These men and women of the 188th have been indoctrinated by government schools, the media, and other entities to the point they may actually believe they are protecting the citizens from exterior foreign forces, i.e. the phony “war on terror” instituted by former Pres. G. W. Bush and continued by Pres. Barack Obama.
The crime and fallacy of the drone and other spying operations perpetrated against Americans is the fact U.S. military & civilian contractors cover the globe in the numbers of hundreds of thousands claiming they create democracies, while at the same time American forces are destroying the host countries, e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Egypt, and now Yemen. No declaration of war in any of these instances which the Constitution demands.  The congress long ago abdicated its sworn constitutional duties. Global dominance is their game.

 The same globetrotting U.S. cabal who is trying to work its will on the rest of the world refuses to enforce U.S. rule of law in the matter of U.S. borders by not securing our own national borders and deporting millions of illegals nesting here.  One should only look at elected national officials with utter disdain and contempt due to their unconstitutional, corrupt, self-serving conduct.

Can our nation survive 3 more years of a criminally corrupt rogue U.S. government underpinned by Cultural Marxist Democrats & Neoconservative (warmongering) Republicans? Worshiping at the altar of the feckless Democrat & Republican political parties can only be described as an exercise in stupidity.

Can the 188th Drone Squadron now be aptly called American Terrorists?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. The United States Federal Government and its record on crime & corruption pursuing Manning & Snowden is irony at its worst.   

Votes for Sale or Rent?


Do you remember Roger Miller’s song “King of the Road” and the lyrics “Trailers for rent or sale”?  To fit the needs of the U.S. congress simply change the lyrics to “Votes for rent or sale”.     July 31, 2013

It is written “We the people…” but have we the people been erased from the equation, i.e. the American middleclass are never in the conversation dealing with what are THEIR needs? 

The following factual remarks deal with recent ongoing corruption in the U.S. government and what are the positions or non-positions of the Arkansas Six…Senators Pryor & Boozman, Representatives Womack, Crawford, Griffin, & Cotton on the vital issues of Amnesty, National Security Agency, and the Internal Revenue Service, et al.

Amnesty:  Folded into the amnesty question is the proposed legal separation of parents from their children.  There is a wave of pseudo concern that the children of illegals should be granted amnesty.  The U.S. government continues to babble that there are 11 million illegals nesting in our republic.  That is a blatant lie.  Scientific studies conducted in 2004 by the U.S. government & Bear Sterns stated there were as many as 20 million and could go as high as 25 million illegals residing in our republic.

Democrat congressional office holders and any number of Republicans are willing to engage in selective law enforcement while trashing the Constitution with regard to conferring amnesty to children.   To refresh politicians’ minds, the illegals came here on their own free will, understanding full well they were breaking U.S. laws (8 USC, Sections 1324a, 1324c, 1325, & 1644).  Certain U.S. corporations were and are actively engaged in advertising and encouraging (in violation of U.S. law) Mexicans in particular to enter the U.S. illegally. The U.S. government stood by and not only allowed but promulgated these illegal invasions.  American citizens are not ethically, morally or constitutionally obligated to accept another economic and cultural underclass burden.

Furthermore; what this corrupt government is not discussing is the fact that if amnesty is granted to children of illegals, legalization of their parents will occur immediately and they in turn will have the right to bring in the hordes of their immediate families.

Arkansas’ four congressmen, all Republicans, said they are struggling with the issue of amnesty for the young.  Crawford, Griffin, and Womack declined to address the issue.   Votes for sale?

Describing the children of illegals as “Dreamers”, Crawford, Griffin, & Womack expressed a desire to make an accommodation for the “Dreamers”. So tell us legislators, what are your priorities specifically for American kids who are likewise dreamers and have not only fallen through the cracks but many are in a free-fall to the abyss? Where do your allegiances lie?

Womack extended the conversation by bloviating “My heart bleeds for them”.     How touching.

To Crawford, Griffin, & Womack, tell your constituencies and Americans if your hearts are bleeding for the 23 million unemployed Americans, the 4 out of 5 Americans have or are experiencing economic insecurity and distress, and black Americans who in spite of entitlements, set-asides, affirmative action & quotas are worse off than 50 years ago, and citizens hear no meaningful objective discussions emanating from congress on how to reverse the plight of black Americans.  And certainly there are many whites that are experiencing the same straits.   Couple those conditions with the $17 Trillion national debt and the pathetic education American kids are getting partially due to the bulging classrooms of illegals who cannot speak English, not to mention the burgeoning crime and drug scene. 

Your collective statements again: So “you are struggling with the issue of amnesty for the young”. Priorities you say, or do you just lack political guts?

Gentlemen: Cite the constitutional process that permits an illegal act to become a legal act—conferring amnesty on illegal aliens.

To Crawford, Griffin, & Womack, is it your wish to create another massive permanent underclass that  fading middleclass Americans will be forced to subsidize?  Votes for sale or rent?  While Womack’s heart is bleeding, Wal-Mart, Tyson’s, et al are lurking in his congressional district with big money sticks.  No question what Womack will do.

Phase 2:  The matter of the criminally corrupt NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY.  Why should such a harsh description be utilized?  When a federal government agency, in secret rendezvous’ and some not so secret now, thanks to Manning and Snowden, it comes to light that the NSA has destroyed any pretense of privacy in the U.S. & globally, i.e. wiretapping, 30,000 drones overflying the U.S. with orders to spy & fry, and no telling what else.

Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) introduced a congressional resolution to defund the NSA, it failed 205-217.  Some of NSA’s sordid escapades brought to light by Edward Snowden must have confounded American citizens by the defeat of Congressman Amash’s Amendment.  

How did the 4 Arkansas congressmen vote on the failed amendment to defund the corrupt NSA? Any congressman that refused to defund the NSA is a traitor to the American people.  Recall the 4th Amendment states: THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO BE SECURE IN THEIR PERSONS, HOUSES, PAPERS, AND EFFECTS, AGAINST UNREASONABLE SEARCHES & SEIZURES, SHALL NOT BE VIOLATED…..

Congressmen Crawford, Cotton, and Womack are Arkansas’ traitors.  The three have deep roots in  government…the money pit. The three are government men.

Map Light researched and determined that Defense Cash was a better predictor of a member’s vote on the Amash amendment than Party affiliation.   House members, who voted to continue the massive phone/call/metadata/drone spy program, raked in 122% more money from Defense contractors than those who voted to dismantle it.

Law makers who voted to continue the NSA dragnet/surveillance program averaged $41,635 from the pot, whereas House members who voted to repeal authority averaged $18,765.  Votes for sale or rent? Crawford, Cotton, Womack?

Two courageous Americans, Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden, will pay dearly for their patriotic acts of opening the envelope and exposing some of the criminal Genies residing in a criminally corrupt American government and confirming what thinking Americans had already suspicioned.  Americans owe them a debt of gratitude.  U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder wrote in a letter to Russia, dated July 23, 2013, that Snowden “won’t be tortured if handed over to the U.S.”  Why would torture even be a consideration in America? Who are the real criminals?  Is it Manning & Snowden or the federal government—let’s bundle—Pres. Obama unilaterally attacking Libya/Benghazi; Attorney General Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious; the NSA; the IRS, Drones spying & frying; etc. etc.?

The IRS and weapons to the rebels in Syria offers more evidence of the deep rooted depravity and decay that resides in the U.S. government.  The various government agencies have taken on the mantle of City States as evidenced by the fact that congressional committees cannot access the records dealing with Fast & Furious, Benghazi, unilateral attack on Libya by the president, the IRS, the NSA, the DOJ, and the brazen attack launched against the American people in form of amnesty for illegals and refusal to secure our national borders and deport the interlopers. Amnesty must not be conferred and the invaders must assume responsibility for their unlawful conduct and Americans must not be burdened by another layer of Third World failures.

Nothing can be learned from the offices of senators Pryor & Boozman pertaining to the potential for sending arms to the “rebels” in Syria fighting against President Assad, who happens to be a reasonable and stable leader in spite of what government says and not owned by the U.S. In all likelihood the rebels who are assaulting Syria are one in the same that U.S. armed forces have been fighting across the Middle East for 12 years in the phony war on terror.

Multiple phone calls were made on July 29 to the offices of Senators Mark Pryor and John Boozman asking their positions on arms to be sent to the rebels in Syria.  It is easily understandable why our nation is in such a state of decline & decay.  I received nothing resembling an answer nor was I afforded the courtesy of being provided one at some later date.  There was hostility in the voices of Boozman’s crew and they were downright rude. 

We the people……Votes for sale or rent?

Joe McCutchen 

Boozman lauds Spying & Frying

When Spying & Frying become an accepted practice in a community….i.e. Drones…
The decadence is complete.                    July 20, 2013

Senator John “The Travelin’ Man” Boozman recently back from a warmongering excursion in the Mideast and terminating in Europe, making a guest appearance in Fort Smith, Arkansas where he exclaimed “I credit the Univ. of Arkansas, Fort Smith and the 188th Fighter Wing (Drone Mission) of the Ark. National Guard for helping broaden the base of the economy and adding to the city’s status as a center of retail, healthcare, and manufacturing for the region”.

One can only attempt to dissect what the Senator’s intentions were for making such an outlandish & nation-destroying statement.  As a matter of fact he is stating that he fully approves of Drones, spying on and frying U.S. citizens and in his hometown of Fort Smith.  After all, who would trust this government to tell the truth about their targets.

The question is simply this: How do murder and spying stimulate the economy?  Senator Boozman has turned on Americans and more specifically Arkansans by presiding over the heinous practice of pitting Arkansans against Arkansans (spying & murdering) and all the time the aforementioned practice is subsidized by the producing citizens who may be their targets.

It must be noted that the practitioners of the Spying & Frying are doing so on a voluntary basis and some in the military sphere have recognized that the practice is so dastardly that the 188th and others like it must be staffed with psychiatrists & preachers. Quite an admission. Is this the healthcare Boozman referred to?  

Boozman knows full well, along with the rest of the politicians & bureaucrats that the American populace under 40 yrs of age have been dumbed down by the schools & universities to the point that they are incapable of using logic as the determinant to understanding what has happened to our once vaunted republic.

Boozman refers to the Pilots and Sensors and the various ancillary services making up the 188th as jobs. Question: when did killing and spying become bonafide jobs?

The Constitution, the rule of law, and morality are all being erased by warmongering, greedy politicians, who live in a rarified atmosphere with no connection to the consequences of their actions or to their constituents. Boozman, as well as the other Arkansas 5, voted for the destruction of the Bill of Rights and the nation-killing legislation called the National Defense Authorization Act…all jabbering it was for the (phony) “war on terror”.

Both UAFS & the 188th are bloated in every regard, e.g. UAFS has expensive billboards in practically every mid-size city in Arkansas, including Fort Smith, and all the cities where the boards are present have colleges & universities (e.g. Conway, with 2 universities, one of which is Hendrix which is the best institution of higher learning in the state and Chancellor Beran has the audacity to stick a billboard up in Conway.) How many people ever made their college decision based on a billboard?

Our civilization is rapidly being erased by corrupt politicians & bureaucrats, while citizens stupidly continue to reelect the very individuals who have been and are precipitating a national/global crisis.

General Robert E. Lee’s Prediction:

“The consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those who have preceded”.  Lee, explaining the Civil War in a letter to Lord Acton 1866.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. The community of Deer Trail, CO is selling hunting licenses for citizens to shoot down drones.  That sounds like self-defense.