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Diversity = Dilution

Times Record 1/7/18…”Plan to address school district staff” January 7, 2018

41% of the district’s students are a white minority. “Teachers are role models”. How is it they are role models when actually all they are doing is propagandizing, indoctrinating and dumbing-down our white student population and transferring all the emphasis on 3rd world minorities. The district school systems are not only accomplishing the above, but will/are diluting the white teacher majority down to minority standards.

Question: Director of “Human Resources” (collective terminology) Martin Mahan said “There are some things that are traditionally in place that we would build upon”. What Mahan is actually saying in using the word “traditionally” is deceptive simply because there is nothing traditional about the operation of school systems today in the dumbing-down process. At the inception of the Dept. of Education, academic traditions were erased in the government-controlled school systems.

Mahan continues “I think one of the greatest assets to this community of Ft. Smith is the cultural diversity”. Explain to the readers of this article how diversity is an asset to this or other communities, except cheap labor and votes.

Let’s deal with reality, i.e. the truth for a change. None of the 3rd world illegal immigrants residing in our republic and in their thousands of year’s existence have ever had a substantive accomplishment. Yet they come here by hook or crook mainly for welfare, compliments of the criminally corrupt federal and state governments. Mahan goes on to say, “You also want your teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses, every component to model that representation”. WHY? Are they mentally deficient, if not why the dumbing-down process?

Illegal aliens have swamped our welfare system, enlarged their failed cultures & philosophies and have in the main, no intention of acculturating. While at the same time attacking Americans’ way of life. As an example of why this condition exists look only to 18 year warmonger going for 24, Senator John Boozman who has no positive record re the middleclass but has voted for and funded the murdering crimes that Pres. G.W. Bush created and has been sustained.

As Ron White stated, “You can’t fix Stupid”. Enter Superintendent Doug Brubaker, his contribution to this article demonstrates government schools and their short-circuiting of the minds of the producing class whose ancestors settled our republic and sustains it, and finally the most generous nation around the globe. Brubaker states “we want to make sure our salaries are competitive”. Money, money, money, but not a hint about excellence in academics.

Vision 2023 is going to expand the government school’s where they will own every aspect of your children’s lives, e.g. more school “resource officers” (cops…why?), nurses, social workers, test coordinators, mental health providers, technology specialist, instructional technology, educators, career development educations (informs students what their career will be), pre-K teachers, English language learners, educators and by all means Grant Writers. Do any of you believe that any of the above is for the betterment of white students or dedicated to expand our children’s mental capabilities? The expansions are directed wholly to minorities, mostly illegal aliens.

Ain’t diversity grand?

Joe McCutchen

Another in a long line of Education “Vision” Failures

Headline T.R. 12/19/17 …”School Board okays five year plan” with a Vision 2023 December 21, 2017

The multifaceted plan presented by the School Board accompanied by a montage of 180 citizens that allegedly constructed the 5 year plan. Pure hogwash—straight out of the U.S. Dept. of Ed. and the anticipated 5 year disease to be carried out in the district is to be transmitted by Superintendent Doug Brubaker. Brubaker & his acolytes claim the 5 year plan was a local creation. When the plan is researched it demonstrates a direct attack on children’s minds, particularly the “bright”, compliments of the U.S. Dept. of Education. Brubaker and his 180 public relations committee unfortunately are speaking for 87,000 citizens who had nothing to do with crafting the plan. The 5 year plan has now evolved into a one year plan.

The 5 year plan is right out of Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” and Hillary Clinton’s “It takes a village”. The Hegelian Dialectic is what is at play here—look it up. Politicians and bureaucrats have long relied on the Hegelian Dialectic to sell their Marxist agenda. The first part of the plan ——-“Engage in high quality instruction”, followed by “will be taught by highly qualified professionals”. What this statement blatantly says is there are no highly qualified professionals or teaching methods in the FS school system. What all good Marxist’s do simply means that government will re-train existing teachers to follow the Marxist line while the faculty will be salted with instructors who are purebred Marxists out of the federal government stable to further indoctrinate our children.

A brief summary and partial list of the DOE demands for the FS school district.

1. Each student will have equitable access to programs, etc. Question: Specifically what are the programs and do they not now exist in the district? Government using the word Program (observe) is a dangerous term, i.e. erasing citizen’s constitutional rights.

2. Instruction—“each student will engage in high-quality instruction”, meaning teachers are now providing sub-par teaching methods and where are the high-quality teachers coming from?

3. Each student will be instructed by highly qualified professionals—source, numbers and cost? “Qualified” means what Dr. Brubaker? What do those remarks say about our current teaching community?

4. Equity in instruction…translation: reduce every student to the lowest common denominator to match the mental deficiencies of the invading 3rd world multicultural jungle; thereby suppressing citizen/student Americans’ individual creativity & independent thought/achievement.

5. Government planning is for complete control of your child’s life cycle (birth to death) for whatever government may perceive their thought patterns should be, e.g. the workforce (another Marxist term). Your child is & will be further programmed for life’s journeys, where to work, live, and play, etc…under the aegis of force & surveillance.

6. Of course, government’s ultimate plan will utilize its blend of technology with “go-at-your-own-pace” (minorities) that will undermine genuine learning & academic core knowledge.

Public schools are indoctrinators from birth to death. As I speak the government is short-circuiting your child’s mind and body producing a nation unable to defend their God-given & constitutional rights.

Reducing children’s minds to a common denominator, all by design, serves two major purposes, to create mass unbridled diversity which is subservient and falls under the spell of government, making it easy for them to be controlled, not so easy to rein in white American youth & adults. 3rd World minorities & many Americans, unfortunately are mesmerized and easily controlled by government dispensing unearned largesse. It’s all about votes, the Collective and Global Governance.

Absent in Brubaker’s faux plan is the most important facet, academics! Lowering standards has already been accomplished. To allow another such a plan being foisted on parents and children is an absolute crime. Teachers have become government robots held captive by the AEA & the NEA and completely devoid of individual critical thinking, accompanied by omissions, falsehoods & revisionism.

Technology is government’s best weapon. Absent core subjects which are the foundation of all real learning experiences. Many if not most school subjects have been squelched or attenuated. Real education cannot be achieved under such circumstances.

Dr. Brubaker’s plan has crossed sabers with the U.S. Dept. of Education. He states he created this 5 year plan. Information coming from the DOE states, “Feedback from our stakeholders indicates that the previous 5 year update cycle was not frequent enough. In response, with this 2017 update we commence a pattern of yearly smaller scale updates”.

The game is obviously to make citizens believe the plan comes from local sources when in fact it comes from government via Dr. Brubaker.

Oh by the way, the cost??!!

Joe McCutchen

The Sorry State of Education & Politicians in Arkansas


House Speaker Jeremy Gillam (R) Judsonia, AR and Committee Chair Bruce Cozart (R) Hot Springs and their gang of 15.

Leaders of this group hired “Solution Tree” without knowledge of some legislative members and the Dept. of Education awarded a $4 million contract without bid. S.T. claims to help educators in Kindergarten through 12th grade, and allegedly raises student achievement through a wide range of conferences (the ever-present “conferences”), customized school district solutions, long term professional development according to today’s Democrat-Gazette.

The first mission is S.T.’s Professional Learning Community (PLC). Their website states members work to clarify what each student must learn, accompanied by monitoring.

The PLC assimilates the teachers all together.

Representative Bruce Cozart says “if Johnny is having a problem in one area in math, the English teacher can say Johnny is having a problem with us and he probably needs to read a little better, so she (the teacher) can fix that up and pick that up on that end”.

Rep. Cozart…that is one of the most discombobulated statements I have ever heard. When you speak of little Johnny don’t you really mean little Juan? From the statement you just made perhaps you should join little Juan. Rep. Cozart, just what is it the PLC is going to fix? For your information, the public education system is a major part of the swamp and it cannot be “fixed”. Simply put, here is why. “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”. Vladimir Lenin.

The public school system is a blueprint copied from Lenin—“group think”. Cultural Marxism in full bloom in the government school system, by design, attempting to reduce the white male to nothing more than a mass of protoplasm & a complete dumb-down of all to the lowest common denominator—students indoctrinated by teachers who are victims of same philosophy, resulting in Egalitarianism.

All that is left for the criminally corrupt government is the amalgamation of whites, i.e. extinction. Notice the Jews are the authority in keeping their race alive—no assimilation.

Finally, “I am tired of Arkansas thanking God for Mississippi. I think it’s time we raise our education in Arkansas”…this gem in concert with Rep. Cozart, by Rep. DeAnne Vaught (R), Horatio. Rep. Vaught, precisely what are you saying?

Don’t any of you know the first step to improving education is to refuse federal money and return it to the local levels with re-introduction of demanding curricula? The next step is to disallow illegal aliens from attending and bringing down American students.

Continue to sleep & trust, my friends, and…..

The two statements made by the two politicians also demonstrate the academic inadequacies of the Arkansas Legislature.

Incumbency—a Toxic Weed—Fatal.

Joe McCutchen

“VISION 2023” the new federal dumb down indoctrination project

Observations on Fort Smith, AR Public School’s “Visions 2023” Project. September 30, 2017

The local “education” improvement efforts follow in the footsteps of multiple national “education” strategy programs over the decades, e.g. Dewey’s Progressivism, School to Work, Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind, Common Core, and for good reason. It comes from a Consulting company, Cambridge Strategies, headed by Kevin Castner who in 2010 served as a Race to the Top (Obama’s version of education reform) Peer Review Panelist for the U.S. Department of Education.

The footsteps being followed are those of the destruction of challenging academics, of merit, of individualism, of achievement, et al via the adoration of emotions, irrational goals, egalitarianism, and collectivism. All in the sacred name of “Social Justice”—which has nothing to do with rigorous academics, the true job of schools. A brief summary of their goals follows:

The official “Vision 2023’s” first item of importance is DIVERSITY—a meaningless concept standing alone without proper context. Indeed, the treatment of DIVERSITY as a superior virtue is deranged. DIVERSITY has no value on its own, by definition it is a noun meaning differences, period.

The 2nd goal is egalitarian in opportunities—an impossible feat in the real world. For everyone to be equal all must be brought down to the lowest common denominator simply because the lowest cannot achieve what the highest can. Therefore the brightest students must be dumbed down to the dimmest. Only then, can all be equal. What an uplifting goal!

The 3rd is that EVERYONE has value and plays a CRITICAL role in the community’s (collective) future—another impossibility in the face of scientific factual differences in I.Q., character, values, DNA, etc. that exists in all ethnicities, i.e. mankind.

The 4th preposterous belief is that ALL students have the potential to become successfully productive citizens in our “DIVERSE, rapidly changing world”. Poppycock—what an imaginary world; again no knowledge or recognition of the scientific facts of DNA, Genes, I.Q., Environment—only utopian collectivism.

Goal #7 tells everyone to embrace CHANGE. Why? Is that aimed at demographics? ALL CHANGE is not good or positive. Some CHANGE can be catastrophic. Again, it is simply a word which is meaningless without context.

Goal #8 lauds educators and their continuing development (which is whatever the federal system dictates) that will improve schools. How so? It has not happened in the government schools yet—they have only gotten worse.

The breathtaking strategy is that the “public school” responsibility for children and families includes Wellness: “physical/mental/emotional/academic/social NEEDS”. No parental or individual responsibilities mentioned, neither is the word DISIPLINE. Sounds like cradle to grave government control described in 1984, Brave New World, Anthem, etc. and oh yes, the Communist Manifesto.

Collectivist utopia is a dream/nightmare concocted by those who despise individual achievement/responsibility. Why? Rugged individuals are difficult if not impossible to control and direct. Individualism rejects the concept of dependence on government as a paramount need, therefore is not easily brainwashed or subdued.

All Collectivist/Socialist/Communist “Utopias” always end in immense suffering for the masses, including millions of executions, starvation—death. The greatest question is why don’t large segments of society look at history and realize the consequences of these ideologies which have been demonstrated vividly in the USSR Communism with 94 million casualties & China’s Chairman Mao with a mere 70 million dead. The people in Venezuela today, ruled by a Collectivist Dictator Maduro are literally eating out of dumpsters and killing zoo animals for food. How uplifting!

Is the answer simply laziness & a desire to be provided for by ambitious politicians? Or is it ignorance, stupidity and a deliberate dumbing down, where the people fall for well-sounding bromides & propaganda—so much so that they vehemently believe they are doing the right thing by supporting & applauding the Collectivist siren call? Are the concepts of individual liberty and the search for true knowledge dead and gone?

In reading their “Vision 2023” goals one would have to say it is another step into the pit of Collectivism and the participants either are ignorant of history & philosophy or are in cahoots with the “It Takes a Village” malevolent crowd. Either way, it is but one more nail in the coffin of knowledge & liberty.

The callous disregard for the suffering & litter of millions of human bodies strewn across the history of every nation who fell under the Collectivist/Communist/Fascist regimes is beyond comprehension.

“It can’t happen here”, “we mean so well & care so much”, the well-baited trap so many have fallen into brings us to the USA which is committing genocide suicide because of the useful idiots who never question or reason, but go along to get along & look good in the community are facilitating our demise, while smugly patting themselves on the back.

The Cultural Marxists have won in their “march through the institutions” to destroy Western Civilization, and the government schools have played and are playing a huge role in that victory.
Since funding follows failure, school administrators will not refuse to teach the newest poison pill.

“Vision 2023” planning team mostly includes government types & some school children…mostly well-intentioned surely, but do they excel academically & are truly historically knowledgeable? No can be the only honest answer. They are only following the guidelines set out by yet another government controlled consultant. By the way, it is impossible that Superintendent Brubaker is unaware…all Supers come out of the same government trained pot, or they are not awarded that position.

2023 is simply a copy of 1984. (Hint to the participants, at least read that one small book)

Pity the young, who are influenced by the indoctrinated adults.

~Barbara McCutchen

Government destroys education/knowledge

Why does the government controlled education system keep trying to reinvent the knowledge wheel? The more they manipulate, the more distorted & unwieldy it becomes. September 9, 2017

For Pete’s sake, some of the most esteemed educators in the history of the world taught in the 300’s B.C.

    Socrates set up a basis for learning by the use of hypothesis & questioning until a non-contradictory answer could be reached…a method used in science & law studies for centuries. Then there was Plato and his student Aristotle (the father of Reason & individuality) and his Lyceum (place of lectures & learning). How many students can even tell you who they were?

    These efforts/achievements finally led to the Age of Enlightenment (e.g. John Locke), hence advancement in every field of endeavor, through the Industrial Revolution which lifted the standard of living for the masses within its sphere.

    In other words the basis for teaching, developing challenging curricula was the bedrock from which Western Civilization and the U.S. Republic grew. Starting with our one-room schoolhouses up to renowned Universities, we were once the envy of the world in most every sphere due to our education system, political & individual freedoms. Now we lag miserably behind and the reason is a shameful mess of incoherent babbling emotional approach to education and the introduction of politically correct “diversity, feminism, sexism, racism, affirmative action, quotas, safe zones, et al”.

    It is not an accident that true knowledge and the ability to think logically & innovate is dead after such auspicious beginnings over 2,000 years ago.

    The shame of it all—the lack of challenging academia—the lack of pride in learning—high expectations–the abject ignorance of our masses—all peddled vigorously by numerous factions, the most successful of which were the Cultural Marxists with their psychological warfare of Political Correctness & Egalitarianism. Their desire for the extinction of Western Civilization is nigh, with their globalist goal of apathetic, compliant masses ruled by an Elitist few. A powerful police state will take care of the unruly.

    Our only hope is to rediscover proven teaching methods and rational curricula of excellence—but that would eliminate myriads of useless indoctrination programs funded by forced taxation & promulgated by clueless or complicit personnel. Mucho dinero! Always follow the money.

    FUNDING FOLLOWS FAILURE in this day in time, therefore a return to excellence, merit, achievement, discipline, effort, rigorous standards is virtually dead in the water due to the hydra behemoth called Government Schools run by brain-washed Collectivists.

    Pity the young.

    ~Barbara McCutchen

The Dumb-Down on steroids

Times Record headline 8/27/17 “Progress made on strategic plan”

How to put this in plain English without writing a book? The “Plan” is a 5 year plan…remember the USSR? It is being devised starting with a “25 person advisory team after 2 ½ days of meetings”. The team is comprised of “students, educators, & community members”. There will also be 7 action teams of 20-25 people yet to be chosen to be assigned topics for education improvement. Yes, Virginia, it does take a village.

It appears that the Education Establishment no longer knows how to teach students and requires complete overhauling…which it does, but not by a collective, no matter how well-intentioned, with no clue as to the acquisition of knowledge.

Wading through the newspeak, educanto gibberish, one would conclude that schools are to take the place of parents as to the “needs of all children & families (physical/mental/emotional/academic/social/etc.)” Now that is quite an undertaking…arrogance & ignorance on parade. Independence is never mentioned.

Long story short—these people are going to collaborate to bring about an Egalitarian Utopia. While they are making sure that everyone is treated the same, attain the same results, have equitable resources, they say diversity is an asset. In a sane world “diversity” by itself is divisive, not an asset.

They believe “all students have the potential to become successful, productive citizens in our diverse rapidly changing world”. What happened to scientific data such as DNA, IQ, Gene differences, let alone individual’s ambitions, drive, intellectual curiosity—all of which vary from person to person via Mother Nature and environment?

Now here is a particularly asinine statement “Everyone should embrace change in order to achieve at their highest potential”. No explanation or definition of what that “change” might be. What if it is something horrific such as Fascism or Totalitarianism?

Let us compare “education” today to education of back in the day of the one room schoolhouse. Elementary school children back then were taught geography, real mathematics, English & Grammar, how to diagram a sentence, the parts of speech, how to write in cursive, how to find foreign places on a map, what the history was of our country (although already revised), science, how to read classic works of literature including poetry, ad infinitum. Today we constantly see examples of college students who cannot accomplish any, much less all these subjects. Why?

In this article there is no mention of proper discipline in the classroom, schoolyard, etc. which is a known problem, often severe. No talk of improving curricula or returning to more challenging teaching methods. No subject matter is discussed. No Latin, chemistry, literature, et al, just providing the tools with which everyone can be the same. Which by the way is impossible; unless you lower everyone to the lowest common denominator…remember Mother Nature & environment? Denial of facts won’t change them.

Numerous books have been written on the deliberate dumbing down of students in government schools, evidently none of this myriad of planners has read one or comprehends the subject. Don’t they wonder why Johnny can’t read, write or cypher? Do they really believe that more computers, bigger buildings, better stadiums, prettier surroundings, lack of discipline & more love are the answers?

Obviously so. This country has fallen academically behind many other countries when once it was on top…why? You just read why. Academics is out, diversity & inclusion are in, ergo ignorant pupils lacking authentic self-esteem & pride…who act on emotions rather than reason, who are incapable of “critical thinking” which is so lauded. How do you learn to think critically when you’re not exposed to logic and reason? You don’t.

So goes the schools, so goes our country. This was/is by design…it is no accident…but that is another very unpleasant subject.

Pity the young.

~Barbara McCutchen

Where are the “Distressed Cavaliers” when we need them? (Hint: their gene pool has mostly been destroyed)

resubmitted June 11, 2017

June 21, 2009 What the politicized institutions don’t want you to know.

The “Distressed Cavaliers”…….The best kept secret in our history, next to the truth about tyrant “Honest Abe”. (Read “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo)

The Collectivists/Politically Correct purveyors’ worst nightmare would be for American citizens to learn of their true Founding history….from the establishment of Jamestown by adventurers and businessmen BEFORE the Pilgrim’s Plymouth Rock, the first Thanksgiving at Berkley Plantation, BEFORE the Pilgrims’, to the wonderment of the saga of the “Distressed Cavaliers”. (Such knowledge might give rise to the pride Americans once had in their heritage, something carefully destroyed by the Politically Correct method of Cultural Marxists.)

In the mid 1600’s Sir William Berkeley, Governor of Virginia, had the brilliant plan of recruiting the younger sons of English Noble families. He was able to entice them with promises of land and position because under the custom of the day, only the oldest son was allowed to inherit the family estate and fortune. Another contributing factor was the ascendency of the Puritans in England who persecuted the non-Puritans. Hence the name, “The Distressed Cavaliers”. (“Albion’s Seed”, by David Fischer)

From these ranks came young men of education, intelligence, bravery, honor, ambition, entrepreneurial ship, and leadership. Englishmen of breeding and substance. It was from this stock that the First Families of Virginia arose. They included names such as Custis, Harrison, Randolph, Mason, Madison, Washington, Lee, Jefferson, Jay, Carroll, etc.

Our beginnings and subsequent progress were not based on “Diversity”, a twisted concept at best. It was based on consistency, rule of law, honor, and a knowledge of the Enlightenment philosophy of Individualism. A man was judged by strict rules on conduct, which allowed those of lesser circumstances to function and succeed as well.

No wonder none of this is taught in the Collective Government Schools. Knowledge such as this might make for a citizenry schooled in merit and the fact that government’s only legitimate business is that of protecting the rights of the citizens and the Constitution.

A great country cannot grow based on ignorance, superstition, or anarchy, which is the result of multi-culturalism, (too many legal & illegal aliens from 3rd World cultures having little or no redeeming factors…in short all people are not the same; much depends on their achievements and values) leading to tyranny and dictatorship over the masses. Individual rights and freedoms are an anathema to Collectivists—whether Socialists, Fascists, Communists, or Monarchists.

Every aspect of Western Civilization is under attack and every other culture is being touted…all by design to destroy its very foundations. Some call it genocide.

Our Founders accomplished the most astonishing achievement in the history of the known world…they established a Constitutional Republic at the beginning of our nation, which differed drastically from Democracy (Mob Rule)which is how politicians, bureaucrats and other co-conspirators are fond of describing our system today, and all forms of Collectivism ever tried. The rights of the individual were held supreme, not the power of government. The Right to Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness was not meant for government but for individual citizens.

Oh, how we need the Cavaliers today to vanquish the trolls and harpies who rule over us, demean and threaten our very existence.

Barbara McCutchen

Old Collectivist education programs merely renamed & expanded

Update on “Education” June 4, 2017

Once the public/parents catch on to the goals of government school programs, e.g. School to Work, Goals 2000, Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind, Common Core…the tactic is simply to change the name, give glowing recommendations and expand the collectivist/Marxist dumb down goals to short circuit children’s minds. Why? Ignorant, indoctrinated students grow into compliant, uninformed citizens, easily manipulated.

Notice the admiring article in the Times Record 6/1/17 “Future School wraps up first year”. They are pushing ahead into something called “Summit Learning”…Here is a quote from that website:


The platform comes with a comprehensive curriculum developed by teachers in classrooms. The base curriculum is aligned with the Common Core, and each course includes meaningful projects, playlists of content and assessments, all of which can be customized. Teachers can adapt or create new playlists and projects to meet their students’ needs.”

Anyone who has taken an interest in what children are being taught will recognize all the old buzzwords and realize these “programs” are more of the same with different aliases.

There is no point in lengthy explanations, there are dozens which have been done by experts…those who are intelligent enough or care enough are either already aware or will do more of their own research to find the truth, which is nauseating.

This is merely to shine the light of day on one of Fort Smith’s latest attempts to stealthily implement federal government goals and outcomes. Unfortunately the teachers are either victims/believers of the system or are knowingly complicit in compliance.

Most parents merely look at schools as convenient “free” babysitters or accept government control over the individual as acceptable.

For those who don’t…beware. Do your homework and do not give up your or your child’s freedoms for any price. You may not be able to afford homeschooling, but you can at least detoxify everyday whatever indoctrination eggs have been laid. If you are lucky and have good genes your kids could turn out okay, but will have missed vital/important information they may never obtain.

As for the rest, they get what they deserve.

~Barbara McCutchen

Indoctrination vs. Education

It is common sense knowledge that facilities do not produce well educated students. The one room schoolhouse with outhouses for toilets produced much better educated students than today’s Taj Mahal’s. Why?

Example in the 5/23/17 TR article “School to hire Consultant”.

We are told by School Board member Talicia Richardson the usual educanto newspeak designed to say a lot and explain nothing. “We are making a great decision to MOVE FORWARD”. “We’ve never done anything like this before & just because we maintain our facilities (long time leaky roofs at Southside?), it’s time to take our facilities to the NEXT LEVEL”. “we need to be more STRATEGIC AND PLAN for not only short term but long term STRATEGIC moves that are going to put our district in a position REGIONALLY, –exceptional employers…place to work—all of those different factors. And if we DO NOT have facilities of monies (taxes) and things of that nature to support that we will not be able to MOVE FORWARD, as a district”. (Please note bureaucratic buzz words in caps) Translation=subterfuge & obfuscation re more funding & expansion.

Secretary Bill Hanesworth agreed. “We have to have a STRATEGIC plan and it’s not just facilities. It’s where are we going to be five or 10 years from now?” Doesn’t this sound like the Board & Administration do not have the expertise or comprehension to manage and direct our school system?

Superintendent Doug Brubaker said “that STRATEGIC planning allows for conversations with different STAKEHOLDERS such as parents, students teachers administrators, staff, business leaders and others in the community about what the district wants students to understand know how to do by the time they graduate.” (What exactly does that mean?)

For $36,410 CAMBRIDGE STRATGIC SERVICES will compile data & an overall PLAN for the district that will include BELIEFS—a statement that is a formal expression of the district’s & community’s fundamental ”VALUES: ETHICAL CODE, OVERRIDING CONVICTIONS & INVIOLATE COMMITMENTS—EXPRESSION OF DISTRICT’S IDENTITY, PURPOSE AND THE MEANS OF ACTION; STRATEGIC PARAMETERS,” ETC. ETC. ETC.

The CONSULTANTS will also give….”an examination of those forces over which the district has little or no control such as social, political, economic, demographic, technological or educations trends; competition”…etc. etc. etc.

You understood the precise meaning of what our hard-earned $36,410 will get for us and the children, right? Does it ever occur to you that when you read these glowing reports from public education that there is never a word about upgrading curricula, increasing academic demands, insisting on highly intelligent, well-educated motivated teachers, or reconstructing teaching courses/schools in a way which demands higher standards and more rigorous studies? No, and you won’t. Sadly most well-intentioned educators are victims of the same system and do not understand the role they are playing. Some may understand but have no means to fight the system and even may attempt to do what they can to counter the collectivist agenda. Scant few comprehend the socialist strategy, most think they are carrying out a noble cause or are too ignorant themselves to understand the difference between educating and indoctrinating.

A well-educated, inquisitive, hard-working student is not what today’s “leaders” want….because they are not easily fooled or controlled that is why. Under the guise of EQUALITY/DIVERSITY the system seeks to “educate” to the lowest common denominator…the slowest, least intelligent, and thereby bringing all to SOCIAL JUSTICE where no one feels left out or humiliated. The ultimate victim is the intelligent youngster or any other who wants to learn.

Perhaps you have noticed the ridiculous NEW MATH, the lack of teaching cursive writing, the disdain for memorization, the absence of logic, the presence of highly revised history, the disappearance of higher academic subjects in science, astronomy, Latin, ancient history, geography, grammar, etc.

In case you are not aware, CONSULTING FIRMS (particularly pertaining to anything governmental & usually employing retired bureaucrats) are agents of the government and take their instructions from it. Whatever direction the government wants the school to take, that is where the CONSULTANTS take them in all their glorious educanto newspeak, designed not to be precisely understood. Meanwhile, of course they rake in mega taxpayer bucks. The ultimate goal is to remove all local control & keep the taxpayers from knowing what they are doing and why. Another goal is to short-circuit the child’s mind and render it helpless to be self-sufficient, not needing government help & guidance.

Don’t be intimidated with the educanto gibberish that even its practitioners don’t completely comprehend. They are well paid parrots who do as they are told, no matter how nonsensical, as long as it fulfills the demands of salary, perks, & pensions.

Pity the young. Get them out of any school which receives federal money.

~Barbara McCutchen

The continued growth & cost of government is detrimental to citizens

Just what do we get for $36,410.00…a lot of PC and more government control? May 9, 2017

School Board President Dr. Deanie Mehl at the helm for more than a decade and her subordinates are just now becoming aware of the litany of Fort Smith School District deficiencies?

After perusing this very impressive use of new-age government-speak it became obvious that this was to frame Fort Smith School District employees as uber-extraordinares in the realm of academia and to intimidate parents by embarrassment for not knowing what all this bureaucratic nonsense equates to.

There is not a school teacher in the district that can tell you what these statements mean, the purpose, and how they fall into the realm of academics.

The Board has hired a firm named Cambridge Strategic Services to compile the data that has led to the District’s deficiencies. Understand Cambridge Services are double dippers and have been involved in government one way or another. Listed below are a few of the alleged deficiencies and frankly the comedy is better than a late night TV show. The District’s & communities “fundamental values”, “ethical code”, “overriding convictions”, “inviolate commitments”, “district’s identity”, “purpose and the means of action”, “strategic parameters”, and so on.

Do any of you believe for one moment this silliness was incubated in the minds of Mehl & associates? Of course not. Straight out of the U.S. Dept. of Ed, the NEA, the AEA, Metro 1313, etc.

This concoction was created with moonbeams & wool, dedicated to further destroy citizen influence in public education.

Recall yesterday Police Chief Nathaniel Clark opined that he was molding the FS city police into a light infantry brigade. Yes, it is unconstitutional. A paramilitary falls under the command of the military ultimately.

Both of the above are not functions of a Constitutional government and continues to increase the size and expense of the corrupt government.

Incumbency & lack of transparency are toxic weeds. Parents don’t be flimflammed by charlatans. None of the above has anything to do with proper education or citizen protection, but certainly helps to empty our pocketbooks.

Joe McCutchen