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The T.R. front pages 10/17/17, 10/25/17 “Blessing set for new Mercy Clinic” & “Clinic at Riverview Hope Clinic” the right thing to do’. October 31, 2017

Performing the blessing was Bishop Anthony Taylor of the Little Rock Diocese—the state.

The story says the Pope has issued an order to “Reach out to the periphery”—an oxymoron. The “periphery” are all 3rd Worlders.

The “periphery” being the millions of illegal Mexicans & OTM’s that have illegally invaded our nation under the direction of the Pope, i.e. Bishop Taylor, but not limited to, e.g. government, corporations, phony charities, etc.

A cursory look at the Bishop and the Catholic hierarchy, the crimes they have and are committing against America, most particularly, white middleclass Americans. The illegal atrocities being committed by the Catholic Order are distressing, their game is—illegal parishioners & money, and where the money comes from is the oxymoron.

The Bishop openly flouts U.S. Law—8 USC, Section 1325, 1324c, 1304, 1304e, & 1324a—which among other things includes any person who knowingly hires, harbors, transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 yrs jail, plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien, all of which the Catholic Church is practicing.

Bishop Taylor & Gov. Mike Huckabee are responsible for the creation of the Mexican Consulate in Little Rock…in violation of Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. The Mexican outpost functions as a distribution center (Arkansas, Tennessee & Eastern Oklahoma) for illegals, directing them to jobs & sanctuary cities—all Arkansas cities are now sanctuaries, e.g. Fort Smith & NW Arkansas.

Catholic Charities is an unconstitutional misnomer and a fraud. The American taxpayer, predominately whites are forced and coerced into funding Catholic Charities, i.e. taxes, grants, & tax credits. Visit the national capital and one of its ongoing congressional hearings dealing with finances and query numerous Catholic Lobbyists who freely admit they are there to hustle for Catholic Charities.


Catholics, re immigration, illegal & some forms of legal, insure the demise of Western Civilization; sovereignty, language, culture, and the rule of Constitutional law–AMNESTY. Hundreds of ethnic groups reside in America with no intentions of acculturation, coupled to their drug distribution, gangs, welfare usage, and none of the foreign national cultures have any recent history of a substantive accomplishments. Why are we not being more selective in immigration policies as the Founders intended?

Should not the Pope & his Cardinals practicing their (pseudo) benevolence divest the Holy See of Billions of dollars, gold, silver, precious gems, art, & property they have stolen over the centuries and use for the good of the “Periphery”??? That would be the moral high ground.

2013 Taylor began to use the U.S. Constitution as a defense for his illegalities by quoting the “Common Good” clause in the U.S. Constitution as an argument for continuing a massive taxpayer forced wealth redistribution from earners to illegal takers. The Founders stated in the Federalist Papers the “common good” clause was expressly for self-determination and responsibility for self, not what is evolving presently.

The Catholic hierarchies have campaigned for over 100 years for universal healthcare. Taylor stated Medicaid creates jobs and without illegal aliens the Catholic Church could not survive. Quite an admission!

Bishop Taylor photographed blessing a water fountain at the new Mercy Clinic is indeed disturbing. Are we not now in the 21st century?
Finally, for the 900,000 “Dreamers” there is an excellent university in Queretaro, MX for you. The name is the Queretaro Branch of Arkansas State University–Queretaro, MX.

“We can all be conned but at what point do we realize we are being conned and at what point do we allow ourselves to be conned?” Guy Ritchie

Joe McCutchen

P.S. 75% of all agricultural work is done by American citizens—not illegals.

Illegal alien invasion, aided & abetted by government & church officials

The nation be damned, traded for gutless self-service. September 5, 2017

9/4/17 Ark. State Reps Charlie Collins & Greg Leding appeared on Ch. 5 Ft. Smith campaigning to uphold 1 million plus DACA (Dreamers/amnesty/plus all their relatives) remaining ostensibly in the U.S. to attend college—gratis, opposed to the legal position of being deported to Mexico/elsewhere as proposed by POTUS. Will he stick?

Why are Collins & Leding championing this illegal act? For a number of reasons. Remember both office holders have sworn their allegiance to uphold and abide by the U.S. Constitution and its undergirding laws.

Both represent the citadel of sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, NWA. The destructive Act began in the late 1940’s and continues unabated today, compliments of John Sr. & Don Tyson.

I do not know about Collins, but Leding is a Catholic. Catholics have been deeply embedded in this illegal practice for decades for the purpose of building sanctuary cities & filling their pews—observe Springdale & Rogers. The vehicle used is “Catholic Charities” that the federal government (taxpayers) fund in the hundreds of millions yearly, resulting in the destruction of our culture, most of which is directed to aiding illegals and replete with hundreds of DC lobbyists.

AR Catholic Bishop Anthony B. Taylor openly advocates for open borders. A number of years ago he stated the Catholic Church in Arkansas could not survive without illegals. What a pathetic creature. Presently Taylor is begging for DACA and money. Taylor daily slaps the Constitution and non-Catholic American’s faces with impunity.

Our nation is teaming with illegal aliens—some studies indicate 25-35 million illegals encamped in our Republic, destroying our infrastructure, enjoying special welfare programs, i.e. COLLEGE, free prenatal care, housing, food, stealing jobs, installing their own cultures, MS13 gangs, etc. May I suggest to the illegals an academic institution of some renown—Ark. State Univ., Queretaro, Mexico.

Rep. Collins & Leding, accompanied by Bishop Taylor are criminals! Citing a portion of 8 USC, Section 1324a: “Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony, punishable by 10 years jail plus $2,000 fine per illegal alien”.

Section 1324c: “Officers are to enforce”. Obviously another police stand-down
Remember the oath Collins & Leding swore to and the aggressive behavior the Pope and his minions exert over U.S. affairs.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S. Throw in Senators Boozman & Cotton.

ASU–down Mexico way?

More corruption, more obfuscation, more censorship, and more tax dollars blown to the high heavens?

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson July 10, 2015
Arkansas State Senate
Arkansas State House of Representatives

What happened from the period 2/20/14 to 7/10/15, i.e. Arkansas State Univ. Chancellor Tim Hudson and his globalist Mexican experience? I am speaking of course about Ark. State Univ. and what appears to be Hudson’s failed adventure into Mexican politics/quasi-academics. No doubt Hudson and his enablers thought they were dealing with a collection of Mestizos when in fact they were dealing with suave, intelligent pure-blooded Spaniard negotiators who have always controlled Mexico. There is nothing like a group of Gringos dealing with Hispanic nationals who demand mucho mordido (BRIBES!).

Was this adventure compliments of former Governor and A. State grad Mike Beebe, U.S. Representative Rick Crawford and also eastern Arkansas State graduates who inhabit the Arkansas State General Assembly?

On whose or what authority did Tim Hudson orchestrate this globalist adventure, along with a host of ASU professors and bag-men?

What was in Queretaro, Mexico that attracted Hudson and gang…and by the way he and his wife, head of the ASU Office of Study Abroad, create a very expensive, globalist duo for Arkansas taxpaying citizens.

How many taxpayer dollars were blown on this reckless endeavor by government sponges?

What is the official status of A-State’s Mexico adventure into Queretaro, MX, known as Arkansas State University—Mexico branch?


The above is nothing more that abject corruption at the very least, and to the lady Representative from the Memphis Truck Stop, it is not “rhetoric”.

May I expect an honest answer from any of you ladies and gentlemen?

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

The Pusillanimous Republicans

Last evening on a Memphis radio talk show I was extended additional time to answer 2 questions. I will relate the first question which deals with the title of this missive.


My answer was an immediate NO! The host gave the appearance of being startled by the answer.

Here is why the irrelevant Republican Party, irrelevant with one exception, undeclared preemptive murder & destruction commonly known as “Wars on Terrorism”. Currently the U.S. government has 7 and going for 9 of their murderous, hegemonic schemes.

I recorded the following phrases & words uttered on numerous occasions during 11 days after the last election by national government elected officials (Congress & Senate), other official Republican operatives and of course Fox Media.

By all official accounts the election was to dismember all of Obama’s Cultural Marxist Programs. Now, here are the reasons Republican’s rhetoric and a few Band-Aid approaches will be all that is found in the Republican powder keg.

Here are the words & phrases uttered by Republicans in the 11 days following the election that vividly demonstrate that the Republican “fix is in”:
1. Cooperative Partnership 6. Negotiate
2. Work with 7. Compromise
3. Consensus building 8. Measured
4. Consensus 9. Small
5. Bi-Partisan 10. Slowly
11. Make peace

Do any of you actually believe the philosophically & politically bankrupt Republicans will reverse the many criminal attacks orchestrated by Barak Obama which have shredded the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Treasury, & our former good name?

Joe McCutchen

Cities play game: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

A Reciprocal game they play.

Fort Smith, AR City Manager Ray Gosack takes another bite out of the Federal Government lexicon while trying to justify raises for city employees without salient facts. September 4, 2014

Gosack using his 2nd edition of Orwellian government doublespeak in his campaign for a city employee raise.

The words “leakage” and “pay adjustments” jump out. “Leakage” is designed to replace the accepted English words quit and/or fired, and “pay adjustments” likewise; rather than the time honored salary or pay increases.

The above words are designed to be more malleable.

Recall: The 1st edition of the Orwellian government doublespeak that citizens were bombarded with “quality of place”, “sense of place”, “event nodes”. Gosack must think he is Winston Smith (1984) whose job it is to propagandize.

Gosack uses a misleading premise in making his case for employee pay raises absent a public foundation on which to support.

Gosack states city employees have had no pay raises for four years. Cost of living increases ranging from 1 ½ % to 3% per year have been given. These are pay raises no matter what you call them.

Gosack continues, “Fort Smith compares its salaries with about ten other cities across the U.S.” Here Gosack is attempting to make the point that the city is making an honorable attempt to remain in the format of acceptable pay scales. More obfuscation.

By this alleged method city leadership protects themselves from the public by being able to retort, “we are paying what we have to”, or “that’s what everyone else is paying”

All cities are wildly diverse in their makeups. Population demographics—old, young, percentage of 3rd worlders, education, employment vs. unemployment, agrarian vs. manufacturing, natural resources, and the existing tax base. In government there is always the tendency to overstaff throughout, which is certainly the case of Fort Smith. This is only a partial list of considerations that should dictate pay increases.

What happens in Joplin, MO; Rockford, IL; Paducah, KY; Jonesboro, AR; Peoria, IL; etc. offers no foundation for determining salaries or pay scales for Fort Smith, AR. City Government, stand on your own two feet.

Typically, all governments pay their employees on average 22% more than those laboring in comparable jobs in the private sector. That includes cash and perks.

Gosack further states, “We are slipping behind”. Gosack registers no concern regarding middleclass woes, i.e. unemployment, underemployment, salaries that plateaued 10 years ago and these are the folks who pay for the overprotected & proliferating government sectors.

Specifically, for Gosack & the City Directors: Produce statistics relevant to the relationship between city government salaries and private sector salaries of like or similar job skills at all levels and allow the taxpaying citizens to view the results. Included would be dollars paid, health insurance, paid holidays, sick days and days off, vacations, in some cases use of vehicles, retirement, etc.

If the City Directors who claim to be doing the work of the citizens do not demand Gosack produce the above statistics for citizen viewing they can only be described as counterfeit representatives.

The above statistics can be procured simply by calling the open borders, cheap labor outfit commonly called the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce. They most certainly can tell the city residents how many illegals permeate our job market, along with other specific requests, and that it costs $20,500 per school year to keep an illegal in the government school system. (This statistic comes from the U.S. General Accounting Office).

City Government, produce honest salary appraisals.

Joe McCutchen

When two constitutional illiterates meet!

Two Constitutional illiterates met and the ensuing aftermath.

Last evening a town hall meeting was held in Fort Smith, AR. August 21, 2014

The guest speaker was U.S. Rep. Steve Womack (R) Rogers, AR.

Rep. Womack was asked how he and the Republican Party could square their position on Tort Reform in view of the 7th & 10th Amendments. Republicans position on Tort Reform is to allow U.S. government bureaucrats to set arbitrary, limited, binding awards on personal injury and malpractice.

Womack refused to answer the aforementioned question which was posed numerous times. Finally, Womack capitulated on his position on Tort Reform by stating he was not there to answer questions; thereby retreating. Then why was he there?

For those of you who are not constitutionally savvy, the 7th Amendment demands, among other things, “in Suits at Common Law, where the value in controversy shall exceed $20, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved”.

It is crystal clear that Republican stalwarts are ignorant of the Constitution and/or they view it as an impediment. An impediment, which prevents them from satisfying the unconstitutional demands of physician groups, insurance companies and corporate America, while betraying in this case, middleclass Arkansans, but not limited to.

The 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the State, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”.

Womack further stated, “Congress makes the laws, the President signs the law and it is the law of the land until it is litigated in court”. Congressman Womack continued to show he is in a forest of ignorance.

If Womack and his peers are/were knowledgeable pertaining to the U.S. Constitution, why would the Congress pass laws in direct opposition to the Constitution? Whether it be through ignorance or illegality the results are the same—an attack on American independence & jurisprudence.

Womack’s position is indeed ironic: this man has served as the mayor of Rogers, AR for a number of years, U.S. Army Reserve for many years and now serving in the U.S. Congress. How many times has Congressman Womack sworn allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, but still has no comprehension of what the Constitution demands.

University of Arkansas (Ft. Smith) Chancellor Paul Beran made his way to the townhall meeting surrounded by a coterie of illegal Mexicans & perhaps OTM’s flaunting the Constitution and projecting an in-your-face hubris toward middleclass taxpayers.

In the discussion pertaining to illegal immigration Beran exclaimed our Southwest borders cannot be secured. Beran’s statement flies in the face of the rule of law and U.S. sovereignty. Most certainly U.S. borders can be secured! The legal mechanism is in place. All that is needed is enforcement orchestrated by the two cowardly political parties and the Cultural Marxist Barack Obama. Beran, like most, if not all pseudo-educators, is by his own admissions & activities can be rightfully described as a Cultural Marxist and that puts him in the company of U of A flagship President G. David Gerhart who has on more than one occasion spoken in favor of the illegal alien mass invasions and has brought them to Fayetteville for a mass demonstration in a brazen show of illegal bravado, knowing full well the laws would not be enforced.

Recall Fort Smith Superintendent Benny Gooden, who a number of years ago also brazenly stated, “We’ll take all we can get” referring to illegal Mexicans and OTM’s.

The Republican Party and self-serving bureaucrats such as Paul Beran are nothing more than shills for corporate America and the Chambers of Commerce, shipping American jobs internationally and importing uneducated, poverty-stricken foreign national 3rd World illegals—an absolute betrayal of the American Middleclass and the ultimate demise of Western Civilization.

If you value our liberty, property rights, free speech, self-determination, and our culture then the likes of the two constitutional no-shows at last evening’s townhall meeting are a very dangerous breed.

Continue to elect & hire the likes of the two mentioned above, you travel at your own peril.


Joe McCutchen

FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA…out of the mouths of babes & communists

FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA…Out of the Mouths of Babes & Communists.

August 11, 2014

From an article in the Times Record, 8/11/14, “Immigrant-Rights Nonprofit learns from Arizona Organizations” we are told “Change agents with Arkansas United Community Coalition returned Sunday after a five-day trip to the heart of the border crisis in Arizona with ideas on how to inspire change in their communities. (Emphasis mine)

This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s method for change (always meaning the destruction of Western values, e.g. liberty, private property, personal responsibility, rule of law, etc.) as outlined in his book “Rules for Radicals”.

Community organizing is the background of Barack Hussein Obama and radically changing what America used to be is the goal. It is obviously working since there is little recognizable that is left.

Most of the quotes in the article about their glowing experiences were from teenaged Hispanics…one would expect little else to emanate from their mouths.

Unknown to them is that what made this country great is the opposite of what they are working to achieve…a place with no borders, no principal language, no dominant culture, and no rule of law (meaning proper laws for individual justice rather than whim of men)

For example: the laws on the books now re immigration include 8 USC Sec 1325 – Illegal Entry

Any alien who enters U.S. other than at port of entry by false or misleading representation shall be subject to civil and criminal penalties can be fined and imprisoned

Section 1324a Hiring – Harboring -Transporting any illegal alien
Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/ transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years jail + $2,000 fine per illegal alien + forfeiture of vehicle or property used to commit the crime.

Section 1324c Law officers have authority to make arrests… All officers whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws shall have authority to make arrests for violation of any provision of this section.

When was the last time you heard of these laws much less saw them enforced?

Once our immigration laws were meant to protect our sovereign nation from invasion, diseases, criminal elements and deadbeats. This produced rugged individualism and limited the forced redistribution of earnings of those who worked for them to be given to those who did not. The following quote sums up nicely just what is going on today, which is the death of representative government and the concepts of individual achievement and the ability to keep the rewards of one’s labor.

The Regime Uses Words And Phrases Designed To Bamboozle Us All
August 11, 2014 by Bob Livingston

“Immigration reform: Along the southern border an invasion is taking place perpetrated by Barack Obama policies and pronouncements and intentional lack of border security. The intentionally crafted crisis is designed to flood America with socialist-minded aliens seeking government handouts, an opportunity to bring more family members along and willing to work for slave wages. The process was conceived as a way to overwhelm the system in order to force acquiescence on a policy granting amnesty to millions of potential low-wage earners for businesses big and small, more union slaves and millions of potential Democrat voters. Worse, it’s allowing violent gang members, human traffickers, drug traffickers and violent criminals into the U.S. in large numbers, along with thousands of people infected with Third World diseases.”

Cultural Marxist George Lukacs said in 1919, “Who will save us from Western Civilization?”, theorizing that the greatest obstacle of Marxism was the culture of Western civilization itself.

He and his co-founders would be ecstatic today to read the Times Record article along with myriads of other “accomplishments” globally.

Multi-Culturalism (a tool of Marxism) is no basis for a unified sovereign country, but for those seeking to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE the nation, it is one of the best, most divisive tools possible.

When the Golden Goose is dead, there will be no reviving it.

~Barbara McCutchen

Dangerous Delusionals in Government

Illusions of Grandeur, Psychopaths, and Government Entities.        February 6, 2014

We want to believe the people we vote into office and who are hired & appointed are normal, rational human beings but our wishes do not match reality.

Observing the state of our union and pop culture brings widespread frightening evidence that the preponderance of those seeking & obtaining political and/or bureaucratic positions are people driven by abnormal desires for power, control and riches or a cushy well-paying job with few real responsibilities and little to no oversight.  Observe Washington, DC for the former and Arkansas State University for the latter as prime examples.

These people have absolutely no regard or empathy for the hardworking taxpaying smucks who support their luxurious lifestyles, in fact they look down on them for being so stupid and gullible which makes them deserve to be exploited.

Notice the flowery verbiage flowing from their vile mouths…they just “want to serve”, “to give back”, “to make a difference”, “it’s for the children”, ad nauseum.  Notice how they try to ignore and/or smear our true heroes such as Thomas Jefferson & other Founders in an effort to justify their own miserable existence.

Also notice that they always need “more funding” to do their noble work and have no problems taking from the producers to redistribute to those who did not earn the largesse.

The Cultural Marxist/Socialist/Communists are rolling with laughter from their collective graves or luxury suites & limosines…everything they set out to do to murder Western Civilization is coming true right before our eyes on a daily basis.

Achievement, merit, and hard work are being punished while slovenly, back-to-the-jungle behavior rewarded.  How else could an out of control Justin Bieber or uncivilized Rappers make millions of dollars?  How could an Eric Holder be head of the DOJ or a Sibelius head of DHS or an Obama be president or a Hillary as Secretary of State?

Racial division is raising its ugly head with black on white violence being called a “knockout game” and is growing without opposition from government agencies. Illegal aliens are being given special treatment while returning veterans & other citizens are suffering from the effects of their presence through losses of jobs & added taxes for aliens’ education, healthcare, food, housing, etc.  The Camp of the Saints has sailed into our harbors, borders, and cities.

Our education system is in the collectivist cesspool as is our so-called justice system, our political realm, and our media.  Political Correctness has won the war on our society.

Psychopaths & sociopaths rise to the top of the pot just like scum…they have the genetic make-up to not only stomach filth but to thrive on it….normals find it nearly impossible to endure.  If normals are to save themselves they must become acutely aware of how many abnormals are in positions of power and who are preying upon them like carrion.  Normals need at least term limits for all politicrats or will history have to repeat itself?

~Barbara McCutchen
Fort Smith   

Tax slaves to subsidize education in Mexico?

Is this the legacy Gov. Mike Beebe seeks?            January 13, 2014

It appears the Beebe administration is in an aggressive mode to sellout citizen taxpayers’ property to a foreign national government, i.e. Mexico…why?

The proposed location of Arkansas State University’s foreign campus is Queretaro, Mexico.  A-State Chancellor Tim Hudson stated in a press conference that “the demand for higher education is rapidly rising in Mexico, along with its growing affluence and economy”. With the “growing affluence & economy in Queretaro, Mexico what is the purpose that demands the state of Arkansas build and subsidize the proposed university?  Hudson goes on to say “Hispanics are an expanding demographic in the U.S., and Arkansas State will be better equipped to fulfill related needs and opportunities”.   The United States is home to 25-35 million, uninvited illegals Mexican & OTM invaders, not the phony 11 million that government agencies are peddling.

Chancellor Hudson did not amplify on exactly how Arkansas State will better equip nor did he state what the needs & opportunities are for Mexicans. Why is it incumbent on American taxpayers to provide a university for Mexican?  From his statements it is obvious that the government/corporate plan is to continue to trash, in this case middleclass Arkansans, in favor of illegal and legal Mexicans— MORE CHEAP LABOR, DEMOCRAT VOTES & THE ERASURE OF OUR SOUTHERN BORDER…ENDING SOVEREIGNTY.  This can only be described as constitutional and financial corruption at governments’ highest levels.

To substantiate the above, Alan Birsin, Assistant Secretary of Affairs & Chief Diplomatic Officer at DHS recently made the following statement to the American/Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC “The Guatemalan border with Chiapas (the southernmost state in Mexico) is now the United States’ southern border.”    A-State Mexico & Birsin’s statement are just small parts in the over-all strategy to erase U.S. borders—the outcome will be the globalists’ North American Union.

Is there any doubt in any citizen’s mind that there is a frontal destructive assault on middleclass American citizens, our sovereignty and the rule of law brought to us, but not limited to, by Gov. Mike Beebe, Shane Broadway and the Dept. of Higher Education & Chancellors of U.S. universities, and the Chambers of Commerce?  As pointed out on multiple occasions, Beebe, A.G. McDaniel, ASU Chancellor Hudson are in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, and theft of Arkansas citizen’s property used and intended to be used for other purposes for which it was intended, e.g. Mexico.

There 6 other universities which have officially signed up to jump into the Mexican giveaway.  Other than growing government in any number of ways, what do the other 6 universities get out of this deal? One of the 6 is Univ. Arkansas Fort Smith and Chancellor Paul Beran in another attack on citizens, has proposed a master plan that would reach $200 million. Education, like all government entities, is a huge self-serving protection racket.

An FOIA was sent to Chancellor Tim Hudson, certified mail and he was made aware of the arrival of the FOIA Dec. 31, 2013.  Legally Hudson has 3 days to respond…as of 1:00 pm today, January 13, 2014 the FOIA has not been picked up which questions how money has been and is being spent.

A second FOIA was sent by email Sunday, January, 12, 2014, confirmation of receipt requested.  At this juncture, no response.

As to why Gov. Beebe, A.G. McDaniel, Chancellor Hudson and a host of others have not chosen to respond is anyone’s guess.  Two options come to mind immediately;

1.    They are playing games.
2.    They are involved in a massive cover-up.

It is noted that Beebe is working on the fiscal 2015 budget, which he says will be his last.  The question comes to mind, how much of this budget will be dedicated to the unconstitutional proposed Mexican campus.  In the same category how many Arkansas tax dollars have been spent of the illegal Mexican Consulate in Little Rock?

It is patently obvious that Gov. Beebe, A.G. McDaniel, Chancellor Hudson, the Ark. Legislature feel no responsibility for detailing the very expensive & unconstitutional ramifications of this proposed assault on Arkansas & American taxpayers.

The United States ranks 16th globally in education, which is shameful, accompanied by a $17 TRILLION national debt, and these individuals elected & appointed, are hired to protect & educate Arkansas citizens.

They call themselves “public servants”, surely they jest.  They are feeding their political & economic appetites.

Why doesn’t Chancellor Hudson “man-up” and complete the FOIA or has Beebe & McDaniel advised otherwise?  The time will come when they have to answer. 

Will this be Beebe’s tarnished legacy?

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith   

Notes on the Protection Racket–demise of middleclass America


Changing the rules of the game by government & corporate America has left Middleclass America devoid of any state and national representation (helpless). Government & corporate America’s energies are directed solely for the benefit of the elite & 3rd World minorities, legal & illegal—votes, political power, & wealth.

The following is a microcosm of the constitutional, political, & economic dismantling taking place in the United States, internally & externally, brought to citizens and as the Declaration of Independence states “a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations” by an unconstitutional and sometimes criminally corrupt U.S. government & their associates. Citizens, if you have doubt observe recent events that have and are occurring in our republic.

WHO & WHAT IS RANDY ZOOK, and his enablers? 

Randy Zook is the President of the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce—Associated Industries of Arkansas, a city/state/national organization that supports and lobbies for the obliteration of our national borders, i.e. erasing sovereignty and encouraging cheap 3rd World illegal alien labor.

Headline Times Record, November 28, 2013, “CHAMBER CHIEF (ZOOK) URGES (so-called) IMMIGRATION REFORM”.  Why?  President Zook has never been publicly asked the question as to why he demands amnesty for 25-35 million illegal aliens nesting in the U.S. with the provision that upon the receipt of amnesty, they may bring in their immediate 3rd world families, not the phony number of 11 million that the lying sabotaging federal government disseminates. Regarding President Zook, is it compassion, is it brotherly love, is it equality, or is he infatuated with Hispanics, or……What?  The 25-35 million numbers mentioned above were provided by Bear Sterns after exhaustive study.

What Chamber President Randy Zook is & his associates are—
1.    They are Constitutional traitors, shredding the U.S. Constitution & rule of law: Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution states in part, “the united states shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, AND SHALL PROTECT EACH OF THE THEM AGAINST INVASION”.
2.    Zook openly advocates the violation of U.S. law: 8 USC, Sections 1324a—Hiring, Harboring, Transporting any illegal alien—a felony.  Section 1324c—Law officers have authority to make arrests for violation of any provision of these listed sections.  Section 1325—Illegal entry—Shall be subject to civil & criminal penalties and can be fined and imprisoned.

For Zook, his enablers, and uninformed citizens, what is broken is the constitutionally corrupt and in some cases criminally corrupt U.S. presidents, the U.S. Senate past & present and same for U.S. Congress.  For instance failure to uphold sworn constitutional obligations, the rule of law, and willfully and by design destroying middleclass (heart & soul of the U.S.) America by refusing to secure our national borders and to institute deportation procedures as U.S. law demands.  Emphasis: White middleclass America has no legal representation coming from state & federal government.  Energies are directed solely to the elite & minorities, legal & illegal.

The aforementioned two legal remedies could very easily be satisfied in a matter of days by requiring all businesses to institute E-Verify.  This would dry up the illicit job market, resulting in self-deportation by most illegal Mexicans & OTM’s.  At the same time terminating the magnet for more illegal 3rd World invasions.  Welfare is another huge magnet for the 3rd World invasions. While economically benefiting hugely from illegals’ cheap labor, Zook & his corporate sponsors are nowhere to be seen in subsidizing illegals’ healthcare, schooling, foodstuff, incarceration, housing, ancillary medical services, ad infinitum. How much sense does it make to confer amnesty on 25-35 million illegals and their immediate families when 62% of Americans may qualify for some form of welfare?

Then why the political & corporate outcry for faux “immigration reform”?  Answer: the stage has been set for years…federal government bureaucrats, elected Presidents, Senators, & members of the House of Representatives have not only been derelict in upholding their sworn constitutional duties but have been supportive of any number of CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES with the goal of erasing our national borders resulting in a continuing unbridled 3rd world invasions and erasing any pretext of functioning as a sovereign republic.

Chamber President Zook is not alone in his subversive pursuits; he’s in the company of any number of unconstitutional, law-breaking individuals, governments, and religions.   To name a few:  the last 5 Presidents of the United States, members of the U.S. Congress & Senate (past & present), the Catholic Church, corporate entities e.g. Tyson Industries, the Farmer Bureau, Agricultural Czars, Construction Industry, etc.  Example: Religion: On November 27, 2013 Pope Francis of the Catholic Church appeared on the international stage and violently attacked U.S. Capitalism and called for its abolishment. He related U.S. Capitalism as being akin to the Idolatry of Money.  The extreme wealth of the Catholic Church is well-known (real estate, hospitals, gold, precious gems, art, architecture, businesses, etc.), then why is it sinful for others not to give up their wealth while the Catholic Church keeps & grows theirs? (Capitalism has elevated millions out of poverty, has Catholicism?) The Pope likes it both ways, e.g. Catholic Charities, an entity subsidized by the U.S. government, i.e. U.S. taxpayers, without citizen knowledge or permission.  These subsidies are a product of American Capitalism. Catholic Charities’ illegal mission is the sustaining of their clandestine SANCTUARY enclaves housing and distributing illegals, principally Mexicans throughout the U.S.   It must be noted that Arkansas Bishop Anthony Taylor openly advocates violation of the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, the dissolution of middleclass Arkansans, open borders and taxpayer subsidies for illegals. He openly admits that the Catholic Church of Arkansas cannot survive without the presence of illegals.  So much for religious dogma.

Once again making the extremely important points: What makes Zook’s conduct of the aforementioned, along with numerous other violators, so egregious are again the following facts:  Aside from the outright violations of the U.S. Constitution & U.S. Law is the attack on middleclass Americans by demands to confer amnesty on 25-35 million illegal Mexicans & OTM’s while allowing their immediate families in their respective homelands to emigrate to the U.S. Note the atrocious economic instability plaguing middleclass Americans, the segment which is the bedrock of American society has no governmental representation— all the attention is directed toward the elite & the welfare recipients, both American & illegal 3rd Worlders.

1.    Unbridled immigration, legal & illegal, has segued our 1st world republic into a third world dumping ground.  The interlopers bring with them their failed cultures and philosophies with no intention of acculturating into U.S. society; hence a 3rd World illiterate mass of humanity.
2.    The mass immigration  of 3rd worlders (legal & illegal) is an exercise in “trading down”. Only fools trade down, in this case forced upon us by the U.S. government.  The collection of 3rd worlders entering our country have no record of accomplishments at any level, academic, scientific, cultural, arts, etc. yet this is what the elite & government is demanding.  The Founding Stock of our nation is vanishing and we are rapidly becoming no nation at all, but a random gathering of people of assorted races, religions, and nationalities united only by our presence in the same land, controlled by a massive police state.
3.    President Barack Hussein Obama promised 3 days before his anticipated election, if elected, he would “fundamentally change” this nation…mission accomplished!
a.    Chamber Chief Zook & his corporate/government enablers act as if they are oblivious to government declarations there are at least 40 million Americans unemployed or underemployed and millions who have dropped out of the work force.  Zook would have you believe the jobs he is pursuing for illegals are jobs Americans won’t do. Question: who did these jobs before the illegal invasions occurred? 
b.    47 million Americans on Food Stamps and the numbers of illegals participating are not published.
c.    Government further declares that 30 million Americans have no health insurance while the number of Americans receiving Medicaid is ballooning. 
d.    Government has taken over the national Healthcare industry and is 1/6th of GNP, thanks to Obama healthcare is in an irretrievable shambles. This poses no concern for Zook, big business & government. They understand that illegals are and will continue to be dumped into the welfare system, i.e. Medicaid, Obamacare, etc. etc. and the devastating debt they incur will be placed squarely on the backs of  middleclass America.
e.    The U.S. is engaged globally in any number of phony “wars on terrorism” billed as “they are keeping us safe”, spoken as if Americans are kiddies in a playpen.  No longer can Americans consider our nation as peace-loving, the U.S. has been reduced to a warmongering enterprise. President Obama, with the blessings of the U.S. House and Senate instituted massive spying global networks, including Americans. Numerous surveillance techniques are being carried out by the following agencies—NSA, FBI, CIA, ATF, LOCAL POLICE FORCES, etc.
f.    Then there are the matters of gun-walking, Benghazi, the unilateral attack on Libya by Obama, the overthrow of the Egyptian president, the supplying arms to rebels engaged in the carnage against Syria, the IRS, the A.P., spying and frying of foreign national and American citizens by the use of drones and the huge presence of the Mexican & OTM Drug Cartels. Mr. Obama’s pledge for more transparency on drone strikes continues to answer legitimate questions & criticisms by saying, “We can’t really talk about this”.
g.    The state of American blacks is tragic.  They are struggling mightily on all fronts. They are 12% of our national population with an unemployment rate in the neighborhood of 18% and in the case of younger blacks the rate is in the 20+% realm. Americans of all ethnicities in the age group of 18-34 yrs have an unemployment rate of 10.9%.  70% of black babies are born out of wedlock. Mr. Zook, these people are American citizens and need the help of government and citizens to become a productive segment of society and not dependent on a plethora of government subsidies. It is obvious that elevating the black community to an acceptable quality of life nationally is a long term project.  Therefore; the action Zook & his traitorous enablers are pursuing, i.e. the introduction of permanent failed cultures & philosophies by means of amnesty and open borders guarantying the destruction of our once preeminent republic, evolving into an international settlement.

Zook and his handlers are working feverishly to award amnesty to the millions of illegals that some segments of big business & government continue to economically abuse and will serve to introduce another poverty ridden, uneducated class of citizens.  Does Zook understand that his enablers (in this case state & federal government) are the cause of the academic destruction in the public school systems created by the dumbing down of American kids in order to accommodate non-English speaking, illiterate Mexican & OTM children? Look no further than Clinton’s Goals 2000, Bush’s No Child Left Behind, and even more devastating, Obama’s Common Core.  Public/government schools have become nothing more than child abuse….physically, psychologically, & academically.

Does Zook understand our nation has a $17 Trillion and growing national debt and a $100 Trillion debt in unfunded mandates?   All the while Zook & his enablers are only interested in cheap labor to enhance his employers’ bottom line. 

Power, money, and greed are potent intoxicants and highly addictive and if any of the three are abused, have the capacity to sabotage and subvert whole societies, in this case Western Civilization enjoyed by middleclass Americans.

Joe McCutchen