Rubbing out the South, based on lies.

Superintendent Benny Gooden’s words, numbers & Johnny Reb August 22, 2015

NUMBERS…The last Ft. Smith school budget amounted to $150 Million, Gooden described the budget as “ORDINARY” & “ROUTINE”…what is ordinary or routine about $150 million? In typical Gooden doublespeak he did not articulate if there was any money left over from the $150 million last budget.

He now describes the 2015-2016 school budget as “REMARKABLE”, and then the “budget as
“UNREMARKABILITY”. These descriptions are as vague as are his word PERCEPTION in addressing he and his School Board’s recent arcane overthrow of all things Southern at Southside High School.

Gooden states that the 2015-16 budget is $153.4 million, an increase of $3.4 million over this year’s budget, with no explanations why the increase in the budget of that amount. Apparently there was one hold out by the sycophant School Board in Gooden’s railroading of the budget.

With reference to the transition to the new school icons Gooden estimated the mascot conversion would cost $200,000 or so…OR SO (meaning no cost limitations) IS THE ESCAPE CLAUSE. He continues to use nebulous words & phrases, e.g. for the “public good”,move on”, etc.
Then there is the matter of the $500,000 “slush fund”, no specifics pertaining to its origin or what this huge amount of money is lying around for Gooden’s economic playpen. Gooden & the F.S. School Board are government marauders.

A breakdown of where the proposed funding of the Fort Smith school system comes from is as follows: 49% from state; 35% locally, & 16% from federal government.

Question: why would any honorable, legitimate Educator, in this case Superintendent Gooden, allow the federal government, contributing only 16% of total funding to dictate the tenor of business for the whole of the Fort Smith school district? The state’s governors from the inception of Federal Funding up to the present, same for the current & past legislators, continue the sellout of local control of the public school system to the corrupt Feds for a measly 16%, which was and is traitorous. All the above are willing participates that have allowed the corrupt federal government to destroy public education while at the same time allowing our nation to become a 3rd-4th world dumping ground.

In this same context, Board President Deanie Mehl, the new-age carpetbagger, in a show of bravado, political correctness, and vote buying, exclaimed pertaining to local teachers, “So we don’t have to go 2 years in a row without an increase”. Where is it written that school teachers need or deserve a raise in any time frame when their salaries & perks already exceed the private sector by 22%? At no time should a government employee earn more than a private sector employee with the same job skills, and after all who pays their salaries.

In view of all this, Gooden wants a 3 mill tax increase that would generate $87 million more. With this in mind, we will see how many citizen palookas will vote for that old education canard…”IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN”. Gooden and his ilk are wards of Big Government and are enemies of FREE ENTERPRISE!

Joe McCutchen
P.S. In an attempt to unmask the 154 year old Lincoln cover-up this one snippet will serve as an introduction to some factual American history that was spoken in March, 1861, well before the War for Southern Independence began…the following were Lincoln’s words before the Virginia Compromise Delegation.

When asked, “Why not let the South go in peace?”


Isn’t it obvious that the war was over money, not slavery? The above is just one example of the Real Lincoln’s brutal history, impregnated with atrocities. It is way past time for the truth to be set free regarding Lincoln and his war.

Questions regarding local goverment

Police Chief Kevin Lindsey and other recent Ft. Smith mentionables August 8, 2015

I The TR gave a glowing report pertaining to the PD that has been re-accredited by the COMMISSION ON ACCREDITATION for LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES (CALEA) an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) & operating under the aegis of the UN’s Agenda 21.

Briefly, the city of Ft. Smith belongs to CALEA and has for many years. CALEA makes adjustments whenever & wherever necessary TO MEET A BODY OF INTERNATIONAL ACCEPTED STANDARDS.

Membership & continuation fees are an integral part of the contract CALEA DEMANDS.

CALEA banters the phrase “HARMONIZED STANDARDS” …meaning the Ft. Smith PD marches in lockstep with the protocols (military term) demanded by an international NGO. NOT the citizens of Ft. Smith, AR.

On a prior alert in 2014 two city directors were not aware of Lindsey & CALEA and emailed me and indicating I was a “conspiracist”. Awareness seems to be a commodity in short supply among City Directors.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), another NGO of which Lindsey is a member, works directly with the United Nations.

When civil unrest rears its ugly head due to government overreach and related criminalities, to whom do you believe Chief Lindsey & his troops will show their allegiance? What are the costs for the two International memberships? Are they aware of who pays their salaries & perks, and who Constitutionally gives them their orders?

II What is the source of revenue and the budget amount that allows Sebastian County Clerk Sharon Brooks to extract $150,000 from her office’s recorder fund? What is a recorder fund?

III Repairing railroad crossings is not a proper function of city government. Griffin & Sicard made the request, it’s their economic investment, as well as the railroad’s, let them pay.

The city already spends 100’s of thousands of taxpayer dollars on Griffin/Sicard/et al’s new age urban renewal projects, and then there’s no or little control over Griffin’s HUD projects & New MARKET Tax Credits.

“We are sleeping on a volcano…A wind of revolution blows; the storm is on the horizon.” Alexis de Tocqueville

Joe McCutchen


August 6, 2015
T.R.’s headline: “All aboard SHS Fight Song”…NOT EXACTLY!!

Superintendent Benny Gooden or one of his Confederates (pun intended) was quoted in Friday’s edition of the TR “giving great consideration to the continuing impact of Perceived Symbols of racism on the community, state and nation”.

Man up Benny, dispense with your nebulous wording and specifically tell citizens what the “continuing impact” is. The overthrow you & Mehl orchestrated has far reaching tentacles. JR, Dixie, & all things Southern were just the tools/excuses used to initiate your deceptive purge for an overall greater attack to expunge all things Southern forever. Shades of “Truth Ministry” in “1984”

Is that the best Gooden can offer up? Perception? Perception is anything a person wants it to be…absent reality/facts and with Gooden’s broad brushed statements exactly what are his perceptions? Gooden has been devious in refusing to answer questions and at times claims he has had a lapse in memory.

In Gooden’s orchestrated purge of Southside’s Johnny Reb and all things Southern he has administered arcane meetings and from evidence, more than one of these such meetings.

His spokesperson, Deanie Mehl, the Yankee new-age carpetbagger from all indications, has been the bomb that Gooden ignited.

His committee’s selection of a new Fight Song, Wabash Cannonball, acting as feckless automatons apparently do not understand, or perhaps they do understand, that Wabash Cannonball is the signature song of the Yankee state of Indiana? Or was that the purpose? Nothing Southern you know!

If any of you believe the plan to over throw Johnny Reb, Dixie and all things Southern was hatched after July 1, 2015 you are the dullards that Gooden & Mehl believe you to be.

Something quite strange about picking a fight song before the identity of a Mascot is known.

Joe McCutchen

Questions re AG pick for Solicitor General

August 2, 2015

What is Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge up to?

Hiring a New York Yankee (not baseball) by the name of Lee Rudofsky as Arkansas Solicitor General. By the way, no qualified Arkansans?

AG Rutledge, with this hire, stated “My commitment to make the AG’s office the top law firm in the state”. What does this statement mean? She is comparing a citizen subsidized state protection racket for politicians who employ 70-80 or more attorneys while apparently equating it to private sector law firms?

Back to Rudofsky: Rudofsky has been assistant general counsel for Wal-Mart. He received a BS and a Masters of Public Administration from Cornell and a law degree from Harvard. He also spent years in DC, general counsel for a CA candidate for governor, and likewise, for presidential candidate Romney.

With his impressive academic and political credentials from Ivy League schools and years of slumming with DC politicians, why did he leave Wal-Mart and more to the point why did he accept the position with the AR AG for $120,000 per year with his formidable background?

There is something smelly here!!

So AG Rutledge what’s the deal?

Joe McCutchen

Exposing the Cuckservatives in Arkansas

August 2, 2015
Cuckservative Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s dismal political record: That is, if you brand yourself a bonafide conservative, which I doubt you are. The cuckold I.D. aptly describes the Republican members of the Ark. State Assembly.

I Immigration – Hutchinson was the Director of the DEA, Sec. of DHS “border czar”, and most recently he repudiated presidential candidate Donald Trump’s positions on the illegal Mexican and OTM invasions. Appointed by Bush II, Hutchinson during his reign as border czar presided over the greatest number of illegal aliens to enter our country in its history. . This includes Obama’s treacherous acts of illegal amnesties, illegal children invasions, and the usual illegal activities regarding immigration.

II He and the Assembly caved on Obamacare. He and they added 300,000 and counting more deadbeats tying them to the backs of middleclass producers. Ahh yes, Hutchinson states he will terminate the Obama welfare program in 2016. Sure, he/they will.

III He caved this week on Common Core—adios forever any semblance of state/local control of education—the victims again are our children. The teaching community is in lockstep with this citizen sellout.

IV Hutchinson refuses to speak publicly on the status of former governor Mike Beebe’s and the 2013 AR General Assembly (perhaps further back) actions to create the arcane Arkansas State University’s Mexico division in Queretaro, Mexico.

Who are Governor Asa Hutchinson’s handlers? Middleclass Arkansans, observe the Governor’s relationship with the state’s Chambers of Commerce.

Joe McCutchen

School Board Highly Questionable

The Fort Smith School Board and their highly questionable activity. July 26, 2015

The tax-man Superintendent Benny Gooden, the titular head of the Fort Smith School Board new-age carpetbagger Deanie Mehl, her two female sycophants, absent Alpha-Males.

In the above efforts to overthrow Johnny Reb, Dixie and all things Southern, it appears in their haste in so doing left them in, one might say, a precarious ethics and quite possibly legal issues.

Why are Gooden and Mehl extending the extermination into a two year episodic adventure? E.g. The first school year Dixie will be removed and the second year Johnny Reb will be gone. As you may recall, Gooden was hustling for a new high school at Ft. Chaffee and the downtown bad boys cancelled his efforts, then lo & behold, within days Gooden came up another hustle, a $78 million proposal to plaster hundred dollar bills all over existing school facilities. In actuality, was Gooden going to put his hustle for a new $75 million high school plus a $78 million tax proposal at the same time?

It is obvious that the two year plan is designed to ameliorate harsh feelings about the projected Southside/Dixie purge, thinking people will forget and he can sandwich in his proposed ballot vote to increase taxes.

Then comes the matter of secrecy, an all too frequent activity in government at all levels. Gooden, Mehl & their automatons met secretly before the official meeting and cut the deal for the Johnny Reb purge…the fix was definitely in. All the while the meeting was allegedly designed to discuss Superintendent Gooden’s financial contracts and perhaps other personnel issues.

Just how many Board members voted for the Southside purge, some say 5, some say 6, some say 1 voted after the “fix” vote. So which is it?
The very real tragedy here is the academic dumb-down will continue to be imminently successful by Gooden, the new-age carpetbagger and her acolytes. That is the continuing extension of the 154 year old Lincoln lie/cover-up. And our young people and the south will continue to suffer under the cloud of racism and degradation.

Is the teaching community, i.e. the superintendent, the School Board, principals, faculty, ad infinitum, ignorant of the historical facts pertaining to the time frame 1858-1868, or are they enablers of a 154 year cover-up? In either case, they should all be disgraced and drummed out of the system.

To think President Abraham Lincoln receives such adulation in view that he was and is our Republic’s only public servant that publicly debated a position advocating racism and genocide. All government entities have knowingly or unknowingly betrayed all Americans pertaining to the 154 year old Lincoln cover-up.

Tomorrow night Gooden, new-age carpetbagger Mehl, and the other 6 sycophants will continue the Lincoln cover-up by unanimously voting to kill Johnny Reb, Dixie, and all things Southern.

When the grain is separated from the chaff, it always comes down to Northern interference into Southern affairs—derogatory language, depictions, abuse of southern labor, making sport of the south, and the tragedy that the multitudes of blacks knowing the truth are unable to convey it to their brothers & sisters.

Joe McCutchen…let we the people vote.

Institutionalized Ignorance Perpetuated

July 26, 2015
Ignorance alone is a sad thing, but ignorance being sanctimoniously glorified is disgusting and disturbing.

H.L. Mencken, Will Rogers, Mark Twain—satirical humorous writers in the past would see the delicious irony in a school board & superintendent so ignorant and ill/mis-informed regarding history that they would equate a symbol of liberty/independence with one of slavery/bondage. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, that appears to be the case in the Fort Smith School Superintendent & School Board’s desire to remove/replace Southside High School’s 50+ year Rebel Mascot & all things Dixie. There’s never even been a protest of any size whatever of which I am aware.

Here we have the paragons of educational excellence, leaders of scholarly endeavors, who don’t hesitate to meet in secret, falling immediately into the trap set by the Cultural Marxist Political Correctness tactic of divisiveness=-pit one race against another in order to damage/destroy the white founding stock, i.e. Western Civilization (the ultimate goal). Do they even have a clue? Doubtful, likely just a knee-jerk response to be compliant with the politically correct “offense” du jour.

The goal is being accomplished by using the fictitious Union victors’ version of what happened and why in War of Northern Aggression—a perfect conduit to induce PC “white guilt”. The perpetrators knew most folks are too lazy to seek the truth, especially if it is the opposite of what they have been taught by teachers they trust, who themselves only know what is in the “official” textbooks. A perfect setup for manipulation & subjugation.

Which brings us to the questions…does the School Board./Superintendent know the truth & trying to hide it for nefarious reasons, or they’ve swallowed the tales told by government schools, or don’t really want to acknowledge the truth, or just arrogant defiance of inconvenient truths & desire to punish dissenters? It was not a Civil war; it was a war for independence from a tyrannical government.

In a rational honest world these people would be laughing stocks and expelled from any authority over the education process…but alas we live in a pussified age where no one is to be “offended” (real or imagined), that is no one except those who do not accept government as god, who do not believe everything it does is right, much less moral or rational, especially if they are white.

There is little doubt how this frontal attack on all things Dixie/Confederate will go. The insidious, pious PC Kool-Aid has been consumed in huge quantities by government worshipers and parasites who are feeling their oats (empowered)……besides there’s money to be generated & looted! The bloated gloat is impossible to resist by too many.

The best of our Founders envisioned an enlightened, knowledgeable citizenry who cherished individual rights and responsibilities; unfortunately what they have gotten is an intellectually lazy mass of malleable automatons who feed at the government propaganda & money trough.

Hence, it will probably be goodbye to heritage of honor, independence, & courage & hello to arrogant pandering cowardice and perpetuated institutionalized ignorance.

There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, And producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak,
Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies,
So that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, Because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing,
Or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”
– Aldous Huxley’s lecture to The California Medical School in San Francisco in 1961

~Barbara McCutchen

Incumbency breeds arrogant corruption

All governments will have their way—be damned with, “we the people” & the Constitution—the Constitution is supposed to be the government but is filled with so-called Public Servants who unfortunately & in actuality are self-servers. July 22, 2015

Incumbency breeds arrogance, corruption, crime, and force, but you would never know that by the institutionalized ignorance of the voting public’s record on incumbency and double down re: bureaucrats. Actually, there is no difference between a bureaucrat and a politician; I note this for I.D. purposes only.

Before the matter of this screed, is it ironic; is it coincidental; or some other reason that former City Manager Ray Gosack and the Director of Finance Kara Bushkul resigned within days of one another other? Did their hasty departures have any bearing on the $1/2 billion EPA mandate, the $300,000 EPA fine, or the shortage of the Police & Fire Pension Fund, the 30 year $600 million misapplication of monies specifically dedicated to streets & sewers? Note the current pitiful condition of streets & sewers.

Now, back to the topic at hand: examples of government having its way—be damned with the people.

I. The cowardly, deceptive Issue 3, initiated, orchestrated & passed in the Arkansas General Assembly principally by Republican legislators that extended term limits under the guise of an “Ethics” bill. What a disgusting collection of palookas.

II. This same bunch, the Ark. Gen. Assembly, this year in another cowardly deceptive maneuver insured we the people would be burdened with Obamacare until the state/nation collapses under the financial weight of such stupidity, but not limited to.

III. Fluoride—Sodium fluoride is a drug/medication/poison that requires a physician’s prescription for human use. Additionally, mass medication of the poison sodium fluoride is an existential threat to the long-term health of human beings. What is the authority for the Governor, the legislature, and the F.S. city government to practice medicine without a license? This is only a thumbnail description of fluoride.

The Delta Dental insurance company and the Ark. State Assembly of 2011 passed an illegal, unconstitutional legislation. When any legislation is passed that is unconstitutional or poses a threat to the quality of life of a citizen in any manner, they are in no way obligated to adhere to any part or the whole of the legislation. On this chord public officials swear to uphold the Constitution.

Law is a weapon, law holds only value to those who create it to extort and control.

Fort Smith city voters, as has been reported many times, turned down the issue of fluoridation twice, in the 1970’s and 1992 but have contemptuously failed to resonate with the current F.S. City Board of Directors.

Former Fort Smith Manager Ray Gosack, the Board of Directors, & the Mayor cut a contract with Burns & McDonnell for $249,000 for fluoride engineering services and a $1.5 million with Goodwin & Goodwin for fluoride feed services. These exorbitant expenses came after Delta Dental Insurance bribed, coerced or made a quid pro quo deal that sent $2 million to the Board of Directors…all in the face of the glaring alleged financial deficiencies in the city of Fort Smith.

What was the source of the $1,749,000 that the F.S. City Board paid for the above services?

Of course, city government will bloviate that it’s Arkansas state law and they have to abide. The Board’s defense is a Constitutional lie, followed by the fact that they did not have to accept Delta Dental’s $2 million bribe.

IV. More corruption guided by Ft. Smith’s Superintendent Benny Gooden, undergirded by his compliant F.S. School Board.
Five members of the F.S. School Board, accompanied by Gooden, in a secret pre-planned meeting to produce unanimity (the fix) to purge all references to the Johnny Reb Mascot, the beautiful song Dixie, and all things Southern without any knowledge or conversation with Fort Smith citizens, more specifically those who have had a relationship with Southside High.

Then there is the matter of cost, which certainly no citizen knows and is doubtful the administration knows, but for sure it will be 6 figures at least. All the while, Gooden is pushing for a $70 million tax increase.

Incumbency breeds ownership in the minds of the occupants of any given political/public service institution. Incumbency is a political curse and in all cases “we the people” are considered nothing more than a collection of pinheads by incumbents. For instance, Gooden has been around for 30+ years and Board member Rick Wade for 20+ years. Coercion and force is the name of their game, as with all pols.
Public School Superintendent Benny Gooden and Police Chief Kevin Lindsay to name two, are wards of national and global unions and other special interests, while citizens have long since been excised from the equation. There is no “local” control.

V. Days after Fort Smith voters turned down a 5% shell for a Trail System came a clamor from 2 NGO’s (Non-governmental Organizations) and the newly hired Parks Director whining “we need more trails” and oh yes, more funding! Never do they abide by the wishes of “we the people”.

VI. Urban Renewal revisited—the downtown renovation society, that would be Sicard, Griffin, and others, have reinvented & reignited the 1960’s Urban Renewal program. Urban Renewal simply defined: taxpayers fund the redevelopment of private property in urban and downtown areas.

Are any of the aforementioned statistics relevant to the taxpaying citizens of Fort Smith or will it continue to be “business as usual”?

Joe McCutchen
P.S I recall Mayor Sanders marveling in the Times Record what a wonderful job former City Manager Ray Gosack had done.

The Lincoln lies must be exposed.

Can facts & truth ever overcome the 155 year old Lincoln cover-up: all built on ignorance and untruths? July 18, 2015

Two of the members of the Fort Smith School Board have indicated by their stated positions they are the two principal spokespersons for the Board.

They have shown that they are more than willing to carry and promulgate the now 155 year old brutal Lincoln cover-up.
These two women bill themselves as educators of children, when they shamelessly participate in perpetuating lies, distortions, revisions, omissions, indoctrination and political correctness in the government school classrooms, all orchestrated by the varied entities of all government.

It is quite obvious that these two representatives of public education, as is the case with all government, that they are either ignorant of U.S. history, specifically speaking of the time frame 1858-1868, or complicit in the Lincoln 155 year cover-up.
The public (government) school systems, in the past 155 years, have made every effort to denigrate, debase, berate, and deride the whole of the South and its institutions, i.e. heritage, culture, independence, and individual responsibility. And now, working their will to erase every vestige of the War for Southern Independence and anything Southern.

I will offer here just a speck of President Abraham Lincoln’s sins…who are the real RACISTS?

I. Abraham Lincoln, FIRST LINCOLN/DOUGLAS debate, Ottawa, Ill. , Sept. 18, 1858, in THE COLLECTED WORKS OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, vol. III, pp. 145-146
“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people…I as much as any man am in favor of the superior position assigned to the white race”.

II. Lincoln’s first 13th Amendment that passed both Houses of the Congress and controlled by Republicans in 1861, but was never ratified.
“No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any state, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said state”.

Lincoln played a huge role in writing and the passage of the first 13th Amendment and endorsed it in his first Inaugural Address and in his letter to the Governors. The Amendment was known as the Corwin Amendment. The Corwin Amendment would have prohibited the federal government from ever interfering with Southern slavery.

The first 13th Amendment was also identified as the “slavery forever” Amendment.

Doris Kearns-Goodwin, certainly no Southerner, in her new book “Team of Rivals” praises Lincoln for his pro-slavery Amendment because it held the Republican Party together.

III. As president, Lincoln allocated millions of dollars to a project that would “colonize” American blacks in Liberia. His statements pertaining to colonization were recorded in “Address on Colonization to a Committee of Colored Men” Aug. 14, 1862
Lincoln’s war had been underway for over 2 years before he issued the “Emancipation Proclamation”. 8 months after the Proclamation no slaves were freed that were under Union Army control.

IV. Think carefully of Lincoln’s words to the Virginia Compromise Delegation in March, 1861, well before the war began. When asked “Why not let the South go in peace?”
Lincoln’s response, “I can’t let them go. Who would pay for government? And what then would become of my tariff?”

Dr. Deannie Mehl is President of the Fort Smith School Board & spokesperson for Dr. Benny Gooden and his proposed overthrow of the Southside mascot and all things Southern. No doubt there are other factions behind the scenes directing this misplaced adventure.
They all appear to be ignorant or complicit in the 155 year Lincoln cover-up, and all have their political agendas, while continuing to short circuit the minds of children as they keep on masking the truth and the revision of history, and their weapon du jour is lying & hurling the race card.

Dr. Mehl has never witnessed the poverty, the heartache, the sufferings, and derision brought on the South by Northern interests during the 155 year painful charade by both black & white. The sufferings by both black & white through the war and into the ongoing infamous Yankee Reconstruction that devastated even further the South which did not recover until the 1980’s. Most industry located in the south is still controlled/owned by northern enterprises.

Yet this woman, Dr. Deannie Mehl who appears to be a new age carpetbagger has not experienced Southern discomfort and heartache, has the audacity to come South and exhort Southerners, particularly Fort Smithians, as to what we should do with the Southside mascot—“IT’S TIME FOR JOHNNY REB TO GO”. She and the rest of the city’s quasi-educantists would serve our city and state best by learning and teaching the unvarnished truth about U.S. conflicts from 1858 until 1868.

There are multitudes of blacks who are well versed on the facts that evolved during Lincoln’s war, but for whatever the reason they refuse to disseminate their knowledge to the brothers. For instance, many blacks owned slaves and bought & sold their own. Also many blacks & Native Americans fought for the Confederacy.

No other American President has practiced mass fratricide except Lincoln.

Letting the light of truth enter instead of the U.S. government cover up, lies and conditioning must somehow prevail to preserve our Republic.

Joe McCutchen

RINO leader reveals true colors–again!

RINO leader reveals true colors—again. July 16, 2015

In typical Governor Asa Hutchinson’s cowardly fashion the Gov. said yesterday, responding to a reporter’s question about Donald Trump’s impending visit to the state this Friday, “I do not agree with many of the comments he made in recent weeks”.

Hutchinson does not say what he disagrees with but, it’s easy for citizens to understand. Hutchinson has been a cowardly flop on immigration at every stop and every statement Trump has made about immigration is dead on and only the pols in media whimper that Trump’s statements are caustic.

Gov. Hutchinson in another diatribe, “We in Arkansas certainly want to have a strong outreach to the Hispanic community to make them part of our economic growth in this state, as well as our political climate in the state”.

Note, Hutchinson does not distinguish between legal & illegal Hispanics and the sum of that statement is telegraphing to the corporate community cheap labor will continue to steal middleclass jobs and he hopes Rino donations & votes, to hell with Constitutional & Federal law.

It appears Hutchinson has a long history regarding illicit drugs. He was Federal Prosecutor/Mena, while in Congress he convened a congressional investigation in Rogers and identified Mexican drug cartels in that area, he was U.S. Drug Czar & famous for the saying the following…he felt bad for illegals because they could not sleep at night for fear of being caught!….results from all these activities…ZERO.

Hutchinson states he has endorsed former Gov. Mike Huckabee, recall: Huckabee who’s the fellow that brought Arkansas a Mexican Consulate in the dead of night—a warehouse & distribution center for illegals; and also brought the LULAC national convention to Little Rock, and he famous for speaking there that white, southern white guys like him would soon be in the minority—with a big smile!

Hutchinson bailed out on Obamacare & bequeathed the productive citizens of Arkansas a gift of another 300,000 welfare parasites. That sealed the day—Obamacare will never leave this state or nation due to Republican political cowardice and complicity.

It can be truthfully said that welfare recipients now occupy 25-30% of the state’s population, and in republican-speak, that is a conservative figure. This cannot be sustained….going the way of Greece.

Joe McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return