A nostalgic walk becomes surreal–beware politicrats & insiders.

A nostalgic walk down the Avenue—evolving into an embarrassing spectacle July 19, 2017

“Never give a sucker an even break”—W.C. Fields, an expression practiced by the Fort Smith City Government and downtown insiders.

In the year 1985, citizens voted on and passed a 1% street/sewer tax which remains in force to this day. By 2010 the tax had generated $650 million, $200 million more than the recent and 3rd Federal Consent Decree issued to the city of Fort Smith by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There has been no stated amount of revenue generated by the tax in the last 7 years, but it is fair to say in the ensuing 32 years the total amount could approximate $1 Billion that have fallen into city coffers by the 1% street/sewer tax. And “we the people” are the recipients of bad streets & a failed sewer system.

The most recent EPA mandate of $480 million, plus a $300,000 fine and 12 years to complete occurred in Dec. 2014, totaling 39 years of apparent malfeasance & misfeasance, absent sewer and ground water complete overhauls.

City Manager Carl Geffken now proposing to add another 12 years to the recent Federal Consent Decree, making a grand total of 51 years (1/2 century) of Fort Smith city government refusing to address the failed sewer & ground water deficiencies, while $1 Billion is unaccounted for they recklessly involve citizens’ money in meaningless, curious & unnecessary pursuits without citizens’ knowledge or permission, resulting in a change of the image of the city, likely for private personal gains including the recycling debacle ($52,000 monthly for 3 years) replete with no transparency, the Files/Webb Softball $2 million Complex fiasco (Manager Geffken wants “to move on”…but where is the accountability?), the bribe by Delta Dental to fluoridate Lake Ft. Smith against citizen wishes, citizens’ money poured into the nascent Marshal’s Museum, $700,000 yearly into the failed Convention Center, the Fire/Police Pension Fund shortage, alleged city business conducted surreptitiously by email, ad infinitum.

The Downtown private business owners have no legal, constitutional or moral authority to change the image of our city for private gain without a detailed public explanation and approval of their future intentions, e.g. “Propelling Downtown Forward”, no doubt detailed in their 113 page dossier that the downtown insiders plan to unleash on city citizens which was prepared by Dallas Gateway Planning. From the number of pages it is easy to see that the scope and magnitude of the downtown self-servers is huge.

Citizen insouciance, fear, and ignorance have and are allowing City Managers, Mayors & official Boards to exhibit and practice hubris and self-service while bathing in perfidy, making the citizens monkeys in the city government circus. If citizens arise and become implacable perhaps one will at least have a rail.

Currently City Manager Geffken and selected sidekicks are soon to be off to DC for another 12 year extension pitch attached to the recent 12 year EPA mandate and a little prime time…who pays? And remember, this translates into 51 years before any functional waste water/ground water safe disposal.

Where did the money go & who got it? Cut out the monkey business, downsize city government, stay out of downtown politics (boxcar graffiti, new age Urban Renewal, & Propelling Ft. Smith), and pay our legitimate bills.

At this point in time the present display of boxcar graffiti does in no way depict our city’s true long & varied history in any manner. Perhaps real history in the artists’ next presentation will be embraced.

Joe McCutchen

PC Art on Display response from sponsor

Mr. Clark, July 17, 2017

Thank you for your civil response (see below) to my opinion piece on the type of mural art being painted on our downtown buildings. I was gratified to learn from you that taxpayer monies are not being used to fund this project.

There are many articles written exposing the true meaning of “modern art” for those interested in the research, I will include a couple. Here is one: Communism’s 45 goals to destroy the United States
Jul 12, 2016 – Communism’s 45 goals to destroy the United States… “My child, you must …. Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

Please note especially the items listed from 15 through the 20’s.

Another is: https://www.google.com/amp/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/modern-art-was-cia-weapon-1578808.html%3Famp

Both were sent to me by readers of our distribution list. For those who have convinced themselves that all such facts are “conspiracy theories” there is nothing to say. For those who realize that something is very wrong and that our culture has changed drastically for the worst over the last several decades, there is much to learn and it is unsavory, distasteful and frightening. But learn we must if we are to save our culture, heritage & Western Civilization as a whole. Those in denial are complicit too.

Not wanting to believe or face the truth does not change it…it is what it is. The only thing that implements change is daring to look at true historical facts and to do whatever possible to change the destructive course set by those who seek to destroy individualism, freedom, rule of just law, civility, consequences for behavior, and all our Founding Principles, i.e. our Bill of Rights. Ignorance & apathy are our greatest weaknesses & make us vulnerable to the cunning plan of destruction throughout all our institutions.

Serious minds will research the Cultural Marxist history and tactics for accomplishing what they have already done to our culture. Those who are “in it” for the money or fame will denounce loudly. This project may be “world renowned” but millions of people can be and are duped on a daily basis in many ways. Actually that is proof of the success of the Collectivist movement to demolish what we once had…reason, peace, & others named above.

I do not pretend to understand the Collectivist/Marxist/Socialist/Communist mind-set, to me it is grotesque & inconceivable to want to live in their kind of world, but that is because the instigators are playing Chess, while us “normals” are playing checkers, if I may borrow a famous saying.

Again, I do appreciate your civil response to a negative critique of your Unexpected Project. I can only hope you and others will do some homework, unpleasant as it may be, on the causes of the negative changes & revisionism in our society & history. Knowledge is crucial to survival. Logic is crucial to knowledge. Courage to face truth in the face of criticism & sarcasm is vital.

Best Regards,
~Barbara McCutchen

Mr. & Mrs. McCutchen July 16, 2017

Thank you for taking time to write and express your opinion regarding the now, world renowned, Unexpected Festival. I believe we will agree more than disagree, in that, i agree with you, art is subjective, which is why you enjoy such a wide variety and varying styles of work. The work downtown is paid for, funded by, local patrons of the arts and our city’s largest employers. We work with, one of, the preeminent curators in the world to organize the week, along with hundreds of motivated, local citizens volunteering thousands of hours to make it the success it is. The artists, who come to our city, from all over the world, spend countless hours researching and considering how best to convey their impression of our history AND our future. There have, literally, been millions of social media and online views, for the right reasons, for our city. Our City, chamber of commerce, office of tourism all enthusiastically support this award winning event.

Are there some pieces which appeal to me more than others? Of course!.. and that is art.

I invite and encourage you to participate in the wonderful resurgence of interest in our downtown.

Happy to answer any questions!

Kindest regards,

Steve Clark
479 651 5403

PC “Art” on display

“The Unexpected” is to be expected. July 16, 2017

As an observer with somewhat of a knowledge & study in the arts, the downtown project called “The Unexpected” (murals on historic buildings) raises lots of questions. Who is paying these various “artists” for their travel & work expenses? Who, if anyone, critiques the planned art project and are there any criteria or standards applied?

What is called “art” is a very subjective subject. There are various viewpoints such as the “Emperors’ New Clothes” faction, in which whatever the “experts” say is acceptable or appropriate art must be so. There is a malevolent faction which does all it can to project ugliness, misery, distortion of reality, and often seeks to dare the viewer not to agree or feel awe for their work. Then, there is a faction which seeks to portray life in a rational, benevolent way, even to inspire. All artists are portraying their own sense of life, how they feel about humankind and the world in which we live.

With those thoughts in mind, observe what the Fort Smith canvas is portraying. Some projects show a complete lack of reality or benevolence, some make no sense at all, some are cartoonish, some are just plain ugly, and a few give a sense of dignity & intelligibility.
In my opinion if any vetting is done it is poorly accomplished. This town has a very unique history which could have been portrayed in the tracing of that history in a dignified, educational, inspiring way. From Wild West bandits, to the Judge & Marshal’s, to the genteel presence of Southern etiquette & accomplishment. From wagons, horses, blacksmiths, farmers, saloons, to ladies & gentlemen and the building of fine structures, such as the marble train station and elegant hotels & theaters, to the crowded Avenue lined with fine stores of all venues & throngs of people making their way up & down, including the WWII troops. So many opportunities to educate, stimulate & inspire, lost forever.

What we see now with clear eyes & rational minds is a growing array of graffiti…no doubt expensive. Don’t know about others but I don’t relish the idea of this becoming known as “Graffiti City”, no matter how “well-meaning” or “expert” the instigators & enablers might present themselves to be.

The “Unexpected” is not so unexpected in this time of political correctness and relinquishment of standards and beauty.

Those of us old enough to remember times of decorum, etiquette, esthetics, honor, & rugged individualism recognize what destructive endeavors are unfolding. The “Youngers” are mostly mired in PC indoctrination & those who have resisted are to be admired…and pitied for the agonies without the ecstasy’s to be endured.

Pity the young.

~Barbara McCutchen

The Fort Smith Quick-Sand Money Pit

The Fort Smith Quick-Sand Money Pit July 7, 2017

“Propelling Downtown Forward”—Why? Who pays? Methods of money received? Source of funding? Who benefits?

We the people (citizen taxpayers) must, in this case, be afforded the opportunity to vote on this massive hundred million + utopian project that requires 113 pages of explanations/expectations if the Board succumbs and passes “Propelling”. The genesis of this plan comes from a non-profit 501c3-c4 called 64.6 Downtown (?) formulated by Gateway Planning of Dallas. The cost & source of funding not reported.

“Non-profits”, funded in the main with taxpayer monies, little to no oversight, impregnated with notoriously high salaries & overstaffing, e.g. the Convention Center.

The two major propellants of this self-serving scheme appear to be Richard Griffin & Sam Sicard. They are heavily invested on the Avenue with government cash, grants, New Market Tax Credits, HUD, WAPDD. The cash coming from Sebastian county, Fort Smith, the Ark. State Capitol, and divisions of the national government, e.g. the nascent Marshal’s Museum (initially billed as a private endeavor), ad infinitum.

It is not the city’s responsibility in any manner to prepare, build, and/or sustain a stage for private businesses, as is the intent with the utopic “Propelling Downtown Forward”.

The City Board is scheduled to decide the fate of the Propulsion plan July 11, 2017. Actually it is determining the fate of the taxpaying citizen.

In light of the recent past City Government fiascos, either by design or incompetence, the only honorable position for the Board to take is to quash “Propelling”, if not, then afford a citizen vote. Such a massive potential undertaking under the aegis of a small number of downtown stakeholders is financially & politically extremely dangerous and if enacted another forced theft of taxpayer dollars.

The question that immediately arises, do the City Administrator, Mayor, & Board have the will, the courage & moral fortitude to reject the insider political pressures that they are experiencing re: “Propulsion”.

To refresh the minds of citizens re recent past failures and improper spending of taxpayer monies by the City Board, e.g. forced fluoridation; the nascent Marshal’s Museum; the failed Convention Center ( Legris and two city staffs are soon off to New Orleans for another “convention”!); current Trails and a proposed 87 miles system, apparently without an enforceable bid process in place; the 1985 1% street/sewer tax that generated $650 million in the first 25 years of the ongoing tax + an additional 7 years specifically earmarked for sewers/streets that never occurred, followed by a $400 million EPA mandate (see above, should have already been paid for many times over) accompanied by a $300,000 EPA non-performance fine, and Manager Carl Geffken wants an additional 12 year extension totaling 24 more years to meet EPA mandates and citizen needs, i.e. no sewer/street refurbishing completion; the $2 million (city, state, national) Files/Webb softball debacle; the hundreds of thousands spent in the recycling cover-up (i.e. $52,000 per month x 3 years); a lawsuit against the city pertaining to illegally conducting city business via email (lack of transparency); & a police/fire deficit in their respective retirement funds.

Added to this list of tawdry failures, Police Chief Nathanial Clark was apparently hired for two reasons, he is black and his plans are to install minorities in police command positions, while publicly stating he was going to install a paramilitary unit in the police dept.—Chilling, and why? Also, for the public’s edification the Chief has prevailed on the Board to dissolve the efficient and honorable Civil Service Commission in order to eliminate citizen oversight & scrutiny of the FSPD.

Our Founding Documents intended America to act in the manner of a Constitutional Republic where merit, education, competition, accomplishments reign supreme not “set-asides, quotas”, etc. which are addiction liabilities.

In view of the above listed incompetency’s, wastefulness, lack of oversight, absent a stated & detailed enforceable transparent bidding process, and management mediocrities, citizens should expect the Board to recognize their frailties and resume their sworn responsibilities that address citizens’ needs, not the downtown special interests and pay the city’s financial obligations in a timely manner, e.g. Zero Budgetry. Not to revitalize (pay for) the insiders’ Downtown Avenue skeleton that would enhance the value & profit of their personal private properties, would subsidize existing businesses (structurally & monetarily) and underwrite new construction, along with the introduction of privately owned new entertainment venues—all the responsibilities of individuals, i.e. genuine private enterprise.

Our republic was founded by & until recently has functioned AS

Citizens, if Propulsion is installed you will be paying dearly for the Downtown Stakeholders’ apartments, work units, town homes, residentials, small grocery, dry cleaners, convenience shop, gym, sidewalks, trails, rerouting truck traffic, street cars, etc. etc. by their own printed words.

To the FS City Board: Either quash “Propulsion” or grant a citizen vote.

Joe McCutchen

Phantom recycling


3 years you dumped the recyclables and nobody “knew”, in 3 weeks you have 2 companies submit bids choosing the highest bidder while rejecting the lowest bidder who has worked to develop an intelligent recycling plan with no explanation or consequences, all this following your inability to negotiate at least a break-even contract. All the while you state the recycling program will lose $14,000 per year after spending $53,000 per month on a phantom recycling program for 3 years.

Why is it that Altes and every other recycling company can make a profit and the FS city government, with all the tools it has at hand does not entertain the idea of packing and selling for profit?

This and all the other recent failures add up to gross incompetence or is there a deeper issue?

Joe McCutchen

Transparency needed–“Propelling Downtown” project

“Propelling Downtown Forward Plan”….who pays, what is the legal authority, what are the details, and is it Constitutional? June 19, 2017

Recent city government history indicates a government of incompetence, malfeasance, lack of transparency, massive foolish spending and cover-ups. While the City Manager Geffken wants “to move-on”.

Fluoridation, nascent Marshal’s Museum, street/sewer tax, softball complex, recycling, continued subsidizing of the Convention Center, proposed 87 miles of trails, fire & police retirement fund deficits, a new police chief by his own words in public print wants to install a paramilitary police force and put police Command under the control of minorities or anyone else without Commission Approval is a dangerous & an unintelligible means of building and sustaining an accountable policing agency.

All the above is against the will of the people, without detailed knowledge/planning, without approval and is mostly unconstitutional.
What Sicard & Griffin and other lesser lights, e.g. McIntosh, White, are proposing is simply that Fort Smith taxpayers will pay for their utopic visions of rehabbing their buildings, businesses, and developing their raw property for their own personal economic gain, always under the umbrella of tourism, jobs & new industry, which is farcical.

Bring “Propelling” to a citizen vote.

Joe McCutchen

New attempt at Urban Renewal using tax money for private property

June 13, 2017
“Propelling Downtown Forward plan”…and how does Griffin, Sicard and all their downtown cronies plan to pay for the Garrison Resurrection?

This is to inform each of you that in the 1960’s the federal government passed what was known as “Urban Renewal”, wherein city taxpayers paid for the reviving & restoration of privately owned downtown properties.

A vote was forced in Fort Smith and Urban Renewal was overwhelmingly defeated. R.A. Young (ABF) was chairman of the proposal to use city taxpayer dollars for his & others’ private property enhancements in downtown Fort Smith.

The “Propelling” appears to be the same proposed theft by another name. In view of the city’s massive spending, cover-ups, and failures one would think you folks would be more tentative. In addition to Files/Webb, Recycling, there is the matter of injecting millions of taxpayer dollars (city, state, national) into the nascent Marshal’s Museum originally billed as a “private endeavor “and the city’s 24 year history of misappropriating the 1% city street/sewer tax.

Another issue in question is Griffin’s use of the New Market Tax Credit designed for use in blighted areas and his long time involvements in HUD.

Just as any private property owner must be responsible for their property so do the owners of downtown properties. The City Government is not constitutionally or legally empowered in any manner to subsidize privately owned property. Hopefully you will refrain from cover ups and incompetence and let the light shine in…referencing your constituencies.

Joe McCutchen

Where are the “Distressed Cavaliers” when we need them? (Hint: their gene pool has mostly been destroyed)

resubmitted June 11, 2017

June 21, 2009 What the politicized institutions don’t want you to know.

The “Distressed Cavaliers”…….The best kept secret in our history, next to the truth about tyrant “Honest Abe”. (Read “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo)

The Collectivists/Politically Correct purveyors’ worst nightmare would be for American citizens to learn of their true Founding history….from the establishment of Jamestown by adventurers and businessmen BEFORE the Pilgrim’s Plymouth Rock, the first Thanksgiving at Berkley Plantation, BEFORE the Pilgrims’, to the wonderment of the saga of the “Distressed Cavaliers”. (Such knowledge might give rise to the pride Americans once had in their heritage, something carefully destroyed by the Politically Correct method of Cultural Marxists.)

In the mid 1600’s Sir William Berkeley, Governor of Virginia, had the brilliant plan of recruiting the younger sons of English Noble families. He was able to entice them with promises of land and position because under the custom of the day, only the oldest son was allowed to inherit the family estate and fortune. Another contributing factor was the ascendency of the Puritans in England who persecuted the non-Puritans. Hence the name, “The Distressed Cavaliers”. (“Albion’s Seed”, by David Fischer)

From these ranks came young men of education, intelligence, bravery, honor, ambition, entrepreneurial ship, and leadership. Englishmen of breeding and substance. It was from this stock that the First Families of Virginia arose. They included names such as Custis, Harrison, Randolph, Mason, Madison, Washington, Lee, Jefferson, Jay, Carroll, etc.

Our beginnings and subsequent progress were not based on “Diversity”, a twisted concept at best. It was based on consistency, rule of law, honor, and a knowledge of the Enlightenment philosophy of Individualism. A man was judged by strict rules on conduct, which allowed those of lesser circumstances to function and succeed as well.

No wonder none of this is taught in the Collective Government Schools. Knowledge such as this might make for a citizenry schooled in merit and the fact that government’s only legitimate business is that of protecting the rights of the citizens and the Constitution.

A great country cannot grow based on ignorance, superstition, or anarchy, which is the result of multi-culturalism, (too many legal & illegal aliens from 3rd World cultures having little or no redeeming factors…in short all people are not the same; much depends on their achievements and values) leading to tyranny and dictatorship over the masses. Individual rights and freedoms are an anathema to Collectivists—whether Socialists, Fascists, Communists, or Monarchists.

Every aspect of Western Civilization is under attack and every other culture is being touted…all by design to destroy its very foundations. Some call it genocide.

Our Founders accomplished the most astonishing achievement in the history of the known world…they established a Constitutional Republic at the beginning of our nation, which differed drastically from Democracy (Mob Rule)which is how politicians, bureaucrats and other co-conspirators are fond of describing our system today, and all forms of Collectivism ever tried. The rights of the individual were held supreme, not the power of government. The Right to Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness was not meant for government but for individual citizens.

Oh, how we need the Cavaliers today to vanquish the trolls and harpies who rule over us, demean and threaten our very existence.

Barbara McCutchen

Diversity as a Primary Value creates chaos


Director Good and his affirmative action, set-asides, quota posse.

Times Record 6/7/17 –“City backs police hiring policy”…e.g. hiring out of city/state minorities without oversight.

FSPD Chief Clark apparently was hired for 3 specific reasons: (All having to do with PC Diversity)

1. He is black
2. To salt the mines with principally black males & to a lesser extent, women & a Mexican here & there.
3. To immediately hire black NCO’s, Lts, & Captains for command positions.

I view the above as nothing more than mutiny in our city police department and an economic & philosophical disruption of the FSPD.
No discussion re: hiring new raw minority recruits starting at the bottom as has been the case ( as do all inexperienced whites). Director Good in a TR article bloviated he was thoroughly upset pertaining to the above.

What the 4 Directors, Good, Lau, Lorenz, & government sponge Pennartz voted for is unconstitutional and immoral. Director Lau went so far as to say that “one of the city’s priorities is to recruit for diversity”. Diversity obviously overrules merit/achievement now. Why?

Turning over the entire FSPD command by hiring outside minorities, in this case mostly blacks for diversity sake is an act of aggression in these politically correct times that does not bode well for city citizens. The 4 names City Directors are placing multiculturalism & diversity ahead of the Arkansas & U.S. Constitution as well as earned merit. The 4 should inform their constituents where in the Constitutions is diversity discussed.

The question has not been asked nor discussed by these 4 elites—why are there not already minorities employed in the FSPD? There is a reason: merit, achievement, education, experience, competition, desire, etc. Our nation did not achieve preeminence with such deceptive & illiterate policies as you 4 have expressed.

Should a position of command come into play and local police are interested in said position, they should be allowed to apply and in the same vein, if fairness is observed Chief Clark should be allowed to advertise and let the best men/women win. Always locals should be given serious consideration or you dissolve local incentives & morale.

Director Lau stated the FSPD is more than 80% white and more than 95% men. What is the problem with that?

Ten to one says Chief Clark already has his black police command in waiting…now without the oversight of the Civil Service Commission, which is a path to a potentially rogue force.

Joe McCutchen

Old Collectivist education programs merely renamed & expanded

Update on “Education” June 4, 2017

Once the public/parents catch on to the goals of government school programs, e.g. School to Work, Goals 2000, Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind, Common Core…the tactic is simply to change the name, give glowing recommendations and expand the collectivist/Marxist dumb down goals to short circuit children’s minds. Why? Ignorant, indoctrinated students grow into compliant, uninformed citizens, easily manipulated.

Notice the admiring article in the Times Record 6/1/17 “Future School wraps up first year”. They are pushing ahead into something called “Summit Learning”…Here is a quote from that website:


The platform comes with a comprehensive curriculum developed by teachers in classrooms. The base curriculum is aligned with the Common Core, and each course includes meaningful projects, playlists of content and assessments, all of which can be customized. Teachers can adapt or create new playlists and projects to meet their students’ needs.”

Anyone who has taken an interest in what children are being taught will recognize all the old buzzwords and realize these “programs” are more of the same with different aliases.

There is no point in lengthy explanations, there are dozens which have been done by experts…those who are intelligent enough or care enough are either already aware or will do more of their own research to find the truth, which is nauseating.

This is merely to shine the light of day on one of Fort Smith’s latest attempts to stealthily implement federal government goals and outcomes. Unfortunately the teachers are either victims/believers of the system or are knowingly complicit in compliance.

Most parents merely look at schools as convenient “free” babysitters or accept government control over the individual as acceptable.

For those who don’t…beware. Do your homework and do not give up your or your child’s freedoms for any price. You may not be able to afford homeschooling, but you can at least detoxify everyday whatever indoctrination eggs have been laid. If you are lucky and have good genes your kids could turn out okay, but will have missed vital/important information they may never obtain.

As for the rest, they get what they deserve.

~Barbara McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return