Diversity without merit solves nothing


More potential pseudo racial divisiveness beginning to show signs of bubbling up.

TR today: “City seeks diversity in police department”.

Chief Nathaniel Clark, familiar with personal racial discord as a former Chief of Police in another city, offered the remark: “Problems facing the P.D.—a lack of diversity and the struggles to recruit & retain officers and to afford equipment”.

In the absence of transparency in the FSM city government, what the Chief says may or may not be true.

As I took my eyes off the article they fell on another article describing the city government’s egregious conduct literally throwing away $52,920 per month on a non-existent recycling system compliments of the City Manager, Mayor & Directors’ cover-ups and incompetency. There’s your funding Chief Clark. However, no specifics regarding what equipment the Chief deems necessary.

Ahhh, the absence of diversity. There must be local reasons: lack of interest, qualifications, experience, background, merit, competition, civic pride, education, etc. etc.

Enter Director Tracy Pennartz, accompanied by teardrops & whipped cream Political Correctness. She reels off stats dealing with numbers, sex, rank, and race. Pennartz, in her over zealousness to install diversity apparently without standards made this senseless statement “Students graduating from high school said, ‘when they don’t see people like themselves in the PD, etc. it’s hard to attract them”. Is this not in diametrical opposition to what the multiculturalists espouse in showing a tinge of racial overtones? If they don’t apply and qualify they aren’t going to see people like themselves.

Director Good complained re the lack of minorities in city government…if minorities don’t seek office through the proper elective process the demographics are not going to change. The time to terminate quotas, set-asides and affirmative action has long since passed their useful stage. If you are not qualified, you should not now be hired using any of the above 3 programs as a criteria, and if you are qualified & competitive you will and must be hired.

Lots of whys should be asked by the Chief and Directors Good & Pennartz. And from the City Manager, Board & Mayor, bestow on citizens honestly & transparency.

Let merit, competition, and achievement prevail—it is the prescription for American success.

Joe McCutchen

Indoctrination vs. Education

It is common sense knowledge that facilities do not produce well educated students. The one room schoolhouse with outhouses for toilets produced much better educated students than today’s Taj Mahal’s. Why?

Example in the 5/23/17 TR article “School to hire Consultant”.

We are told by School Board member Talicia Richardson the usual educanto newspeak designed to say a lot and explain nothing. “We are making a great decision to MOVE FORWARD”. “We’ve never done anything like this before & just because we maintain our facilities (long time leaky roofs at Southside?), it’s time to take our facilities to the NEXT LEVEL”. “we need to be more STRATEGIC AND PLAN for not only short term but long term STRATEGIC moves that are going to put our district in a position REGIONALLY, –exceptional employers…place to work—all of those different factors. And if we DO NOT have facilities of monies (taxes) and things of that nature to support that we will not be able to MOVE FORWARD, as a district”. (Please note bureaucratic buzz words in caps) Translation=subterfuge & obfuscation re more funding & expansion.

Secretary Bill Hanesworth agreed. “We have to have a STRATEGIC plan and it’s not just facilities. It’s where are we going to be five or 10 years from now?” Doesn’t this sound like the Board & Administration do not have the expertise or comprehension to manage and direct our school system?

Superintendent Doug Brubaker said “that STRATEGIC planning allows for conversations with different STAKEHOLDERS such as parents, students teachers administrators, staff, business leaders and others in the community about what the district wants students to understand know how to do by the time they graduate.” (What exactly does that mean?)

For $36,410 CAMBRIDGE STRATGIC SERVICES will compile data & an overall PLAN for the district that will include BELIEFS—a statement that is a formal expression of the district’s & community’s fundamental ”VALUES: ETHICAL CODE, OVERRIDING CONVICTIONS & INVIOLATE COMMITMENTS—EXPRESSION OF DISTRICT’S IDENTITY, PURPOSE AND THE MEANS OF ACTION; STRATEGIC PARAMETERS,” ETC. ETC. ETC.

The CONSULTANTS will also give….”an examination of those forces over which the district has little or no control such as social, political, economic, demographic, technological or educations trends; competition”…etc. etc. etc.

You understood the precise meaning of what our hard-earned $36,410 will get for us and the children, right? Does it ever occur to you that when you read these glowing reports from public education that there is never a word about upgrading curricula, increasing academic demands, insisting on highly intelligent, well-educated motivated teachers, or reconstructing teaching courses/schools in a way which demands higher standards and more rigorous studies? No, and you won’t. Sadly most well-intentioned educators are victims of the same system and do not understand the role they are playing. Some may understand but have no means to fight the system and even may attempt to do what they can to counter the collectivist agenda. Scant few comprehend the socialist strategy, most think they are carrying out a noble cause or are too ignorant themselves to understand the difference between educating and indoctrinating.

A well-educated, inquisitive, hard-working student is not what today’s “leaders” want….because they are not easily fooled or controlled that is why. Under the guise of EQUALITY/DIVERSITY the system seeks to “educate” to the lowest common denominator…the slowest, least intelligent, and thereby bringing all to SOCIAL JUSTICE where no one feels left out or humiliated. The ultimate victim is the intelligent youngster or any other who wants to learn.

Perhaps you have noticed the ridiculous NEW MATH, the lack of teaching cursive writing, the disdain for memorization, the absence of logic, the presence of highly revised history, the disappearance of higher academic subjects in science, astronomy, Latin, ancient history, geography, grammar, etc.

In case you are not aware, CONSULTING FIRMS (particularly pertaining to anything governmental & usually employing retired bureaucrats) are agents of the government and take their instructions from it. Whatever direction the government wants the school to take, that is where the CONSULTANTS take them in all their glorious educanto newspeak, designed not to be precisely understood. Meanwhile, of course they rake in mega taxpayer bucks. The ultimate goal is to remove all local control & keep the taxpayers from knowing what they are doing and why. Another goal is to short-circuit the child’s mind and render it helpless to be self-sufficient, not needing government help & guidance.

Don’t be intimidated with the educanto gibberish that even its practitioners don’t completely comprehend. They are well paid parrots who do as they are told, no matter how nonsensical, as long as it fulfills the demands of salary, perks, & pensions.

Pity the young. Get them out of any school which receives federal money.

~Barbara McCutchen

Trail Mania/Altruism/Destruction of Individualism

May 21, 2017
Trail mania—who’s behind and the real purpose, besides huge bucks for owners of 501c3’s & 4’s?

Recall Fort Smith is hustling for 87 miles of trails and recently “visionary” Miles Crawford who claims to be an altruist and a selfless individual has proposed 35 more miles in an article in the TR May 14, 2017 declaring that abandoned railroad beds from Central City to Paris & all villages in between would be the recipients of the Trail. Ownership? Maintenance? Financing? Usage?

Is it your foolish belief that the idea for massive numbers & miles of trails were birthed in U.S. cities, e.g. Fort Smith? If so, why then the proliferation of thousands upon thousands of miles of trails & costing billions of dollars to fund & construct across the nation? Crawford & all his fellow travellers enjoy saying trails are “good for the economy, will bring jobs.” Evidence please. An old Fort Smith standby promotion tool is e.g. “Fayetteville & other cities are constructing trails”, as if there a mandate for Fort Smith.

Two years ago the dozen or so promoters of FS trails held a series of meetings in Fort Smith, Van Buren, Greenwood, & Pocola & produced less than a scant 100 citizen attendees…mostly special interests.

So what are these trails really for, besides for the CEO’s of the 502c3’s & 4’s? There is another reason, but what is it?

Miles Crawford is CEO of something curiously named “Go Ye Employment Services” & Chair of Ark. Workforce Development Board. Obviously Crawford is inextricably linked to and a product of government and involved in a 501c3 or 4. Another question , who planted the railroad bed trail system in his mind?

Diane Morrison is the Fort Smith trail boss and her 501c3 is the recently resurrected Frontier MPO…also on the incompetent board of WAPDD…conflicts? Ask the Mayor and City Directors, they are the experts in conflicts, cover-ups & transparency. Ms. Morrison has the credentials of a full-blown Marxist.

Individuals or corporations who set up 501c3’s & 4’s, traditionally called “non-profits” are anything but non-profit. Never forget that the 501c3’s & 4’s CEO’s and their enablers set themselves up with nice salaries, with little or no oversight, and taxpayers one way or another always subsidize/fund them.

Mr. Crawford’s justification for putting this 35 mile extravaganza together, with 2 friends, states the nascent project has gone from the “idea stage” and now they are pursuing the “developmental stage” and about ready to enter the stage to “Obtain the necessary resources,( i.e. taxpayer money) to purchase the land and develop it”, in other words another 501c3, Crawford the CEO to be & the frenzy for obtaining taxpayer monies (Grants) begins. Question: Who put Crawford and his 2 friends up to promoting another political vision? All politicians & bureaucrats are famous for their self-serving “visions”, but never involving their own money.

In the beginning I state that Crawford & his 2 friends proudly admit they are Cultural Marxists (Altruist & selflessness) I see no evidence of their commitment to self-sacrifice, smells like another tier of government welfare on the march, i.e. Grants.

Their claim of being Altruistic and practitioners of selflessness is the three allegedly walked a few miles on the rail bed and amateurishly droned part of the 35 mile span.

Auguste Compte, a French philosopher in the 1830’s coined the words Altruism & Sociology, the antithesis of our Founding Fathers & the Enlightenment. True altruism & selflessness is pure Cultural Marxist, communist, socialist, progressive propaganda as shown in the quote below.

A simple definition of Altruism by Ayn Rand, “What is the moral code of Altruism?” “The basic principle of Altruism is that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence and that self-sacrifice is the highest moral duty, virtue, and value”. Mr. Crawford you don’t fit that definition. What you fit is the profile of a self-serving government parrot.

So Mr. Crawford, again I ask who planted the Rails to Trails concept in your head, probably in one of your required government seminars.

All the while, nationally & locally bridges, highways, streets, sanitation systems, are crumbling while our corrupt politicians add to the crisis by spending billions on trails and non-essentials all flying in the face of our $20 Trillion national debt, 7 ongoing wars, billions yearly on legal & illegal immigrants who contribute mightily to all the above. Therefore; what is government’s tyrannical plan for Trail Mania?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Senator John Boozman, using the same editorial space in the TR today in a piece titled “Graduates, can you make a difference?

Opining the same kind of Marxist dribble as Miles Crawford, is espousing—borrowing from Hillary Clinton—“It Takes a Village”.

Boozman recycles (no pun intended)…for instance with poetic Marxism, “We’re all capable of helping others”, “How can you make a difference”, “Live your life as a giver”, he omitted the other cliché, “Giving back”. Same old collectivist indoctrination drilled into students heads, killing our nation. Not one word about merit, achievement or rugged individual responsibility.

Residing in the Congress for 16 years and has not made one significant legislative accomplishment. Perhaps he would be advised to practice the Marxist mantra he asks of others. Such people are enemies of our Constitutional individual freedoms.

See reliable source https://americanpolicy.org/agenda21/ for details.

Files/Pitsch Republican high political drama

Double-dipper Ark. House of Rep. Screw, Matt Pitsch (R) , by his own words has assumed Sen. Jake Files (R) Senate seat.

I wrote an article titled Deep City Fort Smith, Feb. 26, 2017 that called attention to inept & corrupt behavior of a number of Sebastian County’s politicians.

I attached a P.S. to the article & stated that double-dipper and House Screw Rep. Pitsch, would assume Sen. Files Senate seat when Files fell on his sword. This very thing happened today, May 16, 2017. The Deep City article may be found at www.arkansasfreedom.com

Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch here is a direct quote from Rep. Pitsch that appeared in Talk Business & Politics. Quote: “I’m excited to move to the Senate & continue representing our community”.

I don’t claim to be prescient, just experienced in how sleazy politicians are and how foolish & uneducated the voting masses are.
Incumbency is a toxic weed.

Joe McCutchen

Fatuousness must be contagious in government

May 11, 2017

The residents of the city of Fort Smith, AR, I say residents simply to include citizens, illegals, and guests who are subsidizing, that is paying with their hard-earned cash, the furtive failed productions authored by the Mayor, the Board of Directors and the current & past City Manager.

There is significant evidence that this is the most dysfunctional, incompetent collection of individuals ever to sit at the helm of a FS city government.

The proof of the accusation follows:

• The 1985 1% street/sewer tax generated $650 million in the first 25 years of this ongoing tax and was misapplied—observe the state of the FS sewers/streets.

• At that point, $100 million would have fixed the EPA sewer concerns by 1990 and since EPA has leveled & fined the city twice more and the current City Manager is negotiating for another 12 year extension making the revitalization a 32 year project. 7 additional tax years added on to the first 25 year $650 million & ongoing—big dollars…where did they go? The EPA’s last mandate was accompanied by a $300,000 fine.

• The $30 million cost for the Lee Creek Dam, all the while former TR editor Jack Mosely and a bevy of engineers said the Dam at Lake Fort Smith could not be raised. Lee Creek is & was a dismal failure as I warned in a full page ad in the TR why it could be raised & what this would positively mean for the city. How many years was it until the Pols came to grips with the water crisis & determined the dam could be raised after all?

• The 5 year Senator Jake Files & Commissioner Lee Webb’s Sports Complex debacle, accompanied by no city oversight from any quarter and ultimately the city spending just south of $2 million cash, plus what Files called “in kind services”, e.g. U.S. military equipment (that’s us the taxpayers)—observe the results. The question is and has always been why were politicians Republican Files & Democrat Webb given this potentially very lucrative contract? Also, there were with no contractual arrangements protecting “we the people”, making both parties guilty. After the story was broken, Files still received thousands on the urging of the city government and dispensed by another dysfunctional organization WAPDD.

• The city government accepting a million plus bribe from Delta Dental to continually impregnate the pristine waters of Lake Ft. Smith with the toxic agent, Sodium Fluoride…all against the voted on wishes of the citizens of the city. (Bill introduced by Sen. Files among his other deceptive legislative acts).

• Sam Sicard & Richard Griffin’s nascent Marshal’s Museum, billed as a private enterprise entity, while receiving millions of taxpayer dollars from county, city, state & nationally. Sen. Files bequeathed the Marshal’s Museum somewhere around $2 million from the money pit—the General Improvement Fund. At some point the taxpayers will be forced to assume ownership of this proposed behemoth.

• Another Sicard/Griffin operation is the downtown new-age Urban Renewal project, born out of the ‘60’s that forces taxpayers to subsidize redevelopment of downtown private property. Who is benefiting?

• $700,000 yearly fed to the overstaffed, overpaid, underutilized, failed Convention Center which should be used additionally & more properly also by the FS school district.

• The proposed 87 mile Trail System, and apparently with some kind of financial/contractual relationship with the formerly defunct & now revived Frontier MPO. Estimated cost, $17 million.

• Most recently, the hiring of a new Chief of Police for our city who is now advocating the creation of a paramilitary police force, which is commonly defined as a light infantry unit that the military can commandeer at any time. The TR in its initial story regarding the reorganization of the police force quoted the Chief calling it a paramilitary reorganization; recent stories have ceased using the term paramilitary.

• The most recent head shaker is the sanitation fiasco that frankly is surreal. It has been said that under the auspices of the former sanitation director & deceased City Manager items for recycling were not delivered to appropriate sources and were dumped in with all the other trash. How could it be that this is breaking news to City Directors when it’s apparently been going on for years and costing & making fools of the taxpayers & in all likelihood millions of lost revenue since the practice began & we are to believe no one in the City Administration, nor Directors was aware? And they are still doing it—WHY? 7 trucks & 14 employees at a cost of $52,920 per month! In your face taxpaying suckers!!

• Then there is the matter of the shortfall in the Fire & Police retirement funds, as well as the city continues to raise utility charges on an ongoing basis.

• Is there a bidding process for the purchasing of the myriads of equipment used by all city services?
One of the many questions that abound is why FS Sanitation Director Mark Schlievert was the fall guy…he was the last to enter the cast of incompetent palookas. The City Government of Fort Smith will not enjoy honor & respect until these overhanging black clouds are abolished. The City Manager, the Deputy City Manager, accompanied by the Sanitation Chief should have been fired immediately, followed by the Mayor and City Board’s mass resignation.

Who is ultimately to blame for the dysfunctional incompetence in city management–is it the taxpaying voters not displaying a modicum of common sense by continuing to return the Mayor & Directors to office? As is the case with most politicians?

Incumbency & lack of transparency are toxic arrogant weeds.

Joe McCutchen

News article drops the initial term “paramilitary” re reorganizing police force

Mr. Alex Golden, (Times Record) May 10, 2017

I am extremely concerned about some of the new police chief’s movements, i.e. the talk of a paramilitary.

The T.R.’s initial response pertaining to Chief Clark’s reconstruction proposal of the city police department morphing into a paramilitary was/is chilling.

I emailed the Mayor, the City Manager, the City Directors & Police Chief on May 8 suggesting to them what the chief is proposing under the aegis of reorganizing the police force is actually converting the dept. to a light infantry unit, which at that point can be utilized by the military.

Numbers of questions immediately arise: who issued the Directive for the conversion of our city police force to a paramilitary unit and the introduction of heavy armaments follow. Why would any peaceful city, e.g. Fort Smith place this kind of force in the hands of a police chief while surrendering our oversight/freedoms. This proposed activity by the chief is patently unconstitutional and the present police force is being trained as a military asset.

Since the initial story broke the word paramilitary has been dropped from the conversation and again I ask, what is the real purpose of what the chief is promoting?

I would be pleased if you would log on to www.arkansasfreedom.com and read The City of Fort Smith, Arkansas seguing into the U.S. Police State…for what reason? The City Manager, the Mayor, the Board of Directors, & the Chief of Police received this email, as usual no response and what I believe as usually the case, citizens do not comprehend the magnitude of the chief’s call nor do I believe the members of the Board are aware of a national trend that increases the numbers & kinds of policing powers which are not in the best interest of the citizens.


Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S. Hopefully you will follow up with a more in-depth investigative report that will inform the citizens in a much more transparent way and the unconstitutional dangers that follow.

The continued growth & cost of government is detrimental to citizens

Just what do we get for $36,410.00…a lot of PC and more government control? May 9, 2017

School Board President Dr. Deanie Mehl at the helm for more than a decade and her subordinates are just now becoming aware of the litany of Fort Smith School District deficiencies?

After perusing this very impressive use of new-age government-speak it became obvious that this was to frame Fort Smith School District employees as uber-extraordinares in the realm of academia and to intimidate parents by embarrassment for not knowing what all this bureaucratic nonsense equates to.

There is not a school teacher in the district that can tell you what these statements mean, the purpose, and how they fall into the realm of academics.

The Board has hired a firm named Cambridge Strategic Services to compile the data that has led to the District’s deficiencies. Understand Cambridge Services are double dippers and have been involved in government one way or another. Listed below are a few of the alleged deficiencies and frankly the comedy is better than a late night TV show. The District’s & communities “fundamental values”, “ethical code”, “overriding convictions”, “inviolate commitments”, “district’s identity”, “purpose and the means of action”, “strategic parameters”, and so on.

Do any of you believe for one moment this silliness was incubated in the minds of Mehl & associates? Of course not. Straight out of the U.S. Dept. of Ed, the NEA, the AEA, Metro 1313, etc.

This concoction was created with moonbeams & wool, dedicated to further destroy citizen influence in public education.

Recall yesterday Police Chief Nathaniel Clark opined that he was molding the FS city police into a light infantry brigade. Yes, it is unconstitutional. A paramilitary falls under the command of the military ultimately.

Both of the above are not functions of a Constitutional government and continues to increase the size and expense of the corrupt government.

Incumbency & lack of transparency are toxic weeds. Parents don’t be flimflammed by charlatans. None of the above has anything to do with proper education or citizen protection, but certainly helps to empty our pocketbooks.

Joe McCutchen

Militarizing Police–Freedom’s Enemy

The city of Fort Smith, Arkansas seguing into the U.S. military police state. For what reason??

Times Record article front page May 8, 2017…”Directors to discuss police structure”.

“Police Chief wants more paramilitary command hierarchy”.

A “paramilitary” is a combatant force equivalent to a military’s light infantry and most commonly falls under the command of a military—in this case, the U.S. military.

A paramilitary is an organizational force whose structure, tactics, training, sub-culture & function of those of professional military. Much of our national city police forces have already undergone the above and their protocols are from international organizations and the city of Fort Smith is a member of at least two of these.

Are Police Chief Nathanial Clark and his cadre of city police not capable of socially, professionally & peacefully functioning in a city environment, i.e. Fort Smith.

From my point of view, Chief Clark is clearly operating outside the boundaries of a civil society and the U.S. Constitution. If our city, in any way demands this type of military involvement why haven’t we been informed of the threat or threats?

It appears that Clark and the rest of the city government are proposing full Battle Dress & Gear. Why?

The Fort Smith city government, e.g. the City Manager, the Mayor, the Board of Directors and now the Chief of Police are in enough mud and have covered their tracks extremely well and here they are preparing to financially attack the taxpaying citizens again that they are hired to protect and not strong-arm.

Chief Clark, tell we the citizens when you received your Directive from DC ordering you to further expand an already militarily armed city police force?

In the offing for city citizens, more corrupt, expensive government expansion. Chief Clark, if you & your existing cadre cannot implement the proper function of a city police force without military regalia & protocols, all should resign post haste!

Incumbency & lack of transparency are toxic weeds…observe the conduct of the F.S. city government on recent & past occasions.

Joe McCutchen

What Kind of People Callously Celebrate Unprovoked War?


Times Record editorial Sunday, April 30, 2017

Title: Report shows how vital military is to the area.

“Everyone knows just how important the military is.” “ (If you don’t, you should.)”

Equating dollar income with death, destruction & torture is the depth of depravity and debauchery. Building an economy through force of war and celebrating it is tragically deranged.

The editor’s celebration of the now ongoing 16 years of preemptive, unprovoked 7 wars, now Syria, replete with a U.S. military presence in 160 countries, naval armadas in the Yellow, Mediterranean, So. China & Sea of Japan, along with the Persian Gulf, attest to the fact insanity prevails as shown by this editor that celebrates war as a source of revenue is indeed as demented as the occupants of the D.C. Swamp, no exception. I failed to note the numbers of American troops strewn across these 160 sovereign nations in their pursuit of Armageddon. Do you get the picture?

Huge numbers of American troops are on the Latvian & Estonian borders complimented by F-35 overflights, contiguous with Russia (certainly not an enemy) and huge concentrations in Poland are a sure sign that peace initiatives are never to be implemented. Unfortunately American citizens have assumed the role of passivity through ignorance, laziness, fear, indoctrination’s, conditioning & other maladies, while the madmen in DC—Boozman, Cotton, Womack, & all the others, mostly Republican neocons, busily weave their web for in all likelihood a nuclear conflagration resulting from their quest for global hegemony.

Editor, you and the millions of American enablers enjoy your billions of taxpayer dollars built on murder, torture, destruction, poverty, and all the other inhumane products resulting from in this case 8 unprovoked wars, and more to come.

Much of our nation is behaving like a collection of uncivilized banshees celebrating, cheering, flag waving at the sight of any military contingent. The military’s only proper job is to defend our sovereighty & secure our national borders & nothing else.

Twice decorated, Medal of Honor winner Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler said it best, “War is a Racket”. The real heroes of this decade are Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, & Bradley Manning, who have in all likelihood surrendered their lives to make Americans aware of the government police state surveillance of every citizen around the Globe by the FBI, CIA, NSA, & a host of others.

Enjoy your sordid blood money!

Joe McCutchen

Government schools expand by abetting dependency & robbing taxpayers

The Fort Smith School Board has all the appearances of a rogue operation under the leadership of President Deanie Mehl. April 19, 2017

The School Board, uncontrolled, dispensing of taxpayer dollars by force is a criminal act.

Since “we the people” are unaware of the demographics of those who are participating in this unearned assault on taxpayers (free meals), we can only surmise.

Yesterday’s T.R. carried a quote by Charles Warren who is Director of Financial Services for the school district directed to Superintendent Doug Brubaker that states “We believe that it is time to end the pilot status of the program (alleged free breakfasts to the throngs) and recognize the program as a service (?) to the District to be incorporated in the District budget in future years”. The arrogance of Warren & his masters, as if it were the duty or obligation of the taxpayers to run a feeding program and as Warren indicated, no caps, and the magnitude now coupled to the unbridled future of the dispensing of unearned largesse is breathtaking.

We can assume that these moochers who line up for what the schoolhouse bunch claim to be a “free” breakfast are all on welfare, i.e. food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid, Arkansas Works, etc.

Another assumption is that they all receive monthly food stamps and if that is the case, these moochers have breakfast paid for twice—food stamps & locally taxpayer funded breakfasts. Never did Mehl or Superintendent Brubaker disclose the cost of the present and future breakfast program that Charles Warren bloviated about. Warren and his associates occupy another form of government welfare.

The average U.S. household below the poverty line received $168 per day in government support. The median household income in America is just over $50,000, which averages out to $137.13 per day!

To put another way, being on welfare now pays the equivalent of $30 an hour for a 40 hour week while the average job pays $24 an hour. This study was done 4 years ago and welfare addicts have seen their benefits rise.

Here are 10 states that now have more people on welfare than they do employed: California, New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Maine, & So. Carolina. Governor Asa Hutchinson is working hard to add Arkansas to that list, i.e. unlimited corporate welfare (bonds), tire taxes, gas taxes, internet taxes (a privacy buster), added 340,000 to Medicaid (AR Works) in the last 1 ½ years, no cap, etc. etc.

President Mehl pontificated re: giving raises to Ft. Smith teachers; “We’re behind NW Ark. they receive $8,000 to $9,000 more in starting salaries than F.S. teachers”. Does Mehl not realize the economy in NW Ark is nearly 30% higher than Fort Smith? An old political game—if one city does something, we should do likewise whether we can afford it or not. We, like the U.S., should mind our own business.
The lack of Constitutional & economic awareness by Mehl, her 4 toadies, Brubaker & Warren is beyond belief.

They are practicing psychopathic altruism which would be fine if they were using their own money—but of course they are not. The easiest job in the whole world is to criminally spend other people’s money.


Joe McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return