Government schools expand by abetting dependency & robbing taxpayers

The Fort Smith School Board has all the appearances of a rogue operation under the leadership of President Deanie Mehl. April 19, 2017

The School Board, uncontrolled, dispensing of taxpayer dollars by force is a criminal act.

Since “we the people” are unaware of the demographics of those who are participating in this unearned assault on taxpayers (free meals), we can only surmise.

Yesterday’s T.R. carried a quote by Charles Warren who is Director of Financial Services for the school district directed to Superintendent Doug Brubaker that states “We believe that it is time to end the pilot status of the program (alleged free breakfasts to the throngs) and recognize the program as a service (?) to the District to be incorporated in the District budget in future years”. The arrogance of Warren & his masters, as if it were the duty or obligation of the taxpayers to run a feeding program and as Warren indicated, no caps, and the magnitude now coupled to the unbridled future of the dispensing of unearned largesse is breathtaking.

We can assume that these moochers who line up for what the schoolhouse bunch claim to be a “free” breakfast are all on welfare, i.e. food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid, Arkansas Works, etc.

Another assumption is that they all receive monthly food stamps and if that is the case, these moochers have breakfast paid for twice—food stamps & locally taxpayer funded breakfasts. Never did Mehl or Superintendent Brubaker disclose the cost of the present and future breakfast program that Charles Warren bloviated about. Warren and his associates occupy another form of government welfare.

The average U.S. household below the poverty line received $168 per day in government support. The median household income in America is just over $50,000, which averages out to $137.13 per day!

To put another way, being on welfare now pays the equivalent of $30 an hour for a 40 hour week while the average job pays $24 an hour. This study was done 4 years ago and welfare addicts have seen their benefits rise.

Here are 10 states that now have more people on welfare than they do employed: California, New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Maine, & So. Carolina. Governor Asa Hutchinson is working hard to add Arkansas to that list, i.e. unlimited corporate welfare (bonds), tire taxes, gas taxes, internet taxes (a privacy buster), added 340,000 to Medicaid (AR Works) in the last 1 ½ years, no cap, etc. etc.

President Mehl pontificated re: giving raises to Ft. Smith teachers; “We’re behind NW Ark. they receive $8,000 to $9,000 more in starting salaries than F.S. teachers”. Does Mehl not realize the economy in NW Ark is nearly 30% higher than Fort Smith? An old political game—if one city does something, we should do likewise whether we can afford it or not. We, like the U.S., should mind our own business.
The lack of Constitutional & economic awareness by Mehl, her 4 toadies, Brubaker & Warren is beyond belief.

They are practicing psychopathic altruism which would be fine if they were using their own money—but of course they are not. The easiest job in the whole world is to criminally spend other people’s money.


Joe McCutchen



Build it and they will come—the wholesale thievery of productive Fort Smithians resources.

Times Record reports that last evening Ft. Smith School Board President Deanie Mehl and her 4 enablers pushed through a measure that immediately increases the addition of in the neighborhood of 10,000, in what they refer to as “free” breakfasts.

This program entails that we the producers (taxpayers) are being forced at the point of a gun to subsidize non-ending government thievery—entitlements/welfare.

President Mehl, please define the word “free”.

New Superintendent Doug Brubaker opines “As a program becomes more widely known about, (free breakfasts) more people (who are these people) will take advantage of it”, spoken like a true government gunslinger. BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME.

Mr. Brubaker, who are these “more people” you refer to? Are many, if not most of them illegals, both children and their parents, of course not limited to?

I would ask Mehl, her enablers, Brubaker and his cadre of government hangers-on, what is the Constitutional & moral authority for the Boards’ action & his approval for the current thievery, by force?

Later Brubaker decides to become honorable by this fragmented quote, “Federal guidelines use a formula to insure schools are not giving away (?) food (unconstitutional) to students whose families pay full price and schools to charge an appropriate amount”. In other words, what Brubaker is saying with his newly found principles is that he doesn’t want a child whose parents are paying the full price to sneak a free meal.

The proposed program by Mehl & her vassals will increase substantially and continue to do so unendingly using children as nothing more than commodities & vast school expansions. Continued expansion of government and the indoctrination of children into a collectivist society is the battle cry.

I have written some articles in past years demonstrating how schools have surreptitiously stolen the abilities of parents to raise their children responsibly and how long before cadres of educational goons will be in hospital delivery rooms seizing the mothers’ new born child so that the indoctrination process is immediate.

The government school system, formerly public schools, in my judgment, is the most criminally corrupt division of the federal government—short circuiting children’s minds with lies, obfuscations, revisionism, omissions, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, and teaching irresponsibility for self.

The idea, without citizen input, that the Board can implement such a heinous program being championed as “benevolent” is indeed oxymoronic. On the one hand the parents are being encouraged to be irresponsible and on the other the taxpayer is hosed for the price of their irresponsibility.

Incumbency is a toxic weed!

Joe McCutchen

P.S. I am told by school teachers that much of this food is wasted & thrown in the garbage.

The Deranged vs. the Sane

Deranged vs. Sane April 14, 2017

Who outnumbers who? The deranged, with differing degrees of severity, dominate most important institutions—education; media; politics/government all levels; also the military/industrial/surveillance/banking complex.

The variably deranged dominate the indoctrinated young; the power-hungry, warmongering elites & neoconservatives; the Democrat party; the propagandized “victims”, e.g. gays, lesbians, LGBTQ’s, blacks, Hispanics, OTM’s (other than Mexicans), “refugees”, illegal aliens….illiterates, semi-illiterates, pyschos, neurotics, misfits & other “challenged” individuals.

The Deranged among those listed in the previous paragraph are much easier to comprehend than those of high ranking positions, I.Q., academic achievements, etc. Usually such intelligent individuals might be expected to excel in common sense, intellectual honesty, strive for peace with law & order resulting in justice. Unfortunately for the sane, the educated, intelligent deranged are more energetically driven for power & wealth and lack a conscience on how those goals are obtained. They look down with disdain at the sane who honestly work for a living, pay their taxes, raise their kids, live on a budget & believe in self-reliance, liberty, Constitutional Bill of Rights, property rights, etc. and who mostly cannot comprehend the motives of the deranged and or of what terrible things they are capable.

The Deranged have many labels…Liberals, Progressives, Cultural Marxists, neoconservatives. The latter has been especially successful with their psychological warfare. For example, their creation of phantom enemies/false flags have drummed up “patriotic” hysteria which lure the young to join the military in their “eternal wars” (power & $Trillions) as their cannon fodder and keep the public in line with their bromides of “keeping us safe”, all the while scoffing at the stupid, compliant, insouciant public. One of the worst, ironic results of their wars is the creation of “refugees” who have every reason to seek revenge for their war torn countries and are being welcomed into the deranged Western countries who ravaged those countries. How insane is that?

This is a pivotal historical time in the USA & all Western Civilization nations. Whether the sane or the deranged tip the scales—so goes the world.

The Sane are not in positions of power and many are misinformed and misled, making solidarity nearly impossible. Without cohesion, comprehension, and a solid truthful knowledge of history their coming together as a force to be reckoned with is doubtful.

Since the decades of deliberately dumb-down/indoctrination, It appears too late for the sane to reintroduce the Enlightenment—logic, common sense, merit, achievement, rugged individualism, et al to save us from being led back to the Dark Ages & thence back to the jungle where might makes right & dog eats dog and the individual is sacrificed to the Deranged Collectivists?

Never has a society been so relentlessly conditioned to accept serfdom in the name of “diversity” & “social justice”—never so intent on its own white race genocide. (“White Guilt”)

History & science prove that the white race has the genes which drive progress, prosperity, innovation, greatness in music, the arts, and sciences, and most importantly the will & knowledge required to install Constitutional law which protects the innocent, and the ability to raise the quality of life for all, regardless of mentality/ethnicity/race.

Patriots voted for Donald Trump because he was not a politician and said he was opposed by the political Establishment, the Marxists, the Anarchists, the Progressives, the media, academia, et al. The people understood that much anyway…that if all the bad guys were against him, he must be the one to fight them.

But he has not divested himself of all the Deranged and let too many of them into his tent which accounts for his reneging on the campaign promises which elected him. Perhaps the Deep State is much larger & powerful than even he could imagine. Or perhaps he was a clever plant by globalists who want the voters to keep thinking their vote counts to throw out the bad guys. Or perhaps like Perot, he is now placed in a position of keeping himself & family alive by following directions.

The question for me always remains—once the elite globalists have killed the Golden (White) Goose, whence comes the $$$ ? But then they are deranged/insane & perhaps incapable of following that simple logical thought.

Whoopee, a majestic throne over a sub-human mess of species who are unable to achieve or create wealth, only to plunder/ravage or to be dependent. Makes no sense whatsoever…but maybe I’m playing checkers with champion chess players & simply can’t comprehend their next moves.

I still have to ask how do you deal with; much less overcome ruling deranged lunatics who appear to be invincible with in impenetrable protection racket ring ensconced around them? Observe all the maniacal, unconstitutional acts with which they have gotten away.

Pity the disarmed, misinformed, illogical youth.

~Barbara McCutchen

Who will replace Files?

And who will be the replacement? April 13, 2017

Who will the 2 Fort Smith nabobs (Griffin & Sicard) choose to replace the disgraced Ark. State Senator Jake Files?

The most likely candidate at the present time appears to be the active double-dipper Republican House Majority Leader Ark. State Rep. Matt Pitsch/also RITA Director. His allegiance?

He has proven himself worthy by being efficient and unforgiving in the capacity of performing the duties of being the Ark. House of Representative’s Screw. He’s shown his worth to the 2 nabobs by his rapid rise in the higher (insiders) echelons of government, which identifies him as a good dependable government soldier, i.e. an enemy of “we the people”.

Actually the 2 nabobs may have already chosen the Screw and haven’t yet officially anointed Rep. Pitsch as their newest replacement Gofer. However, there may be others applying for the job and it will prove interesting to see if any will come forth and what baggage they will be carrying.

After all, “Public Service” is so noble.

Joe McCutchen

More on the Files/Webb/Ft. Smith City debacle

More on the Files/Webb/Fort Smith city debacle which could have criminal implications. April 12, 2017

Since well before March 2014 (contract date) I have written numerous articles (at least 16) and two emails directed specifically to the City Manager, the Mayor & the Board of Directors asking the question, why was this potentially lucrative contract for the River Valley Sports Complex awarded to two elected politicians by elected politicians? At the very least impropriety emanated from all participants. No response, with the exception of one Director.

All the above articles appear on the website and all have my permission to forward.

Now comes the printed words of the T.R. that Fort Smith City Director Larry Lau has also done business with State Senator Jake Files (two elected officials) which further magnifies the possibilities of using political positions—to advance a host of illegal, unconstitutional, and/or unseemly projects, e.g. cronyism, collusion, the stifling of commercial competition, inside trading, ad infinitum.

The fact of the matter is the whole of the elected Fort Smith Government and the other three aforementioned electives doing business in one form or another with each other has cast a dark shadow (lack of transparency) over the city of Fort Smith. Is there more to come?

Their professional conduct is not to be tolerated under any condition. Resignation by all is the remedy.

Incumbency is a toxic weed.

In the minds of politicians, incumbency confers ownership of the public office which they occupy.

Joe McCutchen

Questions for city government

The question still goes unanswered. April 11, 2017

Why was the softball complex contract awarded to Senator Files & Lee Webb? It certainly was not awarded for their contractual & financial accomplishments!

By the same token, the F.S. City government is equally guilty in this charade. Incompetency notwithstanding, but what entity would be foolish enough to drop $2 million or more into the hands of the two aforementioned politicians, absent any oversight and still funding when the project was on its death bed, i.e. the collusion between the FS city government & the WAPDD, which amounts to outright public theft.
What is the relationship between CEO WAPDD Sasha Grist (what qualifies her as CEO), the city government of Ft. Smith & Frontier MPO’s Dianne Morrison?

In view of the city’s miserable financial record, that is if they are not outright lying, streets & sewers, pensions, the Civic Center, taxpayer’s money being spent for downtown enterprises, the nascent Marshal’s Museum, ad infinitum something is really smelly, particularly the Softball Complex deal which gives an absolute appearance of either a payoff, a quid pro quo, cronyism, malfeasance, misfeasance, etc. None of which are admirable traits, coupling this with their outright refusal to come clean and illuminate the citizens as to why this contract was delivered to Files & Webb.

Money is flowing much too loosely not only in the city but in these NGO’s, wholly funded by taxpayers and run by self-serving government incompetents.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Trails taking precedence over the aforementioned failures.

The White Founding Stock Genocide

The White American Founding Stock on the precipice of being relegated to minority status—by design. March 30, 2017

Then What?

Never in the history of our Republic has there been so much treasure spent maliciously, i.e. Bush’s 16 year indulgences in criminal, unconstitutional wars, likewise public education and nothing positive gained.

T.R. 3/28/17: “School District seeks diversity”, i.e. more historical crime and government expansion being launched against middleclass white Americans further reducing us to a proletariat dimension.

I have debated myself for years which federal government agency is the most criminally corrupt that those reside under the federal government umbrella. Finally, my winner: government schools. The T.R. article above tipped the scales for me.

Yes, the American military killing machine being engaged in eternal preemptive wars (since 1950;s Korea) now with an uninvited presence in 160 nations resulting in murder, destruction, torture, rape, sniping, U.S. government overthrows, all claiming mysterious phantom enemies and oh yes, are “keeping us safe”…while failing to secure our national borders. The military killing machine does have brief interludes for retrofitting their armaments ($54 billion x 3 years) while the short circuiting of American white children minds is perpetual. The young foolishly courageous soldiers providing the man power (cannon fodder) for global insurrection believe they are “keeping us safe”. Most not understanding the U.S. is the global enemy (Dick Cheney’s call for war) set us on the path for global Armageddon. Most of these brave young troops are products & victims of the public schools’ systems—government—PC, social behavior, absent logic, history & philosophy.

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Annette Henderson (assistants, deputies, associates, acting—a fiscal crime & how many of these are dwelling in the district?) proclaims 89% of the teachers are white (from her purview that is bad), 42% of students white–bad, 33.7% Hispanic–good. Interestingly and tragically Mexicans and OTM’s outnumber black Americans by 22.4%. In other words, foreign nationals, mostly illegals, are one-third of the student population—a constitutional, immoral crime. Why is so much treasure, attention, energies spent on foreign born nationals while black & white American students, most particularly white are neglected academically?

Why did Assistant Superintendent Henderson not disclose or perhaps she did not know and why did not Reporter Alex Golden ask some of the following questions?

1. How many Mexicans & OTM’s in the district are illegal & how many, along with their parents are being fed, clothed, schooled & medicated in the Fort Smith system? Ms. Henderson acquaint yourself with 8USC, sections 1324a, 1324c, 1325. Where do you come up with a constitutional fact that allows you to advocate that illegals and legals should be afforded extended rights while dumbing down, in the main, most white students? First of all the illegals should be deported and the legals expected to acculturate into our society and abandon their failed philosophies & cultures. You obviously do not understand this.
2. How many foreign languages are spoken in the district? How is this linguistic tsunami dealt with?
3. How many illegals on welfare and why are taxpayers forced to pay?
4. How many unreported crimes in the district?

Never to my knowledge has the U.S. Dept. of Education, NEA, or the AEA complained about inheriting and teaching in a foreign national environment. One example, which emanated from Former Superintendent Benny Gooden who proclaimed at the zenith of the illegal Mexican & OTM invasions, with fervor (referring to illegals)…”we will take all we can get”. Of course his aim was more money and expansion for the criminal government education protection racket. Observe the results!

THE CRIME: Where is it stated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and in any legislation that in the main white middleclass citizens are obligated or have the moral responsibility to house, feed, educate, medicate these hordes of millions, legal & illegal, resulting in the pretzelizing the minds of black & white middleclass children by dumbing down the curriculum and implementing wholesale political correctness compliments of the Cultural Marxist Frankfurt School and their “march through the institutions”?
The depth of the educational criminal enterprise is indeed breathtaking! All connected with government become automatons of government, surrendering their independence for what they believe is a little security.

No school Board members, no teachers, no administrators, and certainly no politicians ever question the faux curriculum being foisted on the unknowing parents & children. Why? The above 4 groups are educational traitors and are deliberately trading down academically to accommodate the hordes who have and are invading our republic, e.g. Hispanics, mideasterners, sub-Saharan Africans, Indians, & Orientals, all resulting in a mongrelized population and societal destabilization as the end result—all in nation-killing practice of DIVERSITY. Is that Ms. Henderson’s, et al goal?

The curriculum that is now being laid against American black & white students consists of out-right lies (154 yr. old Lincoln cover-up), omissions, revisions, indoctrination, PC emergence, all cultures are equal, DNA same, everyone equal, conditioning, propagandizing—all resulting in the short-circuiting our children’s minds—all by design.

Sadly, many if not most, are purposely devoid of factual history & the ability to think logically & independently—The antithesis of public schools. Trading down academically will soon force our once preeminent republic to implode/explode. Sooner rather than later. The U.S. academically ranks #29 for a reason.

Look no further than the incumbents who ‘we the people’ continually reelect cycle after cycle. In the minds of politicians, incumbency confers ownership resulting in crime & irreversible corruption.

The real mass immigration tsunami into America is on the horizon. This is our last call to breakfast.

Merit is out, trading down is in, a national fairly homogeneous white founding population is out and a vagabond, illiterate, diversified factions in.

Mass immigration, legal & illegal, has made the U.S. formerly the most envied nation in the history of mankind and now in all likelihood, the most hated nation—turned into a land mass & and an uncivilized gypsy population that cannot be properly governed, particularly when that government is thoroughly criminally corrupted.

Joe McCutchen

Can the 3rd world tsunami be stopped in Politically Correct nations?

Orwell, Huxley, Rand, Wells, Bradbury, etc…saw and warned us of everything they foresaw coming…except the 3rd world tsunami. March 24, 2017

They warned against the indoctrination, conditioning, revisionism, brainwashing, etc. where the elitists hoodwinked and ruled over the masses in one manner or another.

They understood the eternal war of Collectivism (tyranny) vs. Individualism (liberty), but from what I have read, did not understand the possibility of the 3rd world overwhelming and destroying Western Civilization—the “white” man.

The first writer I am aware of to foresee what is happening today was Jean Raspail in his definitive work “The Camp of the Saints”, (1975) which was written later in time than the aforementioned books.

By Raspail’s time evidence was becoming obvious to the logical thinker that Political Correctness (introduced by the Jewish Frankfort School into academia in the 1930’s) had influenced Western societies, i.e. all cultures good/same; white guilt/privilege bad; relentless attacks on all Western values (Critical Theory), i.e. down with the family unit & patriarchal leadership; up with sexual freedom; drugs/anything goes that feels good; educational dumb down was well on its way to the lowest common denominator…all in the name of equality & social justice.

Raspail foresaw hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of 3rd worlders (with resentments against all whites) on huge freighters plying the oceans of the world on their way to France/Europe to claim their “due” & flee their cesspool homelands. At the same time he saw the effete PC white academia/media particularly excited to welcome the “refugees” with open arms, sure that they would welcome & appreciate the hospitality, food, shelter, and what the entire 1st world had taken for granted.

What a shock when the illiterate hordes landed in France and swooped over the land like locust plagues, devouring everything in sight…lives, food, drink, smashing, slashing & bashing.

The indoctrinated military was so unprepared and intimidated they were either killed or deserted like rats off a sinking ship.
Western countries today, particularly their leaders/academia/media are so deranged with the PC psychological warfare that they are welcoming the hordes into their countries with no regard for their own safety/consequences. Just examine Scandinavia, Germany, France, et al. The men have been emasculated & the women raped at will. Law enforcement useless, as though the “instinct” for self-survival had been snuffed out.

The irony of all this is that the hubris attacks by the USA & NATO forces on nearly all Mideast countries…blowing up families, homes, antiquities…expecting no retaliation have produced the motivation for the tsunami of “refugees”, mostly military aged men, to flood Western Countries.

Various factions are to blame…the military/industrial/banking/surveillance/political complex…each with their own greedy motivations. Not to mention the rage of revenge of the unprovoked ravaged beings.

Western Culture (the target of the Cultural Marxists (Communists)) is sinking rapidly due to the successful dumbing down and pussification of those once somewhat educated, self-defense warriors by the public fool systems, the revisionist media/entertainment, etc. –all part of the deadliest psychological warfare weapon ever known…called Political Correctness which has turned rugged individuals into sniveling snowflakes afraid of their own shadows or of being called names. Disgraceful excuses for human beings. How our ancestors must be shuddering in shame & disbelief.

Is this the tragic end to Western Civilization which once brought the Enlightenment, individual freedom & liberty? Will whites bow down to illiterate savages and allow themselves to slaughtered/annihilated—therefore drawing this world back into the Dark Ages, and worse, the jungle?

If so, resurrection is more than doubtful. Pity the young.

If there is indeed a Deep State Cabal running the world, one can only wonder what they gain from such a world.

~Barbara McCutchen

There can be no trust without transparency & honesty in government


March 24, 2017

All data that is available to the public suggests that at least a substantial portion of the corrupted project lies at the feet of city government along with Republican Ark. State Senator Jake Files and Democrat election fixture Lee Webb in the matter of the failed River Valley Sports Complex.

A laundry list of questionable & provable allegations follow Sen. Files which begs the question, why has Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and the Republican Arkansas “Issue 3 Ethics Committee” not at least censored, investigated and/or removed Files from the Ark. General Assembly by resignation or other means. The Republican majority under the guidance of Republican Hutchinson has proven it to be a hotbed of criminal activities.

Always in the matter of the RVSC failed project is the question…WHY WAS THIS POTENTIALLY LUCRATIVE ENDEAVOR AWARDED TO FILES & WEBB? Conflicts of interest abound, possible forgeries, unpaid bills, questionable relations with lobbyists, alleged litigation, overdrafts, etc.
Which member or members affiliated with city government (former City Manager, Mayor, Board & or others) promoted Files & Webb? And why? Was it a quid pro quo? A cover-up question? Promises of future monetary gain, a protection racket? Etc.

Why did Ivy Owen, Manager of the Ft Chaffee Development Authority and on what authority donate a parcel of taxpayer owned land to the city of Fort Smith for the express purpose of giving ownership to Files & Webb for the RVSC for-profit complex?

Remembering the City Board dropped $1.08 million in cash into the soiled hands of Files & Webb, replete with no fiduciary oversight. Following on the heels of that unearned largesse and deep into the RVSC game the city applied & received 3 grants totaling $141,257.73 in behalf of Files & Webb from the taxpayer subsidized WAPDD—another unelected, no oversight Agenda 21 NGO & planners of your lives… incompetent & run by a political sponge by the name Sasha Grist who neglected to get bids for the three grants.

A recipient for one of the grant monies is the elusive Diana Gonzalez, who is yet to be located in the amount of $26, 954.91. As the story goes she has not been located for a number of months.(Has there ever been a search?) Suggestion: the NSA could locate her in 30 minutes, after all this is the corrupt government outfit that has collected personal data on every citizen in the U.S. Thanks to Manning, Snowden & Assange citizens now know this.

City Manager Carl Geffken states “The liability to pay the provider of goods & services at the Sports Complex is the responsibility of the RVSC organization and Jake Files & Lee Webb.” Not so fast, Geffken on a prior occasion, trying to divorce the City Government from the corrupt RVSC escapade stated on TV-5 “City government wanted to move on”. (what do they propose to do with the mostly incomplete complex?) Geffken obviously wants taxpayer citizens to believe the lie that the FS City Government is snowflake clean—not by a long shot! The failed RVSC project has cost the city, state, & national taxpayers somewhere south of $4 million and like criminal Bush’s 16 year butchery & destruction, what is to be shown, nothing except in this case floods of 3rd world refugees. SEAL THE BORDERS!

Mr. Geffken refuses to address the foundation of what evolved into this criminal enterprise—the awarding of the RVSC project to the tainted Files & Webb. Does Geffken expect taxpaying citizens to eat the loss and allow the feckless City Government to proceed on with nefarious downtown projects that come under the scrutiny of the Griffin/Sicard new-age Agenda 21 Urban Renewal onslaught? Paid for by hardworking taxpayers.

For justice to be done both parties should and must be investigated by state/federal entities promptly, not what the city has in mind.
In the minds of a politicians, incumbency confers ownership!

Joe McCutchen

P.S. State Senator Bryan King introduced SB175 to require Medicaid providers and other government officials to disclose their business relationships. It was defeated. The Fort Smith city government offers at least 2 perfect examples why SB175 should be passed (the RVSC & the street/sewer tax.) The SB175 defeat was at the hands of Big Government Establishment man Gov. Asa Hutchinson.
Please share with family & friends


March 20, 2017

T.R. article this date states that City Administrator Jeff Geffken wants to renegotiate the latest EPA decree which demands the city pay $400 million worth of upgrades to the city’s sewer system. Note, I stated this was the 2nd EPA decree regarding the crumbling Ft. Smith sewer system.

In 1985 the Fort Smith city voters voted for a 1% street/sewer tax and said tax has never been interrupted. In 2015 the Times Record reported that the street/sewer tax was generating $21 million per year. Therefore; in that 30 year period (`1985-2015) the street/sewer tax generated at least $630 million. The TR data just mentioned was published Jan. 6, 2015 which adds on another $50 million or so. Now Geffken is being told by the downtown insiders (Griffin & Sicard) to put the citizen tax collar on for the 3rd time, extending the EPA decree for another 25 years!

The above money would have paid for the street & sewer tax improvements by the year 2007, yet the streets & sewers are crumbling. It is my belief that the FS city government’s activities go far past incompetence, but citizens, who really is to blame? Once again I will say in the eyes of incumbents, incumbency is ownership! Only citizens with smarts can redirect this idiocy, i.e. incumbency.

So where did the $650 million go? It is said the fire/police retirement funds are deficient, while the city subsidizes the Civic Center with $700,000 per year, streets/sewer deficiencies, Trails, Marshal’s Museum, downtown Urban Renewal, consultants, faux bidding on city equipment, and the latest of their WHY dedication of $2 million or so to two politicians by the name of Sen. Jake Files & Lee Webb…2 insider government cronies with no qualifications for inheriting such a potentially lucrative project, i.e. the River Valley Sports Complex. Not to mention the monies they give to non-profits which are all subsidized by government, one way or another and the delegation of citizen authority to Planners & Regional government organization (NGO’s) that have no oversight. There is more incompetency?

There is absolutely no transparency in this government that allows city citizens to become informed. It is corrupt to core.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Governor Hutchinson and the Arkansas legislature have introduced this session 10 different bills to castrate the FOIA!

Expose, Rebuke, Return