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Files/Webb Fiasco Follow-Up

January 17, 2018…A Follow-up.

Will the below theorem prove to be prescient? Will Senator Jake Files skate?

Note the below article published October 21, 2017 describes possible legal engagements re: Files/Webb.

A new Federal Prosecutor is in town. Who is he and where did he come from? Is he a product of meritorious legal services, is he a product of strong political connections/Deep State, or did he work himself up from the stock room?

Read or reread the piece titled “IS IT POSSIBLE—WHAT IF?”

The Files/Webb melodrama has been going on for 6 years or more and like the DC political “investigations”, I believe resolutions should be forthcoming immediately. What do you think?

Joe McCutchen

IS IT POSSIBLE—WHAT IF? October 21, 2017
This hypothetical narrative, accompanied by some facts, begins with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and could end with the Governor.
The Governor acts like a Progressive with both feet in the DC & Arkansas swamps, an important fact in the narrative.

“Talk Business” broke the story May 16, 2017 in Little Rock that Sen. Jake Files (R) was allegedly the subject of an FBI criminal investigation, absent Lee Webb. Curious! The next day (Hutchinson’s Screw) Rep. Mat Pitsch (R) boldly announced to the media, “He will enjoy serving as the next new Republican State Senator”. Was the fix in? Did Pitsch anticipate Files had fallen on his sword?

Question: At that juncture why did Hutchinson not demand Files resignation? 10/21/17 the Governor still mum re: the Senator’s undergoing a number of investigations, along with his refusal to resign his State Senate seat, all in view of the fact the FBI has/had him under investigation. It is said that during one of the investigatory FBI summons Files stated he was cooperating, yet in a civil deposition he pled the 5th Amendment.

Another question & purely conjuncture: What action against Files, if any, would be taken by & if Hutchinson called an emergency session of the Arkansas legislature? Files remains a sitting member in the current Arkansas Senate and is Chair of the Senate Revenue and Tax Committee. If he remains in the current legislative body would this act not be fraught with constitutional & legal problems?

Now the matter of Files legal difficulties moved up the Arkansas River to Fort Smith pertaining to the now defunct River Valley Softball Complex that Files & partner Lee Webb (D) a county employee that were awarded a contract to build the Complex, another curiosity and potentially corrupt act by the Fort Smith City Government. Webb, as stated is also an active government functionary and appears to be a phantom in the current criminal investigation.

The nexus between the Fort Smith city government and Files & Webb’s contractual agreement has been going on well before at least March, 2014. The Fort Smith Board has refused to divulge why these two elected politicians (huge conflicts of interest & maybe more) were awarded the potentially lucrative contract—no transparency. Was the contract between the two parties (Fort Smith & Files/Webb) a pay-off, a quid pro quo deal, incompetence, or some other arcane involvements? It is known Files & Webb spent well over $2 million taxpayer dollars, plus “in kind” services (e.g. National Guard, Gary Grimes—dirt work) replete with no City oversight—NONE during the 5 year period. Why? After the project was identified as a failure in 2017, $27,000 or more made its way from the AIDC to WAPDD to the City Board and ultimately into the hands of Senator Files. What prompted the Board to continue funding an abject failure?

Could it be there is a working arrangement in Fort Smith comprised of the City Government, Special Interests, coupled to Files & Webb? Have all & more entities abused a plethora of city, state and federal government taxpayer funds, and leverages available to government and their cronies?

For example: The nascent Marshal’s Museum, billed as a private endeavor—not so! How many millions did Senator Files pump into Sam Sicard’s & Richard Griffin’s museum? Perhaps from the GIF, accompanied by grants, New Market Tax Credits, and perhaps a plethora of more taxpayer funded operations.

It appears the powers behind the Museum operation are First National Bank CEO Sam Sicard, Richard Griffin (long time czar of the constitutionally corrupt HUD & owner of a construction company) & a host of lesser lights.

An FOIA directed to the officers & attorney for the museum resulted in the redaction of names of seed donors & other pertinent data in this ultimately government venture.

It appears that both Sicard & Griffin have had substantial financial dealings with Files—to what end & why? Particularly with Files laundry list of failed corporate ventures. All that is left in the Files political quiver is the politically potent Chair of the previously mentioned State Revenue & Tax Committee; that allegedly cemented their former quid pro quo relations? If & when the Museum becomes functional who claims ownership & maintains it and if it fails, then who picks up the tab?

The city & county have contributed thousands of dollars in cash and in-kind resources to the 50,000 sq. ft. Museum behemoth, coupled to federally produced commemorative medallions, paid for by middleclass taxpayers. It looks like these ongoing downtown projects are enhancing the value of the downtown property owners and would not Sicard’s & Griffin’s economic & political pyramid do the same at taxpayer expense?

President Trump has a pool of candidates to select from for nominations for Federal Prosecutors, i.e. the Western District of Arkansas. In the selection of Federal Prosecutors, Senator Boozman, Congressman Womack & Gov. Hutchinson will probably make the choice. Federal Prosecutors seem to be chosen due to their past political deeds and/or political connections, not legal prowess.

In this narrative the Federal Prosecutor selected may be tied to a caveat. The caveat: the individual appointed will not initiate prosecutorial measures against Sen. Files because of what he knows. With that said, could Gov. Hutchinson be the primary force that creates the caveat to be inserted into the appointment? As insurance and for what?

At this point Files behavior has been one of arrogance and smugness. One would think with the legal baggage he is carrying he would present the opposite.

Maybe Files is holding the winning hand after all—that is a headful of dirty linen that may have been carried out by Hutchinson & his minions and of course including the Fort Smith City Government, and some of the insiders who may have leaned on Files for political/financial favors.

If the legal winds are blowing toward prosecuting Files, he may have to play his alleged hold card which is, if the principals in this matter threaten to prosecute Files, will he blow the whistle and reveal all the possible dirty tricks employed by the aforementioned that conceivably could bring down the Hutchinson regime as well as involvement with the FS city government– and Files would skate?

Hypothetically the key is their choice of a Federal Prosecutor, accepting the caveat.

This hypothetical narrative, in the main, actually has become all too common in federal, state & local government.

Wake up Americans: Incumbency is a toxic weed—fatal.

Joe McCutchen

Stupidity–A Transnational Affliction & Addiction

Stupidity—A Transnational Affliction & Addiction February 3, 2016

The American “thought process” extends only to the point of self-satisfaction.

Observe the present cultural & political results.

B.A. said Sunday, “We are fixin’ to find out Monday how many ill-informed Iowans there are”. I said “we’re fixin’ to find out how many euphemistically foolish Iowans there are”—representing a microcosm of our republic.

The two front runners who represent the club, i.e. the Republican establishment are bought & paid for and are not constitutionally qualified to be POTUS.

Senator Ted Cruz (Rafael Cruz) is a Cuban-American, maybe. Ted Cruz has refused to release documents (his records are sealed) showing his U.S. citizenship status, never mind a Natural Born U.S. citizen.

Senator Cruz’s father (Rafael I) was a guerilla fighter for Castro in Cuba, while his mother is alleged to be an American citizen—in some way they both ended up in Canada where the Senator was born. His parents did not fill out a CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) form in order to be a qualified citizen. The U.S. Consulate or Embassy determines if the child acquired U.S. citizenship at birth. There remains no authentic evidence to support the claims that the Senator is either “natural born” or a “naturalized” citizen of the U.S.

Senator Marco Rubio is an Anchor Baby. His parents resided in the U.S. 5 years before becoming naturalized and the Senator was born 1 year before his parents became naturalized.

The Democrat & Republican establishments are traitors to the U.S. Constitution and specifically to middleclass Americans.

Failure of both political parties to defend the Constitution and its demands on the citizen status of Cruz & Rubio is made of the same whole-cloth as the displaced Kenyan, aka Barry Soetoro, aka POTUS Barack Hussein Obama. A quid pro quo deal?

Both Cruz & Rubio support Amnesty, both are for increasing immigration, legal & illegal, resulting in cheap labor, military recruits & votes. Rubio was a member of the Senate Gang of Eight who championed Amnesty & open borders. Neither candidate has a stated public position referencing border security. They both represent the border status quo in deference to the military/industrial complex, Wall Street, & the Chambers of Commerce.

Both, as you are no doubt aware, are Hispanics. The election of either of these two candidates would make the present occupier of the White House look like a piker with regard, most particularly to migration of Hispanic and Mestizo foreign nationals, and of course “eternal wars for eternal peace”. Either one, if elected, guarantees “a U.S. international settlement” that will produce a population of wandering, warring nomads, coupled to what is about to happen, invasions by Mideastern, Oriental & African throngs, all created by the Bush Crime Syndicate. Rubio is a warmonger in the same class as Senators McCain & Graham.

Senator Cruz stated in the Senate Well that he was Israel’s Southwest Representative and Rubio was Israel’s Southern Representative. Allegiance? Both are Israel-firsters.

Both candidates are heavily subsidized by Jews—in the millions, e.g. Sheldon Adelson a Las Vegas & Macao, China casino owner, Paul Singer, the Koch brothers & George Soros—to name a few. The Koch brothers, incidentally, own the Republican wing of the Arkansas General Assembly.
As previously stated both Cruz & Rubio are neo-conservative warmongers, subservient to Israel’s demands, as are virtually all Republicans.
Both Cruz & Rubio are pushing U.N. Agenda 21, New World Order goals, i.e. the smashing of U.S. sovereignty.

Senator Cruz is the one who vetted John Roberts (R), now Chief Justice who gave us Obamacare by calling it a tax, which he (Roberts) & the Supremes declared it would then be constitutional.

Cruz & his father are extreme religious zealots with theocratic beliefs that lead right up to the edge of Sharia Law/Courts. Cruz’s father says his son was “divinely inspired” and God has him destined for greatness and has been anointed as one of the “kings that will take control of all sectors of society”. So much for his & their mental stability.

Both Cruz & Rubio aggressively support an Article V Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) which would gut our original Constitution. The idea that these two recent foreign nationals who have no skin in the game would grow-up in this country and achieve political undergirding power that would set a course which would destroy our Founders’ brilliant & courageous system & is the definition of arrogance & faux authority. All, the product of unfettered mass immigration, legal & illegal. A pox on Americans who are foolish enough to support either of these political thugs & charlatans.

Cruz’s wife is an executive with Goldman Sachs in charge of their U.S. Southwestern banking operation. Heidi Cruz was one of the 8 CFR members (not to be confused with the Gang of Eight—Rubio’s group) who designed plans to create the North American Union (NAU)—dissolving borders contiguous with Mexico & Canada; South America to follow…traitors you say? You bet!

Both Cruz & Rubio are supporters of the Republican owned U.S. Chambers of Commerce & Mega Corporations that have all but killed & continues to kill the middleclass American job market by the implementation of CAFTA, GATT, NAFTA, and now the upcoming Transatlantic & Transpacific Partnership (TTP)—so called “free trade” deals. Heidi Cruz sat on a Council on Foreign Relations for NAFTA until 2011 when Ted (Rafael II) announced he was running for the Senate, she declared a leave of absence.

Both Cruz & Rubio have no problem betraying middleclass Americans and our U.S. Constitution. Observe!

Save one, who is his own man, the 2016 presidential election is all about phony conservatives & phony liberals, which translates into cultural rot. They are to the man and woman, corrupt con-artists.

Middleclass Americans, in this presidential election, as was the case in past presidential elections are given no consideration—just idle prattle, laced with lies/deception. Unfortunately the majority of Americans are non-thinkers that have devolved into nothing more than chattel owned by the Democrat & Republican Parties. Worshiping at the altars of the two parties has produced a national state of decadence.

Republican leadership is probably the vilest, disguised in theatrical paint, flying the false aegis of values, small government, the Constitution, fiscal responsibility. All liars & betrayers. The Democrats deserve no commentary.

Don the yoke, fools.

Joe McCutchen

Can Captain America (Trump) Save Us?


Stop kidding yourselves—politician candidates are all panhandlers, liars, and con-artists, maybe only one and possibly two private sector Republican candidates are worthy of the U.S. presidency.

The Democrat Party is the Truth Party (T). The Democrats tell you up front that they are going steal & redistribute all of your possessions & destroy all semblances of sovereignty incurred by 3rd & 4th world perpetual invasions by design.

The Republican Party is the Liar Party (L). Republicans, for the most part, tell you they are “conservative” with Republican “values”. What is conservative and what are their values? As of this day they are waltzing with Obama while mapping out their next warmongering attack on defenseless sovereign nations with ignorant American kids used as cannon fodder. The Liar Party stupidly refers to themselves as the war “Party of Lincoln”, as if that were a badge of honor. Fools all, they have earned the warmongering title. So much for “keeping us safe” with 2200 miles of open borders and provoking & starting unconstitutional wars globally under the aegis of a “war against terrorism”. The U.S. is the global terrorist, creating a refugee tsunami flooding the West and will destroy us because of warmongering fools and their blind psychopathic altruist followers.

The three, Trump, Carson, Fiorina.

The frauds who run the Republican Establishment 24/7 rail that Trump is not “conservative”, as if they, the Establishment were. By the way, tell me one conservative (constitutional?) principle that the Republicans have created and are protecting—you can’t. Faux citizen conservatives are not smart enough or courageous enough to recognize they are being duped once again, e.g. the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, The Club for Growth (i.e. Republican Little Rock billionaire Jackson Stephens of Stephens, Inc. whose goal is to rub out the 7th Amendment) & I would be remiss if I left out the junior member of the Bush Crime Family, that would be Jeb, the hopeful heir apparent to the crown.

I believe Carson to be an honorable gentleman but at this point has shown no concrete evidence that he could hold the reins of the now totally criminally corrupt behemoth known as the U.S. government. So far Carson appears to be tabula rasa, while supporting amnesty for illegals & forced vaccinations.

Carly Fiorina is smart, strong and familiar with the hard knocks of running a corporation, but is a warmongering RINO supporting amnesty for illegals.

Now to The Donald. At this point in the campaign Trump has done no appeasing, he is the only candidate that has been straight forward, known to be the holder of global accomplishments coupled with international negotiating experience, and the only one who knows how to swim with the national & international sharks & killer whales. His four most important positions are: Secure the borders, deport illegals, cease the Anchor Baby fraud and destroy Obamacare. Not since our very early days as a republic have we had a Man’s Man (Trump) seeking the U.S. presidency, obligated to no one financially and funding his own presidential voyage. Trump is the one, all the rest are frauds.

Who cares whether Trump is labeled as a “conservative” or not, or any other self-serving accusations that the Republican Establishment lays on him, at this point he appears to be his own man, and the hero of the downtrodden middleclass.

You have not heard nor will you any concrete statements and positions from the politician candidates pertaining to border closure, deportations, tariffs & with all speed getting the hell out of sovereign nations & terminating the elitist quest for global hegemony, except for one private sector contender Trump. The other contenders are political self-serving cowards, and the bankrupt Democrat (T) & Republican (L) establishments would not allow it. All, with the exception of Trump are consumed with amnesty. Therefore; the Karl Roves of the D.C. establishment will use every form of treachery to see that Trump is not the nominee.

My take on the reason Trump is seeking the presidency, besides bold arrogance which I heartedly applaud, is simply: he has created a global real estate dynasty and is driven to the logical next step, in this case the U.S. presidency, accepting the greatest challenge of all—saving our republic. Trump’s strongest asset, he will never accept failure.

Success is emblazoned in his genetic persona and the Republican Establishment is indeed scared to death of Trump for a myriad of reasons, proving that both entrenched political Establishments are depraved political Sharks.

At this point Donald Trump is the clear choice if you are interested in trying to save the sinking ship known as the United States of America. In your wildest dreams do any of you believe that any of the other Republican candidates will take bold corrective positions & actions in solving our aforementioned multiple crises, if your answer is in the affirmative, you are indeed a dolt.

Finally, I readily admit that Donald Trump is guilty of theft, that theft is a statement of mine made more than 15 years ago when I stated & wrote the United States is a “ 3rd World Dumping Ground”. Recently I have modified the statement to state the U.S. is a “3rd & 4th World dumping ground”. I hope The Donald will continue to use my quote. Do you not understand that we are “trading down” culturally by mass immigration, legal & illegal, and it is by design, and has produced a multicultural growing horde of aggressive, uneducated, demanding nomads that have all but destroyed our Founding principles? Our society is fragmented on racial and ethnic lines guaranteeing social unrest.

Also In 2000 I began writing & speaking ( well before the 2005 scientific study undertaken by Bear-Sterns that concluded there were at least 20 million illegal Mexicans and OTM’s residing in our republic at that time and the figure could easily go to 25 million. Ten years later….how many???

In January & November of 2000 I wrote to presidential candidate George W. Bush & Congressman Asa Hutchinson addressing the lies they were telling about illegal immigration and again in February, 2001 to then President Bush, all advising our republic was now a 3rd world dumping ground. Documentation can be found at or see below.

The white Founding stock is allowing our former preeminent Republic to be destroyed, compliments of our stupidly for-life white incumbent politicians, undergirded by the 25-35 million (not the phony 11 million government figure) illegal aliens presently nesting on our turf. If we have any opportunity to preserve our heritage, culture & successes, we the white Founding stock and any other citizens believing in U.S Constitutional government must act immediately and aggressively to rid ourselves of the D.C. aristocracy and the 3rd & 4th world invaders.

Furthermore; Trump states repeatedly that Political Correctness is killing us. He is right!
The governing psychopaths of D.C., a relatively small group made-up of elected & appointed Democrats & Republicans, are selectively and incrementally erasing the Constitution, i.e. our freedoms.


Joe McCutchen

“Elections serve chiefly to keep the people from noticing the absence of democracy. This is a remarkable concept of great governmental utility”…..Fred Reed

Copies of aforementioned letters:
Thanks Asa, for your response re: Arkids 1st & Immigration. If you are genuinely interested in these two issues, then I will take this opportunity to present the errors in your remarks.
Arkids 1st—you state “the Arkids program has proven to be one of the most popular and effective programs in the State of Arkansas, impacting more than 55,000 children and providing quality low-cost health insurance to families who might not otherwise be able to afford insurance.” (Gov’t can arbitrarily decide how to redistribute the earnings of citizens?)
A. Arkids 1st is unconstitutional—it is not my responsibility to pay for other families’ health insurance, i.e. forced redistribution.
B. Gov. Huckabee had begged, borrowed & stolen to get gainfully employed Arkansans to participate in welfare. There was no cry from the electorate for this program. Since its inception the bar has been lowered and they will take anyone at any income level, no questions asked.
C. Waiting in the wings—ARFolks & Ark. Kids Count, which is a scheme to put 3-4 yr. olds under the umbrella of the failed public school system, as well as the brainwashed day-care employees.

Asa, I don’t have to tell you about the pathetic state of public schools—administration, curricula & teachers. Taking away children of that age will completely destroy what is left of the family unit & responsibility. This is cradle to grave Socialism/Fascism. Mike Huckabee, Amy Rossi, Ray Hanley, are dangerous people. If you love individual freedom, property rights, rule of law & sovereignty, please do not be hoodwinked. I might also add that Huckabee has spent several $100,000 on prime-time TV selling this carrot, at the same time every government agency, hospital, & Dr. office are bribing hard working Arkansans to slip into the welfare dependency pit.

Immigration: The two immigration offices you lobbied to secure are worthless, as are the rest. As you must know, in May 1999, I.N.S. proclaimed that they could no longer cope with illegal immigrants, so I ask you, what function are they serving? They have no holding facilities, local police will not cooperate, transportation is not available, etc.

I fail to understand how a parasitic bureaucracy can hold a Congressman or the Congress hostage. Asa, we are losing our national identity, we have become a dumping ground for 3rd world dissidents. The folks coming here do not understand the Enlightenment, and most have no interest in learning. The welfare state is the magnet, not the Constitution or rugged individualism. Why are you in the Congress, elected to protect our sovereignty and integrity, so fearful of discussing immigration in a meaningful manner? The only response we get from you folks is “racist, Xenophobe, extremist” or “we are a nation of immigrants”. Witness G.W. Bush’s hateful response in Iowa this week re: his position on immigration. Perhaps you all think that none of this will affect your families, that somehow your children & grandchildren will escape the cultural consequences and the tax burdens required for such all-encompassing redistribution, as members of the ruling elite?

I can only hope you show the same courage on these subjects as you did as House Manager in the Impeachment.

Kindest regards, Joe McCutchen

The Honorable George W. Bush November 30, 2000
Dear Governor Bush,

Word comes to me that if your election holds, it is your plan to appoint Spencer Abraham to the position of Secretary of Transportation. Former Senator Abraham is and was a traitor to the Founders and Middle American taxpayers. I refer, of course, to the immigration invasion, legal and illegal, currently taking place in our nation.

You, as candidate for the presidency, have run from the subject of immigration like a yellow dog, have pandered to these minorities under the bogus claim that we have a labor shortage and have abandoned your base, while receiving less than 35% of their vote.
Do you not understand that if this invasion is not stopped, Republicans will never win another national election?

I created MichImpac to defeat Spencer Abraham. If Republicans do not immediately post the military on the Mexican border, and remove the lottery and chain immigration laws, MichImpac will be expanded to remove other traitors who are determined to make our country a 3rd World dumping ground. It is my fervent hope, if you are in fact considering Abraham, you will change your mind.

America’s Constitution, the ideals it gives rise to, and the accompanying responsibilities, its heritage and culture must be protected at all costs. The reasons are obvious.

Additional considerations are taxes, education, security, and urban sprawl. Infrastructure, water, etc. Hopefully, you will not allow your Mexican family ties to cloud your judgment regarding the subject of immigration.

Again, please reconsider the potential appointment of traitor Abraham.

Kindest regards,
Joe McCutchen

Dear President Bush, February 5, 2001

For years American government, it was believed, conducted its business in the light of day. This unfortunately is not the case.
From the information I have it appears you are orchestrating what I conclude to be a treasonous act. It is my belief you sent 5 U.S. Senators to Mexico City to cut a deal with Vicente Fox to confer amnesty on 7 million illegal Mexicans, an assault on the rule of law and the Constitution. I further believe your visit to Fox’s residence on February 16th is designed to conclude the sell-out of America to a pathetic 3rd World entity.

Middle American taxpayers specifically, and our nation generally are approaching a cultural crisis, a balkanized tribal society. Consider this: the invasion of public schools by 3rd world nationals, ever-expanding government programs with accompanying loss of freedoms, unemployment, water, power, infrastructure, crime, disease, ad infinitum.

California is the poster child for the aforementioned, and has evolved into a 3rd world dumping ground. It is my understanding Secretary of State Powell stated that the U.S. border contiguous with Mexico is to become a “region” without borders.

Mr. President, is the above forecast stupidity or corruption or both? You obviously do not have a comprehension of numbers, these invaders will never vote Republican and if you persist in this madness, you sir will pay the political price.
Mexico has everything to gain, America has everything to lose.
Kindest regards,
Joe McCutchen

The Con-Con Con & Republicrats


Con-Con is the current verbiage for a Constitutional Convention.

Republicans, for at least a decade, have been pursuing a very, very dangerous “Constitutional Convention”. It is improbable that they are so dense that they do not understand the potential damage a Constitutional Convention can wreak. Once in motion there are no controlling mechanisms to limit what individuals or entities can participate in the Convention, modify, or expand perpetuating their own self interests.

The two Republican shills directing Con-Con activities in this year’s Arkansas General Assembly are Rep. Nate Bell (R-Mena) and Rep. Bob Ballenger (R-Hindsville).

Both Bell & Ballenger’s resolutions depend on approval of 38 and 34 states respectively.

Specifically, Rep. Bell requires the petitioning of Congress for a Constitutional Convention to CONSIDER a federal balanced budget amendment. Bell’s bill is ID’d as HB 1006.

Rep. Ballenger’s bill has also been endorsed as House Joint Resolution 1003.

Ballenger’s resolution calls for a C-C to also impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limiting their power & jurisdiction and the closing part of his resolution states—“limiting the terms of federal office holders”. An insult to every Arkansan. Refer to his vote on Issue 3….doubling term limits for the General Assembly.

Isn’t that interesting since Ballenger & also Bell voted for the Republican sponsored Issue 3 that allowed the Senate and the House a 150% increase in their salaries as starters, also allowing Republicans to put together an independent commission of political cronies to rule on ethics & salaries. The corrupt Republican state party masked their true intent by labeling Issue 3 as an ethics bill that in fact DOUBLED THEIR TERM LIMITS. What a scurrilous bunch!

The Republicans in the Arkansas General Assembly pushing for one Constitutional Amendment and at the same time laboring feverishly to destroy the 7th Constitutional Amendment in the Bill of Rights…the right to trial by jury of your peers—not government or big business administering trials and capping damages.

Elected Republicans are too cunning & deceptive to believe they have the ability by any means, most particularly a C-C that could or would slow down, much less stop any aspect of the criminal, cowardly U.S. Federal Government. Our U.S. Constitution states very explicitly what is demanded of government in every aspect. Observe the corrupt conduct of the 3 branches of government. Look no further than the past 14 years—unending wars, the Affordable Care Act (Ark. Republicans extended for 2 years, which means it is here to stay), illegal immigration, amnesty, $18 Trillion national debt, spying & frying, the neutering of the 4th & 10th Amendments, the National Defense Authorization Bill, & the deadly merry-go-round keeps spinning. War criminal, former President G.W. Bush stated the U.S. Constitution was nothing but a “G.D. piece of paper”. Who do Republicans think they are kidding?

So who are Arkansas Republicans shilling for and why? Definitely the RNC, ALEC, the Koch Brothers, etc. etc. it’s hard to imagine that 2 representatives from Mena & Hindsville have a burning interest in a Constitutional Convention, and most particularly when both reside in illegal Mexican sanctuary cities under the control of the leadership of the quad-cities of NW Arkansas.

Another attempt to destroy our American heritage, culture, sovereignty and the monumental efforts gifted to us by our Founding Fathers.
As the Republican majority party in Arkansas, you have again proven yourselves to be nothing more than the betrayers of citizen’s trust and a laughing stock.

The question remains—what is the real purpose of the proposed “Constitutional Convention”?

Joe McCutchen

Legislators hoodwinking citizens…Fluoride & Term Limits!!!

September 8, 2014

The genesis of the fluoridation of Arkansas’ drinking waters can be summed up in a word—corruption—at the hands of Governor Mike Beebe, the state General Assembly and City Governments that fit the population formula.

Law is a weapon used by evil to destroy its prey.
Law benefits only those who create it.
Law is for extortion and control” …Michael Gaddy, 2014

S.B. 359/Act 197 Fluoride Mandate bill from 2012.

Most legislators (practically all Republican Senators/Representatives) voted for SB 359 and received campaign donations from the Arkansas Dental PAC for their yea vote. Search here www.arkansasdentalpac.

The initial start-up-cost came from Delta Dental of Arkansas—an insurance company. Some legislators received over $4,000 for this one vote. In the immediate vicinity, to their credit, Reps. Malone, Stubblefield and Rice voted no for forced fluoride in public water systems. Non-voting was Rep. Pennartz. In the Senate both Files & Holland voted for the fluoride mandate. Is a vote for fluoridation of public water, in the case cited above, not vote buying and bribery?

Question: Why would Delta Dental, an insurance company, give six figure start-up money to the city of Fort Smith for the purpose of fluoridating city & regional drinking water at Lake Fort Smith?

Recall: there was a protracted statewide outrage against fluoridating the people’s water supplies. Did our elected office holders listen? NO!

The passage of this measure (fluoridation of the citizen’s water supplies) is a wholly unconstitutional act. There is not one constitutional or legal fiber in SB 359, Act 197, i.e. forced medication. The passage of the Act demonstrates self-service by a vast majority of Republican & Democrat politicians and the enabling corporation Delta Dental and the Arkansas Dental PAC will inflict another tax burden on Fort Smith residents immediately.

Sodium Fluoride is a poison, in micro doses it appears (I said appears) to be harmless. I can find no scientific studies that are being or have been conducted pertaining to the long term effects of daily fluoride ingestion may cause and therein lies the big question—Will repeated daily ingestions of sodium fluoride over a protracted period of time precipitate untoward physical & mental complications? As best as can be ascertained there are no published human safety standards for long term consumption.

Sodium Fluoride is not being added to the Ft. Smith water supply to enhance human potability; but is added to theoretically act as a medicinal. Therefore; where is the medical and moral authority that allows the Ft. Smith government to undertake, for all practical purposes, the practice of medicine?

Again, the state government has no constitutional or medical authority to defend its self-serving position for demanding forced fluoridation of public waters.

Some of the specific data in the aforementioned paragraphs may be attributed to the organization “Secure Arkansas”.

It should be noted here that Republican numbers in the state house were the prime movers of this abusive legislation and 3 of the Republicans hold or held key positions in the Republican leadership, and were subsequently fined by the Arkansas Ethics Commission. Those fined were: then State Senator Johnny Key who now shills for the U of A Chancellor, G. David Gerhart. Key was slapped on the wrist and fined $100 for contributing campaign funds to another candidate’s campaign. Three Republican Senators seem to be involved in funneling money to other legislators.

Republican Senator Eddie Joe Williams, the bagman for the Ark. Republican Party and the Ark. State Senate, was fined in 2012 for making personal use of $6,000 of his campaign funds to Sen. Missy Irvin & Sen. Jason Rapert, both Republicans. Sen. Eddie Joe Williams was fined $850 for his caper and the Senator donated over $42,650 from his campaign funds to other Senators & Representatives for ticket events in 2012. Sen. Eddie Joe Williams is the Senate Majority Leader.

Is this how citizens’ expect their campaign contributions to be used?

Republican Senator Michael Lamoureaux, President Pro-Tem of the Senate, was cited for making personal use of $2400 of his campaign fund. Sen. Lamoureaux donated $24,750 from his Campaign funds to other senators and representatives for ticket events in 2012.

Again, is this not vote buying and bribery, and if you agree that it is, you must come to the understanding that illegal and unconstitutional conduct permeates the entirety of the Arkansas State Republican Assembly and certainly does not excuse the Democrat Party.

It should be noted that all Republican state senators and representatives belong to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a legislative bill mill where Corporations fund most of ALEC’s operations. The Bills that ALEC feeds to the Arkansas General Assembly serve one purpose…to increase the bottom line of corporations. These type of practices by the Ark General Assembly, for all practical purposes, remove Arkansas citizens from the legislative process.

More later on Republicans and their very cozy relationship with ALEC and a number of other like organizations.

Coming on the heels of the fluoride debacle and the wrist slapping administered to some of the Republican violators by the Ethics Commission is one of the most deceptive and insidious activities to come out of the Ark. General Assembly—Issue #3, HJR 1009. HJR 1009 would extend term limits from 6 yrs to 16 in the House and from 8 yrs to 16 in the Senate! This proposed deception is attached to a so-called Ethics Bill titled “Elected Officials Ethics, Transparency, and Financial Reform Amendment of 2014”. This Trojan Horse approach was allegedly put together by Rep. Sabin (D) & Woods (R). Is this not chutzpah?

This scurrilous approach demonstrates the height of self-service and cowardice which has been achieved by the vast majority of elected state representatives & senators. Area state reps who voted for this deceptive ethics bill and back-dooring Term Limits Issue #3 are Reps. Bell, Deffenbaugh, & C. Douglas. In the Senate, again, voting for are Files & Holland.

Don’t Arkansas citizens have a lot to be excited about in the upcoming 2015 legislative session from the so-called conservative and constitutional Republican Party while at the same time they have involvements in a tidal wave of misdeeds? What do you suppose their next hijinks will be?

Who are the real miscreants here, the voters or the office holders?

Joe McCutchen

Governmental Elitists vs. lone Constitutionalist…who will win?

Old Hickory said it best: “Elitists are created through the instrumentality of government”, circa 1834. True in 1812 and more so now. July 13, 2014

I offer in evidence the following two fairly recently minted Elitists.

1. The Arkansas’ Democrat Party is offering up for Governor in 2014-15, Mike Ross. Ross wallowed in the U.S. Congress for 12 years in a less than illustrious tenure. His only notable achievement/betrayal was his vote that brought the embryonic Obamacare out of Committee. Ross covers his tracks by stating he never voted for Obamacare.

It is noteworthy that Ross spent 10 years in the Arkansas Senate and in his last term he was singled out as the worst Senator in that years’ General Assembly in an elongated editorial appearing in Sunday’s edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Prior to the aforementioned 2 Ross involvements, he acted as chauffer for Former Governor Bill Clinton.

Do you agree that former President’s Andrew Jackson’s statement regarding creation of Elitists is right on? Then, read on!

2. Now comes the Party of Irrelevance, formerly known as the Republican Party and its entry into the campaign for Arkansas Governor. That would be Asa Hutchinson. Government instrumentality has served Hutchison very, very well thanks to Arkansas low-information voters.

Some of his political credentials are: U.S. Attorney, Arkansas Western District, the U.S. Congress, DHS Commissioner & Border Czar, etc.
Notice these two candidates get any number of bi-monthly checks compliments of middleclass Americans and looking for more.

Hutchinson’s reign as S.W. Border Czar was an abject failure. He is famous for his utterances regarding the fate of illegal Mexicans & OTM’s declaring that they could not “sleep at night for fear of being caught”. Another statement of Hutchinson occurred on a Saturday the day after his appointment as Head of the DHS when he proclaimed that his new office had the best view of ‘Washington and he had aircraft at his disposal at any time at his beck and call.

At this juncture candidate Hutchinson has not declared his position on the Affordable Care Act and Tort Reform.

A quote by Hutchinson appearing in the Times Record July 12, 2014 pertaining to the Affordable Care Act, “He (Ross) is on both sides of the issue because he ‘worked with President Obama on components of the law, but later voted against the law because the 4th Congressional District became more conservative.’ Translation, when & how? Where does Ross’ allegiance lie, somewhere between Little Rock and Obama’s office?

Unfortunately one of these legislative plunderers is again going to be slopping at middleclass taxpayers trough. Why would any thinking Arkansan vote for either of these two?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. What are “Arkansas Values” Hutchinson commercially touts and what mechanism will either of the two utilize to produce fantasy jobs?
There is only one real Conservative running in the gubernatorial race and he got just 3 ½ Time Record newspaper lines re his positions.

At first you don’t succeed, vote, vote, vote again.


Citizens, do you recognize the fear factor or do you even have one—you should…the Machiavellian influences have their sabers drawn in Arkansas and compelled to use them.

Arkansas Government—Infested with Corruption, Obfuscations, Lies, and accompanying Traitorous Acts Unchallenged at any level…and only a glimmer of the prevailing circumstances and tragedies directed at non-thinking dumbed-down citizens.   

The head of this incestuous whirlpool of political abuse is of course, 35 year veteran on the taxpayer teat who uses any number of imbroglios to accomplish his Marxist, Fascist Power Goals.  Beebe is the natural mule & shill for Western Marxist/Bolshevik redistributor Barack Hussein Obama.

Beebe’s been in the barrel with Obama since the nation-killer Obamacare’s initial offering. Obama projected his designs by creating the “Affordable Care Act” permitting government to confiscate 1/6th of the American economy while destroying rights to privacy, self-determination, private property and any number of other constitutional violations.

Obama/Beebe are in league with any number of high profit government expansionists and funding sharks, i.e. state colleges & K-12 schools, hospitals, chambers of commerce, and any number of others who are avowed enemies of citizen autonomy.

Obamacare was billed as providing insurance for 15% of the population who have no health insurance.  What is the proviso that dictates productive citizens must bear the burden of providing health insurance to non-productive individuals regardless of their station in life who are a huge part of a growing number of deadbeats, legal & illegal aliens, etc.

Beebe is more than aware that these so-called exchanges will set the price of healthcare, control the selectivity of the process, and any number of other ways resulting in the destruction of the quality and availability of healthcare.  The ultimate goal of Barack, Beebe and the rest of political & bureaucratic panhandlers is to install a system of “single payer” healthcare run by the federal government.  Both Democrats and Republicans are deeply immersed in the demise of the Constitution and the Rule of Law as we will see shortly in the treasonous efforts to create an Article V Convention, spearheaded by Republicans who would wantonly destroy the U.S. Constitution resulting in more rogue government exchanges.

A true statement if you occupy Beebe’s mindset, i.e. vote buying and power-mongering through bribes & intimidation.  If Beebe was an honorable individual he would simply state that this nation has a liability of $17 Trillion + 25-35 million illegal aliens which should be deported, U.S. border secured, accompanied by slashing all government agencies by 30% beginning with the criminally infested Dept. of Education and Dept. of Human Services.

A sampling of “tough decisions” that Beebe does not want to address. During his reign as Governor he has added over 3,000 new government employees.  A micro-random look at travel expenses at his alma mater: October, 2013 one month travel expenses= $311,108.24.  January 14, 2014= $350,000. 11 ASU employees in 2014 are being paid $1,524,963, that’s an increase over 2013 of $364,619.  ASU has a budget in excess of $100 million per year and are hustling for more, while at the same time ASU Chancellor Hudson’s administration is fraught with unacceptable practices. What are the expenses incurred & why hasn’t the governor provided detailed documentary on expenses, movement & utilization of taxpayer owned property for an ASU campus in the Mexican state of Queretaro and how much to come?

It must be noted that the U of A Fayetteville spent $1,330,000 in the month of December, 2013.

Another “tough decision” by Beebe…ignored. Why hasn’t Governor Beebe addressed the incest and inbreeding in the current session regarding the massive cost engendered by the Democrat & Republican legislative outlaws?

Featherbedding & nepotism are accompanied by the ever-present government Protection Racket that rapes and pillages Arkansas citizens on an on-going basis.  These systems are filled with thousands upon thousands of self-serving, low-level automatons.

A BRIEF LOOK AT THE CURRENT REPUBLICAN ROGUE ARKANSAS HOUSE & SENATE:  (Forget the Democrats, we always know where they stand)

There is no way to describe this body other than constitutionally and morally corrupt to the core.

Republican votes in the Arkansas General Assembly go to the highest bidder in a majority of cases and their words & positions are as worthless as a straw in the wind. Republican Senate Majority Leader Eddie Jo Williams is the bagman & shill for the Party of Irrelevance.

Do any of you believe the citizens of Arkansas have any semblance of representation  when its leadership & certain members boisterously brag they will vote on an issue, in this case Obamacare, (which they famously campaigned fighting against), every day until they get the desired results—passage. This one expression brands these elected representatives as being completely devoid of constitutional, legal, & moral authority.   The leadership in the House is “Billy the Kid” Davy Carter (R) (no hog iron) and Pro Temp Leader (world traveller at taxpayer expense) Michael Lamoureaux (R) who are in Beebe’s right & left pockets respectively.  

Tweets out of Little Rock on 2/22/14 stated that House Speaker Davy Carter sent the state police after Rep. Payton who was heading to the dentist after a 2 day toothache.

Times Record Headline (2/24/14)…“Speaker: House will vote on issue until it passes.”   That says it all.

With the charged political atmosphere reaching corruption of these proportions (and it goes much deeper) does anyone of the Republican leadership believe that this government is any way related to the Constitution, rule of law, morality and honesty?  The citizens of Arkansas are recipients of a collection of political perverts, both Parties.


A sampling:

·    Let’s observe some vote buying.
·    Senator Jake Files: represents city government, hospitals, UAFS, the Chamber, & the alleged “privately endowed” fantasy called the Marshal’s Museum, for which he siphoned off $2 million of taxpayer money to Richard Griffin’s Museum operation.
·    Sen. Jane English (R), claimed to be a patron of the Tea Party…Beebe bought her vote for a thread of a so-called “Workforce” deal that she can lay claim to as a “social progressive”…Morally & philosophically bankrupt and at what the cost to the taxpayers?
·    Rep. Denny Altes (R), voted for, voted against, voted for, & along the way the chamber, the hospitals & UAFS patted him on the back & told him what a nice guy he was.
·    Now the three, on the first round of votes, did not vote…Carnine (Rogers), Lowry (Maumelle), Slinkard (Gravette)…why did they seek their office?
·    Time to bring this to an end but this is noteworthy…Stephanie Malone (R), niece of Travellin’ Man” John Boozman who formerly ran an alleged “Entrepreneurial School” designed by master schemer UAFS Chancellor Paul Beran…which of course ended in an expensive failure.   She is owned by governments, never labored a day in her life in private enterprise and is owned by the same group as Altes.

The point regarding Stephanie is that she & Democrat Hank Wilkins (Pine Bluff) were outside the chamber during the vote…resulting in 2 no votes.  


A Constitutional Convention (Con-Con), also known as Convention of States (COS), also Compact for America, also balanced budget, and then the convention name that strikes fear into the hearts of every educated American…CONSTITUTION FOR THE NEW STATES OF AMERICA.  If that doesn’t curdle your blood, nothing will.

And what makes you think Congress will obey ANY constitutional changes if they were made?

Two of the principals who have dedicated themselves to destroying the American Constitution, one billionaire Russian Jew, Western civilization & American culture hater George Soros, coupled with Grover Norquist and Mark Levin whose “balanced budget” amendment legalizes congress’ unconstitutional spending and does nothing to control the national debt of $17 Trillion.

Several members of the Arkansas state legislature who are pushing for the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and are wallowing in their stupidity are Sen. Jason Rapert (R) the Pied Piper (who belongs to 4 freedom killing organizations listed below), Rep. Nate Bell (R), Rep. Randy Alexander (R), Rep. Bob Ballenger (R), Sen. Bill Samples (R) (doing double duty to bury Arkansas freedoms & is employed by ALEC &  belongs to 4 of other pernicious government organizations), Sen. Johnny Key (R) (likewise 4 killing organizations).  Sen. Key in a show of bravado is trying to exempt himself from the lobbying Bill #2011 in an effort to hustle a $200,000+ job at the U. of A. Fayetteville campus. What possible credentials does Sen. Key profess to have gained running a babysitting operation that would qualify for a university position? Also Sen. Eddie Joe Williams (R) (the money man) & Sen. Andrea Lea (R) ( double-dipping money woman) & lastly the darling of Fort Smith corporatism and member of 3 organizations Sen. Jake Files (R). The arrogance and audacity these and others like the aforementioned would compare themselves to the brilliance of the Founders’ Enlightenment Work, their courage & vast knowledge contained in their Founding documents and which have provided for the world’s preeminent society for over 200 years.  The listed 4 and all their associates are enemies of American taxpaying citizens.

These legislative fools have no awareness that in a Constitutional Convention, any individual or body politic can brings their amendments, regardless of content, and enter them for passage.

Citizens, please take a few minutes and research constitutional conventions, there are 2 types.  A Constitutional Convention conducted by the Congress called a Con Con & an Article V convention precipitated by the people.  2/3rd of the states to apply & 3/4ths to ratify.


It should be noted that the above referenced organizations have rooted connection with the United Nations & Agenda 21. Every city in Arkansas are paid members in some of these freedom killing organizations and Arkansas Republican office holders fill their ranks, as well as actively engaged in precipitating a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con).

Have you ever wondered, are these elected state representatives & senators smart enough, educated enough, & dedicated enough to craft and enter the thousands of legislative bills to be introduced for passage every year?  Perhaps you have, but did you know the source creation is Washington, DC to Little Rock via bagmen & women, e.g. Rapert, Williams, Lea, etc.

The six organizations alluded to in the above are as follows:
1.    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)…they write the bills and the above mentioned, along with Michael Lamoureaux dispenses them in the legislature for voting.  This is the nexus between government and corporatism with the edge going to the government acting as the CEO.
2.    Council of State Governments…ultra, ultra dangerous
3.    Southern Regional Education Board…what a surprise, Beebe, Sen. Joyce Elliott, & Batesville School Dist. #31 Superintendent are Board Members…a vote buying dream for Beebe.
4.    National Conference of Insurance Legislators…the Pied Piper Sen. Rapert, the treasurer.
5.    State Legislative Leaders Foundation…state Rep. & Southern Bank Corps CEO Darrin Williams & Sen. Eddie Joe Williams are Board members.  Eddie Joe feels right at home in this capacity. One may ask, leaders of what?
6.    Southern Legislative Conference…Sen. Keith Ingram, Chair & Sen. Bill Sample taking the call.

Citizens, it was mentioned at the outset, are you aware of the Fear Factor that is providing for the loss of any number of freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, & the rule of law?

If at this juncture you are either acutely or remotely aware of the antics & corruption transpiring in Arkansas government. Your Fear Factor needle is literally pulsating.  

You must understand that what is being said here is just a swatch of the tapestry.

Tomorrow is Judgment Day and we will be apprised of the conduct of Gov. Beebe, Pro Tem Sen. Lamoureaux, House Speaker Carter and their acolytes.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith   

Public Service/Self-Service/Protection Racket

Public Service or Self-Service—you decide.            November 14, 2013

“I, ……… solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of………..,upon which I am now about to enter”.

Arkansas citizens are most certainly aware there have been a plethora of untoward conduct by some members, past and present, of Arkansas Legislative Assembly.

Wanting to demonstrate what an upstanding group of Arkansas legislators they are, said legislators authored a proposed piece of legislation HJR 1009 which is designed to enhance legislative ethics laws, among other things. The “among other things” is the crux of this piece.  HJR 1009 at the front-end bans legislators and constitutional officers from accepting gifts from lobbyists; banning corporate contributions to political candidates; establishing a commission to set salaries for legislators, etc.  Legislators know full well that Arkansans will welcome such an ethics enhancement and will not read the totality of HJR 1009 and eagerly vote yes.

Obviously, the proposed HJR 1009 demonstrates that state legislators, constitutional officers and judges are potentially corrupt and in all likelihood some that are absolutely corrupt; therefore forcing them to theoretically abide by their oaths of office.

On the back-end of HJR 1009 is the real unconstitutional deception and that’s being benevolent. The HJR 1009 proposal would allow legislators a total of 16 years in office instead of the current 14 year term limit voters approved in 1992.

The language contained in HJR 1009 that would increase term limits is added as a last addition to the proposed “ethics” bill. Citizens will be blindsided by the legislative deception that was orchestrated knowing full well that very few voting citizens will read the entirety of the ethics bill to finally get to the manipulated increase in term limits. This can only be described as a rogue legislative activity.   The proposal is unconstitutional.

Representative Warwick Sabin (D-LR) opines the proposal was thoroughly discussed in committees and on the floor in each chamber. Rep. Sabin failed to state that Arkansas citizens were not privy to such self-serving discussions: therefore could not disseminate their thoughts to their elected representatives.

Question:  Why would any of these elected officials propose to serve 16 years in the taxpayer trough?  Public Service or Self-Service? 

Now comes a state senator who apparently is unemployed (citizen legislator or professional?) and is championing HJR 1009 as an asset for better government.  The Senator in question is Jon Woods (R-Springdale) whose only credentials seem to be belonging to any number of social & political organizations, while claiming to be a “conservative”.

Senator Woods, in an age-old defense for spending a lifetime in the taxpayer’s trough, is the extension of term limits making it possible for legislators to gain more experience and knowledge in one chamber or the other.   Set aside a moment for a belly-laugh at this explanation.  Now the truth: His “experience and knowledge” statement is an affront to every Arkansan’s innate intelligence. What Woods is really saying; this affords politicians more time to manipulate and deceive, at the same time nesting in the squalor of Arkansas politics to extend their not so honorable quest for money & influence.

Do any of the readers of this piece know any elected, appointed government employee that is upholding his sworn oath to the two Constitutions?

HJR 1009 can only be described as self-serving corruption.  The Protection Racket in action.

Joe McCutchen  

Revisisting the Anaconda/Boozman

CHAPTER TWO                        October 10, 2013

Revisiting the Anaconda in Sheep’s Clothing—Senator John Boozman, (R-AR)

Recall:  The state’s newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette published a glowing editorial September 30, 2013, title “The Quiet Man Speaks” (aka John Boozman).

The editorial cheered Senator Boozman for a temper tantrum in a closed door Senate Hearing.  Boozman is known for keeping a low profile—quiet & reserved.

The editorial, with all its accolades directed at Boozman, never stated what the Senator’s outbursts were.  Two things immediately come to mind…was the Democrat aware of the language contained in the “outbursts”, if so why did they not divulge them.  If the Democrat was not cognizant of what the “outbursts” contained, then why an editorial about Boozman’s episode?  Curious.

It comes to pass that Boozman yelled at Senator Ted Cruz over the issue of the funding of Obamacare.  As you may recall, Boozman voted with the Senate majority to fund Obamacare.  Boozman continued his shouting at Senator Cruz that “he hasn’t been bullied since the 7th grade and he wouldn’t be bullied now”.

Then the real reason for Boozman’s outburst surfaced.  His anger had nothing to do with the corrupt Obamacare, the abuse of the Constitution, the financial & medical hardships placed upon Arkansans, or the removal by force more of our cherished freedoms. 

His verbal fuselage was all about Arkansas constituents attacking him for his support of Obamacare and his reaction to belligerent phone calls from out-of-state activists attacking the senator over the issue of defunding Obamacare.

Boozman has only one priority—reelection. He has on numerous occasions shown his disdain for the Constitution, the ideals it gives rise to, the rule of law, sovereignty, and the economic welfare and healthcare of Arkansans. Boozman has proven to be a pawn & yes-man for the neoconservative wing of the Republican establishment.


Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are American heroes, along with a small number of others, and Boozman, along with many others, is nothing more than a freedom-killing, self-serving, neocon politician.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith  

Dreaded Drones coming-out party?


When is the coming-out party for newly anointed Fort Smith 188th Spy & Fry Squadron?

It was prophesized that August, 2013 is the month American citizens’ newest enemy would launch their unconstitutional & unconscionable mission of Spying on fellow citizens, ensconced with the added capability to Fry same, all made possible by the U.S. President who has declared he possesses these UNCONSTITUTIONALLY FORBIDDEN RIGHTS.  His administration has used these powers to oppress & murder U.S. citizens.  This can only be described as an executive coup.  To enlarge on this crime wave the L.A. Times and other news outlets headline this attack, “Drone strike in Yemen kills 4 suspected Al-Qaeda”.  Note the word SUSPECTED.  Translation—murder.

Terror as defined: Intense fear caused for the purpose of coercing or subduing.  Americans have been conditioned/indoctrinated to accept any and all criminal acts the federal government has given birth to. Chilling is the fact there is no public outcry regarding the deadly use of drones to data mine every American citizen.
The former courageous 188th Fighter Squadron has been reduced to an enemy of liberty.  Recall the Pentagon’s announcement that 30,000 drones would overfly the U.S. for the specific purpose of spying on every American under the guise of keeping citizens safe from “terrorists”, when in reality the U.S. government & its various agencies, e.g. the NSA, are the real enemies of freedom.

Topically speaking how do you describe the mental make-up of an individual who sits in a cubicle and spies on his friends, neighbors and countrymen with instructions to kill on command utilizing drones?

Senators Mark Pryor & John Boozman and Rep. Steve Womack had a heavy hand in the transformation of an American defending force (the 188th) into a traitorous Spy/Fry network. Through the efforts of unscrupulous politicians who have been reelected for decades have most certainly sent our former preeminent republic into a nosedive to the abyss wrapped in depravity. Long term incumbent politicians are the terminal disease, certainly not the cure for the unconstitutional and the criminal conduct of the American government.

Americans have surely descended into THE STATE OF DEPRAVITY under the false flag guise of a “war on terrorism”. America, formerly a peace loving republic, has been transformed into a corrupt, money-changing, warmongering machine and its citizens’ thought processes numbed.

Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s Founders opined that they were “giving us a Republic—if we could keep it”.  (we obviously did not)

Pryor, Boozman, & Womack would have Boobus Arkanicus & Boobus Americanicus believe that the newly created merchants of Spying & Frying were the result of “Job Creation”.  Jobs you say, when all matters of human decency are being obliterated, replete with orders from the Czar Barack Obama?

Recalling that Michigan Congressman Justin Amash introduced an amendment to defund the unconstitutional & criminally corrupt NSA…a close vote but Amash’s Amendment failed.  Arkansas Congressmen Cotton, Crawford & Womack voted to continue funding the NSA.  All 3 are neoconservatives with multiple government ties, with the mantra “eternal war for eternal peace”.

The aforementioned three, but not limited to, are the precise reasons our nation is decaying and perpetually warmongering on borrowed Chinese money, accompanied by money printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve which is a PRIVATE BANKING CONCERN. The current national debt is $17 TRILLION.

What the government has perpetrated is a personal attack on every American citizen—unadulterated savagery monitoring our every move and utterance.  Why?

What next?

Are the members of the 188th conscious of the deadly & immoral game that they are playing…do they understand they are being used and duped? Is that why those in command are promising mental & religious consultations & other forms of professional mental healthcare?

These men and women of the 188th have been indoctrinated by government schools, the media, and other entities to the point they may actually believe they are protecting the citizens from exterior foreign forces, i.e. the phony “war on terror” instituted by former Pres. G. W. Bush and continued by Pres. Barack Obama.
The crime and fallacy of the drone and other spying operations perpetrated against Americans is the fact U.S. military & civilian contractors cover the globe in the numbers of hundreds of thousands claiming they create democracies, while at the same time American forces are destroying the host countries, e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Egypt, and now Yemen. No declaration of war in any of these instances which the Constitution demands.  The congress long ago abdicated its sworn constitutional duties. Global dominance is their game.

 The same globetrotting U.S. cabal who is trying to work its will on the rest of the world refuses to enforce U.S. rule of law in the matter of U.S. borders by not securing our own national borders and deporting millions of illegals nesting here.  One should only look at elected national officials with utter disdain and contempt due to their unconstitutional, corrupt, self-serving conduct.

Can our nation survive 3 more years of a criminally corrupt rogue U.S. government underpinned by Cultural Marxist Democrats & Neoconservative (warmongering) Republicans? Worshiping at the altar of the feckless Democrat & Republican political parties can only be described as an exercise in stupidity.

Can the 188th Drone Squadron now be aptly called American Terrorists?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. The United States Federal Government and its record on crime & corruption pursuing Manning & Snowden is irony at its worst.