Have you lost your minds?

HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS? December 18, 2014

I vividly recall Fort Smith business man Jerry Hamel repeatedly asking that very question a few years ago at a Fort Smith City Board meeting while they were still honest enough to televise their meetings for taxpayers’ transparency & oversight. That disappeared shortly after.

The question is even more poignant and relative now that we taxpaying citizens discover that for 30 years we’ve been paying a specific tax to have our sewers & streets upgraded to comply with common sense, legitimate costly problems, and an EPA mandate and that the mission is not only NOT accomplished but WE have to cough up a huge fine for that fact with absolutely no explanation or defense for the preventable crisis.

The Fort Smith City Government is worse than derelict, it as a whole or certain individuals within it are complicit in fraud and/or too uniformed to be employed in their capacities.

The most obvious suspect is the man who’s been next to or in charge of city machinations for over 22 years, City Administrator Ray Gosack. (By the way, did we ever find out the whys, wherefores, & outcome of the thousands of dollars’ worth of uncashed checks written to Fort Smith from the Van Buren Water Department that were found stashed in someone’s city desk drawer?)

The cavalier attitude and lack of concern/responsibility exhibited by him, the Mayor & most of the Board is not only irresponsible but unbelievably arrogant or cowardly.

If there is no accountability there is chaos & in all likelihood layers of criminality, period. The easiest job in the world is spending other people’s money, especially if there are no penalties for misfeasance.

More than one individual is responsible for the EPA $300.000 fine and a $200 million edict which has already ballooned to a $ ½ BILLION mandate. Heads should roll. In the private sector they would not only be fired and sued for the missing/misspent money but they would no doubt go to jail. Why should government be any different?

At the very same time we have city & county governments contemplating or already in motion to fluoridate our water (against the voters expressed will), spending millions on trails, bikeways, event nodes, (all of which will be utilized by a miniscule of the population & unneeded)….already losing millions on public transportation, the Convention Center, et al., all unfunded.

Is it any wonder that so many taxpayers distrust their governments? They get taken to the cleaners and the perpetrators (politicrats & private cronies) not only profit but are free of accountability!

The whole scenario mirrors “The Emperor’s New Clothes” parody…the con men convince the Emperor he’s being fitted with fine array and he parades & struts naked in the streets and the people are too intimidated & brainwashed to admit the truth…they just oooh & aaah over the impressive raiment…it takes the innocence/honesty of youth to proclaim that the Emperor is indeed NAKED for the people to admit the truth.

Yes, Mr. Hamel, they have not only lost their minds but also their ethics, honesty, courage and responsibility.

Citizens—don’t any of you care that you have been fleeced like sheep, humiliated, & robbed and no one pays the price for it? Who are you afraid of? Where are your voices…the Emperor is indeed NAKED for all to see.

Where is the press? The Times Record continues to write “minutes of the meeting” type reports day after day, never an investigative report or any hard questions regarding obvious discrepancies…no wonder newspapers are doomed to file 13. Who wants to read the same old politically correct regurgitation on a daily basis?

If fitting into the collective P.C. crowd is more important to citizens than their own hard earned money, property and individual rights/ liberties, then many minds have been lost, along with the rule of law/justice & our Founding Principles…probably forever.

~Barbara McCutchen

Where is the Wampum?

WHERE IS THE WAMPUM???? December 17, 2014

What City Manager Ray Gosack, his underlings and present & past Fort Smith City Directors have done and are doing to the citizens of the city of Fort Smith is indefensible.

They are all guilty, past and present, of misfeasance or malfeasance or both.

The year 1985 citizens voted for a 1% road/sewer tax and it has remained in effect for 29 years generating hundreds of millions of dollars, yet the sewer crisis/problem remains. Additionally, the streets are in a state of disarray, WHERE DID THE MONEY GO???

In 1989 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated the city of Fort Smith Arkansas to correct major sewer/ground water deficiencies. The city exhibiting hubris & stupidity has ignored the EPA mandate for 25 years.

Recall: the city wisely passed the 1% street/sewer tax 4 years before the EPA mandate, yet no positive action by the present City Manager accompanied by past & present Mayors & City Boards. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO??

During the month of December 2014 the EPA fined the city of Fort Smith $300,000, plus a $200 million mandate to correct the long term violations. Within the month the EPA mandate rose to $500 million (1/2 Billion) and within the 12 year mandate the dollar figure will in all likelihood go north to somewhere approaching $750 million. The lack of action to correct these major water deficiencies by Gosack & past & present city Boards is financially criminal, and citizens bearing the major economic pain. Why should citizens have to pay the fine and those responsible do not?

Not one public comment by any member of the present city government regarding an explanation or a defense of their sordid governmental misconduct.

Apparently the present Board of Directors has not one modicum of understanding of financials, and that is being euphemistic.

Add to the present long-term financial woes engendered upon citizens by this government pertaining to the sewer deficiencies, Gosack has sold out the citizens in the matter of United Nations Agenda 21 (trails, bikeways, event nodes, etc.) and Police Chief Lindsey’s membership in 2 INTERNATIONAL policing organizations which dictate the tenor of business in all areas for the F.S.P.D. removing any influence from Fort Smith citizens. These 2 actions are despicable.

Then there is the question of how many hundreds of thousands of dollars of city taxpayer money have been surreptitiously directed into Griffin’s & Sicard’s Marshal Museum?

The Mayor & City Administrator should immediately fire City Manager Ray Gosack, the city attorney Jerry Canfield and then promptly resign. This would allow for a deep-seated, detailed independent audit and reforming the city government. WHERE DID THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS GO DURING THESE PAST 29 YEARS?

Where is the taxpayer citizens’ outrage and are they not guilty of allowing the above scenarios coming to past? And WHERE IS THE WAMPUM???

Joe McCutchen
P.S. Are we to believe none of the people in city government know how to balance a checkbook? Let the Ax quickly drop.

Government Types Rely on Gullibility


It’s hard to avoid pejorative comments when speaking of/about politicians and bureaucrats and other hangers-on, particularly when they are hell-bent on enslaving citizens.

Hot Dog! A new word from the Agenda 21 crowd. “SHARROWS” Sharrows is an international word used where the mode of transportation relies heavily on non-carbon fuel, i.e. bicycles, rickshaws, horse drawn carriages, walking and running.

Add “sharrows” to the lexicon of Agenda 21’s Sustainable Development’s words & phrases that the Fort Smith city government has recently adopted, e.g. quality of place, sense of place, event nodes, smart growth, bikeways, wayfinding signs, and now sharrows.

When government types have “visions” that arise out of the ashes of the Phoenix, the cost of said “visions” are always unbridled and the consequences are many in terms of loss of freedoms and/or treasure.

A Fort Smith fellow by the name Drew Linder had such a “vision”. Linder’s vision: a looping trail extending around the city at a projected cost of $9.5 million to $17 million for openers. No estimates pertaining to the numbers of new government employees and maintenance that such a program would demand.

Lorie Robertson, Parks Commission Chairwoman, opines, “We will earmark up to 10% of tax revenue for trails.” Ah yes, gullible citizens will jump on it.

Note: Robertson is the chairwoman of an unelected, non-governmental operation (NGO). Again, NGO’s blunt and completely isolate/remove citizen influence in government.

All the above in the face of a recent $300,000 EPA fine, ½ BILLION dollar edict from the EPA, projected 8% salary increases for city employees, the trails/bikeways scheme, bankrupt pension programs, fluoridation, all devoid of money to fund, therefore new taxes will be pursued….Question: WHERE DID THE 1% SALES TAX MONEY GO??

Bicycle Advocacy groups are very powerful. Advocacy is a fancy word for lobbying, influencing and/or strong-arming the politicians and the public. They are a very useful self-serving tool for “Smart Growth” & “Sustainable Development” which are integral parts of U.N. Agenda 21.

It’s not just about bike lanes, it’s about remaking cities and rural areas to the “sustainable model”. High density urban development (stack’em & pack’em) without parking for cars is the goal. Bike groups are the “shock troops” for the Agenda 21 plan.

Bush I signed us on to Agenda 21 in 1992. In 2009 600 U.S. cities, towns, counties had agreed to Sustainability Principles…Fort Smith, AR is a certainty to be among those now well over 600.


Linder made another poignant statement, knowing or unknowing “I think it is such a good fit for the street tax because it’s just another form of transportation.” Spoken like a U.N. Agenda 21 advocate.

Are Linder & Robertson unknowingly parrots or are they advocates for the United Nation’s Agenda 21 freedom killing cabal?
City Manager Gosack most likely knows and is an active agent in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, as is Mayor Sanders, but do the City Directors know or understand?

Joe McCutchen

Common Core Mathematics

December 12, 2014

The United States’ Federal Government, that’s us, own a national debt of $18 TRILLION and of this date will become $19 TRILLION, compliments of the national Republican leadership. Additionally, there is the matter of $120 TRILLION of unfunded mandates, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and an array of other unconstitutional unjustifiable so-called entitlements owed by U.S. citizens.

Sometime during the week of Dec. 1-5 Fort Smith citizens were made aware that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated the city of Ft. Smith Arkansas to pay $200 million toward remedies for at least a 40 year old drainage problem, plus a $300,000 fine! No explanations by 22 yr Ft. Smith veteran employee City Administrator Ray Gosack and/or the Board of Directors where the tax money went that was dedicated to fix the drainage problem for the past 29 years.

Dec. 10, 2014 citizens were notified that the $200 million mandate had grown to $500 Million ( ½ Billion) dollars and in all likelihood could be more, to be directed for solving the drainage problems.

The Fort Smith City Government is either guilty of deliberate subterfuge or gross incompetence, couple that with a dose of arrogance & hubris pointed at the citizen taxpayers.

The city of Fort Smith is a microcosm, mirror image of the U.S. Federal Government, dominated by crooks, liars, self-proclaimed elitists, and/or mental midgets.

Have the readers of this missive ever asked themselves, will the soon to be $19 TRILLION debt ever be paid? Of course, the answer is NO.

Aren’t you glad you voted for these courageous, constitutional, honorable Republicans? Their fix is in.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Why does the local newspaper never question city policies of any sort? What has the 4th Estate become?


The Money Pit?

WHERE DID THE MONEY GO? Mismanagement? December 8, 2014

Gentle lady & Gentlemen of the City Board—an immediate 4% increase in the cost of health insurance for city employees, paid for by the private sector, is a raise! Is a Raise! Then there is the matter of City Manager Ray Gosack.

In the case the ½ % of the 1% road & water/sewer tax, specifically dedicated to sewers & overflow ground & waste waters, soon to be 30 years of specific taxation for sewer, flooding, overflow problems accompanied by no tangible results. What happened to the money?

The arrogance, hubris and/or the lack of factual data exhibited by the Fort Smith city government is breathtaking. The present & past city governments have put city residents into a taxpaying tail spin devoid of explanation and detailed public discussions particularly pertaining to the $200 Million EPA mandate, a $300,000 fine, and forced hiring of 82 or more (?) new employees. Specifically, where did the money go these past 30 years? ‘The massive shortages in Fire & Police funds and a stated 8% salary increases for city employees with no available funding for said increases, at least 2 new programs Bikeways, Trails, etc., and water fluoridation, both accompanied also by no funding.

Director Mike Lorenz, “We’ve just got to fix the problem, no matter how ugly it is”. For Director Lorenz: it’s not a problem, it is significant problems. Director Lorenz statement would indicate he just recently became aware of the multiple financial crises. And of course, with certainty his solution is to continue pushing for the extension of the 1% tax and diverting said tax to EPA fines & deficits, diversion seems to have been the case for the last 30 years.

Some of City Manager Ray Gosack’s convoluted recent statements: “These overflows are a violation of the Clean Water Act”. That statement is an insult to citizens, certainly not a revelation…citizens have been aware of these overflows for 30 or more years. City Manager Gosack has been employed by the city of Fort Smith for at least 22 years and should have been acutely aware of these many deficiencies and foolish expenditures. Why hasn’t he, along with the past & present Board addressed these problems with the money allocated for them? It seems obvious that dedicated tax monies have been moved around to different accounts for free-wheeling spending by this Administration and others resulting in great difficulty tracking the spending? How can anyone be in upper city management for that long and not be acutely aware of these multiple crises?

In what appears to be a victory statement by Gosack, “I’m pleased to report that after 2 days of negotiation in Dallas last month, facilitated by Arkansas A.G. Dustin McDaniel, we (the city) have reached a conceptual agreement on a recommended consent decree.” Incredulous! Fines, mandates & huge increase in numbers of employees!

The time is now to dig deeply into past spending and what/who benefited…that means an INDEPENDENT AUDIT.

The dysfunctional F.S. city government cannot be trusted due to a lack of forceful, knowledgeable leadership emanating from the Directors. Gosack in his profile says he believes in a transparent government. The Mayor and Board of Directors, at the very least appear to be grossly incompetent for whatever the reasons. Obviously the city Board is not much more than enabling sycophants for Gosack, otherwise the taxpayers would not be facing a huge fine, a massive EPA mandate, and huge financial shortfalls.

Gosack has been ensconced in Fort Smith city government off & on for at least 22 years, dating back to 1985 when the 1% road/sewer tax was passed, yet he makes the following statement, “In the decades prior however, it’s unclear why the city’s sewer woes went unchecked”. Unfathomable. In all their views it always comes down to taxation, government expansion, no accountability, and business as usual. Never do they entertain the concept/precept of operating within existing revenue streams, as the private sector must do.

Another Gosack gem,”We’ve really in many ways turned the ship 180 degrees”. Think if you will, if the Public Servants had addressed the sewer problem in 1985 as they were mandated to do so by the 1% road/sewer tax, think of the positive advancements and savings of taxpayer dollars that we would enjoy today.

The sewer/waste water problem is precisely the mirror image of the Lee Creek fiasco back in the 1980’s, orchestrated by City Government, editorials in the Times Record, and an engineering firm who benefited hugely in a land deal surrounding Lee Creek and the throwaway of over $22million, while at the same time all the above were denying the viability of raising the dam at Lake Fort Smith when facts were readily available that supported the raising of the dam, which just now has been accomplished after all that waste. We are now looking at 12 years or more to get remedy for sewer/waste water problems.

Another bit of government dishonesty…Gosack trying to justify an 8% or more raise for city employees, (1% cost of Living—a raise, 2 ½ to 3% or more for merit/Step Raises, plus the disingenuous proposed 4% pay increase for city employees’ health insurance…a raise).
Gosack states “Fort Smith’s pay rate is 12% behind other regional, benchmark cities”. Government has been getting away with this “benchmark” shell game for decades. What happens in Fort Smith bares no relation to the demographics, economics, or natural resources of other cities. As stated previously, if the city does not have the funds for Pensions, the city certainly does not have the funds for city salary increases, much less enormously expensive new projects!

Fort Smith’s City Government’s philosophy, “We’ll get on it next year”….which has amounted to 30 years of inattention & procrastination and should have been directed at significant problems involving sewer, flooding, and discharging foul water into the Arkansas River resulting in high levels of pollution.

Then there is the immoral, unethical, dishonest practice of funneling millions of taxpayer dollars into the nascent Marshal’s Museum and other special interest projects. The Marshal’s Museum is a private endeavor being orchestrated by Richard Griffin, Sam Sicard, Jr. and their cohorts. For transparency sake, how many citizen total taxpayer dollars has the Fort Smith city government transferred to the embryonic Marshal’s Museum and why are citizens being forced to subsidize downtown special interests up & down Garrison Ave?


Joe McCutchen

Camp of the Saints & Cultural Marxists

December 5, 2014
Eerily reminiscent of the novel “The Camp of the Saints”, the first few million 3rd & 4th world scouts’ aboard “freighters” (any form of transportation) have arrived, unloaded and dispersed into our nation, as well as all Western civilized nations of the globe.

They were/are given special dispensation….receiving food stamps, healthcare (including Huckabee’s brain child, free pre & post natal healthcare for illegals), education, housing, SSI, ad infinitum, often responding with volatile “demonstrations” demanding “rights” unheard of in their native countries, happening in varying degrees in all 1st world countries, not just the USA.

These freebies, all subsidized by hardworking taxpaying citizens, serve to encourage & embolden the aliens’ unconstitutional, outlaw invasions. Outrageous behavior, all possible because of the utterly corrupt political system in DC, state capitals, city & county administrations’ cowardice & destructive complicity in the USA specifically, and ditto globally.

Khazar Jewish Communist Cultural Marxists, e.g. Lukacs, Adorno (“Who will save us from Western Civilization?”), Horkheimer, Fromm, Gramsci, & Marcuse i.e. designed a system in the 1930’s to destroy Western Civilization without preemptive bloody violence (which was tried and failed in Russia) and that Gramsci described as “The long march through the institutions”; meaning the infiltration & takeover of every institution of influence & education.

The strategy used was called Critical Theory…..relentlessly criticize & attack all Western/cultural/family values and concepts, e.g. the importance of reason, rugged individualism, individual protected rights such as life, liberty & property. The strategy worked like a charm…a slow, steady introduction of anti-American ideas, such as affirmative action, sexism, multiculturalism, feminism, white guilt for real or unreal offenses of past generations (i.e. unearned guilt), etc.

The combination of white guilt & multicultural propaganda (“diversity is our strength” BS) produced the sovereignty killing concept of open borders, allowing the 3rd & 4th world to invade and degrade
The USA morphed from a country with rational self-interest employing the Ellis Island concept of checking would be immigrants for diseases, criminal backgrounds, skills, ability/will to assimilate & sponsors who would be responsible for immigrants not becoming wards of the taxpayers into a lawless system of allowing (often facilitating) the entrance of unchecked aliens by the millions.

No nation can survive that does not protect its culture, language & borders…which was/is the plan. Unchecked Illiterates from 3rd & 4th world societies en masse bring no redeeming qualities for the growth & well-being of a constitutional, rational rule of law society/ country; they bring only frightfully expensive problems for the taxpayers, e.g. schools, law enforcement, healthcare, welfare, dramatically increased crime, chaos, et al. Most are illiterate in their own languages, both in reading & writing.

In addition to the perpetrators whose motive is to destroy western civilization, there are the facilitating hordes of companies, organizations & individuals looking to cash in on cheap labor and government funding for immediate gratification…to hell with the future ramifications/destruction. By the way, when the middle class is gone, who will buy all their products?

Once the “immigrants” are ensconced they are easily agitated into expecting not only more & more, not only of the privileges of lawful folks, but of special goodies also, to the point they feel entitled to unearned rewards, joined by the native agitating neer-do=well parasites.

Now that the U.S. Emperor has proclaimed Amnesty expect untold millions of like aliens, destroying & swallowing up the host country much like locust plagues and/or the destructive stampedes described so eloquently in The Camp of the Saints. Only the Elites may escape. Some statistics project that by 2030 whites will only be 13% of a world population of about 9 billion, considering the successful deliberate fomenting of hatred toward whites by the Cultural Marxists & other races as well, what is your conclusion?

A depletion of treasure & the spillage of innocent blood is the logical result—which translates into savage looting, burning & killing. OBSERVE FERGUSON. Ponder the demographics & try to tell yourself DNA is not a factor. The Camp of the Saints freighter armadas are loaded & in motion & there is nothing to stop them. The tsunami is underway and there is slim to no chance for escape. The Cultural Marxist strategy of destructive “racism” has been successful beyond their wildest dreams and the Camp of the Saints’ prediction is in progress.

A final question: How do the white/Jewish agitator facilitators think they will somehow survive/thrive? Answer: they won’t—the tsunami they unleashed cares nothing for them and will engulf & swallow them up too. Poetic justice…but a tragic dirge for civilized humankind and its achievements, along with happiness & peace on earth…the price for Adorno’s “saving us from Western Civilization”.

~Barbara McCutchen

The vanishing transparency in government

December 1, 2014

Where did the money go? Is the alleged deficit a new phenomenon or has it been accruing over a period of time?

Nothing about the proposed 2015 budget meets the smell test and certainly does not favor the taxpaying citizens in any manner. The budget proposes more city government expansion and accompanied by maybe a dose of incompetence.

The Directors’ proposed cuts are cosmetic, meaningless…travel, entertainment, advertising, etc.
If City Manager Gosack and the Board were approaching the 2015 budget with citizen concerns in mind, they would tailor the budget to existing revenue streams.

Instead, the opposite: Bestow raises to employees without existing revenue.

Apparently they have toyed with Fire & Police pensions resulting in a shortage numbering in the millions. Why has a shortage occurred?

The application of the 1% street/sewer tax , while calling for more sewer & surface water taxation will bring the cumulative to 3 taxes for water & sewer—one old and two new. The 1% tax has been in effect for 29 years and generated hundreds of millions of dollars…where did the money go?

Up for a vote in May, the city is angling to divert 20% of the 29 yr old street/sewer 1% tax to a new massive unfunded program—Bikeways, Trails, Signage, Event Nodes, etc., as well as the Fire/Police deficit pension funds. And by the way, what is the cost & function of the Frontier NGO (non-elected) that has arisen from the ashes like a Phoenix?

Then there is the fluoridation of water in spite of citizens’ voted objections, and no funding to install and maintain except for a $1 million buyout of the F.S. Directors by the Delta Dental Insurance Co. Arrogance & hubris would you say?

The following is stunning. In your face private sector citizens. City employees’ pay raises could easily exceed 7%! E.g. 1% cost of living increase, 2 ½ to 3% or more merit and/or step salary increases, coupled to a 4% add-on cost for employee health insurance.

How many tax increases, diversions, and fees are they proposing and will get? For starters, a 25% increase in utilities fees, 4% increase in water & sewer rates, raise franchise fees 25% for telephone service, electric, gas, and cable TV ¼ %, and the possibility of the reincarnation of latent business license.

What is the cost to the city for Chief Lindsey’s membership and protocols from at least two memberships in international policing organizations?

What was the cost and the results for Gosack & cronies to fly to Dallas to renegotiate a pending EPA lawsuit that has been smoldering for 30 years pertaining to damaging sewer & surface water problems? And on the subject, where did the money go (1/2 of the 1% street/sewer tax dedicated specifically for that purpose)?

The possible illegal diversion of Fort Smith city taxpayer money to the fledgling “private” enterprise Marshal’s Museum. How much from city, county, & state, inception to present?

Why were there no cuts in or the abolishment of the yearly $250,000 dedicated to Mayor Sanders?
Then there is the murky Sen. Jake Files/city government softball complex deal.

Are the taxpaying citizens of Fort Smith, AR victims of a rogue city government?

Joe McCutchen

The Clarion Call from the Political Cow Pile: RAISE TAXES!!!

The Fort Smith Board of Directors sitting squarely in the middle of a political & ethical cow pile—technically called misfeasance. Are they even aware? November 20, 2014

Misfeasance defined: The doing of a lawful act in an unlawful or improper manner, so there is an infringement on the rights of another or others. (They may not all be lawful)

Is the causative agent for the Board of Directors conduct hubris, ignorance, or going along to get along? The Fort Smith City Government is in hot pursuit of the same destructive patterns as the federal government—deficit spending, government expansion and the creation of massive new government programs and protocols.

The present state of affairs:

I. The drumbeat for Employee pay raises continues—City Directors currently promoting raises for ALL city employees, absent funding. Their reasoning; they need a raise; they deserve a raise, etc. (All working people in the private sector, the people who subsidize the salaries of city employees. would also like raises!) Because any employee wants a raise does not mean they deserve it or that they will get it regardless of the status of available revenue. In this case the availability is zero.
Directors, those of you in the middle of the cow pile, holding a club over private citizens’ heads, money is NOT available. Where have each of you been while some critical funds were depleted and no incoming revenues to support, e.g. Fire & Police Pensions. Then the millions of dollars designated for the sewer & ground water dilemma via street/sewer taxes? Where did the designated money go?

At-Large Director Kevin Settle stated, “City Manager Gosack, (with a salary of $153,000 per year + perks), had not received a raise in 2 ½ years”. My, my! Settle’s remedy, “pay raises for all” mentality is to continue to stand in the middle of the political cow pile and institute measures to forcibly extract hard earned private sector capital to reward city brigades with a raise without available funding! His Solution: RAISE TAXES!

If city employees feel disenfranchised they are free to move on down the road.

Settle made another outlandish statement, “Gosack has shown a great ability to lead the city”. Does financial bungling, failure to address the deficits of water & sewers (why is there a deficit?), depletion of Police & Fire Pensions, and at the same time presses for new sources of funding via multiple new taxation schemes, while introducing new massive programs…to name a few. Does this describe “a great ability”?
II. City Government navigating toward more & bigger government—Trails, Bikeways, Signage, Event Nodes, Quality of Place, etc. all compliments of U.N. Agenda 21– coupled to no available funding. Directors Lau & Lorenz would have citizens believe that Agenda 21 is a “conspiracy”, in all likelihood neither of the two are versed or aware of this unconstitutional, globalist freedom-taking attack on American citizens which is occurring all over the U.S. Do the research.
The decision for this massive undertaking was allegedly made by 6 dozen bikers & walkers in a metro population of 150,000 or more.
III. It appears the 29 year old sewer tax has been diverted while Directors are proposing a new additional sewer tax to undergird the proposed disjointed street & sewer tax to be voted in May.
City Administration is counting on citizens to pass the extension of the 29 year old street & sewer tax modified to allow 20% of said tax to be diverted to pensions and the U.N. Agenda 21’s Bikeways & Trails; thereby shorting the streets & sewers again to cover their financial bungling.

I believe come May that citizens will embrace the Gruber Theorem.

IV. Fluoridation: the will of the people you say? Massive amounts of Sodium Fluoride to be dumped into the state’s very best drinking water, compliments of the self-serving Delta Dental and the feckless City Board. Does anyone know what the long term daily cumulative effects are for forced medication of Sodium Fluoride?
Another UNFUNDED MANDATE bestowed on citizens by the City Administration. Delta Dental is putting up $1 million for start-up costs. More city government expansion, expense to maintain, accompanied by invasions into citizens’ private lives. Fluoride is cheaply & readily available for individual consumption in pharmacies for those who desire it.

V. The matter of the Fort Smith Police Department belonging to at least two INTERNATIONAL policing bodies that determine protocols for the FSPD, e.g. training, regulatory statutes, strategies, military mechanization, etc. Police Chief Lindsey has taken ownership and oversight of the FSPD from Fort Smith citizens without detailed explanation.
VI. The proposed Marshal’s Museum, billed as a private sector endeavor, has commandeered millions of taxpayer dollars in the dead of night, without citizen knowledge or approval. How big is the hit taxpayers have taken on this deal?
Are citizens still subsidizing MM Director Jim Dunn $100,000 per year for travel?
The big question: who lays claim to the ownership of MM assets?

Joe McCutchen

Cc: citizens

Funding shell games?


Another burning question, what division or divisions of government did the money come from and upon whose authority to direct taxpayer monies to fund the nascent Marshal’s Museum and who claims ownership of the MM? The MM has from the very outset been billed as a “private endeavor”, and has proved to be anything but, obviously a lie. Millions of taxpayer dollars diverted without taxpayer permission and funneled into the MM project without taxpayer knowledge. These taxpayer dollars came from Washington DC, the state of Arkansas, Sebastian County, and the city of Fort Smith. A serpentine project by any standard.

Who is calling the shots and who are the beneficiaries of the proposed Marshal’s Museum? Could the beneficiaries be in part Richard Griffin, Sam Sicard, the Westphal’s, Jim Dunn & his minions, and perhaps numerous others?

Where are City Manager Ray Gosack’s hands in this suspicious conundrum?

The citizens have every right to know the total taxpayer dollars that the city of Fort Smith & Sebastian County have dumped into the MM project beginning at its inception to the present, and could the aforementioned shortages be attributed to diverting city funds to the MM?
The Sunday Times Record “BUDGET OPTIONS DIVIDE LEADERS”. The options appear to be tax, spend, and increase the size of government.

The “Leaders” solution to solve deficit spending is to give (without available funds) across the board raises to city employees and commence a new ultra expensive Agenda 21 project designated as Trails & Bikeways.

Pay raises should be based on merit only. The average pay for those citizens that work in the private sector is $42,800 yearly (Economist Simon Black). Senator Rand Paul stated recently that government employees at all levels are in the range of $100,000 or more. This number may be arguable but points out the disparity between government and the private sector. Never should a government employee, totally dependent on the private sector, be paid more than comparable private sector employees.

Furthermore: There is no available funding for the city’s forced medication program—Fluoridation.

Then there is the dubious, arcane “deal” involving Senator Jake Files, the City Directors, and the 8 softball fields’ complex. Is this a political payoff?

Then the all-important matter of the projected shortage in funding for Fire & Police pensions. Why is this issue just now being brought to the attention of city taxpayers, and where did the money go? The future shortage should have been forecasted well in advance and corrective measures taken.

Aside from the surreptitious Marshal’s Museum affair, the 30 year, at least, ongoing sewer & surface water problems still have not been corrected! This is an atrocity. Why? The city road & sewer tax has been in effect for 29 years and has received hundreds of millions of dollars dedicated to sewer & surface waters…where did this money go and how was it spent?

The city government, now using legislative force, is bent on creating an additional ongoing sewer tax along with a covey of other taxes, without citizen approval.

From existing facts, one can conclude that the Fort Smith city government is either corrupt, incompetent and/or irresponsible…which is it?
Who is really pulling the strings? Is it City Manager Ray Gosack & the downtown self-serving city “restoration” crew or is it the Directors?

The Fort Smith city government is bloated in practice and numbers.

Citizens, if you continue to stand for the gross, forced usurpations of your money by the Fort Smith city government, then there is merit in the recent statement by Dr. Jonathan Gruber re Obamacare.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Director Keith Lau stated in the article “Directors are philosophically on the same page”. Exactly what philosophy and what page??

Expose, Rebuke, Return