Multiculturalism & Internationalism–the death knell of Sovereignty

Headline: Times Record 9/9/14 “Lindsey weighs in on Ferguson” September 11, 2014

Translation: Multiculturalism and internationalism are Police Chief Lindsey’s watchwords.

Merit: another word & practice systematically being expunged from the English lexicon and is being replaced by culture-killing multiculturalism.

The Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America, initially and through many generations, achieved educational, political, economic and industrial preeminence through merit and competition, not quotas.

The United States’ Constitution does not instruct our society to be an ecumenical and/or an egalitarian entity, in this case the Fort Smith Police Department has evolved into just such an organization.

Meritocracy (merit): is based on intelligence. , education, disposition, mental stability, citizenship, and wholesome competition. Skin color is not a component in a just society.

Police Chief Lindsey, in my view, has instituted very dangerous, unconstitutional policies, particularly if freedom & justice are your valued commodities. Chief Lindsey crows to the League of Women Voters about his multicultural police department, while at the same time seemingly denigrates the Ferguson, MO police dept. reported to be white. Therefore; what does Lindsey know about the Ferguson P.D. that would precipitate remarks insinuating that a white P.D. in Ferguson, MO is somehow soiled/prejudiced because of its whiteness. This MAY prove to be the case but presently no such facts are available.

Lindsey should prove to citizens why & how a quota driven society is better and more effective, in this case the FSPD, than a merit based P.D.

Minority U.S. citizens and illegals residing in the U.S., regardless of ethnic or tribal affiliations have more freedoms and receive more unearned largesse in all quarters than any other peoples throughout the history of man.

The real danger that Lindsey has put into motion is showing an utter disregard for the Constitution and the will & rights of Fort Smith citizens. He has employed an international cabal to create & oversee policies and protocols, overriding Ft, Smith citizen oversight.

Does this man have any idea that he has betrayed Ft. Smith citizens by abiding by the edicts of an international organization, or does he care, or is he dutifully walking the evil federal government line?

Herein lies his betrayal of the citizens of Fort Smith, “The first, he said, is having a third-party, International Accreditation Agency review the department’s policies and protocols every three years.”

“A lot of these policies are best practices regarding training” he said. Are these two statements not sobering? What are the international policies/methods and what international countries train the F.S. police? For what purposes?

The USA, as said before, is a Constitutional Republic and a sovereign nation. Since when do the citizens of the U.S. need an international organization to run American police departments?

What law, what edict, what mandate, what authorization, and who instructed Lindsey to follow the policies and protocols of foreign national governments, all overriding the U.S. Constitution, the Arkansas Constitution and the taxpaying citizens? Who is Lindsey’s master? Certainly not the legal residents of Fort Smith.

The United Nations and the U.S. Federal Government fingerprints appear to be all over the vile practice that Lindsey has promoted. Interesting to note the P.D.’s logo has changed from “TO PROTECT & SERVE” to “PRIDE & PROGRESS”….what does that mean?

Can it be concluded that police with U.S. & foreign military training, military hardware, and financials are across the board wards of the corrupt D.C. government and not the local citizen establishment? If &when civil strife erupts, due to the removal of a free society status, will police everywhere be shills for the Federal & State establishments?

My thought is simply, will American citizens under the age of 50 have any comprehension as to the dangers represented by Chief Kevin Lindsey and his stark unconstitutional positions he promotes consciously or unconsciously about the FSPD?

Recently nationally acclaimed economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts stated, “A generation of Americans have been born into a police state in which privacy and constitutional protections no longer exist”.

Joe McCutchen

Legislators hoodwinking citizens…Fluoride & Term Limits!!!

September 8, 2014

The genesis of the fluoridation of Arkansas’ drinking waters can be summed up in a word—corruption—at the hands of Governor Mike Beebe, the state General Assembly and City Governments that fit the population formula.

Law is a weapon used by evil to destroy its prey.
Law benefits only those who create it.
Law is for extortion and control” …Michael Gaddy, 2014

S.B. 359/Act 197 Fluoride Mandate bill from 2012.

Most legislators (practically all Republican Senators/Representatives) voted for SB 359 and received campaign donations from the Arkansas Dental PAC for their yea vote. Search here www.arkansasdentalpac.

The initial start-up-cost came from Delta Dental of Arkansas—an insurance company. Some legislators received over $4,000 for this one vote. In the immediate vicinity, to their credit, Reps. Malone, Stubblefield and Rice voted no for forced fluoride in public water systems. Non-voting was Rep. Pennartz. In the Senate both Files & Holland voted for the fluoride mandate. Is a vote for fluoridation of public water, in the case cited above, not vote buying and bribery?

Question: Why would Delta Dental, an insurance company, give six figure start-up money to the city of Fort Smith for the purpose of fluoridating city & regional drinking water at Lake Fort Smith?

Recall: there was a protracted statewide outrage against fluoridating the people’s water supplies. Did our elected office holders listen? NO!

The passage of this measure (fluoridation of the citizen’s water supplies) is a wholly unconstitutional act. There is not one constitutional or legal fiber in SB 359, Act 197, i.e. forced medication. The passage of the Act demonstrates self-service by a vast majority of Republican & Democrat politicians and the enabling corporation Delta Dental and the Arkansas Dental PAC will inflict another tax burden on Fort Smith residents immediately.

Sodium Fluoride is a poison, in micro doses it appears (I said appears) to be harmless. I can find no scientific studies that are being or have been conducted pertaining to the long term effects of daily fluoride ingestion may cause and therein lies the big question—Will repeated daily ingestions of sodium fluoride over a protracted period of time precipitate untoward physical & mental complications? As best as can be ascertained there are no published human safety standards for long term consumption.

Sodium Fluoride is not being added to the Ft. Smith water supply to enhance human potability; but is added to theoretically act as a medicinal. Therefore; where is the medical and moral authority that allows the Ft. Smith government to undertake, for all practical purposes, the practice of medicine?

Again, the state government has no constitutional or medical authority to defend its self-serving position for demanding forced fluoridation of public waters.

Some of the specific data in the aforementioned paragraphs may be attributed to the organization “Secure Arkansas”.

It should be noted here that Republican numbers in the state house were the prime movers of this abusive legislation and 3 of the Republicans hold or held key positions in the Republican leadership, and were subsequently fined by the Arkansas Ethics Commission. Those fined were: then State Senator Johnny Key who now shills for the U of A Chancellor, G. David Gerhart. Key was slapped on the wrist and fined $100 for contributing campaign funds to another candidate’s campaign. Three Republican Senators seem to be involved in funneling money to other legislators.

Republican Senator Eddie Joe Williams, the bagman for the Ark. Republican Party and the Ark. State Senate, was fined in 2012 for making personal use of $6,000 of his campaign funds to Sen. Missy Irvin & Sen. Jason Rapert, both Republicans. Sen. Eddie Joe Williams was fined $850 for his caper and the Senator donated over $42,650 from his campaign funds to other Senators & Representatives for ticket events in 2012. Sen. Eddie Joe Williams is the Senate Majority Leader.

Is this how citizens’ expect their campaign contributions to be used?

Republican Senator Michael Lamoureaux, President Pro-Tem of the Senate, was cited for making personal use of $2400 of his campaign fund. Sen. Lamoureaux donated $24,750 from his Campaign funds to other senators and representatives for ticket events in 2012.

Again, is this not vote buying and bribery, and if you agree that it is, you must come to the understanding that illegal and unconstitutional conduct permeates the entirety of the Arkansas State Republican Assembly and certainly does not excuse the Democrat Party.

It should be noted that all Republican state senators and representatives belong to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a legislative bill mill where Corporations fund most of ALEC’s operations. The Bills that ALEC feeds to the Arkansas General Assembly serve one purpose…to increase the bottom line of corporations. These type of practices by the Ark General Assembly, for all practical purposes, remove Arkansas citizens from the legislative process.

More later on Republicans and their very cozy relationship with ALEC and a number of other like organizations.

Coming on the heels of the fluoride debacle and the wrist slapping administered to some of the Republican violators by the Ethics Commission is one of the most deceptive and insidious activities to come out of the Ark. General Assembly—Issue #3, HJR 1009. HJR 1009 would extend term limits from 6 yrs to 16 in the House and from 8 yrs to 16 in the Senate! This proposed deception is attached to a so-called Ethics Bill titled “Elected Officials Ethics, Transparency, and Financial Reform Amendment of 2014”. This Trojan Horse approach was allegedly put together by Rep. Sabin (D) & Woods (R). Is this not chutzpah?

This scurrilous approach demonstrates the height of self-service and cowardice which has been achieved by the vast majority of elected state representatives & senators. Area state reps who voted for this deceptive ethics bill and back-dooring Term Limits Issue #3 are Reps. Bell, Deffenbaugh, & C. Douglas. In the Senate, again, voting for are Files & Holland.

Don’t Arkansas citizens have a lot to be excited about in the upcoming 2015 legislative session from the so-called conservative and constitutional Republican Party while at the same time they have involvements in a tidal wave of misdeeds? What do you suppose their next hijinks will be?

Who are the real miscreants here, the voters or the office holders?

Joe McCutchen

Cities play game: You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

A Reciprocal game they play.

Fort Smith, AR City Manager Ray Gosack takes another bite out of the Federal Government lexicon while trying to justify raises for city employees without salient facts. September 4, 2014

Gosack using his 2nd edition of Orwellian government doublespeak in his campaign for a city employee raise.

The words “leakage” and “pay adjustments” jump out. “Leakage” is designed to replace the accepted English words quit and/or fired, and “pay adjustments” likewise; rather than the time honored salary or pay increases.

The above words are designed to be more malleable.

Recall: The 1st edition of the Orwellian government doublespeak that citizens were bombarded with “quality of place”, “sense of place”, “event nodes”. Gosack must think he is Winston Smith (1984) whose job it is to propagandize.

Gosack uses a misleading premise in making his case for employee pay raises absent a public foundation on which to support.

Gosack states city employees have had no pay raises for four years. Cost of living increases ranging from 1 ½ % to 3% per year have been given. These are pay raises no matter what you call them.

Gosack continues, “Fort Smith compares its salaries with about ten other cities across the U.S.” Here Gosack is attempting to make the point that the city is making an honorable attempt to remain in the format of acceptable pay scales. More obfuscation.

By this alleged method city leadership protects themselves from the public by being able to retort, “we are paying what we have to”, or “that’s what everyone else is paying”

All cities are wildly diverse in their makeups. Population demographics—old, young, percentage of 3rd worlders, education, employment vs. unemployment, agrarian vs. manufacturing, natural resources, and the existing tax base. In government there is always the tendency to overstaff throughout, which is certainly the case of Fort Smith. This is only a partial list of considerations that should dictate pay increases.

What happens in Joplin, MO; Rockford, IL; Paducah, KY; Jonesboro, AR; Peoria, IL; etc. offers no foundation for determining salaries or pay scales for Fort Smith, AR. City Government, stand on your own two feet.

Typically, all governments pay their employees on average 22% more than those laboring in comparable jobs in the private sector. That includes cash and perks.

Gosack further states, “We are slipping behind”. Gosack registers no concern regarding middleclass woes, i.e. unemployment, underemployment, salaries that plateaued 10 years ago and these are the folks who pay for the overprotected & proliferating government sectors.

Specifically, for Gosack & the City Directors: Produce statistics relevant to the relationship between city government salaries and private sector salaries of like or similar job skills at all levels and allow the taxpaying citizens to view the results. Included would be dollars paid, health insurance, paid holidays, sick days and days off, vacations, in some cases use of vehicles, retirement, etc.

If the City Directors who claim to be doing the work of the citizens do not demand Gosack produce the above statistics for citizen viewing they can only be described as counterfeit representatives.

The above statistics can be procured simply by calling the open borders, cheap labor outfit commonly called the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce. They most certainly can tell the city residents how many illegals permeate our job market, along with other specific requests, and that it costs $20,500 per school year to keep an illegal in the government school system. (This statistic comes from the U.S. General Accounting Office).

City Government, produce honest salary appraisals.

Joe McCutchen

13% of funding is all it takes for the Fed to control education!


September 1, 2014

The feds set the course, undergirded by state government & various education factions, commandeered with bribes, threats & theft, destroyed the once proud institution of public education. What happened and continues to happen to the once vaunted public school system? Greed, transitioning to power, money and destruction. Citizens stood and are standing by helplessly allowing full-blown corruption in the P.S. system to mushroom, ignoring America’s Founding Principles.

Former Times Record editor Jack Moseley, on another subject, stated and is appropriate here, “it’s a lot of purty”, referring to the P.S. infrastructure, an apt description of the modern day public school systems, producing little academic achievements.

Why would former respected public education leaders give up Home-Rule and education leaders today continue on the academic road to destruction, when they/we are only 13% away from total academic freedom?

John Dewey’s teachings began it all by his introduction of his progressive ideas on education, i.e. political correctness, revisionism, omission and deletion affecting core subjects, phonics, the Classics, classroom exercises that have nothing to do with intellectual discourse, dress codes, manners, body art, piercings, all resulting in a cultural decay of Western Civilization, and replaced by 3rd World hordes. Why trade down? Obama’s Common Core curriculum was preceded by Bill Clinton’s Goals 2,000 and George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind, collectively have ceded total control of public education to the federal government. Today we can thank Gov. Mike Beebe & the Ark. State Legislature for the continuance of our educational meltdown.

In the turnkey operation for academic greed, destruction and cowardice, who are the present day traitorous players? Begin with President Barack Hussein Obama, the sitting U.S. Congress, the faux Dept. of Education, sitting State Governors and Legislators and the weakest & the most disappointing of the cabal are the public school teachers who have willfully betrayed the parents and children for their piece of silver. Public school teachers, under the guidance and threat of Superintendents, fail to offer any resistance from the government takeover. Of course, teachers are a significant part of government. The vehicles for the teacher betrayal are/were the U.S. Dept. of Education, teachers’ unions, e.g. the N.E. A., the A.E.A. and non-government organizations (NGO’s). Teachers are “married” to their respective school superintendents who are ever compliant with federal edicts, offering no resistance and are the biggest traitors to our educational system. I introduce you to Ft. Smith School Superintendent Dr. Benny Gooden as an example. Gooden boldly pontificated “we’ll take all we can get”, referring to illegal Mexicans and OTM’s who were/are invading en masse the F.S. Public School System, proving he had no qualms about absconding taxpayers’ money by force to redistribute to illegal alien residents in Fort Smith. Gooden has never publicly commented pertaining to the 20-30 languages spoken by legal & illegal foreign nationals in the system. Braggadocio Gooden recently stated in the Times Record how many tens of thousands of “free meals” the citizens, i.e. taxpayers, provided to the illegal nesters and American citizen deadbeats. All accomplished by forced redistribution. (How many would willingly give up their paychecks to feed illegal foreign invaders or other deadbeats?)

The Holy Grail for the education community is the perpetual drumbeat for More Funding……For the Children” & “giving back” & all that nonsense. Gooden further describes the $150 million F.S. public school budget as “normal” and the Times Record refers to the budget as “routine”. There is nothing normal or routine about the bloated, obscene budget. Gooden then has the temerity to say that the districts’ salaries account for 79% of the yearly Ft. Smith budget–a fat cow. How many teachers, non-teachers, & non-essentials are wrapped up in the fat cow? E.g. assistant superintendents, deputy superintendents, ad infinitum.

Teachers, led by their respective school superintendents and unions are really nothing more than an obedient collection of sycophants devoid of any interchange of new ideas. Put another way, superintendents direct the symphony of planned failure.
School boards serve no purpose aside from rubber stamping the activities of government schools.

Public school students are devoid of higher level reasoning skills and leave school unable to read and write and certainly no foundation for the objective thought processes and the ability to think independently.

Statistics pertaining to funding sources for public schools were in the T.R. 8/26/14.

If education was the genuine goal of the Ark. public school system, it would be a relatively simple matter to regain home-rule from the divisive, corrupt federal government.

Point in fact: Arkansas’ funding equation. The Feds originally bought public education for a 3% funding share—disgusting. To whit—51% of funding presently comes from the state, 36% from local sources, and now, from the original 3% buyout to the present 13% feds claim control over every facet of public education, allowing Marxist philosophy to permeate all the school systems in the nation, essentially Xing out the parents from the public educational equation.

What citizens receive in turn is mass mental destruction by enslaving kids’ minds resulting in non-compos mentis.

For a pittance of 13% that comes from the Fed, actually it comes from the beleaguered taxpayers ( the Fed owns nothing) as does the full 100% and productive citizens allow the counterfeit education cabal to steal from us in broad daylight allowing them to short circuit American children’s minds through phony teachings, propagandizing, and indoctrinating.

Financially, never in the history of man has so much been done for the children in the name of education and never have they been in more peril—all by design.

As former Dallas Cowboy & Monday night football commentator “Dandy” Don Meredith fondly sang at the end of each broadcast, “the party is over”.

is in our grasp if only we had an understanding electorate on how dire public education circumstances are and a governor & state legislature that would cease grasping for the crumbs of federal funding.

Question: With the present state of education affairs, why would any citizen vote for incumbency? OBSERVE!

Joe McCutchen

Government double-dippers rake in big bucks


Another victory for big government and the addition of another double-dipper to the already burgeoning double-dipping state legislature. August 23, 2014

The newly minted double-dipper is Republican Representative elect Mat Pitsch.

Pitsch, believing there was something smelly about seeking a double-dipping position in the state legislature sought legal advice 3 years ago, since he was already employed by a government institution. To Mr. Pitsch: double-dipping is obviously not illegal but it is morally/ethically corrupt to the core.

In an article appearing in the T.R. today Pitsch stated he worked out a private contract through the Western Arkansas Planning & Development District to work with the Regional Intermodal Transportation Authority (RITA)—another offshoot of the U.N.’s Agenda 21.

Pitsch carved himself out a nice $11,000 per month taxpayer subsidized check, absent daylight, and will receive in addition a check from the Arkansas State Legislature in the amount of $15, 362 per year, accompanied by an annual per diem. Pitsch, like all legislators, will receive up to $1 million at the end of a legislative session to disperse as they see fit, i.e. buy votes. Just exactly what does Pitsch do to earn $11,000 per month from RITA?

What is the connection between WAPDD and RITA—both burgeoning operations & weighting down middleclass taxpayers.

Pitsch will spend a good part of ½ year languishing in Little Rock at the State Capital, apart from his alleged day job. Will Pitsch receive an $11,000 per month check while he is residing in the state’s capital? Furthermore; the very real troubling aspect that Pitsch is involved in, simply stated, who will he represent—big government/corporate Arkansas or Arkansas middleclass citizens? Where do you think his allegiance lies? The answer is obvious.

As stated before, many if not most of the members of the Arkansas Legislature are joined inextricably at the hip (double-dippers) with city, county, state and federal governments, and some have no real job at all except state government which was designed to be a part-time job.

Government is not about public service, it’s all about self-service and Representative elect Mat Pitsch is more than ready to do the bidding of government.

Never do we hear of a politician or bureaucrat, in this case Mat Pitsch, leading the charge for protection of middleclass Arkansans/Americans, just nebulous bantering.

Hopefully, voters will break out of their malaise and quit worshiping at the altar of, in many cases criminally corrupt, and in all cases morally & ethically corrupt Democrat & Republican Parties…Observe!

Joe McCutchen

When two constitutional illiterates meet!

Two Constitutional illiterates met and the ensuing aftermath.

Last evening a town hall meeting was held in Fort Smith, AR. August 21, 2014

The guest speaker was U.S. Rep. Steve Womack (R) Rogers, AR.

Rep. Womack was asked how he and the Republican Party could square their position on Tort Reform in view of the 7th & 10th Amendments. Republicans position on Tort Reform is to allow U.S. government bureaucrats to set arbitrary, limited, binding awards on personal injury and malpractice.

Womack refused to answer the aforementioned question which was posed numerous times. Finally, Womack capitulated on his position on Tort Reform by stating he was not there to answer questions; thereby retreating. Then why was he there?

For those of you who are not constitutionally savvy, the 7th Amendment demands, among other things, “in Suits at Common Law, where the value in controversy shall exceed $20, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved”.

It is crystal clear that Republican stalwarts are ignorant of the Constitution and/or they view it as an impediment. An impediment, which prevents them from satisfying the unconstitutional demands of physician groups, insurance companies and corporate America, while betraying in this case, middleclass Arkansans, but not limited to.

The 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the State, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”.

Womack further stated, “Congress makes the laws, the President signs the law and it is the law of the land until it is litigated in court”. Congressman Womack continued to show he is in a forest of ignorance.

If Womack and his peers are/were knowledgeable pertaining to the U.S. Constitution, why would the Congress pass laws in direct opposition to the Constitution? Whether it be through ignorance or illegality the results are the same—an attack on American independence & jurisprudence.

Womack’s position is indeed ironic: this man has served as the mayor of Rogers, AR for a number of years, U.S. Army Reserve for many years and now serving in the U.S. Congress. How many times has Congressman Womack sworn allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, but still has no comprehension of what the Constitution demands.

University of Arkansas (Ft. Smith) Chancellor Paul Beran made his way to the townhall meeting surrounded by a coterie of illegal Mexicans & perhaps OTM’s flaunting the Constitution and projecting an in-your-face hubris toward middleclass taxpayers.

In the discussion pertaining to illegal immigration Beran exclaimed our Southwest borders cannot be secured. Beran’s statement flies in the face of the rule of law and U.S. sovereignty. Most certainly U.S. borders can be secured! The legal mechanism is in place. All that is needed is enforcement orchestrated by the two cowardly political parties and the Cultural Marxist Barack Obama. Beran, like most, if not all pseudo-educators, is by his own admissions & activities can be rightfully described as a Cultural Marxist and that puts him in the company of U of A flagship President G. David Gerhart who has on more than one occasion spoken in favor of the illegal alien mass invasions and has brought them to Fayetteville for a mass demonstration in a brazen show of illegal bravado, knowing full well the laws would not be enforced.

Recall Fort Smith Superintendent Benny Gooden, who a number of years ago also brazenly stated, “We’ll take all we can get” referring to illegal Mexicans and OTM’s.

The Republican Party and self-serving bureaucrats such as Paul Beran are nothing more than shills for corporate America and the Chambers of Commerce, shipping American jobs internationally and importing uneducated, poverty-stricken foreign national 3rd World illegals—an absolute betrayal of the American Middleclass and the ultimate demise of Western Civilization.

If you value our liberty, property rights, free speech, self-determination, and our culture then the likes of the two constitutional no-shows at last evening’s townhall meeting are a very dangerous breed.

Continue to elect & hire the likes of the two mentioned above, you travel at your own peril.


Joe McCutchen

Future looks bright for those receiving tax funds, not those “giving”.

Guest editorial in today’s T.R. by banker Sam Sicard, titled “Future looks bright for Fort Smith” (another marshmallow served up by the Times Record)

Editorial murky, devoid of specifics and in a number of areas fail the smell test. (August 20, 2014)

Two examples should make the point: He cites the proposed Marshal Museum behemoth as a “game changer”. How so?

1. Initially the MM was billed as a private enterprise project—what happened? Over $3 million of middleclass Arkansas taxpayers’ money has been dumped into this project. Those monies do not include the huge taxpayer costs entailed in the minting, distribution and sale of the MM commemorative coins.
More taxpayer abuse?
The big questions are: who are the owners of the MM, what are the contingency plans for the MM should it reach fruition and/or then fails to fly? Are the plans to dump it on Sebastian County/Fort Smith for the takeover in the event of failure, or the state, or the feds? Citizens deserve answers.

2. Young Mr. Sicard alludes to the softball complex at Chaffee Crossing. Available information states that one Republican office holder, i.e. State Senator Jake Files, and one Democrat office holder, Sebastian County Democrat Committee Chairman Lee Webb have been given the right to develop and manage the aforementioned softball complex. A strange marriage. Why? The softball complex operation will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly from ticket sales, entry fees, concessions, parking, ad infinitum, replete with no taxpayer accountability. From all appearances, this is a political payoff & citizen abuse for Files’ obtaining state funds for the Marshal’s Museum? Why aren’t the taxpayers financially benefiting from this enterprise?

Certainly as a banker, Sicard understands that public/private partnerships are defined as Fascism—a nexus between corporations & government where the government is the CEO. He alludes to the softball complex as an example of private/public partnerships. Weak indeed, Mr. Sicard.

With all the attention focused on entertainment in Fort Smith, i.e. more government spending and insider trading and little to no citizen oversight, where are the efforts to bring in new jobs instead of the goals of the Chambers of Commerce to bring in more cheap labor illegals to overrun every aspect of our community to satisfy big business, e.g. OK Foods, Simmons, Tysons, et al?

Finally, how many thousands of illegal children & adults will be dumped into Fort Chaffee? With taxpayer funded Catholic Charities and Baptist Enterprises reaping millions of dollars printed out of thin air?

Only the tip.

Joe McCutchen

Property Rights vs. Forced Redistribution

Citizen Taxpayers vs. Library tax or Property Rights vs. Forced Redistribution August 19, 2014

Background: The concept of private individual property rights is a recent arrival in the timetables of human history, much less its official enactment in various degrees by governments around the world—specifically Western Civilization.

The concept finally caught fire in intellectual philosophers’ minds, mainly by the 16th century, to the extent that by the time our Founders were young pupils studying classical literature, languages & philosophies, the rarified ideas of individual rights were honored and struggling to be achieved in reality. The overwhelming significance was for the masses of people who had suffered nearly forever under the heavy hand of tyranny. Up until then it was unheard of that an individual had the right to keep the fruits of his labor and that no one had the right to take them by force of any means.

Our Founders gave us the first nation on earth based on such concepts as individual rights, freedoms, responsibilities and liberty. That an individual doesn’t owe his life to anyone else, nor did anyone else owe theirs to him.
So what happened?

Morph to today—look around at everything governmental (taxpayer funded)—opulence far beyond basic needs, if indeed real NEEDS even exist. Libraries, post offices, police & fire stations, city halls, convention/entertainment centers, schools/sports facilities, office buildings for myriads of agencies, ad infinitum, and all with well paid employees (salaries & perks) while most of the folks paying the bills struggle mightily in comparison.

Altruism is often used as the excuse for taxpayer abuse, e.g. pointing the government gun (laws, regulations, fines, imprisonment) at the heads of wage earners to steal what they want for their particular project, e.g. the illegal child invasions at our borders designed to financially & culturally break the backs of our middleclass and destroy sovereignty.

Altruism is an effective ancient concept generally preached by some religions. It was formally named by Auguste Compte in 1851. Its basic tenant is that one’s own life does not morally belong to the individual but rather to the collective/group/community/others and that serving their interests was superior to one’s own self-interest. It is an impractical, irrational, unlivable, destructive imperative which our Founders would have found reprehensible.

Perhaps the hardworking people of Fort Smith have grown weary of the ever-demanding, unending growth/funding of government entities when the voters recently voted against new onerous increases in taxes to fund the Library cabal’s “visions”. This time they didn’t fall for the “It’s For the Children”, or the perpetual knee-jerk “Giving Back to the Community” propaganda so prevalent today. (Btw, who paid for all that pro-tax advertising?) After all, there are those who still remember the proper & only roll for libraries….books to learn from, not every new technological advance & government program which exists today.

The Library puppet-show & Kabuki dance designed to make folks feel guilty for wanting to keep more of their earnings didn’t work this time and is usually a surefire tactic, and must make the politicians & bureaucrats shocked and angry at this unexpected rejection. They are in all probability already plotting new strategies to get their way…maybe by cutting services under the guise of underfunding to punish the upstarts?

The concept of “rugged individualism” is all but lost, “it takes a village” has won most battles but this one little victory against Forced Redistribution means the flame is not completely out, at least not yet.

~Barbara McCutchen

FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA…out of the mouths of babes & communists

FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING AMERICA…Out of the Mouths of Babes & Communists.

August 11, 2014

From an article in the Times Record, 8/11/14, “Immigrant-Rights Nonprofit learns from Arizona Organizations” we are told “Change agents with Arkansas United Community Coalition returned Sunday after a five-day trip to the heart of the border crisis in Arizona with ideas on how to inspire change in their communities. (Emphasis mine)

This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s method for change (always meaning the destruction of Western values, e.g. liberty, private property, personal responsibility, rule of law, etc.) as outlined in his book “Rules for Radicals”.

Community organizing is the background of Barack Hussein Obama and radically changing what America used to be is the goal. It is obviously working since there is little recognizable that is left.

Most of the quotes in the article about their glowing experiences were from teenaged Hispanics…one would expect little else to emanate from their mouths.

Unknown to them is that what made this country great is the opposite of what they are working to achieve…a place with no borders, no principal language, no dominant culture, and no rule of law (meaning proper laws for individual justice rather than whim of men)

For example: the laws on the books now re immigration include 8 USC Sec 1325 – Illegal Entry

Any alien who enters U.S. other than at port of entry by false or misleading representation shall be subject to civil and criminal penalties can be fined and imprisoned

Section 1324a Hiring – Harboring -Transporting any illegal alien
Any person who knowingly hires/harbors/ transports any illegal alien is guilty of a felony punishable by 10 years jail + $2,000 fine per illegal alien + forfeiture of vehicle or property used to commit the crime.

Section 1324c Law officers have authority to make arrests… All officers whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws shall have authority to make arrests for violation of any provision of this section.

When was the last time you heard of these laws much less saw them enforced?

Once our immigration laws were meant to protect our sovereign nation from invasion, diseases, criminal elements and deadbeats. This produced rugged individualism and limited the forced redistribution of earnings of those who worked for them to be given to those who did not. The following quote sums up nicely just what is going on today, which is the death of representative government and the concepts of individual achievement and the ability to keep the rewards of one’s labor.

The Regime Uses Words And Phrases Designed To Bamboozle Us All
August 11, 2014 by Bob Livingston

“Immigration reform: Along the southern border an invasion is taking place perpetrated by Barack Obama policies and pronouncements and intentional lack of border security. The intentionally crafted crisis is designed to flood America with socialist-minded aliens seeking government handouts, an opportunity to bring more family members along and willing to work for slave wages. The process was conceived as a way to overwhelm the system in order to force acquiescence on a policy granting amnesty to millions of potential low-wage earners for businesses big and small, more union slaves and millions of potential Democrat voters. Worse, it’s allowing violent gang members, human traffickers, drug traffickers and violent criminals into the U.S. in large numbers, along with thousands of people infected with Third World diseases.”

Cultural Marxist George Lukacs said in 1919, “Who will save us from Western Civilization?”, theorizing that the greatest obstacle of Marxism was the culture of Western civilization itself.

He and his co-founders would be ecstatic today to read the Times Record article along with myriads of other “accomplishments” globally.

Multi-Culturalism (a tool of Marxism) is no basis for a unified sovereign country, but for those seeking to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE the nation, it is one of the best, most divisive tools possible.

When the Golden Goose is dead, there will be no reviving it.

~Barbara McCutchen

A Sacred oath is just that…SACRED.

From: Michael Gaddy []
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2014 12:36 PM
To: Michael Gaddy
Subject: THE REBEL 10 AUGUST 2014


‘Tis not the many oaths that makes the truth, but the plain single vow that is vow’d true.” William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well

Without a doubt, the most overlooked and abused object during an election season is the Oath of Office. When was the last time you heard the Oath to uphold and defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights mentioned in a political debate; on the evening news or by any of the so-called pundits in the media?

In today’s world, one must exhibit their ability to perform the job they have applied for, usually in the form of a test or examination; a driver’s license; a teaching certification; license to practice medicine; contractor’s license; POST certification; a concealed carry permit and many more. All these require a working knowledge of the job they have applied for or are being employed to do and some form of examination or test to demonstrate knowledge and application of the principals involved. Yet, for the literally hundreds of thousands of politicians, public officials, law enforcement personnel and government bureaucrats, there is no examination given on what is the most important and sometimes the only requirements of their jobs.

In the Oath of Office taken by politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement personnel and other so-called public servants, the primary object which requires that oath is the Constitutions of the United States and the State in which they perform their duties. No one taking this sacred oath should be allowed to assume any job or position if they cannot demonstrate a working knowledge of the single most important aspect of their job.

Would you be upset if you discovered the doctor who was about to perform life-saving surgery on your child had never passed any test or examination of knowledge and/or proficiency of the procedure they were about to perform? How safe would you feel knowing the pilot of the plane you are about to board for a cross country flight had never actually flown a plane before, but, had taken an oath claiming they knew how? How secure would you be if you were about to make your first skydiving jump from 10,000ft and was told the person who packed your chute had never packed a chute before, had no prior knowledge of how to do it correctly, but was a member of the same political party as you?

But these are life and death situations, you say! Need I remind you of the words from our Declaration of Independence?
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” (Emphasis added)

Trusting those we elect to adhere jealously to their sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States and the State Constitution where they reside, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, while not knowing or caring if they have any knowledge of those documents has led to a tyrannical, out of control, totally centralized, socialist government. A government which has created so much debt our children, grand-children and great grandchildren will be virtual slaves to those who hold that debt.
In 1863, then Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, stated to a group who were questioning the ever rising war debt and how it would be repaid, “The very land of this country, every inch of soil, is collateral on that debt.” When you look around and see the gradual confiscation of land and natural resources by bureaucratic agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service, along with mortgage based securities used to shore up the stock market and guarantee the billions of dollars in fiat money the Federal Reserve sinks into the market each month, perhaps you can understand the words of Secretary Chase and the purpose of Section IV in the never properly ratified 14th Amendment, which states:

“The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law… shall not be questioned.”
Simply stated, the land you think you own, in many cases putting your blood, sweat, tears and life’s savings into, is listed as collateral for our ever increasing national debt along with our Public Lands of course. We got here by not caring if those we elect know anything of the objects of their sacred oaths of office.

During the War for Southern Independence, the oath morphed into an oath of allegiance to government rather than to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is how the oath is interpreted by the vast majority of our elected officials and bureaucrats today, much to the detriment of the actual purpose of that oath.

Once people believe their sacred oath is to the government, as opposed to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they, by default, believe any and all actions of the government are legitimate and must be followed. These actions are most often referred to as “laws” or “regulations.” Their lack of knowledge is compounded when they mistakenly believe that any law or regulation passed by that government is the supreme law of the land; an idea that is often repeated by those who intentionally bastardize Article VI Section 2 of our Constitution to their own selfish intentions and agendas.

Our Founders like Thomas Jefferson, George Mason and writers like Frederic Bastiat saw and understood how tyrants would pervert the law and regulations to their own profit and beliefs. Jefferson said of Rightful Liberty:

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” (Emphasis mine)

And here Bastiat explains the per
version of law:

“…law by no means confines itself to its proper functions. And when it has exceeded its proper functions, it has not done so merely in some inconsequential and debatable matters. The law has gone further than this; it has acted in direct opposition to its own purpose. The law has been used to destroy its own objective: It has been applied to annihilating the justice that it was supposed to maintain; to limiting and destroying rights which its real purpose was to respect. The law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish, without risk, to exploit the person, liberty, and property of others. It has converted plunder into a right, in order to protect plunder. And it has converted lawful defense into a crime, in order to punish lawful defense.” (Emphasis mine)
Please note that in the oaths taken by the President, members of Congress, Sheriff’s in Colorado and many other offices which require an oath to our US and State Constitutions, there is no oath to uphold or defend the law. Remember Jefferson’s admonition that the law “is often but the tyrant’s will.”

Martin Luther King Jr. also alluded to the perversion of law.

“We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was “legal” and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was “illegal.” It was “illegal” to aid and comfort a Jew in Hitler’s Germany…” ~Martin Luther King Jr. Letter from the Birmingham Jail

It is essential to Rightful Liberty that everyone who takes a sacred oath to our Constitutions has a working knowledge of those documents; they should all be held accountable and each one has an equal obligation to that oath. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court’s oath is no more significant or important than a local Deputy Sheriff or City Police Officer.
Working correctly and in concert, those oaths would protect the Rightful Liberty of everyone at each level.

1. At the point of contact, each member of law enforcement should have a working knowledge of the Constitution and the individual rights of those whom they serve.
2. Should the officer violate the rights of the individual, the District Attorney who prosecutes the case has the power to dismiss such cases where the rights of the citizens are violated. Knowledge of the limits placed on government by our constitutional rights is critical at this level.
3. As prescribed by our Bill of Rights, the case should then be placed in the hands of a Grand Jury to not just determine possible guilt but also the constitutionality of the law and the circumstances of arrest and/or the validity of warrants; search and arrest.
4. Should the violation of rights escape the first three stages, then a judge with a working knowledge of the Natural Laws mentioned in our Declaration of Independence would have it within their power to dismiss the charges.
5. Should the first three checkpoints fail then it is of vital importance those who sit on juries be well versed in our US and State Constitutions. At no time should they be dependent on the Judge or the DA to explain to them the law and whether that law is indeed constitutional. This fifth step places the determination of constitutionality back in the hands of the people where it belongs.
No Oath or Vow in itself contains the establishment of truth. That oath is a testimony of the swearer’s intent to honor their word in fulfillment of that promise. If they have little to no knowledge of that which they swear to do, how will they know they have broken their sacred oath and how will “we the people” know if we also do not have that knowledge?
A strict adherence to the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights would not provide a perfect social environment, but it would create a society that honors Rightful Liberty and a government that does not saddle our posterity with a smothering debt they can never hope to pay.

The next time you visit with your children or grandchildren, be sure and explain to them how their futures are indeed grim, with very little hope for prosperity, because you did not take the time to understand your obligations as a citizen and your propensity to elect people because they called themselves this or that or because they belonged to your chosen political party without a passing thought to strict adherence to their Sacred Oaths.

When a candidate tells you it is their duty to enforce any and all laws passed in this country—-be afraid, be very afraid. They are admitting publicly the Sacred Oath they will take means nothing and at some point in time they will violate your rights and/or seize your property.

In Liberty

“Most human beings only think they want freedom. In truth they yearn for the bondage of social order, rigid laws, materialism. The only freedom man really wants, is the freedom to become comfortable.”

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day . . . . I believe it [human condition] susceptible of much improvement, and most of all, in matters of government and religion; and that the diffusion of knowledge among the people is to be the instrument by which it is effected.” Thomas Jefferson, April 24, 1816 . (to Dupont de Nemours)

Expose, Rebuke, Return