The Military/Industrial/Educational Complex at work

Times Record February 19, 2017…”Coaches & others headed to ‘basic training’. “

The cast: Greenwood Football Coach Rick Jones, Asst. Principal Chris Young, and Tanya Taylor, Greenwood Director for Economic Development.

The 3 are traveling to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, CA to get their lessons in military indoctrination, propagandizing, and conditioning for the youth in the Greenwood school district.

The article states that the Marine Corps sends around 80 high school & college educators, counselors & administrators to the Pendleton “Marine Corps Educators Workshop”. These numbers could easily translate into more than a million unsuspecting immature student minds to be pretzelized into the warmongering frenzy by so-called educators & other government addicts.

This production put on by the Marine Corps base in San Diego is nothing more than a recruitment tool to enlist more unsuspecting useful idiots into the U.S. military to continue their very lucrative preemptive wars against civilization, whatever the war du jour may be today. The warmongering U.S. government’s battle cry is always “to keep us safe”, as it continues to murder & destroy all semblances of civilization in its quest for global hegemony. Think Cotton, McCain, McConnell, Graham, e.g. all things neoconservative.

Unfortunately citizens fail to recognize the above 3 are nothing more than government automatons performing whatever machinations the United Nations’ Agenda 21, the U.S. Dept. of Education & its union’s demands. Never an independent thought voiced by those flying the flag of government—it takes the collective.

Greenwood public schools & other taxpayer institutions represent a treasure trove for recruiting opportunities for entrapping our youth and the teaching community acting as cheer leaders, as demonstrated by the above. Never is the ongoing rape of academics discussed at any level—omission, lies, destruction, revisionism, discarding of tried & true teaching methods, the implementation of such scams as Common Core, cover-ups, & everyone & every culture is equal.

What is the authority that allows Buck Sergeant Knopes to invade a public school campus to sell the wares of war with bribes, never the sweet smell of peace which is waiting in the wings to be implemented?—Yes, even Russia.

By the way Coach Jones & friends, who is paying for this extravaganza for you and your 2 friends—I think I feel the needle.

All wars are phony, that includes most specifically the ones brought about by Bill Clinton, Geo. W. Bush, Barack Obama and all those sitting in both houses of congress that have blindly or with complicity allowed these 3 criminal presidents to murder & destroy entire countries, culture, antiquities and worst of all the murder of millions orchestrated by the United States.

Joe McCutchen

Murder of the mind

Which is the greatest sin, murder of the body or murder of the mind? February 12, 2017

Regarding the proper role of education, the following Ayn Rand quote explains:

“The only purpose of education is to teach a student how to live his life—by developing his mind and equipping him to deal with reality. The training he needs is theoretical, i.e., conceptual. He has to be taught to think, to understand, to integrate, to prove. He has to be taught the essentials of the knowledge discovered in the past—and he has to be equipped to acquire further knowledge by his own effort.”

That means the child must start from the building blocks of logic which dictate the learning of any subject must require starting from the essential basic conceptual building blocks, then connecting them in logical order to build the pyramid of understanding that subject matter, e.g. mathematics, science, history, geography, reading, etc.

The “education” of today is anything but that, it is designed specifically to destroy the student’s ability to live his life rationally. The Cultural Marxists (Communists) of the 1920s-30s devised an imminently successful plan to destroy Western Civilization when they realized it couldn’t be done by bloody revolution (the Russian Revolution in particular) they attacked the mind/philosophy. It was to be achieved by their “march through the institutions”…infiltrating every important influential aspect of Western cultures. Names, dates, places are easily researched. (They were precluded by John Dewey at the turn of the century with his emphasis on emotion rather than rationality, which made their goals easier to achieve.)

Elements of their philosophy included “Critical Theory”, i.e. criticize, relentlessly attack all aspects of western values…the family unit, the father figure, the use of reason, civility, etiquette, manners, knowledge of true history, merit, earned pride/self-esteem, high expectations, achievement, rugged individualism. Also, one was to be discriminating in their choice of friends, activities, values—meaning divesting oneself of any negative influences. Today we are taught the opposite, that discrimination is deplorable & to be vilified.

The principal tool used to accomplish their success is “Political Correctness”, i.e. feminism, sexism, racism, affirmative action, quotas, homophobia, group reliance, “takes a village to raise a child”, diversity, ad infinitum. Collectivism good, individualism bad.

Some of the first subjects to be banished were logic, ancient history, Latin, philosophy, epistemology, literary classics, poetry, challenging/higher mathematics & sciences…anything requiring excellence, effort, merit was deemed bad, whereas the emphasis more & more became the group, ease in subject matter, approximations instead of hard true facts(2+2 can = 5), feelings became more important than subject matter, history (& other subjects) were revised to suit the collectivist controllers. Children were no longer to be challenged because their “feelings” might be hurt, expectations were lowered, false self-esteem instilled (everyone gets a trophy), their subject matter education was delayed and watered down. Discipline became a no no, it too might hurt “feelings”, therefore standards were badly diminished.

Rugged individualism, upon which this country was founded and grew to preeminence, was now verboten because that was the principal enemy of Collectivism where “each was given according to his need”, forced redistribution was not only expected but enforced. The ruling elites were just more equal than all the others (Animal Farm). Rugged individuals not only don’t fit in, they fight back.

Outcome: “Snowflakes” who wither in the light of day, slithering cowards seeking “safe places”, dysfunctional families, citizens who not only do not understand the proper role of government but do not seek that knowledge (willing slaves), children who’ve been conditioned not only to be arrogantly ignorant but even to doubt their own gender or that of others. Sheer insanity from which only the strongest of minds can escape.

But, as always, the blame falls on the taxpayers for not giving up more of their earnings to malevolent education/propaganda/conditioning institutions. There are mega-bucks attached to failure, so the beat goes on & on. Funding follows failure. Today the parents & teachers are victims of the same mind-bending and have no idea what is wrong—but many know SOMETHING is wrong, but unequipped to think, use logic to discover what.

Outcome: Ignorant, propagandized students march in protest of things they do not comprehend, thugs & savages are in the streets, rioting, destroying, even killing without accountability because being held accountable was erased in our major institutions……education, justice system, politics, media, etc. Eternal wars are waged against phantom enemies invented by the industrial/military/media complex for untold riches, while the patriotically conditioned youth (watch the military worship preceding public events) is used as mere cannon fodder.

The Collectivists knew the key to Western & Caucasian destruction was the elimination of true education and they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Chaos, tribalism, & loss of individual freedoms are their results, along with ultimate power and $Trillions of unearned, bloody money. The “Camp of the Saints” is in full bloom, along with the end of civilization. Only the fabulously wealthy globalists will not pay the terrible price—they hope.

~Barbara McCutchen

Secrecy & “Tort Reform”

A quote attributed to Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither, and will lose both”. February 11, 2017

The Arkansas legislature, in this case under the direction of State Senator Gary Stubblefield (R) offers a bill bent on erecting another wall of secrecy between we the people and the government that paralyzes the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act pertaining to the number of security officers & law enforcement officers on the 33 college & university campuses as well as the public schools regarding all information about their numbers, records, security plans, procedures, studies, measures, ad infinitum. Why do law enforcement’s huge numbers deserve this type of protection? They don’t!

This all-encompassing legislation has no basis for existence, it is simply another government protection racket aimed at neutralizing we the people with the built in foundation for continuing expansion, e.g. Secretary of State Mark Martin wants the same for the Capitol Police.

The inordinate numbers of attacks on our freedoms listed above provokes the question, what next? This measure, if enacted, simply opens the door for more secrecy in other government venues.

Police forces are militarily trained, equipped, fusion centers available, and utterly no necessity to enact more freedom-killing legislation. Members of the Ark. legislature constantly refer to themselves as conservative—just exactly what is it they are conserving? Republican legislators are indeed a very dangerous breed if the Constitution and its Bill of Rights are dear to you.

Another example of a potential crime being promoted before our very eyes: SJR8, commonly known as the RNC’s (Republican) “Tort Reform” that savages our 7th Amendment that guarantees the right to trial by a jury of one’s peers, not a “trial” controlled by a collection of bribe-taking Republican legislators, lobbyists, bureaucrats & other self-servers.


It is inconceivable that these bribe-taking Republican betrayers would dare take away what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to give us and have it replaced by self-serving state legislators & at the behest of other parasites, i.e. nursing home operators, hospitals, corporations, etc.–only to enhance their bottom line. Who do you put your trust in, politicians or your neighbors?

Ask the Honorable Asa Hutchinson and your elected representatives their positions on this proposed slaughter of the 7th Amendment.

Joe McCutchen

Political Trojan Horse may “Hoist them by their own Petards” while the “Bell Tolls for Them”

Another giant Trojan Horse—Tort Reform—Arkansas SJR8—A gift from the Political Gods, originally allegedly to reduce the costs of healthcare. As in all political bills offered, identify first who the lobbyists represent—that will tell the tale.
February 7, 2017

Citizens better look at this Trojan with a microscope because it affects not only their pocketbooks but their & their loved ones very lives. Issue 3 caught you with your pants down, let that one alone awaken you. This Horse bombs our 7th Amendment right to trial by jury.
Tort Reform we have been conditioned to believe will bring healthcare costs down while the truth is that the bought off legislators are pandering to nursing homes, hospitals, & any industry or entity that might cause neglectful injury or death to innocent victims and don’t want to face the financial penalties a jury might award on a one on one basis, based on facts & evidence. Those responsible are willing to bribe with mega bucks to prevent that occurrence because juries personally see the horrendous effects on victims and reward according to severity.

The bill is written obviously so tortuously that this is an educated interpretation of what it actually does…which is definitely not in favor of any victim.

This odious SJR8, introduced by Sen. Missy Irvin (who works for her Doctor husband’s clinic)…by the way, malpractice is the 3rd leading cause of deaths, up to 400,000 per year in the U.S. This Bill would cap injury/death remuneration at $250,000, no matter the irresponsibility or the poor judgment causing the catastrophic suffering/pain/injury/death…that figure includes attorney’s fees and any outstanding frighteningly large medical bills. The victim could easily end up with nothing according to this bill.

Whether neglect in a nursing home, a doctor’s malpractice, or any individual or corporation wrongful acts causing you or your loved one losing their limbs or life, the evidence/responsibility/accountability is wiped out by political fiat, reducing your worth to $250,000 or less regardless of the consequences to you.

Which brings us to an intriguing question. Do these lobbyists, politicians, bureaucrats, businesses who do harm to others believe themselves to be bulletproof? Do they have a hidden clause to protect themselves from this cannibalistic bill? If not, the law of unintended consequences cannot be controlled or foreseen. The individuals & their families & friends in this cabal vociferously advocating for “Tort Reform” are not immune from being victims of the bill they so righteously portray, whether from ignorance or pay-back…the consequences will be the same.

When one of them is killed or maimed will they be content with the cap or will they be screaming for the 7th Amendment—the right to trial by jury of their peers? Wrongful death or injury is just that. WRONGFUL. That means accountability, of making amends, of righting the wrong as best as possible…you know; that antiquated idea of responsibility for wrong actions.

If this bill passes, one might even hope that the perpetrators are victims of their own unintended consequences or as Shakespeare’s Hamlet described so eloquently regarding those planning his assassination when he plotted they be “hoisted with their own petard.” (That is an idiom that means “to be harmed by one’s own plan to harm someone else” or “to fall into one’s own trap”, implying that one could be lifted (blown) upward by one’s own bomb, or in other words, be foiled by one’s own plan.) Trojan Horse bombs? Poetic justice?

SJR8 conspirators, if you succeed, Hemmingway also perhaps described you… “therefore never send to know for whom the (funeral) bell tolls; It tolls for thee.”

~Barbara McCutchen

P.S. the legislator Betrayers/Misinformed sponsors proudly list their names publicly for all to see:

Sen. Missy Irvin [R]
Rep. Bob Ballinger [R]
Sen. Blake Johnson [R]
Sen. Bill Sample [R]

Rep. Brandt Smith [R]
Rep. Sonia Eubanks Barker [R]
Rep. Rick Beck [R]
Rep. Mary Bentley [R]

Sen. Cecile Bledsoe [R]
Rep. Kenneth Bragg [R]
Rep. Karilyn Brown [R]
Rep. Frances Cavenaugh [R]

Rep. Bruce Coleman [R]
Rep. Charles Collins [R]
Rep. Bruce Cozart [R]
Rep. Dan Douglas [R]

Rep. Deborah Ferguson [D]
Rep. David Meeks [R]
Sen. David Wallace [R]
Rep. Andy Davis [R]

Rep. Jim Dotson [R]
Rep. Trevor Drown [R]
Sen. Eddie Williams [R]
Rep. Les Eaves [R]

Rep. Jon Eubanks [R]
Rep. Joe Farrer [R]
Sen. Jake Files [R]
Rep. Grant Hodges [R]

Rep. Mickey Gates [R]
Rep. Justin Gonzales [R]
Rep. Kenneth Henderson [R]
Sen. Bart Hester [R]

Rep. David Hillman [D]
Rep. Mike Holcomb [D]
Rep. Steve Hollowell [R]
Sen. Jonathan Dismang [R]

Sen. Jane English [R]
Sen. Jim Hendren [R]
Rep. Lane Jean [R]
Rep. Logan Jett [D]

Rep. Kim Hendren [R]
Sen. Lance Eads [R]
Rep. Lanny Fite [R]
Rep. Jack Ladyman [R]

Rep. Tim Lemons [R]
Rep. Mark Lowery [R]
Rep. Robin Lundstrum [R]
Rep. Roger Lynch [R]

Rep. Michelle Gray [R]
Rep. Stephen Magie [D]
Rep. Austin Mccollum [R]
Rep. John Payton [R]

Rep. Rebecca Petty [R]
Rep. Aaron Pilkington [R]
Sen. Jason Rapert [R]
Rep. Marcus Richmond [R]

Rep. Laurie Rushing [R]
Rep. Johnny Rye [R]
Rep. Jim Sorvillo [R]
Rep. Nelda Speaks [R]

Sen. Greg Standridge [R]
Rep. James Sturch [R]
Sen. Trent Garner [R]
Rep. Deann Vaught [R]

Rep. Jeff Wardlaw [D]
Rep. Les Warren [R]
Rep. Danny Watson [R]
Rep. Richard Womack [R]

An Ode to the Protection Racket

Political theater and an odious ode praising some local Arkansas state legislators. February 5, 2017

State Rep. Matt Pitsch, a double-dipper and big government disciple apparently thinks the Arkansas Legislators’ protection racket needs some greasing.

In today’s edition of the T.R. , Rep Pitsch politically massages himself, State Senator Jake Files, State Senator Terry Rice, Rep. George McGill, Rep. Charlotte Douglas, & Rep. Justin Boyd.

Out of the six, two are betrayers to their constituencies; that would be Sen. Files & the author, Rep. Pitsch.

When the matter of SJR8 comes to a vote, fondly called Tort Reform, pushed by Republicans for at least 10-12 years, and if passed would destroy Amendment 7 of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights which guarantees the right to trial by a jury of one’s peers, and place that right in the hands of politicians, in this case, those owned by nursing homes, hospitals, medical practices & corporations. A vote FOR SJR8 is a declaration of war against the lives of their Arkansas constituents and overtly giving the finger to our Founding Fathers.

Rep. Pitsch, a double-dipper & a champion of big government. He is employed federally by RITA and the state as a Representative. Where do you believe his allegiances lie? There is room left for his constituents. At the end of his first term he was chosen as the Speaker of the House for his second term which indicates he cut a huge number of spurious deals.

Pitsch alluded to Sen. Jake Files only in terms that Files is Chairman of the Capital’s Senate Revenue Tax Committee. “That means simply he has the opportunity to oversee every dollar the state spends.” What irony. The Senator and a companion recently bankrupted a Fort Smith city project in a cash grant awarded them in the amount of $1.08 million and other financial considerations that were awarded to them for the construction & completion of an 8 field softball complex, replete with amenities. No mention if City Manager Carl Geffken and the City Directors are going to audit Files & Webb, a must. And Files is the Official in charge of spending all state tax dollars!

Files also borrowed some $30,000 from a state lobbyist to cover a hot check and he also tapped what I believe came out of the General Improvement Fund a while back for $1 million plus directed to the nascent Marshal’s Museum (promoted as a “private endeavor”), and the list of nefarious financial ventures (multitudes of failed corporations) continues…all smelling like quid pro quo.

The question in my mind regarding Pitsch & Files, are the voting citizens in their respective districts that stupid?

The jury (non-legislator) is still out on Rice, McGill, Douglas, & Boyd’s stance on the freedom killing Republican Tort Reform bill SJR8. And of course the other two mentioned will fall into this category.

Pitsch’s column is titled, “Area Sees Vital Shift in Leadership”. Other than political massaging and an attempt at cover-up, please tell me Rep Pitsch, why do you feel it necessary to praise yourself and the other 5 in your article, particularly in view of your constituency sell-out? Smells like the proverbial protection racket.

Joe McCutchen

Questions for city government

Cover-ups + incompetency = The Fix……Absent transparency February 1, 2017

Fort Smith City Manager, Mayor, City Directors, State Rep. Matt Pitsch and other principals.

City Manager Carl Geffken terminated yesterday the curious expensive contract between the city of Fort Smith and State Senator Jake Files (R) & Democrat Lee Webb pertaining to the building of a softball complex at Chaffee Crossing, which was a good thing and none too soon, but Geffken is sweeping away this mess in typical government fashion. If the board has not voted on the matter how can Geffken state the contract has been terminated?

Geffken was interviewed last evening by TV5, and over & over he would state pertaining to the termination of the contract, “we must move forward”—absent solutions. His swift evacuation poses a number of questions.

1. Is this a cover-up?

2. Why were Files & Webb awarded this contract in the first place, particularly since it represents an aggressive conflict of interest and the fact these two have never proven they could create and manage a business successfully?

3. Was there no agreement in the contract that addressed fiduciary responsibility by the two, and in case of failure (which is the case) were there no terms regarding restitution or breach of contract? No public mention of what oversight tools were in place.

4. Geffken did not bother to state or suggest what the plans were for salvaging this mess which seems to be laced with unfettered corruption.

5. Did one or more of the Board of Directors request an audit pertaining to the manner in which $1.08 million given to Files & Webb by the city for construction of the complex was spent on who, how, & when?

The above information has not been made available to the citizens and can only be described as sleazy corruption by the city of Fort Smith.
State Representative Matt Pitsch, full time federal employee of RITA and the state of Arkansas. How can Rep. Pitsch work two full-time government jobs (double-dipping—state & Fed) and represent his constituents in a dutiful manner? He can’t.

Pitsch was quoted in today’s T.R. “It’s a regional approach to transportation”. This simply means that Pitsch is an advocate for government control of transportation and the word “regional” means that in this case city government, i.e. Fort Smith, has delegated its authority (citizens) to the U.N.’s Agenda 21 and the Feds. Pitsch is also Speaker of the House and wields huge political power, and there is no evidence that he is using any of it for the benefit of his constituents & Arkansas citizens, just big government.

Also in today’s T.R. titled “Firm presents downtown plan”. Kelsey Berry of Gateway Planning stated in her selling job “Downtown should have more of a regional emphasis to support businesses & entrepreneurs.” (The word “regional” again) More questions: who is paying for the grand plan for downtown? The plan is simply a warmed-over 1960’s project for a new age Urban Renewal, where the city/taxpayers pay for refurbishing and subsidizing downtown property owners. Look no further that the Sicard/Griffin cabal.

Joe McCutchen

Government Shell Games = Taxpayer Punishments

Fort Smith, AR is another DC Swamp—32 years & no results from the 1% street/sewer tax, and the tax meter is running rampantly. January 23, 2017

Another Shell Game about to be foisted on Fort Smith citizens by new City Manager (phantom/has never been introduced publicly) Carl Gefkin, the Mayor and the City Directors.

Shell Games are also known as Short-Cons because they are easy & quick to pull off. Case in point, Fort Smith City Manager & Directors.
A brief background pertaining to Fort Smith citizen’s addiction to taxes (shell games & the highest in Arkansas) must be constructed so as to understand the magnitude of the City Manager’s proposed extension of the already 32 year old Shell Game that Fort Smith has experienced, which if left up to the phantom City Manager & Directors will result in a 57 year Shell Game.

September, 1985 a 1% city street & sewer tax was passed because of an Environmental Protection Act (EPA) decree (sewers), precisely the same EPA demands that were placed a second time (Dec. 2, 2014) on the city of Fort Smith that resulted in a $300,000 fine and a $400 million sewer edict to be completed in 12 years. Of course, the $400 million, due to interest, etc. will balloon to over $500 million during the 12 year mandate.

The 1% street & sewer tax that was specifically dedicated for street and sewer improvements have generated well over $600 million in the first 25 years of its existence, and the sewer tax meter is now into its 32nd year. Where did the $600+ million go? Certainly not on streets & sewers as demanded. With the $600 million spent & abused, coupled to the 2nd $400 million EPA demand will result in far more than double taxation and will be close if not surpassing $ 3/4 billion in taxes.

At the first 10 year sunset, voted on and passed, why was the word sewer and/or “drainage improvement” removed from the official tax title & now referred to simply as the 1% street tax.

Enter new City Manager, Carl Gefkin, the Shell Game “conjurer” and his 3 peas—the Mayor, the City Directors & the City Attorney.
Let the Shell Game continue—Fort Smith citizens are always ready for another tax plucking measure.

Here is their game plan. As with all City Managers, Gefkin is trained to carry out all federal mandates, acts, laws, etc. while posing as a servant of the citizens who pay his salary.

Recall, if the original 1 cent street/sewer redemption tax had been legally & appropriately used, in all likelihood the sewers would have been refurbished in first 5 years…1990. Instead, 32 years later most streets & sewers are still in a state of disrepair. (All the while the PC crowd clamors for mismanaged, ill-conceived trails, ball complexes, museums, Avenue businesses (new-age Urban Renewal) & other non-essentials. These are all being subsidized with taxpayer dollars to cronies, property owners, contractors, regionalism, 501c3’s & 4’s with no transparency in the bid process if one exists.)

Fort Smith City Manager Gefkin stated January 19, 2017, “Trying to do it in that short period (12 years) of time we’re finding out now, is not realistic. We need more time to do it”. (Is 32 years not long enough??)

I would suggest to government man Gefkin two things: Tighten the financial belt & run the city government as a business (which you may know nothing about)…cut funding for ALL non-essentials until this mandate is completed as agreed to by the current city government. Mr. Gefkin, you were well aware of the 2nd EPA mandate when you accepted the job. Furthermore, you knew that this was the same Board that negotiated the 12 year deal for reclaiming sewers and these Board Members are waist deep in incompetency, waste, & corruption in this Shell Game.

Now the bombshell! Jan. 19, 2017 introduced to the public his short time Shell Game: “Gefkin said, ‘possibly extending the decree (EPA) to 25 years or so “a shot in the dark”. This is the most dangerous & outrageous proposal entertained by City Directors that has ever come before the F.S. City Board. This would be a mandate to turn sewer improvement into a 57 year project, no end in sight and getting this Board & future Boards hundreds of millions of dollars to carry out ill-advised projects.


A quotation by Robert Yates, one of our Founders…”I can scarcely contemplate a greater calamity that could befall this country than be loaded with a debt exceeding their ability to ever discharge. If this be a just remark, it is unwise and improvident to vest in the general government a power to borrow at discretion, without any limitation or restriction”.

Joe McCutchen

Has Political Correctness finally peaked?

A true ongoing narrative regarding Talladega College located in historic downtown Talladega, AL. January 13, 2017

Last evening on Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News was the appearance of Talladega College President Dr. Billy Hawkins.

Talladega College’s large marching band has been invited to perform at President Elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration celebration.

What made Dr. Hawkins appearance so important was not that he is a black president of an all-black college, but of all things he was being assailed by black counterparts for accepting the invitation for the very excellent college’s band to appear in the presidential ceremonial activities?

His life had been threatened along with bodily harm to his family & others, an effort to get him fired, and so on.

Dr. Hawkins has steadfastly stayed the course, understanding the vast array of experiences that the marching band would and will experience—chances of a lifetime!

Mr. Dobbs indicated for those interested where they can make a donation to this very worthy endeavor. What a grand educational experience. Dr. Hawkins vowed to continue his efforts on behalf of the college students.

After a brief conversation between Barbara & I , it was our decision to be a part of this exciting effort to send the very talented youngsters to DC.

After my 7:00AM full body MRI this morning & returning home, I asked Barbara how much had been collected in the students’ behalf—she exclaimed $323,000 ! The beauty of this amount is the fact that the president & students only needed $75,000—enough left over for scholarships and/or a new professor that could educate in meaningful course work.

Is this not a beautiful ongoing story about mankind and volunteer meaningful civility? Especially in the wake of decades of sickening politically correct propaganda/accusations/smears of racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, ad infinitum.

A true ongoing narrative regarding Talladega College located in historic downtown Talladega, AL. January 13, 2017

Last evening on Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News was the appearance of Talladega College President Dr. Billy Hawkins.

Talladega College’s large marching band has been invited to perform at President Elect Donald J. Trump’s inauguration celebration.

What made Dr. Hawkins appearance so important was not that he is a black president of an all-black college, but of all things he was being assailed by black counterparts for accepting the invitation for the very excellent college’s band to appear in the presidential ceremonial activities?

His life had been threatened along with bodily harm to his family & others, an effort to get him fired, and so on.

Dr. Hawkins has steadfastly stayed the course, understanding the vast array of experiences that the marching band would and will experience—chances of a lifetime!

Mr. Dobbs indicated for those interested where they can make a donation to this very worthy endeavor. What a grand educational experience. Dr. Hawkins vowed to continue his efforts on behalf of the college students.

After a brief conversation between Barbara & I , it was our decision to be a part of this exciting effort to send the very talented youngsters to DC.

After my 7:00AM full body MRI this morning & returning home, I asked Barbara how much had been collected in the students’ behalf—she exclaimed $323,000 ! The beauty of this amount is the fact that the president & students only needed $75,000—enough left over for scholarships and/or a new professor that could educate in meaningful course work.

Is this not a beautiful ongoing story about mankind and volunteer meaningful civility? Especially in the wake of decades of sickening politically correct propaganda/accusations/smears of racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, ad infinitum.

By the way I will be planting my two confederate battle flags in the front yard for my love & admiration of General R.E. Lee, his father Lighthorse Harry Lee & grandfathers Francis Henry Lee & Francis Lightfoot Lee who were members & signers of the Declaration of Independence (descendents of the “Distressed Cavaliers”), and contributed so much to the birth & substance of America.

All bravos to Dr. Billy Hawkins!

Joe & Barbara McCutchen

All bravos to Dr. Billy Hawkins!

Joe & Barbara McCutchen

Transparency badly needed in all levels of government

Times Record: “Late Project Frustrates City” January 11, 2017

Lack of transparency from Fort Smith City Mayor & Board of Directors. Why did the Mayor & Board award the 2 professional politicians, Files & Webb, with no business credibility, along with what appears to be a list of business failures, a contract for the building, maintenance and oversight (ownership) of a 3 year ongoing project to build 8 softball fields, accompanied by nonessential amenities?

Several inquiries have been made to the Board regarding the why of awarding this program to 2 professional politicians with checkerboard business backgrounds. (Search Files/Softball on )

The Mayor & the Board have also shown they are not competent or has this been an example of payola, e.g. Arkansas state taxpayer money (at least a million) for the nascent Marshal’s Museum (stated by Griffin & Sicard to be funded privately) compliments of State Senator Jake Files in exchange for being awarded the 8 field softball complex? The Fort Smith city government has also dumped hundreds of thousands into the Museum without a citizen vote.

To further demonstrate the Mayor & Board’s business inabilities & incompetency, here are some examples: contract extensions with no penalties, Director Mike Lorenz said there is no stated finish date. The response from some of the Directors was frightening. Director Good stated he did not know how they could pull the plug and that is exactly what must be done. Pouring more money into this collapsed venture shows an utter lack of responsible business experience & expertise also by the Mayor & City Board. It further indicates that Files & Webb are financially deficient and when Files speaks of “in kind services” and “donations” he simply means more taxpayer dollars into this mismanaged government farce.

The curtain must be drawn, the Board cuts our losses, removes Files & Webb from the scene and pursue other routes with competent individuals, corporations, etc. who are willing and able to invest, & keep grungy politicians out of the mix. The Fort Smith City Government, with all their “feel-good”, “look-good” Agenda 21 directives are proving themselves to be colossal failures.

Observe the City Government’s fiduciary failures…look no further than the circa 25 year street & sewer fiascos, resulting in double taxation—multiple $600 million x 2 !

When are the new City Manager & Chief of Police going to be publicly introduced to Fort Smith citizens accompanied by their visions for the city?

Joe McCutchen

The Forgotten Paragons of Peace & Civility


Does anyone really know the mindset of President-Elect Donald Trump? January 21, 2017 the neutral pendulum will begin to swing right or left. Citizens should be keenly aware of nuances, meaningless statements; political positions that regularly come forth from his mouth, as well as the super large issues he will be instantly confronted with. The importance is simply that the new president will hold more collective power in all the political arenas on that date than any man in the history of the world. Which way and how far will the pendulum swing?

The American government, on a perpetual basis, needs soldiers and lots of them to continue their unconstitutional, preemptive murdering and destructive psychotic pursuits.

President Elect Donald J. Trump, who I voted for with certain caveats, has reiterated multiple times that:
1. U.S. must greatly strengthen nuclear capabilities
2. Retrofit the existing U.S. military
3. Furthermore: Increase the numbers & scope of the U.S. military top down. These statements (positions) and their implementation have the capacity to destroy mankind.

Question: why the necessity for the above? Who is today’s U.S. enemy du jour? Not one foreign national government has shown an inclination for war since 1945.

The current U.S. military is the largest and best equipped in the history of the world, yet President Elect Trump wants to rebuild & build on those numbers. At least 5 countries have a nuclear capability that could destroy the globe 10X over in minutes, namely the U.S., U.K., China, Israel, & Russia. There are others. Of the 5, who presents the greatest threat to precipitate a nuclear Armageddon—in my mind, the U.S. and/or Israel.

Should President Elect Trump proceed on the psychotic misadventures for global destruction i.e. arms race, as opposed to pursuing a vigorous global peace initiative, laissez faire capitalism, and as one of the Founders stated…”no foreign entanglements”, we shall pay dearly in blood & treasure. There is an excellent chance that civilization could be wiped off the face of the earth, e.g. the U.S. forcing China & Russia into a nuclear global conflict, now occurring—U.S. military along Russian borders & naval forces in the South China Sea. These two nations will not be bullied.

Bush I & II engaged this nation into 15 years of continual murdering and destruction, aided by Barack Obama with no end in sight. The RNC (Republican National Committee) and its sitting Senators & Representatives are warmongers of the highest order and no doubt inherited their DNA from the butcher of butchers, President Abraham Lincoln, e.g. Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsay Graham, and in AR. neophyte war-activist Sen. Tom Cotton, & indolent Sen. John Boozman who acts only on command from the RNC to pull the levers for war, otherwise his 15 year legislative presence has been a blank slate & a disgrace.

If President Elect Trump is successful in the macro enlargement and retrofitting of the U.S. military, what are his plans for utilizing this behemoth? The U.S. currently has a military presence in 130 countries! Again, I ask why? None of these countries have shown one iota of interest in any manner to engage the U.S. militarily, while at the same time the U.S. has meddled, destroyed, & murdered millions of innocent citizens around the globe, e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Ukraine, Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela, & Russia (posting NATO troops on the borders of countries contiguous with Russia—e.g. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, a U.S. naval armada in the South China Sea, and a recent deployment of tanks in Eastern Germany. ) Who is the aggressor?

I ask again, what does Mr. Trump plan to do with his proposal to metastasize the U.S. military? Are the troops going to languish in their barracks sitting on their bunks polishing their brass and rearranging their foot lockers? Certainly not, it is a formula for global destruction/hegemony, the only logical conclusion with which one can arrive, with another massive buildup of troops & material. Armies are assembled to destroy countries, kill, and torture, remove individual freedoms & institute multiple methods of captivity ending in slavery. The U.S. military is not assembled for peaceful engagements. (Accompanied by a national debt of $20 TRILLION & GROWING)

To the point. Paul Wolfowitz, dual Israeli/U.S. citizen, heavily involved in Bush II’s criminal adventures & author of the Wolfowitz Doctrine—“WE SHALL HAVE NO RIVALS”, and using the doctrine simply means, as he states, “ETERNAL WAR FOR ETERNAL PEACE” resulting in an insane equation for the pursuit of U.S. global dominance with the obvious need for massive numbers of young Americans, i.e. cannon fodder, to satisfy the dreams & goals of elitists, bankers, military/industrial/surveillance complex, and of course in the mid-east to do the fighting & funding for Israeli Jews.

All Americans during the last 4 decades have been recipients of daily fuselages of indoctrination, propagandizing, conditioning, and directives, to institute emotional behaviors that is producing an overweening emotional admiration for war and the military, and at the same time citizens hardly realizing our republic has been embroiled in a continuing 15 year war that engages in super criminal acts.

The above methods are being used at every public event (free & paid) at public institutions (public schools, universities & entertainment venues) & always with an accompanying display of force: enormous flags, cannons, fireworks, military presence, flyovers, music—highly successful maudlin spectacles which produce the desired enlistments, none of which should be a part of private citizen’s entertainment & academic interests, nor should citizens be subjected to a bellicose environment at any time.

Therefore: who will you say is violating the cannons of civility? Put another way, who do you believe deserves the title of “global enemy”?

The whole of America, mainly due to ignorance, is betraying the principles laid down by our Founding Fathers, resulting in the U.S. becoming a belligerent historical wasteland.

Painfully said, the courageous U.S. fighting force is bringing our republic down by creating chaos & fear at home & abroad, not “KEEPING US SAFE” as the general officers, politicians & media bloviate daily. The U.S. has become the global enemy and unless these young people realize they are subsidizing their own demise in unconstitutional, preemptive wars and the criminal activities of American governments we will never arise from the filth and vermin to which this & past American governments have brought us.

The courageous American military are not heroes, they are tools used by elitists who foolhardily pursue their hegemonic ambitions. Some solutions for the neutralization of our despotic federal government are akin to simple syrup—simple.

Redeploy all American troops back to the confines of the USA, use the redeployed troops to lockdown all our national borders—land, sea, & air; use a substantial number of the remaining redeployed to build a wall contiguous with Mexico. Discharge all military personnel who do not provide active rolls in positively serving our nation; remove all illegal foreign nationals from roles in our military. Deport all illegals and those residing here on expired visas. The redeployment will also provide for a sleek, effective fighting force and relieve U.S. taxpayers from paying billions of dollars on foolish military excursions. If the numbers remaining are sufficiently great they should be directed to rebuilding our infrastructure. And finally, there should be instituted a 5 year moratorium on all immigration, giving our nation a chance to acculturate/assimilate the hundreds of ethnic groups who reside here legally.

Citizens, you do understand that politicians & bureaucrats are not going to resolve on their own the multiple crises we taxpayers are enduring—they created them all for their own enrichment. The coup de gras to complete the above tenants for saving our Constitutional Republic; all incumbents must be given the boot promptly, removing any chance of reenacting conscription, among other repugnant things.

Speaking of heroes, 3 individuals stand out, Edward Snowden fled to Russia, Bradley Manning federal prison, & Julian Assange house arrest Ecuadorian Embassy. They have given their all to alert/educate Americans to the magnitude of the criminal cabal located in DC—the federal government. President Elect Donald Trump, in my view, should pardon these 3 men and award with appropriate medals of honor—they may just have saved our nation.

Joe McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return