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Thoughts on Preacher to run for Mayor

Times Record, November 29, 2017…”City Director to run for Mayor”

Preacher/Director Don Hutchings will run for Mayor. November 30, 2017

It would be remiss if it were not pointed out that he has been a City Director in two different City Administrations. The point being he has been a collaborator in one of Fort Smith’s biggest scandals and apt to get bigger.

The scandal of course includes Senator Jake Files, the City Government, banker Sicard and HUD czar Richard Griffin, as well as others. Curiously it has been said the latter two loaned Senator Files huge amounts of money and maybe other valuables in return for what? Quid pro quo? Could it be Files’ distribution of over $1 million in GIF funds to the nascent Marshal’s Museum? Could it be the softball fields and the Marshal’s Museum jump started Files construction career and subsequently his downfall. Remember the Marshal’s Museum was billed as a “private endeavor”.

The all important question: Why were Republican Sen. Jake Files and Democrat Lee Webb (conflicts of interest) picked to develop the River Valley Sports Complex??? This question is tantamount to uncovering the dirt on the River Valley Sports Complex for which Hutchings was an enabler.

In the interview Hutching’s, in a rambling, worn-out stable of bromides stated “I am for less government”. Hutchings has been an instrument in making Fort Smith the highest taxed city in the state. His next offering was “I am trying my hardest to keep fees from going up in this community”. How about voting no to any tax increase, e.g. he just voted for a $38 million bond issue to bribe a plastic company to come to Fort Smith. If you understand the mechanisms involved in bonds it becomes readily obvious that bonds raise taxes. And you might direct this statement to Dir. Keith Lau who says it will not increase taxes.

Another Hutchings throw away statement: “As Mayor I FEEL like you can serve more people”. How?

He rambles on with nonsensical utterings and then he crosses the line that should anger any American and incur their wrath. Hutchings says, “HE AGREES THAT CHURCH & STATE SHOULD BE SEPARATE”. He is employed by the church and at the same an employee of government. The textbook definition of an oxymoron. That statement is an outright trashing of the U.S. Constitution and so doing with arrogance, untruthfulness, and absolutely a lack of character.

Then there is the matter of government “faith-based” funding to churches, consisting of cash payments to those churches accepting and the control of their speech and activities. Where does Rev. Hutchings’ church stand on this crucial point?

Finally, could it be that Hutchings is interested in getting his hands on the nonsensical $250,000 yearly mayoral discretionary fund? Politics and religion are lucrative businesses.

Joe McCutchen

A nostalgic walk becomes surreal–beware politicrats & insiders.

A nostalgic walk down the Avenue—evolving into an embarrassing spectacle July 19, 2017

“Never give a sucker an even break”—W.C. Fields, an expression practiced by the Fort Smith City Government and downtown insiders.

In the year 1985, citizens voted on and passed a 1% street/sewer tax which remains in force to this day. By 2010 the tax had generated $650 million, $200 million more than the recent and 3rd Federal Consent Decree issued to the city of Fort Smith by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There has been no stated amount of revenue generated by the tax in the last 7 years, but it is fair to say in the ensuing 32 years the total amount could approximate $1 Billion that have fallen into city coffers by the 1% street/sewer tax. And “we the people” are the recipients of bad streets & a failed sewer system.

The most recent EPA mandate of $480 million, plus a $300,000 fine and 12 years to complete occurred in Dec. 2014, totaling 39 years of apparent malfeasance & misfeasance, absent sewer and ground water complete overhauls.

City Manager Carl Geffken now proposing to add another 12 years to the recent Federal Consent Decree, making a grand total of 51 years (1/2 century) of Fort Smith city government refusing to address the failed sewer & ground water deficiencies, while $1 Billion is unaccounted for they recklessly involve citizens’ money in meaningless, curious & unnecessary pursuits without citizens’ knowledge or permission, resulting in a change of the image of the city, likely for private personal gains including the recycling debacle ($52,000 monthly for 3 years) replete with no transparency, the Files/Webb Softball $2 million Complex fiasco (Manager Geffken wants “to move on”…but where is the accountability?), the bribe by Delta Dental to fluoridate Lake Ft. Smith against citizen wishes, citizens’ money poured into the nascent Marshal’s Museum, $700,000 yearly into the failed Convention Center, the Fire/Police Pension Fund shortage, alleged city business conducted surreptitiously by email, ad infinitum.

The Downtown private business owners have no legal, constitutional or moral authority to change the image of our city for private gain without a detailed public explanation and approval of their future intentions, e.g. “Propelling Downtown Forward”, no doubt detailed in their 113 page dossier that the downtown insiders plan to unleash on city citizens which was prepared by Dallas Gateway Planning. From the number of pages it is easy to see that the scope and magnitude of the downtown self-servers is huge.

Citizen insouciance, fear, and ignorance have and are allowing City Managers, Mayors & official Boards to exhibit and practice hubris and self-service while bathing in perfidy, making the citizens monkeys in the city government circus. If citizens arise and become implacable perhaps one will at least have a rail.

Currently City Manager Geffken and selected sidekicks are soon to be off to DC for another 12 year extension pitch attached to the recent 12 year EPA mandate and a little prime time…who pays? And remember, this translates into 51 years before any functional waste water/ground water safe disposal.

Where did the money go & who got it? Cut out the monkey business, downsize city government, stay out of downtown politics (boxcar graffiti, new age Urban Renewal, & Propelling Ft. Smith), and pay our legitimate bills.

At this point in time the present display of boxcar graffiti does in no way depict our city’s true long & varied history in any manner. Perhaps real history in the artists’ next presentation will be embraced.

Joe McCutchen

Voting government workers into public office–NOT SMART

It ain’t smart. ` August 3, 2016

We the people (those employed in the private sector) are illuminating the skies with stupidity.

Voting for any individual connected, directly or indirectly, to/with government (any brand) is subsidizing their constitutional/quality of life demise, hence; resulting in Cultural Marxism, i.e. a cultural meltdown.

The above description goes far beyond their attempt at “double dipping” which is just a symptom of the metastasizing cancer known as Big Government. (Observe) There are two candidates enmeshed in this description that are seeking positions as a City Director and another as a member of the School Board in Fort Smith, AR.

If you consider yourself a Constitutionalist, a Tea Partier, a Conservative, an Independent or even a Republican or any other group proclaiming a desire for small government, individual responsibility & private enterprise you could not find two worse candidates. Their philosophies are the enemies of a free society—government born, bred, conditioned & indoctrinated.

First a brief resume of candidate Talicia Richardson. Richardson is the Development Officer for the Fort Smith Housing Authority (FSHA)…a blood brother of HUD.

A product of government she develops “plans & strategies for neighborhood stabilization”(what?), while also preparing project funding applications—ahhh funding. She no doubt is a Griffin acolyte. “Planners” are an anathema to a free society. Check the U.S. Senate recent passage of a bill that instructs HUD to build high rise apartments for minorities and forcibly insert them in predominately white middleclass neighborhoods.

Where would you think Ms. Richardson’s allegiance lies? The middleclass or the government?

The next government dole recipient. That would be Principal of Spradling Elementary School, Robyn Dawson. Putting a FS school teacher/administrator on the FS Board of Directors is playing deuces wild with Fort Smith citizens. Most public school teachers are not much more than a collection of monolithic mouthpieces espousing the Frankfurt School edicts (whether they know it or not) that short circuit our children’s minds.

Ms. Dawson speaks of her “public service”, “service to others”, ad nauseum, but does not speak to the pathetic academic failures of the Spradling School. She makes another PC statement, that she is immersed in “DIVERSITY”…that says it all. But let’s continue, insiders are whispering that the Spradling School is a welfare & illegal alien haven…free food for all on demand, medical care on demand, a linguistic school for illegals, children & adults, academic revisionism & grade fixing.

Fort Smith schools, rated by their own, gave I believe a grade of D+ to the Spradling School. Dawson says she understands working with revenue—that’s the producer’s revenue (not government which has no revenue except what it takes from the taxpayer) which subsidizes her “understanding”. Now, follow the money as she states she “will bring a new perspective for creative ways to secure (government funding & more taxation) & sustain revenues for the city”. She states “fiscal decisions cannot be based on emotion”, really? Does multicultural dependency, e.g. Free Food, medical care & linguistic tutoring for adult illegals represent fiscal responsibility rather than emotions?
Ms. Dawson would be advised to clean up her school and raise the standards for academics.

Government employees belong to the largest Protection Racket known to man and while they echo “public service”, making a difference”, “giving back”, and all the other trite bromides, they all mean self-service and all teachers owe their souls to the corrupt U.S. Dept. of Education, the NEA & the AEA & in the main vote as a monolithic bloc of Progressives.

We shall soon see if voters have learned anything from Superintendent Gooden’s & the FS School Boards cover-ups—business as usual?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. note; the Arkansas General Assembly is impregnated with a preponderance of so-called “educators” & other government types…not smart.

Horrible HUD!

HUD (Housing & Urban Development) states that white middleclass neighborhoods must be destroyed—impregnated with minorities—for phantom/forced “Social Justice”. July 27, 2016

Kyle Parker & Richard Griffin are ready to unleash the first absolute overt devastation that Cultural Marxism produces into middleclass neighborhoods. Result: reduce white middleclass neighborhoods to 3rd world status.

“Planners” are an anathema to America & come in different names as seen in Fort Smith…WAPPD, RITA, HUD, CBID, FRONTIER MPO, FORT SMITH HOUSING AUTHORITY, etc. using FS citizen taxes & fed money (the same) & globalist foundations.

An article was posted on 7/18/16 titled, “Curious & Alarmed”. The backdrop of the article was to introduce and identify a few of the destroyers of our society and culture. Agenda 21 (now 2030), Metro 1313, the major betrayer and in general MPO’s, NGO’s, and now comes the nascent Osteopathic College has given rise to an invasion of the state’s public schools under the aegis of STEM—how? Followed by a proposition to develop what is to be known as a “WALKABLE COMMUNITY”, aka “HUMAN SETTLEMENT” located in Fort Chaffee, AR. Kyle Parker, CEO of the above three is proposing to build the “Walking Commune”. The Fort Smith City Board will be voting on this Cultural Marxist issue in September. Citizens, ask for details.

The aforementioned article will serve as introduction to what Kyle Parker & Richard Griffin are deeply embedded in & proposing. Now the introduction & correlation with Richard Griffin.
HUD Czar Richard Griffin’s role will be diversifying white middleclass neighborhoods using Section 8 Housing funds to build cheap high rise apartment complexes for minorities in white enclaves. The U.S. Senate this year passed enabling legislation to force minority integration in white middleclass neighborhoods. Boozman & Cotton! Government aims to reduce all to the lowest common denominator.

HUD’s & Richard Griffin’s aims are so great that they are collecting data on every U.S. zip code, neighborhood, & block. Non-white residents will be moved into the suburbs, whether they can afford it or not, in the name of “FAIRNESS”—fruit of Karl Marx, the Frankfurt School, & of course the criminally corrupt Democrat & Republican Parties–the enablers who have no problem driving down white property owner’s values and lifestyles.

The Ft. Smith Housing Authority, a cancerous product of government force, treachery and theft all for the flowering of the Cultural Marxist. HUD, under their formula, will devastate the Fort Smith middleclass homeowners, and here is the formula under the direction of Richard Griffin.

HUD is enforcing a new rule called “AFFIRMATIVELY FURTHERING FAIR HOUSING” (AFFH). Phony Social Justice is HUD & Griffin’s game, while emasculating the rule of law, culture & heritage.

HUD is forcing every community that is applying for its Grants to report all “contributing factors” to discrimination. (If none exists, make up some?) Also, how the communities intend to erase “contributing factors”. HUD, trying to demonstrate legitimacy of their heinous criminal act (AFFH), will invite politicians, civil rights groups, developers (Griffin), in an effort to legitimize their grand design to destroy white middleclass neighborhoods which is eventually genocide & that’s the idea.

If the city applies & answers all HUD’s questions, it receives the grant (“free money”?). Why invite civil rights groups?—litigation of course. That starts the protests & demands for “Fairness & Social Justice”, e.g. Baltimore, Portland, Winchester County, ad infinitum. When the funding arrives, no local control for spending the money. The above process is known as AGENDA 21 & SMART GROWTH, specifically Parker’s deal.

HUD mobsters (Griffin) now control our community, property rights are dead, home values on life support and elected officials are irrelevant due to their own actions. Google American Planning Association & Metro 1313 & “Listen this time or HUD will destroy your city” by Tom Deweese.

The solution is for city government to cease & desist (vote NO) from the practice of applying & accepting HUD Grants in any form and stand up to these government thugs & stand up to possible lawsuits!

AFFH is more government control & force. No people have the right to live in neighborhoods beyond their means, let them work, invest, & prepare and stop playing the victim game.

Put Griffin & Parker and their various associates on public display. They and their likes are making a mockery of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and middleclass property rights.

The WALKABLE COMMUNITY and in all likelihood more HUD grants will be reviewed by the Fort Smith Planning Commission meeting in August, at which time if approved (certainly will be) & then will be taken to the Fort Smith Board of Directors for approval in September.


Joe McCutchen

P.S. Two new streets related to McClure Drive (Chaffee Crossing), accompanied by a 10-ft-wide multiuse trail on one side and a sidewalk on the other side—stark madness, unless of course Agenda 21 plan to alter modes, types of transportation & destinations reach fruition and they will. Furthermore, since these streets lead directly to Arc Best, shouldn’t Arc Best pay for these streets leading to their new business location?

The Search for Historical Truth (Gaddy)

From: Michael Gaddy []
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2014 2:45 PM
To: Michael Gaddy
Subject: REBEL RANT FOR 8 JULY 2014


“An unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than a lie. It takes great courage to back truth unacceptable to our times. ~John Steinbeck

For the better part of a century, our government and their bought and paid for media and academia have promulgated a series of falsehoods that have been repeated so often that their veracity has become as accepted as air and water. This almost universal acceptance of the comfortable lie has brought us to the point in time where the truth is much more scrutinized than a lie. Without truth, history is just another work of fiction.

Several folks responded to my last Rant on the history of events in Missouri during our Second War for Independence by asking for documentation of facts presented. Being a firm believer in the axiom that a good teacher teaches their students where to look as opposed as what to see, I offer this Rant in response to those questions, although more in a general sense as opposed to a specific one.

As we once heard weekly on the TV sets tuned faithfully to the X Files, the “truth is out there.” Rest assured, our out of control, tyrannical government, their whores in the media, bought and paid for members of academia and their sycophants throughout the population will do all they can to prevent “we the people” from discovering exactly what the truth is.

First of all I would offer for reading and edification, THE REBELLION RECORD; A DIARY OF AMERICAN EVENTS originally published from 1861-1868 later republished by Arno Press in 1977. I especially call attention to Volume VIII, pages 351-353. Contained therein is a document called, TREATMENT OF SOUTHERNERS, authored by Union General William Tecumseh Sherman, on January 31st 1864 and sent to Union Major R. M. Sawyer, A. A., General, Army of the Tennessee at Huntsville, Alabama. As this document is quite long, I will only offer selected excerpts but encourage everyone to read the document in its entirety.

“We of the North are, beyond all question, right in our lawful cause… Should we treat as absolute enemies all in the South who differ from us in opinion or prejudice, kill or banish them…

The Government of the United States has in North-Alabama any and all rights which they may choose to enforce in war, to take their lives, their lands and their everything…because war does exist there and war is simply power unrestrained by constitution or compact…Next year their lands will be taken; for in war we can take them; and rightfully too; and in another year they may beg in vain for their lives.” (Emphasis added)

From this point forward in my Rant, I will offer evidence of wanton criminality, theft and even murder by the Union Army, perpetrated on citizens of the South, taken totally from UNION sources to alleviate any question of bias. These quotes come directly from, The War of the Rebellion: A compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. 128 Volumes and an Atlas, as produced by the US Government printing office compiled from 1880-1901.

On July 18, 1861, Union General Irwin McDowell, his army advancing toward what would become the Battle of Bull Run, notified his headquarters, “I…have to report excesses by our troops, the excitement of the men found vent in burning and pillaging.” On that same day General McDowell issued General Order No. 18 which read in part, “Hardly had we arrived at this place when several houses were broken open and others were in flames by the acts of [Union soldiers]”

Here, in the words of a Union General we find that homes of civilians were being pillaged and burned by Union forces even before the first shot was fired at the Battle of Bull Run, considered by many to be the first major battle of the war.
Another example from Major General Benjamin Butler, nicknamed “spoons” by his Confederate opponents because of his penchant for collecting silver utensils that belonged to the citizens of New Orleans when he was placed in command there. This quote was from when he was commanding the Dept. of Virginia on June 4 of 1861. “Volunteer Troops seem to have adopted the theory that all property of the inhabitants are subject to plunder…The outrages to be investigated are very grave.”

The following examples could certainly be used as corroboration of my previous Rant reference depredations by Union forces in Missouri. Please don’t forget reports of these incidents and quotes originated with UNION forces, therefore assume no bias.
From Union Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon, Commander, Army of the West in Springfield Missouri, 26 July 1861 in an order to the troops under his command, “The cases of plundering, wanton destruction of property, and disregard of personal rights, of which the general commanding has heard with pain, have been disgraceful to our troops.”

From Union Captain William E. Prince, First US Infantry to Union Brigadier General James S. Lane, “I hope you will crush out this marauding which is being enacted in Colonel James R. Dennison’s name as well as yours by a band of men representing themselves as belonging to your command. Doubtless their atrocities in Missouri have been already represented to you.”

Of course this despicable conduct by Union forces was not limited to Missouri. From Union Brigadier General Charles A. Smith, Special Order no. 32, issued on 11 November 1861 reference the criminal activities of forces under the command of Union BG Eleazer A. Paine in Kentucky.

“Reports of the most painful character have reached the commanding general from different sources in the regard to the conduct of a portion of the troops recently marched to Milburn [thirty one miles southwest of Paducah] under command of BG E. A. Paine. The imputations are of the most disgraceful character to them as soldiers or citizens—that in returning several regiments [the Ninth and Twelfth Illinois excepted] straggled home in parties without the semblance of military array—a mere armed mob; and that the property of citizens was wantonly destroyed, and in some instances robbery by violence committed.”

From North Carolina, 29 July 1861 near Hatteras. Union Colonel Rush C. Hawkins Ninth New York reported the following: “Conduct of the men and some of the officers of the Twentieth New York has been that of vandals. They have plundered and destroyed…The next day they commenced breaking open private houses and stores, and I saw party after party come in, some of them headed by commissioned officers, loaded down with the results of their plundering.”

There are of course far too many of these reports to list in one sitting. I do, though, considering the outrages previously mentioned about Missouri that came under question, the following should be mentioned of similar actions in Maryland.
On 11 September 1861, Secretary of War Simon Cameron instructed Union Major General Nathaniel P. Banks as follows: “Passage of any act of Secession by the legislature of Maryland must be prevented. If necessary all or any part of the legislators must be arrested.” One must remember Abraham Lincoln had previously suspended Habeas Corpus and issued an arrest warrant for Chief Justice Taney when he objected to that suspension.

Between the 12th and 17th of September in 1861, members of the Maryland legislature and other leading citizens were arrested by forces of the federal government. From Baltimore, Union Major General John A. Dix to Union General Wool at Fortress Monroe: “The following…have been taken into custody by order of the Government: George William Brown, mayor of Baltimore; members elect of the legislature, S. Teakle Wallace, Henry M. Warfield, Charles H. Pitts, T. Parkin Scott, Lawrence Sangston, Ross Winans, John Hanson Thomas, William G. Harrison, Leonard G. Quinlan, and Robert M. Dennison. Henry May, member of Congress and Thomas W. Hall, citizens of Baltimore. The direction of the Secretary of War is to keep them in close custody, suffering no one to communicate with them.”
Remember please the incidents quoted above came from the official records created and maintained by the US Government. The government freely admits to these atrocities and violations of our Constitution and Bill of Rights because most people don’t know where to search and all to many really don’t care. The government and their lapdogs depend on a pliant media and the ignorance of the masses to perpetrate their lies to the contrary. I hope the evidence found here will constitute “corroboration” for those who seek it or at the very least create a thirst for the truths of our own history.

Considering the above, can there be any doubt as to why Adolf Hitler praised Abraham Lincoln in Mein Kampf? The real question is why so many recent presidents like to be compared to Lincoln and why does the Republican Party refer to themselves as the Party of Lincoln and celebrate “Lincoln Day?”

Are most Republicans that ignorant of their own history or do they secretly condone the actions of Lincoln; After all, many people, including those in government employ, believe that government exists not to protect their rights but to project their beliefs and desires onto others at the point of a gun. Seen in that light, Lincoln is a real champion and worthy of celebration.
In Liberty

Missouri & our 2nd War for Independence (Gaddy)

Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 14:14:33 -0600
Subject: REBEL RANT FOR 7/6/2014


“In Northern Missouri the irregularities of the soldiers—such as taking poultry, pigs, milk, butter, preserves, potatoes, horses, and in fact everything they want; entering and searching houses, and stealing in many cases; committing rapes on the negroes and such like things—the effect has been to make a great many union men inveterate enemies…Then drunkenness is a great curse of officers and men…I can fully substantiate all I have written.” ~John T.K. Hayward, Unionist and general agent for the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, August 13, 1861 in a letter forwarded to Secretary of War, Simon Cameron as found in War of the Rebellion: A compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Volume 3 page 459
(Authors note: I was fortunate recently to meet a man, Robert Arnold of St. Louis, Missouri, who as a fellow ancestor of those who valiantly fought for Liberty in our Second War for Independence, graciously provided me with the following account of the actual events as they occurred in Missouri during this sordid period in our history. Rest assured, Mr. Arnold’s revelation will not be included in the history books read or studied by your children and grandchildren. My thanks to you, Mr. Arnold)

“Missouri had voted to remain in the Union but refused Lincoln’s call to arms. Here’s Gov. Claiborne Jackson’s reply to Washington DC, during April, 1861:

“Your dispatch of the 15th instant, making a call on Missouri for four regiments of men for immediate service has been received. There can be, I apprehend, no doubt but that the men are intended to form a part of the President’s army to make war on the people of the seceded states. Your requisition, in my judgment, is illegal, unconstitutional and revolutionary in its object; inhumane, diabolical and cannot be complied with. Not one man will Missouri furnish to carry on such an unholy crusade……(signed) Claiborne F. Jackson, Governor.”

Immediately upon receipt of the above, Lincoln ordered a military invasion and take-over of Missouri. Gov. Jackson activated the Missouri State Guard in his defense. The Guard was placed under the command of Sterling Price, himself a former MO governor. The Union army of invasion consisted of mostly Germans from the East, placed under the command of Gen. Lyons, who was stationed in St. Louis at the time. Lyons was ordered to oust Gov. Jackson and the legislature from the capitol and to occupy the state. They took over Jefferson City at bayonet point, Jackson and the legislature escaping ahead of the invaders. They traveled along with Price and the State Guard. Lincoln appointed a temporary governor, Hamilton Rowan Gamble.

Following several skirmishes between the MO State Guard and the Union army invaders, there resulted the Battle of Wilson’s Creek near Springfield, MO, or as we prefer to call it, the Battle of Oak Hills. Lyons was killed and the Union army defeated. It was the first major battle of the war west of the Mississippi.

Following that fight, Jackson and the state legislators convened near Carthage, MO, and submitted an act of secession from the Union.

“Whereas the government of the United States, in the possession and under the control of a sectional party, has wantonly violated the compact originally made between said government and the State of Missouri by invading with hostile armies the soil of the state, attacking and making prisoners of the militia while legally assembled under the state laws, forcibly occupying the state capitol and attempting through the instrumentality of domestic traitors to usurp the state government, seizing and destroying private property and murdering with fiendish malignity peaceable citizens, men, women and children, together with other acts of atrocity, indicating a deep seated hostility toward the people of Missouri and their institutions, and…

“Whereas the present administration of the government of the United States has utterly ignored the Constitution, subverted the government as constructed and intended by its makers, and established a despotic and arbitrary power instead thereof: Now, therefore,

“Be it enacted by the general assembly of the State of Missouri, that all political ties of every character now existing between the government of the United States of America and the people and government of the State of Missouri are hereby dissolved and the State of Missouri resuming the sovereignty granted by compact to the said United States upon admission of said State into the Federal Union, does again take its place as a free and independent republic amongst the nations of the earth..

“This act to take effect and be in force from and after its passage.”

Passed by the State Senate October 28, 1861
Passed by the State House of Representatives October 30, 1861
Signed into effect by Gov. Claiborne Fox Jackson October 31, 1861.”

Following its announced secession from the Union, Missouri applied for admission to the Confederate States of America and was admitted into the CSA by act of her Congress during November, 1861, as the 12th state in the CSA and as the 12th star in her various flags.

Nay-sayers to this very day will contend the legislation that passed the above act of secession from the Union was not in quorum. It has been counted that they were in quorum, and besides, it doesn’t make sense that they would take such action without a quorum. Nay-sayers will then argue that they’d been ousted from the capitol in favor of Federal appointees, and were therefore not the legitimate state government, but we argue that they were the elected state government.

Price took the State Guard into Arkansas where they were merged into the regular Confederate army and he was commissioned a Brig. General. Gov. Jackson died during war, in Little Rock, and the Lt. Gov. took the legislature to Marshall, TX, where he continued to conduct the affairs of state until war’s end. To this day, Marshall, TX, brags that it’s the only city in America to host another state’s government. During the war, Price was asked to assume command in the east, under Lee, but Price refused his own president by saying that his only concern was his home state. He twice led armies back into Missouri. The first attempt was repelled and the second was still underway when the war ended. Price went to Mexico after the war, then to England, before returning to St. Louis after things calmed down, where he was greeted with a ticker-tape parade. He originated the Price Mercantile Company, but died in St. Louis at a relatively early age. He’s buried beneath a large monument in St. Louis’s Bellefontaine cemetery.

The Union army had camps in nearly every county in Missouri for the duration, occupying the state under martial law. Lincoln appointed representatives to the United States Congress from Missouri while at the same time Missouri sent representatives to the CSA Congress. One of Lincoln’s cabinet members was from St. Louis – I believe it was Blair. So both countries claimed Missouri during the war, and I suppose that had the South won its independence, Missouri would have been part of the new country.”

“There is a Southern Accent, where I come from.
The young’uns call it country, the Yankees call it dumb.
I got my own way of talkin, but everything is done
With a Southern Accent, where I come from.”
Southern Accents, lyrics by Tom Petty, performed by Johnny Cash

In Liberty

“Most human beings only think they want freedom. In truth they yearn for the bondage of social order, rigid laws, materialism. The only freedom man really wants, is the freedom to become comfortable.”

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day . . . . I believe it [human condition] susceptible of much improvement, and most of all, in matters of government and religion; and that the diffusion of knowledge among the people is to be the instrument by which it is effected.” Thomas Jefferson, April 24, 1816 . (to Dupont de Nemours)

At first you don’t succeed, compromise, compromise, compromise!


Who needs another vote, after the white flag rising by Rino Republicans on the issue of Obamacare, the terms of their surrender were announced, euphemistly called in Arkansas the “Private Option” which was crafted in part by Gov. Beebe and anointed by Barack Obama.  

Knowledgeable citizens quickly understood, when informed, that when the so-called stalemate on the issue had emerged and closed-door bipartisan negotiations had occurred, it was patently obvious the “fix was in”.  Translation: republican compromise their alleged principles. Republicans get the smell, Democrats get the meat.

Terms & Reasons for the Republican surrender:

·    Admitted buying & selling of votes
·    Wholesale lying to constituents
·    Follow closely the real plans for the Hendren/Ballenger Amendment, Can you say Deceptive?
·    The propensity for Tea Party ideologues to accept free legal advice can be the death knell for their courageous & dedicated activities.
·    Finally, Beebe’s proclamation along with other Obamacareites, trolling the idea that the Private Option will have a “limited enrollment”. If you are or were a gambler & accept that gem then “deuces are wild”.

To seize the writings of a dear friend, American patriot and hero Michael Gaddy “Picking a delegation to create a government to which they would all become slaves.”.    Speaking of the Founders Mike wrote, “create a government that would place them under a more heinous power than that which they had just defeated is beyond comprehension and belief.”  Mike again speaking of the Founders, “Did they create a government that would assume dominion and control over their very lives and the lives of their posterity?”

Picture if you will what has taken place at the urgency of the Marxist Beebe administration accompanied by enabling sellout Republicans.

The Fix is definitely In, complements of House Speaker Carter & Pro Tem Sen. Lamoureaux and their mindless followers.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith  

What is the constitutional and lawful authority for Arkansas State University to utilize Arkansas taxpayer money proposing the creation of a university campus in Mexico?

What is the constitutional and lawful authority for Arkansas State University to utilize Arkansas taxpayer money proposing the creation of a university campus in Mexico?

 To Governor Mike Beebe, Members of the Arkansas Legislature, & Director of Higher Education Shane Broadway        

February 5th, 2014

ASU Chancellor Tim Hudson is in complete charge of a fiefdom and appears to be replete with inbreeding, cronyism, malfeasance, misfeasance or perhaps more? 

The following is a brief overview of some of the hiring practices occurring at Arkansas State University and the accompanying salaries of only 11 employees of A-State.

The important point here is that there was no external search for qualified candidates in 10 of the 11 employees which is a violation of Arkansas law. The 11th was a new hire.

Len Frey was the Dean of Business and he was appointed to that position without the university conducting a search.  They never posted the position to allow interested candidates to apply.

Frey was asked to serve as the chair of the search committee for the Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration.  As the chair of the committee, he took the opportunity to review the applicants & resumes. After this review, he decided to step down from the committee and apply for the job, after the position posting was closed. 

Frey was given the job.

 Jason Penry was brought to ASU by Chancellor Hudson to serve as “Chief of Staff”. Why does a public institution the size of ASU need a “Chief of Staff” for the Chancellor, in addition to 2 secretaries and part-time office assistants? 

No search was conducted for the “Chief of Staff” position.  Hudson brought him in from Texas Tech, his former employer. A year later Hudson terminated the existing Vice Chancellor for Advancement and reassigned Penry, once again without going through the legally required process to announce the position and conduct a search.

Hudson then hired Shawnie Carrier as the new “Chief of Staff”.  No experience related to that roll. Carrier was a former Chamber of Commerce person—the open borders, cheap labor outfit.

Lucinda McDaniel was hired as Legal Counsel for the university and is the daughter of former ASU President Smith…the position was never open for interested candidates to apply.

ASU Systems President Charles Welch moved the Systems’ office staff to Little Rock.  The University provides him with a house.  Welch lives at 4 Lacelle Ct in Little Rock.  A search of property of the Pulaski County Assessor records shows there is not a record for 4 Lacelle Ct, but are records for 1,2,3,5,6, & 7. Welch received a $20,517 salary increase for the year 2014, bringing his yearly salary to $311,217.00 not including the many perks not listed. Welch serves as a lobbyist for ASU.

A partial list of personnel housed in Little Rock are; Julie Bates/V.P. Finance, Jeff Hankins/V.P. Communications & Economic Development, & Robert Evans/V.P. Governmental Affairs.  Additionally, a horde of lawyers, legal assistants, Internal Audit & Audit Assistants in Jonesboro.

Dr. DeeDee Hudson, wife of Chancellor Hudson, current position unknown, former position house-wife, is knocking down $16,668 per year.

It should be noted that on the analysis of these personnel are numbers of people who are placed in positions with no relevant experience, i.e. Len Frey, V.P. Finance & Administration.

Another example is Shawnie Carrier who has no experience in Higher Education.

Logic is missing.  ASU is an organization that has an annual budget in excess of $100 million and begging for more and wanting to create an operation in a foreign land—Mexico and have hired a Chief Financial Officer that has zero experience in administering financials.

Governor Beebe, Members of the General Assembly & Director of Higher Education Shane Broadway, are you folks going to continue to permit an outlaw operation of these proportions to function unlawfully with huge abuses of taxpayer dollars and expand their areas of influence in a foreign country?

Ladies & Gentlemen of the governing bodies of Arkansas, are you aware of what is happening in the government you were elected and hired to oversee for the protection of Arkansas citizens? Do you not know what is going on in your own government? 

Further note that Gov. Beebe, in a press release, stated he was intent on shoveling more millions into what he surely, jokingly declared “education”. 

At this point the Governor, the legislature & other enablers have been silent on these issues, this is not acceptable.

The Protection Racket is in full bloom, votes, power, and money.

Note the financials below. 

Here is the revised chart:

Current Position


Former Position

External Search

 Former Salary 

 Current Salary 

Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration

Frey, Len

Dean of Business




Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Cooksey, Lynita

Associate Vice Chancellor




Associate Vice Chancellor

Hogue, Gina

Chair, History




Associate Vice Chancellor

Winn, Lori

Director of Personnel




Associate Vice Chancellor

Hannah, Russ





Vice Chancellor, Advancement

Penry, Jason

Chief of Staff




Chief Legal Counsel

McDaniel, Lucinda

Lawyer on Retainer




Chief Information Officer

Torres, Henry

Director of Teaching




Chief of Staff

Carrier, Shawnie

Arkadelphia Econ Development




Dean of Science & Math

Pratte, John

Chair of Chemistry





Hudson, Dee Dee





Chancellor Tim Hudson’s salary & increases could not be found.

The 11 employees listed above had salaries in 2013 totaling $1,160,344.00.  2014 totaling $1,524,963.00/for just 11 employees!  Increase= $364,619.00.

Lynita Cooksey received a $75,843.00 yearly increase. Jason Penry received a $46,495.00 yearly increase.

It is noteworthy that the Chambers of Commerce (globalists) has a large presence of current and former employees in official capacities on the Jonesboro campus, coupled with a substantial complement of A-State graduates. The rest of ASU employee high salaries are as unjustified as those salaries listed above.

With all the facts in mind, what can we expect from the Governor, the legislature, and the Director of Higher Education?

Joe McCutchen

Fort Smith, AR

P.S. It is confirmed that a college president was heard to say, referring to the Board of Trustees, “they eat out of my hands”.  Is this not the case with all school administrators?

Cradle to Grave Tyranny

On the road to 1984/Cradle to Grave Cultural Marxism (Communism/Collectivism)

Example:  Times Record 5/11/13 editorial headline, “Clinics provide care for the underserved”

Some Orwellian buzzwords/underserved, easier access, students must be seen regardless of ability to pay….throw in unmet needs, giving back, it takes a village.

It seems 7 Arkansas school districts are receiving “wellness center” funding…this particular focus was Mansfield, AR….”school based Wellness Centers to provide healthcare, mental healthcare, dental, & vision care…funded with $150,000 per year for 5 years & decrease after that.   Who then picks up the tab?  In fact, who pays for the entire length & breadth of this massive program?

1.    Blatantly unconstitutional—nowhere does it state that Forced Redistribution is acceptable, much less legal.  If government does not fund itself through tariffs, etc. as it did for many years then it must take by force from producing citizens (taxes, fees, etc.) since it creates no wealth of its own.

2.    Nowhere does the Constitution say that anyone is due “free” healthcare, food, housing, et al. To accept that as a proper premise one must first see nothing wrong with putting a gun to the head of one person to take his earnings to redistribute to another.

3.    Forced redistribution is the centerpiece for all forms of Collectivism—Socialism, Communism, and Fascism.  It is diametrically opposed to individual rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness—our Founding Principles.

4.    Most Forced Redistribution is done in the name of the “greater good”….whatever the “leaders” say it is.  Unfortunately, the fix is in on the taxpaying victims due to propagandizing government schools, mainstream media, entertainment, the fear factor, ad infinitum.

The editorial writer of course lauds these programs and never questions the morality of not only taking from the earned to bestow on the unearned but the insidious nature of undermining parental responsibility/family unit.

Lost in the Brave New World of Political Correctness (Cultural Marxism) are the concepts & results of rugged individualism, personal responsibility for self & family, of hard work, merit, achievement, academic excellence, freedom from coercion, and the right to rise or fall based on one’s own actions.  All sacrificed to a maudlin sea of emotions meant to stifle, suffocate and sacrifice the concept of the individual to that of the collective.

Observe the smug self-righteousness of the Machiavellian purveyors of counterfeit propagandizing…all the way to the bank.

~Barbara McCutchen 


Me, Senator Linda Chesterfield & The Facts:                April 7, 2013

Recently I have written missives faulting Senator Joyce Elliott for offering up Senate Bills each session, in this case SB 915 which grants unconstitutional largesse to children of illegal Mexican alien parents, legal & illegal, and OTM’s in the form of in-state tuition.  The unconstitutional largesse Senator Elliott proposes is more outright theft taken by force from the producers.

Senator Chesterfield, in response to my missives has labeled me “uncivil, making nasty accusations against her colleagues” and further stating my writings are “unwelcome & unwarranted”.

Like all progressives/Marxists she hurls incendiaries, e.g. racist, xenophobe, bigot, but in this case she uses the aforementioned denigrations without one shred of evidence or a defense of her statements. Never do they produce evidence. Many times the truth causes gastric discomfort.

She offers up her academic profile as being one of History & Political Science, injecting the statement that she was “confounded by reference to our Founding Principles” and that our Founders were “immigrants”.  You would expect a history major and an Arkansas State Senator would indeed be more knowledgeable and understanding regarding the Founding of our Republic.

My emails contain no statements regarding the immigration status of the Founders, but the Senator for some reason ties her non-point of the Founders immigration status to the aforementioned Founding Principles.

At this juncture I will offer a definition of what an immigrant is, for Senator Chesterfield and any others in the House & Senate who may not know the correct definition of an immigrant.  I will use Howard Sutherland’s definition. Without going into a lot a lot of peripheral information, it can simply be stated “Immigrants are people who leave one country, one society and move to another society. But there has to be a recipient society to which the immigrants move.  In our case, the recipient society was created by settlers who came here in the 17th & 18th centuries.  It was the settlers’ (of which the Founders were a part) Anglo-Protestant society and culture that attracted subsequent generations of immigrants to this country.”

The Founders were settlers, not immigrants.  We are a nation with immigrants, not a nation of immigrants. 

The Founding Principles were solidly based on concepts of the Enlightenment, e.g. individual rights & liberties, according to philosophers John Locke, et al. (Read the Declaration of Independence). What is “confounding” about that fact?

Certainly not what is occurring today at all levels of government:  Observe the present unconstitutional practices being proposed in the Arkansas House & Senate, i.e. the bill SB915 previously described and the Marxist/Obamacare proposal to add ¼ million more add-ons to terminal welfare (citizens & illegals) and the moment this legislation, if passed, the ¼ million people will automatically become eligible for all entitlement programs as everyone should know, bringing the grand total of Arkansans on welfare to over 1 million, accompanied by inherent abuses.

Citizens—this legislative behavior proves once more that Collectivism (Socialism/Fascism/Communism) is winning the battle over the individual rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

Joe McCutchen />