“Conspiracy” vs. the Facts


My article of 9/11/14 pointed to the public fact that Fort Smith Police Chief Kevin Lindsey belonged to one or more international agencies (NGO’s) tied directly to United Nations’ Agenda 21.

International defined: between or among nations; pertaining to the relations between nations.

It must be mentioned again that Non-Governmental Organizations are appointed by elected officials, shirking their sworn Constitutional obligations, while at the same time selling out citizen ownership of government, citizen freedoms and direction of said government and are being buried under an avalanche of unconstitutional directives.

An email received from City Director Keith Lau 9/17/14 stated “I have no idea what you are talking about”, at which time I sent him a personal email detailing a list of questions regarding Chief Lindsey and the City Board of Directors. No response until a more detailed article was sent out 10/13/14. Director Lau’s response was immediate, signed respectfully and stated “I have no desire to spend any time on the aforementioned (Chief Lindsey) or any United Nations’ Agenda 21 conspiracy concerns you may have about the police department or Fort Smith city government”.

Is Director Lau denying or through political fear or ignorance, refusing to admit or discuss the fact that the Fort Smith city government is knowingly or unknowingly buried under Agenda 21 protocols?

Fact 1. Speaking to the League of Women Voters 9/8/14 Chief Lindsey stated, “the first, he said, is having a third party international accreditation agency (ICA) review the department’s policies, protocols every 3 years”. What protocols and upon whose authority?
Fact 2. Lindsey again, “A lot of these policies are best practices regarding training”. What training & purpose & where?

Fact 3. The city of Fort Smith belongs to THE COMMISSION ON ACCREDITATION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT (CALEA). CALEA make adjustments whenever necessary to meet a body of international accepted standards.

Fact 4. The FSPD was the first in the state of Arkansas to join CALEA. Another unelected NGO, one of several the FS city government has turned over to other agencies, again diverting their sworn delegated authority to unelected tactical overlords, accompanied by considerable expense to private sector citizens. Membership and continuation fees are an integral part of the contract CALEA demands. CALEA banters the phrase “HARMONIZED STANDARDS” (internationally everything is the same)

Fact 5. Citizens, where do you believe the following terms were hatched; Quality of Place, Sense of Place, Event Nodes, Bikeways & Wayfinding Signs? All come and hundreds more from the Agenda 21 Sustainable lexicon

Fact 6. The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) of which Chief Lindsey is a member, works directly with the United Nations and has acquired “Consultative Status”. This was accomplished in the 1970’s.

Fact 7. The Fort Smith police department is militarized.

Fact 8. No citizen accountability pertaining to the political activities of the FSPD.

Why is the city government of Fort Smith, AR collaborating with international agencies and why the cover-up?

Two quotes from Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn: “The federal government should have no role in arming local law enforcement agencies. The Founders saw no role for the federal government in state & local police forces—None!” “We are on dangerous ground of undermining the very principles that built the country”.

And this quote from my friend, constitutional scholar, Mike Gaddy sums it up:

“All who believe in individual liberty and that sovereignty lies with the individual rather than any form of government, have all seen it: that look of incredulity when we provide factual cognitive evidence that someone’s strongly held belief, based on pure emotion is incorrect. We watch as that belief transforms the person into attack mode. Intellectual discussion suddenly reverts to name calling and other behavior commonly found in the second grade classroom. Instead of an intellectual equal we are maliciously transformed into anarchists, conspiracy nuts, racists, homophobes or some other derogatory term. When one’s intellectual capabilities have been exceeded or sacred cow attacked retaliation by derision is favorite mode of redress. When the emotional side of the brain takes command, cognitive discourse must yield”.

The city of Fort Smith appears to be a captive of the globalists.

Joe McCutchen

Freedom-Gobbling Globalism on the March

Below is a letter sent to F.S. City Director Keith Lau October 8th and no response as of this date, and none expected. October 13, 2014

It seems apparent that some of the City Directors are not aware of the city’s international entanglements orchestrated by at least 3 hired guns, City Mgr. Ray Gosack, Chief of Police Kevin Lindsey, & Parks Director Mike Alsup.

In addition to Gosack’s & Lindsey’s heavy-handedness by putting the FSPD in the throes of the United Nation’s Agenda 21, along comes additional Agenda 21 proposed projects directed by 2 unelected Fort Smith NGO’s (Non-governmental Organizations), Frontier Metropolitan Planning Organization & newly resurrected, The Trails & Greenways Committee. Is Frontier Engineering a functional part of the Frontier Metropolitan Planning Organization? If so, what?

Why the sudden fervor for “Wayfinding” signs, concrete 12 ft. wide river trails, draped with luxurious lighting, landscaping, a bridge, and oh yes, benches…recall Alsup using the Agenda 21 expression, “Event Nodes” for benches & now reappearing in usage by Frontier Engineering. Who directed Alsup to use Agenda 21’s phrase “Event Nodes”?

Accompanying a plethora of multi-purpose trails & “wayfinding” signs, the ultimate goal is the creation of 88 miles of multi-use trails; followed by an equally financially overdone multiple option bicycle trails.

Alsup and the City Government are in the process of complying with U.N.’s Agenda 21’s Grand Scheme by dispensing eye-candy to a super minority of citizens, i.e. those who use trails & are taking the lure subliminally as if they were the decision makers, while being used as Agenda 21 bait.

The points of emphasis are: Chief Lindsey & his police department are members of multiple international bodies, i.e. 501c3 government unions. The trails, bikeways, & wayfinding signs are all part & parcel of Agenda 21 to create high density urban populations, significantly reduce modes of transportation, reduce the availability of certain foodstuffs, theft of riparian rights and all sorts of private property rights, the use of natural resources (e.g. water & mineral rights) gradually directing & demanding citizens live in stack-em & pack-em high rise complexes, eroding individual freedoms that are taken by force in the dark of night (regulations, laws), e.g. Lindsey’s overreach.

Recall the words & phrases currently ensconced in Fort Smith city government jargon, but not limited to, e.g. Quality of Place, Sense of Place, Event Nodes, Bikeways, & Wayfinding Signs, all created by U.N.’s Agenda 21 and passed down through bureaucracies, agencies & NGO’s, while subverting the English language and bypassing the Arkansas & U.S. Constitutions.

Back to Parks Director Mike Alsup, held 2 meetings for Ft. Smith bicyclists and extended a very benevolent hand, compliments of private sector taxpaying producers, allowing bikers to determine what type of trails they desired and could choose from 1 to 3. Only a few dozen, if that many, showed up to make the determination. We live in an urban area with a population 150,000–200,000 and the city by stealth is allowing 2-3 dozen bicyclists to make such a huge financial decision. More Eye-candy for the trusting, gullible taxpayers. These are all cover-ups for the implementation of the real Agenda 21 protocols.

The Fort Smith City Government is showing itself to be a venal institution and not much more than operatives for the United Nations & Federal Government, whether they know it or not. Citizen rights and citizen control have been taken from us by deception by the likes of Gosack, Lindsey, & Alsup, and the City Directors who apparently have no concern pertaining to who controls city government.

Why is it that the F.S. Times Record never questions or investigates any of these freedom-taking expensive schemes?
Joe McCutchen

P.S. The city’s hue & cry—Citizens, re-up the 1 cent road tax that enables the city establishment to use the road tax to subsidize all sorts of non-road enterprises.
Keith Lau
Fort Smith City Director

Director Lau, October 8, 2014

You are the only one who responded by email to my statements, inquiries, and questions pertaining to City Police Chief Kevin Lindsey’s involvement/membership in one or more international (global) entities. I do not know whether you have an interest in this matter or your question was designed to make me appear over the top.

I have compiled a substantial amount of information regarding 501c3’s, all comprised of police chiefs and/or retired chiefs and other government present & past employees. These groups in no way represent the citizens of any given 40,000+ population in any given area.

Fort Smith citizens have unknowingly ceded without forethought, information, accountability or permission, the control, ownership & direction, in this case the Fort Smith City Police Department. Police departments as you know are to be designed, directed, maintained, equipped, and funded by the city they represent, not some, in this case, international body or bodies.

These groups set the protocols, training procedures, communication techniques, and ultimately leadership.

Protocols simply defined are: rules and instruments of etiquette and order in diplomatic or military affairs.

Listed below are some random questions I have posed regarding the FSPD’s membership in at least, I believe, 3 international entities. There are other significant questions.

As you should know, I have previously sent emails to the Fort Smith City Directors pertaining to Lindsey’s international involvements that I know of then there was my certified letter to Mayor Sandy Sanders mailed on Sept. 15, 2014 and delivered the next day and is yet to be picked up.

The performance of the FS city government in this matter is indeed one to be feared—an information black-out.

The questions:
What countries belong? (International is global)

Why is the city of Ft. Smith aligned with one or more international bodies?

Is there any official relationship between the city of Ft. Smith, more specifically the FSPD, to any government policing/enforcement agencies, i.e. ATF, FBI, Homeland Security, DOJ, FEMA, etc.?

What is the cost of membership in CALEA, IAPC, & IAA? CALEA “makes adjustments whenever necessary to meet a body of internationally accepted standards”. (their website—do you understand the brevity of this phrase? LOCAL has become a national myth!)

Who funds, specifically?

How many trips & dates has Chief Lindsey made to national or international conventions of CALEA, IAPC, & IAA, etc.? And source of funding?
Why did all or parts of the city government transfer citizen ownership, control and direction of the FSPD to an international body? It is my belief that there are Directors and city insiders who are not aware of the magnitude of this issue.

Why weren’t citizens informed beforehand regarding, at that juncture, the potential transfer of protocols, training, armaments, etc. to an international body?

Is the FSPD now an official arm of a state, national or international police force, or an organization that holds sway over city police departments?

Are the 3 aforementioned policing organizations described as non-government organizations (NGO’s) and classified as 501c3’s?

The International Accreditation Agency, of which Chief Lindsey is a member, is engaged in the development of International Harmonized (in government-speak) Standards? Harmonized in this case means that every city police department is to be reduced to a common denominator. Why?

CALEA, of which FS & Chief Lindsey are members, state they are a Credentialing Authority….what is and for what purpose?
Citizens pay Chief Lindsey’s & his department’s salaries; therefore why has he gone outside the bounds of city ownership to align himself (allegiance) and the PD with an international body?

From what few facts that can be ascertained at this juncture, membership in these multiple organizations is perhaps an outright betrayal of the trusting citizens of Fort Smith.

It was stated recently by nationally acclaimed economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, “A generation of Americans have been born into a police state in which privacy and constitutional protections no longer exist”.

The question now becomes Director Lau, do you and any of the other City Directors have the interest, desire, or the understanding to delve into this profound happening in our city pertaining to the aforementioned subject? The answers you would get from City Mgr. Gosack and Police Chief Lindsey would not be acceptable, they would be self-serving. Facts are what is needed.

Kindest regards,
Joe McCutchen

Cities falling prey to Agenda 21

September 29, 2014

The genesis of government NGO’s and their unconstitutional progeny, i.e. Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO’s), Regional Planning Organizations, to name 2 out of literally hundreds that are obliterating citizens’ rights.

Two new buzzwords and accompanied intended practices synthesized by DC & the United Nations think-tanks, are then spun down to Governors, then filtered down to city governments who shirk their responsibilities by delegating government responsibility to unelected groups who busily implement Agenda 21’s, custom crafted programs to ensnare the unsuspecting, trusting public.

The words & phrases already ensconced in Fort Smith city government, but not limited to, are “Quality of Place”, “Sense of Place”, & “Event Nodes”. The 2 new doublespeak phrases are: “Bikeway”& “Wayfinding Signs” that sound so inviting but like the spider said to the fly “come into my parlor”.

The clever buzzwords are all directed toward creating & sustaining Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), i.e. an MPO, which again are unelected bodies dedicated to carving away the constitutional & God-given rights of American citizens.

Aspiring bureaucrats & politicians, and some that are already bathing in that aspiration, are more than ready to launch new NGO endeavors, e.g. Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO’s).

As the U.N. and the federal government release their buzzwords that serve as start points for the creation of new NGO’s/MPO’s by individuals who are already enmeshed in “something for nothing” government programs conducted under the aegis of Non-Profits, known as 501C3’s & C4’ that are anything but non-profits and is the magnet that draws the “something for nothing” crowd to the NGO’s/MPO’s. Individuals and/or corporations can & do create cushy outlandish salaries & perks for themselves and the ruling Board, all subsidized by unknowing taxpaying citizens.

In addition (it can’t be stated too often) the NGO’s/MPO’s are unelected bodies devoid of citizen governance. Many if not most command a regional self-induced authority that further dilutes & decimates citizens’ input into government proceedings. All designed, ultimately to implement the U.N.’s Agenda 21’s stack & pack, removal of transportation choices, to implement “land use policies”, greenways, “transportation justice”, sanctuaries, public/private partnerships, natural resource management, the elimination of various food stuffs, and literally hundreds more buzzwords that identify Agenda 21.

Formation of a regional “Wayfinding Sign” task force began Thursday at a meeting of the Frontier Metropolitan Planning Organization replete with representatives from area towns. The group heard from Mike Malone, President of the N.W. Arkansas Council, on “how they got it done” & the “lessons learned along the way”.

Malone, is a veteran product of Big Government. In addition to the above organization, Malone spent years in Washington, DC employed by the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and worked for 6 years in the White House for President Clinton. Additional government baggage, he is also the Vice-Chair of the Arkansas Lottery Commission, another public board not accountable to the citizens.

Sloshing around for years in D.C., Little Rock, and Fayetteville he certainly knows “how to get it done”.

Frontier MPO executive Director Diane Morrison, in a T.R. article 9/26/14, declared the Frontier MPO would hammer out details of the sign plan and would be in place by Dec. 2015. Who pays?

Again, what & who is the Frontier MPO, their source of funding, and the authorizing authority? Is this another case of the Fort Smith city government delegating city government functions to a non-elected high-dollar funding operation? NGO’s, of which Frontier MPO is one, are embedded and proliferating in every phase of society, from city government to infiltrating foreign countries, e.g. Ukraine.
Citizens should be made aware of what “Wayfinding Signs” are and direct their thoughts to the city Mayor and their respective Board Member, not to some high-blown nebulous organization with inflated tax-funded salaries.

As stated before, NGO’s, in this case the Frontier MPO, are hijacking private citizen determination as to the direction of city government and in some cases regional activities.

Fort Smith, in another about to be embryonic Agenda 21 offering is on the horizon & called “Bikeway”, designed to forcibly encircle citizens into densely populated urban areas. The end result of this plan, as previously stated, is to drastically reduce the number of travel options citizens have. Note the proliferation of proposed ideas to create miles & miles of high dollar bike trails. City government does not appear to have concern for initial cost & maintenance.

Did you know that there are already two governing organizations Governor’s Bicycle Advisory Group (GBAG) and the Arkansas Bicycle Technical Advisory Committe (TAC) consisting of reps from 20+ government agencies?

Does anyone believe that City Manager Gosack, his underlings, or the Mayor & Official Board gave rise to the hundreds of doublespeak buzzwords that are now the vocabulary of the federal government and the United Nations and busily being diffused into city government? If so, you are tailor-made for government slavery. Note: 50,000 in population is the stated number needed to qualify for MPO status.

Frontier MPO Executive Director Diane Morrison is chomping at the bit to get their teeth in this unconstitutional, freedom-taking scheme.

Joe McCutchen

The Mongrelization of America

Mongrel—any plant, animal, or thing of mixed breed or elements.

September 24, 2014

The U.S., fast-tracking toward a mongrel society, otherwise known as “Diversity”—and by design—to “Harmonize (reducing all Americans to a common denominator).

Diversity—A germ that was unleashed on American citizens by the Federal Government who willfully refuse to enforce the Constitution & rule of law and is the practice that is killing America.

Third & fourth world hordes, legal & illegal, continue their massive invasions to America, replete with a welcoming committee composed of government officianados at every level, e.g. President Obama, the Cultural Marxist Democrat Party, and of course the irrelevant warlock Republican Party.

The U.S. Constitution, accompanied by 8 USC, Sections 1324a, 1324c, 1325, & 1459, demand that our borders be secure and illegal aliens dealt with in a court of law. More evidence of selective law enforcement by the 16 federal law enforcement agencies. Is it ironic that one of the agencies, the U.S. Marshall Service, showed up at a 9/19/14 naturalization ceremony in Fort Smith for 78 immigrants and shook down American citizen spectators? Why aren’t these so-called public servants stationed on the southern border? What the U.S. Marshalls were engaged in is commonly called “conditioned response”—get the citizens used to seeing gun-toting government employees everywhere their eyes may turn and to being frisked. Recall the Marshall Service involvements in Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Bundy Ranch, and other such questionable incidents.

Now to the matter of mongrelization. Yesterday Times Record 9/23/14 headline: “School boss notes changes”. What are the changes?

Recall Fort Smith Superintendent Benny Gooden, famous for his unlawful positions on illegal immigration, “We will take all we can get”, referring to illegal Mexicans & OTM’s. So what did boss man Gooden’s bravado help bring us?

These statistics say it all & are only a microcosm:
1. The Fort Smith school system (international) 14,300 students
2. 2004-05 school year = 56.5% Caucasian student body
3. 2013-14 school year = 43.3% Caucasian student body
4. The above numbers represent a 13.2% reduction in the Founding stock, replaced by 3rd & 4th world nationals that travel on the backs of the diminishing white population, particularly the middleclass.
5. 5,000 of the students live in non-English speaking environments
6. 72% last year qualified for “free lunches”. Percent of whites receiving not given.
7. 30% was the number of “free lunches” in 1991.

The “Boss” speaks topically in educanto buffoonery pertaining to “Benchmarks”. He states the Fort Smith Public Schools ACT score is 21.9 while the national average is 21. The question arises, are the 5,000 students being raised in non-English speaking environments being included in the ACT score? It is highly doubtful.

As whites are becoming more submerged daily in our own country by legal & illegal 3rd & 4th world invading armadas, are we to believe these folks (mostly illiterate) can and will sustain what Caucasians have created & sustained, i.e. the most productive society in the history of man based on our Founding Principles? If the answer is yes, will their spokespersons tell us how and by what means?

Furthermore; how long before corrupt politicians & bureaucrats kill the economic golden goose, i.e. the dwindling American middleclass that provides most of the unearned largesse forcibly taken & dispensed to the 3rd & 4th world masses?

By the way, does anyone ever recall being asked by any politician or bureaucrat what your thoughts and positions are re: providing meals, healthcare, food stamps, rent, computers, language translators, cell phones, free prenatal care/services, ad infinitum to the unapologetic thankless hordes of legals & illegals?

Public schools and its employees are nothing more than money pits. In view of the stark data shown above, the F.S. School Board (actually the Boss) is planning a $60-75 million high school campus in Chaffee Crossing which can only be labeled OVERKILL.

The economic producers that subsidize the Overkills are being attacked at every degree on the compass rose. Will Americans ever awaken to the ongoing highway robbery orchestrated by politicians & bureaucrats?

Joe McCutchen

Open borders, globalist bureaucrats in action

September 20, 2014
More bureaucratic orating that does not serve the American republic or middleclass Americans.

The orating is compliments U.S. District Judge Robert T. Dawson & UAFS Chancellor Paul Beran in their participation naturalizing 78 immigrants from a multitude of countries.

First, some salient facts regarding the financial stability of the United States:

1. The presence of 25-35 million illegal 3rd World foreign nationals, not the government lie of 12 million.
2. 97 million American citizens unemployed.
3. 48 million American citizens on Food Stamps. This figure does not include the millions of illegals here and coming here that are on every form of welfare made available to American citizens, plus those crafted specifically for illegals.
4. Approaching an $18 Trillion national debt and $100 Trillion in unfunded mandates.
5. Multiple undeclared mid-east wars at a cost of $3-$5 Trillion.
6. The GAO estimates that 50% of American citizens are on some form of welfare.
7. All forms of U.S. government growing at an astonishing rate.
8. The most troubling is the fact émigrés legal & illegal are displacing the foundation of American society, i.e. the middleclass.

Yet, the 78 new immigrant American citizens are welcomed by Judge Dawson & Chancellor Beran as if they were an endangered species. Simply put, more & bigger government, which these two no doubt approve. The Democrat Party’s open borders policy & the Republican Party’s reluctance to challenge, coupled to the 1 ½ million legals entering yearly simply is not sustainable. All by design.

Note these newly minted citizens are from 3rd & 4th world countries accompanied by 1 or 2 eastern Europeans. Odds are that most are already on some form of American welfare.

Note the dress of the new citizens (front page Times Record 9/20/14) only three, from the photo, were dressed appropriately for such a somber occasion. Compare these folks with the immigrants that arrived at Ellis Island in the 1900’s debarking from ships they had been on for weeks living in filth & squalor, yet as they placed their feet on U.S. soil the men were in suits, ties and fedoras of their native culture, and the women in mostly homemade & pressed frocks & hats, accompanied with acres of smiles, no expectation of welfare, & champing at the bits for the American challenge (hard work and individual freedom to keep what you earn), glaringly absent in the 78.. The arrivals in the 1900’s were some of the reasons the U.S. achieved global preeminence.

Compare the two sets. Do you believe the recent millions of 3rd worlders invading our shores accompanied by applause from bureaucrats & politicians will strive to achieve what the émigrés of yesteryear brought?

Federal Judge Robert T. Dawson, an unelected position with a lifetime lock opined the following, “I submit to you that one of our strengths is that we are a nation of immigrants”.

A brief history of the settling of America—we are not a nation of immigrants—we are a nation with immigrants. Absent a founding group or majority it would be no nation at all, just an assortment of peoples of assorted races, religions, nationalities, etc. and would be united only by their presence on the same piece of turf.

American history shows that we had a distinct Founding culture and a homogeneous culture for the most part. 80% Brits, 20% Scots, German & Dutch and overwhelmingly Christian, 98% Protestants. The aforementioned was sustained throughout the settling process and until the mid 1960’s. Observe the downward spiral since that point in time.

These were the settlers that defined the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America until very recently; she was not the recipient of unbridled immigration invasions, both legal & illegal.

Judge Dawson continues with a nebulous statement “We all started from somewhere else, so I am proud to be here today”. Statement does not deserve comment.

Enter globalist, open-borders activist and taxpayer subsidized world traveller, UAFS Chancellor Paul Beran, another unelected bureaucrat feasting at the taxpayer trough. He offered up this educanto jewel, “This ceremony reinforces the fact that we are serving a global community”. This statement is documentation he is an enemy of U.S. sovereignty and a bonafide open-borders advocate.

The aforementioned 2 bureaucrats seemingly have no regard for middleclass Americans who are the bulwark of our republic. Chancellor Beran is an open-border & globalist enthusiast & mouthpiece for global governance. Judge Dawson, alleged to be a follower & supporter of the rule of law, has never taken a public stance against the illegal Mexican & OTM invasions. Is the Judge a Democrat?

As eluded to in past pieces, regarding some of the sobering activities of the Ft. Smith police, has once again reared its ugly head. There were 3 police at the doorway of the naturalization proceedings and 3 U.S. Marshalls shaking down resident American citizens. Police state? Did they shake down the 78?

Before remaking the world, Americans should check the state of their own liberties and opportunities. (Fred Reed)

Joe McCutchen

Registered letter to Mayor re: internationalism/police dept.

Mayor Sandy Sanders
623 Garrison Ave
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Mayor Sanders, September 14, 2014

It came to my attention last week in the T.R., as was the case with many other Fort Smithians, that the Fort Smith Police Department was and is under the thumb of an Internationalist body under the watch of Chief Kevin Lindsey.

That you, the official Board of Directors, and the City Manager, collectively have allowed this dubious act to occur is indeed unfathomable. When did Americans begin to allow foreign nationals to run their respective governments?

The act is, by any standard, is unconstitutional, therefore; a betrayal of the trust Fort Smithians have had in your reign as Mayor, the City Board and the FSPD.

It is on this basis that I am asking you, as the titular head of the Fort Smith city government specific questions regarding the turnover of a portion or maybe the whole of the Fort Smith city government to foreign powers—foreign citizens, likewise governments, N.G.O.’s, etc.

It is hoped the unconstitutional act was accomplished without malice or forethought. Furthermore; I am hopeful you Mayor, the City Manager, and other city officials will answer my questions promptly, without rancor or obfuscation.

1. Who was or is the local elected or bureaucratic authorizing authority to turn over the FSPD to an International body?
2. What was the (law, regulation, acts, etc.) authorizing authority that led to the accomplishment of the above?
3. Were you, Mayor Sanders, or any of the Board of Directors supportive of the take over?
4. What is City Manager Ray Gosack’s position on the International takeover of the FSPD?
5. Are there financial considerations involved in being a member of the Internationalist body?
6. What is the name of the Internationalist body and the names & countries of the officers of said body?
7. Is this a tentacle of Agenda 21—“Sustainable Development”, Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), “Regional Development”? All unelected, holding Fort Smith citizens hostage.
8. Aside from the F.S. city government, is the U.S. federal government aligned with the Internationalist body?
9. As elected representatives of Fort Smith, why were each of your constituencies not made aware of your un-American, unconstitutional activity?
10. I would be pleased to be made privy of any other information surrounding the takeover of the FSPD and any other F.S. government entities also taken over by the U.S. federal government and/or an internationalist body, if any.
11. What did or does the city government receive in return for the unconstitutional citizen sellout?

What you Mayor, and the elected Gentlemen & gentlewoman have allowed to take place under your government aegis is indeed way past sobering, i.e. you would sellout citizens in the dark of night, knowingly or unknowingly to international powers.

I look forward to a prompt and detailed answer to my questions, sent to me by mail.

Kindest regards,
Joe McCutchen Fort Smith, AR 72908
Cc: Fort Smith Citizens and Fort Smith City Board of Directors

Multiculturalism & Internationalism–the death knell of Sovereignty

Headline: Times Record 9/9/14 “Lindsey weighs in on Ferguson” September 11, 2014

Translation: Multiculturalism and internationalism are Police Chief Lindsey’s watchwords.

Merit: another word & practice systematically being expunged from the English lexicon and is being replaced by culture-killing multiculturalism.

The Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America, initially and through many generations, achieved educational, political, economic and industrial preeminence through merit and competition, not quotas.

The United States’ Constitution does not instruct our society to be an ecumenical and/or an egalitarian entity, in this case the Fort Smith Police Department has evolved into just such an organization.

Meritocracy (merit): is based on intelligence. , education, disposition, mental stability, citizenship, and wholesome competition. Skin color is not a component in a just society.

Police Chief Lindsey, in my view, has instituted very dangerous, unconstitutional policies, particularly if freedom & justice are your valued commodities. Chief Lindsey crows to the League of Women Voters about his multicultural police department, while at the same time seemingly denigrates the Ferguson, MO police dept. reported to be white. Therefore; what does Lindsey know about the Ferguson P.D. that would precipitate remarks insinuating that a white P.D. in Ferguson, MO is somehow soiled/prejudiced because of its whiteness. This MAY prove to be the case but presently no such facts are available.

Lindsey should prove to citizens why & how a quota driven society is better and more effective, in this case the FSPD, than a merit based P.D.

Minority U.S. citizens and illegals residing in the U.S., regardless of ethnic or tribal affiliations have more freedoms and receive more unearned largesse in all quarters than any other peoples throughout the history of man.

The real danger that Lindsey has put into motion is showing an utter disregard for the Constitution and the will & rights of Fort Smith citizens. He has employed an international cabal to create & oversee policies and protocols, overriding Ft, Smith citizen oversight.

Does this man have any idea that he has betrayed Ft. Smith citizens by abiding by the edicts of an international organization, or does he care, or is he dutifully walking the evil federal government line?

Herein lies his betrayal of the citizens of Fort Smith, “The first, he said, is having a third-party, International Accreditation Agency review the department’s policies and protocols every three years.”

“A lot of these policies are best practices regarding training” he said. Are these two statements not sobering? What are the international policies/methods and what international countries train the F.S. police? For what purposes?

The USA, as said before, is a Constitutional Republic and a sovereign nation. Since when do the citizens of the U.S. need an international organization to run American police departments?

What law, what edict, what mandate, what authorization, and who instructed Lindsey to follow the policies and protocols of foreign national governments, all overriding the U.S. Constitution, the Arkansas Constitution and the taxpaying citizens? Who is Lindsey’s master? Certainly not the legal residents of Fort Smith.

The United Nations and the U.S. Federal Government fingerprints appear to be all over the vile practice that Lindsey has promoted. Interesting to note the P.D.’s logo has changed from “TO PROTECT & SERVE” to “PRIDE & PROGRESS”….what does that mean?

Can it be concluded that police with U.S. & foreign military training, military hardware, and financials are across the board wards of the corrupt D.C. government and not the local citizen establishment? If &when civil strife erupts, due to the removal of a free society status, will police everywhere be shills for the Federal & State establishments?

My thought is simply, will American citizens under the age of 50 have any comprehension as to the dangers represented by Chief Kevin Lindsey and his stark unconstitutional positions he promotes consciously or unconsciously about the FSPD?

Recently nationally acclaimed economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts stated, “A generation of Americans have been born into a police state in which privacy and constitutional protections no longer exist”.

Joe McCutchen

Legislators hoodwinking citizens…Fluoride & Term Limits!!!

September 8, 2014

The genesis of the fluoridation of Arkansas’ drinking waters can be summed up in a word—corruption—at the hands of Governor Mike Beebe, the state General Assembly and City Governments that fit the population formula.

Law is a weapon used by evil to destroy its prey.
Law benefits only those who create it.
Law is for extortion and control” …Michael Gaddy, 2014

S.B. 359/Act 197 Fluoride Mandate bill from 2012.

Most legislators (practically all Republican Senators/Representatives) voted for SB 359 and received campaign donations from the Arkansas Dental PAC for their yea vote. Search here www.arkansasdentalpac.

The initial start-up-cost came from Delta Dental of Arkansas—an insurance company. Some legislators received over $4,000 for this one vote. In the immediate vicinity, to their credit, Reps. Malone, Stubblefield and Rice voted no for forced fluoride in public water systems. Non-voting was Rep. Pennartz. In the Senate both Files & Holland voted for the fluoride mandate. Is a vote for fluoridation of public water, in the case cited above, not vote buying and bribery?

Question: Why would Delta Dental, an insurance company, give six figure start-up money to the city of Fort Smith for the purpose of fluoridating city & regional drinking water at Lake Fort Smith?

Recall: there was a protracted statewide outrage against fluoridating the people’s water supplies. Did our elected office holders listen? NO!

The passage of this measure (fluoridation of the citizen’s water supplies) is a wholly unconstitutional act. There is not one constitutional or legal fiber in SB 359, Act 197, i.e. forced medication. The passage of the Act demonstrates self-service by a vast majority of Republican & Democrat politicians and the enabling corporation Delta Dental and the Arkansas Dental PAC will inflict another tax burden on Fort Smith residents immediately.

Sodium Fluoride is a poison, in micro doses it appears (I said appears) to be harmless. I can find no scientific studies that are being or have been conducted pertaining to the long term effects of daily fluoride ingestion may cause and therein lies the big question—Will repeated daily ingestions of sodium fluoride over a protracted period of time precipitate untoward physical & mental complications? As best as can be ascertained there are no published human safety standards for long term consumption.

Sodium Fluoride is not being added to the Ft. Smith water supply to enhance human potability; but is added to theoretically act as a medicinal. Therefore; where is the medical and moral authority that allows the Ft. Smith government to undertake, for all practical purposes, the practice of medicine?

Again, the state government has no constitutional or medical authority to defend its self-serving position for demanding forced fluoridation of public waters.

Some of the specific data in the aforementioned paragraphs may be attributed to the organization “Secure Arkansas”.

It should be noted here that Republican numbers in the state house were the prime movers of this abusive legislation and 3 of the Republicans hold or held key positions in the Republican leadership, and were subsequently fined by the Arkansas Ethics Commission. Those fined were: then State Senator Johnny Key who now shills for the U of A Chancellor, G. David Gerhart. Key was slapped on the wrist and fined $100 for contributing campaign funds to another candidate’s campaign. Three Republican Senators seem to be involved in funneling money to other legislators.

Republican Senator Eddie Joe Williams, the bagman for the Ark. Republican Party and the Ark. State Senate, was fined in 2012 for making personal use of $6,000 of his campaign funds to Sen. Missy Irvin & Sen. Jason Rapert, both Republicans. Sen. Eddie Joe Williams was fined $850 for his caper and the Senator donated over $42,650 from his campaign funds to other Senators & Representatives for ticket events in 2012. Sen. Eddie Joe Williams is the Senate Majority Leader.

Is this how citizens’ expect their campaign contributions to be used?

Republican Senator Michael Lamoureaux, President Pro-Tem of the Senate, was cited for making personal use of $2400 of his campaign fund. Sen. Lamoureaux donated $24,750 from his Campaign funds to other senators and representatives for ticket events in 2012.

Again, is this not vote buying and bribery, and if you agree that it is, you must come to the understanding that illegal and unconstitutional conduct permeates the entirety of the Arkansas State Republican Assembly and certainly does not excuse the Democrat Party.

It should be noted that all Republican state senators and representatives belong to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a legislative bill mill where Corporations fund most of ALEC’s operations. The Bills that ALEC feeds to the Arkansas General Assembly serve one purpose…to increase the bottom line of corporations. These type of practices by the Ark General Assembly, for all practical purposes, remove Arkansas citizens from the legislative process.

More later on Republicans and their very cozy relationship with ALEC and a number of other like organizations.

Coming on the heels of the fluoride debacle and the wrist slapping administered to some of the Republican violators by the Ethics Commission is one of the most deceptive and insidious activities to come out of the Ark. General Assembly—Issue #3, HJR 1009. HJR 1009 would extend term limits from 6 yrs to 16 in the House and from 8 yrs to 16 in the Senate! This proposed deception is attached to a so-called Ethics Bill titled “Elected Officials Ethics, Transparency, and Financial Reform Amendment of 2014”. This Trojan Horse approach was allegedly put together by Rep. Sabin (D) & Woods (R). Is this not chutzpah?

This scurrilous approach demonstrates the height of self-service and cowardice which has been achieved by the vast majority of elected state representatives & senators. Area state reps who voted for this deceptive ethics bill and back-dooring Term Limits Issue #3 are Reps. Bell, Deffenbaugh, & C. Douglas. In the Senate, again, voting for are Files & Holland.

Don’t Arkansas citizens have a lot to be excited about in the upcoming 2015 legislative session from the so-called conservative and constitutional Republican Party while at the same time they have involvements in a tidal wave of misdeeds? What do you suppose their next hijinks will be?

Who are the real miscreants here, the voters or the office holders?

Joe McCutchen

Cities play game: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

A Reciprocal game they play.

Fort Smith, AR City Manager Ray Gosack takes another bite out of the Federal Government lexicon while trying to justify raises for city employees without salient facts. September 4, 2014

Gosack using his 2nd edition of Orwellian government doublespeak in his campaign for a city employee raise.

The words “leakage” and “pay adjustments” jump out. “Leakage” is designed to replace the accepted English words quit and/or fired, and “pay adjustments” likewise; rather than the time honored salary or pay increases.

The above words are designed to be more malleable.

Recall: The 1st edition of the Orwellian government doublespeak that citizens were bombarded with “quality of place”, “sense of place”, “event nodes”. Gosack must think he is Winston Smith (1984) whose job it is to propagandize.

Gosack uses a misleading premise in making his case for employee pay raises absent a public foundation on which to support.

Gosack states city employees have had no pay raises for four years. Cost of living increases ranging from 1 ½ % to 3% per year have been given. These are pay raises no matter what you call them.

Gosack continues, “Fort Smith compares its salaries with about ten other cities across the U.S.” Here Gosack is attempting to make the point that the city is making an honorable attempt to remain in the format of acceptable pay scales. More obfuscation.

By this alleged method city leadership protects themselves from the public by being able to retort, “we are paying what we have to”, or “that’s what everyone else is paying”

All cities are wildly diverse in their makeups. Population demographics—old, young, percentage of 3rd worlders, education, employment vs. unemployment, agrarian vs. manufacturing, natural resources, and the existing tax base. In government there is always the tendency to overstaff throughout, which is certainly the case of Fort Smith. This is only a partial list of considerations that should dictate pay increases.

What happens in Joplin, MO; Rockford, IL; Paducah, KY; Jonesboro, AR; Peoria, IL; etc. offers no foundation for determining salaries or pay scales for Fort Smith, AR. City Government, stand on your own two feet.

Typically, all governments pay their employees on average 22% more than those laboring in comparable jobs in the private sector. That includes cash and perks.

Gosack further states, “We are slipping behind”. Gosack registers no concern regarding middleclass woes, i.e. unemployment, underemployment, salaries that plateaued 10 years ago and these are the folks who pay for the overprotected & proliferating government sectors.

Specifically, for Gosack & the City Directors: Produce statistics relevant to the relationship between city government salaries and private sector salaries of like or similar job skills at all levels and allow the taxpaying citizens to view the results. Included would be dollars paid, health insurance, paid holidays, sick days and days off, vacations, in some cases use of vehicles, retirement, etc.

If the City Directors who claim to be doing the work of the citizens do not demand Gosack produce the above statistics for citizen viewing they can only be described as counterfeit representatives.

The above statistics can be procured simply by calling the open borders, cheap labor outfit commonly called the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce. They most certainly can tell the city residents how many illegals permeate our job market, along with other specific requests, and that it costs $20,500 per school year to keep an illegal in the government school system. (This statistic comes from the U.S. General Accounting Office).

City Government, produce honest salary appraisals.

Joe McCutchen

13% of funding is all it takes for the Fed to control education!


September 1, 2014

The feds set the course, undergirded by state government & various education factions, commandeered with bribes, threats & theft, destroyed the once proud institution of public education. What happened and continues to happen to the once vaunted public school system? Greed, transitioning to power, money and destruction. Citizens stood and are standing by helplessly allowing full-blown corruption in the P.S. system to mushroom, ignoring America’s Founding Principles.

Former Times Record editor Jack Moseley, on another subject, stated and is appropriate here, “it’s a lot of purty”, referring to the P.S. infrastructure, an apt description of the modern day public school systems, producing little academic achievements.

Why would former respected public education leaders give up Home-Rule and education leaders today continue on the academic road to destruction, when they/we are only 13% away from total academic freedom?

John Dewey’s teachings began it all by his introduction of his progressive ideas on education, i.e. political correctness, revisionism, omission and deletion affecting core subjects, phonics, the Classics, classroom exercises that have nothing to do with intellectual discourse, dress codes, manners, body art, piercings, all resulting in a cultural decay of Western Civilization, and replaced by 3rd World hordes. Why trade down? Obama’s Common Core curriculum was preceded by Bill Clinton’s Goals 2,000 and George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind, collectively have ceded total control of public education to the federal government. Today we can thank Gov. Mike Beebe & the Ark. State Legislature for the continuance of our educational meltdown.

In the turnkey operation for academic greed, destruction and cowardice, who are the present day traitorous players? Begin with President Barack Hussein Obama, the sitting U.S. Congress, the faux Dept. of Education, sitting State Governors and Legislators and the weakest & the most disappointing of the cabal are the public school teachers who have willfully betrayed the parents and children for their piece of silver. Public school teachers, under the guidance and threat of Superintendents, fail to offer any resistance from the government takeover. Of course, teachers are a significant part of government. The vehicles for the teacher betrayal are/were the U.S. Dept. of Education, teachers’ unions, e.g. the N.E. A., the A.E.A. and non-government organizations (NGO’s). Teachers are “married” to their respective school superintendents who are ever compliant with federal edicts, offering no resistance and are the biggest traitors to our educational system. I introduce you to Ft. Smith School Superintendent Dr. Benny Gooden as an example. Gooden boldly pontificated “we’ll take all we can get”, referring to illegal Mexicans and OTM’s who were/are invading en masse the F.S. Public School System, proving he had no qualms about absconding taxpayers’ money by force to redistribute to illegal alien residents in Fort Smith. Gooden has never publicly commented pertaining to the 20-30 languages spoken by legal & illegal foreign nationals in the system. Braggadocio Gooden recently stated in the Times Record how many tens of thousands of “free meals” the citizens, i.e. taxpayers, provided to the illegal nesters and American citizen deadbeats. All accomplished by forced redistribution. (How many would willingly give up their paychecks to feed illegal foreign invaders or other deadbeats?)

The Holy Grail for the education community is the perpetual drumbeat for More Funding……For the Children” & “giving back” & all that nonsense. Gooden further describes the $150 million F.S. public school budget as “normal” and the Times Record refers to the budget as “routine”. There is nothing normal or routine about the bloated, obscene budget. Gooden then has the temerity to say that the districts’ salaries account for 79% of the yearly Ft. Smith budget–a fat cow. How many teachers, non-teachers, & non-essentials are wrapped up in the fat cow? E.g. assistant superintendents, deputy superintendents, ad infinitum.

Teachers, led by their respective school superintendents and unions are really nothing more than an obedient collection of sycophants devoid of any interchange of new ideas. Put another way, superintendents direct the symphony of planned failure.
School boards serve no purpose aside from rubber stamping the activities of government schools.

Public school students are devoid of higher level reasoning skills and leave school unable to read and write and certainly no foundation for the objective thought processes and the ability to think independently.

Statistics pertaining to funding sources for public schools were in the T.R. 8/26/14.

If education was the genuine goal of the Ark. public school system, it would be a relatively simple matter to regain home-rule from the divisive, corrupt federal government.

Point in fact: Arkansas’ funding equation. The Feds originally bought public education for a 3% funding share—disgusting. To whit—51% of funding presently comes from the state, 36% from local sources, and now, from the original 3% buyout to the present 13% feds claim control over every facet of public education, allowing Marxist philosophy to permeate all the school systems in the nation, essentially Xing out the parents from the public educational equation.

What citizens receive in turn is mass mental destruction by enslaving kids’ minds resulting in non-compos mentis.

For a pittance of 13% that comes from the Fed, actually it comes from the beleaguered taxpayers ( the Fed owns nothing) as does the full 100% and productive citizens allow the counterfeit education cabal to steal from us in broad daylight allowing them to short circuit American children’s minds through phony teachings, propagandizing, and indoctrinating.

Financially, never in the history of man has so much been done for the children in the name of education and never have they been in more peril—all by design.

As former Dallas Cowboy & Monday night football commentator “Dandy” Don Meredith fondly sang at the end of each broadcast, “the party is over”.

is in our grasp if only we had an understanding electorate on how dire public education circumstances are and a governor & state legislature that would cease grasping for the crumbs of federal funding.

Question: With the present state of education affairs, why would any citizen vote for incumbency? OBSERVE!

Joe McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return