Stupidity–A Transnational Affliction & Addiction

Stupidity—A Transnational Affliction & Addiction February 3, 2016

The American “thought process” extends only to the point of self-satisfaction.

Observe the present cultural & political results.

B.A. said Sunday, “We are fixin’ to find out Monday how many ill-informed Iowans there are”. I said “we’re fixin’ to find out how many euphemistically foolish Iowans there are”—representing a microcosm of our republic.

The two front runners who represent the club, i.e. the Republican establishment are bought & paid for and are not constitutionally qualified to be POTUS.

Senator Ted Cruz (Rafael Cruz) is a Cuban-American, maybe. Ted Cruz has refused to release documents (his records are sealed) showing his U.S. citizenship status, never mind a Natural Born U.S. citizen.

Senator Cruz’s father (Rafael I) was a guerilla fighter for Castro in Cuba, while his mother is alleged to be an American citizen—in some way they both ended up in Canada where the Senator was born. His parents did not fill out a CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) form in order to be a qualified citizen. The U.S. Consulate or Embassy determines if the child acquired U.S. citizenship at birth. There remains no authentic evidence to support the claims that the Senator is either “natural born” or a “naturalized” citizen of the U.S.

Senator Marco Rubio is an Anchor Baby. His parents resided in the U.S. 5 years before becoming naturalized and the Senator was born 1 year before his parents became naturalized.

The Democrat & Republican establishments are traitors to the U.S. Constitution and specifically to middleclass Americans.

Failure of both political parties to defend the Constitution and its demands on the citizen status of Cruz & Rubio is made of the same whole-cloth as the displaced Kenyan, aka Barry Soetoro, aka POTUS Barack Hussein Obama. A quid pro quo deal?

Both Cruz & Rubio support Amnesty, both are for increasing immigration, legal & illegal, resulting in cheap labor, military recruits & votes. Rubio was a member of the Senate Gang of Eight who championed Amnesty & open borders. Neither candidate has a stated public position referencing border security. They both represent the border status quo in deference to the military/industrial complex, Wall Street, & the Chambers of Commerce.

Both, as you are no doubt aware, are Hispanics. The election of either of these two candidates would make the present occupier of the White House look like a piker with regard, most particularly to migration of Hispanic and Mestizo foreign nationals, and of course “eternal wars for eternal peace”. Either one, if elected, guarantees “a U.S. international settlement” that will produce a population of wandering, warring nomads, coupled to what is about to happen, invasions by Mideastern, Oriental & African throngs, all created by the Bush Crime Syndicate. Rubio is a warmonger in the same class as Senators McCain & Graham.

Senator Cruz stated in the Senate Well that he was Israel’s Southwest Representative and Rubio was Israel’s Southern Representative. Allegiance? Both are Israel-firsters.

Both candidates are heavily subsidized by Jews—in the millions, e.g. Sheldon Adelson a Las Vegas & Macao, China casino owner, Paul Singer, the Koch brothers & George Soros—to name a few. The Koch brothers, incidentally, own the Republican wing of the Arkansas General Assembly.
As previously stated both Cruz & Rubio are neo-conservative warmongers, subservient to Israel’s demands, as are virtually all Republicans.
Both Cruz & Rubio are pushing U.N. Agenda 21, New World Order goals, i.e. the smashing of U.S. sovereignty.

Senator Cruz is the one who vetted John Roberts (R), now Chief Justice who gave us Obamacare by calling it a tax, which he (Roberts) & the Supremes declared it would then be constitutional.

Cruz & his father are extreme religious zealots with theocratic beliefs that lead right up to the edge of Sharia Law/Courts. Cruz’s father says his son was “divinely inspired” and God has him destined for greatness and has been anointed as one of the “kings that will take control of all sectors of society”. So much for his & their mental stability.

Both Cruz & Rubio aggressively support an Article V Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) which would gut our original Constitution. The idea that these two recent foreign nationals who have no skin in the game would grow-up in this country and achieve political undergirding power that would set a course which would destroy our Founders’ brilliant & courageous system & is the definition of arrogance & faux authority. All, the product of unfettered mass immigration, legal & illegal. A pox on Americans who are foolish enough to support either of these political thugs & charlatans.

Cruz’s wife is an executive with Goldman Sachs in charge of their U.S. Southwestern banking operation. Heidi Cruz was one of the 8 CFR members (not to be confused with the Gang of Eight—Rubio’s group) who designed plans to create the North American Union (NAU)—dissolving borders contiguous with Mexico & Canada; South America to follow…traitors you say? You bet!

Both Cruz & Rubio are supporters of the Republican owned U.S. Chambers of Commerce & Mega Corporations that have all but killed & continues to kill the middleclass American job market by the implementation of CAFTA, GATT, NAFTA, and now the upcoming Transatlantic & Transpacific Partnership (TTP)—so called “free trade” deals. Heidi Cruz sat on a Council on Foreign Relations for NAFTA until 2011 when Ted (Rafael II) announced he was running for the Senate, she declared a leave of absence.

Both Cruz & Rubio have no problem betraying middleclass Americans and our U.S. Constitution. Observe!

Save one, who is his own man, the 2016 presidential election is all about phony conservatives & phony liberals, which translates into cultural rot. They are to the man and woman, corrupt con-artists.

Middleclass Americans, in this presidential election, as was the case in past presidential elections are given no consideration—just idle prattle, laced with lies/deception. Unfortunately the majority of Americans are non-thinkers that have devolved into nothing more than chattel owned by the Democrat & Republican Parties. Worshiping at the altars of the two parties has produced a national state of decadence.

Republican leadership is probably the vilest, disguised in theatrical paint, flying the false aegis of values, small government, the Constitution, fiscal responsibility. All liars & betrayers. The Democrats deserve no commentary.

Don the yoke, fools.

Joe McCutchen

City to provide transport for folks to gamble money in another state.

More corruption and incompetence foisted upon “we the people”. Headline: TR Saturday, January 30, 2016 “City Adds Casino bus service”. (Fort Smith, Arkansas)

Only minds molded & embedded in government could hatch such a double-edged theft and implement it…all in the name of altruism, i.e. government expansion.

All governments are enmeshed in this kind of thievery. Producers i.e. taxpayers generate the massive funds to subsidize the nefarious program, known as the Fort Smith Transit Authority.

One cannot complain too loudly about taking oldsters to markets, physicians & hospitals, but transporting any and all to a gambling institution is the height of arrogance, stupidity and self-service offered up by ever-expanding city employees, in this case, present & past Mayors & City Directors.

If anyone seems to care, Fort Smith is just a microcosm of the crime that is being committed. Admitted by the TR, the producers are subsidizing the nefarious Transit Authority to the tune of $2 or more millions per year just in Fort Smith. Imagine if you will what the subsidies are nationwide. More unearned largesse and Communist inspirations, and the number of government balloon heads grow & grow while the producers remain mute.

Are you aware that our nation is rapidly approaching a $19 Trillion national debt?

“We the People” are the fools for letting this type of conduct prevail!

No follow-up questions, as usual, from the TR.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. If you fail to comprehend, it is said the riders are for the most part, poor, old, unemployed, on welfare, and the city of Fort Smith will transport them (for almost free) to blow their money in a Casino in another state…. (Oklahoma)…now boys & girl of the city government the above is incompetency, theft & stupidity.

Media–the Parrot for government & special interests

The Parrot & the Fort Smith Insiders and oh yes, Trail Mania. January 24, 2016

There were days when the Times Record was a respected news outlet, an important dispenser of substantive news & views, a valuable asset aiding citizens in making informed decisions, particularly political. For example, the times when Donald W. Reynolds & Jack Mosely and others before were the editors.

Those days are gone! Due to deaths in all probability, the T.R. was sold to the Stephens Conglomerate and later to Gate-House Media. Before the first sale the editorial section disappeared and continues to be absent to this date. Occasionally the present editor publishes touchy/feely politically correct pieces of Socialist garbage, e.g. “giving back”, & “making a difference” tripe.

The T.R. serves as no more than a Parrot for downtown interests: Civil, Political & Economic. The management and reporters print only what serves city government and downtown economic interests. The tragedy of it all is simply that T.R. reporters never pose meaningful follow up questions in the stories they are reporting on…which is their primary and obligatory function as an alleged news gathering organization.
The present owner—Gate-House Media, own over 500 newspapers, albeit mostly small but is patently obvious they too have shut the doors on investigative reporting and Q & A’s, most particularly political.

Examples: T.R. edition 1/18/16. Frontpage: “Riverfront Park plans to be unveiled.” T.R. –not one question asked by reporter Chad Hunter regarding details of the plan presentation.

I. Crafton Tull (where is it located?) is said to have formulated the plan. At what cost? Why not a city architectural firm?

II. Proposed cost of the Park: $1.5 million—source of the funding? Why the rash of new parks & what are the anticipated total projected numbers? Projected cost of maintenance & numbers of new city government employees required?

III. Aaron Lee, Parks Secretary (? more government bloat), stated “In October residents filled out surveys asking for their preferred park amenities”. (Government’s phony way of giving the impression that there is complete citizen involvement.) There are approximately 150,000 residents in the Fort Smith metroplex, therefore what percentage & how many residents filled out surveys? How many were illegals? What were the specific demographics? What percentage of the 150,000 is projected to use the parks?

IV. Parks Commission Chairwoman, Lorie Robertson, said in October 2015 “In our minds we should be viewing this as a “TOURISM CORRIDOR”, park options also include walking trails & MIRACLE FIELDS”. Robertson appears to be the Chosen to distribute Agenda 21’s (now called 2030) words & phrases designed to impress the citizens, making it easier for the government to fleece “we the people”. A few other Agenda 21 buzzwords & phrases used by Robertson, Diane Morrison & others are “multi-county trail systems, place making, wayfinding signs, sharrows, event nodes, quality of place, sense of place, smart growth & sustainable model”. Does anyone believe these words and phrases were hatched by local bureaucrats & politicians? All of what you are reading is accomplished by U.N. Agenda 21, now called 2030 and their destructive non-governmental organizations called NGO’s. Does Robertson in any way receive taxpayer stipends from the city or any other area source– if so, how much for her participation as Chair for the Parks Commission?

V. Back to Ms. Robertson. As previously noted Robertson is the Parks Commission Chairwoman and also Chaffee Crossing Marketing Director. Is this not double dipping and a huge conflict of interests? Are there not competent genuinely interested citizens, not ensconced in government available for this position?

Trails are designed by Agenda 21 to severely and ultimately alter or erase significantly various modes of transportation, this strategy and others are encompassed in the U.N.’s grand plan—SUSTAINABILITY AND/OR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

VI. Certainly, not to leave out another of the Trail Hustlers, which would be the Chair of the former, moribund Frontier MPO that suddenly came to life and became an important player in the Trails’ game. Frontier MPO is another NGO. Dianne Morrison is another poster girl for S.D. Morrison claims to have expertise in 34 areas dealing with SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT…all having to do with the reshaping, remodeling, and in some cases removal of private property in every facet of the city and is very comfortable using the term SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Dianne Morrison can factually be described as a Cultural Marxist.

Question: is Morrison involved in any manner, contractually or otherwise, in the construction of the park previously alluded to, and does she have any material connection with Frontier Construction?

VII. Arkansas State Representative Matt Pitsch is another double dipper. He also serves as CEO of the MPO—RITA (Regional Intermodal Transportation Agency). This immediately brings up the question of another huge conflict of interest

MPO’s (are NGO’s) serve as liaisons between local governments and federal agencies run by appointed (not elected) individuals with vast authority. Thereby eliminating the public from all conversation.

NGO’s are the enemies of “we the people” in that duly elected government officials farm out their various duties to their political bosom accomplices and then the created NGO’s assume full power and are in no way responsible to “we the people”. Regional NGO’s are twice as dangerous as a city NGO. NGO’s are involved in numerous ways of disrupting Americans’ way of life from a local perspective to an international one, e.g. activities such as the U.S. involvement in the overthrow of duly elected governments, e.g. Ukraine.
Recent statistics indicate there are at least 22 NGO’s in Fort Smith—all unelected.

VIII. Hiz Honor, Fort Smith Mayor Sandy Sanders, in a frontpage story appearing in the T.R. crowed that Simmons Poultry and Zero Mountain were allegedly engaged in the act of creating, at some future point, 100 new jobs.

In the article Sanders was so excited that it gave the impression he may have peed his pants, well now forget that, let’s just say the Mayor was ebullient. Questions the TR should have asked: Are these alleged 100 jobs to be filled by Black & White American citizens, or illegal Mestizos (more commonly referred to as Mexicans/Hispanics). Now if the Mestizos capture the jobs, which then could very easily balloon into another 500-600 consisting of their families jumping on the welfare bandwagon? No question that would be a very lucrative deal for Simmons & Zero Mountain, but certainly not the case for we the middleclass American producers.

Another very disturbing set of circumstances laid at the doorstep of the Mayor & City Directors—that would be State Senator Jake Files (R) & Lee Webb (D), the Sebastian County Election Commission chairman—— being awarded a lucrative contract to operate the new 8 field softball complex. A black cloud hangs over this “deal”. Additionally, Files record as a businessman is one of incompetency and failures. He has also been instrumental in securing and awarding huge sums of taxpayer money to a “private endeavor”, i.e. the Marshal’s Museum. Most recently, he has cozied up to a state lobbyist to cover a hot check while at the same time owing thousands of dollars in back taxes. The irony is with all the aforementioned baggage, Senator Files is the Chairman of the Arkansas State Senate’s Revenue & Taxation Committee.

Senator Files introduced SB 757 that gives Arkansas state government power to preempt private property, i.e. expand state government imminent domain capacities. SB 757 contains 15 points that lead to NO RECOVERY FOR CONFISCATED PROPERTY.

The city of Jonesboro, AR is now practicing SB 757 and has expanded Files unconstitutional powers act into what Jonesboro calls Property Code 105-2. Files claims he and his partner are going to fund the softball complex with donations and in-kind services. It is said they have previously used the National Guard to complete dirt work for the fields—that is taxpayer dollars used for purposes not a part of functions for the National Guard. Donations—what are the sources? In-Kind—what is & what kind?

I would say the Mayor, the City Directors & to Ray Gosack—this deal is corrupt to the core and at the very least a quid pro quo. Not to be left out, Files is busily coning the city to involve him & Webb in the Trails Mania.

The transparency of the Fort Smith city government, at the very best, is somewhere between opaque and blacked-out.

The question now is, not for the Times Record Parrot, but to each citizen who resides in Fort Smith, are you going to continue to reelect and put up with this type of government corruption that permeates the whole spectrum?

Joe McCutchen

Government faux pas

January 12, 2016

Are “we the people” being snookered another time by the Fort Smith city establishment?

Something does seem to be agog.

A year or two ago, without warning, citizens were told by various members of the city establishment that the police & fire retirement funds were in short supply. All these utterings showed no signs of concern or emotion. These same sentiments have been put forth on any number of occasions without a modicum of explanation. Were the funds misspent, allocated to other departments, or gross incompetence?

Then comes an edict from the Nationalist government, more commonly referred to as the Federal Government, that orders the city of Fort Smith to spend at least $600 million to upgrade its sewer and waste water systems, accompanied by a $300,000 fine, all of which should have been accomplished 2 decades ago and the funding was available. Followed on the heels of these travesties and almost in unison, no explanation by appropriate officials, the prompt exodus of decades old employees City Manager Ray Gosack followed by City Financial Director Kara Bushkuhl.

After a year or so, still no explanations from the City Directors or Mayor pertaining to the Fire & Police Pension Funds! Publicly, there have also been no reactions from Police Chief Kevin Lindsey & his band or the City Fire Chief and his crew. If there really is a shortage in the two retirement funds, why are the victims so composed?
Maybe, because there is no shortage.

You see, the city of Fort Smith and all cities are for-profit corporations. In the case of Fort Smith insiders will exclaim that Fort Smith is not a for-profit entity and remember citizens all local governments are controlled from on high, in this case Little Rock, D.C. & the United Nations, e.g. Lindsey and his band of merry men belong to 2 international policing organizations who set the protocols for the FSPD, not we the people who pay their salaries & perks.

Pension fund accounting (and others) are required by government to project out 35 years ( government safety net) to satisfy all projected payments to participants (in this case police & fire) with what they will be paid at TIME OF RETIREMENT. They use Max-projections.

Example: employee making $50K today at retirement, after pay increases, projected inflations, etc. will be making $185K, additionally: governments DO NOT ACCOUNT for the projected income for the fund out 35 years in full. They redact much.

Here’s the crux: based on the new accounting, the pension fund that may have been 150% funded today, in the snap of a finger, could now be adjusted to being 60% funded (40% underfunded). City governments may project whatever financial position referencing pension funding they wish. Additionally, they use Liability Accounts, Enterprise Ops & NGO’s.

It appears the city has not prepared a financial statement since 2011.

Most local pension funds/systems are strictly Participatory. What that means is the employee does not own ONE CENT of the retirement fund; they just have a ticket to ride under the contract terms.

The local government owns 100% of the FUND BALANCE. Now if the employees owned 100% of the balance, what the accounting used by local governments would be 100% fraud and an indictable offense.

If the employees owned all their retirement funds (and they should) when they retired they would receive hundreds of thousands of dollars and most of these funds are so huge there would never need to be any more contribution.
The Fort Smith city government is a pay/play pal like the Fort Smith City School Board where the transparency window pane has been blacked out.
Notice: when you ask a City Board member, a State Senator, a School Board member they always plead ignorance (“I don’t know”), which some don’t, but that’s their crude way of being evasive, i.e. not answering the question.
So you must know that Lindsey and all the rest know there is no real pension shortfall, but perhaps they do not know the devils in the details.
More reasons to impose term limits on all politicians and bureaucrats.

More pertaining to the Fire & Police Pension Funds: Times Record 1/11/16…Acting City Manager Dingman, “Our particular issue is based on the amount of funding we haven’t put into the past”. An open honest statement that past & present City governments failed to recognize the oncoming pension shortages, demonstrating gross incompetence or ………???

Now our alleged “public servants” are pushing for issues & taxes that have been previously turned down by the voters. The Board and others are assiduously exerting effort to resuscitate the moribund Civic Center & the “prepared food tax”, and no doubt increase their bloated administrative numbers.

I have written rather extensively on at least 2 occasions that the only means to subdue this tax eating piranha is to implement Zero Budgetry immediately.

If you do not understand the mechanisms involved in implementing the accounting measure of Zero Budgetry log on to the website and search the term.

One of the finer points of Zero Budgetry is that it demands each government department head indelibly justifies & anticipates every expense of his or her department each and every year for their upcoming budget. Some departments could actually show profits. A loose governmental budgeting process is the formula that allows government to make tax pincushions out of citizens…raising taxes. Zero Budgetry is a must.

Examples of non-essential spending: Trails; sharrows; quid pro quo softball complex which could & should generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for taxpayers; a strict bidding process for city equipment; $777,000 for Convention Center; cancel Delta Dental’s bribe of F.S. officials to mass fluoridate pristine drinking water; cut all financial assistance to the stated private enterprise project known as the Marshal’s Museum; terminate downtown Urban Renewal for private property owners; utilize competent negotiators in construction projects, e.g. the recent $2 million cost overrun in the Waterpark; reduce the bloated F.S. city work force by eliminating duplication & non-essentials; discontinue taxpayer subsidized services to illegals and numerous 501c3’s, 501c4’s, & NGO’s like Frontier MPO; The city’s lavish spending on multi-ladder fire trucks, high dollar SUV’s, pickups, flatbeds, etc.

The Fort Smith School district is spending 10’s of millions on programs for illegals that range from infants to able-bodied adults. Gov. Hutchinson, this past week, made another one of his self-serving political statements regarding the newly minted 220,000 Arkansans presently enjoying Obamacare, i.e. the Private Option, compliments of the producing taxpayers. Hutchinson fails to identify these 220,000 as mostly young, unmarried, unemployed males. Notice these faux compassionate souls are most always on the tax teat, i.e. welfare/government check themselves. In Hutchinson’s case he is recipient of at least 6 welfare/taxpayer checks in his mailbox monthly. Remember when he had compassion for illegals when he was the U.S. Drug/Border Czar and “worried about illegals ability to sleep for fear of deportation”, similar to Superintendent Gooden referring to illegals when he said “we’ll take all we can get”. Never mind the cost to our beleaguered middleclass and the destruction of our language, borders and culture.

The principal constitutional functions of the city are fire, police, streets, water, and waste water sewerage control, not entertainment.

It seems the city’s priorities have long gone astray for the benefit of a few.

Joe McCutchen

The Age Old War

Collectivism vs. Individualism

Since the beginning of recorded human history, especially since Plato vs. Aristotle, the struggles of human existence have boiled down to Collectivism vs. Individualism. Power/Subjugation vs. individual freedoms (e.g. own property, pursue happiness/excellence, rise or fall based on one’s own efforts/merits, to be left alone without fear of pillage/violence, etc.).

Unfortunately most of human history has been plagued/ruled with some sort of Collectivist Force (Dictators, Czars, Kings, Warlords, Communism, Socialism, feudalism, serfdom, ad infinitum)

The only relatively individualist freedom resulted in Western Civilization with the “Enlightenment” (recognition of scientific facts/research, objective logical thinking, etc.) which gave birth to the Founding of America and the Industrial Revolution which raised the standard of living for millions of individuals to the highest levels ever achieved.

At that point in time, following the miseries of the Dark Ages, there grew a certain acceptance and understanding of the Enlightenment principles among many of the Western masses and cemented their desires to be free in a cohesive society.

But Collectivism in various forms never was conquered and always lurking in the wings salivating over its lust for power, control, & stolen wealth. (For an example, observe a tyrannical, unconstitutional federal government’s confiscation of property in the American west and elsewhere. Individuals are being deprived of their property through regulations, intimidation, lies, & other devious means, including incarceration. The central government was never intended to “own” land, which was a right of the states and individuals.)

Objective thinking requires every individual’s effort & responsibilities, but Collectivist psychopaths have the drive, lust, & energy to overcome through incessant attacks, whether philosophically or physical violence. Today we face the age-old war against the “smallest minority in the world…THE INDIVIDUAL” (Ayn Rand) who unless equipped mentally (& physically) to do battle to the death will be conquered again by the Collectivists………a lesson learned long ago by certain groups, in this case by the Jewish Cultural Marxists whose quest for global dominance requires the extinguishing of the Enlightenment/Western World by any means possible.

The psychological weapon of Critical Theory & Political Correctness has accomplished what swords, axes, guns & bombs could not do…the genocide by suicide of an entire culture. The Cultural Marxist “March through the Institutions” has been imminently successful but the unintended consequences could very well destroy them too…but psychopaths & sociopaths don’t think logically in those terms.

Pity the young.

~Barbara McCutchen

Are We There?



January 1, 2016 12:01 AM

Our Founders wrote the prescription, replete with specific directions, The Declaration of Independence that would secure our lives, liberties & pursuits of happiness.

Understanding that many citizens are devoid of knowledge pertaining to our Founding Documents, The Constitution and its Declaration of Independence, I will take this opportunity and print an excerpt of the DOI in an effort to explain the reasoning behind this article, and at the end of the article each individual may arrive at their own evaluation and/or conclusion—ARE WE THERE?

“…that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, (Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, etc.) it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But in a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, IT IS THEIR RIGHT, IT IS THEIR DUTY, TO THROW OFF SUCH GOVERNMENT, AND TO PROVIDE NEW GUARDS FOR THEIR FUTURE SECURITY.”

Question: At what point in the DOI do you believe “we the people” have arrived beginning with “ Evils are Sufferable” leading to The Long Train of Abuses & Usurpations? Or do you believe there have been no government induced sufferable Evils or abuses & usurpations?

The Founders, in this excerpt, left us an indelible roadmap to be followed in securing our freedoms. Are Americans travelling on the Founders road map or choosing another direction?

I. The initiation of the erosion of our freedom began in earnetst officially in 1861 with the war for Southern Independence by a despotic warmongering racist by the name of Abraham Lincoln. The erosion has ebbed and flowed from the start date, reared its ugly head when President Grover Cleveland allowed massive entries by non-English speaking Russian Jews due to his veto of a bill in 1897. Bernard Schiff, a Jew, was behind this history altering event of the 1890’s. Paul Warburg, a Jew, and considered the “father of the Fed” was Schiff’s brother in law. And then again with Woodrow Wilson who gave us the 16th & 17th Amendments (later apologizing for his dastardly acts) afterwards campaigning on the promise to keep our nation out of WWI, and upon his election promptly declared war–WWI. Colonel Mandel House (a Jew) directed Wilson’s 14 Points of un-American activities. House was the principal innovator of the first Globalist organization, The League of Nations, followed by the anathema of freedom, The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). The League was the forerunner to the now globalist United Nations.

Forward to 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt propelled us into WWII, built on lies and the act of baiting the Japanese, furthering our entry into WW II, accompanied by the promulgation of National Socialism with the passage of numerous unconstitutional Nationalist & Socialist acts. There is irrefutable proof FDR deliberately needled and manipulated Japan to carry out an attack on the U.S. fleet in Hawaii, Hitler kicked out the German central bankers, mostly Jews. Germany & Japan were allies, FDR & the Jewish establishment were allies.

Chronologically moving forward we witness a cascade of preemptive wars—1950 Korea (called a policing action), 1965 Viet Nam, initially described as a “brushfire” produced by lies & warmongering DC politicians that came to be known as Republican neoconservatives.

George H.W. Bush was the father of the Mid-East wars with the advent of The Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991), codenamed Operation Desert Shield (2 August 1990 – 17 January 1991) for operations leading to the buildup of troops and defense of Saudi Arabia and Operation Desert Storm (17 January 1991 – 28 February 1991)

The Clinton Administration: 1992, another unprovoked, unconstitutional, preemptive war that destroyed the sovereign nation of Yugoslavia and has created multiple hostilities throughout the Balkans. The bellicosities are ongoing, e.g. Slovenia & Serbia.

Then came 911, 2001, the murdering of 3,000 individuals, the annihilation of the twin towers and bldg. #7, all purported to have been accomplished by 19 Saudi Arabians. Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss, and others, long stated, “The bigger the lie, the easier to believe”. Americans unfortunately accepted Pres. George W. Bush’s explanation and swallowed his bait hook, line, & sinker. If 19 Saudis accomplished this horrible destruction why did Bush & his Jewish handlers not attack Saudi Arabia immediately? One thing for sure pertaining to the events of 911, our government is lying about the entire momentous tragedy. Two years after the 911 cataclysm the U.S. government attacked Iraq, based on lies and nothing to do with the “19 Saudis”. Are “we the people” expected to believe that 19 Saudis outwitted the entire network of the U.S. national security state with box cutters & absolutely no aviation skills of any kind?

Sidebar: Numerous reports stated 2 days after 911 that there were 12 Israeli Jews celebrating in the back of a pickup truck on the Jersey side and they were flown to Israel the next day by the Feds, as were members of Osama bin Laden’s family flown to their homes from the U.S. during the same time frame. 14 years later the story now heralded is that there were thousands of Mideastern Muslims celebrating on the Jersey side & no mention of the Israelis. A big dose of government Revisionism?

The Univ. of Chicago Jewish professor Saul Alinsky was the author of “Rules for Radicals” and had long fomented racial & social unrest in the U.S. Interestingly, two of Alinsky’s students & confidants were Hillary Rodham Clinton & Barack Hussein Obama.

Beginning in the 1960’s Jewish activists created the “Weather Underground”—violence was their battle cry, bombing & looting. The Jewish creators were Karen Ashley, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, John Jacobs, Howie Machtinder, Jim Mellon, etc. Inconceivably Dohrn is a professor at Northwestern Univ. and wife of bomber & retired Univ. of Chicago law professor, Bill Ayers.

Two years later (2003) President George Bush and his cadre of General Officers preemptively attacked Iraq & Afghanistan, demolishing both. Built on the lie that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, nothing whatsoever to do with 911. A former Bush family business associate Hussein was later hanged by Bush II. 14 years later violence & carnage are still raging and have been expanded throughout the Mideast and elsewhere…Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, and Syria. All of the evil uncivil American laws and behavior brought to us by G.W. Bush and his warmongering neocon Jewish Israel-firsters, Jewish duel-citizen handlers, i.e. Michael Chertoff, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, Robert Kagan, Dov Zachiem, Douglas Feith, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Wm. Kristol, Dick Cheney, David Wurmser, to name a few… Bush & Cheney were the only non-Jews. Chertoff, through his Bush insider connections was able to acquire the hugely lucrative contract to supply body scanning instruments to all U.S. airports & perhaps other countries.

The Patriot Act (nothing patriotic about it) was drafted years before 911, lying in wait for an excuse (“a new Pearl Harbor”) to implement an attack on Iraq (oil). Bush II and his aforementioned handlers got it passed due to 911 emotional frenzies by citizens and the U.S. Congress. The Patriot Act served then & now as a linchpin for countless civil liberty infringements by the national “state”, e.g. ubiquitous domestic surveillance and indefinite detentions. The 911 Commission was a farce put on by professional elected thespians, i.e. members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

U.S. domination in Afghanistan allowed the former enormous Afghan poppy production which had been eradicated, to once again flower under U.S. occupation to unprecedented proportions, while funding covert CIA operations and creating national & international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). Bush’s phony “war on global terrorism” has given rise to the creation of numerous mideastern war parties, i.e. the Taliban, Al Queda, Al Nusra (Al Queda in Syria), Boko Haram, ISIS, and rebel Syrians, etc. all precipitated by George Bush and his Jewish handlers and continues unabated by Obama. Directly or indirectly, the U.S. created & has financially subsidized all the above rogue fighting groups, but not limited to. U.S. troops have strewn & left billions of dollars’ worth of high tech military hardware across the Mideast which have been commandeered by the above hostile fighting groups

Aligned with the Bush’s and their Jewish handlers were and are gullible evangelical Christians, foreign-policy hard-liners, Israeli lobbyists, and Republican neoconservatives.

U.S. General Officers to a fault and enlisted personnel under Bush’s command, and now Obama, are used and abused, not heroes, but a courageous fighting force hoodwinked and used as cannon fodder, all for the advantages of government, banks, and the military/industrial complex for wars that are illegal and colossal hoaxes, but deadly to those fighting. Many of the enlisted personnel honestly and unfortunately actually believe they were/are fighting to “keep us safe”. Their positions are not supported by basic logic, e.g. 2,300 miles of open U. S. Southern borders. War is now the economic engine of the U.S. Note: emotionally charged citizens witness at public events the calls for more war. Huge flags, various parading military contingents, flyovers, etc…all part of government’s conditioning/indoctrination process for eternal war and citizens again appear to be taking the bait. . None of the countries we have attacked offered any threat to the U.S. The mission of the military should be sealing U.S. borders and not parading around at public entertainment venues. This also has the effect of removing state sovereignty and states’ rights.

The United States presently has a military presence in 130 countries, 7 preemptive, active military engagements presently underway, no end in sight, fomenting others with no stated reason other than former Pres. George H.W. Bush’s veiled grand plan for a “New World Order”, i.e. global U.S. hegemony. Another Bush betrayal. Paul Wolfowitz (a Jew) is the author, producer & director of what is known in Pentagon circles as the “Wolfowitz Doctrine”…”We shall have no Rivals”, the Doctrine is designed to implement Bush I’s New World Order utilizing any and all weaponry, including nuclear.. Most Americans are oblivious to the ongoing destruction, home and abroad, brought about by the U.S. government and the continuation of the mass trashing of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rule of law. If the carnage is not viewed in person, TV images & news commentary have little to no effect on most citizens who have become calloused by the video age.

What we have witnessed in the past 14 years is and has been unimaginable by older American citizens, e.g. “eternal war for eternal peace” (a lie) and utter disregard for the 4th & 10th Amendments, various forms of torture, i.e. rendition, targeted killing (snipers & drones), spying on individuals here & abroad coupled to the murdering of American citizens and the wanton murdering of peoples around the globe. The weapons of choice are silent killers… drones, missiles and snipers, all on the command of the past three and the current U.S. president. Murdering by destroying hospitals, wedding parties, funeral gatherings, innocent women & children and so on by “drone rangers” sitting comfortably in their cubicles, while their reign of terror is described as “collateral damage”. In all likelihood some of these vicious acts are initiated & carried out in Fort Smith, AR. and described as “jobs” by the city government and the Chamber of Commerce. How warped! How many of these drone “pilots” are on stimulants or psychotropic drugs?

14 years of uninterrupted preemptive warfare and what do we have to show for it? Thousands of young Americans dead & maimed, millions of mid-easterners dead, maimed and/or displaced, destruction of infrastructure and antiquities & a cost at this point said to be $6 TRILLION, compliments of Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and now the Obama administration and entering the 26th year! Obama’s share is $4 TRILLION in the brutal marathon and escalating.

Since the United States was founded in 1776, she has been at war during 214 years out of her 239 calendar years of existence. There were only 21 years in which the U.S. did not wage any wars. America has morphed from a free productive society to a welfare/warfare national state.

II. Public Education: the demise of public education commenced with Horace Mann circa 1837, continued by John Dewey circa 1894, and the socialistic dumb down assault instituted by the Federal government commenced in 1890 and state & local citizen control capitulated in 1965. The governor of Arkansas & the General Assembly accepted a 3% funding federal bribe, as did other states that turned over total state & local control of public education to the federal government. Just think, for 3% the state politicians stupidly took public education out of the hands of citizens and observe the landslide of academic failures and the huge financial burdens citizens are now saddled with. Jimmy Carter, in 1979 drove the final nail with the creation of the Department of
Education. Couple that to governments’ stated goals of Political Correctness, all the while dollar demand continues to escalate exponentially, mostly instituted by corrupt government agents known as School Superintendents/Administrators. The present crop of administrators & politicians are substantially more corrupt than the initial coup de gras that bestowed control of public education to the federal government for only 3% of funding. The bribe from the federal government is now 17%.and climbing. Political Correctness had to be instituted; to insure that the concept of “diversity” would not be destroyed. Giving “extra points” to minority students so they can be accepted academically and then curving their grades so they can maintain a better grade point average cheapens the student and the quality of the degree for everyone. Destroying the concept of meritocracy is totally illogical and ethically wrong. Political Correctness was responsible for ushering in egalitarianism, as witnessed partially by quotas, set asides, and affirmative action. Later in this article is a cursory explanation of how German Jews, and later American Jews, in a brilliant social science/political move introduced the Frankfort School (Cultural Marxism) which led to the conquering of the United States by Jews. Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Jew, developed the same concept of P.C. in the same time frame while residing in an Italian prison.

If any of you believe that Superintendents of Schools are laboring for students or citizens, you indeed are foolish. For instance, citing Fort Smith, AR again, Superintendent Benny Gooden, a big government/U.N. disciple, gleefully carries out their orders funneled through the U.S. Dept. of Education. Agents of the Federal Government are corrupt to the core and have for years betrayed American citizens by embracing Cultural Marxism. Gooden is the past president of the National Superintendents Union. Gooden famously stated a number of years ago regarding the illegal Mexican & OTM invasion…”WE WILL TAKE ALL WE CAN GET”. Translation: more taxpayer money, more diversity, more government control. His acts were and are a violation of U.S. law, 8 USC.

The U.S. spends over $15,000 per student annually. We spend more per student than any other country in the world, yet U.S. students, rank 24th in literacy and 31st in math literacy. U.S. students perform very poorly compared to other countries

Formerly known as public schools, now known as government schools, have evolved into institutions of indoctrination, e.g. Political Correctness, conditioning (conditioned responses–absolute dependency on government for every need), egalitarianism (every student equal, all cultures equal); while reducing students to the lowest common denominator—punishing achievers.

In recent times Politicians, accompanied by teachers, their unions, and the Marxist/Progressive/Socialists or whatever form of Collectivism they bathe in, have assumed absolute control of education at all levels. Teachers/Administrators have diligently and successfully short-circuited our children’s minds. The end products are unearned self-esteem minus a foundation for logic. Examples of the destructive educational methods employed: President Clinton’s School to Work; Goals 2,000; GW Bush’s No Child Left Behind; and Obama’s Race to the Top & Common Core. Jews have heavily subsidized and campaigned for Common Core’s enactment. All with the idea of reducing students & their parents to a common denominator—easily controlled.

Sidenote: 75 % of all universities/colleges’ budgets are consumed by Administration. Tenured professors, in many cases, are being phased out in lieu of adjunct teachers in order to funnel in more money to Administrators. Another colossal Protection Racket.

In the 1930’s a collection of German Jews (Horkheimer, Adorno, Fromm, Marcuse, etc.) under the name The Frankfort School determined that Western Civilization could never be destroyed by the use of force, but in a stroke of philosophical genius they formulated what they deemed “The March Through the Institutions” which has been imminently successful. Jews were patient, pragmatic, methodical & brilliantly successful with their incessant attacks on Western Civilization, severely altering its course—the ultimate goal of Jews. Those influences are seen and felt in every phase of our lives today in all of Western Civilization, i.e. the implementation of the Jewish Frankfort School tool of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. P.C. nullified the 1st Amendment, has censored major parts of the English language forever, representing an all-out attack on freedom of speech in Western Nations, altered political practices, instituted fear beyond belief with mind, speech & thought control over human behavior. The other methods of emasculation of Western heritage and culture are being carried out in the main at the behest of Jews exploiting minorities, empowered by corrupted White State & National legislators and presidents.

The Frankfort School teaches that group affiliations of non-Jews, particularly membership in Christian religious sects, nationalism, and close family ties are an indication of psychiatric disorder. This of course is directed at middleclass Whites, never the Jews themselves. This should alarm all Christians.

The U.S. House of Representatives & the Senate are wholly owned property of Jews, perpetuated by fear, blackmail, money, and/or votes. Another journey for the continuation of Jewish control of the U.S. Congress embarks biannually containing newly elected members of the Congress. The journey begins before the virgin legislators are sworn in. They succumb to lavish free junkets to Israel where they are all indoctrinated and receive their marching orders. The junkets, in all likelihood, are paid for out of the minimum of $3 billion per year that U.S. citizens unknowingly are forced into subsidizing Israel. Israel receives more U.S. foreign aid than all the rest of the worlds’ nations combined. Occasionally these dollar subsidies have amounted to as much as $12 billion per year. Why?

Side note: Jews often refer to Washington, DC as Tel-Aviv South.

Many if not most school teachers have become nothing but a collection of P.C. compliant zombies and are the victims of the same indoctrination they are charged with teaching/preaching, while their Unions AEA, NEA, Dept. of Education control teaching methods & curricula, while raking in the cash. These alleged educators are instilling a sense of entitlement in our children, i.e. society owes them.

Government schools are multi-cultural dumping grounds by design and not much more than holding pens for indoctrination and conditioning. Every student is gaged by his “social behavior”, i.e. thought control, facial expressions, stated words, associations, and so on. The methods were created to reduce every student to the lowest common denominator, while teaching all cultures are equal. If all cultures were equal we would not need borders, as if we had one. Observe the metamorphosis of the U.S. Government schools which are no longer centers for Academic achievement, but for conditioning, indoctrination & propagandizing.

Hundreds of languages spoken in government schools by minorities, accompanied by little or no acculturation, welfare in the extreme, and impregnating our land with their anchor babies, failed cultures & philosophies, e.g. African blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Hindus, mandarins, ad infinitum. In the past it was the responsibility of immigrants to embrace what the Founders laid out in the Constitution & Bill of Rights. By being forced to financially support corrupt expansive government programs, e.g. government schools, we taxpayers are subsidizing our academic, economic & cultural demise. Note: So-called “minorities” have never successfully created stable, productive societies. Poverty, parasitism & offspring are the major products of their cultures. Is it not fair to say the U.S. is “trading down” by the flooding of our nation with 3rd worlders in the millions that are economically & educationally reducing the U.S. to third world status? All of the above is by design. Citizens, is this of no concern?

III. Healthcare:
It has not been that long ago that Medicine practiced in the U.S. was successfully based on the model fee for service and was the envy of the world and by any standard affordable for everyone. Observe today.

Socialized healthcare began in earnest in the 1930’s and commenced ballooning in 1965 with the advent of Medicare, followed quickly by Medicaid, and now Obamacare. Sandwiched between the three are literally hundreds of welfare programs directed principally at minorities & deadbeats for votes & mind-bending that destroyed the integrity of U.S. healthcare (again by design), creating a massive collection of non-producers, arms extended, palms up, dourly anticipating their next dole. As of this date, 93 million Americans out of work, most on welfare, and many ceased searching for employment, coupled to the 43 million on Food Stamps, replete with every category of émigré & immigrant. Newly anointed U.S. House Speaker, stated last week that industry is demanding more foreign nationals for their respective work forces. Translation: a threat of American layoffs resulting in the implementation of Cheap Labor. This scenario is the textbook definition of Fascism, i.e. a nexus between government & industry. The Federal Government refuses to institute a moratorium on legal immigration and seal our national borders to prevent massive illegal immigration. Observe the hysterical PC response of the Marxist crowd pertaining to Donald Trump’s proposal to implement a temporary moratorium on the U.S. entry by Muslims.

“Single-Payer”: code for total Government control of all healthcare is on the immediate horizon. Translation: healthcare rationing in brutally large doses is the immediate future, particularly for the elderly, becoming the government order for the day. Faceless bureaucrats making decisions that only a qualified physician should make. Witness the Veteran’s Administration fiasco. Republicans, as you recall, campaigned on their word they would end “Obamacare”. They lied and are a feckless group tied to the equally feckless RNC and in some cases directly to the Democrat Party.

The Federal Government, hospitals, big Pharma, corporations, is the coalition that collapsed our former efficacious, privately owned healthcare system. Physicians, have mimicked school teachers by standing idly by knowing full well they betrayed the American people and their Hippocratic Oath, offering no resistance to the unconstitutional government takeover of the practice of medicine—one-sixth of our national economy and one of our most important freedoms.

What the Feds have not mandated, state Governors and their legislatures have by carving out their particular brand of Socialism within the Obamacare system. Gov. Asa Hutchinson and his Arkansas Legislature creating in less than ½ year 300,000 new AR welfare addicts along with other built-in addiction liabilities under the AR version of Obamacare called the Private Option…and exploding! Insurance policies are being sold under the name of the Private Option that the Governor & Legislature have attached a state tax to each Private Option policy sold to be paid for by the Feds (citizen taxpayers) and will serve as a slush fund for Hutchinson and his legislative bandits. No limits referencing the numbers that can participate in the Private Option. AR citizens were not consulted & blindsided pertaining to the above and other governmental thefts brought by AR legislative force. In the year 2013 the Ark. legislature increased the size of government by 32%.

Sidebar: Arkansas State Senator David Sanders, creator of the Arkansas “Private Option” said—“I think undoing the past 50 years epic growth in the welfare state is going to be hard– but that’s what I’m committed to”. Sure you are!!

MIT professor Jonathan Gruber (a Jew) engineered Obamacare, as well as its predecessor, Romneycare. The bill was written so as not to be scored as a tax. More corruption was upheld & railroaded by Republican Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts as a tax!! Gruber later crowed that Obamacare and the “lack of transparency” was a huge political advantage. He further opined, “Call it the stupidity of the American voter, or whatever”. He further added that “he didn’t care about lies being told…as long as the bill was passed”. NOT ONE RESPONSE FROM THE COWARDLY LEADERSHIP & RANK & FILE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

A. Categories: Legal, Naturalized, Visas—active & expired, lotteries, foreign government employees, illegals, illegals in the military, and refugees.
The above categories factored out to be 2.5 to 3 million new legals per year, while illegals accounted for at least 1 million per year using any legitimate standard, i.e. the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Bear Stearns, the former banking conglomerate, conducted a scientific study concluded in 2005 and asserted there were at least 20 million illegal aliens nesting in the U.S. and could go as high as 25 million. That was one decade ago (10 years). 97% of all legal and illegal aliens are from 3rd & 4th world countries. The criminally corrupt federal government continues to float the lie there are only 11 million illegals in the U.S. and refuse to enforce U.S. immigration laws (8 USC) that would secure borders, deport illegals, visa overstays, and require those individuals/companies hiring illegals to use already in place E-verify which would immediately stimulate illegals to self-deport.

Purpose of mass immigration:
1. Votes
2. Cheap labor
3. Religion (principally the Roman Catholic Church: through sanctuary cities mostly funded by U.S. taxpayers who subsidize “Catholic Charities” & Roman Catholic Bishops who regularly violate 8 USC—for parishioners & money.
4. Neutralize the White middleclass (White genocide, i.e. the Founding Stock who created the greatest country in history—all by Jewish design).
Neither the Democrat nor Republican Party has any intention of securing U.S. borders or instituting mass deportations. The road to serfdom has been stripped and paved. WHAT IS AT STAKE HERE? IF MASS IMMIGRATION IS NOT SOON CONTAINED AND A 5 YEAR MORITORIUM NOT INSTITUTED, WHITE MIDDLECLASS SURVIVAL, MORES & INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS WILL BE EXTINCT. Except for one presidential candidate, Donald Trump, the rest of the candidates for the U.S. presidency, both political parties, support amnesty and open borders, including Cruz. Of the Republican candidates Bush, Kasich, & Rubio are the most rabid open border, amnesty advocates. Judging by his demand as a “Passover” speaker, Ted Cruz has Jewish roots. Cruz was born in Canada & is a Cuban-American. Heidi Cruz is a top executive with Goldman-Sachs & on the Task Force of the proposed North American Union (NAU). Bobby Jindal & Marco Rubio are anchor babies. None of the three are constitutionally eligible to be POTUS or VP.
Sidebar: Due to mass immigration our native culture that has provided national unity is dangerously about to fragment on racial, ethnic & religious lines, insuring division and strife as groups pursue their own interests—that is our multicultural future.

Cruz notified everyone in Congress, he would be the Southwest Representative for the Israelis (Jews) and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is the Southern Representative. Both Rubio and Cruz are 100% pro mass immigration and both are for more military spending and for more war & conflict in the Middle East (warnmongers), and in all likelihood other places…Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, China.

Sidebar: The budget for the U.S. military beginning 1/1/16 through 9/30/16 is $650 BILLION, and every warmongering candidate in both parties want huge increases in the military budget.


As previously stated, the year was 1897 when U.S. President Grover Cleveland vetoed a bill that would have prohibited mass immigration of non-English speaking Russian Jews and soon after due to Jewish political prowess, influence, & determination, under their political direction introduced mass immigration into the U.S. in the 1920’s. They have continued to this day to be the dominate force promoting legal & illegal immigration that undergirds Jews’ assault on white middleclass Americans. Jews have long understood that the presence of the American White middleclass is the only obstacle left standing in their quest to destroy Western Culture & its peoples in their march to achieve Global Primacy.

The U.S. has become a 3rd world, legal & illegal, dumping ground, again by design. 3rd world legals & illegals infect Western culture by injecting their failed cultures & philosophies into U.S. society accompanied by their expansions. Americans are victims of the public school systems, universities & others teaching institutions—as a result of the Jewish Frankfort School of Political Correctness and its March through our Institutions—schools, universities, media, politics, entertainment, social institutions, etc. Political Correctness has paralyzed Western peoples. Unfortunately the March was & is imminently successful..

The most privileged people in the world control our suicidal immigration policy: here are some of the familiar names who control that suicidal policy…George Soros, the Koch Brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, and Michael Bloomberg—all Jews. It will be noted here that Senator Marco Rubio has received millions in campaign funds from Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer. Rubio is a captive of Jews, along with Cruz and most office holders. Senator Sessions described Jews as “Masters of the Universe” in a speech before the Senate. The Republican Arkansas House & Senate are controlled by the Koch Brothers through their entanglements with ALEC (American Legislative Executive Council)

By the early 1960’s the Anti-Defamation League/B’nai B’rith, powerful Jew race-baiting organizations had infected 1/3rd of America’s teachers with ADL educational material. By 1985 the ADL had trained more than 230,000 elementary & secondary school teachers in “Diversity Education” and had conducted workplace diversity training programs for workers and college students in the U.S., essentially erasing traditional American culture & academics in the various public school and university systems.

The major immigration tsunami is yet to come. It will arrive from Africa, Asia, and the Mideast and will annihilate what remains of Western Civilization, i.e. the U.S. & Europe. Millions of African nationals will lead the charge overrunning our nation like locusts in a wheat field. Observe the beginning of the erasure in Europe today and the cowardly utterings and traitorous activities of American politicians who refuse to protect our borders, sovereignty, and national identity.

“Jewish support for black causes was and is a way for Jews to broaden their own rights without becoming conspicuous by adding their interests”. (FINEGOLD,(Jew) p. 130) “ Jewish support of Blacks in the South was motivated only by consideration of Jewish self-interest”. (ISRAEL SHAHAK, (Jews) p. 103) Stanley Levison (Jew) wrote Martin Luther King’s speeches for him. (MARTIN, p. 132) Bayard Rustin, one of King’s top advisors, would remind him to include references in his speeches to the Judeo-Christian tradition. (KAUFMAN, J (Jew)., 1988, p. 66) There is no bonafide relationship or tradition between Judaism and Christianity. More P.C. Evangelical voodoo.

Jews organize, fund & sponsor minority, non-white organizations that divide and set minorities against whites, e.g. the NAACP, CORE, SNCC, SCLC, NUL, La Raza (The Race), MALDEF, MECha & CAIR—all aggressively anti-white! And in time will turn to violence against Whites. Blacks, Hispanics, & Arabs are all represented in the aforementioned organizations.

When minorities believe their time has arrived (numbers, influence, and PC at its zenith rendering whites defenseless) they will attempt to institute violent White genocide.

Leonard S. Glickman a Jew and CEO of The Hebrew (Jew) Immigrant Aid Society recently stated “THE MORE DIVERSE AMERICAN SOCIETY IS, THE SAFER JEWS ARE”. Translation: the fewer the white Founding stock, the easier for Jews to control. Furthermore Glickman is saying, the more Balkanized (minorities in America) the easier for Jews to continue to dominate every facet of American society.

HIAS is now recruiting refugees from Africa to dilute white populations. It is interesting to note that Jews I.Q. average out to be 125, while the average Black IQ is 85. A 40 point differential. More proof that Jews exploit immigration policies and minorities furthering their ambitions to destroy the Goyim (non-Jews). It is the religious objective of the Jewish Talmud to kill or enslave all non-Jews in the world. Jews are in a position to do just that by their control of the U.S. military, organized medicine, control of the food production industry, absolute control of world’s financials & media…guarantying control of world politicians.

Another one of the many real aspects leading to the dissolution of Western Civilization are the millions of so-called refugees soon to invade/arrive. The American government is morally bankrupt, self-serving, and devoid of political courage, and posturing under the phony aegis of Altruism—simply means mass legal & illegal invasions will continue.

Note: only one candidate for the U.S. presidency stands foursquare in sealing U.S. borders and deportation, but on the negative he is equally foursquare on increasing the size of the U.S. military. To make the point again, candidates, both Democrat & Republican, demand open borders and amnesty due to Jewish interests & influence in government. Senator Rubio & Jeb Bush are the two most dangerous with reference to their positions on immigration. Rubio, a truculent Hispanic, was a member of the Senate Gang of Eight (amnesty). Sen. Rubio’s Wall Street Sponsor, as previously noted, is Paul Singer (a Jew) ;;;;;;;;;& George Soros (a Jew) who has strong relationships with the Koch Brothers (Jews), the Club for Growth, the Chambers of Commerce, the Aspen Institute, Agenda 21, Earthwatch Institute, Gay marriage and stem cell research, to name a few, all anti-American globalists. The Club for Growth only supports presidential candidates who are for open borders/global objectives/global trade deals and so on.

The E.U. is in the primordial state of what is about to happen in the U.S—massive, uncontrolled 3rd world invasions. Federal politicians refuse to discuss the refugee arrivals, presently composed mainly of healthy young military aged men and few women & children. That will soon change. The refugee & illegal invasions we are now witnessing in the U.S. is only a “trickle-down”and serves as a deadly preview of what’s to come.

If our governments, i.e. federal, state, county, city were honorable, constitutionally functional entities we would not be wallowing in the devastation they have already wreaked upon middleclass Americans for decades. I give you the following: Beginning with Bush I through Obama…7 ongoing 14 year wars, non-provoked, against sovereign nations and destined for more—China, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, and Syria (the Wolfowitz doctrine); in case you have forgotten 97 million Americans unemployed,; 44 million on Food Stamps; Nationalized healthcare on the immediate horizon. If government had acted responsibly we would have sealed borders 55 years ago and massive deportations would not be needed. Instead we have inherited a collapsing infrastructure, a $19 TRILLION national debt, $200 TRILLION+ unfunded legal mandates (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Pensions, dysfunctional schools, eternal unconstitutional wars & a developing Mongrel Society addicted to welfare).

All Federal agencies, e.g. police at all levels, public schools, justice system, et al…all take their orders directly from D.C. establishments and the United Nations. Their sole allegiance is to government, not to the taxpaying citizens. A classic example recently occurred in Fort Smith, AR when school Superintendent Benny Gooden and the School Board under the direction of the new-age carpetbagger Dr. Deanie Mehl dissolved, without citizen input or knowledge, one of the two High School’s mascot & fight song…the Rebel & Dixie. The overthrow of these institutional icons was allegedly instituted by the Superintendent’s “PERCEPTION”, in this case accomplished under the guise of “perceived racism” when actually it was done on DC’s orders to wipe out every vestige of Southern nomenclature, artifacts, music, etc. i.e. and all things Southern throughout the South. According to the Fed & the U.N. every vestige of American society must be homogenous, i.e. egalitarian—everyone looks alike, thinks alike, acts alike, except for the racially cohesive Jews. They retain their DNA. Federal government has always feared and had a loathing for Southern Whites—Southern independence.

The $19 TRILLION national debt & exploding, by incompetent and corrupt Democrats & Republicans failure to address the financial volcanic crisis of all crises, will never be paid off by Constitutional means. If it is to be paid off, it will be paid at the point of a gun by confiscations of citizens’ real property and financial instruments by local police, sheriffs, and the massive arsenals of state & federal policing agencies.

V. Under the Woodrow Wilson Administration the 16th & 17th Amendments were passed, the 16th allowing the Congress to lay and collect taxes on incomes from whatever source…
Wilson also gave us the Federal Reserve—not Federal, but Private, composed of 12 Federal Reserve Banks strewn across the U.S., owned by Jews.

The Federal Reserve owns the printing presses that print trillions of dollars out of thin air and then with massive amounts of interest loans/sells their phony money to the U.S. Government (We the People) and the phony money is used globally as Reserve Currency, but may be coming to an end by BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) creating their own currency. Alexander Hamilton wanted Central Banking, as did Woodrow Wilson and a host of other presidents. Thomas Jefferson stopped the Central Banking maneuver for a time, followed by Andrew Jackson until Wilson’s arrival. From the time the Federal Reserve was created to this date the dollar has lost 98% of its value.

Later the International Monetary Fund was created by the same tribe (Jews) that created the Federal Reserve and likewise the Wall Street Banking Conglomerates.

Jewish Wall Street Banks use & abuse American banking depositors by indulging themselves in reckless risks, i.e. debt leverage, promoting hedge funds, gambling with depositors’ money, subprime mortgages, and other ghastly illegal business adventures that for a time brought down the giant Wall Street banks & other business entities. The financial fiasco was heralded by politicians exclaiming these institutions are “TOO BIG TO FAIL”; therefore the U.S. Congress with taxpayer money unconstitutionally illegally bailed out the Wall Street gangsters & others to the tune of $700 BILLION. All Wall Street institutions are owned by Jews. No word if the massive debt has ever been or ever will be paid back. The recipients of the “Bailouts” have already shown near record $160 Billion annually in profits. Not one of these U.S. Banksters has ever been charged with a crime relating to their misappropriations of public monies, unlike Iceland who incarcerated 26 Icelandic Jewish banksters.

A statement recently made by a real patriot said it all…”Wall Street, and the banks which stand, presently invincible, behind it, has conflated the institutions of private property and a free market with its right to rule by sheer weight of capital”. Deprograming people from the influence of this premise in my judgment will not be accomplished. Central Banking allows an amazing few Jewish individuals to control global banking.

Again & again, I have reminded “we the people” have a national debt of $19 Trillion and more than a $200 Trillion dollar unfunded mandate/debt and the Jews printing presses continue to hum. No effort by Congress to rein in their own spending atrocities and no plans or public discussions on how to resolve their/our financial crisis that I strongly believe will ultimately provoke civil unrest and a run on the banks juxtaposed with other calamities, e.g. eternal wars, mass immigration, & have you forgotten the Fukushima catastrophe. Fukushima, is killing an ocean—the Pacific—where are the noisy environmentalists, the EPA, accompanied by the states of California, Oregon, Washington, & soon to be Alaska?

The American government has betrayed middleclass Americans, black & white, by destroying their ability to find decent jobs, facilitated by NAFTA, GATT, and waiting in the wings, the Trans-Pacific & Trans-Atlantic Partnerships that will result in more economic destruction of the black & white middleclass. In motion are plans to assiduously dissolve our common borders with Canada & Mexico to be named the American Union and the financial instrument to be called the AMERO. Next, the intention is to dissolve the borders of South America forming a union with the aforementioned three countries and to be called the North American Union. Central America will be absorbed in the amalgamation process.

Sidenote: The wife of Ted Cruz, Heidi, was a member of the group advocating the formation of an American Union.

No one that negotiated and/or is negotiating the Trade Partnerships represents the peoples’ interest. The Partnerships are created for the government/corporate complex, not the citizens, while destroying our national sovereignty. The negotiators goal is a global conquest.

Reverting to the Bush II administration and his Jewish enablers/handlers launched multiple and massive attacks (2003) on the natural rights of man by more preemptive wars & unconstitutional legislation. Examples: The Patriot Act (Michael Chertoff, a dual citizen Jew co-authored), The Military Commission Act, The Homegrown Terrorist Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, they neutered Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus. The demolition of the 4th & 10th Amendments had already occurred, compliments of Bush II who initiated the 2nd most brutal attack (Lincoln first…do the research) against American freedom in our 239 year history, accompanied by preemptive attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen; coupled to a lock down of American society (NSA)—the above Acts have led our nation into (government’s own words) unending wars for “eternal peace” (global hegemony, their goal). Observe the psychopathic behavior of the government today. Some DC politicians are now proclaiming the Patriot Acts are outdated and must be re-written to make stronger, which will result in the loss of more personal freedoms.

Sidenote: CIA Director John Brennan converted to Islam. Brennan lied to the Congress pertaining to the NSA (National Security Agency) surveillance of all Americans.

The Wolfowitz (a Jew) Doctrine…”We shall have no rivals”, meaning the use of any weaponry (including nuclear) to accomplish a global conquest and embraced by the Pentagon. Some of the Doctrines major players are Jews Bill Kristol, Donald Rumsfeld, the Kagans, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, Elliot Abrams, Elliot Cohen, Dove Zacheim, Midge Dector, John Bolton, Scooter Libby & a host of others. Their Project for a New American Century (PNAC) launched in 1997 was the linchpin for the Mideast wars. It was dissolved in 2006 & camouflaged & revived as the Foreign Policy Initiative Organization. 10 original members of this anti-American organization (PNAC) went on to serve in the Bush II administration. Presidential candidate Jeb Bush was one of the founding members.

VI. Factually American & Israeli Jews dominate every facet of our lives.
Americans are continually subjected to a perpetual cacophony “Israel is our friend”, followed by the battle cry We (the U.S.) must protect Israel. This litany is from the U.S. government, media, academia, religion, etc.

Our friend you say? How so? American & Israeli Jews have penetrated every agency in the U.S. central government including networks of Israeli spies, American Jewish sympathizers, stolen U.S. secrets, sold said secrets, e.g. to China, Israel is the recipient of at least $3 Billion per year in U.S. foreign aid since it was illegally created in 1948, attacked ships bringing food supplies to the Palestinians, and given untold numbers of the U.S.’s most advanced weapons of war. Diabolical American Presidents & Congressional politicians have stupidly engaged in unprovoked warfare, principally the Mideast to satisfy the demands of Jews. The United States and Israel are the instigators; the U.S. is the financier and military sustainer of the phony “War on Terror”—a deadly hoax.

June 8, 1967 Israel (Jews) attacked and destroyed the U.S. Intelligence ship the USS Liberty, killing 34 American sailors and wounding 174. Launching attack after attack at the ship. The then President Lyndon Johnson performed an egregious cover-up by ordering the rescue fleet Commander to stand down. Israel was never held accountable for that atrocity.

Question: What has Israel done to deserve the title “Friend of the U.S.?” Answer: not one thing—do they have any friends?

The U.S. Congress (past & present) have all succumbed to the demands of Jews out of fear, for bribes, for self-serving business interests, and votes. 78% of Jews vote Democrat/Socialist, but does not mean they do not buy off politicians in both parties (working both sides of the street). Could it be that Jewish powers behind the scene allowed Muslim Obama to be elected because they knew a Black man would have the best opportunity to destroy White American culture & heritage utilizing the Politically Correct racist tactic that would result in fear of holding America’s first Black president constitutionally accountable?

In addition to the vast Jewish spy network Mossad, Jews occupy many of the most sensitive positions of leadership in U.S. government & are disproportionately represented throughout…in far greater numbers than their population percentage of 2%. Many Jews have dual citizenships and are Israel Firsters. Dual citizenship does not mean equality in allegiance. Why does our government allow dual citizenships in our national government in any case? Does anyone believe the Jew in positions of governmental power represents the interests of middleclass America?

There are currently 41 members of Congress who hold dual U.S./Israeli citizenship, 12 Senators & 29 Representatives.

It can also factually be stated that Jews are busily scuttling a large part of Western culture, heritage, holidays, religious & patriotic icons. All the while the White Founding Stock, seemingly ignorant of or too publically defend our once hallowed ground.

VII. The following is an abbreviated list of some of the principal enemies of White Euro culture: AIPAC—The most feared powerful Jewish unregistered foreign national lobbying group housed in DC and owns/controls American congressional politicians; (none dare oppose) e.g. AEI, ADL, AJL, AJC, ACLU, SPLC, ad infinitum—all dedicated to silencing white politicians & the middleclass. Their takeover of America is remarkable; particularly in view Jews represent about 2 % of our national population. Jews silenced Americans using their Political Correct tactic of hurling incendiaries, e.g. anti-Semite, racist, xenophobe, isolationist, bigot, but never prove their racial charges. They fully understand that an individual or small group opposed to the Jews unsavory acts and/or views cannot defend against the numerically large, financially endowed & politically connected Jewish organizations (including Jewish owned media).. The fact is Jews are paragons of racism. There has never been an ethnic group that practiced racism with such fanaticism, precision & zeal, at the same time refusing the same right for the White Founding Populace. This will be addressed topically in the section dealing with Jews that created & sustained major black & Hispanic anti-American organizations by proxy.
Jews use their brilliance, cohesiveness, cunning and ruthlessness in securing their goals.

The Jew, Mark Potok, a senior Fellow in the Southern Poverty Law Center once said those who oppose open border policies, amnesty and enforcement of laws that demand such things as Voter ID and other common sense protections of our country, that he would “DESTROY THEM, COMPLETELY DESTROY THEM” with his program called “RITUAL DEFAMATION. The SPLC has direct ties to the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) helping to write official DHS policy, all of which have the potential to affect citizens’ freedoms, travel, speech, life, & assembly. Now the creation of the Strong Cities Network that offers a greater threat to the above freedoms. Strong Cities Network is a product of the Dept. of Justice (Aug. 2015). Add this to the fact that DHS & SPLC are training & indoctrinating local police departments.

Morris Dees, a Jew and co-founder of the SPLC, believes White people with pride in their race pose a threat to the U.S. and must be targeted. I would ask Dees who settled and sustained our Republic for over 200 years? Was it Jews or Anglos? And in conjunction with the above statement our Founding Fathers had severe reservations pertaining to allowing Jewish migration into the U.S. Joseph Levine (Jew) is the other co-founder of SPLC and the President.

An example of the SPLC’s racial prejudice is illustrated by its RACIAL TOLERANCE PROGRAM. The program did not have a single black employee. No black person helped shape or design the program.

What irony! All that Dees, Potok & Levine have to sell are lies & hatred directed predominately at the Southern White Middleclass. At the same time, selling those 2 products to the DHS and other such government entities.

The Department of Justice (DOJ), working in conjunction with George Washington University and the SPLC, created the Domestic Terrorism Center—a new-age clone of the former Nazi Gestapo. The DTC is also a blood brother to the neoconservative (neocon) freedom killing National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

VIII. National and International Banking: As stated earlier, the Federal Reserve Bank (a privately owned institution) was created and is owned by Jews, the American money supplier—with interest payments of course.. Should states have their own banks, e.g. North Dakota? Janet Yellen, a Jew, is the current Chair of the FRB.
Again, Wall Street is also owned and controlled by Jews..

Fred Hochberg, a Jew, is the Chairman of the Export/Import Bank.
The International Monetary Fund, with 188 countries involved, the Managing Director is a Jew, Christine Lagarde. The IMF is headquartered in DC and is heavily subsidized by the U.S. taxpayers.

Sidenote: Managing Director Christine Lagarde is currently under indictment by the French government for money-laundering.

Some of the Jews that control the global financial marketplace are the Rothschild’s, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America, George Soros (a Russian Jew) and , the Koch Brothers, etc.

IX. Entertainment/media–Seven Jewish Americans own or control 97% of U.S. media.
The seven Jewish men selectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, MGM, Universal Studios, Paramount, Viacom, MCA Records, Geffen Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records…far too numerous to mention here. Anchor desks, guest contributors, (both news & sports) are heavily skewed with Jews routinely increasing their numbers in these venues. Note ESPN & Fox News.

Most of the larger independent newspapers are owned by Jewish interests. Examples: The New York Times & Washington Post

Disney is owned by Jews whose principal office is located in Israel. The internet is controlled by Jewish companies– Google, Pay Pal, Microsoft, & Apple. Jews also own Facebook, Ebay, Yahoo, AOL, etc. Bill Gates (Microsoft) is advocating replacing Capitalism with Cultural Marxism, as well as Mark Zuckerberg. Interestingly, Gates & Zuckerberg made their enormous fortunes in a Capitalistic system yet want to change the American Free Enterprise system to a Marxist/Collectivist system.

Communism is a product of Jews…Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Lenin. In 1848 Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto. Leon Trotsky in Nov. 1917 became Chairman of The Military Revolutionary Committee—i.e. leader of the Bolshevik Red Guards, Trotsky organized the November Revolution. Vladimir Lenin served as head of the
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. Jews have not strayed from their Collectivist/Communist/Marxist mentality.

Google, like Wikipedia, is diligent in weeding out any fact that paints Jews in a bad light.

X. Jews created and own the whole of Hollywood. Most Producers, Directors, and many Actors, Authors, and ancillary positions.

XI. The Kosher Mafia Tax…Extortion
Non-Jews are unaware that all food products marked with a “K” or “U” Symbols have been taxed by Jewish rabbis! The symbol inform Orthodox Jews the items have been checked by a Rabbi, to make sure they have been prepared in accordance with “Jewish Dietary Law” (JDL). Understand this is a nation of over 300 million people and we are all forced to pay this Kosher Tax to appease less than 1% of the population. (practicing Jews) This comes out of your and my pockets. Kosher means fit to eat.

Today there are over 16,000 products now paying Rabbinical organizations for their “stamp of kosher approval”. In the year 2000 the Kosher tax took in over $1 Trillion by this racketeering scheme, in which every nation on earth pays the Kosher Tax.1,200 companies have succumbed to this Kosher Tax racket.

The Tax racket, is also attached to huge numbers of non-food products, e.g. Reynolds aluminum foil, Glad sandwich bags, Ivory liquid detergent, Glass Plus, Comet cleanser, Toilet bowl cleansers, ad infinitum.

The Kosher Mafia Tax is astounding and once again demonstrates vividly the power and ruthlessness Jews have over, not only Americans, but citizens around the globe, with no consequences.

XII. Jews domination of The Fashion Industry….to name a few: Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Neiman-Marcus, Levi Strauss, Macy’s/Bloomingdales, The Gap, Eddie Bauer, Saks, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, and so on.

XIII. Big Box Mass Merchandizers: Home Depot, Staples, Office Depot, Circuit City, Costco, Sears/K Mart, Academy, Toys R Us, Old Navy, Stein-Mart, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, etc. In the case of Wal-Mart; 24 out of 33 top executives are Jews, including the current CEO. Note: 85 % of products sold by Wal-Mart come from abroad, 80% from China.

XIV. Jewelers: Signat, Marks & Morgan, Goodman, Zales, Zell Brothers, Gordon’s, Diamond Park, Sterling, Kay, etc.

XV. Professional Sports: Baseball—16 teams owned by Jews. Bud Selig (Jew) currently baseball Commissioner. Basketball—14 teams owned by Jews. Adam Silver (Jew) current Commissioner & former Commissioner was David Stern.. Football—13 teams owned by Jews.

Sidenote: “In a move with little precedent in professional sports, the N.B.A. is putting the weight of its multi-billion-dollar brand and the prestige of its star athletes behind a series of television commercials calling for an end to gun violence.”(I.E. Anti-2nd Amendment)Quote from The Anti-New York Times

XVI. Food: Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, Haagan Daz, Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway, Snapple, Lender’s Bagels, ad infinitum.

In view of the above:

The question now that is cited on the first page has very real meaning– at what position on the Declaration of Independence barometer do “we the people” presently occupy? “Are the people more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable or have we arrived at the long train of abuses and usurpations?” Or do you believe there have been no government or ethnic induced sufferable evils or abuses and usurpations?

In conclusion: The White middleclass and many times the White underclass have always been, since the Founding of our republic, “the go-to guys”.

They have always been the bulwark and are today of the U.S. military—all branches—and have dutifully & willfully served in all the corrupt American wars, most especially the War for Southern Independence. Today, as in all days, they have served thinking they were fighting to “keep us safe”, which is not the case. It must be noted here that the South has always produced the majority of U.S. fighting forces.

The goals of the U.S. military and their current encounters are ultimately designed to achieve global hegemony. The collection of Republican Neoconservatives and some Democrats are pushing us ever closer into a coming nuclear conflagration with Russia & China where there are no winners, just losers, i.e. global destruction. The U.S. media continually barrage Americans with the lie that Russian President Vladimir Putin has designs for war. Putin does not want war and has demonstrated that on any number of occasions. He, in my opinion, is singularly the only rational global statesman.

For the first time in the history of our young republic, we the people are dominated totally by an ethnic group that comprises 2% or less in a nation of 318 million residents, and in all likelihood many millions more if illegals of various stripes were counted. Of course, I’m speaking of the Jewish population living in the United States. As mentioned throughout this article, they own and/or control every aspect of American lives, e.g. all forms of communications, all educational tools, U.S. national foreign policy, international banking, entertainment, and so on. One fact alone is intensely sobering and that is their chokehold ownership of media which gives them, the power to bend minds in any directions they see fit—thoughts, “facts”, attitudes, what we see, what we hear, ad infinitum.

Therefore: there appears to be a conundrum developing…Neoconservative Republican warmongers & fellow wayfarers are risking nuclear conflict in their quest for global hegemony through eternal wars and at the same time the Jewish Establishment is also looking toward global dominance through control and ownership of banking, technology, & other instruments.

The question now: will these two forces collide or will they form a symbiotic relationship?
Recently, there has appeared a fly in the pie. That would be the invasion of Muslims into our country which actually started in the 90’s under the direction of Republican Senator Spencer Abraham of Michigan. Muslims have a strong dislike for Jews and Jews have a strong dislike for Muslims. U.S. failure to have and/or enforce existing immigration laws has precipitated this Jew/Muslim mess. I personally proposed these measures 55 years ago to U.S. legislative bodies.

Carrying those thoughts another step forward…the Jewish Talmud calls for the eradication of all non-Jews, that means Muslims, and Whites. Islam’s Quran calls for the eradication of all non-islamists. Violence cannot be avoided by these bellicose U.S. minorities.

One may rightfully conclude that these two sects are dedicated to killing each other as well as the White population in America, and will succeed if illogical & insouciant Americans continue to fail to understand what motivates these two groups.

White middleclass Americans who provide the majority of the U.S. military’s cannon fodder, create & sustain 67% of the jobs in our nation, and have been by design removed from the political/economic equation.

This article mirrors the resulting status of the U.S. today, but does not reveal the depth of Jew ownership and influence in the U.S. today, nor all of the known & unknown corruption that permeates the whole of the U.S. government today.

We have been and are being victimized by incompetent, corrupt, evil, warmongering, murderous, politicians and bureaucrats under the influence of Zionist’ power & money.

What are “we the people”, in this case, White middleclass Americans to do?

Joe McCutchen

“To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards out of men”. Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Government slush funds & no accountability

Fort Smith city government, taxpayer distribution money policy.
November 2, 2015

It appears they have no policy except tax & spend, never a “make do” policy.

Re: City Manager Dingman stating to the TR last week that the Board was not to use this year’s General Fund remaining balance in calculating the new budget. Why? At the very least an obfuscation and lacking in ethics


On whose authority did this directive originate –Dingman, the Board, the City Treasurer or the City Attorney, or…..?

This type of misconduct always sets the stage for more taxes. Whatever the amount, $1,000 or millions, it needs to be accounted for in next year’s budget, to the penny & taxpayers made aware of the exact amount of the surplus.

Last week I posed a number of questions related to depositing this year’s budget surplus into the General Fund and what makes this act even more sinister is the horrific debt this government has incurred due to malfeasance, misfeasance, etc. The article can be found at

Another matter pertaining to tax dollars—thievery at worst.

The Arkansas General Assembly empowered themselves several years ago with a bank account known as The General Improvement Funds (GIF) which has most recently been shown some interest by the FBI. Wonder what got their attention?

This year the legislature set aside $20 million for Gov. Hutchinson to use as he sees fit, and another $20 million for the General Assembly members to use as they see fit.

More ethical corruption and political thievery. If the legislators policy is to give 35 members of the Senate and the 100 Representatives equal amounts, that would be $150,000 each, but I believe state senators receive considerably more. This is nothing more than a vote buying, power buying, corrupt scheme.

I’m sure Senator Jake Files will come forth and relate to his constituency how he has divvied up his shares over the years he has been in the legislature, as a Rep and a Senator.

What would you bet that Files has dumped in thousands to the so-called “private enterprise” (huge lie) known as Griffin & Sicard’s Marshal Museum and to the financially bloated UAFS? Sooner rather than later, if the MM is completed the taxpayers will inherit it in toto.

Joe McCutchen

Government logic = 3 Monkeys


(Times Record…October 28, 2015)

Executive Director Claude Legris begins this exercise in typical government bloviating nonsense.
That followed by arrogant ineptitude by the actions of the Mayor and City Board.

First in glowing terms, Legris says how well the Convention Center is doing financially. Followed by the admission the failed institution is continuing to be subsidized to the tune of $770,000 taxpayer dollars per year.

Now the kicker: our city “leaders” (in this case the Mayor & City Board) want to divert the Convention Center’s allowance of $770,000 per year to the defunct Fire & Police Pension fund (where did the money go?), mostly due to the departed City Manager Ray Gosack & this and other Mayors, City Boards and City Managers.

And now the blockbuster, in typical government thuggery, the City Board & the Mayor to cover-up their ineptitudes want to enact a ½ % Sales Tax to be awarded to, you guessed it, Claude Legris and the rest of the overpaid Convention Center crowd.
Only in government can this kind of mentality not only survive, but reign supreme!

The Ft. Smith City government and the Ft. Smith Public School Superintendent Benny Gooden along with the School Board can only leave you shaking your head and asking what in the hell is going on?

Joe McCutchen

Forced Multiculturalism for Profit

It must be true. (Reported in today’s Times Record) October 21, 2015

While on his hands & knees Richard Griffin’s new bag man Mitch Minnick speaking to the Fort Smith Mayor & Board of Directors was “begging”….”Please pass the Capital Improvement Plan” worth $1.1 million. Of course, the CIP is HUD.

Minnick continued speaking & claimed the Housing Authority has a mission mandated by the State Constitution to provide housing for those in need.

Tell us Mr. Minnick, in what Article & what Section the Arkansas State Constitution mandates housing for “those in need”? Since the Mayor & City Board did not question Minnick’s Constitutional claim, are they complicit or ignorant?

“The Ft. Smith Housing Authority is in some type of partnership with the city of Fort Smith”. “Some type” of partnership certainly deserves some detailed questioning. The city of Fort Smith has way too much money and in fact if there is a shortage in police/fire pensions, $500 millions in EPA federal demands to rehab the sewer department, $300,000 in fines, etc. it is all due to gross misapplication of funds.

Now the crux of the matter: HUD, (in this case to be enforced by Richard Griffin & his new man Mitch Minnick) recently finalized a rule that will force local communities to build “evenly distributed neighborhoods based on income and race”. Translation: the goal is impregnating predominantly white neighborhoods with minorities, which is HUD’s & their players’ “multicultural, politically correct dream”, i.e. destroy Western Civilization for profit.

In 2012 HUD dispersed about $3.8 billion of these grants to almost 1200 cities. Question: Did the Fort Smith city government take some of the HUD bait? If so, our city government will now need federal approval so they will meet government’s racial guidelines.

The question was asked, “What about local jurisdiction over zoning matters?” HUD’s answer was “Forget about that”.

Another forced takeover of private property rights by the ever corrupt federal government. The above has nothing to do with housing discrimination, which has been illegal since the 1960’s.

Not everyone can afford to live in every community due to high demand for housing in certain areas. Home values are determined by market forces, not racism.

Every evil act by government involves three classes of people sucking up welfare…minorities and deadbeats on the low end, politicians & bureaucrats on the high end. Nothing being done to protect and save the rights of middleclass America who are the foundation of this nation and create 67% of jobs. Yet we continue to allow these avaricious slovenly takers to destroy our freedom and property rights.

Joe McCutchen

No Limits To Political Correctness–the Bane of Mankind

Sellouts by the numbers October 16, 2015

Fort Smith Superintendent of Schools Benny Gooden’s sellouts appear to be complete…at least at this point.

Before the explanation, let it be said that if honorable, legal results are to be obtained, Gooden and his legal/political entanglements may come to haunt him.

First off: His purge of Southside High School’s Southern icons and all things Southern occurring in secrecy and the excommunication of the Rebel mascot was never voted on to this day and the purging of Dixie & Johnny Reb never had a full vote of the Fort Smith School Board.
Gooden’s egregious acts occurred without any notification to “we the people” of Fort Smith, AR.

Gooden’s purge was built on a 4 word phrase “It was my perception”. His explanation is fraught with corruption.

In a supreme show of financial arrogance he now proposes a $300,000-$500,000 expenditure for the Southside Mascot makeover.

The Fort Smith School Board can only be described as a collection of Gooden enablers, with Dr. Deanie Mehl at the helm acting as the second-coming of the despised Yankee carpetbaggers (she is a Yankee) with a full bag of venom. For what reason, who knows?
The phony name change committee under the direction of Gooden came up with the name Maverick. The name being derived from a So. Carolina/Texas slaver.
The name Maverick was probably funneled to Gooden many months ago at the behest of the downtown cabal composed of Richard Griffin & Sammy Sicard, etc. to further their economic downtown activities, in this case, the behemoth known as the proposed Marshal’s Museum.

Griffin & Sicard, when introducing the proposed MM stated that it would be a “private endeavor”, i.e. funded by private investors…they lied. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been channeled into this endeavor through the actions of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, New Market Tax Credits, Grants, cash disbursements from the county, the city, the state, and another corrupt entity, the federal government.
They will now market the MM by using the Southside mascot and logo in pursuing their economic and political interests.

October 15, 2015 a news story appeared in the Times Record that demonstrated the political muscle maneuvering & deception that the Central Business District uses to accomplish their goals by utilizing their influence to prevent a citizen from putting a car dealership in one of the abandoned buildings (why?) that Griffin & Sicard label “Lower Towson Ave.” Obviously the term “Lower Towson Ave” is a takeoff on Charleston, SC use of the phrase “Low Country”. (Oops, something Southern again)

Towson Ave has obviously become the new hallowed ground for Griffin & Sicard and the question becomes how much of the property do the two control between Garrison and Sparks Hospital?

Historically, Confederate battles were fought in this area (Backbone Mountain–Greenwood, Massard, Prairie Grove, Pea Ridge, etc.) and region no matter how hard they try to revise it. And it was Southern culture/civilization which transformed a wild town on the edge of the “Badlands” into a center for rule of law and justice.

Honest promoters would have used this unique combination to enhance and entice. True Grit and Southern manners, culture & heritage melded into a rare commodity. Instead, politically correct, myopic “leaders” try to eradicate the South and then destroy the Western part with obscene murals on historical buildings downtown.

All those involved in these despicable actions are to be vilified, certainly not congratulated or admired.

Gooden, Griffin, & Sicard are using a public institution, Southside High School, if the mascot name Maverick prevails, must surely have some legal ramifications. Is there no limit to their greed? After all, it is not their own money being spent; it belongs to “we the people”.

Joe McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return