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Deep State Double-Speak Raises Taxes

Frontpage T.R. 1/10/18…”Governor proposes a 3 % spending hike” January 13, 2018

Before entering the Arkansas Governor’s spending double-speak one should first know just who is and what his political philosophy really is.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson is an active founding & practicing member of the DC swamp, alternatively called the “Deep State”. Recall he has been in the taxpayers’ troughs nigh onto 4 decades and held sensitive positions throughout the U.S. government and has been an abject failure at every stop, in all likelihood by design and political cowardice, i.e. the Rogers, AR congressional & law enforcement groups created to terminate the illegal Mexican drug distribution centers in NW Arkansas, as a Congressman, no accomplishments. As Western Arkansas’s Federal attorney he failed in his interrogations & efforts to prosecute of Barry Seal & his illegal drug cartels, including Clinton & the whole Mena affair, followed by his failure as the U.S. Border Czar and now the tax & spend Governor of the state of Arkansas. He raised 3 tax bills and failed on 2 last session, and now on his way to bankrupt the state. Only a fool would call him a “conservative”.

After the above miniature profiling of Gov. Hutchinson’s failures we return to this present day spending spree. Last year he added 340,000 individuals, mostly unmarried, unemployed males, no children and below 35 years of age. These deadbeats entered into Hutchinson’s welfare system now commonly known as “Arkansas Works”, an integral part of Obamacare which Hutchinson refuses to discard but cannot fund.

A quote from the aforementioned T.R. written by Andrew DeMillo, AP…”Hutchinson proposed a $5.6 Billion budget that increases funding for the state’s Medicaid program. Where are his considerations for the middleclass taxpayers? Continuing on with his quote, voters please analyze the meaning of the rest of the quote, “while setting aside surplus money for future tax cuts, etc.” On the one hand he is asking to raise taxes for various purposes and on the other hand in the same breath is saying it’s for tax cuts. What in the world is the meaning of his ending quote and how can he justify such a huge increase in the 2018 budget? He can’t!

“The budget is conservative in spending (!) increasing our savings and invests in our future”. This Swamper is nothing but a Deep State active member. Is the State General Assembly stupid and self-serving enough to abide by Hutchinson’s language which was put together solely for multiple tax increase and makes no sense whatsoever and perhaps written to confuse those citizens who are silly enough to vote for this Swamper.

Joe McCutchen

Healthcare=Politicians Know Best!

To: Governor Doctor Asa Hutchinson & his cadre of neocon “nurses”, the Republican General Assembly. April 10, 2016

Inquiry: Dr. Hutchinson, I hope you will befriend me by apprising me if the Snake Oil you are and have prescribed & sold, is an OTC preparation or is it by prescription only?

It appears, from listening to your Republican nurses/politicians, you would have us believe the formula has been attenuated from “Obamacare” to the “Private Option”, and finally to “Arkansas Works”, and will work miracles.

Whatever the compound is, it has worked wonderfully well because it allowed your “nurses” to engage in deception and theft by force of productive middleclass Arkansans private property, i.e. money.

Is the term “Arkansas Works” to be your legacy? One of theft and deception. Last year you and your nurses created 300,000 or more newly minted welfare addicts and the schoolhouse bell hasn’t even rung. I do believe that your one year as Governor/Doctor increased the size of Arkansas government by 70%! A record and a huge gain for Cultural Marxism.

“Arkansas Works” initial aim is to give tens of thousands of adult, able-bodied, unemployed Arkansans the crown jewel of Welfare, i.e. Medicaid. “Arkansas Works” is a huge misnomer, creating another gigantic bureaucracy for the newly minted welfare addicts and to believe these individuals will seriously enroll in job training is a fantasy, or better yet, stupidity.

Perhaps this is a misstatement, you Governor/Doctor, an integral part of the welfare caste system, are at the top of the class in receiving unearned largesse. Lost track of how many government (taxpayer) checks you receive per month now.

I do beg of you to inform us middleclass Arkansans how to get some of your magic potion which will make us all feel as if we had been massaged by the balm of Ben-Gay.

So, Doctor/Governor, do you have an explanation aimed at middleclass Arkansans that in any way can justify you and your “nurses” high-noon grand theft of our personal property?

Joe McCutchen

Immigration, welfare, warfare nation

Food Banks in the U.S. and Unbridled Immigration…a marriage made in hell. April 7, 2016

Citizens are constantly bombarded with pleas for donated food stuff. Sounds laudable, but are they legitimate? How many folks have actually seen hungry people in America since the beginning of WW II, not to say there is not one? Have you? If so, why should there be?
From sea to shining sea, every hamlet and city has a plethora of taxpayer funded welfare depots, e.g. public (Gov) schools are thriving reservations for mind-bending, for healthcare, for 3 squares per day food pantries for all comers, legal & illegal children & adults, and all things the welfare state provides.

Food banks, in the main, are 501c3’s, pay no taxes, principally subsidized one way or another by productive taxpayers. There are a few volunteer donors, e.g. Tyson’s, Wal-Mart, Banks, some churches, all in the PC self-promotion game. Many of the C3’s create cushy high-paying positions with little or no oversight. Some religious orders have traded their First Amendment rights for money—“faith-based” funding– Bush II.

Government leaders at various levels testify in unison that America’s hungry population is growing exponentially, absent hews & cries from the same government sources as to why this just might be the case—no effort to seek the cause/causes and cure, just treat the “disease” in this case hunger, symptomatically, i.e. keep the funding coming. Is there an end point? Yes, but only when the criminally corrupt government welfare system comes crashing down! Not understanding the eternal dispensing of layers of unearned, unpaid for largesse to hundreds of millions, terminating into a national zero sum game that reduces the middleclass to 3rd world status, is the real intent, removing the political/economical/cultural influences of the white middleclass.

Never is the growing numbers of homeless and the hungry juxtaposed with unbridled immigration, legal & illegal, by the politicians & bureaucrats, and from their perspective why should they since they are near the top of the welfare caste system! Peddling welfare is their profession. The U.S. receives every year 1,200,000 legals, matched by about the same number of illegals (perhaps more) and soon to be besieged by like numbers of Mideastern & North African Muslims, compliments of the political & PC crowd. Political Correctness (a cruel hoax) will win the day for the corrupt federal & state governments by lying and allowing a wholesale Muslim, Hispanic, & Oriental invasion to explode, producing genocide of white America by the poison of multiculturalism.

Two thoughts: the Feds have at their disposal strong immigration laws and E-Verify, if enforced, would solve our food and immigration crisis overnight. American governments, top down, are willfully turning our nation into a multicultural hell-hole and all the while citizens seem to remain in a protracted state of delusion, making it much easier for U.S. one-worlders to pursue their global hegemony by neutralizing whites.

While all the above is marching forward, observe what our magnanimous “public servants” have allowed and continue to produce—a $20 TRILLION national debt (no possible recovery), 24 years of an unbroken chain of phony, deadly, unprovoked wars waged against sovereign nations under the lying aegis “we are keeping you safe”. Unfortunately many in the military swallowed that “Big Lie” and paid the ultimate price. Many still believe the “big lie” and refuse to come to terms they are nothing more than useful idiots/cannon fodder—which virtually has always been the case. As General Smedley Butler explained, “War is a Racket”.

“We the people” have allowed corrupted, elected representatives to destroy the world’s preeminent healthcare system…flying under the name of Obamacare, and Republican neocons have always funded it, along with the madness in supporting the Wolfowitz eternal war doctrine “We Shall Have No Rivals”. Attached to the above: international surveillances, torture, 43 million receiving food stamps, 93 million unemployed, frontal assaults on the U.S. Constitution & the Bill of Rights, e.g. Articles I, II, III of the constitution, and in the Bill of Rights, Amendments 1,3,4,5,& 10. Couple the above to the National Foundations who promoted NAFTA, GATT, TPP, the World Bank, & loss of our industrial base, etc. We will not & cannot survive these ongoing assaults made possible by traitors who were elected to honor & fulfill the demands of the Constitution & Bill of Rights. All the while our government is on the verge of collapsing and Americans foolishly continue to reelect incumbents at all levels, both parties. Fools! Observe the results of incumbency.

It is highly unlikely Americans will wake up from their 24 year slumber, still believing in the legitimacy of the crimes of Wm. Clinton’s destruction of Serbia, Bush II’s Twin Towers, Iraq, Afghanistan, followed by the displaced Kenyan Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s destruction of Libya, the U.S. overthrow of the first democratically elected government in Egypt, followed by the U.S. overthrow of Ukraine & Libyan governments…while taking aim at Syria & Russia. The United States should form a planet-saving relationship with Russia now! The reasons for are too numerous to enumerate here. It appears “We the people” will unfortunately remain under the heels of certifiable psychopathic politicians & bureaucrats in their quest for global hegemony & self-aggrandizement.

It should be noted, even to the dullest, that the “last call to breakfast” is occurring in the present national presidential campaign, that the only politician at any level worth voting for, at least at this point, is Donald Trump…the only candidate free of political bondage and monetary debt.

Is it possible that Americans have begun to realize that criminality, corruption, obfuscation, self-service, lies, quests for power & money, permeates every facet of American governments—national, state, county, city, NGO’s, MPO’s, 501 c3’s & 4’s… and the beat goes on?
Donald Trump, by his veracity & courage has exposed much of the above in both political parties. The warmongering Republican Party represents the most danger to the survival of planet earth. Republican Neoconservatives are rattling their nuclear sabers in the faces of Russia & China with the urging/influence of Israel have become global monsters/terrorists.

By returning manufacturing jobs to the U.S., Trump can go a long way in providing jobs & reducing the welfare leviathan.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Another example of Republican “CONSERVATISM”? (a word that has lost it’s political meaning) Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R), in his first year enrolled over 250,000 new recipients on Obamacare. He now proposes to enlarge Obamacare and to be renamed Arkansas Works, while suggesting that the newly minted welfare addicts enroll in job training schools (what an outrageous hoax). That’s analogous to the Border Patrol catching illegals, writing them up, then giving them orders to appear in court at a later date and then turning them loose in the U.S.



As my husband has exclaimed for years, “we are in a nosedive to the abyss”!

Is this election our last chance to at least grab a parachute and/or a life preserver?

Citizens did not understand a Constitutionalist like Ron Paul because he didn’t have “charisma” and spoke over their heads regarding the importance of individual freedoms and our Founding principles but they are flocking to Donald Trump because he not only has charisma but also the temerity to boldly stand up to the evil Establishment, both parties. Both are extremely desperate to protect their “playpens” (money & power) and the Donald poses a threat to the status quo & they are scared shitless…hence all the ad hominem hysterical attacks, e.g. Romney’s pathetic pit-poodle attack today on Trump. Their PANIC ATTACK flushed them out of their cover like a covey of quail, driving them into the spotlight & exposing their individual corruption for the entire world to see and they don’t even have a fig leaf to hide behind! Thank you Mitt Romney.

Unimaginable amounts of money & power are at stake, especially for the warmongers (both parties…but particularly the neo “conservatives”) who would joyfully keep us in bloody, merciless, expansive, eternal wars….to “keep us safe”, doncha know, ha ha! Meanwhile countless innocent human beings are having their lives destroyed in varying degrees, but destroyed none the less.

Another big money-machine is mass immigration, which the Donald has challenged. Churches, NGO’s, banks, government agencies, etc. haul in billions of taxpayer bucks to service the illegals & the like. The flip side is the corporations who salivate over cheap labor to enhance their bottom-lines. Out with the middleclass—In with the 3rd world peons!

Still another money-pit is education…the Donald opposes Common Core, the collectivists (both parties) latest attack on children’s minds, achievements, & futures. The end product=little obedient, ignorant, mind-numbed robots…and if any kid rebels, bring on the Ritalin.

Their sacred “FREE TRADE”, under which we have lost thousands of manufacturers/businesses and many millions of jobs (offshoring & outsourcing) and racked up Billions in trade deficits with China, Mexico, & other countries, is in danger from Trump’s desire/ability to stop all that idiocy & bring businesses/ jobs back to America where they belong. A loss of hundreds of $$$Billions to the Establishment players—in & out of politics.

Their biggest fear is that Trump is someone who knows how to “swim with the sharks”…he has done it, not been eaten, and prevailed. No other Republican candidate can come close or would have a clue.

We know exactly what the rest of the candidates would do—STATUS QUO AT BEST, MOST LIKELY WORSE!!

Citizens we can no longer afford the same or worse, we are over the abyss and in dire need of a parachute and a life preserver (we may be too close to the abyss feces for the chute to open) and only one candidate has the remotest chance of throwing those lifesavers to us—TRUMP.

~Barbara McCutchen

Exposing the Cuckservatives in Arkansas

August 2, 2015
Cuckservative Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s dismal political record: That is, if you brand yourself a bonafide conservative, which I doubt you are. The cuckold I.D. aptly describes the Republican members of the Ark. State Assembly.

I Immigration – Hutchinson was the Director of the DEA, Sec. of DHS “border czar”, and most recently he repudiated presidential candidate Donald Trump’s positions on the illegal Mexican and OTM invasions. Appointed by Bush II, Hutchinson during his reign as border czar presided over the greatest number of illegal aliens to enter our country in its history. . This includes Obama’s treacherous acts of illegal amnesties, illegal children invasions, and the usual illegal activities regarding immigration.

II He and the Assembly caved on Obamacare. He and they added 300,000 and counting more deadbeats tying them to the backs of middleclass producers. Ahh yes, Hutchinson states he will terminate the Obama welfare program in 2016. Sure, he/they will.

III He caved this week on Common Core—adios forever any semblance of state/local control of education—the victims again are our children. The teaching community is in lockstep with this citizen sellout.

IV Hutchinson refuses to speak publicly on the status of former governor Mike Beebe’s and the 2013 AR General Assembly (perhaps further back) actions to create the arcane Arkansas State University’s Mexico division in Queretaro, Mexico.

Who are Governor Asa Hutchinson’s handlers? Middleclass Arkansans, observe the Governor’s relationship with the state’s Chambers of Commerce.

Joe McCutchen

Incumbency breeds arrogant corruption

All governments will have their way—be damned with, “we the people” & the Constitution—the Constitution is supposed to be the government but is filled with so-called Public Servants who unfortunately & in actuality are self-servers. July 22, 2015

Incumbency breeds arrogance, corruption, crime, and force, but you would never know that by the institutionalized ignorance of the voting public’s record on incumbency and double down re: bureaucrats. Actually, there is no difference between a bureaucrat and a politician; I note this for I.D. purposes only.

Before the matter of this screed, is it ironic; is it coincidental; or some other reason that former City Manager Ray Gosack and the Director of Finance Kara Bushkul resigned within days of one another other? Did their hasty departures have any bearing on the $1/2 billion EPA mandate, the $300,000 EPA fine, or the shortage of the Police & Fire Pension Fund, the 30 year $600 million misapplication of monies specifically dedicated to streets & sewers? Note the current pitiful condition of streets & sewers.

Now, back to the topic at hand: examples of government having its way—be damned with the people.

I. The cowardly, deceptive Issue 3, initiated, orchestrated & passed in the Arkansas General Assembly principally by Republican legislators that extended term limits under the guise of an “Ethics” bill. What a disgusting collection of palookas.

II. This same bunch, the Ark. Gen. Assembly, this year in another cowardly deceptive maneuver insured we the people would be burdened with Obamacare until the state/nation collapses under the financial weight of such stupidity, but not limited to.

III. Fluoride—Sodium fluoride is a drug/medication/poison that requires a physician’s prescription for human use. Additionally, mass medication of the poison sodium fluoride is an existential threat to the long-term health of human beings. What is the authority for the Governor, the legislature, and the F.S. city government to practice medicine without a license? This is only a thumbnail description of fluoride.

The Delta Dental insurance company and the Ark. State Assembly of 2011 passed an illegal, unconstitutional legislation. When any legislation is passed that is unconstitutional or poses a threat to the quality of life of a citizen in any manner, they are in no way obligated to adhere to any part or the whole of the legislation. On this chord public officials swear to uphold the Constitution.

Law is a weapon, law holds only value to those who create it to extort and control.

Fort Smith city voters, as has been reported many times, turned down the issue of fluoridation twice, in the 1970’s and 1992 but have contemptuously failed to resonate with the current F.S. City Board of Directors.

Former Fort Smith Manager Ray Gosack, the Board of Directors, & the Mayor cut a contract with Burns & McDonnell for $249,000 for fluoride engineering services and a $1.5 million with Goodwin & Goodwin for fluoride feed services. These exorbitant expenses came after Delta Dental Insurance bribed, coerced or made a quid pro quo deal that sent $2 million to the Board of Directors…all in the face of the glaring alleged financial deficiencies in the city of Fort Smith.

What was the source of the $1,749,000 that the F.S. City Board paid for the above services?

Of course, city government will bloviate that it’s Arkansas state law and they have to abide. The Board’s defense is a Constitutional lie, followed by the fact that they did not have to accept Delta Dental’s $2 million bribe.

IV. More corruption guided by Ft. Smith’s Superintendent Benny Gooden, undergirded by his compliant F.S. School Board.
Five members of the F.S. School Board, accompanied by Gooden, in a secret pre-planned meeting to produce unanimity (the fix) to purge all references to the Johnny Reb Mascot, the beautiful song Dixie, and all things Southern without any knowledge or conversation with Fort Smith citizens, more specifically those who have had a relationship with Southside High.

Then there is the matter of cost, which certainly no citizen knows and is doubtful the administration knows, but for sure it will be 6 figures at least. All the while, Gooden is pushing for a $70 million tax increase.

Incumbency breeds ownership in the minds of the occupants of any given political/public service institution. Incumbency is a political curse and in all cases “we the people” are considered nothing more than a collection of pinheads by incumbents. For instance, Gooden has been around for 30+ years and Board member Rick Wade for 20+ years. Coercion and force is the name of their game, as with all pols.
Public School Superintendent Benny Gooden and Police Chief Kevin Lindsay to name two, are wards of national and global unions and other special interests, while citizens have long since been excised from the equation. There is no “local” control.

V. Days after Fort Smith voters turned down a 5% shell for a Trail System came a clamor from 2 NGO’s (Non-governmental Organizations) and the newly hired Parks Director whining “we need more trails” and oh yes, more funding! Never do they abide by the wishes of “we the people”.

VI. Urban Renewal revisited—the downtown renovation society, that would be Sicard, Griffin, and others, have reinvented & reignited the 1960’s Urban Renewal program. Urban Renewal simply defined: taxpayers fund the redevelopment of private property in urban and downtown areas.

Are any of the aforementioned statistics relevant to the taxpaying citizens of Fort Smith or will it continue to be “business as usual”?

Joe McCutchen
P.S I recall Mayor Sanders marveling in the Times Record what a wonderful job former City Manager Ray Gosack had done.

the Governor lied, surprise, surprise!


That voice was that of “Conservative, Religious & Constitutionalist” (so he says) Gov. Asa Hutchinson. He exclaimed to me that all able-bodied recipients of the “Private Option”, i.e. Obamacare must be “given an incentive to look for a job”. That sounded like a “fool’s gold” bribe to me. With the Governor’s message I thought surely I had already been to the marijuana shoppe, after all a “Conservative” Governor attempting to bribe hundreds of thousands of American shirkers & illegal Mexicans & OTM’s?

An oppressive government (Arkansas) can take by force the economic production from the middleclass and dispense it to those who refuse to work. Precisely what the Governor proposed and is materializing.

Governor Hutchinson has been dining at the taxpaying producers’ lunch box his entire adult life and he knows more than anyone that welfare recipients, in the main, do not and will not look for jobs. His aforementioned proclamation documents the fact that the majority is not now seeking nor will they ever seek employment.

Therefore; why did he make such an outrageous statement that insults the very constituency that voted him into office? And I say citizens, in this collection of parasites are thousands of illegal residents who also enjoy the fruits of middle-class production and all the time the middleclass is subsidizing their own demise by continuing to elect shameless, corrupt career politicians & the hiring of bureaucrats.

May I suggest to the “Conservative” Governor the real antidote for such despicable conduct (the offering & the accepting of bribery) of career welfare-ites, including politicians & bureaucrats…a swift kick in the form of no more checks; the only solution.

It then comes to mind as I am jogging home from the marijuana shoppe that Gov. Hutchinson is also in receipt of 4-5 Elitist welfare checks himself and will always be in favor of government expansion

His voice came to me again, even more resonating, and there was applause in the background—no doubt the state legislature– as he forcefully stated “there will be no effort put forward to cancel the Private Option”, i.e. Obamacare that he and the legislature will wait 2 years so as to provide time to devise, alter and/or craft some form of legislation that will mildly modify the Private Option.

The governor knows full well that 2 years hence there will not be a snowball’s chance in hell to overturn Obamacare, while he as the Governor & state legislature are a significant party to turning over the entirety of American healthcare to the corrupt, criminal state & federal governments.

Asa Hutchinson’s campaign for the Governor of the state of Arkansas was based on two issues:
1. $100 million tax relief for the middleclass
2. The destruction of the “Private Option”, i.e. Obamacare
Both have turned out to be falsehoods, a complete reversal of his campaign promises.

I was beginning to tire returning from my long jog to & from the marijuana shoppe, and I asked myself the question, “what has the alleged ‘Conservative, religious, Constitutional “ Governor Hutchinson ever accomplished in his lifetime career of “public service” (self-service) that has any redeeming qualities? I can find none. Once he came close. As a sitting Congressman he convened a political summit in NW Arkansas made up of congressmen, FBI, DEA, local & state police, sheriffs, etc. to confront what he & other DC luminaries called the illegal drug trafficking problem. The hearing revealed that it was caused by illegal Mexican distribution centers and drug trafficking in NW Arkansas. News of the gathering lasted 12 hours before the news blackout occurred.

He failed as Federal Prosecutor and as head of the DHS. So why would any thinking individual believe he would vigorously support the taxpaying middleclass as opposed to illegals and American shirkers?

He’s making fools of the citizens of Arkansas and the majority of the masses probably deserve that description.

After cogitating the bribe and the continued implementation of the Socialized Private Option by the newly elected Governor, I’ve decided to take a short break & immediately jog back down the Trails to the marijuana shoppe because I know I’m going to be forced to write another check to the rapacious government; therefore the necessity for a few more deep inhalations. I say “forced” because resistance brings government retaliation.

Joe McCutchen

Governmental Elitists vs. lone Constitutionalist…who will win?

Old Hickory said it best: “Elitists are created through the instrumentality of government”, circa 1834. True in 1812 and more so now. July 13, 2014

I offer in evidence the following two fairly recently minted Elitists.

1. The Arkansas’ Democrat Party is offering up for Governor in 2014-15, Mike Ross. Ross wallowed in the U.S. Congress for 12 years in a less than illustrious tenure. His only notable achievement/betrayal was his vote that brought the embryonic Obamacare out of Committee. Ross covers his tracks by stating he never voted for Obamacare.

It is noteworthy that Ross spent 10 years in the Arkansas Senate and in his last term he was singled out as the worst Senator in that years’ General Assembly in an elongated editorial appearing in Sunday’s edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Prior to the aforementioned 2 Ross involvements, he acted as chauffer for Former Governor Bill Clinton.

Do you agree that former President’s Andrew Jackson’s statement regarding creation of Elitists is right on? Then, read on!

2. Now comes the Party of Irrelevance, formerly known as the Republican Party and its entry into the campaign for Arkansas Governor. That would be Asa Hutchinson. Government instrumentality has served Hutchison very, very well thanks to Arkansas low-information voters.

Some of his political credentials are: U.S. Attorney, Arkansas Western District, the U.S. Congress, DHS Commissioner & Border Czar, etc.
Notice these two candidates get any number of bi-monthly checks compliments of middleclass Americans and looking for more.

Hutchinson’s reign as S.W. Border Czar was an abject failure. He is famous for his utterances regarding the fate of illegal Mexicans & OTM’s declaring that they could not “sleep at night for fear of being caught”. Another statement of Hutchinson occurred on a Saturday the day after his appointment as Head of the DHS when he proclaimed that his new office had the best view of ‘Washington and he had aircraft at his disposal at any time at his beck and call.

At this juncture candidate Hutchinson has not declared his position on the Affordable Care Act and Tort Reform.

A quote by Hutchinson appearing in the Times Record July 12, 2014 pertaining to the Affordable Care Act, “He (Ross) is on both sides of the issue because he ‘worked with President Obama on components of the law, but later voted against the law because the 4th Congressional District became more conservative.’ Translation, when & how? Where does Ross’ allegiance lie, somewhere between Little Rock and Obama’s office?

Unfortunately one of these legislative plunderers is again going to be slopping at middleclass taxpayers trough. Why would any thinking Arkansan vote for either of these two?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. What are “Arkansas Values” Hutchinson commercially touts and what mechanism will either of the two utilize to produce fantasy jobs?
There is only one real Conservative running in the gubernatorial race and he got just 3 ½ Time Record newspaper lines re his positions.

Rinos & Marxists team up for Con Con, Obamacare, South of the Border Down Mexico Way, & who knows what’all?

Funneling campaign money, found guilty, lying, vote buying & selling, involvement in the destruction of the U.S. Constitution, cover-ups, doing business with foreign government while ignoring Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution, accompanied by no discussion/debate within the General Assembly & certainly not the people of Arkansas whose property in all forms are being transported to Mexico, & this is just the tip.


More on why Rino Repubs posing as Tea Partiers ran up the white flag after a few faux vote skirmishes, worthy of Oscars, but nothing more.             March 2, 2014

The white flag of surrender was raised the first day of the session by Rino Repubs under the auspices of head Racketeer Gov. Mike Beebe and his two turncoat enablers Rino Speaker Carter & Pro Tem Lamoureaux.

Prior missives list & illuminate some of the terms of surrender by the Rinos and were addressed and can be found at

It can safely be stated that the whole of the Arkansas Rino assemblage are members of one or more of the following Washington, DC organizations which use members of the Arkansas General Assembly to pick up, funnel to the body, vote & pass said self-serving legislation thereby benefiting corrupt Arkansas legislators and serves the destructive goals of said organizations.

1.    The passages of the D.C.  bills, which number in the hundreds, enhance & undergird the corporate elites while providing service to their CEO, the U.S. government.
2.    The passage of these D.C.  bills by the Arkansas legislature further increases exponentially the numbers & the ease with which Arkansas tax dollars can be spent at will on old or new Arkansas Welfare programs, accompanied by no caps.
3.    These activities by the Ark. Legislature have completely shut out the voice of Arkansas citizens from any legislative discussion. They have essentially stuck bayonets into the heart & soul of our state, the middleclass.

Again, the names of the traitorous D.C. organizations that own every member of the Republican delegation in the Ark. General Assembly who belong to one or more are:

1.    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
2.    Council of State Governments…ultra, ultra dangerous
3.    Southern Regional Education Board…packed with Marxist Democrats…Beebe, Elliot, School Teachers
4.    National Council of Insurance Legislators…the Pied Piper Jason Rapert, Treasurer
5.    State Legislative Leaders Foundation…State Rep. & Bankcorps CEO Darrin Williams (R) and Rino Bagman Sen. Eddie Joe Williams are Board members….leaders of what?
6.    Southern Legislative Conference…Sen. Keith Ingram, Chair & Sen. Bill Sample taking the call, or fall.
7.    The Constitutional Convention and/or the Convention of the People (Con, Con)

It is extremely difficult to quantify which of the above 7 criminal operations, but not limited to, have or will have done the most damage to Arkansans & American citizens. As it stands this moment the real thug & member thugs is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) who has a choke hold on the Republican assemblage and said assemblage is so corrupt in itself that they will not attempt to break the chains that bind them. With ALEC members in control of most committees it is no wonder that ALEC has taken over Arkansas Legislative process.

The proposed “Constitutional Convention”, commonly known as Con, Con is being promoted by State Senator Jason Rapert & Representatives Nate Bell, Randy Alexander, & Bob Ballenger. When asked why they are promoting a Con Con, the answer is “it’s for a balanced budget amendment”. The U.S. Constitution already provides for that, except the missing ingredient is the also criminal U.S. Government who refuses to enforce the Constitution which deals with budgeting. What makes the above 4 think the U.S. government would enforce their balanced budget amendment?

Look for a moment who are the chief architects of the Con Con…George Soros, Mark Levin, Grover Norquist, the Koch Brothers. Interesting collection of Marxists and neoconservatives.

Defend the Constitution, not amend.

The real damning thing the 4 refuse to admit is that once a Con Con is activated any individual, entity, or government can also enter their proposed amendments and provided they have the resources can get their amendment passed.  What the above 4 are attempting to do has the absolute capacity to disassemble the U.S. Constitution that the Founders so meticulously provided us with and has served us well for 200+ years.  Are the above 4 proponents of this proposed destruction of the U.S. Constitution, Buffoons, or outright traitors?

If what this legislative body is involved with does not strike fear in the hearts of each of you, you are surely comatose.

None of the aforementioned organizations and their membership has one thing to do with protecting the rights & privileges of Arkansans. The individuals that belong to these organizations are nothing more than a collection of self-serving piranhas subsidized by productive Arkansas citizens. 

Exhibit 1.  Another unemployed termed-out representative John Burris (R-Harrison) has filed for Senate Dist. #17.  Burris, not even dry behind the ears, has been exerting his legislative “expertise & prowess” since he was 22 years old. Doesn’t say much for John Paul’s leadership.

Burris, no occupation, reminiscent of another A-State graduate, illegally appointed Director of Higher Education, Shane Broadway.   Here’s what this kid Burris claims to have accomplished…

1.    Reduce the tax burden….no proof shown, just self-aggrandizement.
2.    Make government accountable to the people…a bald-faced lie…show us how & where. There is no accountability. He is a member of the money laundering pit known as ASU, along with the head corrupter Gov. Beebe, accompanied by A.G. Dusty McDaniel, illegally appointed Shane Broadway, 1st District U.S. Congressman Crawford, ASU President Charles Welch, and a host of others, including one involved in maintaining a “retainer” relationship with the university either with a first bid or without bids, and the “retainer relationship” was on the plane south of the border, down Mexico way.  There is much, much more.

Then there are the matters of exorbitant ASU travel costs for one month, January, 2014 of over $350,000.  Followed by the issue of the ASU “Ghost” credit cards for Administrators.  The “ghost “ cards can be used for travel, entertainment, etc. and shows up as a lump sum at the bank…thereby no one can see the detail of what was purchased. Can you imagine what goes on in the other universities?

Burris speaks of transparency, the magnitude of the criminal endeavors going on between ASU, Mexico, & the Beebe Protection Racket is being covered-up in part by the Rino enclave. This is transparency?

Not a word from Burris regarding the new ASU university to be built in the Mexican state of Queretaro transporting Arkansas tax payer property to a foreign land, i.e. Mexico, including technology & personnel in violation of the Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution.  This is HUGE…the citizens of Arkansas have no knowledge of the transaction and the loosely knit construction of the contract which can be found at .  Burris has the audacity to proclaim transparency in Arkansas government?  It is a cesspool of corruption.

Burris proudly proclaims, as any good traitor should, that he is also a supporter of funding for Arkansas’ Private-Option Medicaid expansion crafted by co-Marxists Gov. Beebe & Pres. Obama.  Tell us taxpaying citizens why you would support the Private Option.  He goes on to say that insurance is for about 100,000 poor Arkansans…he lies again.  The initial number thrown out was 250,000 with no caps, as is the case with all Federal & State programs. 

In a flash of bravado Burris thinks the Private Option will pass…what a revelation! Is he so dumb or immature he didn’t know the fix was in the first day of the session when Speaker Carter let it be known they would vote on the issue until it was passed. 

Exhibit 2; Another dead giveaway when the Poster Child for a traitor, Senator Jane English, sold her vote to the backroom majesty Mike Beebe for what is said to $40 million for the creation of something called (Marxist) Workforce Program.   It should be known that the Senator is Chair of “The Joint Performance Review” and she is obviously the Chief Performer and also a member of ALEC.  The woman showed when it comes to morality & substance she is a mere shell of a human.

Exhibit 3: Three Arkansas Senators, Lamoureaux, Key, & Williams were fined in December, 2012 for money-laundering and all three are ALEC politicians.

Exhibit 4: Senator Johnny Key, term limited out of both Houses, is marching straight into the teeth of the Arkansas Lobbying law by flouting the law which states any politician must wait one year before they lobby, and is applying for $202,000 year lobbying job + perks at the U of A campus. He would be called Vice-Chancellor for Governmental Affairs.  Key’s day job is running a babysitting operation which is no doubt funded by taxpayers.

In a piece by John Brummett in today’s Democrat (you got to love it) he states “Key is well respected and is well liked”.  Brummett’s real jewel is that Key is a “pragmatic conservative”.  Translation: he’ll change positions at any time.

Tea Partiers must quickly learn to recognize traitors & sellouts & you can’t bargain with them, and the way to win is to take off the white gloves and bareknuckle it with no quarter given. That’s the only language the cowards understand.

 Golden Rule #1 is never, ever vote for an unemployed, retired or active government worker, and most especially active or retired school administrators & teachers of any ilk…all triple dippers walking the tight line of Marxism & the drumbeat of the corrupt unions who have destroyed with the aid of forced redistributed taxpayer funds our public education, higher education while short-circuiting American kids’ minds and catering to the needs, either real or imagined of the illegal alien throngs and the D.C elite.

Talking will not cut it.  Only action will.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

At first you don’t succeed, bribe, bribe, again />

Headline: Times Record, Wednesday, February 26, 2014…Republican House Leader Davy Carter…”Carter Says Negotiators Not Living Up to the Deal”.    And of course the deal orchestrated by Beebe, Lamoureaux, & Carter is the foundation for much of the corruption going on in Beebe’s backroom and throughout the citizens’ capital. 

A letter sent out on February 24 and signed by 28 Republican members of the House of Representatives and addressed to “The Honorable Davy Carter”  (Read at link above)

There is nothing honorable about Speaker Carter’s conduct representing the citizens of neither Arkansas nor the signatories.

HB 1150 & SB 111 voted on 4 successive days were defeated all 4 days. The will of the people has been disregarded and no attention paid by the House of Representatives to the people’s wishes.  The conduct of this body is offensive, corrupt, and has segued into vote buying, money exchanges, taxpayer monies spent on the creation of new bureaucracies, etc.

The signatories state “It our belief that an impasse has occurred and cannot be resolved without more unnecessary tension.”  What occurred is a simple matter of fraud and there is no impasse, the votes determined that.

This body of Republican representatives has shown they have no constitutional or moral high ground for existence.  They have further shown they will compromise, cheat, and steal to achieve the results of their political bosses.  In this instance ALEC & its mules, in this instance Rep. Bob Ballenger has shilled his way into DC prominence by distributing legislation that government and corporations want passed.  It didn’t take ALEC long to get its hooks into Ballenger, same for the 28 signers on the link above.

In closing, these 28 self-serving legislative slugs had the audacity to, in writing state, “Preserve the resources of our state and work for the best interest for our citizens”.  How long has this session been going on?  And at what cost? And just how many votes will they tolerate before they rebel against this tyrannical, arrogant conduct?  “Public Servants” ???????  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Man-up now, or resign….all of you who are waffling on Socialized Obamacare, and most particularly dishonorable Speaker Carter.

Joe & Barbara McCutchen
Fort Smith