March 20, 2017

T.R. article this date states that City Administrator Jeff Geffken wants to renegotiate the latest EPA decree which demands the city pay $400 million worth of upgrades to the city’s sewer system. Note, I stated this was the 2nd EPA decree regarding the crumbling Ft. Smith sewer system.

In 1985 the Fort Smith city voters voted for a 1% street/sewer tax and said tax has never been interrupted. In 2015 the Times Record reported that the street/sewer tax was generating $21 million per year. Therefore; in that 30 year period (`1985-2015) the street/sewer tax generated at least $630 million. The TR data just mentioned was published Jan. 6, 2015 which adds on another $50 million or so. Now Geffken is being told by the downtown insiders (Griffin & Sicard) to put the citizen tax collar on for the 3rd time, extending the EPA decree for another 25 years!

The above money would have paid for the street & sewer tax improvements by the year 2007, yet the streets & sewers are crumbling. It is my belief that the FS city government’s activities go far past incompetence, but citizens, who really is to blame? Once again I will say in the eyes of incumbents, incumbency is ownership! Only citizens with smarts can redirect this idiocy, i.e. incumbency.

So where did the $650 million go? It is said the fire/police retirement funds are deficient, while the city subsidizes the Civic Center with $700,000 per year, streets/sewer deficiencies, Trails, Marshal’s Museum, downtown Urban Renewal, consultants, faux bidding on city equipment, and the latest of their WHY dedication of $2 million or so to two politicians by the name of Sen. Jake Files & Lee Webb…2 insider government cronies with no qualifications for inheriting such a potentially lucrative project, i.e. the River Valley Sports Complex. Not to mention the monies they give to non-profits which are all subsidized by government, one way or another and the delegation of citizen authority to Planners & Regional government organization (NGO’s) that have no oversight. There is more incompetency?

There is absolutely no transparency in this government that allows city citizens to become informed. It is corrupt to core.

Joe McCutchen


P.S. Governor Hutchinson and the Arkansas legislature have introduced this session 10 different bills to castrate the FOIA!

The 156 year old “Civil War” cover-up continues…why?

The 156 year old “Civil War” cover-up continues! Why? March 15, 2017

Throughout the South the assault on all things Southern continues. Why? The erasure of facts surrounding the War Between the States is the cover-up.

All government institutions, in one manner or another, are involved in this egregious counterfeit revision on the young. The fraudulent activities of the public school systems are the epicenter. Unfortunately, teachers are the purveyors and victims of the same system they are teaching, and they themselves for the most part are academically vacant on this subject, e.g. revisionism, conditioning, propagandizing, lying, taking the place of truth & honor.

The latest salvo launched against all things Southern rolled out of the Arkansas General Assembly stripping Lee from the Lee/King Holiday. Not that this is tragic, but what is tragic are the remarks of the head toxic weed himself, Gov. Asa Hutchinson who reckoned, “I think this does help unify our state”. Apparently the Governor thinks there is a meaningful breech between the black & white races. Explain.

Now to the tragedy, this Bill will have far reaching effects in the following manner. “The Bill also would require that Arkansas Public Schools provide instruction on American Civil Rights Leaders”, of course King would be the center piece. Followed by, “Schools also would be required to provide instruction on Arkansas and the Civil War with an emphasis on civilian & military leadership”, etc. Just imagine what the Dept of Ed will give them—more untruths to parade.

The lack of factual knowledge by a vast majority of Arkansas public school teachers borders on academic fraud which is being echoed by the Ark. Educational Assn. and the U.S. Dept. of Education—all corrupt to the core.

For all, a civil war is the result of one side trying to seize control of the central government. This was certainly not the case in the war for Southern Independence, again Independence. Both sides, if you are interested, were equally guilty of the sin of slavery, but the government’s 156 year old cover-up continues to prevail. The real Truths of the American Civil War are readily available & eye-opening in the archives in Washington DC & Richmond, VA, and others, not to mention the myriad of scholarly books on the subject such as “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo—no PC in these writings and documents. The Yankees were a brutal lot.

To Mr. Rizelle Aaron, President of the Ark. Conference of the NAACP, please remove yourself from the scrolls of victimization. Blacks receive more unearned largesse (set-asides, quotas, and affirmative action), more political power & more freedoms than any ethnic group in the history of man. There are at least 3 Blacks in the Arkansas General Assembly who are well aware of the facts pertaining to the War Between the States.

It seems to me, as a leader in Black society and perhaps other areas, your group would best be served by engaging in genuine philosophical study and conversation that leads to a better quality of life across all fronts. Same should be said for U.S. government & most particularly for politicians & educators to indulge in truth & facts. Then a real free, functional society could be achieved.

Please see my article on this subject on www.arkansasfreedom.com entitled:

Joe McCutchen

P.S. General R. E. Lee was a favorite of both the north & south in 1861—he earned that reputation through morality, honesty, brilliance, a real educator and always displayed himself as a gentleman. Same cannot said be said for Generals Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, etc.



In the springtime many weeds can be beautiful, but quickly lose their colored petals, their array of attractive leaves & stems, i.e. politicians once elected and convening their legislative sessions. As the season wears on the weeds lose their entire luster and become ugly detritus, i.e. the legislative sessions conclude. You see, these weeds are destructors of the soil (we the people) and they bleed all beneficial nutrients, chemical compounds from the soil. If these weeds, politicians and their residue–legislative bills, are not removed the weeds’ destruction amplifies and ultimately squeezes the life breath out of the rich soils that once produced food for all nature and the beauties/freedoms that once sustained “we the people”.

At this point, the unconstitutional & irreverent conduct of Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson & his Republican legislative serfs will be omitted and the question of allegiance will be posed.

Specifically speaking, there has not been one word in any media regarding the stated political positions of Arkansas’ six national Republican representatives and 2 terms Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and their support or lack of for President Donald Trump, during the campaign & after election.

This fact is indicative that in all likelihood none voted for the President while hoping for a Trump failure. Each of these political twerps is intermeshed with the Establishment (both), the RNC & multi-national corporations, if not the Deep State.

All 7 are political cowards, opportunists, unconstitutionally irrelevant and pathetic pieces of humanity. Case in point. 16 year incumbent & going for 22 and a traitor to Americans/Arkansans, Senator John Boozman, warmonger & world traveler. But after all, Arkansans did elect. Apparently the qualifications for elections in Arkansas are Republican, so-called conservative, Christian, Evangelical, etc. paying no attention to what has occurred under their reign. How embarrassing.

President Trump, giving his all for those issues that must be sacred to the American people…borders, language & culture, freedom of choice in healthcare and most certainly jobs. All 7 of these twerps AWOL.

Not one of the 7 traitors has put their shoulder to the grindstone to enact the Trump agenda and remold our republic into a nation that is prosperous and honorable.

I am particularly gratified that the President is not a Republican and that he only used the party label as a vehicle for victory.

Joe McCutchen


Incumbency is the toxic weed that is destroying we the people and our native culture—Western Civilization. March 10, 2017

The Fort Smith Mayor and Board of Directors, current and past 30 year members (starting with the 1% Sewer/Road tax hoax) will not & cannot be absolved from what appears to be, with available information, a position that resides somewhere between a political protection racket and/or outright criminal activities revolving today around the nascent River Valley Sports Complex, absent transparency.

At this juncture (today) there have been little discussions and facts available for public consumption by the former City Manager, the Mayor & the City Directors. The members of this government indicate they do not wish to pursue this debacle and since the new City Manager stated on TV-5, “move on”. The politician’s/bureaucrat’s credo is bury their missteps and “move on”…always leaving the citizens in a monetary lurch.

Regarding the principal proponent of this engagement is Ark. State Senator Jake Files. There apparently, at least not known to the public, has been no movement by Gov. Asa Hutchinson, the State Board of Ethics, or any legal establishment to remove Files from State government for misapplication of public monies, dallying with & exploiting lobbyists, liberties in handling financial instruments, ad infinitum.
Until the Fort Smith city government answers in some detail one can only conclude that this body is corrupt. Attached to this statement the following questions have been asked 16 times during the past 5 years and can be found on the website www.arkansasfreedom.com This government, like all governments, is not a model for transparency; always devolving into a protection racket & much worse.
Government is subsuming our national independence—all U.S. governments.

1. Why were Republican Ark. State Senator Jake Files & Democrat Election Commissioner Lee Webb (both deeply embedded officially in Ark. government) awarded this contract—conflicts & criminal behavior?

2. When Fort Smith citizen taxpayer monies were disbursed to Files & Webb why was there not professional oversight & accounting procedures employed from day one.

3. Why—neither of the two had any successful free market experience/accomplishments in construction, but a laundry list of failures? Explain.

4. If the Fed was doing its job (& maybe they are) they would be searching for the elusive Ms. Gonzales & questionable activities & documents and foremost, is she an illegal?

5. Why are the government functionaries so quiet on the above matters?

More “fool’s gold”, in the eyes of incumbents, incumbency is ownership.

Joe McCutchen

Arkansas Government seeks to execute our 7th Amendment (trial by jury)

February 28, 2017

The Arkansas State Government’s execution of the 7th Amendment of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

The idea that the fate of our nation/state could be carried out by Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and a majority of the 2017 Arkansas General Assembly is surreal!

Jesus would say “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. Patrick Henry would have called this gang of Republicans “Rapacious Harpies”. I call them self-serving, traitorous saboteurs of freedom. They have just undermined the foundation upon which our Republic is built—the right to a speedy trial by a jury of one’s peers.

At 6:13pm, 2/27/17 the 7th Amendment to the Constitution (SJR8) was carried up to the Hangmen occupying the Arkansas State Agencies & Governmental Affairs Committee, located in the Ark. State Capitol, for the sentencing to death to be executed, courtesy of Senators Missy Irvin, Eddie Joe Williams & a cast of others.

To witness publicly the death of one of our most cherished possessions, now in the filthy hands of state government is unfathomable & still unbelievable.

One of the two chief hangmen, Senator Eddie Joe Williams, a bagman for the RNC (money-changer & legislation arranger) along with the complicity of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which in this case herds the Arkansas General Assembly in all legislative matters, owned by the Koch Bros. The Arkansas Republican General Assembly is also a conduit for the DC Deep State. Outsider/insider Dan Greenberg promotes and orchestrates the murder of the 7th Amendment.

I want to sincerely thank Senators Linda Chesterfield & Joyce Elliot for asking some challenging questions pertaining to SJR8, i.e. “tort reform” in a committee hearing.

Another traitor in the Republican cabal is Senator Missy Irvin from the hamlet of Mountain View. She claims to be a marketer for her husband’s medical practice—marketing what? She has demonstrated her trenchant legislative marketing skills that are saturated with personal conflicts of interest by driving the traitorous SJR8—“tort reform”.

SJR8 is the initial step in taking down the totality of the Right to Trial by a Jury of our Peers, which is the bedrock of Western Civilization and Civil Justice and has served our Republic beautifully since Dec. 15, 1791, first ratified by the Virginia Delegation.

Could in your wildest dreams ever believe that power/money-hungry thugs like nursing home magnet Michael Morton, the Chambers of Commerce, Insurance companies, hospital conglomerates, etc. have anesthetized the majority of the Ark. State Government to pass such heinous legislation as contained in SJR8?

As previously stated, this is the first successful attack against the 7th Amendment. And underway since the 1930’s is the uber success of the German Jew Frankfort School that instituted political correctness in the U.S. and permeates all American institutions to the point that PC influences what we can say, when & how we can say it, resulting in the destruction of the First Amendment, the right to free speech. PC destroyed the public school system and higher Ed thanks to these political marauders.

The third attack well underway today in the 2017 Hutchinson General Assembly is an overt attack on the 2nd Amendment—the right to bear arms, by way of making Americans register their arms, buy license to fire, license to carry, license to open-carry, license for education in arms, while eliminating whole segments of the population. All are unconstitutional & result in more taxation and force.

The mercenary cowards in the Ark. State Government deserve no quarter. They have lied, betrayed, dismantled our freedoms and yet the likes of Sen. Jake Files, is allowed to continue his/their treachery unabated.

Taxpaying citizens, are you going to continue to allow the carnage that is bringing us down and creating 3 strata’s of society? Do you not understand incumbency is the lethal cancer that is accomplishing the acts?

We the People cannot politically or civilly be comfortable and survive these very aggressive assaults on our liberties by the Ark. Governor, the General Assembly, and others. Tampering with the Bill of Rights is the sin of all sins.

Joe McCutchen

Pinning the tails on the Donkeys & the Elephants!

Deep City Fort Smith—related to the DC Deep State— the unelected always control the process. February 26, 2017

The primary question remains unanswered: Why were State Senator Jake Files (R) Chairman of the Ark. Senate Revenue & Taxation Committee and Lee Webb (D) member of the Board of Election Commissioners & also the chairman of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission awarded the political, potentially lucrative contract/agreement for the construction and ownership of the River Valley Sports Complex located at Chaffee Crossing?

The above question alone is evidence that there were/are substantive numbers of economic & political conflicts embedded in this odoriferous deal! Arrows also point to a possible complicity of some sort by the former City Administrator, the present City’s Mayor and one or more of the Board of Directors for allowing this travesty to be created & continued to exist for 5 years. Omitted from the equation are recently appointed City Administrator Carl Geffken & newly seated Director Tracy Pennartz.

Both Files & Webb have shown themselves to be in positions of influence peddling pertaining to government money pits, i.e. Files position as Chairman & Webb’s position with the AEDC. The conflicts, minus details, explanations, lack of transparency should have been investigated by city government & reported to the taxpaying citizens. A partial list of taxpayer concerns: contractual obligations, no apparent oversight during the 5 year project, no information regarding insurance, accounting practices, ownership, liability concerns, 501c3’s & their officers & salaries, lucrative venues related to the project, e.g. concessions, parking, multiple other entertainment venues, Files & Webb’s fiduciary obligations & other responsibilities, and in case of failure (which is the status) what restitution is due, if any?

Obviously the project was erected on sinking sand.

Since November 26, 2011 (“Sticking pins in the eyes”), I have written at least 16 articles asking the questions posed above and many more specifically directed to the former City Manager, the Mayor and the Board of Directors and may be found on www.arkansasfreedom.com.

Furthermore; one such article titled “Hold your horses” was posted on April 17, 2012 regarding the Times Record front page story “Developers take stand on sports complex”, another article titled “Is this political patronage” dated Aug. 29, 2012 detailed multiple questions, legal, ethical & financial. Another was devoted to an FOIA sent to Mayor Sandy Sanders by certified mail/receipt requested. The U.S. Postal Service informed me that Sanders refused to sign for delivery which lay on his desk unopened for 1 month at which time it was returned to the sender.

The city of Fort Smith has dumped $1.6 million in cash, plus other in-kind taxpayer services, e.g. the National Guard, the regular Army & Army reserves which if, (as previously stated) the city had employed accepted accounting practices & monitoring, they would have known Files & Webb have spent over $2 million on this nefarious project…and nothing to show for it. Question: did some of these funds pay for any of Files & Webb’s personal expenses and are there still unpaid bills? Then of course there is the matter of some bids that appear to be fraudulent. (Was the disappearing Hispanic contractor an illegal?)

An editorial that appeared in the DemGaz Sunday February 19, 2017 excoriated Files for his manipulation of the General Improvement Fund for $46,500 that the city government obediently applied for & received to help with the Park project. Why? This is in addition to the $1.6 million the city paid Files & Webb for work allegedly completed since 2014. The GIF is a slush fund for politicians, in this case, Senator Jake Files, to buy votes, incur other favors and enrich themselves. Senator Files has a roadmap of business failures and unsavory dealings and some appear to be outright illegal.

That the Fort Smith city government could be this incompetent & dysfunctional is hard to swallow. It is my belief that a maelstrom now exists in the Deep City, e.g. the $400 million EPA mandate the $300,000 EPA fine, the demand for an EPA 12 year completion…followed by Geffken’s request for a 25 more year extension, the shortfall in the police & fireman retirement fund, the huge amount of taxpayer money being spent on private property in Downtown Fort Smith (1960’s Urban Renewal), large subsidies to the proposed Marshal’s Museum (billed as a private endeavor & who owns?), the bankrupt City Civic Center (costing the taxpayers $700,000 per year), and the shell games go on.

In a recent TV-5 interview with Manager Geffken, he made some brief remarks, e.g. “we need to move on” which to me is indicative that he & the Board want to scrub the River Valley Sports Complex, if not true, then where did Geffken want “to move on” to? What is needed here is that Geffken call for an official, independent investigation, criminal & otherwise, into the actions of all parties since November 2011 involving the softball complex. Soon we will find out where Geffken stands on accountability & transparency.

Why is Senator Files allowed to remain a functionary in state government in view of his sordid political & economic adventures using hard earned taxpayer dollars, and same for the Mayor & City Directors? Do contractual obligations/responsibilities no longer exist?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. One has to wonder if double government dipper, Rep. Matt Pitsch, Arkansas Speaker of the House & Regional (government Change Agent) Czar for RITA is anxiously waiting in the wings for Senator Files to fall on his sword. (Regional government=non-elected officials appointed by elected city officials to plan and hold control over large swaths of land, water, & people, and are the “PLANNERS” & those plans always come with a huge price, not only of money but of loss of freedoms.)

I direct your attention to both Files & Pitsch who are both lead dogs in the proposed legislation SJR8 (tort reform) that leads to the abolishment of our Founding Fathers’ Bill of Rights, Amendment 7 guaranteeing citizen rights to trial by a jury of our peers. Files, Pitsch and other traitorous Republicans in the Ark. General Assembly are bribed by nursing homes, insurance companies, and many corporate interests. They have totally abandoned their constituencies, as well as their ethics, morality & history of our republic.

What Constitutional Amendment will these Republicans attack next?

Recapturing the principles of the American Revolution/Mike Gaddy Speaker

Everyone is invited who believes that our Liberty and individual rights are being stripped daily by our Government to attend the lecture by Mike Gaddy, a nationally known scholar on our Constitution and the Bill of Rights
Please share with and bring your friends & family

FEB28, 2017
Recapturing The Principles of the American Revolution.
• Hosted by McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm

Tuesday, February 28 at 6 PM – 9 P
Speaker: Michael Gaddy

DoubleTree by Hilton Fort Smith City Center
700 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901

Are you sick of being lied to by politicians, bureaucrats, & media? Do you know something is terribly wrong but not sure of the specifics or what to do? Take a little time to learn the truth you have not been told by the mainstream (including the government school system) from an expert scholar who has been studying, writing articles & lecturing on these subjects for decades. Teachers & students are especially encouraged to attend. Politicians & bureaucrats are welcome.

You don’t have to join or pay a fee; you only have to come with an open mind and a thirst for true knowledge. You will even have a chance to ask questions & get unbiased answers. This has nothing to do with either of the main political parties who are the sources of most of our dilemmas. This has to do with our Founders and their intent to create the world’s first society based on individual freedom and justice for all. A Sovereign nation with borders, a unique culture, and a unifying language.
An opportunity not to be missed by any sincere, courageous truth-seeker.

The Military/Industrial/Educational Complex at work

Times Record February 19, 2017…”Coaches & others headed to ‘basic training’. “

The cast: Greenwood Football Coach Rick Jones, Asst. Principal Chris Young, and Tanya Taylor, Greenwood Director for Economic Development.

The 3 are traveling to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, CA to get their lessons in military indoctrination, propagandizing, and conditioning for the youth in the Greenwood school district.

The article states that the Marine Corps sends around 80 high school & college educators, counselors & administrators to the Pendleton “Marine Corps Educators Workshop”. These numbers could easily translate into more than a million unsuspecting immature student minds to be pretzelized into the warmongering frenzy by so-called educators & other government addicts.

This production put on by the Marine Corps base in San Diego is nothing more than a recruitment tool to enlist more unsuspecting useful idiots into the U.S. military to continue their very lucrative preemptive wars against civilization, whatever the war du jour may be today. The warmongering U.S. government’s battle cry is always “to keep us safe”, as it continues to murder & destroy all semblances of civilization in its quest for global hegemony. Think Cotton, McCain, McConnell, Graham, e.g. all things neoconservative.

Unfortunately citizens fail to recognize the above 3 are nothing more than government automatons performing whatever machinations the United Nations’ Agenda 21, the U.S. Dept. of Education & its union’s demands. Never an independent thought voiced by those flying the flag of government—it takes the collective.

Greenwood public schools & other taxpayer institutions represent a treasure trove for recruiting opportunities for entrapping our youth and the teaching community acting as cheer leaders, as demonstrated by the above. Never is the ongoing rape of academics discussed at any level—omission, lies, destruction, revisionism, discarding of tried & true teaching methods, the implementation of such scams as Common Core, cover-ups, & everyone & every culture is equal.

What is the authority that allows Buck Sergeant Knopes to invade a public school campus to sell the wares of war with bribes, never the sweet smell of peace which is waiting in the wings to be implemented?—Yes, even Russia.

By the way Coach Jones & friends, who is paying for this extravaganza for you and your 2 friends—I think I feel the needle.

All wars are phony, that includes most specifically the ones brought about by Bill Clinton, Geo. W. Bush, Barack Obama and all those sitting in both houses of congress that have blindly or with complicity allowed these 3 criminal presidents to murder & destroy entire countries, culture, antiquities and worst of all the murder of millions orchestrated by the United States.

Joe McCutchen

Murder of the mind

Which is the greatest sin, murder of the body or murder of the mind? February 12, 2017

Regarding the proper role of education, the following Ayn Rand quote explains:

“The only purpose of education is to teach a student how to live his life—by developing his mind and equipping him to deal with reality. The training he needs is theoretical, i.e., conceptual. He has to be taught to think, to understand, to integrate, to prove. He has to be taught the essentials of the knowledge discovered in the past—and he has to be equipped to acquire further knowledge by his own effort.”

That means the child must start from the building blocks of logic which dictate the learning of any subject must require starting from the essential basic conceptual building blocks, then connecting them in logical order to build the pyramid of understanding that subject matter, e.g. mathematics, science, history, geography, reading, etc.

The “education” of today is anything but that, it is designed specifically to destroy the student’s ability to live his life rationally. The Cultural Marxists (Communists) of the 1920s-30s devised an imminently successful plan to destroy Western Civilization when they realized it couldn’t be done by bloody revolution (the Russian Revolution in particular) they attacked the mind/philosophy. It was to be achieved by their “march through the institutions”…infiltrating every important influential aspect of Western cultures. Names, dates, places are easily researched. (They were precluded by John Dewey at the turn of the century with his emphasis on emotion rather than rationality, which made their goals easier to achieve.)

Elements of their philosophy included “Critical Theory”, i.e. criticize, relentlessly attack all aspects of western values…the family unit, the father figure, the use of reason, civility, etiquette, manners, knowledge of true history, merit, earned pride/self-esteem, high expectations, achievement, rugged individualism. Also, one was to be discriminating in their choice of friends, activities, values—meaning divesting oneself of any negative influences. Today we are taught the opposite, that discrimination is deplorable & to be vilified.

The principal tool used to accomplish their success is “Political Correctness”, i.e. feminism, sexism, racism, affirmative action, quotas, homophobia, group reliance, “takes a village to raise a child”, diversity, ad infinitum. Collectivism good, individualism bad.

Some of the first subjects to be banished were logic, ancient history, Latin, philosophy, epistemology, literary classics, poetry, challenging/higher mathematics & sciences…anything requiring excellence, effort, merit was deemed bad, whereas the emphasis more & more became the group, ease in subject matter, approximations instead of hard true facts(2+2 can = 5), feelings became more important than subject matter, history (& other subjects) were revised to suit the collectivist controllers. Children were no longer to be challenged because their “feelings” might be hurt, expectations were lowered, false self-esteem instilled (everyone gets a trophy), their subject matter education was delayed and watered down. Discipline became a no no, it too might hurt “feelings”, therefore standards were badly diminished.

Rugged individualism, upon which this country was founded and grew to preeminence, was now verboten because that was the principal enemy of Collectivism where “each was given according to his need”, forced redistribution was not only expected but enforced. The ruling elites were just more equal than all the others (Animal Farm). Rugged individuals not only don’t fit in, they fight back.

Outcome: “Snowflakes” who wither in the light of day, slithering cowards seeking “safe places”, dysfunctional families, citizens who not only do not understand the proper role of government but do not seek that knowledge (willing slaves), children who’ve been conditioned not only to be arrogantly ignorant but even to doubt their own gender or that of others. Sheer insanity from which only the strongest of minds can escape.

But, as always, the blame falls on the taxpayers for not giving up more of their earnings to malevolent education/propaganda/conditioning institutions. There are mega-bucks attached to failure, so the beat goes on & on. Funding follows failure. Today the parents & teachers are victims of the same mind-bending and have no idea what is wrong—but many know SOMETHING is wrong, but unequipped to think, use logic to discover what.

Outcome: Ignorant, propagandized students march in protest of things they do not comprehend, thugs & savages are in the streets, rioting, destroying, even killing without accountability because being held accountable was erased in our major institutions……education, justice system, politics, media, etc. Eternal wars are waged against phantom enemies invented by the industrial/military/media complex for untold riches, while the patriotically conditioned youth (watch the military worship preceding public events) is used as mere cannon fodder.

The Collectivists knew the key to Western & Caucasian destruction was the elimination of true education and they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Chaos, tribalism, & loss of individual freedoms are their results, along with ultimate power and $Trillions of unearned, bloody money. The “Camp of the Saints” is in full bloom, along with the end of civilization. Only the fabulously wealthy globalists will not pay the terrible price—they hope.

~Barbara McCutchen

Secrecy & “Tort Reform”

A quote attributed to Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither, and will lose both”. February 11, 2017

The Arkansas legislature, in this case under the direction of State Senator Gary Stubblefield (R) offers a bill bent on erecting another wall of secrecy between we the people and the government that paralyzes the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act pertaining to the number of security officers & law enforcement officers on the 33 college & university campuses as well as the public schools regarding all information about their numbers, records, security plans, procedures, studies, measures, ad infinitum. Why do law enforcement’s huge numbers deserve this type of protection? They don’t!

This all-encompassing legislation has no basis for existence, it is simply another government protection racket aimed at neutralizing we the people with the built in foundation for continuing expansion, e.g. Secretary of State Mark Martin wants the same for the Capitol Police.

The inordinate numbers of attacks on our freedoms listed above provokes the question, what next? This measure, if enacted, simply opens the door for more secrecy in other government venues.

Police forces are militarily trained, equipped, fusion centers available, and utterly no necessity to enact more freedom-killing legislation. Members of the Ark. legislature constantly refer to themselves as conservative—just exactly what is it they are conserving? Republican legislators are indeed a very dangerous breed if the Constitution and its Bill of Rights are dear to you.

Another example of a potential crime being promoted before our very eyes: SJR8, commonly known as the RNC’s (Republican) “Tort Reform” that savages our 7th Amendment that guarantees the right to trial by a jury of one’s peers, not a “trial” controlled by a collection of bribe-taking Republican legislators, lobbyists, bureaucrats & other self-servers.


It is inconceivable that these bribe-taking Republican betrayers would dare take away what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to give us and have it replaced by self-serving state legislators & at the behest of other parasites, i.e. nursing home operators, hospitals, corporations, etc.–only to enhance their bottom line. Who do you put your trust in, politicians or your neighbors?

Ask the Honorable Asa Hutchinson and your elected representatives their positions on this proposed slaughter of the 7th Amendment.

Joe McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return