An off-the-wall Times Record editorial published Friday April 5, 2015, titled “Increased Sewer Rates Inevitable” April 13, 2015

Quotable statements by Madam Editor, City Manager Gosack, Mayor Sandy Sanders & Director Mike Lorenz were mind-boggling.

The year 1989, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a Consent Decree to immediately upgrade various components of the Fort Smith city sewer system.

Recall 4 years in advance of the initial EPA edict, in 1985 citizens voted for a 1 cent sales tax that was specifically earmarked, designating one half for streets and one half for sewers. During the ensuing 30 years the 1% sales tax generated $600 million, and obviously was misapplied, misappropriated, diverted, or all of the above.

2014 the EPA issued its final verdict that directs the city of Fort Smith to spend $480 million over a 12 year period to revamp its sewer system and also accompanied by a $300,000 fine. Any fool can readily understand that in 12 years there will be inflationary concerns, cost of doing business, cost overruns, ad infinitum, and in all likelihood reaching an ultimate cost of $ 3/4 Billion, meaning the residents of Fort Smith will pay for sewer upgrades that will cost well over twice the 12 year, $480 million EPA demand, that is if the city government had followed the city’s vote & trust along with the initial EPA decree. Then there is the sorry state of affairs pertaining to streets, also neglected.

The year 2014, City Manager Ray Gosack & his entourage were summoned to go to Dallas by the EPA. Returning from the meeting in Dallas, Gosack proclaimed like a conquering hero, that the deal HE (not the EPA) cut was a great deal. The arrogance of Gosack’s words is revolting.

Since the initial 1989 EPA mandate was ordered, Fort Smith has had 7 City Managers that have willfully disregarded the ‘89 demand by the EPA, couple that with all the City Boards who have been elected during the past 25 year period, and certainly applies to the present Board.

Gosack has been a key player in city government for 22 years. The present City Board, absent Director Pennartz, has been in power 35 years cummulatively….so why did the T.R. give the present Mayor, Board, & City Manager a pass? Did they have to wait for an invitation from the EPA before enacting what should have been done & completed and was voted on 30 years ago?

The following quotes expressed in the Times Record by Gosack & others are the height of absurdity and express in a woefully deceptive manner that the incompetence’s (massive debt & possible criminality) the residents are now facing are recent occurrences rather than the 25 years of actuality.

Madam Editor…”These are the guys who, almost literally, are cleaning up the mess left by earlier Boards”. These “guys” are a part of the mess. Madam Editor, City Manager Ray Gosack has been buried in this diversion for 22 years, it’s not a “mess” it is a financial calamity. The City Board had no other option but to accept the $480 million decree and a $300,000 fine, most of which Gosack bears the blame. Why are you not calling for the immediate resignation/firing of Gosack and an independent audit of city finances? Why did it take another EPA demand to force the present Board to comply with past decrees?

A quote from Gosack, “If a Consent Decree had not been approved by the city the Federal Government would have sued the city in Federal Court”. Some revelation by Gosack. Why did Gosack, accompanied by some past City Boards, put the city in these fiscally debilitating circumstances? Why didn’t Gosack think of that 22 years ago?

Trying to placate both sides, Madam Editor wrote “on top of that there would have been another $1.5 million for legal services, waiting longer to raise rates only would have increased the price and perhaps added new fines to the total”. More brilliant deduction and never does the editor or any of her reporters ask the question “Where did the earmarked $600 million go?” If city government will not obey the federal government demands, they certainly will not obey city voter demands.

Similar asinine statements were made in the editorial by Director Mike Lorenz and Mayor Sandy Sanders, but never an apology or even an excuse for their part in blowing the dedicated $600 million Street/Sewer tax from all the above.

Finally, Madam Editor states, “So we congratulate this Board for doing the dirty work”. Congratulating a City Manager, City Board & Mayor who had part in misapplying, misappropriating and diverting $600 million of taxpayers hard-earned money is an abuse of the word congratulate and a hard slap in the face of citizens, they are the problem.

The time is rapidly approaching when the ringing plea will be heard “KEEP YOUR PENNY ROLLING”. (Slogan to encourage votes for continuing the tax) Financed in large part by Griffin, Sicard, the F.S. Chamber of Commerce, & other self-serving interests.

The Bread & Circus crowd indoctrinated with Pavlov’s dog’s experiment will rush to the polls to “KEEP YOUR PENNY ROLLING”, producing millions for trails, bikeways, sharrows, signs, Marshall’s Museum, Water Park, Softball Fields, fluoridation, while at the same time, allegedly not having the capacities to fund Fire & Police pensions, proposing across the board 8% raises for all city employees, terrible streets, a $300,000 fine and the $480 million Consent Decree………and the beat goes on.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Ward #1 Director Keith Lau, in Sunday’s edition of the T.R. seems to be expressing a desire to reintroduce transparency in city government, an extremely huge advance in transparency could be made in this Tuesday Board meeting by he or one of the other Directors asking City Manager Gosack publicly why he was one of the major instruments in diverting the 30 year $600 million. Furthermore, Director Hutchings, asking for less time on citizen appearances at Board meetings is laughable due to the fact that he is a preacher, and I personally take umbrage at any attempt to squelch citizen input.

Censorship, the enemy of freedom.


Think about it folks. Not that long ago the City Board meetings were televised and citizens were allowed to speak/ask questions/give input after most meetings. Those unable to attend could watch the proceedings on their televisions. After the Board was challenged on some issues the TV camera was ejected (too expensive they said), in spite of the fact that private citizens offered to pay for it.

Not long after that, after being questioned and challenged again, the Board barred citizen input except on “special occasions”. Now we have Director Don Hutchings encouraging further censorship by saying 5 minutes is just too long to give citizens to express themselves!

This censorship is an idea expressed by a self-described “conservative” pastor. Sound familiar? (think Patriot Acts, NDAA, et al) Might make one wonder if this is his version of “Do unto others”?

This country was built on free expression/speech, and citizen input is vital to a transparent, healthy governing body…if such a thing is possible, especially these days.

Governing bodies have become arrogant, belligerent, defiant, and self-serving. Any such entity that blocks or ignores the taxpayers’ wishes and concerns is a rogue body, out of control and obviously willing and able to misuse their authority and the taxpayer monies put in their trust.

Once upon a time, discussions & debates could go on for hours, sometimes days in order to come to reasonable, fair conclusions. But now 5 MINUTES is simply too much to ask of our elected & appointed “leaders”.

Is it any wonder taxpaying citizens have zero trust in governing bodies? Why should they when they are told to shut up and sit down, or else. All the while they are the very ones funding the politicrats and their activities. What a tyrannical concept.

If “officials” can’t take the heat, why would anyone want them in the kitchen?

The lights are going out all over the world and another one just went out in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

~Barbara McCutchen

The Scales of Justice Broken



Do you believe Gov. Asa Hutchinson, the Arkansas General Assembly, Senators John Boozman & Tom Cotton, et al. have any intentions of attempting to solve the horrendous escalations in prison populations whether it be city, county, state, or Fed, other than, perhaps building more beds & prisons? The answer is a resounding NO!

Prisons & Jails are good businesses, profitable businesses, for both government & private endeavors, expands government, and favors suppliers. Prisons & jails are like city-states. They need all products demanded by small communities, and then some. It appears the business of prisons has become a very large, lucrative racket and the “War on Drugs” a miserable, expensive failure.

Case in point: The Times Record printed a story Friday, March 27,2014 titled “Drug Charges Net Fort Smith Man 17 years”, actually the sentence was 17 ½ years followed by 5 years of supervised release, and that in itself, in some cases, is worse than the actual sentence.

The sentence was all about ONE count of methamphetamine possession and intent to distribute.

Yes, the 33 year old man broke the law and should be penalized, but 22 ½ Years for possession of methamphetamine? 22 ½ years? The sentence was demanded by Federal Prosecutor Conner Eldtridge, U.S. Attorney for the Western District Arkansas. The sentence meted out for this young man was/is barbaric and uncivilized, and will be hugely taxpayer expensive, a condition that does not resonate in government.

In the same context, the man found guilty of stealing $272,236 from the Southside High School Band & on a prior occasion, $360,000 from the Missouri Willard High School Band Boosters, Sentence: 5 Years, so says Eldridge on a Channel 5 newscast. Weigh the magnitude of the crimes and sentences and compare.

Eldridge, in defense of his draconian sentence would no doubt stand on the government platform stating the federal law permits that sentence. Think about this again, 22 ½ long years just for having some methamphetamine in his possession and think further the exorbitant taxpayer cost to keep this man incarcerated for 17 ½ years, followed by another 5 years when he may or may not be released.

What will be positively accomplished by the barbaric sentence? If anything, it could be achieved in a much shorter time span—say 6 months to 1 year.

If politicians were interested in attempting to resolve at least a portion of the prison crisis, they would first visit & reevaluate the draconian sentencing laws at all levels of the judicial system, followed by drastic reductions in mandatory sentencing laws, as would be the case in this matter, from 6 months to 1 year, 2 years max followed by the creation of general educational classes based on the individual’s prevailing achieved academic status and professional instruction would last for the length of the sentence. A system reflecting this outline would not be perfect, but a beginning & a civilized approach to incarcerations, probably reducing recidivism and absolutely reducing the horrendous expenditures immensely. Today, the Arkansas recidivism rate, depending on the source, ranges between 45 & 70%. GOT THAT!

Tons of amphetamines & derivatives were legally prescribed from the 1940’s through the 1990’s (the military, weight control, and psychiatrics, etc.) and in the main, society functioned very well. Illicit drugs can be a menace to society with the continuation of prohibition-like laws as the treatment of choice to deal with the illicit drug problem that has proven to be wholly dysfunctional. Yet individuals who are elected, appointed & hired to protect society continue the prescription of failure. As Professor Polya so aptly calls it, “The Coalition of the Willing”.

Federal Prosecutor Eldridge is a political appointee and in all likelihood has never physically examined the inside actual workings of a Federal Prison. I heartedly suggest that he and others in like stations motor east to the federal prison in Forrest City and/or south to same in Texarkana and observe the masses of young prisoners, both sexes, gathered with their young families at visitation time and ask your collective selves, is this not in fact the real institution of criminality—wildly excessive incarcerations? Furthermore, Mr. Eldridge, if you and those of you with like minds spent one day and night in and under prison conditions; maybe you would change your prosecutorial positions.

Just think, like so many who have gone before, the 33 year old William Joseph Alexander has been put into a 22 ½ year vacuum and in all likelihood with prosecutorial vengeance, for a few milligrams or perhaps kilos (2.2 lbs.) of methamphetamine while at the same time similar sentences have incarcerated millions for having a bag or a few bags, or less of marijuana, etc.

The U.S. incarceration at a rate is 5X, YOU READ IT RIGHT, 5X the average incarceration rate of the industrialized world.


What is missing from this screed? The other half of Judicial incompetence & the arrogance & brutality of the entire system. What about the enforcement of 8 USC, Sections 1324a, 1325, 1459, & 1644…all of which clearly states the heavy penalties for illegally entering our country and for aiding, abetting, hiring, sheltering or transporting illegals, all absent prosecutions by Federal Prosecutors.

There are thousands of illegals nesting in the Fort Smith area specifically and Arkansas generally, accompanied by numerous gangs; therefore why is Prosecutor Eldridge not using the many policing agencies & powers at his disposal to round up illegals, the gangs, and their employers and prosecute?

Is it not ironic that Fed. Prosecutor Eldridge can step out the front door of his office, gaze south for a couple of hundred yards, and see one of the bigger violations of 8 USC in the matter of abetting, hiring and employing thousands of illegal Mexicans and OTM’s by a foreign-owned poultry corporation. At the same time Prosecutor Eldridge has no qualms regarding sending a young American citizen to the Big House for 17 ½ years while destroying his potentially productive life.

Federal Prosecutor Eldridge along with all federal officials has sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rule of Law. All Federal Prosecutors have refused to use & enforce their legal authorities in prosecuting the illegal alien U.S. population and their U.S. employers. At the same time U.S. President Obama has released onto the streets 167,000 foreign national illegal criminal aliens who have been duly prosecuted, serving hard time, and not a word or explanation from the Western District Federal Prosecutor, or any of the rest of their numbers.

While all the above carnage is being dumped on American society, President Obama, unconstitutionally and illegally, is importing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and the local Western District Prosecutor, along with his colleagues, have all been muzzled and are obviously willing participants demonstrated by their silence. THE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM IS NOT BROKEN—IT IS THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THE SYSTEM THAT ARE BROKEN & CORRUPT.

While Federal Prosecutor Eldridge turns a blind eye to rampant criminal behaviors he has no problem in sending the young man William Joseph Alexander up the river for much of his life. SO MUCH FOR REAL AMERICAN JUSTICE. BREAD & CIRCUSES, YOU KNOW!

Is it any wonder that the United States holds more prisoners per capita than any country around the globe? Nothing to be proud of. By the way, William Joseph Alexander will be 55 years of age, if he is fully released on schedule…for possession of a few grams or less of Meth.

Government has no shame or concern for taxpaying Arkansans and Americans, and is more than willing to let this poisonous spider continue to grow its killing tentacles.

Education in the prison system, accompanied by an 80% reduction in the length of certain prison sentences are possible viable solutions for taxpayer financial and a general societal relief.

Joe McCutchen

Three departments in Arkansas government dealing with Corrections had an increase this year of $20 million.

This followed up by a $40 million surplus and Gov. Hutchinson gets $20 million to spread at his pleasure. The State Senate & House divide the other $20 million to secure their positions & other purposes

Why was this $40 million not returned to the beleaguered taxpaying citizens? The practice is abject corruption by any standard.

Private property rights under attack



The transmitter of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT legislation to Ark. state legislators is identified as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) an instrument of Agenda 21. Senator Files belongs as do most Republican Senate & House members to this freedom-killing organization.

Agenda 21 proposes and is intended to be implemented on EVERY PERSON on earth…it calls for specific changes for ALL PEOPLE.
563 American cities have already implemented Agenda 21…is Fort Smith one of the 563?

1. LAND…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures & inefficacies of the market.
2. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS…will have to take a backseat to the COLLECTIVE.
4. A VIEW OF WHAT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE—single family homes, paved & tarred roads, dams & reservoirs, power line construction, plowing of soil, raising of livestock, etc. etc. etc. (See “Agenda 21 in One Easy Lesson” by Tom DeWeese,4/6/11, News with Views)

Citizens, have you noticed the recent frenzy induced by the Fort Smith city government or was it induced by the state & federal government, pertaining to Bikeways, Walkways, Trails, and the city/county governments’ activities in promoting Parks, a Water Park, Softball Complexes, etc? Why the sudden interest? Consider, if you will, “Bread & Circuses”, that is keeping the majority of the masses entertained, liken to Pavlov’s dogs, e.g. conditioned responses. In this particular case, entertainment venues compliments of the F.S. city government, but all paid for by gullible taxpaying citizens. The ultimate goal?

A Roman poet, Juvenal, circa AD 100, displayed his contempt for Roman politicians that passed laws in 140 BC to keep the votes of poorer citizens by introducing a “grain dole”: giving out cheap food & entertainment, i.e. “BREAD & CIRCUSES”, and quickly became the most effective way to rise to power. Can you say America today, or in this case, Fort Smith today?

Are these wonderful entertainment venues set in place by politicians and bureaucrats out of the kindred spirit for “public service”, or is there another agenda/motive?

The answer is absolutely yes! It is called “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”, the god of globalism and its goals. While citizens enjoy Bread & Circuses they are subjected to more indoctrination & conditioning unbeknownst to them. The result is ordinary citizens coming to rely wholly on government for all things provided by the increasing throngs of so-called “public servants” who claim they are diligently laboring to better the lives of us Ordinaries—do you believe that?

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is the battle cry of the United Nations and U.S. governments, and is vigorously being promoted globally. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’S progenitor is the U.N.’s Agenda 21=CITIZEN CONTROL.

Now you say, our Fort Smith Board of Directors and other hired public servants, e.g. City Manager Ray Gosack, would never be involved in promoting freedom & property-taking programs. Unfortunately there’s reason to believe some Board members do not comprehend the destructive concepts of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and its far reaching deleterious effects on citizens. Be aware that City Manager Gosack and his handlers, accompanied by Sebastian County Judge David Hudson, must be aware of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. They are longtime wards of government, therefore they do not possess the political freedoms or willingness to govern & advocate with & for independent resolutions. Their voices & acts echo only the instructions meted out by their respective government unions who have no regard for middleclass citizen concerns. OBSERVE!

Have you noticed that all the above listed endeavors, Trails, Parks, etc. have already reached fruition in the quad-cities of NW Arkansas? Do you believe Fort Smith’s efforts are simply a coincidence?

Note the activities of the Frontier Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), an unelected Non-governmental Organization (NGO). Circa 2014 the moribund Frontier NGO arose from the sands like a Phoenix and now presumes and in actuality is the unelected chief advocate & promoter for Bikeways, Pedestrian Walkways & the Trails and other development projects, so say some elected officials. Therefore: who are the stakeholders in the Frontier MPO and what is their game? Some would say “public service”, I say, “Go to the back of the class”.

The city of Fort Smith pays dues to an entity called Western Arkansas Development & Planning in the amount of about $26,000 per year. The organization’s function is to take over every facet of citizens’ private lives in F.S. as will be shown as this article continues. The organization has 7 departments, one of which, for example, is RITA (an NGO) and Republican State Representative Matt Pitsch is the CEO, unelected, the authority, funded by whom and how much?

Recent statistics indicate there are at least 22 NGO’s in Fort Smith—all unelected & appointed, exercising immense control & power over our lives.
The Frontier MPO (an NGO) is under the heavy hand of Cultureal Marxist planner Diane Morrison and is funded by the Arkansas state & federal governments. By how much? City sources say, at this point, Fort Smith does not fund, but Morrison claims that the city will contribute for openers $17 million to the projected Trail System, in addition to continuing state & national funding. Morrison is the CEO of the Frontier MPO and is a salaried position…how much & who appointed Morrison & under what authority? Officials relate that Morrison has sole authority over the Trails Project & other development projects. What are the development projects? Are Morrison & her Frontier MPO presently involved in financial arrangements pertaining to the construction of the projected multi-county Trail System?

Another example of elected officials delegating their responsibilities to unelected persons, accompanied by little or no oversight.
Morrison’s website claims she has expertise in 34 areas dealing with SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, all having to do with the reshaping & remodeling (removal of private property) of every facet of the city of Fort Smith and is comfortable using the term SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT in her job description; the reason I label her a Cultural Marxist. Her planning calls for the ultimate demolition of all citizen privacies & rights. It is oxymoronic that Ms. Morrison’s involvement in Cultural Marxist philosophies has to be subsidized by a free enterprise society.

Specific questions have been submitted to some elected officials pertaining to the Frontier MPO and other subjects relating to citizen concerns, e.g. financial contracts made with American Resort Management. At this juncture far more questions arose than were answered—authority, contracts, grants, salaries, etc.. Is it a cover-up or do they simply not know?

FOIA’s have been submitted to City Manager Gosack & County Judge Hudson. The results will be reported.

Under the guise of transparency, city government and the Frontier MPO have previously orchestrated 3-4 “window dressing” meetings to sell the Trail System. Meetings were sparsely attended and in the main attendees were self-servers, e.g. bicycle shop owners. Probably less than a combined attendance of 100 individuals in a metroplex of 150,000 or more residents and being directed by an unelected state/federal body…they and the city government have forcibly & brazenly usurped the rights of Fort Smith citizens.

Citizens, do you want 100 or less individuals to dictate the tenor of business for 150,000-? Why don’t the City Manager, Mayor & Board of Directors take responsibility themselves for the 87 mile inter-counties Trail system and subject themselves to questions regarding SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT? Again, statements made by some elected officials would suggest they are oblivious to the ultimate goals of the Trail System being proposed to citizens as eye-candy.

Four more of the so-called public open-houses for Trails discussion are scheduled beginning this month and are to be held in Greenwood, Pocola, Van Buren, and Fort Smith. Certainly not a local program, nor is it intended to be.

Again, the question must be asked—why all of a sudden the volcanic interest in Trails? Do Ft. Smith politicians, bureaucrats & aspiring Insiders possess an insatiable appetite to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to satisfy the desires of a hundred people or less, or is there another agenda?

Yes! it is one of Agenda 21’s children, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Bread & Circuses you know—keep the majority of the masses preoccupied, fat, entertained and uninformed and they will gleefully walk into the flytrap & won’t know what hit them when the tent of freedom collapses. Precisely, the physical & mental state of many if not most Americans.

The majority of the masses are ignorant. The word ignorant is not to be interpreted as denigrating or hateful. It simply means–Absent Facts.

Many Americans, I believe, are aware of corrupt political & bureaucratic shell games, cover-ups, and diversions that impregnate every facet of American governments, but do not understand how to identify.

The implementation of Trail Networks is being pursued globally, instrumented by the United Nations & global governments as Job One and guarantees, in the near term, limitations on the types of transportation allowed, via the gerrymandering of borders, boundaries, traffic patterns, while controlling and limiting destinations. The reconfiguring of housing models (stack & pack), mass rationing & a takeover of all privately held natural resources, e.g. waterways. Additionally another right to be forcibly taken is our right to private property. Laws are being passed presently which provide cover for the unconstitutional & the vile act of private property confiscation; witness Arkansas SB 757 introduced by Fort Smith Republican Senator Jake Files. See below.

Plentiful entertainment venues, incorporated with other so called freebies, make it much easier for governments (police, fire, game wardens, forest rangers, et al) to control and manage populations. Notice: these agencies are all militarized and take their orders from national & international governments and NGO’s, not from you or me.

If you believe government is protecting your God-given & Constitutional rights, you are indeed ignorant (observe the number of laws, regulations, codes, etc. being passed currently by the Arkansas General Assembly—over 2,000). Much of the legislation in this session is being promulgated by outside interests, corporations & “non-profits” (NGO’s), to whit Senator Jake Files’ SB 757 gives the Arkansas state government power to preempt private property, i.e. expand state government’s Eminent Domain capacities, resulting ultimately in the elimination of private property—SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

In one section of SB 757 there are 15 points that lead to NO RECOVERY FOR CONFISCATED PROPERTY.

The Bill is a quagmire of slick political legalese. SB 757 also limits government compensation to private property owners, denying Constitutional rights.

Senator Files is in the quid-pro-quo business, e.g. $2 million state taxpayer dollars to the projected Fort Smith Marshall’s Museum in exchange for an ownership in a huge softball complex, much if not most is to be funded by taxpayers.

SB 757 was funneled to Senator Files & the Republican dominated General Assembly by the freedom-killing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC is the genesis of much legislation offered and passed in state assemblies.

Realtors, contractors, Morrison with her 34 areas of Cultural Marxism; (e.g. multiple planning’s, grants, outreaches & “place making”, consulting, etc.) attorneys, bureaucracies, government expansion, etc. to name a few will make millions with the implementation of Files SB 757 with the help of his RINO buddies.

To bring that statement even closer to home, if you believe City Manager Ray Gosack and Sebastian County Judge Hudson and their enablers are protecting your rights, you are surely comatose. The above two have been wards of government throughout their adult lives and are instructed via their state & national unions every program they are to institute, sustain, and the mechanisms to be employed.
Citizens, we are in the flypaper. The omnipresent activities of the power-lusting Democrat & Republican parties, if left to their designs, guarantee the flame of liberty will be extinguished, in this case by Republicans.

The City Street & Sewer Sales Tax vote that would in part subsidize the projected SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Fort Smith Trail System will appear on a ballot in May.

Will it pass? Absolutely! Remember—Bread & Circuses & Ignorance. A textbook example of citizens subsidizing their own demise.
The war for the elimination of our freedoms is in full bloom and Sustainable Development is just one of the multitudes of instruments that are being used to control the masses—BREAD & CIRCUSES. Juvenal understood despotic government 100 AD, so why can’t citizens understand in 2015?

Government is and has always been the reservoir for despots.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. There are other significant matters, i.e. the $1/2 billion mandate and the accompanying $300,000 fine issued by the EPA, the anticipated 7-8% pay raises for all city employees, unfunded police & fire pensions, forced water fluoridation, the dysfunctional Convention Center, the proposed Marshal’s Museum, subsidizing downtown property owners, the failed Mitsubishi deal, replete with a plethora of “Bread & Circus” projects—all allegedly short or without funding. Where did the 30 year, $600 million street/sewer tax money go that was earmarked to fix crumbling streets and the dysfunctional sewer system?


The Arkansas Con-Con Con

THE CON-CON (Constitutional Convention) CON MARCHES ON. March 9, 2015

Just what is this collection of RINOS in the Arkansas General Assembly really up to? On the one hand they are trying to create a new amendment while at the same time trying to destroy an existing amendment—Amendment #7 (trial by jury).

The Constitutional Convention being pushed by RINOS in the current Arkansas General Assembly session is allegedly leading toward a balanced budget amendment at the federal level. Oh yeah? The RINOS just recently agreed to accept $200 million or so yearly from the Feds, allowing them to inflate Medicaid (Obamacare).

This endeavor is an absolute absurdity & hoax. The United States Federal Government has not used the United States Constitution & Bill of Rights as their compass since 1861. This can’t be a legitimate endeavor being pursued by the current Arkansas General Assembly with a nexus to other states.

I would challenge any member of the current Assembly to name one (1) Constitutional event that the President, the Senate or the House has been involved in.

War Criminal and former President Geo. W. Bush, if you recall, made his infamous statement “the Constitution is just a “G.D” piece of paper”…that statement was a battle cry that the Constitution was no longer inviolate and since that day the Constitution has been shredded by the criminally corrupt American government, e.g. the neutering of the 4th & 10th Amendments—the bulwarks of former American freedom; years & years of undeclared wars; a plethora of illegal & unconstitutional Executive Orders; the overthrowing of governments in sovereign nations (the latest Ukraine); torture; murdering of American citizens as well as foreign nationals, accompanied by spying, lying, propagandizing political correctness, ad infinitum.

Do the RINOS in the Ark. General Assembly actually believe that a new amendment would actually stop the unconstitutional spending fiesta? ——Now an $18 TRILLION national debt & $120 TRILLION in unfunded mandates. Members of the Assembly—you cannot possibly be that stupid.

The members of the Ark. General Assembly cannot plausibly believe the Con-Con Con they are pursuing is legitimate and in the best interest of the citizens of Arkansas specifically and America generally …………, what is really their ultimate goal in the nefarious Con?

Surely they understand that if they are to achieve their goals the Constitution and its demands will, for all practical purposes, no longer exist—it will be attacked by any number of entities pursuing their own personal goals, as I believe the RINOS in the current Ark. General Assembly are doing and who are their puppet-masters?


Joe McCutchen

Huckabee–a Con-Con Conman of the worst order

From: Secure Arkansas []
Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2015 1:32 AM
To: Joe and Barbara
Subject: Huckabee’s Influence on the Convention of States…

Vote NAY, and Oppose any version of a Convention Of States (COS), Article V Amendment Convention, and Compact for a Balanced Budget – in Arkansas or ANY State!

(This bill comes up in the Arkansas House Committee on State Agencies and Government Affairs on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 9:00 a.m! This bill must DIE in Committee!)

HJR1003 AN APPLICATION FOR A CONVENTION OF THE STATES UNDER ARTICLE V OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. (This bill failed of adoption in the House on March 3, 2015. Watch out for this bill! This bill may be going back to the Arkansas House State Agencies Committee to add an amendment and then back to the House to be voted on.)
To see how the Arkansas House voted on this bill, click here.

HB1006 AN ACT TO ADOPT THE COMPACT FOR A BALANCED BUDGET; AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES (Returned by the committee “Do Pass”. This bill is scheduled to come up in the Arkansas House on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. This bill MUST DIE in the House.)
Daniel Webster provided these words of encouragement: “Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6,000 years may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”

Legislators, we encourage you to dig for the truth. Don’t be deceived by people coming to you in sheep’s clothing telling you “this Convention Of States is for a balanced budget and this is the only way we can get a handle on the federal budget”. A Convention of States is an Article V (five) Amendment Convention or a Constitutional Convention. The Convention of States is created out of false hopes, dreams, and deception. The supporters of the COS are counting on everyone believing their deception and half truths.

The Progressive Republicans seem to be in control in Washington, D.C, and they do have control of the purse strings. The only safe way to create a balanced budget amendment is by introducing a Balanced Budget Amendment at the Federal Level in Congress. This would require ? of each house and then be ratified by ¾ of the states. The Federal level would still come under U.S. Constitution Article V but it would ensure that there is NO CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. The COS method DOES open the door for a Constitutional Convention.

Now, what do the following three supporters of the Convention Of States (COS) — Michael P. Farris, Curtis Coleman, and Mike Huckabee — have in common? They are all so-called ministers and appear to be preaching the false Gospel of untruths and deception. Speaking of deception, the misleading Convention of States website is full of tricks and stratagems to deceive. Don’t be fooled! There’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution or the U.S. statutes that covers a “Convention of States”.

Statement from Mike Huckabee on the Convention of States site:
“My longtime friend, Michael Farris — who is an excellent constitutional litigator and professor — has joined with Mark Meckler and Citizens for Self-Governance to actually bring [a Convention of States] into reality. I have reviewed their plan and it is both innovative and realistic. I urge you to join me in supporting the Convention of States Project with Citizens for Self-Governance.”

A Convention of States is a project of Citizens for Self-Governance which Secure Arkansas does NOT support! This group is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!
Convention of States Endorsements
This one-page handout (click the link above) summarizes the Convention of States Project, highlights COS-related news clippings, and includes endorsements from Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Sen. Tom Coburn, Mike Huckabee, Sen. Ron Johnson, and Glenn Beck. (All of these people seem to be part of the Controlled Opposition.)

You don’t have to be too smart to understand the ways of the progressives are out to destroy our country and put us all under their control. We can’t let this happen. We have progressives on both the Right and the Left. Don’t let these so-called conservatives fool you. Are you kidding? By their fruits, you should be able to judge them.

In our opinion, Mike Huckabee is a progressive. What else could he be? The policies he’s supporting (shown below) all seem like they were taken from the U.N. Agenda 21 playbook. His record speaks for itself!
1. Huckabee wants to track people like packages using RFID
2. Huckabee is Advised by Council On Foreign Relations 2008 (YouTube video)
3. ”Huckabee is a high-tax, protectionist, big-government advocate of a strong hand in the Oval Office directing the lives of Americans.”
4. “Mike Huckabee urges states to back Common Core” On Jun 4, 2013 – … Former Ark. Governor Mike Huckabee sent the following letter to Oklahoma lawmakers, urging the continued bold adoption of rigorous Common Core.
5. Legality of Huckabee’s Mexican Consulate deal questioned
6. Huckabee’s pardons at issue after police killings

Most of the groups and individuals supporting the Convention Of States are in bed with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Mike Huckabee is one of these individuals, and he actually spoke at ALEC’s 34th Annual Convention in July 2011. ALEC also supports Common Core, water fluoridation, and big government.

Are some Convention Of States’ Key Supporters Connected to Common Core? YES! There is a connection of Common Core to ALEC, Huckabee, National Governors’ Association and U.S. Department of Education. Secure Arkansas’ opinion is that Mike Huckabee still appears to be supporting Common Core because he has a very complex stand on education. We agree with this Oklahoma educator who wrote an informative article to show Huckabee’s stance. Here is just one eye-opening paragraph from her article:
“Huckabee admitted right up front on his show that he is losing a good sized chunk of his TV audience. He then admitted and described a few, but not all, of the problems that are coming from Common Core Standards themselves. Huckabee said, “The term Common Core needs to disappear from the lexicon of education policy.” But a name change won’t change the philosophy or the centralized control policies that have been put into place.”

Here’s a link that shows his letter to Oklahoma lawmakers urging them to back Common Core. Also, Mike Huckabee is co-chairman of Alliance for a Healthier Generation which Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation co-founded. Mike Huckabee is also an advisory board member of Secure America Now with CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) member John R. Bolton and CFR member Devon Gaffney Cross.

Click here for another article that exposes Common Core ALEC corporate connections. Some of these groups are also supporting the Convention Of States (COS).

Do you really trust these groups attempting to change our U.S. Constitution? It looks as though our state lawmakers have taken all the federal grant money they can get their hands on and have jeopardized our children with Common Core curriculum in this so-called Race to the Top.

ALEC Demands Lawmakers Pledge Allegiance – to ALEC December 10, 2013
The State Chair must sign the ALEC form “The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) State Chair Job Description and Agreement” that appears on page 19 through 21 of the attached August 6, 2013 ALEC Board Meeting. One item in the ALEC Allegiance Pledge is:
“I will act with care and loyalty and put the interests of the organization first.” So, you see, legislator loyalty is to ALEC and NOT to the voters they are supposed to represent. Aren’t these legislators supposed to be safeguarding our Constitution?

A letter (shown below) written by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is encouraging state representatives to vote for Rep. Ballinger’s bill, HJR 1003, that calls for a Convention of States. This same letter was also sent to other Arkansas legislators. Please note on the bottom of Mike Huckabee’s letter, it shows “Convention Of States”. Is Mike Huckabee a paid lobbyist for the Convention Of States?

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer

Arkansas Legislators, PLEASE vote NO on HJR1001, HJR1003, and HB1006.

Secure Arkansas supporters: Keep calling all the legislators, please!
Tell them you want them to vote “NO” on HJR1001, HJR1003, AND HB1006 (all 18 pages!). We must stop the Con-Con!

Please notify Secure Arkansas about the responses you receive from your legislator.

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The Con-Con Con & Republicrats


Con-Con is the current verbiage for a Constitutional Convention.

Republicans, for at least a decade, have been pursuing a very, very dangerous “Constitutional Convention”. It is improbable that they are so dense that they do not understand the potential damage a Constitutional Convention can wreak. Once in motion there are no controlling mechanisms to limit what individuals or entities can participate in the Convention, modify, or expand perpetuating their own self interests.

The two Republican shills directing Con-Con activities in this year’s Arkansas General Assembly are Rep. Nate Bell (R-Mena) and Rep. Bob Ballenger (R-Hindsville).

Both Bell & Ballenger’s resolutions depend on approval of 38 and 34 states respectively.

Specifically, Rep. Bell requires the petitioning of Congress for a Constitutional Convention to CONSIDER a federal balanced budget amendment. Bell’s bill is ID’d as HB 1006.

Rep. Ballenger’s bill has also been endorsed as House Joint Resolution 1003.

Ballenger’s resolution calls for a C-C to also impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limiting their power & jurisdiction and the closing part of his resolution states—“limiting the terms of federal office holders”. An insult to every Arkansan. Refer to his vote on Issue 3….doubling term limits for the General Assembly.

Isn’t that interesting since Ballenger & also Bell voted for the Republican sponsored Issue 3 that allowed the Senate and the House a 150% increase in their salaries as starters, also allowing Republicans to put together an independent commission of political cronies to rule on ethics & salaries. The corrupt Republican state party masked their true intent by labeling Issue 3 as an ethics bill that in fact DOUBLED THEIR TERM LIMITS. What a scurrilous bunch!

The Republicans in the Arkansas General Assembly pushing for one Constitutional Amendment and at the same time laboring feverishly to destroy the 7th Constitutional Amendment in the Bill of Rights…the right to trial by jury of your peers—not government or big business administering trials and capping damages.

Elected Republicans are too cunning & deceptive to believe they have the ability by any means, most particularly a C-C that could or would slow down, much less stop any aspect of the criminal, cowardly U.S. Federal Government. Our U.S. Constitution states very explicitly what is demanded of government in every aspect. Observe the corrupt conduct of the 3 branches of government. Look no further than the past 14 years—unending wars, the Affordable Care Act (Ark. Republicans extended for 2 years, which means it is here to stay), illegal immigration, amnesty, $18 Trillion national debt, spying & frying, the neutering of the 4th & 10th Amendments, the National Defense Authorization Bill, & the deadly merry-go-round keeps spinning. War criminal, former President G.W. Bush stated the U.S. Constitution was nothing but a “G.D. piece of paper”. Who do Republicans think they are kidding?

So who are Arkansas Republicans shilling for and why? Definitely the RNC, ALEC, the Koch Brothers, etc. etc. it’s hard to imagine that 2 representatives from Mena & Hindsville have a burning interest in a Constitutional Convention, and most particularly when both reside in illegal Mexican sanctuary cities under the control of the leadership of the quad-cities of NW Arkansas.

Another attempt to destroy our American heritage, culture, sovereignty and the monumental efforts gifted to us by our Founding Fathers.
As the Republican majority party in Arkansas, you have again proven yourselves to be nothing more than the betrayers of citizen’s trust and a laughing stock.

The question remains—what is the real purpose of the proposed “Constitutional Convention”?

Joe McCutchen

Scalia–another charleton in a lifetime position of destruction


February 27, 2015

Regarding Scalia’s speech in Fort Smith, AR yesterday:

Scalia, speaking about the cases he “falls on his sword for” are those that deal with the “real Constitution and those who attempt to tinker with the construction of government”. In that statement he was at least disingenuous, since the DC Republican establishment and the Republican members of the Ark. General Assembly in concert with the U.S. Chambers of Commerce, nursing home lobbyists, and the multitude of big business interests have launched a serious attack on the Bill of Rights, Amendment 7, i.e. the right of trial by jury of your peers shall be preserved.

The aforementioned organizations are lobbying & purchasing support to overturn the 7th Amendment to allow government to predetermine caps on monetary awards. Government will of course make the various appointments e.g. the recently appointed ethics committee created in the Ark. General Assembly to determine their own salaries & any ethical concerns, better known as Issue 3—an inside job by any dimension.
Scalia further stating, “every tinhorn dictator and every banana republic today has a Bill of Rights”, Scalia said but without a Constitution to prevent centralization of power to one person or one political party. Is this not what we are presently witnessing in the U.S. compliments of Obama?

The very idea that Justice Scalia would make the above statements when he and the other 8 “Justices” have allowed the past 3 presidents to engage in any numbers of criminal acts, e.g. former Pres. Bill Clinton destroyed the sovereign nation of Yugoslavia resulting in the creation of 6 provinces, all done so the Clinton Administration could “protect U.S. interests”…what U.S. interests?—preemptive, murderous air strikes, 500 per day.

Former Pres. G.W. Bush destroyed Iraq, at the time an ally of the U.S. , all built on lies resulting in the murdering of millions of innocent Iraqis that offered no threat to the U.S. Bush’s attacks on U.S. citizen liberties were and are unprecedented until the present U.S. president entered the scene. Bush and Zionist insiders passed twice the unconstitutional Patriot Acts nullifying the 4th & 10th Amendments, neutered Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus, permitted torture, international spying, the murder of American citizens without any hearings, droning, the Military Commissions Act, The Homegrown Radicalized Terror Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, etc. etc. All draconian, immoral, and unconstitutional.

In view of these facts and many more, how can Scalia look in the faces of 800 school children and crow about his love and upholding of the U.S. Constitution?—a crime in itself.

Fast forward to President Barack Hussein Obama, who with the aid of both political parties passed unconstitutionally The Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, with the aid of Republican Chief Justice Roberts, claiming Obamacare was a “tax”, and the Republican Party.

The lawlessness of the Obama administration, i.e. the Executive Branch is unparalleled, a dictatorship. Obama’s corruption has passed into the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank. He has carried on torture, assassination of U.S. citizens without the due process of law, issued untold numbers of Executive Orders that dissolve U.S. border security & allows mass immigration, legal & illegal, awards amnesty to millions of illegals, has tripled H1-B visas while 92 million Americans are jobless. The Obama Administration has overthrown the duly elected government of Ukraine, the Libyan government and his sites are on the governments of Syria, Venezuela, Argentina, and Cuba. The U.S. has been transformed into a police state, compliments of the past 3 presidents, congress, the Dept. of Justice, and the Supreme Court and the beat goes on & on.

The United States has preemptively destroyed 7 Mideastern countries in a 14 year war and observe the casualties on both sides at a Trillion dollar cost and for what?

Scalia has been on board in his lifetime position since the Reagan Administration and has been a strong voice posing as a conservative while aiding and abetting the hemorrhaging of the Constitution and U.S. citizens.

Scalia is nothing more than a Constitutional Imposter. The Constitution is not dead, only the people elected & appointed to protect it.
The constitution has not been a part of American lives since the mid 1900’s and to be more specific, since 1861.

Joe McCutchen

the Governor lied, surprise, surprise!


That voice was that of “Conservative, Religious & Constitutionalist” (so he says) Gov. Asa Hutchinson. He exclaimed to me that all able-bodied recipients of the “Private Option”, i.e. Obamacare must be “given an incentive to look for a job”. That sounded like a “fool’s gold” bribe to me. With the Governor’s message I thought surely I had already been to the marijuana shoppe, after all a “Conservative” Governor attempting to bribe hundreds of thousands of American shirkers & illegal Mexicans & OTM’s?

An oppressive government (Arkansas) can take by force the economic production from the middleclass and dispense it to those who refuse to work. Precisely what the Governor proposed and is materializing.

Governor Hutchinson has been dining at the taxpaying producers’ lunch box his entire adult life and he knows more than anyone that welfare recipients, in the main, do not and will not look for jobs. His aforementioned proclamation documents the fact that the majority is not now seeking nor will they ever seek employment.

Therefore; why did he make such an outrageous statement that insults the very constituency that voted him into office? And I say citizens, in this collection of parasites are thousands of illegal residents who also enjoy the fruits of middle-class production and all the time the middleclass is subsidizing their own demise by continuing to elect shameless, corrupt career politicians & the hiring of bureaucrats.

May I suggest to the “Conservative” Governor the real antidote for such despicable conduct (the offering & the accepting of bribery) of career welfare-ites, including politicians & bureaucrats…a swift kick in the form of no more checks; the only solution.

It then comes to mind as I am jogging home from the marijuana shoppe that Gov. Hutchinson is also in receipt of 4-5 Elitist welfare checks himself and will always be in favor of government expansion

His voice came to me again, even more resonating, and there was applause in the background—no doubt the state legislature– as he forcefully stated “there will be no effort put forward to cancel the Private Option”, i.e. Obamacare that he and the legislature will wait 2 years so as to provide time to devise, alter and/or craft some form of legislation that will mildly modify the Private Option.

The governor knows full well that 2 years hence there will not be a snowball’s chance in hell to overturn Obamacare, while he as the Governor & state legislature are a significant party to turning over the entirety of American healthcare to the corrupt, criminal state & federal governments.

Asa Hutchinson’s campaign for the Governor of the state of Arkansas was based on two issues:
1. $100 million tax relief for the middleclass
2. The destruction of the “Private Option”, i.e. Obamacare
Both have turned out to be falsehoods, a complete reversal of his campaign promises.

I was beginning to tire returning from my long jog to & from the marijuana shoppe, and I asked myself the question, “what has the alleged ‘Conservative, religious, Constitutional “ Governor Hutchinson ever accomplished in his lifetime career of “public service” (self-service) that has any redeeming qualities? I can find none. Once he came close. As a sitting Congressman he convened a political summit in NW Arkansas made up of congressmen, FBI, DEA, local & state police, sheriffs, etc. to confront what he & other DC luminaries called the illegal drug trafficking problem. The hearing revealed that it was caused by illegal Mexican distribution centers and drug trafficking in NW Arkansas. News of the gathering lasted 12 hours before the news blackout occurred.

He failed as Federal Prosecutor and as head of the DHS. So why would any thinking individual believe he would vigorously support the taxpaying middleclass as opposed to illegals and American shirkers?

He’s making fools of the citizens of Arkansas and the majority of the masses probably deserve that description.

After cogitating the bribe and the continued implementation of the Socialized Private Option by the newly elected Governor, I’ve decided to take a short break & immediately jog back down the Trails to the marijuana shoppe because I know I’m going to be forced to write another check to the rapacious government; therefore the necessity for a few more deep inhalations. I say “forced” because resistance brings government retaliation.

Joe McCutchen

Revisiting the Distressed Cavaliers & real history

June 21, 2009 What the politicized institutions don’t want you to know.

The “Distressed Cavaliers”…….The best kept secret in our history, next to the truth about tyrant “Honest Abe”. (Read “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo)

The Collectivists/Politically Correct purveyors’ worst nightmare would be for American citizens to learn of their true Founding history….from the establishment of Jamestown by adventurers and businessmen BEFORE the Pilgrim’s Plymouth Rock, the first Thanksgiving at Berkley Plantation, BEFORE the Pilgrims’, to the wonderment of the saga of the “Distressed Cavaliers”. (Such knowledge might give rise to the pride Americans once had in their heritage, something carefully destroyed by the Politically Correct method of Cultural Marxists.)

In the mid 1600’s Sir William Berkeley, Governor of Virginia, had the brilliant plan of recruiting the younger sons of English Noble families. He was able to entice them with promises of land and position because under the custom of the day, only the oldest son was allowed to inherit the family estate and fortune. Another contributing factor was the ascendency of the Puritans in England who persecuted the non-Puritans. Hence the name, “The Distressed Cavaliers”. (“Albion’s Seed”, by David Fischer)

From these ranks came young men of education, intelligence, bravery, honor, ambition, entrepreneurialship, and leadership. Englishmen of breeding and substance. It was from this stock that the First Families of Virginia arose. They included names such as Custis, Harrison, Randolph, Mason, Madison, Washington, Lee, Jefferson, Jay, Carroll, etc.
Our beginnings and subsequent progress were not based on “Diversity”, a twisted concept at best. It was based on consistency, rule of law, honor, and a knowledge of the Enlightenment philosophy of Individualism. A man was judged by strict rules on conduct, which allowed those of lesser circumstances to function and succeed as well.

No wonder none of this is taught in the Collective Government Schools. Knowledge such as this might make for a citizenry schooled in merit and the fact that government’s only legitimate business is that of protecting the rights of the citizens and the Constitution.
A great country cannot grow based on ignorance, superstition, or anarchy, which is the result of multi-culturalism, (too many legal & illegal aliens from 3rd World cultures having little or no redeeming factors…in short all people are not the same; much depends on their achievements and values) leading to tyranny and dictatorship over the masses. Individual rights and freedoms are an anathema to Collectivists—whether Socialists, Fascists, Communists, or Monarchists.

Every aspect of Western Civilization is under attack and every other culture is being touted…all by design to destroy its very foundations. Some call it genocide.

Our Founders accomplished the most astonishing achievement in the history of the known world…they established a Constitutional Republic at the beginning of our nation, which differed drastically from Democracy (Mob Rule)which is how politicians, bureaucrats and other co-conspirators are fond of describing our system today, and all forms of Collectivism ever tried. The rights of the individual were held supreme, not the power of government. The Right to Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness was not meant for government but for individual citizens.

Oh, how we need the Cavaliers today to vanquish the trolls and harpies who rule over us, demean and threaten our very existence.

Barbara McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return