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Government destroys education/knowledge

Why does the government controlled education system keep trying to reinvent the knowledge wheel? The more they manipulate, the more distorted & unwieldy it becomes. September 9, 2017

For Pete’s sake, some of the most esteemed educators in the history of the world taught in the 300’s B.C.

    Socrates set up a basis for learning by the use of hypothesis & questioning until a non-contradictory answer could be reached…a method used in science & law studies for centuries. Then there was Plato and his student Aristotle (the father of Reason & individuality) and his Lyceum (place of lectures & learning). How many students can even tell you who they were?

    These efforts/achievements finally led to the Age of Enlightenment (e.g. John Locke), hence advancement in every field of endeavor, through the Industrial Revolution which lifted the standard of living for the masses within its sphere.

    In other words the basis for teaching, developing challenging curricula was the bedrock from which Western Civilization and the U.S. Republic grew. Starting with our one-room schoolhouses up to renowned Universities, we were once the envy of the world in most every sphere due to our education system, political & individual freedoms. Now we lag miserably behind and the reason is a shameful mess of incoherent babbling emotional approach to education and the introduction of politically correct “diversity, feminism, sexism, racism, affirmative action, quotas, safe zones, et al”.

    It is not an accident that true knowledge and the ability to think logically & innovate is dead after such auspicious beginnings over 2,000 years ago.

    The shame of it all—the lack of challenging academia—the lack of pride in learning—high expectations–the abject ignorance of our masses—all peddled vigorously by numerous factions, the most successful of which were the Cultural Marxists with their psychological warfare of Political Correctness & Egalitarianism. Their desire for the extinction of Western Civilization is nigh, with their globalist goal of apathetic, compliant masses ruled by an Elitist few. A powerful police state will take care of the unruly.

    Our only hope is to rediscover proven teaching methods and rational curricula of excellence—but that would eliminate myriads of useless indoctrination programs funded by forced taxation & promulgated by clueless or complicit personnel. Mucho dinero! Always follow the money.

    FUNDING FOLLOWS FAILURE in this day in time, therefore a return to excellence, merit, achievement, discipline, effort, rigorous standards is virtually dead in the water due to the hydra behemoth called Government Schools run by brain-washed Collectivists.

    Pity the young.

    ~Barbara McCutchen

The Age Old War

Collectivism vs. Individualism

Since the beginning of recorded human history, especially since Plato vs. Aristotle, the struggles of human existence have boiled down to Collectivism vs. Individualism. Power/Subjugation vs. individual freedoms (e.g. own property, pursue happiness/excellence, rise or fall based on one’s own efforts/merits, to be left alone without fear of pillage/violence, etc.).

Unfortunately most of human history has been plagued/ruled with some sort of Collectivist Force (Dictators, Czars, Kings, Warlords, Communism, Socialism, feudalism, serfdom, ad infinitum)

The only relatively individualist freedom resulted in Western Civilization with the “Enlightenment” (recognition of scientific facts/research, objective logical thinking, etc.) which gave birth to the Founding of America and the Industrial Revolution which raised the standard of living for millions of individuals to the highest levels ever achieved.

At that point in time, following the miseries of the Dark Ages, there grew a certain acceptance and understanding of the Enlightenment principles among many of the Western masses and cemented their desires to be free in a cohesive society.

But Collectivism in various forms never was conquered and always lurking in the wings salivating over its lust for power, control, & stolen wealth. (For an example, observe a tyrannical, unconstitutional federal government’s confiscation of property in the American west and elsewhere. Individuals are being deprived of their property through regulations, intimidation, lies, & other devious means, including incarceration. The central government was never intended to “own” land, which was a right of the states and individuals.)

Objective thinking requires every individual’s effort & responsibilities, but Collectivist psychopaths have the drive, lust, & energy to overcome through incessant attacks, whether philosophically or physical violence. Today we face the age-old war against the “smallest minority in the world…THE INDIVIDUAL” (Ayn Rand) who unless equipped mentally (& physically) to do battle to the death will be conquered again by the Collectivists………a lesson learned long ago by certain groups, in this case by the Jewish Cultural Marxists whose quest for global dominance requires the extinguishing of the Enlightenment/Western World by any means possible.

The psychological weapon of Critical Theory & Political Correctness has accomplished what swords, axes, guns & bombs could not do…the genocide by suicide of an entire culture. The Cultural Marxist “March through the Institutions” has been imminently successful but the unintended consequences could very well destroy them too…but psychopaths & sociopaths don’t think logically in those terms.

Pity the young.

~Barbara McCutchen

Political Correctness & Warmongering Run Amok

Splash! Splash! Drumroll Please! June 24, 2015

Those mean ole racist, xenophobic, anti-Semite, Whites who dare defend European White Western Civilization, American culture & heritage, the very idea!

So hear this, Whites have been and are being indoctrinated and conditioned to the point many believe that Whites must deed our republic over to the hordes of 3rd & 4th world nesters and other minorities who show zero accomplishments in the Arts & Sciences throughout their entire history. The very idea this group “Council of Conservative Citizens, so-called White Supremacists would have the temerity to defend themselves, their ancestry, way of life, while being pitted against 35-40 million illegal aliens, the growing P.C. crowd and their and our biggest enemy of all—our own corrupt White politicians and bureaucrats. As of last evening, add Ft. Smith’s Superintendent Benny Gooden to the list.

The Honorable Senator Thomas Cotton took $1,500 from the C of CC, it was clean money two days ago, however yesterday it was deemed dirty money. What happened? I’m sure, aren’t you, that the Senator had no idea what the real philosophy of this “racist” band stood for, therefore Cotton returned the money. Don’t you believe that? By the way, what does the C of CC website state that are falsehoods or threatening? Don’t go and get your answer from that bastion of hate & lies, The Southern Poverty Law Center, another arm of the Tribe.

The Honorable Cotton stated, “I do not agree with his hateful beliefs (the president of the C of CC) and language, and believe they are hurtful to our country”. The Senator did not explain what the C of CC’s beliefs are or the “hurtful” language used. Another political dodge.

When completing this read, state whom you believe is the biggest threat to our once sovereign Republic, the Council of Conservative Citizens, or Senator Tom Cotton, Sheldon Adelson & his PAC. Meanwhile, last December in Las Vegas, NV, Sir Thomas had a cozy meeting with Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Venetian Casino Complex, and other casinos in Macau. Shelly is an Israel-firster and so is Sir Thomas.

In that cozy meeting, in the cavernous Venetian, a relationship was struck, how deep, who knows, except of course Sir Thomas & Shelly, but one thing is known for certain, Shelly gave Sir Tom $1 million walking-around money and $3 million for his campaign coffers. Lotta love there. But of course, Shelly being a member of the Tribe has demanded something besides love, i.e. Sir Tom must jump through all the military & political hoops that Benji Netanyahu demands. Lest you are uninformed or have forgotten, those paragons of courage, the whole of the U.S. Congressional delegation also jumps through Benji’s hoops to protect that little postage stamp of terror.

So you might ask, who is representing & protecting White Americans? Answer: No one—the grand design. You see, you the people are blinded by political ideology, therefore you never enjoy an independent, objective, educated thought, and your insouciant conduct has all but brought this Republic to its knees. All politicians and bureaucrats are liars, con-artists, cheats, and some are murderers (though they don’t pull the triggers), yet middleclass Americans, once the heart & soul of this republic, continue to play the roll of fools by reelecting for decades these shameless mere shells of men.
Note the dastardly act carried out last evening by the quisling Dr. Benny Gooden and his compliant PC school board busily erasing American history from the public school system by banning the song “Dixie” and perhaps the “Dixie Belle” drill team as well as the Southside High School 50 year mascot of a “Rebel”…all built on Gooden’s word “PERCEPTION”. Many citizens are in full retreat.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Recall that Sir Thomas received thousands of dollars from the owner & his wife of the Lockheed Plant at Camden, AR that is preparing to assemble 55,000 military vehicles. Senators Cruz, Paul, & Santorum all accepted that dirty ole money from those bad boys & girls of the C of CC & returned it.

PPS. Other than standing up for White Civilization, have any of the readers of this piece ever heard one bad incident emanating from any member of the C of CC, this is more denigration of the South, more indoctrination, more conditioning to remove any southern vestige harkening back to the War for Southern Independence, which the South has still not recovered from. Lincoln’s murderous carnage (700,000 dead) was carried out in the main by Generals Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Pope against Southerners, many people and businesses residing in the North, and the High Plains Indian tribes all felt the pain dispensed by “Honest Abe”. So much for “Public school education”. This is only the “tip”, unfortunately.

Property Rights vs. Forced Redistribution

Citizen Taxpayers vs. Library tax or Property Rights vs. Forced Redistribution August 19, 2014

Background: The concept of private individual property rights is a recent arrival in the timetables of human history, much less its official enactment in various degrees by governments around the world—specifically Western Civilization.

The concept finally caught fire in intellectual philosophers’ minds, mainly by the 16th century, to the extent that by the time our Founders were young pupils studying classical literature, languages & philosophies, the rarified ideas of individual rights were honored and struggling to be achieved in reality. The overwhelming significance was for the masses of people who had suffered nearly forever under the heavy hand of tyranny. Up until then it was unheard of that an individual had the right to keep the fruits of his labor and that no one had the right to take them by force of any means.

Our Founders gave us the first nation on earth based on such concepts as individual rights, freedoms, responsibilities and liberty. That an individual doesn’t owe his life to anyone else, nor did anyone else owe theirs to him.
So what happened?

Morph to today—look around at everything governmental (taxpayer funded)—opulence far beyond basic needs, if indeed real NEEDS even exist. Libraries, post offices, police & fire stations, city halls, convention/entertainment centers, schools/sports facilities, office buildings for myriads of agencies, ad infinitum, and all with well paid employees (salaries & perks) while most of the folks paying the bills struggle mightily in comparison.

Altruism is often used as the excuse for taxpayer abuse, e.g. pointing the government gun (laws, regulations, fines, imprisonment) at the heads of wage earners to steal what they want for their particular project, e.g. the illegal child invasions at our borders designed to financially & culturally break the backs of our middleclass and destroy sovereignty.

Altruism is an effective ancient concept generally preached by some religions. It was formally named by Auguste Compte in 1851. Its basic tenant is that one’s own life does not morally belong to the individual but rather to the collective/group/community/others and that serving their interests was superior to one’s own self-interest. It is an impractical, irrational, unlivable, destructive imperative which our Founders would have found reprehensible.

Perhaps the hardworking people of Fort Smith have grown weary of the ever-demanding, unending growth/funding of government entities when the voters recently voted against new onerous increases in taxes to fund the Library cabal’s “visions”. This time they didn’t fall for the “It’s For the Children”, or the perpetual knee-jerk “Giving Back to the Community” propaganda so prevalent today. (Btw, who paid for all that pro-tax advertising?) After all, there are those who still remember the proper & only roll for libraries….books to learn from, not every new technological advance & government program which exists today.

The Library puppet-show & Kabuki dance designed to make folks feel guilty for wanting to keep more of their earnings didn’t work this time and is usually a surefire tactic, and must make the politicians & bureaucrats shocked and angry at this unexpected rejection. They are in all probability already plotting new strategies to get their way…maybe by cutting services under the guise of underfunding to punish the upstarts?

The concept of “rugged individualism” is all but lost, “it takes a village” has won most battles but this one little victory against Forced Redistribution means the flame is not completely out, at least not yet.

~Barbara McCutchen

FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA…out of the mouths of babes & communists

FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA…Out of the Mouths of Babes & Communists.

August 11, 2014

From an article in the Times Record, 8/11/14, “Immigrant-Rights Nonprofit learns from Arizona Organizations” we are told “Change agents with Arkansas United Community Coalition returned Sunday after a five-day trip to the heart of the border crisis in Arizona with ideas on how to inspire change in their communities. (Emphasis mine)

This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s method for change (always meaning the destruction of Western values, e.g. liberty, private property, personal responsibility, rule of law, etc.) as outlined in his book “Rules for Radicals”.

Community organizing is the background of Barack Hussein Obama and radically changing what America used to be is the goal. It is obviously working since there is little recognizable that is left.

Most of the quotes in the article about their glowing experiences were from teenaged Hispanics…one would expect little else to emanate from their mouths.

Unknown to them is that what made this country great is the opposite of what they are working to achieve…a place with no borders, no principal language, no dominant culture, and no rule of law (meaning proper laws for individual justice rather than whim of men)

For example: the laws on the books now re immigration include 8 USC Sec 1325 – Illegal Entry

Any alien who enters U.S. other than at port of entry by false or misleading representation shall be subject to civil and criminal penalties can be fined and imprisoned

Section 1324a Hiring – Harboring -Transporting any illegal alien
Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/ transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years jail + $2,000 fine per illegal alien + forfeiture of vehicle or property used to commit the crime.

Section 1324c Law officers have authority to make arrests… All officers whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws shall have authority to make arrests for violation of any provision of this section.

When was the last time you heard of these laws much less saw them enforced?

Once our immigration laws were meant to protect our sovereign nation from invasion, diseases, criminal elements and deadbeats. This produced rugged individualism and limited the forced redistribution of earnings of those who worked for them to be given to those who did not. The following quote sums up nicely just what is going on today, which is the death of representative government and the concepts of individual achievement and the ability to keep the rewards of one’s labor.

The Regime Uses Words And Phrases Designed To Bamboozle Us All
August 11, 2014 by Bob Livingston

“Immigration reform: Along the southern border an invasion is taking place perpetrated by Barack Obama policies and pronouncements and intentional lack of border security. The intentionally crafted crisis is designed to flood America with socialist-minded aliens seeking government handouts, an opportunity to bring more family members along and willing to work for slave wages. The process was conceived as a way to overwhelm the system in order to force acquiescence on a policy granting amnesty to millions of potential low-wage earners for businesses big and small, more union slaves and millions of potential Democrat voters. Worse, it’s allowing violent gang members, human traffickers, drug traffickers and violent criminals into the U.S. in large numbers, along with thousands of people infected with Third World diseases.”

Cultural Marxist George Lukacs said in 1919, “Who will save us from Western Civilization?”, theorizing that the greatest obstacle of Marxism was the culture of Western civilization itself.

He and his co-founders would be ecstatic today to read the Times Record article along with myriads of other “accomplishments” globally.

Multi-Culturalism (a tool of Marxism) is no basis for a unified sovereign country, but for those seeking to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE the nation, it is one of the best, most divisive tools possible.

When the Golden Goose is dead, there will be no reviving it.

~Barbara McCutchen

Dangerous Delusionals in Government

Illusions of Grandeur, Psychopaths, and Government Entities.        February 6, 2014

We want to believe the people we vote into office and who are hired & appointed are normal, rational human beings but our wishes do not match reality.

Observing the state of our union and pop culture brings widespread frightening evidence that the preponderance of those seeking & obtaining political and/or bureaucratic positions are people driven by abnormal desires for power, control and riches or a cushy well-paying job with few real responsibilities and little to no oversight.  Observe Washington, DC for the former and Arkansas State University for the latter as prime examples.

These people have absolutely no regard or empathy for the hardworking taxpaying smucks who support their luxurious lifestyles, in fact they look down on them for being so stupid and gullible which makes them deserve to be exploited.

Notice the flowery verbiage flowing from their vile mouths…they just “want to serve”, “to give back”, “to make a difference”, “it’s for the children”, ad nauseum.  Notice how they try to ignore and/or smear our true heroes such as Thomas Jefferson & other Founders in an effort to justify their own miserable existence.

Also notice that they always need “more funding” to do their noble work and have no problems taking from the producers to redistribute to those who did not earn the largesse.

The Cultural Marxist/Socialist/Communists are rolling with laughter from their collective graves or luxury suites & limosines…everything they set out to do to murder Western Civilization is coming true right before our eyes on a daily basis.

Achievement, merit, and hard work are being punished while slovenly, back-to-the-jungle behavior rewarded.  How else could an out of control Justin Bieber or uncivilized Rappers make millions of dollars?  How could an Eric Holder be head of the DOJ or a Sibelius head of DHS or an Obama be president or a Hillary as Secretary of State?

Racial division is raising its ugly head with black on white violence being called a “knockout game” and is growing without opposition from government agencies. Illegal aliens are being given special treatment while returning veterans & other citizens are suffering from the effects of their presence through losses of jobs & added taxes for aliens’ education, healthcare, food, housing, etc.  The Camp of the Saints has sailed into our harbors, borders, and cities.

Our education system is in the collectivist cesspool as is our so-called justice system, our political realm, and our media.  Political Correctness has won the war on our society.

Psychopaths & sociopaths rise to the top of the pot just like scum…they have the genetic make-up to not only stomach filth but to thrive on it….normals find it nearly impossible to endure.  If normals are to save themselves they must become acutely aware of how many abnormals are in positions of power and who are preying upon them like carrion.  Normals need at least term limits for all politicrats or will history have to repeat itself?

~Barbara McCutchen
Fort Smith   

Elitists can’t educate in U.S. so want to try in Mexico


Is Arkansas State Univ. Chancellor Tim Hudson in violation of the Freedom of Information Act by evading delivery of a certified mail containing an FOIA which requests, among other things, all contracts, agreements, memos, & all other documentation setting forth the terms of any private entity guaranteeing funding of any campus that Ark. State University intends to operate within the country of Mexico, including the names of all persons or entities guaranteeing such funding.
The chronology of the FOIA is as follows:

1.    The FOIA was sent by certified mail, receipt requested, December 27, 2013
2.    Chancellor Hudson’s office was notified Dec. 31st, 2013 of the arrival of the certified mail
3.    As of this date, January 11, 2014, at 1:00 PM, Chancellor Hudson had still not accepted receipt of the certified mail.
4.    It is understood that there is a period of 5 days that the school in all likelihood was closed for Christmas vacation.
5.    By law an individual or entity is required to respond to an FOIA within 3 working days of delivery.
6.    Using a start date of January 6, 2014 it has been 5 working days & no response.
7.    Chancellor Hudson is aware by means of an email sent to him and others on Jan. 3, 2014 that there was an FOI request in the mail.

Therefore; questions arise.

1.    Are Chancellor Hudson, Governor Beebe, Director of Higher Education Shane Broadway, the A-State’s Board of Regents and the private investors playing games regarding the FOI?
2.    Is the failure to accept the FOIA another case of bureaucratic incompetency?
3.    Are the above listed individuals huddled together determining how to respond to the FOIA?
4.    Are there other possibilities for a no show in the matter of the FOIA and of course the answer is yes, but what are they?
5.    Is this a case of elitist bureaucrats & politicians bullying the middleclass in a matter that at this juncture appears to be a theft of citizen property?
6.    The United States of America ranks 16th globally in the matter of education. Among other things pertaining to the sordid state of education in the U.S. what possible justification could there be for a mediocre state institution (A-State) to embark on building a facility in a foreign land?  Is the payoff cheap labor, votes, and open borders?
7.    A member of the A-State Board of Regents said that after 3 years of operation in Mexico the institution would show a profit. The fellow is surely living in rarified air.

Why Governor Beebe’s and the state legislature’s deafening silence on this matter and why the refusal to dissect what appears to be huge constitutional and legal concerns, i.e. Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, no authority to use/share taxpayer/citizens’ property with a foreign government?

  And then the matter of the FOIA request lying in the dead letter box at a U.S. Post Office?

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith    

Notes on the Protection Racket–demise of middleclass America


Changing the rules of the game by government & corporate America has left Middleclass America devoid of any state and national representation (helpless). Government & corporate America’s energies are directed solely for the benefit of the elite & 3rd World minorities, legal & illegal—votes, political power, & wealth.

The following is a microcosm of the constitutional, political, & economic dismantling taking place in the United States, internally & externally, brought to citizens and as the Declaration of Independence states “a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations” by an unconstitutional and sometimes criminally corrupt U.S. government & their associates. Citizens, if you have doubt observe recent events that have and are occurring in our republic.

WHO & WHAT IS RANDY ZOOK, and his enablers? 

Randy Zook is the President of the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce—Associated Industries of Arkansas, a city/state/national organization that supports and lobbies for the obliteration of our national borders, i.e. erasing sovereignty and encouraging cheap 3rd World illegal alien labor.

Headline Times Record, November 28, 2013, “CHAMBER CHIEF (ZOOK) URGES (so-called) IMMIGRATION REFORM”.  Why?  President Zook has never been publicly asked the question as to why he demands amnesty for 25-35 million illegal aliens nesting in the U.S. with the provision that upon the receipt of amnesty, they may bring in their immediate 3rd world families, not the phony number of 11 million that the lying sabotaging federal government disseminates. Regarding President Zook, is it compassion, is it brotherly love, is it equality, or is he infatuated with Hispanics, or……What?  The 25-35 million numbers mentioned above were provided by Bear Sterns after exhaustive study.

What Chamber President Randy Zook is & his associates are—
1.    They are Constitutional traitors, shredding the U.S. Constitution & rule of law: Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution states in part, “the united states shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, AND SHALL PROTECT EACH OF THE THEM AGAINST INVASION”.
2.    Zook openly advocates the violation of U.S. law: 8 USC, Sections 1324a—Hiring, Harboring, Transporting any illegal alien—a felony.  Section 1324c—Law officers have authority to make arrests for violation of any provision of these listed sections.  Section 1325—Illegal entry—Shall be subject to civil & criminal penalties and can be fined and imprisoned.

For Zook, his enablers, and uninformed citizens, what is broken is the constitutionally corrupt and in some cases criminally corrupt U.S. presidents, the U.S. Senate past & present and same for U.S. Congress.  For instance failure to uphold sworn constitutional obligations, the rule of law, and willfully and by design destroying middleclass (heart & soul of the U.S.) America by refusing to secure our national borders and to institute deportation procedures as U.S. law demands.  Emphasis: White middleclass America has no legal representation coming from state & federal government.  Energies are directed solely to the elite & minorities, legal & illegal.

The aforementioned two legal remedies could very easily be satisfied in a matter of days by requiring all businesses to institute E-Verify.  This would dry up the illicit job market, resulting in self-deportation by most illegal Mexicans & OTM’s.  At the same time terminating the magnet for more illegal 3rd World invasions.  Welfare is another huge magnet for the 3rd World invasions. While economically benefiting hugely from illegals’ cheap labor, Zook & his corporate sponsors are nowhere to be seen in subsidizing illegals’ healthcare, schooling, foodstuff, incarceration, housing, ancillary medical services, ad infinitum. How much sense does it make to confer amnesty on 25-35 million illegals and their immediate families when 62% of Americans may qualify for some form of welfare?

Then why the political & corporate outcry for faux “immigration reform”?  Answer: the stage has been set for years…federal government bureaucrats, elected Presidents, Senators, & members of the House of Representatives have not only been derelict in upholding their sworn constitutional duties but have been supportive of any number of CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES with the goal of erasing our national borders resulting in a continuing unbridled 3rd world invasions and erasing any pretext of functioning as a sovereign republic.

Chamber President Zook is not alone in his subversive pursuits; he’s in the company of any number of unconstitutional, law-breaking individuals, governments, and religions.   To name a few:  the last 5 Presidents of the United States, members of the U.S. Congress & Senate (past & present), the Catholic Church, corporate entities e.g. Tyson Industries, the Farmer Bureau, Agricultural Czars, Construction Industry, etc.  Example: Religion: On November 27, 2013 Pope Francis of the Catholic Church appeared on the international stage and violently attacked U.S. Capitalism and called for its abolishment. He related U.S. Capitalism as being akin to the Idolatry of Money.  The extreme wealth of the Catholic Church is well-known (real estate, hospitals, gold, precious gems, art, architecture, businesses, etc.), then why is it sinful for others not to give up their wealth while the Catholic Church keeps & grows theirs? (Capitalism has elevated millions out of poverty, has Catholicism?) The Pope likes it both ways, e.g. Catholic Charities, an entity subsidized by the U.S. government, i.e. U.S. taxpayers, without citizen knowledge or permission.  These subsidies are a product of American Capitalism. Catholic Charities’ illegal mission is the sustaining of their clandestine SANCTUARY enclaves housing and distributing illegals, principally Mexicans throughout the U.S.   It must be noted that Arkansas Bishop Anthony Taylor openly advocates violation of the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, the dissolution of middleclass Arkansans, open borders and taxpayer subsidies for illegals. He openly admits that the Catholic Church of Arkansas cannot survive without the presence of illegals.  So much for religious dogma.

Once again making the extremely important points: What makes Zook’s conduct of the aforementioned, along with numerous other violators, so egregious are again the following facts:  Aside from the outright violations of the U.S. Constitution & U.S. Law is the attack on middleclass Americans by demands to confer amnesty on 25-35 million illegal Mexicans & OTM’s while allowing their immediate families in their respective homelands to emigrate to the U.S. Note the atrocious economic instability plaguing middleclass Americans, the segment which is the bedrock of American society has no governmental representation— all the attention is directed toward the elite & the welfare recipients, both American & illegal 3rd Worlders.

1.    Unbridled immigration, legal & illegal, has segued our 1st world republic into a third world dumping ground.  The interlopers bring with them their failed cultures and philosophies with no intention of acculturating into U.S. society; hence a 3rd World illiterate mass of humanity.
2.    The mass immigration  of 3rd worlders (legal & illegal) is an exercise in “trading down”. Only fools trade down, in this case forced upon us by the U.S. government.  The collection of 3rd worlders entering our country have no record of accomplishments at any level, academic, scientific, cultural, arts, etc. yet this is what the elite & government is demanding.  The Founding Stock of our nation is vanishing and we are rapidly becoming no nation at all, but a random gathering of people of assorted races, religions, and nationalities united only by our presence in the same land, controlled by a massive police state.
3.    President Barack Hussein Obama promised 3 days before his anticipated election, if elected, he would “fundamentally change” this nation…mission accomplished!
a.    Chamber Chief Zook & his corporate/government enablers act as if they are oblivious to government declarations there are at least 40 million Americans unemployed or underemployed and millions who have dropped out of the work force.  Zook would have you believe the jobs he is pursuing for illegals are jobs Americans won’t do. Question: who did these jobs before the illegal invasions occurred? 
b.    47 million Americans on Food Stamps and the numbers of illegals participating are not published.
c.    Government further declares that 30 million Americans have no health insurance while the number of Americans receiving Medicaid is ballooning. 
d.    Government has taken over the national Healthcare industry and is 1/6th of GNP, thanks to Obama healthcare is in an irretrievable shambles. This poses no concern for Zook, big business & government. They understand that illegals are and will continue to be dumped into the welfare system, i.e. Medicaid, Obamacare, etc. etc. and the devastating debt they incur will be placed squarely on the backs of  middleclass America.
e.    The U.S. is engaged globally in any number of phony “wars on terrorism” billed as “they are keeping us safe”, spoken as if Americans are kiddies in a playpen.  No longer can Americans consider our nation as peace-loving, the U.S. has been reduced to a warmongering enterprise. President Obama, with the blessings of the U.S. House and Senate instituted massive spying global networks, including Americans. Numerous surveillance techniques are being carried out by the following agencies—NSA, FBI, CIA, ATF, LOCAL POLICE FORCES, etc.
f.    Then there are the matters of gun-walking, Benghazi, the unilateral attack on Libya by Obama, the overthrow of the Egyptian president, the supplying arms to rebels engaged in the carnage against Syria, the IRS, the A.P., spying and frying of foreign national and American citizens by the use of drones and the huge presence of the Mexican & OTM Drug Cartels. Mr. Obama’s pledge for more transparency on drone strikes continues to answer legitimate questions & criticisms by saying, “We can’t really talk about this”.
g.    The state of American blacks is tragic.  They are struggling mightily on all fronts. They are 12% of our national population with an unemployment rate in the neighborhood of 18% and in the case of younger blacks the rate is in the 20+% realm. Americans of all ethnicities in the age group of 18-34 yrs have an unemployment rate of 10.9%.  70% of black babies are born out of wedlock. Mr. Zook, these people are American citizens and need the help of government and citizens to become a productive segment of society and not dependent on a plethora of government subsidies. It is obvious that elevating the black community to an acceptable quality of life nationally is a long term project.  Therefore; the action Zook & his traitorous enablers are pursuing, i.e. the introduction of permanent failed cultures & philosophies by means of amnesty and open borders guarantying the destruction of our once preeminent republic, evolving into an international settlement.

Zook and his handlers are working feverishly to award amnesty to the millions of illegals that some segments of big business & government continue to economically abuse and will serve to introduce another poverty ridden, uneducated class of citizens.  Does Zook understand that his enablers (in this case state & federal government) are the cause of the academic destruction in the public school systems created by the dumbing down of American kids in order to accommodate non-English speaking, illiterate Mexican & OTM children? Look no further than Clinton’s Goals 2000, Bush’s No Child Left Behind, and even more devastating, Obama’s Common Core.  Public/government schools have become nothing more than child abuse….physically, psychologically, & academically.

Does Zook understand our nation has a $17 Trillion and growing national debt and a $100 Trillion debt in unfunded mandates?   All the while Zook & his enablers are only interested in cheap labor to enhance his employers’ bottom line. 

Power, money, and greed are potent intoxicants and highly addictive and if any of the three are abused, have the capacity to sabotage and subvert whole societies, in this case Western Civilization enjoyed by middleclass Americans.

Joe McCutchen  

D.C. Vaudeville segues from comedy to tragedy

Washington, DC Vaudeville segues from comedy to tragedy.                 May 28, 2013

The cast of satraps generally known to the public as the Gang of Eight (how ironic, a term used in early Soviet Russia) and in American parlance can be described as unconstitutional legislative thugs and devout enemies of middleclass America, e.g. their recent production of a proposed immigration reform bill.

A brief description of the Eight Sell-outs of the American Constitution, morality and ethics who have been ensconced in the public welfare power trough collectively for 185 years. An abomination! Their prominence and longevity are products of their many vote-buying years.  The Eight Immigration Reform Traitors, and certainly there are many more wallowing in the chambers of U.S. government that have and are figuratively urinating on the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, while figuratively raping middleclass America, the heart & soul of our republic with the distinct intent of destroying said middleclass by conferring amnesty to the 25-35 million illegal alien hordes who are nesting on our lands.

No need for Political Correctness when the individuals that have sworn allegiance to the Constitution to protect Americans and their sovereignty when in fact they are in an attack mode to destroy America’s sovereignty allowing our Republic to continue to descend into a 3rd World multicultural gulag devoid of assimilation…ALL BY DESIGN.

Chosen to articulate the Constitutional fraud is Maestro Marco Rubio, 3rd World Anchor Baby, a U.S. Senator from Florida who has tasted most of the unearned largesse America has to offer.   With that in mind, the question must be asked, with all the benefits from birth to the present, why is the Senator willing to betray, along with the other seven, their sworn Constitutional obligations.

So who are the other Seven?

1.    Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) architect of the legislative abomination. It is noteworthy to mention that Schumer’s tribe has been championing mass immigration & open borders since the 1920’s, and obviously very successfully.

2.    Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)…a product of the “Chicago Way”

3.    Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ)…an Hispanic, no doubt where his allegiance lies, as is the case with Rubio.

4.    Senator Michael Bennett (D-CO)…former Obama advisor, former Superintendent Denver Schools, enough said.

5.    Senators John McCain (R-AZ) & Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)…the warmongering Bobbsey Twins. Both extreme neoconservatives=eternal war for eternal peace.

6.    Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ)…both Flake & McCain represent Arizona, the state that has been recipient of a 6 decade invasion of illegal Mexicans & OTM’s…both enemies of Gov. Jan Brewer and Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who not only are fighting to defend Arizona from the 2 senators, the illegal Mexican & OTM invasion, as well as the corrupt federal government (8 USC).

If you are a freedom loving American, sovereignty oriented, and dedicated to self-worth, a more  vile cast of unworthys could have not been chosen.

The Vaudevillian Eight, along with any number of U.S. Democrat & Republican office holders, and Presidents, have refused to enforce 8 USC, Sections 1325, 1324a, 1324c, & 1644 which would have prevented the debauchery which has engulfed our republic. 

Why would any American think for one moment that these Eight sitting corrupt collaborators who are in part and parcel responsible for the multiple crises citizens are enduring would be the ones to solve the catastrophic occurrences?  In the main, the current U.S. President, some members of the Senate & Congress, accompanied by the hundreds of enabling bureaucracies are nothing more than a sordid lot of Constitutional traitors and in any number of measures, some are outright war criminals, e.g. Clinton/Balkans, Bush/Iraq, Afghanistan, Obama/Pakistan, Libya. Recall most recently President Obama unilaterally attacked Libya—criminal & unconstitutional.   The attack occurred early March, 2012 and Obama proclaimed his personal attack on Libya would last days, not weeks.  We are now 14 months into his criminal carnage.  Look no farther than Benghazi. 

What is the head Barker saying in promoting what the Eight call Immigration Reform?

Barker Rubio says there will be an improvement on Border Security (over a 10 year period, maybe)….not a secure border.  Rubio is a liar. There is no language in the Gang of Eights proposed legislation that speaks/guarantees border security in real time and specific measures.

Barker Rubio, the fast-talking Republican Shill, says that illegal Mexicans & OTM’s will receive no welfare benefits. He obviously thinks middleclass Americans are stupid.  Another bald-faced lie. Illegals presently receive any number of welfare programs specifically crafted for their use, in addition to the ones typically given to American Citizens.  Is there any citizen foolish enough to believe welfare dispensed to illegals will be terminated at any level-ever?

Rubio, along with other corrupt politicians banter the number of illegals in our republic as 11 million when in actuality there’s at least 25-35 million uninvited nesters. Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano says the border is relatively secure….she is a liar. I invite her to sit at any unfenced spot on our Southwestern border for one hour and allow how secure our border is.  That equates to 1,600 unfenced miles.

More damning legislative language that emphasizes increasing H-1B Visas, Guest Workers, etc. exponentially. Cheap labor visas will further the displacement of American workers while there is already a reported  20+ million unemployed Americans and a few million who have ceased looking for work.   Couple those facts with the 48 million Americans and other residents on Food Stamps. The U.S. already takes in more than 1 million legal immigrants and according to some estimates, as high as 1 million illegals yearly. GENOCIDE BY SUICIDE!

The passage of this legislation would allow millions more to invade our nation by means of the immediate family provision via chain migration. These 3rd Worlders largely have nothing to offer but warm bodies and a huge appetite for reproduction & welfare. Less than 2% of American crops are harvested by illegals.

Bear in mind again, the mantra of the Gang of Eight’s proposed perfidy is to destroy middleclass America, the last vestiges that represent a stable America by conferring amnesty to illegals and promoting open borders & cheap labor.  This action would serve to create a nexus between corporate America and the federal government, both being equal partners and the Feds would be the CEO.  Corporatism would have to obey the edicts of the Feds… textbook Fascism.

The question begs to be asked, will comatose Americans awake soon enough to vote these traitorous slugs out of office, i.e. divest ourselves of warmongering neoconservative Republicans & Cultural Marxist Democrats? Or will they continue to worship at the corrupt altars of the aforementioned political parties?  Be gone with them! 

Republicans divested themselves of their alleged principles Nov. 8, 2012 when their leadership proclaimed “we have to like Hispanics” (only for their votes) Can you believe the Republican boobs who are in positions of leadership are stupid enough to believe they can out-Democrat a Democrat who has at least a 6 decade long advantage slopping in the trough?  What are the carrots the Republicans planning to use?  Oh yes, Senator Marco Rubio the purveyor of lies and more lies…and an Hispanic whose allegiances should be questioned immediately.  The Republican leadership is showcasing Senator Rubio as a potential Republican presidential candidate. There is a question regarding his being a natural-born American.

Republican leaders fail to understand that Americans are thirsting for adherence to the Constitution, the rule of law, and morality, not their jaded flimflamming. Embrace our Founding Principles and that will lead to political victories.

Republicans are now the Party of Irrelevance (POI).

Joe McCutchen   

Welfare Albatross Grows

From Arkansas State Government’s Lost & Found Department                 January 25, 2013

It’s Arkansas’ Easter Egg hunt in January…and how many eggs were found?  In this case the eggs are the potential newly found 87,000 legal foreign nationals who “qualify” for Arkansas welfare and are lined up to dine at the welfare free lunch table. Perhaps this should be called Christmas instead of Easter.

As every Arkansan should know, the Marxist Democrat Party with Gov. Beebe leading the charge is cocked to add 250,000 more slugs on the backs of middleclass Arkansans. Is the 87,000 newly found foreign nationals an add-on to the 250,000 number?

Apparently so, reading the comments of House Minority Leader Greg Leding who represents the Marxist city on the Hill called Fayetteville, Arkansas. Leding says “We keep finding arguments to support expansion”.   Spoken like a true Communist. According to Leding’s bio he is a Catholic. This is the group that defies U.S. law while running sanctuary programs and gaming every facet of our system, and they hoot about their charitable work, i.e. Catholic Charities, which receives 2/3rds of their funding from U.S. taxpayers!  No doubt Representative Leding is carrying the baggage for Arkansas Catholic Bishop Anthony Basil Taylor who flouts U.S. & State law on a daily basis.

More salt rubbed into the economic, legal & cultural wounds of middleclass Arkansans, compliments of Senator Uvalde Lindsay and House Minority Leader Greg Leding…both representing the Marxist bastion on the Hill. They are a heck of a pair.  Probably should throw in Rep. Madison also.

Joe McCutchen