Government slush funds & no accountability

Fort Smith city government, taxpayer distribution money policy.
November 2, 2015

It appears they have no policy except tax & spend, never a “make do” policy.

Re: City Manager Dingman stating to the TR last week that the Board was not to use this year’s General Fund remaining balance in calculating the new budget. Why? At the very least an obfuscation and lacking in ethics


On whose authority did this directive originate –Dingman, the Board, the City Treasurer or the City Attorney, or…..?

This type of misconduct always sets the stage for more taxes. Whatever the amount, $1,000 or millions, it needs to be accounted for in next year’s budget, to the penny & taxpayers made aware of the exact amount of the surplus.

Last week I posed a number of questions related to depositing this year’s budget surplus into the General Fund and what makes this act even more sinister is the horrific debt this government has incurred due to malfeasance, misfeasance, etc. The article can be found at

Another matter pertaining to tax dollars—thievery at worst.

The Arkansas General Assembly empowered themselves several years ago with a bank account known as The General Improvement Funds (GIF) which has most recently been shown some interest by the FBI. Wonder what got their attention?

This year the legislature set aside $20 million for Gov. Hutchinson to use as he sees fit, and another $20 million for the General Assembly members to use as they see fit.

More ethical corruption and political thievery. If the legislators policy is to give 35 members of the Senate and the 100 Representatives equal amounts, that would be $150,000 each, but I believe state senators receive considerably more. This is nothing more than a vote buying, power buying, corrupt scheme.

I’m sure Senator Jake Files will come forth and relate to his constituency how he has divvied up his shares over the years he has been in the legislature, as a Rep and a Senator.

What would you bet that Files has dumped in thousands to the so-called “private enterprise” (huge lie) known as Griffin & Sicard’s Marshal Museum and to the financially bloated UAFS? Sooner rather than later, if the MM is completed the taxpayers will inherit it in toto.

Joe McCutchen

Government logic = 3 Monkeys


(Times Record…October 28, 2015)

Executive Director Claude Legris begins this exercise in typical government bloviating nonsense.
That followed by arrogant ineptitude by the actions of the Mayor and City Board.

First in glowing terms, Legris says how well the Convention Center is doing financially. Followed by the admission the failed institution is continuing to be subsidized to the tune of $770,000 taxpayer dollars per year.

Now the kicker: our city “leaders” (in this case the Mayor & City Board) want to divert the Convention Center’s allowance of $770,000 per year to the defunct Fire & Police Pension fund (where did the money go?), mostly due to the departed City Manager Ray Gosack & this and other Mayors, City Boards and City Managers.

And now the blockbuster, in typical government thuggery, the City Board & the Mayor to cover-up their ineptitudes want to enact a ½ % Sales Tax to be awarded to, you guessed it, Claude Legris and the rest of the overpaid Convention Center crowd.
Only in government can this kind of mentality not only survive, but reign supreme!

The Ft. Smith City government and the Ft. Smith Public School Superintendent Benny Gooden along with the School Board can only leave you shaking your head and asking what in the hell is going on?

Joe McCutchen

Forced Multiculturalism for Profit

It must be true. (Reported in today’s Times Record) October 21, 2015

While on his hands & knees Richard Griffin’s new bag man Mitch Minnick speaking to the Fort Smith Mayor & Board of Directors was “begging”….”Please pass the Capital Improvement Plan” worth $1.1 million. Of course, the CIP is HUD.

Minnick continued speaking & claimed the Housing Authority has a mission mandated by the State Constitution to provide housing for those in need.

Tell us Mr. Minnick, in what Article & what Section the Arkansas State Constitution mandates housing for “those in need”? Since the Mayor & City Board did not question Minnick’s Constitutional claim, are they complicit or ignorant?

“The Ft. Smith Housing Authority is in some type of partnership with the city of Fort Smith”. “Some type” of partnership certainly deserves some detailed questioning. The city of Fort Smith has way too much money and in fact if there is a shortage in police/fire pensions, $500 millions in EPA federal demands to rehab the sewer department, $300,000 in fines, etc. it is all due to gross misapplication of funds.

Now the crux of the matter: HUD, (in this case to be enforced by Richard Griffin & his new man Mitch Minnick) recently finalized a rule that will force local communities to build “evenly distributed neighborhoods based on income and race”. Translation: the goal is impregnating predominantly white neighborhoods with minorities, which is HUD’s & their players’ “multicultural, politically correct dream”, i.e. destroy Western Civilization for profit.

In 2012 HUD dispersed about $3.8 billion of these grants to almost 1200 cities. Question: Did the Fort Smith city government take some of the HUD bait? If so, our city government will now need federal approval so they will meet government’s racial guidelines.

The question was asked, “What about local jurisdiction over zoning matters?” HUD’s answer was “Forget about that”.

Another forced takeover of private property rights by the ever corrupt federal government. The above has nothing to do with housing discrimination, which has been illegal since the 1960’s.

Not everyone can afford to live in every community due to high demand for housing in certain areas. Home values are determined by market forces, not racism.

Every evil act by government involves three classes of people sucking up welfare…minorities and deadbeats on the low end, politicians & bureaucrats on the high end. Nothing being done to protect and save the rights of middleclass America who are the foundation of this nation and create 67% of jobs. Yet we continue to allow these avaricious slovenly takers to destroy our freedom and property rights.

Joe McCutchen

No Limits To Political Correctness–the Bane of Mankind

Sellouts by the numbers October 16, 2015

Fort Smith Superintendent of Schools Benny Gooden’s sellouts appear to be complete…at least at this point.

Before the explanation, let it be said that if honorable, legal results are to be obtained, Gooden and his legal/political entanglements may come to haunt him.

First off: His purge of Southside High School’s Southern icons and all things Southern occurring in secrecy and the excommunication of the Rebel mascot was never voted on to this day and the purging of Dixie & Johnny Reb never had a full vote of the Fort Smith School Board.
Gooden’s egregious acts occurred without any notification to “we the people” of Fort Smith, AR.

Gooden’s purge was built on a 4 word phrase “It was my perception”. His explanation is fraught with corruption.

In a supreme show of financial arrogance he now proposes a $300,000-$500,000 expenditure for the Southside Mascot makeover.

The Fort Smith School Board can only be described as a collection of Gooden enablers, with Dr. Deanie Mehl at the helm acting as the second-coming of the despised Yankee carpetbaggers (she is a Yankee) with a full bag of venom. For what reason, who knows?
The phony name change committee under the direction of Gooden came up with the name Maverick. The name being derived from a So. Carolina/Texas slaver.
The name Maverick was probably funneled to Gooden many months ago at the behest of the downtown cabal composed of Richard Griffin & Sammy Sicard, etc. to further their economic downtown activities, in this case, the behemoth known as the proposed Marshal’s Museum.

Griffin & Sicard, when introducing the proposed MM stated that it would be a “private endeavor”, i.e. funded by private investors…they lied. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been channeled into this endeavor through the actions of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, New Market Tax Credits, Grants, cash disbursements from the county, the city, the state, and another corrupt entity, the federal government.
They will now market the MM by using the Southside mascot and logo in pursuing their economic and political interests.

October 15, 2015 a news story appeared in the Times Record that demonstrated the political muscle maneuvering & deception that the Central Business District uses to accomplish their goals by utilizing their influence to prevent a citizen from putting a car dealership in one of the abandoned buildings (why?) that Griffin & Sicard label “Lower Towson Ave.” Obviously the term “Lower Towson Ave” is a takeoff on Charleston, SC use of the phrase “Low Country”. (Oops, something Southern again)

Towson Ave has obviously become the new hallowed ground for Griffin & Sicard and the question becomes how much of the property do the two control between Garrison and Sparks Hospital?

Historically, Confederate battles were fought in this area (Backbone Mountain–Greenwood, Massard, Prairie Grove, Pea Ridge, etc.) and region no matter how hard they try to revise it. And it was Southern culture/civilization which transformed a wild town on the edge of the “Badlands” into a center for rule of law and justice.

Honest promoters would have used this unique combination to enhance and entice. True Grit and Southern manners, culture & heritage melded into a rare commodity. Instead, politically correct, myopic “leaders” try to eradicate the South and then destroy the Western part with obscene murals on historical buildings downtown.

All those involved in these despicable actions are to be vilified, certainly not congratulated or admired.

Gooden, Griffin, & Sicard are using a public institution, Southside High School, if the mascot name Maverick prevails, must surely have some legal ramifications. Is there no limit to their greed? After all, it is not their own money being spent; it belongs to “we the people”.

Joe McCutchen

Government Protection Racket only includes them, not innocent victims.

Taking the liberty of writing my own opinion intro to this brilliant summary of an all too common injustice/torture visited upon innocent people/families who simply want to be left alone, stay out of the corrupt government systems and live peacefully according to their own honest beliefs…something once taken for granted, now evidently a “crime against the state”.

Evidently the self-sufficient family in question posed a threat to the Collectivist concept that everyone must need government dependence and was viewed by someone in the system as an enemy of the state which jealously demands control over every facet of our lives.

Visualize a huge governmentally controlled politically correct beehive in which the regulators, (would be totalitarians) dwell and function. Now picture an enormous impenetrable protection racket bubble surrounding the hive and any “maverick” that happens to get elected or appointed and who joins in as a participant is quickly vilified & drummed out, e.g. Ron Hubbard, Jonesboro.

It’s all for all; and no matter what corruption occurs, it is protected & thrives in the hives…no dissenters allowed. The longer the regulators reside in the hive the more contact with reality& justice they lose…to the point that anyone who presents facts which counter their desires/beliefs is attacked ad hominem as a racist, xenophobe, bigot, etc. Is it any wonder that the chasm between the hive dwellers and those toiling in the real world (who must both subsidize & suffer the consequences dealt out by the dwellers) is enormous and grows daily. There desperately needs to be term limits imposed on all elected & appointed official dwellers.

The regulating inhabitants of the hive prosper by plundering their subjects/victims, the normal taxpaying suckers, about whom they care little or enjoy torturing/terrifying..,especially dissenters of any kind…babies to elderly…thereby demonstrating their dire need/justification for their “position” or department, often “to keep us safe”.

Remember this as you read this account of one unfortunate family.,..,Gestapo anyone? By the way, whatever happened to the doctor who examined each child on site and declared them perfectly healthy in every way? Obviously ignored, but for what motivation? Did he ever object or protest? For that matter, has anyone in any official capacity even apologized to the family for such egregious behavior??

Now for the terrible irony worthy of Greek Mythology. The very judge who controlled & held sway in this egregious case of torture & deceit perpetrated on an innocent family, not long ago “forgot” about his 18 month old son & left him strapped in a car of inferno for at least 4 hours, when discovered the judge drove to a “friends” house before calling 911…the child was of course DEAD.

To my knowledge that “judge” has not been arrested or charged with anything as the beehive ghouls gather round to protect one of their own (which assures their own safety from aiding and abetting the false case against the innocent family). Imagine what would happen to one of their “subjects “in the real world in a similar irresponsible situation!! Most compelling is the question of what would happen if the “subject” fell into the jurisdiction/control of the Stanley Family’s Judge? As the Queen of Hearts would say “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!
P.S. For those utilizing quotes from the Scriptures…how about the one about reaping what you sow?
~Barbara McCutchen

The original of this can be found on the local on-line newspaper HOT SPRINGS DAILY. This 1st appeared on 9-28-15.
Stanley Family Attorney Writes Open Letter

September 28, 2015
4 909

Joe Churchwell of Hot Springs, attorney for the Stanley Family, has released an open letter.

Open Letter to Members of the
Legislature and Governor Asa Hutchinson

On the evening of January 12th, 2015 the Stanley family’s lives would be instantly and drastically changed forever. Based upon extreme and fantastic allegations of abuse and neglect (including intentional poisoning) a doctor equipped with diagnostics had accompanied the State Police, Garland County Sheriff’s Dept., DHS, Garland County Coroner, and a SWAT team to the Stanley’s home to examine the Stanley children for signs of neglect or abuse. This was the first doctor to have ever touched the Stanley children. No child of the Stanley’s had never stepped foot in a doctor’s office or hospital in their lives, yet he concluded that they were all healthy and lacked nothing in the way of medical care. Moreover, there was absolutely no evidence of neglect or abuse.

Despite this the children were removed from their home and separated from their Parents by the Garland County Sheriff’s Department. A Dependent Neglect case was opened, “services” ordered, hoops and hurdles and obstacles were placed between the parents and children. After being forcefully removed from their home and separated from their parents, the children were interrogated, showered, deloused, intrusively inspected, and placed in a strange place by strange people with no idea why or for how long. This was the very first night of many of these young children’s lives that they were not to be placed in their own beds by their parents after giving thanks for the blessings bestowed upon them by their Creator. The State held these children as captive as criminals while the parents jumped through the hoops, over the hurdles, and navigated the unnecessary and belittling obstacles placed before them (although these parents had at that time home-birthed, home schooled, and provided for nine children single-handedly, they were ordered to attend parenting classes among other “services”).

In time, the parents were allowed occasional, brief periods of supervised visitation with the children. After a few months the four youngest were returned home, and within approximately 6 months all of the Stanley children were given back to the parents that had burned, beaten, poisoned, and neglected them (according to the findings of Kathy Finnegan of the Arkansas State Police), but not before they were enrolled in public schools and indoctrinated by the State. During this time the children were forced into a way of life and a philosophy that was contrary to this family’s values and principles. In short, their innocence was lost and their way of life discredited while the Authorities showed them that there was no security in family and that they and their parents were worthless and powerless.

Ms. Finnegan substantiated the abuse and neglect citing 21 offenses against Hal and Michelle Stanley. 12 for educational neglect, 1 for bruising, 6 for poisoning, 1 for burning, and 1 for striking a child in the face or head; none of which are legitimate or supported by the evidence. To elaborate:

If the Arkansas State Police (ASP) Crimes Against Children Division (CACD) had followed protocol (in other words, obeyed the law they are sworn to uphold) none of these findings could have been supported by the evidence; not even when one takes the report prepared by the investigator as factual, credible, and reads it in a light most favorable to the state, or in a light least favorable to the Stanleys.
In my experience I have come to believe that there are two ways that erroneous true findings of abuse and neglect are determined by a child maltreatment investigator. They are either produced intentionally or incompetently. Intentionally produced true findings are a vehicle for punishment if the accused is perceived as being uncooperative, non-forthcoming, defiant or rude. In Hal and Michelle Stanley’s case, Finnegan implies in her Administrative Summary that she had no choice but to substantiate the allegations as a result of the Stanley’s refusal to submit to her interrogation. The truth is, nobody refused, and the Stanleys testified at great length under both direct and cross examination during the dependent neglect probable cause hearing, wherein the State was given an unlimited opportunity to question the Stanleys. Both were perfectly candid and forthcoming in their testimony.

A colleague of mine, James Murray, calls this sort of behavior “Contempt of Cop”.

The erroneous true findings of abuse and neglect that are produced by incompetence are easy enough to identify. There is a clear and concise manual (Publication 357) that defines the offenses of abuse and neglect contained within the Child Maltreatment Act. It does so for each offense separately and in great detail, and then it lists the elements of the offense; or the required evidence and acts or omissions of the parent/guardian or unrelated offender that must be present for an investigator to make a true finding. PUB-357 was promulgated long ago by DHS and is quite easy to follow and understand; provided that one can read and comprehend at a 3rd or 4th grade level. Because Investigators are required to have a baccalaureate degree, one may logically deduce that the protocol is either being ignored intentionally or the training and supervision within these agencies is grossly inadequate. The regulations and agreement between DHS and the ASP mandates that ASP investigators follow the same protocol as the DHS investigators.

Kathy Finnegan of the ASP testified before the Joint Performance Review Committee on July 30th, 2015, that she follows PUB-357’s guidelines in every case when determining if an allegation is true or false. Her commander, Major Ron Stayton was also present and testified that Finnegan’s supervisor, Michelle Gatlin and he were both involved with, and approved the true findings in the Stanley case.
There are only three possible explanations for Maj. Stayton and Ms. Finnegan’s testimony regarding the use of PUB-357 in substantiating the Stanley investigation.

1. Major Stayton and Ms. Finnegan perjured themselves before the Joint Performance Review Committee;
2. Major Stayton and Ms. Finnegan are unable to read and comprehend the information contained within an investigative file and apply those facts to very simple and clear elements contained within PUB-357; or
3. Major Stayton and Ms. Finnegan used a completely different Stanley family investigative file than was provided to their counsel by the Central Registry.

All players involved in Child Welfare, especially the investigators, know that a true finding (even if successfully appealed and overturned) can be disastrous to a family. The statewide average in Arkansas for true findings of abuse and neglect that were overturned on appeal in fiscal year 2015 is 45%. In Area 9, (Ms. Finnegan’s Area) 70% of true findings that were appealed during that same period were overturned.

During the afore-mentioned JPRC hearing, Sen. Alan Clark asked Maj. Stayton what his thoughts were about the fact that nearly one-half of all appealed true findings during the fiscal year 2015 were overturned on appeal. His initial response to a 45% reversal of true findings appealed was that the “system is working”. For whom the system works, he did not say. A follow up response by Major Stayton was that he did not feel that all of those reversed cases were decided correctly by the Administrative Law Judges. Both statements were direct and bold and made with no remorse or concern whatsoever for the enormous costs to those 45% falsely convicted of abuse and or neglect. I have yet to hear one person within DHS or ASP admit that when a parent, guardian, or other provider suffers harm as a result of an erroneous true finding, this damage and harm is also injuring those very children that the agency congratulates themselves for “protecting”.
A true finding on a provider also injures children that are not even the subject of the abuse or neglect (whether actual or not). Relationships between siblings and 1/2 siblings suffer when custody is changed or visitation is suspended.

The monetary costs can run into tens of thousands of dollars before you can blink an eye. There are court costs and attorney’s fees, loss of time at work to jump through the Agencies’ hoops. It costs time and money to attend hearings, and to exercise supervised visitation under the suspicious eye of the Department. The accused parent must be “in compliance” with Agency plans and participate in what are often unnecessary “services” such as counseling, psych evals, anger management, parenting classes etc. Add to that the enormous emotional toll from the stress, diminished relationships with children, and tarnished reputation to name only a few repercussions. Any person with a job or career that requires licensure, works near children, impaired adults, or any state employee is practically guaranteed to lose his or her livelihood. Children do without when providers lose jobs, whether the children are in that provider’s custody or their custodian’s child support ceases as a result of losing his or her job. If the provider isn’t terminated, Christmases, birthdays, camps, vacations, recreation and other non-essentials often disappear as the families’ discretionary income disappears, and their quality of life is diminished. I have been speaking of working middle class America. The poor and unsophisticated have absolutely no chance at all, and the working middle class can be bankrupted and dismantled by a spiteful ex-spouse, or any other person or entity with an axe to grind, by a single phone call to the State Police Child Abuse Hotline.

This is all true even when children are not taken away from their families of origin by force, and subsequently isolated from their extended families. I cannot even begin to comprehend the trauma that victims of removal and isolation must experience. The children that are victims of neglect or abuse at home are doubly victimized by the very intervention meant to protect them. Often times the intervention is more damaging than the abuse or neglect.

The damage is swift, sure and quickly becomes permanent.

Now this next bit of information you may not believe: the investigative protocol of the Agencies allow a single investigator to gather evidence, interview witnesses, judge the witnesses’ credibility, decide relevance of and weigh the remaining evidence and then ultimately decide innocence or guilt. The child abuse investigator is the detective, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. The investigator is given absolute power, and well….. you know the rest.

When true findings are made in anger or retribution (contempt of cop) the actions of the agency are corrupt and criminal in nature. Even the most disciplined and principled investigator that genuinely does his or her dead level best to make a reasoned, objective determination, cannot possibly do so consistently. Human nature and the responsibility of a single person performing all of the functions mentioned above, precludes objectivity when working within the confines of an entirely subjective process.

Now please consider this: All of these government employees operate within a completely secret administration, in closed proceedings, with sealed files and have no checks or balances other than legislative oversight. Can you name the members, or ex-officio panel members or even the committee or subcommittee that these agencies answer to?

Whether erroneous true findings by investigators are made intentionally or incompetently is immaterial, as either is absolutely unacceptable when the stakes are as high as the loss of the fundamental family unit and its right to exist free from governmental intrusion. But alas, and notwithstanding how the erroneous true findings against the Stanley’s materialized, the corruption extends beyond the investigative outcome. ASP and DHS authorities are painfully aware that the true findings are inappropriate in the Stanley case and are not supported by the evidence. Still, the powers that be refuse to admit this, and are forcing the Stanleys to appeal the findings.
I personally believe that the Garland County Sheriff’s Dept. and the State Police CACD are primarily responsible for the Stanley tragedy; however, DHS is responsible for providing legal representation on behalf of the ASP at the administrative appeal hearing October 9th. DHS can and should refuse to defend these baseless findings, and force the ASP to evaluate the personnel and protocol and begin meaningful reform. They have thus far refused to do so, therefore, DHS is aiding and abetting, and is as culpable as the ASP.

Hal Stanley, Alex White, Dr. Claire Kelly, Kanoe Fendley and Bridgette Brantley have agreed to share with the JPRC on Oct. 1st, at 1:00 p.m., their experiences as victims of false reports, erroneous true findings, and being subjects of a child maltreatment investigation. Dr. William R. Viser will discuss the trauma caused by the primary intervention of removing children from their homes and isolating them from their families.

I honestly cannot recall the number of men and women involved with DHS and ASP that I have consulted with and or represented in my career. I do however recall the word most often used to describe their feelings, and that word is terrified. No word better describes the tactics of an entity that’s primary intervention is to enter one’s home, remove one’s children, and place them in an undisclosed location with unidentified adults and children for as long as it wishes. Combine that with the authority to place those children for adoption should it choose to do so, while acting in complete secrecy. Perhaps the most egregious part of all is that this action may be set into motion by an anonymous phone call requiring no more evidence than the reporter’s statement. If one considers the totality of the circumstances, terrorism is no longer an adequate descriptor for the actions taken in the name of “protecting the children”.

Please join us on October 1st and help us reestablish the rights of the American Family.
Joe Churchwell

Exchange re Civilization World is Drowning…Senator evokes Bible

Senator Alan Clark, September 30, 2015

Allow me to respond to your sermon and I will then terminate our political love-affair.

I deal in facts and reality. Something you chose not to address.

Your first sentence “We hold these Truths”…….is a beautiful & true statement, and deals only with the natural rights of men & women, but that’s where equality ends and genetics begin. Observe the success of Western Civilization vs. all the rest–not nearly perfect but the best the world has seen.

The government school systems, of which you are an integral part, have willingly accepted & embraced political correctness which is destroying the fabric of our society and our sovereignty by teaching down to 3rd world masses while at the same time short-circuiting the minds of American children by cheating through false history, rewarding failure, falsified math, sciences, grades, ad infinitum. People, genetically are not created equally and the corruption you are involved with in pursuing an egalitarian citizenry is not only depressing but doomed from the start.

You & some of your political cohorts have in veiled statements, with no documentation, indicated I was a racist for daring to tell truths and expose lies. You hurl racial epitaphs but never factually defend your statements. Too bad, means you have no foundation on which to stand.

Since your diatribe was apparently religiously motivated perhaps I should pose some moral questions for you.

Ex-president George W. Bush, 14 years ago committed heinous crimes against mankind that is still going on today with no end in sight and never will there be a resolution. As we are about to reap our just deserts for our debauchery. And add on to the Statue of Liberty, Emma Lazarus, as a result of Russian pogroms & I paraphrase, people were coming here for a breath of fresh air, hard work, freedom & acculturation…none of which is occurring today in the masses. Now to the question, since the U.S. has criminally destroyed in 14 years at least 12 sovereign nations, accompanied by murdering & maiming which is now the resultant cause of massive invasions by these same peoples into Europe and soon to be the U.S., accompanied by the ultimate destruction of Western Civilization…so the question Senator…are we as descendants of Western Civilization morally obligated to take in these millions who will come here for welfare and others to destroy us a.s.a.p., in any case our culture will not survive. What is your moral stance?

The 3rd worlders invade our nation and bring with them their failed cultures and philosophies and aggressively demand expansion of them, while obliterating the Constitution with the help of appointed & elected individuals such as yourself, John Boozman, Benny Gooden, etc. and while this is going on, i.e. being besieged by the Hispanic invasion, they are pushing native born Americans, especially blacks & white middleclass Americans further into the abyss. Of course there are always individual exceptions but I am addressing the millions of émigrés, most illiterate, poverty-ridden, unassimilated masses which ultimately will result in the irreversible demolition of Western Civilization built by whites. You really need to read The Camp of the Saints badly. What is your solution?

As a member of the State Legislature, you have allowed some Arkansas policing agencies in your district to conduct themselves as brutally as the Nazi Gestapo in Garland County, and observing no corrective action being taken. I am referring to the Gov. Hutchinson, the Ark. General Assembly, and certain members of Arkansas State Police, Sheriffs, & various agencies etc. who brutally assaulted, both mentally & physically the innocent Hot Springs Stanley family in the dead of the night, with no end in sight, just the destruction of a God-fearing family. Senator Clark where were you during all of this?

So Senator, with your religious exaltation’s directed at me personally, along with a few of your political cohorts, what have you done on behalf of the Stanley’s and have you stuck your hand in your pockets & pulled out some money to be passed on to the Stanley’s to help in their legal expenditures as I did months ago, more importantly, what have you done for them as their local representative and furthermore what have you done to terminate the brutish behavior of the slugs involved in this criminal act? What do think Jesus would do?

Actions speak much louder than words…..facts+ reality=justice.

Joe McCutchen
—–Original Message—–
From: Clark, Alan []
Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 11:20 PM
To: Barb and Joe M
Cc: Bledsoe, Cecile; Burnett, David; Caldwell, Ronald; Cheatham2, Eddie; Sen. Chesterfield – Home; Chesterfield, Linda; Collins-Smith, Linda; Cooper, John; Sen. Dismang – Home; Dismang, Jonathan; Elliott, Joyce; English2, Jane; Files, Jake; Flippo, Scott; Flowers, Stephanie; Hendren, Jim; Hester, Bart; Hickey, Jimmy; Hutchinson, Jeremy; Ingram2, Keith; Irvin, Missy; Johnson, Blake; Johnson, David; King2, Bryan; Lindsey2, Uvalde; Maloch, Bruce; Pierce2, Bobby; Rapert, Jason;; Sample Bill; Sen. Sanders – Home; Sanders, David; Stubblefield, Gary; Teague, Larry; Williams, Eddie Joe; Sen. Woods, Jon – Office;; Baine, John;;; Beck, Rick; Bell, Nate; Rep. Armstrong, Eddie – Home; Bentley, Mary;; Blake, Charles;;;; Brown, Karilyn;; Copeland, Donnie; Cozart, Bruce; Davis, Andy; Deffenbaugh, Gary; Dotson, Jim;;; Drown, Trevor;; Eaves, Les; Eubanks, Jon S.; Rep. Farrer – Home; Ferguson, Deborah; Ferguson, Kenneth; Fielding, David;;; Flowers,Vivian;;;;; Gray, Michael; Gray, Michelle; Rep. Hammer – Home; Harris, Justin T.;; Hendren, Kim; Rep. Hillman – Home; Rep. Hickerson – Home; Hodges, Grant; Hodges, Monte; Holcomb, Mike; Rep. House – Home; Rep. Jean – Home; Jett, Joe;;; Lampkin, Sheilla;;;;;; Lundstrum, Robin; julie ; Magie, Steve;;; Rep. McNair – Home; Meeks, David; Meeks, Stephen; Miller, Josh; Rep. Murdock – Home; Neal, Micah; Nicks, Milton; Overbey, Betty;;;;; Richmond, Marcus; Richey, Chris;; Rushing, Laurie;;; Shepherd, Matthew; Smith, Brandt;;;; Sullivan, Dan; Talley, Brent; Tosh, Dwight; Tucker, Clarke; Vaught, DeAnn; Rep. Vines – Home; Wallace, Dave;;; Whitaker, David;; Wright, Marshall
Subject: Re: The Civilized World is Drowning in Pathological Altruism via P.C.

Mr. McCutchen,

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal…”. I cannot say it better than that. This is one of the founding truths of conservatism. This thought did not originate in 1776. It did not originate in the Magna Carta. It certainly did not come from the theory of evolution or from any of the world religions or philosophies that teach different classes of people and that one has justification for treating some well and others not so well.

This thought has it’s genesis in the Jewish and Christian scripture in the book we call Genesis. It states that Man was created by God. In the 3rd chapter, it says that Adam called his wife’s name Eve because she was the mother of all living. Although science ,so-called, decried that fact for a hundred years or so, in the last 2 decades, DNA research proves that all of mankind are the descendants of one mother. Being cousins makes us pretty darn equal.

The Apostle Paul builds on this thought when in his epistle to the Romans he spells out repeatedly that we all are equally guilty in our sin, and that we are equally in need of grace. There is no difference between us in God’s eyes according to Paul.

The Apostle John adds to this idea when in the second chapter of I John he challenges us to answer how we can love God whom we have not seen if we cannot even love man whom we have seen.

But Jesus cinches it in the story of the Good Samaritan. After he taught that the second highest commandment after loving God with our utmost, was loving our neighbor as ourself, he was challenged as to who our neighbor is. What a great question. It’s easy (for most of us; some are just hateful to everyone it seems) to love those who look like you, think like you, act like you. Surely those are our neighbors. And we can think less of the rest.

But the hero of the story is the Good Samaritan. The religion of the day taught that this mixed race group that were cousins to the the tribe of Judah were as low as dogs. As such, it was okay to cheat them, lie to them, mistreat them. Certainly the questioner was not expected to love them. Right?

Jesus used the story to illustrate not only that they were to love the Samaritans, but the hated Samaritan was the one who saved the victim’s life. Not his priest, not the leaders of his religion, not those who agreed with him politically, but the man who should have been glad that he was laying on the side of the road dying. The lowly Samaritan was not only his neighbor, he demonstrated the love that Jesus was teaching about by saving the man who probably on any other day might have spat on him.

There is no doubt that there is much I do not know. Perhaps I am as ignorant on world history as you assume (If we ever publicly debate you may find you are gravely mistaken about that, also.) But of this, I am sure. If I am beaten, robbed, and left lying on the side of the road to die, I have much more confidence that Senator Flowers, Senator Elliot, or Senator Chesterfield (in spite of the differences in our politics, worldview, and other disagreements) would be much more likely to help me (or anyone else for that matter), than you would.

It actually saddens me that you and I are supposedly on the same side, politically. If you do not understand “that all men are created equal” I am afraid you do not understand conservatism at all. Your statement could have said, “Americans”, “Patriots”, “Those who care about this country”, “Freedom lovers”, etc. need to come out of the shadows. But with “white American citizens” as your choice of words and then your defense of the same, you did me a great favor by telling me who you really are.

Thank you for that. Just add me to the list of the hated with Hutchinson, Boozman, and Womack. I will consider it an honor.

Alan Clark

P.S. Do not misconstrue this as a defense of illegal immigration. Any literate free thinker will see that it is not. You do much harm to our position of stopping illegal immigration by confirming every evil stereotype the “Left” would paint of those of us who try to stem the tide.

Mixed responses to “The Civilized World is Drowning……

Politicians responses: …..don’t miss the non-political responses toward the end!!
Am deliberately showing legislators these were all sent to, for your edification.

—–Original Message—–
From: Elliott, Joyce []
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2015 7:31 AM
To: Barb and Joe M
Cc: Clark, Alan; Bledsoe, Cecile; Burnett, David; Caldwell, Ronald; Cheatham2, Eddie; Sen. Chesterfield – Home; Chesterfield, Linda; Collins-Smith, Linda; Cooper, John; Sen. Dismang – Home; Dismang, Jonathan; English2, Jane; Files, Jake; Flippo, Scott; Flowers, Stephanie; Hendren, Jim; Hester, Bart; Hickey, Jimmy; Hutchinson, Jeremy; Ingram2, Keith; Irvin, Missy; Johnson, Blake; Johnson, David; King2, Bryan; Lindsey2, Uvalde; Maloch, Bruce; Pierce2, Bobby; Rapert, Jason;; Sample Bill; Sen. Sanders – Home; Sanders, David; Stubblefield, Gary; Teague, Larry; Williams, Eddie Joe; Sen. Woods, Jon – Office;; Baine, John;;; Beck, Rick; Bell, Nate; Rep. Armstrong, Eddie – Home; Bentley, Mary;; Blake, Charles;;;; Brown, Karilyn;; Copeland, Donnie; Cozart, Bruce; Davis, Andy; Deffenbaugh, Gary; Dotson, Jim;;; Drown, Trevor;; Eaves, Les; Eubanks, Jon S.; Rep. Farrer – Home; Ferguson, Deborah; Ferguson, Kenneth; Fielding, David;;; Flowers,Vivian;;;;; Gray, Michael; Gray, Michelle; Rep. Hammer – Home; Harris, Justin T.;; Hendren, Kim; Rep. Hillman – Home; Rep. Hickerson – Home; Hodges, Grant; Hodges, Monte; Holcomb, Mike; Rep. House – Home; Rep. Jean – Home; Jett, Joe;;; Lampkin, Sheilla;;;;;; Lundstrum, Robin; julie ; Magie, Steve;;; Rep. McNair – Home; Meeks, David; Meeks, Stephen; Miller, Josh; Rep. Murdock – Home; Neal, Micah; Nicks, Milton; Overbey, Betty;;;;; Richmond, Marcus; Richey, Chris;; Rushing, Laurie;;; Shepherd, Matthew; Smith, Brandt;;;; Sullivan, Dan; Talley, Brent; Tosh, Dwight; Tucker, Clarke; Vaught, DeAnn; Rep. Vines – Home; Wallace, Dave;;; Whitaker, David;; Wright, Marshall
Subject: Re: The Civilized World is Drowning in Pathological Altruism via P.C.

Surely this is a joke disguised as some attempt at intellect. Three suggestions: (1) Please remember who was already here when the Europeans landed on the shores of what is now the land you call home. (2)Please take some time to learn about the history of other continents, especially Africa, Asia and South America. While you’re at it, it would be a great idea to learn the historic and present geography of Central America and its peoples. (3) Being thoughtful, sensitive, caring, inclusive and otherwise human should not be so easily dismissed as PC because one is uncomfortable, uninformed, ethnocentric, chauvinistic, xenophobic, self-serving, mean-spirited, obtuse or just plainly unevolved.


“Live Deliberately” & “Drink the Wild Air”

> On Sep 27, 2015, at 6:09 PM, Barb and Joe M wrote:
> Senator Clark,
> I appreciate your question.
> Perhaps you did not read my entire piece. Your questions & observations are answered in some detail, but I will try to condense.
> The beginning of freedom began with the Magna Carta in 1215 and did not fully flower until 1776. The results of the period of Enlightenment. Then later the Bill of Rights which undergirded the Constitution. The erosion of our freedoms began in 1861, more attacks in 1913-14, 1941, and so on.
> You folks in the Ark. General Assembly passed 1,200 or more bills or regs when you are in session, and then imagine what the U.S. Congress does on a yearly basis and in one way or another we lose our freedoms individually & collectively. I will remind you to look at Sen. Boozman’s (I listed a few) traitorous laws & acts he has voted for and are now enforced. I have no qualms in calling the Senator and the others traitors. It is quite apparent that you have no understanding or knowledge of these.
> This is just merely a tip of the iceberg. The invaders: 25-35 million illegal Mexican & OTM’s, most of which are 3rd worlders and on welfare of some type. The U.S. currently has a national debt of $18 Trillion and unfunded mandates over $150 Trillion!
> And presently engaged in 7 preemptive wars & in the process of overthrowing 2 more sovereign nations creating millions & millions of new refugees.
> Why Whites? I do not know how many 3rd world ethnicities there are residing legally & illegally within our borders but they are soon to outnumber the Founding stock of our nation. These mostly illiterate invaders have no successes in the last thousand years or so, in the Arts/Sciences/Social issues/, etc. Whites settled Europe & the United States, compare these two areas with the rest of the globe and tell me about achievements. Whites have been the driving force for settling, sustaining and bringing about a quality of life that has never been achieved before in the history of man. There is no empirical evidence that these minorities have the will or the ability to direct the affairs of a constitutional republic.
> With no border control our nation is evolving into a population that is fragmenting along racial & ethnic lines, guaranteeing civil unrest.
> Reread my piece, Senator, and those that you have trashed. It seems to me that you are sorely lacking in historical knowledge and the devastation that the U.S. government is wreaking on American society via Political Correctness.
> A welfare state with open borders is cultural suicide.
> Senator Clark, I would be pleased to sit down with you sometime at your convenience for an objective discussion on the Constitution and the history of our republic.
> Joe McCutchen
> —–Original Message—–
> From: Clark, Alan []
> Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2015 4:39 PM
> To: Barb and Joe M
> I normally ignore your rants. But please explain this statement.
> “Now is the time for white American citizens to come out of the shadows and do whatever is constitutionally necessary to take back our republic from the corrupt political scoundrels at all levels & the invaders that have all but destroyed our culture and sovereignty.”
> Why “white”? What does color of skin have to do with that statement? Take all the vitriol you spewed out in this missive, multiply it by 10, and imagine it coming back from me, if you can’t provide an adequate explanation of that statement. I do not believe that you can. And that explains a lot.
> State Senator
> Alan Clark

From: Pat King []
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2015 11:25 AM

Wow! It seems historical ignorance is an equal-opportunity employer.

As far as I know, the original occupiers of the real estate on this half of the globe were what we now call Native Americans. When Columbus “discovered” (what was not continental) America, he wound up killing the Caribs or making slaves of them. Then Pizzaro made promises of peace with the Incas and then promptly broke the promises, killed the king, and killed and enslaved the populace. Then they set the priests on them to teach them Christianity so they would be more subservient in their slavery.

Then there was Cortez who pulled similar stunts with the Aztecs plus, when he found out the natives were particularly susceptible to smallpox, committed germ warfare in them. This would now be known as biological warfare. Shortly thereafter, Father Juniper Serra was going up the west coast converting Native Americans to a Christianity that made them docile to slavery and then make it anathema to teach their children their language and their culture, mostly by removing them from their parents. For such wonders, the current pope is moving him to sainthood.

That takes care of the Spanish, but they were also the major purveyors of the African slave trade, to whom most African-Americans should be grateful for removing them from a place where vile forms of warfare are still being committed. And it was usually rival tribes who captured them and sold them to the Spanish. Also, during this time, the Spanish were leading factors in that wonderful period called the Inquisition. This phenomenon was spread all over Europe and was very creative inventing machines that produced exquisite pain in its victims selected for race and beliefs.

For all that the gentleman’s glory about the Magna Carta, it did not grant freedom for all but only to the noble classes. Then there was that wonderful Lord Protector who passed the Penal Laws that deprived the Irish of their right to their religion, but also to their homes and possessions. When the English came to North America they busily engaged themselves in lying to and cheating Indians. It was not long before they discovered the lethality of smallpox and began giving contaminated blankets to the Natives. A free America under Andrew Johnson got rid of a lot of Indians by forced exile to what is now Oklahoma, but took that promise back a few years later. Buffalo Bill got his nickname because he was hired by the government to slaughter as many as he could of the Native American source of food, housing, clothing, and tools.

I could go on, but I challenge Joe to continue to support the moral superiority of the Europeans. We are all sinners, Joe, and none of us has a monopoly on the right to lord it all over the rest of us. We all do our best to do the good we can, but “there is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us that it hardly behooves the rest of us to talk about the rest of us.”

Summary: Chill, baby.

Pat King

On Sunday, September 27, 2015 11:01 PM, george pritchett wrote:

I offer that successes for the past few hundred years have been divided along racial lines. In the US during the last sixty or so years we have implemented many programs to erase or eliminate racial inequalities; unfortunately the results using social engineering has not met expectations. We can look all around the world and find people of various ethnicities doint well in spite of hardships and skin color; I have come to believe it is about individuals and their efforts and little more. Of course racial bias has been a significant problem throughout history and still exists and will likely continue to exist for centuries to come. I do believe that individually we must respect other humans regardless of their ethnicity, but that social engineering will not solve the problems. Unfortunately most will not talk about the problems and reasons beyond skin color, but racial discrimination exists for blind people of all ethnicities so it isn’t about skin color. The writing by Barb and Joe is out there, but the comments have historic validity.

George Pritchett


From: Michael Gaddy []
Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2015 8:10 PM
To: Dale Williams
Cc: Joe McCutchen
Subject: Re: *RE: The Civilized World is Drowning in Pathological Altruism via P.C.

Joe, if it is possible would you please ask the Senator to respond to these verifiable quotes?

“California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. They should go back to Europe.” ~Mario Obledo
“The border remains a military zone. We remain a hunted people. Now you think you have a destiny to fulfill in the land that historically has been ours for forty thousand years. And we’re a new Mestizo nation. And they want us to discuss civil rights. Civil rights. What law made by white men to oppress all of us of color, female and male. This is our homeland. We cannot—we will not—and we must not be made illegal in our own homeland. We are not immigrants that came from another country to another country. We are migrants, free to travel the length and breadth of the Americas because we belong here. We are millions. We just have to survive. We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. It’s a matter of time. The explosion is in our population.” ~Jose Angel Gutierrez, Professor and Attorney, University of Texas Arlington.
“The ultimate ideology is the liberation of Aztlan. Communism would be closest [to it]. Once Aztlan is established, ethnic cleansing would commence: Non-Chicanos would have to be expelled — opposition groups would be quashed because you have to keep power.” ~Miguel Perez of Cal State-Northridge’s MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) chapter.
“As an academic mission I’m proposing it (El Norte) as a thesis. But I’m also an advocate of the idea, I myself-through the way I teach my classes and to the students I help form in the classroom-that’s my activism. The main incentive would be so people of the same culture, language, and identity could develop their own nation-state under the principal of self- determination.” ~ Chicano Studies Professor Charles Truxillo at the University of New Mexico who advocates that California, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona secede from the United States to form the Chicano republic of El Norte.
“These are the critical years for us as a Latino community. We’re in a state of transition. And that transformation is called ‘the browning of America’. Latinos are now becoming the majority. Because I know that time and history is on the side of the Chicano/Latino community. It is changing in the future and in the present the balance of power of this nation. It’s a game – it’s a game of power – who controls it. You (to MEChA students) are like the generals that command armies. We’re in a state of war…What this means is a transfer of power. It means control.” ~ Armando Navarro, Prof. Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside.
Mike Gaddy

On Sun, Sep 27, 2015 at 6:48 PM, Dale Williams wrote:
I’m proud to be on the mailing list for such rants. What I’m not so proud of is the fact — evident nearly every
time I have the opportunity to listen to Whites talk about politics — that Senator Clark is pretty representative
of the neurosis under which our race seems bent on self-annihilation.

Lot’s of things in life defy prove-ability under the standard of the court room, or even under the standard
of the scientific method. Yet, we know such truths when we see them. Anyone who has spent any time living
a working-class life style in one of America’s now almost uniformly immigrant-crammed cities knows that
there is no parallel among Whites for the race-consciousness reposing in the Latino community.

That race consciousness does not manifest itself in tolerance and a desire for peaceful coexistence. Rather,
it can be witnessed, practically anytime — by those not so fortunate as Senator Clark, those not riding safe
above the fray in a white collar vocation — as a brooding, simmering, tribal-like loathing.

When I have seen open conflict between Whites (and pardon my mentioning the term White) and Mexicans,
it has always been at the instigation of the Border Brothers, never the other way around. And almost just as
uniformly, Whites who are the object of such provocations — knowing the price their fellow, institutional
Whites will demand from them should they respond like men — meekly disengage.

Maybe my little email here will never reach the Senator. But, I note that his senate bio indicates a birth date
in the year 1960, the same as my own. And his picture shows him to be a plain old White bubba, just like
your’s truly.

So, here’s my guess, Senator. You were born and lived the balance of your life on the same patch of ground I
did, a place that used to have a distinguishable, signature culture, one of European derivation. You know, as
I know, that in the fleeting world of our youth, fistfights almost never ended in barbarous acts or in a cycle of
gang reprisals. You know that parents almost never worried that their children would be murdered over the
course of a day at school. You know that really savage wife beatings were relatively rare. You know that few
American cities had police no-go zones.

Go down to the courthouse and watch the preliminary hearings related to such deeds, which are now pan-
demic. The perpetrators (sorry, alleged perpetrators) are, in the vast majority, non-White.

But you know these things, you have to. You also know that Mexico is an utterly failed state, one in a constant
state of regional, narco-based civil war, and that many of the refugees fleeing those wars and their attendant
deprivation have never known much else in the way of living conditions and are as close to the definition of
feral humanity as it gets.

You also know of organizations like Mecha, LaRaza and probably you’ve even seen a Brown Beret or two. What
you may be less likely to acknowledge is that these organizations reflect the sentiments of the average Mexican
to one degree or another and that ordinary Mexicans, here and in Mexico, thrill at the possibility that the Recon-
quista may be realized.

You know all of these things, and yet you happily pillory someone like Mr. McCutchen, whose moral clarity and
eloquent words really can’t threaten the multi-culti hellhole people like you live your lives to vouchsafe.

Well, I would say go to hell. But I have to hand it to you, folks like you have already sent most of us there. So,
I’ll just say the obvious. The wheel of fate will not be cheated. You will have returned to you all that you’ve
inflicted. Either in this life or the next. And go to hell. -D. Williams

The Civilized World is Drowning in Pathological Altruism via P.C.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, GOP Chairman Doyle Webb, and the Holly See.
September 26, 2015
What evoked some of this piece was the response of Gov. Hutchinson & Doyle Webb pertaining to four low level Democrat politicians defecting to the Republican party, at which time Hutchinson and Webb proclaimed it was because of Republican “values, conservatism & small government”. I am sure the Democrat switch had nothing to do with vote buying, just a change in political philosophy, don’t you think?

Republicans believe their political souls have been cleansed by emoting the bunkum that the Republican Party is the party of “conservatism, values & small government”. When Hutchinson & others state the Republican Party holds conservatism & values in high esteem…the question becomes and has been asked for years—what are those values and produce any evidence that Republican political actions have been conservative & constitutional since 1861…name one.

The past legislative session (Hutchinson’s first year as Governor) Hutchinson and the General Assembly created under the guise of the Private Option (Obamacare) 300,000 new Arkansas welfare addicts. More theft by big government, Hutchinson & the Arkansas General Assembly.

The state Republicans have brazenly bragged that 72% of the public schools pupils are receiving free food, free healthcare, English as second language, free pre-natal for illegals, and the list goes on & on. How disgusting. Growing government. The majority of the costs are paid by the vanishing breed—middleclass Arkansans. Hutchinson is part & parcel of another welfare class, which includes politicians & government employees. Hutchinson hauls in at least 6 taxpayer subsidized checks monthly from the various government agencies he has been a part of, accompanied by no successes on behalf of “we the people”.

The Republican Party, the war Party of Lincoln, under orders of former President G.W. Bush (international war criminal) initiated an ongoing 14 year reign of terror, orchestrated & fought under the aegis of “the war on terrorism”. Bush is recognized by many as an international war criminal. These wars (“to keep us safe”) against mideastern countries who were no threat to the U.S. and most were thriving. The U.S. now is at war with 7 countries in the Mideast which have been demolished, recently overthrew a democratically elected government in Ukraine & presently laboring to overthrow the Assad government in Syria, a safe haven for Christians, who by the way is battling against ISIS.

Aside from a million or so deaths & tens of thousands of casualties on both sides, what has the corrupt American government achieved besides implementing the Wolfowitz doctrine? (“We shall have no rivals in the quest for global hegemony”) The U.S. is about to be invaded by millions of so-called refugees from around the globe. The Republican dominated House & Senate, now & before has refused to secure our borders, deport, and send out a mandate we will not accept one of these malcontents, not one. Due to the actions of Criminal Bush, Western Civilization is about to be massively challenged by unchecked invasions and the politicians and pseudo-religionists—“we must accommodate in the name of Altruism”.

The EU and the U.S. are now the recipients of another major invasion, this time by Muslims & other recently created sects that is designed to wipe out Western Civilization, i.e. whites, by 3rd & 4th world savages. Again, no accident.

Western Civilization and our American heritage in on the cusp of being destroyed—on purpose! It was whites that settled Europe and the U.S. , and whites that have sustained them both while achieving living standards, scientific accomplishments beyond our wildest dreams, and now being savaged by a plethora of 3rd world invaders using PC to bring our advancements to a standstill. None of these wonderful accomplishments were created by blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, Arabs, etc. So why are presidents & ruling legislative bodies allowing our republic to be overrun by massive 3rd world invasions and more to come, destroying the civilization that whites have created and no empirical evidence that those accomplishments can be sustained or improved upon by 3rd world nesters?

These men & women, who we the people have elected are treasonous traitors and if we, the white Founding stock and others do not wake up quickly to the destructive attacks being waged against us the Republic that the Founders envisioned will no longer survive. The U.S. & state electives & appointees run self-serving bunko squads which are nothing more than self-serving protection rackets.

An example regarding corrupt politicians: In the case of senior Arkansas Senator John Boozman, the Senator is aroused only when the RNC establishment needs a vote to take away another American freedom. When sleepy John casts another vote against the middleclass he is free to go back to sleep, need proof? Here are some of his votes that scuttle the First, Fourth & Tenth Amendments to the Bill of Rights. Voted twice for the Patriot Acts, for the Military Commission Act, to nullify Habeas Corpus & Posse Comitatus, National Defense Authorization Act, the Radicalization of Homegrown Terrorist Act…in addition to the above takeaways, these acts allow for torture, sniping, murder of Americans & others on orders of the President, droning, and on & on. Sleepy John is just a symptom of the cancers that have seized this once vaunted nation.

If you are one of the many who continue to believe that, for example local government officials work for local citizen interests; you should join the Sleepy John crowd. For example, Ft. Smith Chief of Police Kevin Lindsey, F.S. School Superintendent Benny Gooden, County Judge David Hudson, Sheriff Bill Hollinbeck, et al labor totally by & for the edicts laid down by the DC establishment and international bodies…all these entities have union affiliations at multiple levels. The FS Police Dept. belongs to two international organizations that develop the protocols that city police departments must abide by and we the people pay to undergird our own destruction. THEY ALL BELIEVE WE ARE THEIR SUBJECTS.

Government is the enemy of the middleclass and the middleclass is the enemy of government, e.g. the Superintendent, the Sheriff, & Chief of Police.

Enter the Holy See, unfortunately.

This man, the Holy See, has the audacity to contemptuously come before the U.S. Congress and demand more mass legal & illegal immigration into the United States, a practice in which the Catholic Church has been involved in for decades in violation of U.S. laws. Actually, the Catholic Establishment is an enemy of the state.

Here’s why: U.S. citizens have long subsidized in its totality the so-called Catholic Charities. The funds they extract from U.S. governments (taxpayers) is injected into their programs which help create Sanctuary Cities across the U.S. that flaunt U.S. laws (8 USC), while increasing the illegal population that has ballooned into an admitted 25-35 millions.

The cost of maintaining these outlaws over time has reached Trillions of dollars, all the while the DC establishments refuse to seal our borders, deport the invaders, & protect our sovereignty. Democrats for voters, Republicans for cheap labor…both corrupt to the core.

Arkansas Bishop Anthony Taylor openly advocates violating US law pertaining to mass illegal immigration and admits he needs illegals so the Catholic Church will survive in Arkansas. It’s IN YOUR FACE, American citizens of Arkansas.

My admonition to the Holy See…as President Reagan once said…”tear down those walls!” In this case, the Vatican City Walls and invite all those Syrian and other so-called refugees created by the U.S & NATO preemptive wars to bed down there, and when that is accomplished, give Col. Stephen M. Marks, Commander of the U.S. Army Garrison Italy a call & demand he send a contingent of U.S. Army trucks to transport all the ill-gotten Catholic wealth residing in the Vatican– gold, silver, & art treasures to other locations for international redistribution—then he will be a man of his word, and only then. Let him practice what he piously preaches.

Governor Hutchinson, acting as national Border Czar, was so concerned about Mexican illegals who couldn’t sleep at night for fearing they would be caught by ICE. Illegal Mexican & OTM’s came out of the shadows and made & are making outrageous social & economic demands that our cowardly government awards them.

Now is the time for white American citizens to come out of the shadows and do whatever is constitutionally necessary to take back our republic from the corrupt political scoundrels at all levels & the invaders that have all but destroyed our culture and sovereignty.

We teeter on the precipice.

Joe McCutchen

With No Accountability, There is No Hope!

“City Studies Revenue Sources” Headline Times Record, September 23, 2015

There is a solution to “shortfalls”, but not with this City Board of Directors running things, they are equally as incompetent as is the Fort Smith School Board.

So where did the money go, and Gosack/Bushkul? More than ample funds have always been readily available for legitimate & crucial spending purposes, such as streets, sewers, pension funds, etc.

The Board must immediately lay out in dollar terms just what the yearly costs are for funding the police/fire pensions, how much the city is in the arrears pertaining to said pensions and what the approximate dollar amounts will accrue in the next 20 years.

The Board’s solution, as with all government operations, is for more and more new tax burdens to be saddled on city residents instead of dealing with problems created by this & past administrations
Here is a recent example of the gross incompetence and/or stupidity of the Arkansas State & Ft. Smith city governments. During the month of August, 2015 there were created in Arkansas 2,885 new jobs, 1,885 of the new jobs were government jobs. This is exactly what citizens have come to expect from corrupt governments. For those who are victims of the Benny Gooden School of logic, that’s approximately 2 government jobs “created” for every one job created in the private sector. Who pays? This exemplifies all government entities.

The obvious immediate first step is to take an economic machete to pensions and all other 30+ city departments—every one of them.
It is printed daily in the Times Record that the Directors are having “study” sessions dealing with the shortages in Fort City government, e.g. a $500 million EPA mandate, a $300,000 fine, $770,000 yearly bankrupt Convention Center, $250,000 yearly vulgar giveaway to the Mayor, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, dropped into projected Marshall’s Museum, Homeless Campuses, bikeways, non-profits, ad infinitum. Notice while millions in “shortfalls” are being decried, there are countless new projects being proposed; Trails, Sharrows, Wayfinding Signs, et al.

Government budgets have 3 basic purposes: to mollify the sheeple, to separate citizens from their property, and to raise taxes. With that said budgets are mind games, meant to bring in additional revenue.

Politicians and bureaucrats are big on words & phrases used to lure non-thinking citizens into government economic tax traps, e.g. “choose to publish”, “generally accepting”, & “so on”. Using some of Gooden’s recent phrases pertaining to his $4.2 million budget INCREASE for next year in addition to his $150 million budget…he describes as “unremarkability”, “ordinary”, “public good”, and always “it’s for the children”.

THERE IS A SOLUTION to government pillaging of we the people’s private property, it is called ZERO BASED BUDGETRY”.

The Fort Smith city government is in the process of laying more unbearable tax burdens on city residents. Something is desperately wrong inside this behemoth. It is either corrupt to the core, incompetent or any number of other unsavory possibilities.

Unfortunately F.S. City Mayor and Board of Directors do not have the political will or courage to open up the city financial cancer for public review and corrective action

As long as citizens remain politically disengaged the condition will exacerbate.

Joe McCutchen

Can Captain America (Trump) Save Us?


Stop kidding yourselves—politician candidates are all panhandlers, liars, and con-artists, maybe only one and possibly two private sector Republican candidates are worthy of the U.S. presidency.

The Democrat Party is the Truth Party (T). The Democrats tell you up front that they are going steal & redistribute all of your possessions & destroy all semblances of sovereignty incurred by 3rd & 4th world perpetual invasions by design.

The Republican Party is the Liar Party (L). Republicans, for the most part, tell you they are “conservative” with Republican “values”. What is conservative and what are their values? As of this day they are waltzing with Obama while mapping out their next warmongering attack on defenseless sovereign nations with ignorant American kids used as cannon fodder. The Liar Party stupidly refers to themselves as the war “Party of Lincoln”, as if that were a badge of honor. Fools all, they have earned the warmongering title. So much for “keeping us safe” with 2200 miles of open borders and provoking & starting unconstitutional wars globally under the aegis of a “war against terrorism”. The U.S. is the global terrorist, creating a refugee tsunami flooding the West and will destroy us because of warmongering fools and their blind psychopathic altruist followers.

The three, Trump, Carson, Fiorina.

The frauds who run the Republican Establishment 24/7 rail that Trump is not “conservative”, as if they, the Establishment were. By the way, tell me one conservative (constitutional?) principle that the Republicans have created and are protecting—you can’t. Faux citizen conservatives are not smart enough or courageous enough to recognize they are being duped once again, e.g. the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, The Club for Growth (i.e. Republican Little Rock billionaire Jackson Stephens of Stephens, Inc. whose goal is to rub out the 7th Amendment) & I would be remiss if I left out the junior member of the Bush Crime Family, that would be Jeb, the hopeful heir apparent to the crown.

I believe Carson to be an honorable gentleman but at this point has shown no concrete evidence that he could hold the reins of the now totally criminally corrupt behemoth known as the U.S. government. So far Carson appears to be tabula rasa, while supporting amnesty for illegals & forced vaccinations.

Carly Fiorina is smart, strong and familiar with the hard knocks of running a corporation, but is a warmongering RINO supporting amnesty for illegals.

Now to The Donald. At this point in the campaign Trump has done no appeasing, he is the only candidate that has been straight forward, known to be the holder of global accomplishments coupled with international negotiating experience, and the only one who knows how to swim with the national & international sharks & killer whales. His four most important positions are: Secure the borders, deport illegals, cease the Anchor Baby fraud and destroy Obamacare. Not since our very early days as a republic have we had a Man’s Man (Trump) seeking the U.S. presidency, obligated to no one financially and funding his own presidential voyage. Trump is the one, all the rest are frauds.

Who cares whether Trump is labeled as a “conservative” or not, or any other self-serving accusations that the Republican Establishment lays on him, at this point he appears to be his own man, and the hero of the downtrodden middleclass.

You have not heard nor will you any concrete statements and positions from the politician candidates pertaining to border closure, deportations, tariffs & with all speed getting the hell out of sovereign nations & terminating the elitist quest for global hegemony, except for one private sector contender Trump. The other contenders are political self-serving cowards, and the bankrupt Democrat (T) & Republican (L) establishments would not allow it. All, with the exception of Trump are consumed with amnesty. Therefore; the Karl Roves of the D.C. establishment will use every form of treachery to see that Trump is not the nominee.

My take on the reason Trump is seeking the presidency, besides bold arrogance which I heartedly applaud, is simply: he has created a global real estate dynasty and is driven to the logical next step, in this case the U.S. presidency, accepting the greatest challenge of all—saving our republic. Trump’s strongest asset, he will never accept failure.

Success is emblazoned in his genetic persona and the Republican Establishment is indeed scared to death of Trump for a myriad of reasons, proving that both entrenched political Establishments are depraved political Sharks.

At this point Donald Trump is the clear choice if you are interested in trying to save the sinking ship known as the United States of America. In your wildest dreams do any of you believe that any of the other Republican candidates will take bold corrective positions & actions in solving our aforementioned multiple crises, if your answer is in the affirmative, you are indeed a dolt.

Finally, I readily admit that Donald Trump is guilty of theft, that theft is a statement of mine made more than 15 years ago when I stated & wrote the United States is a “ 3rd World Dumping Ground”. Recently I have modified the statement to state the U.S. is a “3rd & 4th World dumping ground”. I hope The Donald will continue to use my quote. Do you not understand that we are “trading down” culturally by mass immigration, legal & illegal, and it is by design, and has produced a multicultural growing horde of aggressive, uneducated, demanding nomads that have all but destroyed our Founding principles? Our society is fragmented on racial and ethnic lines guaranteeing social unrest.

Also In 2000 I began writing & speaking ( well before the 2005 scientific study undertaken by Bear-Sterns that concluded there were at least 20 million illegal Mexicans and OTM’s residing in our republic at that time and the figure could easily go to 25 million. Ten years later….how many???

In January & November of 2000 I wrote to presidential candidate George W. Bush & Congressman Asa Hutchinson addressing the lies they were telling about illegal immigration and again in February, 2001 to then President Bush, all advising our republic was now a 3rd world dumping ground. Documentation can be found at or see below.

The white Founding stock is allowing our former preeminent Republic to be destroyed, compliments of our stupidly for-life white incumbent politicians, undergirded by the 25-35 million (not the phony 11 million government figure) illegal aliens presently nesting on our turf. If we have any opportunity to preserve our heritage, culture & successes, we the white Founding stock and any other citizens believing in U.S Constitutional government must act immediately and aggressively to rid ourselves of the D.C. aristocracy and the 3rd & 4th world invaders.

Furthermore; Trump states repeatedly that Political Correctness is killing us. He is right!
The governing psychopaths of D.C., a relatively small group made-up of elected & appointed Democrats & Republicans, are selectively and incrementally erasing the Constitution, i.e. our freedoms.


Joe McCutchen

“Elections serve chiefly to keep the people from noticing the absence of democracy. This is a remarkable concept of great governmental utility”…..Fred Reed

Copies of aforementioned letters:
Thanks Asa, for your response re: Arkids 1st & Immigration. If you are genuinely interested in these two issues, then I will take this opportunity to present the errors in your remarks.
Arkids 1st—you state “the Arkids program has proven to be one of the most popular and effective programs in the State of Arkansas, impacting more than 55,000 children and providing quality low-cost health insurance to families who might not otherwise be able to afford insurance.” (Gov’t can arbitrarily decide how to redistribute the earnings of citizens?)
A. Arkids 1st is unconstitutional—it is not my responsibility to pay for other families’ health insurance, i.e. forced redistribution.
B. Gov. Huckabee had begged, borrowed & stolen to get gainfully employed Arkansans to participate in welfare. There was no cry from the electorate for this program. Since its inception the bar has been lowered and they will take anyone at any income level, no questions asked.
C. Waiting in the wings—ARFolks & Ark. Kids Count, which is a scheme to put 3-4 yr. olds under the umbrella of the failed public school system, as well as the brainwashed day-care employees.

Asa, I don’t have to tell you about the pathetic state of public schools—administration, curricula & teachers. Taking away children of that age will completely destroy what is left of the family unit & responsibility. This is cradle to grave Socialism/Fascism. Mike Huckabee, Amy Rossi, Ray Hanley, are dangerous people. If you love individual freedom, property rights, rule of law & sovereignty, please do not be hoodwinked. I might also add that Huckabee has spent several $100,000 on prime-time TV selling this carrot, at the same time every government agency, hospital, & Dr. office are bribing hard working Arkansans to slip into the welfare dependency pit.

Immigration: The two immigration offices you lobbied to secure are worthless, as are the rest. As you must know, in May 1999, I.N.S. proclaimed that they could no longer cope with illegal immigrants, so I ask you, what function are they serving? They have no holding facilities, local police will not cooperate, transportation is not available, etc.

I fail to understand how a parasitic bureaucracy can hold a Congressman or the Congress hostage. Asa, we are losing our national identity, we have become a dumping ground for 3rd world dissidents. The folks coming here do not understand the Enlightenment, and most have no interest in learning. The welfare state is the magnet, not the Constitution or rugged individualism. Why are you in the Congress, elected to protect our sovereignty and integrity, so fearful of discussing immigration in a meaningful manner? The only response we get from you folks is “racist, Xenophobe, extremist” or “we are a nation of immigrants”. Witness G.W. Bush’s hateful response in Iowa this week re: his position on immigration. Perhaps you all think that none of this will affect your families, that somehow your children & grandchildren will escape the cultural consequences and the tax burdens required for such all-encompassing redistribution, as members of the ruling elite?

I can only hope you show the same courage on these subjects as you did as House Manager in the Impeachment.

Kindest regards, Joe McCutchen

The Honorable George W. Bush November 30, 2000
Dear Governor Bush,

Word comes to me that if your election holds, it is your plan to appoint Spencer Abraham to the position of Secretary of Transportation. Former Senator Abraham is and was a traitor to the Founders and Middle American taxpayers. I refer, of course, to the immigration invasion, legal and illegal, currently taking place in our nation.

You, as candidate for the presidency, have run from the subject of immigration like a yellow dog, have pandered to these minorities under the bogus claim that we have a labor shortage and have abandoned your base, while receiving less than 35% of their vote.
Do you not understand that if this invasion is not stopped, Republicans will never win another national election?

I created MichImpac to defeat Spencer Abraham. If Republicans do not immediately post the military on the Mexican border, and remove the lottery and chain immigration laws, MichImpac will be expanded to remove other traitors who are determined to make our country a 3rd World dumping ground. It is my fervent hope, if you are in fact considering Abraham, you will change your mind.

America’s Constitution, the ideals it gives rise to, and the accompanying responsibilities, its heritage and culture must be protected at all costs. The reasons are obvious.

Additional considerations are taxes, education, security, and urban sprawl. Infrastructure, water, etc. Hopefully, you will not allow your Mexican family ties to cloud your judgment regarding the subject of immigration.

Again, please reconsider the potential appointment of traitor Abraham.

Kindest regards,
Joe McCutchen

Dear President Bush, February 5, 2001

For years American government, it was believed, conducted its business in the light of day. This unfortunately is not the case.
From the information I have it appears you are orchestrating what I conclude to be a treasonous act. It is my belief you sent 5 U.S. Senators to Mexico City to cut a deal with Vicente Fox to confer amnesty on 7 million illegal Mexicans, an assault on the rule of law and the Constitution. I further believe your visit to Fox’s residence on February 16th is designed to conclude the sell-out of America to a pathetic 3rd World entity.

Middle American taxpayers specifically, and our nation generally are approaching a cultural crisis, a balkanized tribal society. Consider this: the invasion of public schools by 3rd world nationals, ever-expanding government programs with accompanying loss of freedoms, unemployment, water, power, infrastructure, crime, disease, ad infinitum.

California is the poster child for the aforementioned, and has evolved into a 3rd world dumping ground. It is my understanding Secretary of State Powell stated that the U.S. border contiguous with Mexico is to become a “region” without borders.

Mr. President, is the above forecast stupidity or corruption or both? You obviously do not have a comprehension of numbers, these invaders will never vote Republican and if you persist in this madness, you sir will pay the political price.
Mexico has everything to gain, America has everything to lose.
Kindest regards,
Joe McCutchen

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