More “For the Children” cruel hoax.

Re: The Times Record 7/23/14 editorial “We must do more for the children”. July 24, 2014

As I have stated before, ‘never has so much money (forced redistribution/taxes) been spent “For the Children’, and never have they been in more peril”.

This particular editorial lauds something called, in government Newspeak, the “Kids Count Data Book” which grades states on “child well-being” in education and healthcare. Most of us know that government “official” figures cannot be trusted, but in this case even the “Data Book” gives Arkansas bad grades. So does that tell us the figures are even worse than reported?

For instance, “child poverty has grown”…but no mention of multiple businesses closing and/or relocating…such as Fort Smith’s Whirlpool (move to Mexico) & many of its suppliers, nor mention of the myriads of illiterate illegal alien children drawn to the state by cheap labor corporations such as Tyson’s, not to mention Huckabee’s free prenatal care for illegals & Arkids 1st healthcare, also Huckabee instigated a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock. The poverty numbers include all ethnicities being lured onto welfare “benefits” and the encouragement to raise fatherless children (currently 70% of black babies born out of wedlock & a soaring crime/murder rate)…just a microcosm of the welfare juggernaut…all funded by overtaxed, dwindling middleclass citizens who have no “advocates” or proper representation. The injustice is breathtaking.

The editorial glows about increasing funding while suppressing the facts that children were better off in the poverty of the Great Depression and in their one-room schoolhouses than they are today in sumptuous facilities and curricula which discourages true education in literature, grammar, geography, languages, science, logic, math, & true history, the truth serum so badly needed to correct horrible misconceptions…. instead, encouraging dependency, low expectations, teaching to the test, dumbing down, etc.
Collectivists/Socialists/Communists always oppose self-reliance, excellence, merit, rugged individualism personal rights & liberties. Dependency on the village/government is their goal, i.e. slaves.

“For the Children” is such seductive bait that children are being used as the front for hundreds of thousands of 3rd world aliens, legal & illegal, to invade the U.S. & all 1st world countries in order to overwhelm the welfare systems & destroy sovereignty, culture, & cohesiveness.

Ironic isn’t it, that the straw that broke America’s back is being accomplished “For the Children?

~Barbara McCutchen

The purest invitation to tyranny is your commitment to obey law regardless of what it says (Gaddy)


“The whole conspiracy idea is cockeyed. We had orders to obey the head of state. We weren’t a band of criminals meeting in the woods in the dead of night to plan mass murders…” ~Hermann Goering, 1 May 1946 (Committed suicide to avoid hanging)

“I was given this assignment which I could not refuse–and besides, I did everything possible to treat [the foreign slave laborers] well.” ~Fritz Saukel , 23 February 1946 (Hanged for crimes against humanity)

“I don’t see how they can fail to recognize a soldier’s obligation to obey orders. That’s the code I’ve live by all my life.” ~Alfred Jodl, 1 November 1945 (Hanged for crimes committed)

I fully understand why people get very defensive whenever any acts by supposedly good Americans are compared to Hitler and Nazi Germany, but when considering the rapid descent into abject Socialism in this country during the past 12-14 years, could it be time to take the gloves off and realize we seem to be following in the footprints of history?

Oh, we are nothing like the Nazi’s—I hear the chorus now. BUT—the president can order the death or imprisonment of an American Citizen without a trial. (National Defense Authorization Act-2012) We have socialized medicine. (Obamacare and Dubya Bush’s Part D Medicare Plan) Our Bill of Rights has been eviscerated. (Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security) Please name one of the above that in any way conflicts with the principles of Nazi Germany.

Is it just coincidence that Adolf Hitler used the term “protect the Homeland” in the speech when he created the Gestapo and George W. Bush used the exact same phrase in his news conference after 9/11? Good arguments could be made on both sides I am sure.
The crucial issue here is the failed concept prevailing among many in our country that whatever the government says, whether they say it through enacted legislation or regulation by some government bureaucracy, it is to be treated as gospel and obeyed without discussion. Whether we are like Nazi Germany or rapidly getting there, the basic premise that government is the almighty is the vehicle which leads to destruction of Liberty and Individual Sovereignty and the advent of heinous crimes by the government.

We have a local representative here in Colorado who has stated publicly that “no law is unconstitutional until the Supreme Court says it is.” We also have a candidate for Sheriff who says that all laws that emanate from the government will be enforced should he become Sheriff. Both happen to be Republicans, but, for the sake of brevity, we shall skip over a broad discussion of that point in this offering.

To believe that the people who created our government through our states were to become its slaves and subject to its every whim would have been a real surprise to our ancestors who voted in the various State Ratification Conventions to approve this form of government, for they were told if they voted to ratify our Constitution, the exact opposite would be true.

The real question is: do those who advocate the government must be obeyed regardless of the law passed, or regulation written, do so from a true philosophical belief or from sheer ignorance of the Constitutional principles they have sworn to “uphold and defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic?” How does one in good conscience take a sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights and then claim they will uphold, defend and enforce any law passed by government? Another question is: do they have a working knowledge of the Constitution that would enable them to know the difference?

I will offer below, as a classic example of a person holding a very important position in government, publicly claiming they are not qualified for the job they were elected to, while all the while being too ignorant to know they are making such a confession publicly. First, though, let’s take a look at the office of Sheriff here in Colorado.

The Office of Sheriff in Colorado is created by our Constitution. Colo. Const., art. XIV, sect. 8. The Constitution does not enumerate particular duties of Sheriffs. Colorado statutes do specify various duties for Sheriffs, most of which are restatements of the Sheriffs’ traditional common law powers and duties. For example: “to keep and preserve the peace in their respective counties, and to quiet and suppress all affrays, riots, and unlawful assemblies and insurrections”; to “act as fire warden of his or her respective county”; to “appoint some proper person undersheriff”; and so on. Colorado Revised Statutes sect. 30-10-501 et seq. Nothing in the list of statutory duties requires Sheriffs to enforce every state statute or any federal law for that matter.

In Colorado, our Sheriff’s take a very simple oath of office:
“I, …….., do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Colorado, the Ordinances of …….. County and that I will faithfully perform the duties of the Office of County Sheriff, of the County of …….., State of Colorado, upon which I enter.”

This oath is in the form required by the Colorado Constitution, Article XII, sect. 8. which reads as follows:

“Every civil officer, except members of the general assembly and such inferior officers as may be by law exempted, shall, before he enters upon the duties of his office, take and subscribe an oath or affirmation to support the constitution of the United States and of the state of Colorado, and to faithfully perform the duties of the office upon which he shall be about to enter.”

There is absolutely not to be found in the Oath of Office or the Articles of the Colorado Constitution anything that states the Sheriff must uphold and defend the laws of the state of Colorado or the United States. Could it be that since the Sheriff swears to uphold and defend the Constitutions of Colorado and the US, that that covers any and all laws that are created “in pursuance” of the constitutions, and the occupant of the office of Sheriff is presumed to have a working knowledge of both in order to determine if those laws are indeed constitutional? Is not each person who takes that solemn oath not equally responsible for assuring to those whom they serve a strict adherence to the principles of those documents and to “uphold and defend” them against any unconstitutional edicts submitted by either government? Is it possible to be faithful to one’s oath while at the same time enforcing clearly unconstitutional laws?

Here are excerpts of a letter written by a sitting Sheriff of Colorado (not from our county) in January of 2013, relative to the issues of the Second Amendment; written on official county letterhead, displaying his ignorance of his sacred oath and a proud (to him) display of sufficient evidence to illustrate his incompetence for the office of public trust he holds. (My comments in italics)
“Although I have great respect and admiration for each of my colleague sheriffs and police chiefs across the country, I take exception with the handful of public servants who have suggested that they would reject enforcement of any “unconstitutional mandates,” specifically related to the Second Amendment.” (How can one have a valid, enforceable law that contradicts the Constitution?)
“If an issue were to be arbitrarily deemed “unconstitutional,” the decision to curtail further enforcement responsibilities would be in direct conflict with the concept of the balance of powers, as defined by our founders.” (Ouch! Perhaps the good sheriff has never heard of one Thomas Jefferson, who stated: “My construction of the Constitution is… that each department is truly independent of the others and has an equal right to decide for itself what is the meaning of the Constitution in the cases submitted to its action…” Perhaps that is why they all take an oath to uphold and defend.”)

“Public safety professionals serving in the executive branch, do not have the constitutional authority, responsibility, and in most cases, the credentials to determine the constitutionality of any issue.” (Well, Sheriff, if you do not possess the authority, responsibility or the credentials to determine the “constitutionality” of any issue, you should immediately resign, for in your statement you admit to having little to no knowledge of the documents you swore to “uphold and defend.” Such knowledge would prepare you to possess the authority, responsibility and certainly the credentials which you wear on your uniform shirt, to determine the constitutionality of any act.” Your statement is a bold admission you do not have the knowledge necessary to protect the rights of those who pay your salary.)

“The authority and responsibility to determine the legality and/or the constitutionality of a matter is to be accomplished by the judicial branch, as clearly defined in the Constitution.” (Gosh, Sheriff, sure do wish you would have cited chapter and verse on this bold but incorrect assertion. It would appear your lack of knowledge is quite extensive. Again from Mr. Jefferson: “Nothing in the Constitution has given [the judges] a right to decide for the Executive, more than to the Executive to decide for them. Both magistrates are equally independent in the sphere of action assigned to them.” And “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions [is] a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy…The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots. It has more wisely made all the departments co-equal and co-sovereign within themselves.”
And finally the Sheriff’s coup de grace: – “WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS.” (Factually, our founders never intended for this to be a nation, for our decisions are made through representatives and not in the aggregate, which is the very definition of a “Nation.” So, Sheriff, you are wrong on that count, and also we are not an anything “of laws.” We are a country with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights which defines what is and what is not constitutional. Laws do not decide for themselves if they are valid.”

If you are looking for a Sheriff like the one who wrote the above, there is one available on the ballot in November; one with an (R) beside his name. If you are looking for a Sheriff who understands his obligations to protect the rights of the people and also understands the gravity of the Oath of Office, you will be forced to make another choice.
I would remind you that Nazi Germany was a nation of laws; everything that Hitler did was within the laws of Germany at the time, and offer this quote from Jeremy Locke’s “The End of All Evil.”

“Law is a weapon. It is used by evil to attack its prey. Whether in the name of duty to king, loyalty to state, or rule of law, law is the weapon used to extort and control. Culture upholds the nobility of law. Culture teaches that law is proper and good. It never questions who wrote the law; tyrant and brother are the same. Culture never questions whether or not the law is right. You are to obey no matter what it says. In this fashion, law is a powerful weapon to be used against you. All principalities create volumes of laws that take lifetimes to understand and armies of lawyers to manipulate. All of these things are weapons in the hands of the powerful, which they will use at your expense.

Law holds value only to those who create it, and only because your culture demands that you obey it. The purest invitation to tyranny is your commitment to obey law regardless of what it says. Against you, the law becomes the perfect weapon. Whomever controls the law, controls you. Your worth is measured by the extent of your obedience.” (Emphasis added)

When anyone tells you that the “Law” must be obeyed, and will be enforced, please remember that there IS a choice: Liberty, or Tyranny and blind obedience; you decide. Should you decide to support the party favorite and the candidate endorsed by the local, socialist, bird cage liner, I take this opportunity to remind you of the words of Samuel Adams: “May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget ye were our countrymen.”
In Liberty

“Most human beings only think they want freedom. In truth they yearn for the bondage of social order, rigid laws, materialism. The only freedom man really wants, is the freedom to become comfortable.”

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day . . . . I believe it [human condition] susceptible of much improvement, and most of all, in matters of government and religion; and that the diffusion of knowledge among the people is to be the instrument by which it is effected.” Thomas Jefferson, April 24, 1816 . (to Dupont de Nemours)

Governmental Elitists vs. lone Constitutionalist…who will win?

Old Hickory said it best: “Elitists are created through the instrumentality of government”, circa 1834. True in 1812 and more so now. July 13, 2014

I offer in evidence the following two fairly recently minted Elitists.

1. The Arkansas’ Democrat Party is offering up for Governor in 2014-15, Mike Ross. Ross wallowed in the U.S. Congress for 12 years in a less than illustrious tenure. His only notable achievement/betrayal was his vote that brought the embryonic Obamacare out of Committee. Ross covers his tracks by stating he never voted for Obamacare.

It is noteworthy that Ross spent 10 years in the Arkansas Senate and in his last term he was singled out as the worst Senator in that years’ General Assembly in an elongated editorial appearing in Sunday’s edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Prior to the aforementioned 2 Ross involvements, he acted as chauffer for Former Governor Bill Clinton.

Do you agree that former President’s Andrew Jackson’s statement regarding creation of Elitists is right on? Then, read on!

2. Now comes the Party of Irrelevance, formerly known as the Republican Party and its entry into the campaign for Arkansas Governor. That would be Asa Hutchinson. Government instrumentality has served Hutchison very, very well thanks to Arkansas low-information voters.

Some of his political credentials are: U.S. Attorney, Arkansas Western District, the U.S. Congress, DHS Commissioner & Border Czar, etc.
Notice these two candidates get any number of bi-monthly checks compliments of middleclass Americans and looking for more.

Hutchinson’s reign as S.W. Border Czar was an abject failure. He is famous for his utterances regarding the fate of illegal Mexicans & OTM’s declaring that they could not “sleep at night for fear of being caught”. Another statement of Hutchinson occurred on a Saturday the day after his appointment as Head of the DHS when he proclaimed that his new office had the best view of ‘Washington and he had aircraft at his disposal at any time at his beck and call.

At this juncture candidate Hutchinson has not declared his position on the Affordable Care Act and Tort Reform.

A quote by Hutchinson appearing in the Times Record July 12, 2014 pertaining to the Affordable Care Act, “He (Ross) is on both sides of the issue because he ‘worked with President Obama on components of the law, but later voted against the law because the 4th Congressional District became more conservative.’ Translation, when & how? Where does Ross’ allegiance lie, somewhere between Little Rock and Obama’s office?

Unfortunately one of these legislative plunderers is again going to be slopping at middleclass taxpayers trough. Why would any thinking Arkansan vote for either of these two?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. What are “Arkansas Values” Hutchinson commercially touts and what mechanism will either of the two utilize to produce fantasy jobs?
There is only one real Conservative running in the gubernatorial race and he got just 3 ½ Time Record newspaper lines re his positions.

The Search for Historical Truth (Gaddy)

From: Michael Gaddy []
Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2014 2:45 PM
To: Michael Gaddy
Subject: REBEL RANT FOR 8 JULY 2014


“An unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than a lie. It takes great courage to back truth unacceptable to our times. ~John Steinbeck

For the better part of a century, our government and their bought and paid for media and academia have promulgated a series of falsehoods that have been repeated so often that their veracity has become as accepted as air and water. This almost universal acceptance of the comfortable lie has brought us to the point in time where the truth is much more scrutinized than a lie. Without truth, history is just another work of fiction.

Several folks responded to my last Rant on the history of events in Missouri during our Second War for Independence by asking for documentation of facts presented. Being a firm believer in the axiom that a good teacher teaches their students where to look as opposed as what to see, I offer this Rant in response to those questions, although more in a general sense as opposed to a specific one.

As we once heard weekly on the TV sets tuned faithfully to the X Files, the “truth is out there.” Rest assured, our out of control, tyrannical government, their whores in the media, bought and paid for members of academia and their sycophants throughout the population will do all they can to prevent “we the people” from discovering exactly what the truth is.

First of all I would offer for reading and edification, THE REBELLION RECORD; A DIARY OF AMERICAN EVENTS originally published from 1861-1868 later republished by Arno Press in 1977. I especially call attention to Volume VIII, pages 351-353. Contained therein is a document called, TREATMENT OF SOUTHERNERS, authored by Union General William Tecumseh Sherman, on January 31st 1864 and sent to Union Major R. M. Sawyer, A. A., General, Army of the Tennessee at Huntsville, Alabama. As this document is quite long, I will only offer selected excerpts but encourage everyone to read the document in its entirety.

“We of the North are, beyond all question, right in our lawful cause… Should we treat as absolute enemies all in the South who differ from us in opinion or prejudice, kill or banish them…

The Government of the United States has in North-Alabama any and all rights which they may choose to enforce in war, to take their lives, their lands and their everything…because war does exist there and war is simply power unrestrained by constitution or compact…Next year their lands will be taken; for in war we can take them; and rightfully too; and in another year they may beg in vain for their lives.” (Emphasis added)

From this point forward in my Rant, I will offer evidence of wanton criminality, theft and even murder by the Union Army, perpetrated on citizens of the South, taken totally from UNION sources to alleviate any question of bias. These quotes come directly from, The War of the Rebellion: A compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. 128 Volumes and an Atlas, as produced by the US Government printing office compiled from 1880-1901.

On July 18, 1861, Union General Irwin McDowell, his army advancing toward what would become the Battle of Bull Run, notified his headquarters, “I…have to report excesses by our troops, the excitement of the men found vent in burning and pillaging.” On that same day General McDowell issued General Order No. 18 which read in part, “Hardly had we arrived at this place when several houses were broken open and others were in flames by the acts of [Union soldiers]”

Here, in the words of a Union General we find that homes of civilians were being pillaged and burned by Union forces even before the first shot was fired at the Battle of Bull Run, considered by many to be the first major battle of the war.
Another example from Major General Benjamin Butler, nicknamed “spoons” by his Confederate opponents because of his penchant for collecting silver utensils that belonged to the citizens of New Orleans when he was placed in command there. This quote was from when he was commanding the Dept. of Virginia on June 4 of 1861. “Volunteer Troops seem to have adopted the theory that all property of the inhabitants are subject to plunder…The outrages to be investigated are very grave.”

The following examples could certainly be used as corroboration of my previous Rant reference depredations by Union forces in Missouri. Please don’t forget reports of these incidents and quotes originated with UNION forces, therefore assume no bias.
From Union Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon, Commander, Army of the West in Springfield Missouri, 26 July 1861 in an order to the troops under his command, “The cases of plundering, wanton destruction of property, and disregard of personal rights, of which the general commanding has heard with pain, have been disgraceful to our troops.”

From Union Captain William E. Prince, First US Infantry to Union Brigadier General James S. Lane, “I hope you will crush out this marauding which is being enacted in Colonel James R. Dennison’s name as well as yours by a band of men representing themselves as belonging to your command. Doubtless their atrocities in Missouri have been already represented to you.”

Of course this despicable conduct by Union forces was not limited to Missouri. From Union Brigadier General Charles A. Smith, Special Order no. 32, issued on 11 November 1861 reference the criminal activities of forces under the command of Union BG Eleazer A. Paine in Kentucky.

“Reports of the most painful character have reached the commanding general from different sources in the regard to the conduct of a portion of the troops recently marched to Milburn [thirty one miles southwest of Paducah] under command of BG E. A. Paine. The imputations are of the most disgraceful character to them as soldiers or citizens—that in returning several regiments [the Ninth and Twelfth Illinois excepted] straggled home in parties without the semblance of military array—a mere armed mob; and that the property of citizens was wantonly destroyed, and in some instances robbery by violence committed.”

From North Carolina, 29 July 1861 near Hatteras. Union Colonel Rush C. Hawkins Ninth New York reported the following: “Conduct of the men and some of the officers of the Twentieth New York has been that of vandals. They have plundered and destroyed…The next day they commenced breaking open private houses and stores, and I saw party after party come in, some of them headed by commissioned officers, loaded down with the results of their plundering.”

There are of course far too many of these reports to list in one sitting. I do, though, considering the outrages previously mentioned about Missouri that came under question, the following should be mentioned of similar actions in Maryland.
On 11 September 1861, Secretary of War Simon Cameron instructed Union Major General Nathaniel P. Banks as follows: “Passage of any act of Secession by the legislature of Maryland must be prevented. If necessary all or any part of the legislators must be arrested.” One must remember Abraham Lincoln had previously suspended Habeas Corpus and issued an arrest warrant for Chief Justice Taney when he objected to that suspension.

Between the 12th and 17th of September in 1861, members of the Maryland legislature and other leading citizens were arrested by forces of the federal government. From Baltimore, Union Major General John A. Dix to Union General Wool at Fortress Monroe: “The following…have been taken into custody by order of the Government: George William Brown, mayor of Baltimore; members elect of the legislature, S. Teakle Wallace, Henry M. Warfield, Charles H. Pitts, T. Parkin Scott, Lawrence Sangston, Ross Winans, John Hanson Thomas, William G. Harrison, Leonard G. Quinlan, and Robert M. Dennison. Henry May, member of Congress and Thomas W. Hall, citizens of Baltimore. The direction of the Secretary of War is to keep them in close custody, suffering no one to communicate with them.”
Remember please the incidents quoted above came from the official records created and maintained by the US Government. The government freely admits to these atrocities and violations of our Constitution and Bill of Rights because most people don’t know where to search and all to many really don’t care. The government and their lapdogs depend on a pliant media and the ignorance of the masses to perpetrate their lies to the contrary. I hope the evidence found here will constitute “corroboration” for those who seek it or at the very least create a thirst for the truths of our own history.

Considering the above, can there be any doubt as to why Adolf Hitler praised Abraham Lincoln in Mein Kampf? The real question is why so many recent presidents like to be compared to Lincoln and why does the Republican Party refer to themselves as the Party of Lincoln and celebrate “Lincoln Day?”

Are most Republicans that ignorant of their own history or do they secretly condone the actions of Lincoln; After all, many people, including those in government employ, believe that government exists not to protect their rights but to project their beliefs and desires onto others at the point of a gun. Seen in that light, Lincoln is a real champion and worthy of celebration.
In Liberty

Missouri & our 2nd War for Independence (Gaddy)

Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 14:14:33 -0600
Subject: REBEL RANT FOR 7/6/2014


“In Northern Missouri the irregularities of the soldiers—such as taking poultry, pigs, milk, butter, preserves, potatoes, horses, and in fact everything they want; entering and searching houses, and stealing in many cases; committing rapes on the negroes and such like things—the effect has been to make a great many union men inveterate enemies…Then drunkenness is a great curse of officers and men…I can fully substantiate all I have written.” ~John T.K. Hayward, Unionist and general agent for the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, August 13, 1861 in a letter forwarded to Secretary of War, Simon Cameron as found in War of the Rebellion: A compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Volume 3 page 459
(Authors note: I was fortunate recently to meet a man, Robert Arnold of St. Louis, Missouri, who as a fellow ancestor of those who valiantly fought for Liberty in our Second War for Independence, graciously provided me with the following account of the actual events as they occurred in Missouri during this sordid period in our history. Rest assured, Mr. Arnold’s revelation will not be included in the history books read or studied by your children and grandchildren. My thanks to you, Mr. Arnold)

“Missouri had voted to remain in the Union but refused Lincoln’s call to arms. Here’s Gov. Claiborne Jackson’s reply to Washington DC, during April, 1861:

“Your dispatch of the 15th instant, making a call on Missouri for four regiments of men for immediate service has been received. There can be, I apprehend, no doubt but that the men are intended to form a part of the President’s army to make war on the people of the seceded states. Your requisition, in my judgment, is illegal, unconstitutional and revolutionary in its object; inhumane, diabolical and cannot be complied with. Not one man will Missouri furnish to carry on such an unholy crusade……(signed) Claiborne F. Jackson, Governor.”

Immediately upon receipt of the above, Lincoln ordered a military invasion and take-over of Missouri. Gov. Jackson activated the Missouri State Guard in his defense. The Guard was placed under the command of Sterling Price, himself a former MO governor. The Union army of invasion consisted of mostly Germans from the East, placed under the command of Gen. Lyons, who was stationed in St. Louis at the time. Lyons was ordered to oust Gov. Jackson and the legislature from the capitol and to occupy the state. They took over Jefferson City at bayonet point, Jackson and the legislature escaping ahead of the invaders. They traveled along with Price and the State Guard. Lincoln appointed a temporary governor, Hamilton Rowan Gamble.

Following several skirmishes between the MO State Guard and the Union army invaders, there resulted the Battle of Wilson’s Creek near Springfield, MO, or as we prefer to call it, the Battle of Oak Hills. Lyons was killed and the Union army defeated. It was the first major battle of the war west of the Mississippi.

Following that fight, Jackson and the state legislators convened near Carthage, MO, and submitted an act of secession from the Union.

“Whereas the government of the United States, in the possession and under the control of a sectional party, has wantonly violated the compact originally made between said government and the State of Missouri by invading with hostile armies the soil of the state, attacking and making prisoners of the militia while legally assembled under the state laws, forcibly occupying the state capitol and attempting through the instrumentality of domestic traitors to usurp the state government, seizing and destroying private property and murdering with fiendish malignity peaceable citizens, men, women and children, together with other acts of atrocity, indicating a deep seated hostility toward the people of Missouri and their institutions, and…

“Whereas the present administration of the government of the United States has utterly ignored the Constitution, subverted the government as constructed and intended by its makers, and established a despotic and arbitrary power instead thereof: Now, therefore,

“Be it enacted by the general assembly of the State of Missouri, that all political ties of every character now existing between the government of the United States of America and the people and government of the State of Missouri are hereby dissolved and the State of Missouri resuming the sovereignty granted by compact to the said United States upon admission of said State into the Federal Union, does again take its place as a free and independent republic amongst the nations of the earth..

“This act to take effect and be in force from and after its passage.”

Passed by the State Senate October 28, 1861
Passed by the State House of Representatives October 30, 1861
Signed into effect by Gov. Claiborne Fox Jackson October 31, 1861.”

Following its announced secession from the Union, Missouri applied for admission to the Confederate States of America and was admitted into the CSA by act of her Congress during November, 1861, as the 12th state in the CSA and as the 12th star in her various flags.

Nay-sayers to this very day will contend the legislation that passed the above act of secession from the Union was not in quorum. It has been counted that they were in quorum, and besides, it doesn’t make sense that they would take such action without a quorum. Nay-sayers will then argue that they’d been ousted from the capitol in favor of Federal appointees, and were therefore not the legitimate state government, but we argue that they were the elected state government.

Price took the State Guard into Arkansas where they were merged into the regular Confederate army and he was commissioned a Brig. General. Gov. Jackson died during war, in Little Rock, and the Lt. Gov. took the legislature to Marshall, TX, where he continued to conduct the affairs of state until war’s end. To this day, Marshall, TX, brags that it’s the only city in America to host another state’s government. During the war, Price was asked to assume command in the east, under Lee, but Price refused his own president by saying that his only concern was his home state. He twice led armies back into Missouri. The first attempt was repelled and the second was still underway when the war ended. Price went to Mexico after the war, then to England, before returning to St. Louis after things calmed down, where he was greeted with a ticker-tape parade. He originated the Price Mercantile Company, but died in St. Louis at a relatively early age. He’s buried beneath a large monument in St. Louis’s Bellefontaine cemetery.

The Union army had camps in nearly every county in Missouri for the duration, occupying the state under martial law. Lincoln appointed representatives to the United States Congress from Missouri while at the same time Missouri sent representatives to the CSA Congress. One of Lincoln’s cabinet members was from St. Louis – I believe it was Blair. So both countries claimed Missouri during the war, and I suppose that had the South won its independence, Missouri would have been part of the new country.”

“There is a Southern Accent, where I come from.
The young’uns call it country, the Yankees call it dumb.
I got my own way of talkin, but everything is done
With a Southern Accent, where I come from.”
Southern Accents, lyrics by Tom Petty, performed by Johnny Cash

In Liberty

“Most human beings only think they want freedom. In truth they yearn for the bondage of social order, rigid laws, materialism. The only freedom man really wants, is the freedom to become comfortable.”

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day . . . . I believe it [human condition] susceptible of much improvement, and most of all, in matters of government and religion; and that the diffusion of knowledge among the people is to be the instrument by which it is effected.” Thomas Jefferson, April 24, 1816 . (to Dupont de Nemours)


Another salvo from the United Nations’ Agenda 21. July 5, 2014

Remember when the downtown bunch was touting “Quality of Place”, in all likelihood it was one the first shots fired into Fort Smith by Agenda 21 and the “Sustainable” bunch. So when City Manager Ray Gosack and his enablers were using the phrase “Quality of Place” just what were they saying?

Parks Director Mike Alsup and Frontier Engineering are bantering around the new phrase “Event Nodes”…does anyone believe the aforementioned two or Gosack & his crew came up with that phrase? Not if you have one eye open.

The project that brought “Event Nodes” into the conversation is geared toward building a 12-foot-wide riverside path accompanied by a bridge. The phrase “Event Nodes” is the eloquent definition for benches. According to Alsup it’s “where there are benches and you can sit down”. Alsup goes on to say “There will be a shade structure so you can get out of the sun”. What, no fans? What else is covered by the phrase “Event Nodes”?

Overtaxed Fort Smith citizens are contributing $1 million to match Wal-Mart’s $1 million to cover the luxurious path. Observe the types of projects Wal-Mart so graciously subsidizes…most point to Agenda 21.

The stage is rapidly being constructed to encircle all U.S. urban areas for the purpose of mass control of citizens, limiting transportation (movement) accompanied by the numbers & size of vehicles, requiring in many cases bicycle transportation, new oversized trails as we see today to accommodate older & new forms of transportation, stack & pack the population in condensed multi-story housing, the rationing of water, food, & healthcare, to name only a few. Eventually any violation of the Agenda 21 rules will be labeled a crime.

These cute little phrases offered by NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) are leading to the death knell of our republic and the individuals and corporations we elect & hire to protect our freedoms and property are steadily selling us out. Unfortunately, Fort Smith is only a microcosm of what is happening nationally and globally. DO THE RESEARCH!

Low-information voters are making it all possible by reelecting politicians for decades—gross stupidity.
Related to the above are the orchestrated invasions by illegal Hispanics that in all likelihood will continue unabated due to the criminal corruption of Marxist President Barack Hussein Obama and Democrat & Republican officeholders. . The illegal child invasion (only one facet of the illegal invasions), occurring on our SW border, the genesis of which is Obama, who has aligned himself and the Democrat Party with the leadership of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador, to bring about this heinous crime by any standard—the USE & ABUSE OF CHILDREN.

What are the odds that Wal-Mart, Microsoft, etc. are providing cash, supplies, food, transportation, etc. for the egregious Hispanic child invasion presently paralyzing our nation?

Joe McCutchen



Addressing politicians & bureaucrats as “Honorable”, plus the hue & cry for more jail/prison cells—WHY?

Issue #1. Calling a politician or bureaucrat “Honorable” is obscene and in the extreme, criminal. Two recent examples, (occurring during the week of June 16 makes the point) Commissioner of THE IRS, John Koskinen was caught lying on multiple occasions to a select congressional committee delving into the IRS scandals. Congressional lawmakers voted and passed an Amendment to put new limits (to reign in) on surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA). 3 of the 4 Arkansas Congressmen, Crawford, Cotton, & Womack voted against it–WHY? Each of the 3 demonstrated they have an utter disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, e.g. violation of Amendments Four, Nine & Ten. The 3 can only be described as warmongers. The 3 congressmen, along with Senators Pryor & Boozman have launched numerous other unconstitutional attacks on individual freedoms. Cited below are more examples of their traitorous conduct: passage of the Patriot Acts, neutering Posse Comitatus & Habeas Corpus, Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, National Defense Authorization Act (can only be described as the most diabolical act ever perpetrated against Americans), National Security Agency NSA (wiretapping, spying/frying drones). The recently passed Amendment to restrict many of the surveillance activities (described above) using drones by the NSA was answered by the NSA saying they were too large and the computer system was too big for them to abide by the new edict laid down by congress. So much for the rule of law. The 5 (#6 is not running for reelection) can only be described as traitorous enablers for participating in anti-constitutional conduct. Accompanying the aforementioned criminal acts and remaining unresolved are: the scandalous Fast & Furious, spying on the Associated Press, unilateral attack on Libya, the Benghazi slaughter, the IRS scandal, and let’s not forget the illegal invasions on our southwest border. 25-35 million illegals are presently here and thousands of children are being dumped weekly, and U.S. congressional bodies are too cowardly to stop these invasions orchestrated by Pres. Barack Hussein Obama.

Where is the citizen outrage regarding the many criminal assaults being waged against American citizens by the U.S. President and the complicit Congress & Senate as well as the enabling Federal Government—all departments?

The whole of American government is constitutionally bankrupt & corrupt, yet Americans continue to reelect these governmental thugs decade after decade; therefore who’s to blame for the destruction of our once vaunted republic? Citizen fools, of course.

Americans stupidly continue to support the two corrupted political parties, the Democrat welfare party, and the Republican warmongers, also known as the Party of Irrelevance. In the new 21st century the warmongering Republican Party and its coterie of enablers have either partially or totally destroyed 7 countries on the way to Global hegemony financed with fiat money and will ultimately result in a global conflagration.

Voting for the “lesser of two evils” means approval of what the lesser evil is doing to you. Only when votes are withdrawn, i.e. refusing to vote, then you command their attention, politicians & bureaucrats will then understand that the citizens now comprehend their scurrilous game of unconstitutional and criminal behavior in which they are wallowing—bottom up.

Issue #2. More jail cells.

Politicians & bureaucrats have only one solution to a problem or crisis, i.e. more taxpayer theft. Do we need more jail/prison cells, answer; absolutely not and here are some of the reasons why.

Corrupt politicians refuse to enforce immigration laws, in all likelihood a criminal involvement refusing to enforce existing immigration laws (See 8 USC), specifically those securing our national borders and mass-deportations, all part of the U.S. Criminal Code. All the while military & civilian forces are quasi-securing the borders of such postage stamps of terror, e.g. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Israel…to name a few. In the meantime the U.S. southwestern border is more porous than a sieve and is the recipient of one of the most onerous & skillfully constructed invasions in the history of man. Ratcheted up by the Marxist/Racist U.S. President Barack Obama. The invasion bringing in tens of thousands of young people fully understanding they may walk into the U.S. without one visible obstacle, resulting in not only their illegal presence but reintroducing diseases and many acting as Drug Mules. Obama is the genesis of this draconian nation-killing crime. The collusion orchestrated by the Democrat party in no way is being challenged by the Party of Irrelevance. Not one elected politician has the backbone to stand firm and quote existing immigration laws with the demand they be enforced to the letter. For instance, Governor Perry of Texas and Gov. Brewer of Arizona do not have the Constitutional will to call out their respective National Guards and post them on their borders and use the WWII courage, Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Not one word from the Arkansas Six on this social and military crisis. The Six are political self-serving cowards and all are hunkering down like infants in a bassinet. Same goes for all the rest. Citizens refuse to deal with the intent and results of these invasions. The White Founding Stock of our republic is rapidly becoming victim of a purposeful genocide. Our homeland is now little more than a legal & illegal 3rd world international dumping ground, brought to citizens by the white congressional majority.

Addressing jail/prison cells:

The question becomes how many foreign nationals, legal & illegal, are incarcerated in our jails and prisons? The numbers are mighty and all under this description should be physically deported immediately. Recently 36,000 hardened illegal criminals were released by Obama.

A politician and/or a bureaucrat will never offer an objective solution, all the bums know is MORE FUNDING. Does it occur to anyone that reducing the sentences by ½ of all white collar crime would free up tens of thousands of cells? For this to occur the voting public must get the attention of prosecutors of all stripes, judges of all stripes and citizens who make up juries. The sentences that are handed out pertaining to white collar crime in most cases are draconian and serve no useful purpose. Actually the sentences represent lodestones hanging from the necks of American taxpayers. Federal judges & prosecutors are the guiltiest. State Legislators, referencing state laws, could remedy this brutal assault on productive citizens in one fell swoop. Begin by ferreting out every law dealing with white collar crime (crime that has inflicted no pain on his fellow man/woman) and write one law that states “FROM THIS DAY FORWARD ALL WHITE COLLAR CRIME THAT CAN BE REASONABLY DESCRIBED AS SUCH, BE REDUCED BY ONE-HALF”. The Attorney General and his staff could use this blanket statement and fashion a law which would serve all Arkansans and Americans.

It’s way past time to quit playing beach ball with government thugs, self-servers, and many times outright criminals.

Away with Political Correctness! The claim of a nation is secure borders resulting in sovereignty & stability, not a borderless mass of real estate with no authority or protections for native American citizens.

Joe McCutchen

The Un-Civil War–government & the Banksters (Gaddy)


“Conspirators do not make minutes of their machinations, progress, and objectives. Seldom, therefore, can conspiracy be proved by other than circumstantial evidence. It is only by assembling the results, with such evidence as may be of the progress thereof by the participants, that the victim can ever make a case of conspiracy. If in the end there is a completed structure of result, the frame of which has been furnished piecemeal by several individuals, the parts when brought together showing adaptation to each other and fitness for the end accomplished, it is at least reasonable to infer concert in both planning and fabrication.” ~Scheele v. Union Finance & Loan Co., 200 Minn. 554 at 560, 274 N. W. 673 at 678 (1937). (Emphasis added)

Prior to, during and shortly after our Second War for Independence, the Constitutional Republic designed and ratified by our forefathers was hijacked and destroyed by members of the International Banking Cartel and their bought and paid for stooges in government, including members of Congress, Cabinet Members and members of the US Supreme Court. This form of unconstitutional governance has continued to the present day, continually utilizing whores for our government and we are reaping the full whirlwind of that wind sown back in the 1850s.

These politicians, members of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government and their useful idiots throughout the last 154 years are synonymous with the “conspirators” referenced in the court case quoted above.

Our government is operated by criminals; we are hopelessly mired in a debt from which there is no recovery; members of our military who should be protecting our borders and our Bill of Rights are dying and being maimed or taking their own lives, not for God and Country but for the financial bottom line of those who have corrupted our government; our basic individual rights are blown away like leaves in a hurricane and we are slaves today to those same interests who hijacked our government those many years ago.

All of the above has occurred not because our Constitution does not work or needs amending, it has occurred precisely because it was abandoned and justified with the blatant and patently false belief that it was necessary to perpetuate a union by force of arms inflicting hundreds of thousands of deaths and to free a race of people who today are in bondage to a welfare system, black on black crime, abject poverty, and institutionalized ignorance, just as, if not more, heinous and unjust than chattel slavery.

We can no more change this pattern of corruption and mendacity by electing new members to the criminal cabal who will in turn appoint and support more unconstitutional bureaucrats than we could change the overall results of organized crime by electing or appointing a new hitman for the mafia.

One of those “hitmen” in our history who was bought and paid for and spent most of his adult life destroying our Constitutional Republic was Salmon P. Chase. Chase was one of the “founders,” if you will, of the Republican Party and was elected Senator from Ohio in 1860.

When Lincoln was elected president, he appointed Chase to be Secretary of the Treasury, not because of any special talent for that position but because Chase had supported Lincoln at the Republican Party Convention. (party politics at its best) Chase is often referred to as a “civil rights activist” by historians; again the unmentioned intimation is if a person of that era was an abolitionist then whatever they did must be viewed in history as justifiable. Any form of corruption is acceptable and even laudable if it is cloaked in the color of “civil rights.”

It is irresponsible to mention Chase without also mentioning the “Hazard Circular.” In all probability this is an object in history that is almost completely unheard of to most people, but using the theory established in the quote at the beginning of this article, one must not discount the object if the results are obvious, even if by doing so we are called conspiracy theorists by those who wish to cloak their crimes in decency.

It is necessary to demonize those who might present the Circular as evidence because it was circulated to the American Bankers by none other than the Bank of England. The Bank of England was founded by William Paterson in 1694 who once said, “The bank hath benefit of interest on all monies which it creates out of nothing.” Need I say more?

Hazard Circular: “Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power, and chattel slavery abolished. This, I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor, and carries with it the care of labor, while the European plan, led on by England, is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages.

The great debt that capitalists will see to it is made out of the [Civil] war must be used to control the value of money. To accomplish this, the Government bonds must be used as a banking basis.

We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States to make this recommendation.
It will not do to allow greenbacks, as they are called, to circulate as money any length of time, as we cannot control that, but we can control the bonds and through them the bank issues.” (Emphasis added)

We can discern from the Hazard Circular that Secretary Chase was being manipulated or controlled by the banking cabal. While there are those on the left and right who deny the existence of this circular and the cabal’s control of Chase, and by default, Lincoln, we must ask ourselves did the events as predicted in the circular actually occur.

Secretary Chase proposed and supported the National Banking Acts of 1863 and 1864.

“Government bonds must be used as a banking basis….We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States to make this recommendation.” ~Hazard Circular.

Secretary Chase, realizing the necessity of collecting taxes in order to continue the war of aggression on the people and property of the South, also created the Bureau of Internal Revenue or what we commonly refer to today as the IRS. Just another blatantly unconstitutional bureaucracy.

Chase was also ambitious and challenged Lincoln for the presidency in 1864 and would eventually run for president again in 1868 and 1872 while sitting as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Chase would use his position on the Supreme Court to further the interests of the banking cabal, especially in Texas v White.
Chase, as Chief Justice, also presided over the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson, whom the Radical Republicans who supported Reconstruction schemed to impeach in part because Johnson called the Reconstruction Act of 1867 a “bill of attainder against 9 million people, absolute despotism” and stated in his veto, “such a power has not been wielded by any Monarch in England in 500 years.”

In Texas v. White, Chase completed the destruction of the Constitutional Republic as established in 1788, the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of 1791 and obliterated the “consent of the governed” clause of the Declaration of Independence of 1776. Chase converted the “free and independent states” of our founders to the highly centralized and controlled government we have today.

For many decades students in accredited law schools have been taught that the Constitution means whatever the Supreme Court says it does, as if our founders had no meaning in mind when they wrote the words and phrases; that these meanings were founded on Natural and Common law; were thoroughly explained in the Ratification Conventions and are not subject to radical judicial interpretation. The trouble is many of the politicians running for office today and all too many ordinary citizens believe judges to be the gods of wisdom as to our founders’ intent.

No person will ever pass the BAR if they recognize Secession or Nullification as being legal. Therefore, when the question of Nullification or Secession is brought up, the almost immediate referral is to Texas v White. It is imperative one knows that when Texas v White was litigated, Texas was living under martial law and had no representation among the people or free elections.

There was a motion made during the legal proceedings to dismiss the case on the basis Texas was not a “state’ at the time of the proceedings but was in fact a “conquered territory under military occupation.” To suit his banking cartel handlers and forever taint legal precedent, Chase denied the motion and stated that despite Texas being prostrated and impotent under military rule, she was still a state. Against all intentions of our founders and those who ratified the Constitution, Chase claimed that we are an “indestructible union of indestructible states.”

To insure the interest is paid on their fraudulent loans and bonds to our central government, the banking cabal cannot allow any state to relieve themselves of the obligation to pay by simply opting out of the violated compact. Therefore, Chase stepped up to the plate for the bankers and rendered the desired decision. In return Chase’s likeness was placed on the $10,000 note and his name is forever memorialized by one of the most powerful financial institutions in the Federal Reserve District on Wall Street.

“They [Radical Republicans in Congress] insisted that the existing governments of the Southern states be abolished. Also, to the Radical Republicans, the defeated Southern states offered a unique opportunity for a large-scale social experiment. They viewed the population of the South as simply a human chessboard. Central planners in Washington could micromanage the region and Federal troops would force compliance with their dictates. It was a bureaucrat’s dream come true. (Different from today, how? We have federal agencies and militarized law enforcement.)

Radical Reconstruction laws, which were passed over Johnson’s vetoes, consolidated the 10 excluded Southern states into 5 “military districts.” The responsibility for most civic functions, including elections, was removed from local communities and assumed by military governors. These governors were appointed by the Federal government and given unheard of powers. Registered voters, suspected of having aided or abetted the Confederate war effort, could be removed from voting lists at the discretion of the appointed governor. He could also add voters to the list if he believed they had been incorrectly omitted.

Entrances to polling places were controlled by Federal troops. When voting was complete, ballots were sealed and transported to military headquarters to be counted. Next, the ballot tally had to be certified behind closed doors by the military governor and his appointees known as a “returning board” who would determine the “intent” of the voters. Needless to say, the Republican ticket carried every election in the occupied Southern states. ~Gail Jarvis, Evil Republicans. (Emphasis added)

Is the unconstitutional view that “might makes right” and we are slaves to a large central government without the right to peacefully remove ourselves from this tyranny and oppression common today? Of course it is; just listen to the shills and sycophants who say that the law is whatever the Supreme Court says it is and if that fails to convince you, read the words of one of the current members of the Supreme Court.

When asked by a playwright if a state could legally secede, the very “conservative” Justice Antonin Scalia replied:

“I am afraid I cannot be of much help with your problem, principally because I cannot imagine that such a question could ever reach the Supreme Court. To begin with, the answer is clear. If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede. (Hence, in the Pledge of Allegiance, “one Nation, indivisible.”) Secondly, I find it difficult to envision who the parties to this lawsuit might be. Is the State suing the United States for a declaratory judgment? But the United States cannot be sued without its consent, and it has not consented to this sort of suit…”

Here, echoing Samuel P. Chase, Scalia claims that the “war” or guns, bullets, death and destruction settled a constitutional issue, not the intent of our founders. He also referenced the Pledge of Allegiance, a piece of national socialist drivel of which Hitler would be proud; written by a de-frocked minister who preached “Jesus the Socialist” from the pulpit, was a founding member of Boston’s First Nationalist Club and a leader in the movement to nationalize this country’s economy.

The pledge, a ritual chant in support of government, compels one to ask is such a pledge appropriate for a free people? Since the banking cartel controls our government are we chanting allegiance to them as well? Would a free and independent people not be better served pledging allegiance to the Bill of Rights?

We labor today under a tyrannical de facto government that is diametrically opposed to the government our founders created and the delegates to the State Ratification Conventions agreed to.

Our government today is the evil spawn of the bankers and their bought and paid for splendid dupes in the White House, Congress, Courts and unconstitutional bureaucracies that Patrick Henry referred to as “federal sheriffs.” This government, under the guise of preserving the Union and freeing an oppressed people, has made slaves of us all. It cannot be remedied at the ballot box by voting for incumbents or those endorsed by the leadership of the two major parties.

“War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is strength.” ~George Orwell, 1984
In Liberty
Mike Gaddy

“Most human beings only think they want freedom. In truth they yearn for the bondage of social order, rigid laws, materialism. The only freedom man really wants, is the freedom to become comfortable.”

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day . . . . I believe it [human condition] susceptible of much improvement, and most of all, in matters of government and religion; and that the diffusion of knowledge among the people is to be the instrument by which it is effected.” Thomas Jefferson, April 24, 1816 . (to Dupont de Nemours)



Knowingly or unknowingly Fort Smith’s city mayor and the Board of Directors are poised to lay the foundation for another government bureaucracy resulting in more assaults on citizen rights.

It may rightly be concluded that the aforementioned have no information pertaining to the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and the ensuing purposes thereof. Yes, a continuation of the Globalist’s wipeout of middleclass Americans, the last impediment before selected elitists monopolize international politics and control.

This is another example of Americans caught snoozing while elected officials through ignorance, complicity, enabling, or self-service ensure, that unless citizens arm themselves quickly with knowledge regarding this freedom stealing cancer known as Agenda 21 which will surely destroy the last remnants of individual liberty.

Again, it must be pointed out that the two U.S. Senators, Pryor & Boozman and the 3 remaining U.S. Congressmen, Womack, Griffin, & Crawford have silently stood by, which indicates they approve of Agenda 21 and furthermore: have failed to discuss with their respective constituencies the width & breadth of the freedom destroying globalist pariah. Recall if you will the Arkansas Congressional delegation has made no public statements or engaged in debate regarding other monumental national tragedies, i.e. Fast & Furious, Associated Press, IRS, Benghazi, NSA (National Security Agency), NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), Obamacare, Latin Americans dumping their children unattended in the Southwestern Border States demanding asylum. The Ark. Congressional delegation can only be called a motley crew of incompetence and cowardice.

The battle cry for Agenda 21 is the word “SUSTAINABLE”.

Agenda 21 requires a paid subscription for membership. Agenda 21 is not a new globalist endeavor and is certainly not endowed with political rectitude.

In Arkansas former North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hayes was president of the National organization of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Note the word INTERNATIONAL. Today, more than 1200 cities, towns, counties and their associations in 84 countries comprise ICLEI’s membership. 43 countries convened at its inaugural conference, the World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future at the United Nations in 1990. Note WORLD CONGRESS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENTS & SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. Global headquarters in Bonn, Germany. Note: does Fort Smith & Sebastian County have memberships?

1. Agenda 21 is being implemented incrementally by messengers in academia.
2. Note the appearance of Michelle Halsell before the Fort Smith Board of Directors and other notables. Halsell, a product of big government and its frontal assault against middleclass America. In typically bureaucratic jargon it is said she accepted another “launch” opportunity as the Managing Director of the Applied Sustainability Center, This particular globalist endeavor deals with CONTROL of consumer products, and all the forgoing and following have to do with citizen CONTROL in some form or other. Is it possible that any of the official city family took the time to read about Halsell’s background?
3. Regionalism takes power from the electorate and redistributes to politicians and bureaucrats leaving citizens with little or no say so over their private or public affairs.
4. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). Their job is to sell Agenda 21 on phony issues, i.e. jobs, environment, etc.
5. Private property rights will evaporate.

Agenda 21’s goal is to stack and pack citizens (stackem & packem) in high-rise, small living spaces in urban areas and at the same time restrict or places limitations on all manner of transportation routes, modes, distances, etc. Note: e.g. the emergence of bicycle trails going nowhere. The U.N. is busily taking over hundreds of thousands of acres of state or privately owned lands with no authority except brute force. Same for water and other natural resources. Blue Ray has temporarily been scotched by the efforts of Secure Arkansas & citizen efforts.

For more information regarding Agenda 21 log on to and enter Agenda 21 and/or ICLEI into the search engine. Another excellent source is . by Tom DeWeese is a comprehensive national resource on the subject.

Joe McCutchen

Tax Collecting/County Misfeasance?

Voter Ignorance & Political Corruption du jour: May 21, 2014

It was disappointing once again to see ignorance and corruption on display, i.e. those Sebastian County voters who chose to reelect Judith Miller as the County Assessor/Collector—misfeasance brought to us by the county judge and quorum court?

Her glaring lack of an academic background, coupled with duplicitous procedures, along with other deficiencies, and most particularly when voters had an excellent choice of a candidate with an impressive academic background, the ability to delegate and business experiences in the private sector.

There is a more egregious factor, a lack of fiscal responsibility, apparently orchestrated by Sebastian County Judge David Hudson and members of the quorum court. The benefactor was and is Collector Judith Miller’s salary/perks. Public servant Judith Miller is knocking down $82,500 per year, and perks e.g. health insurance, retirement, and who knows what else? How many folks with only a high school education in the private sector do you know who are in charge of multi-millions of dollars & being paid that kind of money? Examples of taxpayer abuse run amok. Question: who is the progenitor of the $82,500 salary?

Her salary is obscene and no doubt built on insider political scheming. Miller’s position at best should pay no more than $45-50,000 taxpayer bucks per year, plus perks.

It will be interesting to learn what financials the rest of our county luminaries enjoy. It is said that Quorum Court members are provided with high priced dental insurance—if true, more taxpayer abuse.

The above……A classic example of the political form of welfare.

Joe McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return