Sample: What “Public Servants” Say

What our “Public Servants” have said. May 26, 2016

I. Southside High School Assistant Principal Mr. Travis Biggs in a sophomoric rant during the Monday 5/23 School Board public meeting said, “As a coach and as an administrator every day of his life, (Rowland) stands for what’s right. He don’t care if it’s black, white, Hispanic, Asian, it doesn’t matter. I’m sorry it came to this, Coach. I love you.”

a. Aside from his atrocious grammar (underlined) what is the meaning of the fragmented portion of the sentence of “He don’t care if it’s…….”?
b. Would Mr. Biggs have shown the above bravado if he had not been surrounded by the public school protection racket or if he were taking the opposing side?
c. Is Mr. Biggs saying that Coach has spent his whole entire life in coaching and administration?

II. Mr. Ivy Owen, Executive Director of FCRA (Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority) promoting more trails in the Chaffee Crossing area made the following statement, “Of course, trails and bikeways have gotten to be very important nowadays in “Quality of Place”. Younger folks are looking for the place to live before they look for their job, so we want to keep up with that”.
a. Here’s that phrase again, United Nations’ “Quality of Place”, the use of the phrase Quality of Place is used by politicians & bureaucrats to convey they are in the know and sound so ethereal. Tell us, Mr. Owen just what does Quality of Place mean as well as , place making, wayfinding signs, sharrows, event nodes, sense of place, smart growth & sustainable model”?
b. Fort Smith has planned for 89 miles of trails within the city, to appreciate the magnitude of the trail systems they are building and proposing… go to the Van Buren I-40 exit driving 89 milles east would put you in Russellville. A poll was conducted and there were 600+ respondents and the pols & bureaucrats would have you believe their exorbitant decisions on trail building was based on those 600 respondents in a city with a population of 89,000.
c. The extensive trail systems being built in all cities is part of Agenda 21 & Sustainable Development to limit modes, numbers, distances of vehicles & traffic patterns, accompanied by high density housing (stack & pack), minimal urbanization, resources, etc. compliments of U.N.’s 2030 (formerly Agenda 21).
d. Mr. Owen, please tell “we the people” how many individuals/couples do you know who first choose a residence before looking for a job?

Citizens, better start paying attention and reading the fine print and trust no politician or bureaucrat; they are all in the government protection racket.

Joe McCutchen

Altruism; a tool used by PC gang to drown the U.S. in 3rd worlders

Coming soon to the USA, a tsunami of so-called “refugees” by the millions—the Bait is out…Emotionalism & Altruism (Term Altruism created by Auguste Comte, 1851) May 25, 2016

“Canopy NWA” (Northwest Arkansas)—NW Arkansas, a ballooning bastion of National Socialism. A cancer that is destroying our once preeminent Republic and is precisely the same government as was Hitler’s Nazi Germany 1939. “Canopy NWA” is a vile work in progress to encourage and distribute more foreign nationals throughout Arkansas.

Frank Head—Catholic Charities, said “people wouldn’t even notice if we didn’t talk about it”. Catholic Charities has never talked about their Sanctuary Cities in public view, just the halls of Lobbyist Congress.

Clint Schnekloth—Lead pastor of Fayetteville’s Good Shepherd Lutheran church said “We have a long list of stakeholders, we’re going to talk to elected leaders, in housing, healthcare, etc.” “We the people” are the stakeholders pastor, not the vote buying/selling legislators and not the 501 c3 & c4 profiteers.

Senator Tom Cotton—His “Religious Persecution Relief Act” would accelerate the approval process for 10,000 additional refugees. Who pays?
The above from Sunday’s edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, May 22, 2016. For the above 3 and all the rest of the racketeers wallowing in the out of control U.S. immigration cesspool, some facts:

What these 3 are proposing is just a hint of what is in store for American citizens, i.e. another massive 3rd world multicultural explosion/invasion about to descend upon the U.S. The nascent strategy is currently in place.

As a reminder, the U.S. takes in more legal immigrants than the rest of the world combined yearly, and then we of course are recipients of 25-35 million illegal Mexicans and OTM’s. The United Nations declares the U.S. is not taking in its share of refugees, meanwhile Israel & the Arabs are taking NONE.

Then the matter of a $20 TRILLION national debt juxtaposed to $120 TRILLION unfunded mandates, 44 million & counting receiving Food Stamps, 94 million Americans unemployed, and neocon Republicans frothing at the mouth to get their next war (atrocity) started. Since Bush II’s butchery beginning on 911 the D.C. Establishment has preemptively destroyed 7 countries, overthrown government in 3 or more countries, are massing troops around the Russian Federation while our own borders remain open and unprotected, all the while Americans fall for that canard “the military is keeping us safe”. Why shouldn’t mideasterners defend themselves against unprovoked U.S. hegemonic barbarianism? So Clint, Frank, & Tom we should welcome more immigrant nesters into our nation and who then become another unbearable financial burden on U.S. ciizens?

Catholic Charities—is wholly funded (not HOLY) by U.S. taxpayers and an abuse of the word “charity”. Catholics, among other things, use their ill-gotten taxpayer funding to create & sustain illegal sanctuary cities and use Mexican Consulates as a conduit to disperse illegals to places of employment and/or residency.

Arkansas Bishop Anthony Taylor openly & proudly advocates violation of U.S. Immigration Laws—8 USC, 1324a; 1324c; 1325; open borders, etc. Now the real truth: Bishop Taylor states, “The Catholic Church cannot survive without illegal immigration”. His overt violations of U.S. immigration laws should afford his majesty a one-way ticket to Forrest City for an extended period and there is a federal judge in NW Arkansas that revels in dishing out harsh sentences.

“We the people” are in no way obligated morally or constitutionally to take on immigrants of any stripe or numbers. What we are observing is the criminal behavior & failure of the U.S. government to enforce existing immigration laws and without their enforcement is transforming our Republic into a 3rd world dumping ground, while erasing the white middleclass, many of whom are members of the Founding Stock—all by design. D.C. is filled with White elected traitorous legislators who are leading the charge to destroy our civil society and should be tried in a criminal court.

It was the settlers Anglo Protestant society & culture that attracted subsequent generations of immigrants to this country, certainly not what is being literally dumped on “we the people” now by a massively corrupt & criminal federal government.

We cannot survive as a once constitutional republic if the 3rd world invasion, legal & illegal is not terminated promptly, until as presidential candidate Trump said, we can vet and deport those already here that arrived by hook or crook.

No one has a right to emigrate/migrate to our country regardless of circumstance!

The federal government & supplanted by the states are driving our Western Culture & Civilization into the ground. The feds are using tried & true American emotionalism & destructive altruism to create a demand for the “refugee” tsunami that is about to descend.
No sovereign nation can withstand an unbridled immigration assault, no matter what brand.

For the folks voting for candidates in the embarrassing Republican Party (save Trump) define the political word CONSERVATIVE and then produce one that holds public office—any level. Continuing on: current Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson trenchantly drums away and never fails to state he is a “CONSERVATIVE” and has “ARKANSAS VALUES”…I ask the Governor to illuminate “we the people” what exactly those Arkansas values are. Hutchinson, in less than 1 ½ years has expanded Obamacare and created 300,000 new welfare addicts, with an open end.

Citizens, the word “CONSERVATIVE” that you believe you know the definition of is a giant political hoax and serves only as a deadly snare to suck Americans into believing Republican office holders & appointees are honorable constitutional-believing individuals and will act in like manner. Both Parties are criminally corrupt to the core.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. “We can all be conned but at what point do we realize that we’re being conned and to what point do we allow ourselves to be conned?” (Guy Ritchie)

Deflection from real issues

The Fort Smith School Board and its Protection Racket

The deflection is in full battle mode. May 25, 2016

Three days of whining, sniveling, & in a number of cases out right mendacities offered up by F.S. school district coaches and one fellow, Bobby Aldridge, who made some veiled indirect accusations pertaining to my son. Question: what is Bobby Aldridge’s stake in this game that precipitated such a spurious verbal outburst?

These coaches make my case, just government automatons. The protestations by the coaches & Aldridge have nothing to do with the real issues…the removal of Johnny Reb, Dixie, and all things Southern.

The real original issue is the miscreate conduct by the 2015 F.S. School Board, led by Deannie Mehl and Superintendent Benny Gooden, not Coach Rowland (who was never attacked by Joey who had nothing but love & respect for the coach…and every one of you standing in the line know that to be the God’s truth)

The removal of the Mascot & school song was conducted in secrecy without one iota of public discussion and Gooden’s only defense was “perception” of “racism”, never facts, objective discussions or truth injected into their surreptitious conduct.
This public melodrama regarding Rowland is simply a deflection from the real issues, i.e. the 154 yr old Lincoln cover-up, hypocrisy, and the nefarious conduct of the 2015 School Board & Superintendent.

Their chicanery and perhaps criminal conduct is no model for the students of the FS school district and their refusal to objectively discuss the subject and instead throwing incendiaries is their only defense.

If you hold a winning hand, you don’t quit, e.g. Gooden & Rowland.

Joe McCutchen

Mendacity–the favorite tool of the PC gang

Mendacity emanating from certain leaders of the Southside High school faculty—educators of your children.

Last evening 5/23, some members of the SSHS faculty and SB president Jeannie Mehl produced and acted out a melodrama that portrayed a floundering Protection Racket—absent the Don.

The Protection Racketeers are not amenable to introducing or practicing transparency in SHS’s activities & affairs, rather through their incompetency they choose mendacity and the students & parents suffer from their devious activities.

Two of the floundering melodramatic cast indeed were a sorrowful looking lot, appearing to need at the very least walkers. One of the cast of 11 or more appeared to have spent the evening in the Moffett bottoms.

Last evenings’ Southside flailing of a citizen resident who dared question & challenge the decisions & actions taken by the Don and his sycophants was indeed a pathetic display of rank ad hominem attacks on a citizen of the city which factually proves “we the people” are rapidly becoming the slaves and not the masters of government at all levels. No refutations of facts brought out about the accusations of racism being hypocritically and erroneously applied to the terms Rebel or Dixie, much less debate about Abraham Lincoln’s actual words & brutal actions and certainly no defense of the many attacks on the accused citizen.

Joe McCutchen

You Can’t Fix Stupid

You can’t fix STUPID”… Comedian Ron White was so right. May 6, 2016

As a nation we have witnessed Collectivism (Socialism, Communism, Fascism) murder, maim, ruin, and annihilate millions upon millions of innocent human beings. Collectivism produces nothing for the people but poverty, misery, tyranny, mayhem, fear, envy, injustice, cruelty, torture, terror, pain, chaos…nothing good ever comes from it yet we witness known Collectivists (Hillary + Bernie=Communism and Cruz + Kasich = Fascism) actually running for and getting large support for the U.S. Presidency.

We lost our last chance to elect a Constitutionalist with Ron Paul, due to Stupidity & fraud, but now Trump is the only candidate actually proposing to bring back jobs, seal the borders, stop Common Core, repeal Obamacare, reform foreign policy and restore the middleclass with some sanity to domestic policies. Which is of course reviled by the all the anti-individual/pro big government public, as well as warmongering Establishments of both Parties, but Trump is cheered by the Individual Freedom-loving, big government hating, anti-Establishment folks who appear to be waking up.

How is it possible for so many to embrace tyrannical U.S. policies, especially after this country has engaged in numerous wars, including world wars, which we were told was “to save the people/world” from various forms of Collectivist tyrannies? Yet this country has fallen prey to the same hideous anti-individual philosophies. What hypocrisy, what cruelty, what idiocy, what stupidity, all cunningly exploited by evil, demented, power/money hungry predators. Due to the ill-informed & STUPID masses complicitly & merrily sopping up welfare goodies & the atrocious, ridiculous mendacities of the media/political/industrial/military complex, their goals are being achieved. “They” have been so successful in brainwashing citizens with pseudo-patriotism we see countless “Support the Troops” celebrations at most sports events. The public blindly follows programed emotional responses since they’ve been conditioned to do so & never taught logic, reason, true history, or other academic disciplines—they prefer pabulum to the rigors of critical thinking, i.e. truth seeking.

Between the arcane, subversive philosophy of Political Correctness and the mass invasions of legal & illegal 3rd worlders, our nation is becoming unhinged, uncivilized and downright frightening/dangerous. Throw in the deliberate dumbing down & indoctrination by education systems and the crassness, immorality, propagandizing, vicious, degrading ugliness, & trash foisted, indeed exalted by media & entertainment and we now have an enormous amount of useless idiots (except to our enemies) in our masses. Dignity out, Vulgarity in.

The acceptance of the insane concept that “Diversity is our strength” is straight out of Orwell and the Multicultural Marxist Political Correctness Tool Kit. Diversity is simply a noun which means “a range of things” and can be applied to numerous categories such as styles in reporting or range of subjects. To make Diversity a moral imperative is deception at its highest level & destroys cognitive abilities.

Now in this upside down deranged world, words once vaunted are reviled, e.g. Discrimination once meant to be careful & judicious in your judgments; Gay once merely meant to be happy, good manners & etiquette were extolled, as was pride in one’s appearance, dress & education, Ladies were to be treated with respect, as were the elderly. People of high principles were admired & imitated. Alas, now all passé.

As the rational, moral, philosophy of individualism—rights, freedom, responsibility, morality, sovereignty descend into the darkness of savagery & tyranny we view news videos of browns, blacks, & assorted whites giving us the finger, mooning us, burning flags, grabbing their crotches and screaming F’you! We see looting, burning, smashing, destroying with little consequence, which of course only emboldens the savages to engage freely in uncivilized, unlawful activities at will…… long as whites can be blamed in some convoluted way, e.g. “white privilege.” . The vile, corrupt, dysfunctional government looks the other way, indeed aids & abets, leaving lawful citizens at the mercy of mindless, ruthless barbarians.

Denial is rampant in the public, especially the whites…which is their worst failing because the Trojan Horse of PC, i.e. Diversity, Egalitarianism, Sexism, Feminism, Affirmative Action, seeking the lowest common denominator education dumb-down, ad infinitum represents a giant quick-sand sink hole into which Western Civilization is quickly being drowned/suffocated/rubbed-out.

In deference to really well-meaning proud patriotic citizens, if anything is going to change for the better you must stop allowing yourselves to be used, abused, and exploited by the myth that our government hasn’t been totally corrupted & politicized—including the military. Our Founders were vehemently against standing armies…they knew that those always lead to tyranny, misuse, & empire building. The U.S. now has military presence in 130 countries (why?)—that alone should tell you it is out of control, without reason, sanity, or good intentions but occupations which increase power, money & intimidation/control of other sovereign nations which is contrary to and horribly detrimental to our financial state, our freedoms & respect in the world.

If you persist in believing it is the proper role of our military to police the world you are part of the problem. Your trusting belief is their cover—just because you refuse to believe something does not make it untrue. That is a secret to their bloody success. Regard & understanding of our Founding Principles is critical to our survival as a free country…recall “Friendly, but no foreign entanglements”? Our troops have no business in any foreign country which has not attacked us & upon whom the congress has NOT declared formal war. The high rate of suicides among returning troops should stir your insight. Wake up & stop being useful idiots, have the courage to face the truth. Other nations have no right to place military complexes in our country, why then does the U.S. assume that right elsewhere? The only proper place now for our troops is guarding our borders.

In defense of normal minds…in the long term, do they have a chance against those with DNA’s which operate on a different more cunning & ruthless plane and do not suffer from the normals’ predilection for naïve, trusting goodwill, & belief in fair play?

However, as all should know, ignoring the past dooms to repetition and just as civilization rose from a millennium of savagery, cruelty, tyranny…since it has forgotten its lessons…is doomed to return to the dark, uncivilized world where human life has little or no meaning. And “we” let it happen without firing a shot…destroyed by psychological warfare. You can call that genocide by suicide. Looks like Ron was right. That is as STUPID as anyone or society can get.

~Barbara McCutchen

Dismantling the 7th Amendment-Trial by Jury




Metro Charters & Constitutions give all power to these ruling bodies stripping all citizens and voters of self-rule & self-government. Note; non- government organizations (NGO’s) & Regionals in Fort Smith flying under the aegis of non-taxable 501 c3’s & 4’s, politely called “non-profits”, anything but!

Especially at state and local levels, Public Employee Unions (PEU) are thwarting economic growth, strangling the middleclass, and high-jacking the democratic process to serve their own ends rather than the public’s.

Government agencies are packed, bloated, inefficient, corrupt, & all are suffocating the middleclass. Teachers’ Unions represent a classic example. They are one of the largest blocs of delegates to the Democrat Conventions. The single largest donor contributors in the 2010 election was the American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees.

Citizens cannot reform the federal level without first correcting the huge problems existing at local levels which can be readily accomplished by extracting the political teeth of their respective union executives. All overpaid, over staffed, mostly corrupted & collectively incompetent.

Elected officials often serve as employees of unions rather than as their managers. That said, for instance, to begin with state workers must be forced to start contributing more to their healthcare and pensions.

Not only have the public unions too often become the dominant partners in the relationship with elected officials as their contracts and spending habits demonstrate.



I. International Property Maintenance Code
(In Ft. Smith now functioning under the names of)
a. Arkansas Fire Protection Code
b. Fort Smith Zoning Code
c. Fort Smith Neighbor Services (an overview)

The word INTERNATIONAL pertaining to the above 3 Fort Smith codes was redacted by one or more F.S. city governments. These codes and others have apparently been incrementally forwarded & implemented for the last decade and a half. Concomitantly, the city has involvement with the ICC as paying members: training, testing, protocols, and so on.

II. The Fort Smith Police Department is a paying member of The International Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Association (CALEA), The INTERNATIONAL Association of Police Chiefs (IAPC), & the International Police Association (IAA). CALEA “makes adjustments when necessary to meet a body of internationally accepted standards”. (Their website) Ask yourself why Fort Smith, AR or any other city should be governed by international bodies & their protocols? Why did the FSPD surreptitiously delegate city authority to an international entity & upon whose authority?

Three emails were sent to the Fort Smith Board of Directions (10/8, 10/12, & 10/15, 2014 & one registered letter to Mayor Sanders (delivered same day) and never picked up, making specific inquiries asking why these two city owned agencies had been removed, unconstitutionally, from “we the people” & why our elected & appointed city government found it necessary to seek & join international bodies and implement their individual protocols. For detailed information visit and search for two of these communications: 1. No idea and an alleged conspiracy and 2. Keith Lau, Fort Smith City Director.

International control of USA-AR cities, counties, & state governments is the point. For conspiracy deniers here is an overview of the facts.

Metro 1313 is dedicated to the proposition that every local representative of government should be replaced with Regional Governance and ruled from the Federal Court. Examples: functioning RITA (Regional Intermodal Transportation Authority)/CEO/State Representative Matt Pitsch (double-dipper, government owned)…is it your belief that Mr. Pitsch labors for the middleclass? 2. The proposed hostile takeover of the 7th Amendment of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights by the RNC & contributors, Ark. A.G., public/private partnerships, the Ark. General Assembly, & gadfly Dan Greenberg as the “pusher”.

The objective of Metro organizations is to create cross jurisdictional agreements between city & county officials that create a Metropolitan Regional Governance Association. At that juncture citizens will have become second class baggage.

Simply put: A building at 1313 East 60th St., Chicago, IL is for the use and occupancy of city establishment and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). The building is commonly known as 1313. Endorsement of FSM NGO’s (unelected bodies with no oversight) emanates from the National Municipal League. For the county government, their direction is coming from the National Association of County Government. This is a core organization that is part of Metro 1313. The Governors’ Conference and the Council of State Governments are also part of Metro 1313. They control everything that government does—e.g. Gov. Asa >Hutchinson & the Ark. General Assembly.

Again, Regionalism is becoming the accepted method of unelected governance. (Unelected councils, regulators, task forces, public/private partnerships, etc. and is the form of government utilized in Socialist/Communist countries.

Funding flows from the Carnegie, Rosenwald, Sears, Rockefeller, & Ford Foundations. These foundations have poured tens of millions into regional government projects. Again the goal is to replace representative government. Question: are elected officials too stupid to recognize the presence of a movement to replace them?

22 other organizations, concerned with state, city, county operations are located in 1313, e.g. American Society of Planning Officials, Committee for International Municipal Cooperation, 1313 National Association of Counties…(control/ownership) of all waters, natural resources, housing, transportation, modes of travel, trails, & so on.

1313 E. 60th St. is a national center for the production of experts to fabricate Progressive Legislation for governments at all levels, e.g. rewrite state constitutions to take over as City Manager, County Manager, or Metro Managers or Regional Managers when citizens have been sufficiently conditioned & indoctrinated to accept outside governance, thereby relinquishing citizen ownership of city, county & state governments.



The trainees in 1313 are consumed with Cultural Marxism, disdain for the Constitution, Capitalism, and the ones now implementing Metro Government are funded by the aforementioned Foundations and numerous other organizations.

Stated again, the Mastermind in this aggressive obscene & unconstitutional Fort Smith take-over is the NATIONAL MUNICIPAL LEAGUE (NML).

The above sets the stage for what some of the 22 destructors housed at 1313 60th St. Chicago & more specifically the Arkansas Republican Party shilling for government and corporate America are involved in. This is FASCISM—A NEXUS/COLLUSION BETWEEN CORPORATIONS & GOVERNMENT…THE CEO IS THE GOVERNMENT, I.E. NAZI GERMANY 1939. Now number 2. The Republican Party, all branches, describing the issue as “Tort Reform” have been laboring for 2 decades to quash the 7th Amendment—“The right of Trial by a Jury and no fact tried by Jury shall otherwise be re—examined…”

The following exemplifies the whole of what has been described in all the above.

A news release on 4/21/16 stated that Republican Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge approved wording of a proposed ballot that would direct the Ark. State Legislature to set a dollar cap on all lawsuits involving medical malpractices to $250,000, also applying to injuries sustained through employment venues, auto accidents, & so forth, though no fault of the victim. If Rutledge &
Dan Greenberg and underlying political/corporate forces succeed with the passage of this piece of Marxist legislation there will be no legal recourse for the middleclass. Categories that would benefit immensely financially & politically in various categories are hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, Wal-Mart, Tyson, insurance companies, ad infinitum. Periodically, if this piece of criminal legislation is passed, another group of Arkansas political hacks, i.e. members of the Arkansas Supreme Court, would be the final arbiters chosen to advise on the amount of the legislature’s affirmed cap or caps by either increasing or decreasing, e.g. recall the recent Issue 3 legislation, laced with corruption/deception brought to us by the state’s General Assembly.

Is your life, limb, eye-sight, & so on worth only $250,000 or less? Where in the Constitution is the authority for A.G. Rutledge & journeyman Greenberg to initiate such an egregious hatchet job on the Bill of Rights? (i.e. the 7th Amendment)

It is unbelievable, unconscionable and criminal that Leslie Rutledge would approve legislation that overrides the U.S. Constitution, which proves she is nothing more than a self-serving gypsy politician attempting to undermine our Founding Principles.

This proposed attack on middleclass Arkansans’ right to trial by a jury of their peers is being scuttled, first by the A.G. Rutledge, the next step in the process is getting petitions signed by ignorant Arkansas voters carried out by AAI CEO political gadfly Dan Greenberg funded by Dark Money (the source of?) and on to the Arkansas General Assembly. Make no mistake the ole DC Establishment apparatchik Gov. Hutchinson will sign it.

Obviously, Rutledge and her cadre of 100 or so featherbedding attorneys have not read the preface of nor the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. What has been completed under Rutledge’s name is to confer huge numbers of self-serving organizations a license to pursue & destroy the intent of the Founding Fathers’ 7th Amendment and insert a collection of governing politicians/bureaucrats for the express purpose of economically satisfying the demands of nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, & corporations (e.g. Tysons, Wal-Mart, ad infinitum).

In short Madame A.G. all power is derived from the people…not nursing homes, not Tyson, not Wal-Mart, not the Chambers of Commerce, but from “we the people”, certainly not the lies of you & Greenberg.

From the Declaration—“THAT TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS, GOVERNMENTS ARE INSTITUTED AMONG MEN, DERIVING THEIR JUST POWER FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED”….Again, not Wal-Mart, not Tysons, etc. but “we the people”. Rutledge & Greenberg and the Dark Money crowd have sold their souls and betrayed citizens of Arkansas by purposely proposing to institute an amendment that allows government to jury tamper and prevents citizen jury nullification which dismantles the 7th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights. The two can only be described as “Rapacious Harpies” (Patrick Henry).

Madame A.G. what you have authorized can be translated to mean any number of things, all unconstitutional and beyond. Madame A.G., you have created your own “DECLARATION”—a betrayal of Arkansas citizens.

For example: You have put the 7th Amendment potentially in the hands of a collection of professional vagabond politicians, bureaucrats & special interests. Certainly what you authorized, if passed by the General Assembly, is jury tampering, removal of jury nullification, collusion, and the fusion of NGO’s, government entities, MPO’s, etc…all funded by dark money.

The proposed ballot items emasculate & make a mockery of the 7th Amendment and its intentions put forth by the Founders and rendering juries inconsequential.

Who is the front man? Dan Greenberg, at the head of the previously named Arkansas Advance Institute (AAI), also an active member of The State Policy Network (SPN). SPN recently was exposed in aiding the effort to highjack, in this case Arkansas state politics & government. The above two organizations are connected at the hip and connections run deep. The Koch Brothers’ American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) owns outright most of the Republican members of the Arkansas General Assembly and its national tentacles are far reaching. ALEC is a corporate gin mill and funnels its own prewritten/constructed legislative bills directly to State Legislators, in this case Arkansas.

Greenberg’s Advance Arkansas Institute has hosted numbers of ALEC’s seasoned operatives and must be noted here, Greenberg does not list his AAI donors. DARK money leads to no good, is no good & indeed leaves the citizens in the DARK, of course the intentions of Greenberg & his ilk.

If the proposed Arkansas execution of Trial by Jury (7th Amendment) is to become successful it will quickly become known as a treasonous act inaugurated by Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, carried out to fruition by bagman Dan Greenberg, ill-informed Arkansan signatories (the gift that just keeps on giving), passed & signed by the General Assembly & Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson and protected by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Among the immediate beneficiaries is the elitist 1%…all of which declare that middleclass Arkansans are irrelevant, in that they cannot afford to hire an attorney due to the predetermined caps, thereby leaving them legally defenseless.

Ms. Rutledge, by her resume and her recent dastardly act, has proven herself to be nothing more than a hired gun of government. What do you believe A.G. Rutledge is expecting from Santa at her terms end?

Joe McCutchen

Healthcare=Politicians Know Best!

To: Governor Doctor Asa Hutchinson & his cadre of neocon “nurses”, the Republican General Assembly. April 10, 2016

Inquiry: Dr. Hutchinson, I hope you will befriend me by apprising me if the Snake Oil you are and have prescribed & sold, is an OTC preparation or is it by prescription only?

It appears, from listening to your Republican nurses/politicians, you would have us believe the formula has been attenuated from “Obamacare” to the “Private Option”, and finally to “Arkansas Works”, and will work miracles.

Whatever the compound is, it has worked wonderfully well because it allowed your “nurses” to engage in deception and theft by force of productive middleclass Arkansans private property, i.e. money.

Is the term “Arkansas Works” to be your legacy? One of theft and deception. Last year you and your nurses created 300,000 or more newly minted welfare addicts and the schoolhouse bell hasn’t even rung. I do believe that your one year as Governor/Doctor increased the size of Arkansas government by 70%! A record and a huge gain for Cultural Marxism.

“Arkansas Works” initial aim is to give tens of thousands of adult, able-bodied, unemployed Arkansans the crown jewel of Welfare, i.e. Medicaid. “Arkansas Works” is a huge misnomer, creating another gigantic bureaucracy for the newly minted welfare addicts and to believe these individuals will seriously enroll in job training is a fantasy, or better yet, stupidity.

Perhaps this is a misstatement, you Governor/Doctor, an integral part of the welfare caste system, are at the top of the class in receiving unearned largesse. Lost track of how many government (taxpayer) checks you receive per month now.

I do beg of you to inform us middleclass Arkansans how to get some of your magic potion which will make us all feel as if we had been massaged by the balm of Ben-Gay.

So, Doctor/Governor, do you have an explanation aimed at middleclass Arkansans that in any way can justify you and your “nurses” high-noon grand theft of our personal property?

Joe McCutchen

Immigration, welfare, warfare nation

Food Banks in the U.S. and Unbridled Immigration…a marriage made in hell. April 7, 2016

Citizens are constantly bombarded with pleas for donated food stuff. Sounds laudable, but are they legitimate? How many folks have actually seen hungry people in America since the beginning of WW II, not to say there is not one? Have you? If so, why should there be?
From sea to shining sea, every hamlet and city has a plethora of taxpayer funded welfare depots, e.g. public (Gov) schools are thriving reservations for mind-bending, for healthcare, for 3 squares per day food pantries for all comers, legal & illegal children & adults, and all things the welfare state provides.

Food banks, in the main, are 501c3’s, pay no taxes, principally subsidized one way or another by productive taxpayers. There are a few volunteer donors, e.g. Tyson’s, Wal-Mart, Banks, some churches, all in the PC self-promotion game. Many of the C3’s create cushy high-paying positions with little or no oversight. Some religious orders have traded their First Amendment rights for money—“faith-based” funding– Bush II.

Government leaders at various levels testify in unison that America’s hungry population is growing exponentially, absent hews & cries from the same government sources as to why this just might be the case—no effort to seek the cause/causes and cure, just treat the “disease” in this case hunger, symptomatically, i.e. keep the funding coming. Is there an end point? Yes, but only when the criminally corrupt government welfare system comes crashing down! Not understanding the eternal dispensing of layers of unearned, unpaid for largesse to hundreds of millions, terminating into a national zero sum game that reduces the middleclass to 3rd world status, is the real intent, removing the political/economical/cultural influences of the white middleclass.

Never is the growing numbers of homeless and the hungry juxtaposed with unbridled immigration, legal & illegal, by the politicians & bureaucrats, and from their perspective why should they since they are near the top of the welfare caste system! Peddling welfare is their profession. The U.S. receives every year 1,200,000 legals, matched by about the same number of illegals (perhaps more) and soon to be besieged by like numbers of Mideastern & North African Muslims, compliments of the political & PC crowd. Political Correctness (a cruel hoax) will win the day for the corrupt federal & state governments by lying and allowing a wholesale Muslim, Hispanic, & Oriental invasion to explode, producing genocide of white America by the poison of multiculturalism.

Two thoughts: the Feds have at their disposal strong immigration laws and E-Verify, if enforced, would solve our food and immigration crisis overnight. American governments, top down, are willfully turning our nation into a multicultural hell-hole and all the while citizens seem to remain in a protracted state of delusion, making it much easier for U.S. one-worlders to pursue their global hegemony by neutralizing whites.

While all the above is marching forward, observe what our magnanimous “public servants” have allowed and continue to produce—a $20 TRILLION national debt (no possible recovery), 24 years of an unbroken chain of phony, deadly, unprovoked wars waged against sovereign nations under the lying aegis “we are keeping you safe”. Unfortunately many in the military swallowed that “Big Lie” and paid the ultimate price. Many still believe the “big lie” and refuse to come to terms they are nothing more than useful idiots/cannon fodder—which virtually has always been the case. As General Smedley Butler explained, “War is a Racket”.

“We the people” have allowed corrupted, elected representatives to destroy the world’s preeminent healthcare system…flying under the name of Obamacare, and Republican neocons have always funded it, along with the madness in supporting the Wolfowitz eternal war doctrine “We Shall Have No Rivals”. Attached to the above: international surveillances, torture, 43 million receiving food stamps, 93 million unemployed, frontal assaults on the U.S. Constitution & the Bill of Rights, e.g. Articles I, II, III of the constitution, and in the Bill of Rights, Amendments 1,3,4,5,& 10. Couple the above to the National Foundations who promoted NAFTA, GATT, TPP, the World Bank, & loss of our industrial base, etc. We will not & cannot survive these ongoing assaults made possible by traitors who were elected to honor & fulfill the demands of the Constitution & Bill of Rights. All the while our government is on the verge of collapsing and Americans foolishly continue to reelect incumbents at all levels, both parties. Fools! Observe the results of incumbency.

It is highly unlikely Americans will wake up from their 24 year slumber, still believing in the legitimacy of the crimes of Wm. Clinton’s destruction of Serbia, Bush II’s Twin Towers, Iraq, Afghanistan, followed by the displaced Kenyan Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s destruction of Libya, the U.S. overthrow of the first democratically elected government in Egypt, followed by the U.S. overthrow of Ukraine & Libyan governments…while taking aim at Syria & Russia. The United States should form a planet-saving relationship with Russia now! The reasons for are too numerous to enumerate here. It appears “We the people” will unfortunately remain under the heels of certifiable psychopathic politicians & bureaucrats in their quest for global hegemony & self-aggrandizement.

It should be noted, even to the dullest, that the “last call to breakfast” is occurring in the present national presidential campaign, that the only politician at any level worth voting for, at least at this point, is Donald Trump…the only candidate free of political bondage and monetary debt.

Is it possible that Americans have begun to realize that criminality, corruption, obfuscation, self-service, lies, quests for power & money, permeates every facet of American governments—national, state, county, city, NGO’s, MPO’s, 501 c3’s & 4’s… and the beat goes on?
Donald Trump, by his veracity & courage has exposed much of the above in both political parties. The warmongering Republican Party represents the most danger to the survival of planet earth. Republican Neoconservatives are rattling their nuclear sabers in the faces of Russia & China with the urging/influence of Israel have become global monsters/terrorists.

By returning manufacturing jobs to the U.S., Trump can go a long way in providing jobs & reducing the welfare leviathan.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Another example of Republican “CONSERVATISM”? (a word that has lost it’s political meaning) Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R), in his first year enrolled over 250,000 new recipients on Obamacare. He now proposes to enlarge Obamacare and to be renamed Arkansas Works, while suggesting that the newly minted welfare addicts enroll in job training schools (what an outrageous hoax). That’s analogous to the Border Patrol catching illegals, writing them up, then giving them orders to appear in court at a later date and then turning them loose in the U.S.

Political Correctness & Corruption Must Be Burned at The Stake


It is said he is a Conservative, it is said the Establishment hates him, really? I speak of course of Senator Ted Cruz and his candidacy for the U.S. presidency.

The Republican Establishment has recently stated in various ways and venues that rank &file Republicans & Independents are too stupid or too ignorant to allow them to choose the Republican presidential candidate. I agree but for reasons that are polar opposites.

Recently the Republican Establishment, in a raw public reach to continue its hold on to their powers & riches, and in desperation made it abundantly clear they regard White middleclass Americans as nothing but a collection of hayseeds. Also the Establishment has made it clear that national candidates are always preselected and makes no never mind who is elected simply because they are all in the fold, i.e. owned & controlled. But a glitch recently developed in their corrupted “Deep State” activities—one Donald Trump appeared on the political scene. “Deep State”= Members of the Establishment make the rules under the surface away from the purview of the public. Example: The past weekend, members of the corrupt Republican Establishment & others met on Sea Island, GA to fashion a plan to destroy Donald Trump’s political aspirations. Among the attendees were Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R), House leader Paul Ryan (R), etc. The Sea Island conclave is reminiscent of the 1910 Jekyll Island sortie put on by the “BIGS” that gave birth to the Federal Reserve—a thin-air printing press.

The Establishment fully understands the preponderance of voters–all stripes, employ raw emotion as their determinate in the voting process. Not knowledge & fact, just Party lines—both R & D. Observe that nearly all incumbents were reelected as per usual by large pluralities in the current election cycle. If voters had been armed with fact and knowledge they would be dusting off their Louisville Sluggers.

Now scroll down to history, objectivity, and huge doses of logic & reality and calculate what is revealed by reelecting incumbents. $20 TRILLION national deficit, $120 TRILLION in unfunded mandates, 16 years of ongoing global self-induced warfare (for what?), 93 million unemployed Americans, true unemployment rate hovers around 23%, 47 million on Food Stamps, open borders, 25-35 million illegals roaming around in our nation, Obamacare (that Republicans continue to fund), the pitiful state of public education, political correctness, global spying, muffling of public discourse–had enough? But the beat goes on & on.

The multiple crises inflicted upon the American taxpayers listed above are compliments of incumbents. For example, 16 year bottom-feeder Arkansas Senator John Boozman was selected to another potential 6 year term. His reign of terror began with criminal Bush II’s inauguration by pulling the corrupt levers of the Republican Neoconservative Establishment which have produced 16 years of uninterrupted savagery. Boozman has not produced one positive accomplishment during his 16 year tenure that benefited or helped secure the beleaguered White middleclass, just our destruction. Check his voting and travel recordS. One of the several reasons I agree with the Establishments’ use of the word stupidity, but as previously stated for entirely different reasons.

The only way White middleclass Americans can survive is to vote against all national incumbents and/or the method of choice is to withhold your vote. It has no value. Give it thought before you emotionally erupt.

Senator Ted Cruz is not a natural born American citizen; he is a Cuban-American born in Canada. For those who scream “Birther”, ask yourselves if aware, why the Senator’s birth records are sealed, as is the case with Pres. Barack Hussein Obama. The Establishment presented “we the people” with an unconstitutional quid pro quo—Obama & Cruz—throw in Anchor Babies Jindal & Rubio.

History and current events clearly define Cruz, as previously mentioned as an Hispanic, as president of “we the people” what could we expect from him in the matter of legal & illegal immigration and border security? Not much. Cruz has been all too quiet about his relationships with anti-American organizations, e.g. La Raza (the Race), Mecha, Lulac, etc. all created & funded by Jews. Cruz long ago abandoned his discussion of borders & border security.

Cruz is a warmongering Republican neoconservative and embraces the Wolfowitz (a Jew) Doctrine (“we shall have no rivals”, meaning preemptive wars) He is aggressively pursuing expansion of the U.S. military that currently is spending $56 Billion (he wants more) per year to maintain & pursue global hegemony.

November 2015 Cruz stated on the Senate floor that he was the Southwestern representative for Israel. Never anything pertaining to the representation of the white or black middleclass.

Heidi Cruz, wife of Ted, both belong to the global nation killing Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Another destructor of American sovereignty.

Heidi sat on the original commission that gave birth to the North American Union (NAU). The NAU’s mission is to dissolve U.S. borders contiguous with Mexico & Canada. Recall, Cruz was born in Canada.

Heidi is a long time high ranking executive with the Jewish banking firm of Goldman Sachs. Ted’s senatorial campaign was funded by Goldman Sachs; some say a “loan”.
The Senator’s presidential campaign is almost wholly funded by Jews, i.e. Goldman Sachs, George Soros, Paul Singer, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Robert Mercer ($11 million), and the scroll continues. Why do you believe Cruz is so popular with Jews? And where does his allegiance lie? He is an owned commodity.
The Senator and his father are evangelical extremists, associated with Dominionism. Some of their base beliefs are said to border on the laws & courts similar to Sharia.

The national media and the Establishment of both Parties continue to wail that they “hate Cruz”. CRUZ IS THE ESTABLISHMENT AND IS WHOLLY OWNED BY U.S. JEWISH INTERESTS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF ISRAELI PRESIDENT BENJAMIN NETANYAHU.

We constantly hear the drumbeat for DIVERSITY, the victims of Diversity are the White middleclass Founding Stock. The present Supreme Court, absent one, is made up of 5 Catholics & 3 Jews, not one member of the Court is from the majority White Founding Stock or any other Caucasian. The above is known as “packing” the courts. The Founding Fathers had grave concerns regarding Catholics & Jews. Interesting to note here that Pres. Obama’s recent nominee for the Supreme Court is Merrick Garland, a Jew. In his first public utterance regarding the appointment, in the first 51 seconds he invoked “anti-Semitism” twice. Jews are 2% of the national population—yet they own the Federal Reserve, all major banks, control most sensitive areas of federal government, funders & creators of anti-American minority hate groups, own 97% of all media & same percent for entertainment. Thought control? On the other hand, Catholics flaunt 8 USC immigration laws and fan the flames for more legal & illegal immigration, now including Muslims & so-called “refugees” while the Pope is sticking his nose into U.S. constitutional & political affairs, most obviously our sovereignty and social conduct. If Trump is not elected President of the U.S. this year our Republic will be overwhelmed with legal & illegal 3rd world foreign nationals, As always, the Founders were right on target. The product is SELECTIVE DIVERSITY.

Observe the disasters that have occurred in our once preeminent Republic which have destroyed our national borders, on the brink of erasing our culture, heritage, identity—all caused by reelecting incumbents decade after decade (both parties) who suppress & violate our Founding Principles—the fulcrum of our society–while leading to corruption & crime which defines the federal government today.
If “we the people” are to avoid a soon to be 3rd world existence the global cesspool known as Washington, DC must be drained & fumigated in November.

Corruption & Political Correctness must be burned at the stake!

Joe McCutchen

P.S. If Donald Trump gets very close or receives the Republican nomination for the office of President of the U.S. , do you believe that he will be “rubbed out”? The stakes are hundreds of Billions transferred daily & global power and both Establishments have always gamed the system (“Deep State”) and be damned with the American middleclass…all flavors.

Questions concerning criminal activity in local government/where is transparency?

Questions: 1. Why was this person not vetted sufficiently before being hired?
2. It appears that known improprieties were going on for years, why?
3. Why should redacting be allowed, especially at this level…no top secret information was at risk?
4. Who will be held accountable and when?

FORT SMITH (KFSM)—Documents show a criminal investigation into the city’s former sanitation director Baridi Nkokheli began in September 2015.

It was prompted by the city auditor, who reported allegations of possible kickbacks from vendors, misuse of travel funds, misappropriation of city property, misuse of sanitation funds and other accusations, which acting city administrator Jeff Dingman redacted.

“Those items weren`t necessarily used as reason or justification for the termination, and so on the advice of the city attorney, they were redacted,” Dingman said.

Investigators noted in the report there was an “Unmistakable conflict of interest and ethical violation” to ask for and receive a loan from a vendor with which the city does business.

It goes on to state, “It should be noted this allegation is from many years ago and would be far outside the statute of limitations” to file criminal charges.

The eighth page of the criminal investigation conducted by the Fort Smith Police Department is completely redacted.

“As far as what specifically was redacted, I don`t recall exactly what all those redactions are,” Dingman said.

The report also states Sgt. Tony Bowers and the city auditor discussed the fact that Nkokheli had been formally known as Kevin Wesley Kellough, and that he apparently legally changed his name many years ago.

“I think I had known for some time that the name that he was going by here wasn`t his given name,” Dingman said, “but I didn’t really pay attention, people change their names for different reasons. I didn’t really pay attention to why or when or how or anything like that.”

In a deposition conducted by his ex-wife`s divorce attorney, Nkokheli said under oath his birth name is Kevin Wesley Kellough, and he legally changed his name in Houston in 1997.

“I don`t know that was ever made any sort of an issue with the city, not that I`m aware of,” Dingman said.

The auditor told investigators Nkokheli also used the alias Castain Metoyer.

5NEWS has reached out to Nkokheli for comment, but we were not able to reach him.

We also sent the Fort Smith Police Department a request to release the information in the the criminal investigation documents redacted by the city, and we are waiting for a response back.

To see the investigation documents in full, click here.

Expose, Rebuke, Return