Local Agenda 21 & some of its offspring

CURIOUS & ALARMED! July 18, 2016

Urban Planning, Diversity, and Agenda 21’s (2030) Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, etc.—what do they mean? Ivy knows, do you? (Ivy Owen, CEO Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority.)

Exactly who & exactly what are the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE)? Kyle Parker, Fort Smith businessman is the CEO.
Information found on the internet states that one of Mr. Parker’s areas of expertise is “urban planning”—planners know what is good for you. Urban planning is a product of Metro Planning Organizations (MPO’s) e.g. RITA & Frontier MPO in Fort Smith; Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and their directives emanate from the epicenter of government control—which is Metro 1313 located at 1313 E 60th St. in Chicago and holds absolute control over every state, city & county government employee, e.g. 1313 is the home of 23 organizations that control city, state, & county governments. In Fort Smith for example, the National Association of Counties controls all Sebastian County decisions made by County Judge (only a title) David Hudson & the JP’s. Just one example of how the poisonous planners have taken over Fort Smith. Due to sleepy-eyed citizens re political inactivity, Regionalism is becoming the accepted method of unelected governance, thereby relinquishing citizen ownership of city, county & state government.

The terms urban planning, diversity, sustainability & smart growth should send chills up one’s spine, if one only knew what the terminal intentions are and who is promulgating these activities. Fort Smith, like every other city in America with a population of 50,000 or more is engulfed by federal law in the destruction of individual self-interest, freedom of movement, property rights, mineral rights, housing decision rights, energy & healthcare rationing & so on.

Your lives are being “planned”! By whom, you say? The “planners” of course and the results are suffocating citizens. Western Arkansas Planning & Development District is another in the long line of destructive planners & planning. Question: Do the employees of the various organizations really understand their long term goals?

The genesis of the new Osteopathic College appears to be intimately related with the ACHE, no specifics available, and tentacles radiating to & from. Curiously, former F.S. public school superintendent Benny Gooden has already been hired by Mr. Parker to work with all Arkansas public schools to create an alleged educational program dealing with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). On whose authority to invade public schools & why aren’t these subjects already taught by the failed public school systems—C, C-, D.? Recall famously made statement a number of years ago, by then Superintendent Gooden, “we will take all we can get”, referring to illegal Mestizos & OTM’s. (Follow the funding)

What is the real reason CEO Parker is pushing for a duplicitous program to be instituted in Arkansas public schools K-12? Parker then alludes that there are no Osteopathic Medical Colleges in Arkansas & it would be a NON-PROFIT institution & NOT OFTEN dependent on public funds from the state. Funding in the main for Agenda 21 organizations flows from globalist foundations, i.e. Carnegie, Rosenwald, Sears, Rockefeller, & Ford Foundations.

The ACHE Board of Trustees, aside from 1 MD & 2-3 DO’s, does not appear to be academically imbued in healthcare, particularly in producing osteopathic physicians. Information lacking in specifics does not conclude this nascent medical college will actually graduate doctors of osteopathic, commonly known as DO’s. Coupled to the above it would appear improbable that their stated goal of 600 students could be functional in the present building when consideration is given to offices, lecture rooms, laboratories, cafeteria, library, etc. etc. Therefore, the question arises; will it graduate DO’s or train ancillary healthcare personnel?
For a brand new Osteopathic College that is yet to open & quickly hiring a former retired/retired Superintendent based on what– merit, buddy/buddy, or politics (?)–another curiosity. Why would this nascent school embark on such a huge duplicitous endeavor to minister to K-12 Arkansas students allegedly to teach them STEM? Obviously this would necessitate creating a huge new bureaucracy for continuing governmental indoctrination by way of the standards set by Agenda 21 now called 2030.

The real conundrum, which is CEO Kyle Parker’s planning for what he calls a TRADITIONAL COMMUNITY…nothing traditional in his description. Parker’s remarks in the Sunday edition 7/10/16 are mind boggling. Parker & associates are using one of Agenda 21’s designations labeling his proposed village as a WALKABLE COMMUNITY, aka “HUMAN SETTLEMENT”, the specific blueprint for Agenda 21, now called 2030 & Metro 1313…ultimately assaulting all our personal individual liberties, orchestrated by the United Nations, the national government, Foundations, etc. & channeled down locally through some of the previously named organizations. Their goals, some previously mentioned, are to “stack & pack”, i.e. dense encapsulated centralized housing, more government land theft, compact living quarters, forced removal of private property rights & natural resources, alter and/or remove traditional modes of transportation, destinations, complete streets, trails, vertical agriculture & so on. Control is their agenda. The anticipated results are full-blown cultural & economic Marxism.

Here are some of CEO Parker’s notable descriptions of WALKABLE COMMUNITIES (should be Walkable Communes): “The houses are built very close to each other to have front porches so that the neighbors get to know who the neighbors are, that the front porch is very close to sidewalks so that when somebody goes by the sidewalk, they get to say Hello…how are you today?” Parker goes on to say “We (?) want neighbors to know neighbors, it is better (?) when WE (?) know one another, where WE (?) have care & compassion for one another” (who are WE?)…and his diatribe continues. Spoken like a true Cultural Marxist/Globalist. Planners are like roaches, they are everywhere and if you love freedom you want no part of this gibberish, i.e. government Planners.

The battlefield for “Sustainable Development” has become locally, ignorantly, implemented by City Directors, County Judges & JP’s, Water Boards, School Boards, & Fire Boards. All these entities have symbiotic relationships with one another—corruption & self-gain.
What is the proper role of a Medical School? One would reasonably think it would be dedicated & devote all its resources to educating, training, & graduating the finest, most skilled physicians possible.

Why then would the new Osteopathic Medical College be involved in such massive issues as a “WALKABLE COMMUNITY”, i.e. planning & building housing, trails, & accompanied by an INVASION OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS? And this is prior to the acceptance of the first student?

Something is definitely rotten in Denmark! Makes no sense at all unless the goals are much different than producing excellent physicians. There is no doubt a larger insidious goal and can be found in Agenda 21 research. Google Agenda 21, NGO’s, MPO’s, Sustainable Development, etc. as well as the website below.

Let things evolve spontaneously, no planning, no commissar, no commissioners, no consultants, no central planning, let free enterprise shine—that is evolution in Liberty.

Joe McCutchen

Bad Newz Idiocy

Dadgummit!! The newssez is bad! June 19, 2016

Once I knew an attorney, not a very good one, was fat & sweated a lot, but a pretty nice guy & when he would approach me he would exclaim “G.D…The newssez is bad”.

Every day, if you are not comatose you will be aware that the newssez is bad, most always leading us directly into a Cultural Marxist suicide mission.

To begin: the benevolent Fort Smith School Board, under the auspices of Superintendent Benny Gooden and his sycophants are again providing free breakfast & lunch meals to all comers. It is said that 72% of the students in the FS school district receive free breakfast & lunch meals. The district administration touts this as though it is a badge of honor. These meals are also available to all adults, i.e. “come one, come all”. WHO PAYS?? How many illegals make up these percentages? Do these fools (School Board) not understand that these unconstitutional acts they are providing only invites more of the same? Of course they do…it means MORE FUNDING! The corruption that permeates all government school systems is breathtaking. Just another part of the government protection racket, i.e. expansion.

The reportage of the week stated Arkansas has an unemployment rate of 3.4% (plus or minus a point), simply put over 96% are employed; therefore why are 72% bathing in the producers food bowl? Each of you knows the 3.4% is an outright lie, more government corruption, i.e. all government.

Now the matter of Republican Senator Jake Files regarding his personal financing. Reported today (certainly not the Times Record), but in the Dem-Gaz, he owes $111,000 in federal back taxes…not Files’ first economic foible. Unfortunately the Senator is not alone, there are others with questionable economic “problems”.

What makes this even more revealing/ironic is the fact that Files is Chairman of the ARK Senate Revenue & Taxation Committee. Recall also that Files & Democrat Lee Webb were awarded a lucrative plum…the FS softball complex with the city dumping in millions into said complex, and Files & Webb to pay the balance from donations & in-kind services. Sure they will. It further illustrates that the former City Mgr., the Mayor, the City Board are grossly incompetent and in all likelihood this was a quid pro quo payoff for the millions of Ark. taxpayer dollars that Files secured for Griffin & Sicard’s albatross, the F.S. Marshals Museum…originally billed as a private endeavor. Numerous requests have been made as to what prompted the City Board to award the complex to Files & Webb…no response. Transparency?

And finally, the Southern Baptists, in what has to be the decade’s most colossal act of stupidity that could be contrived; the act is Baptists in a phony ecumenical movement is subsidizing Muslims nationwide & perhaps internationally in the building of Mosques. These fools apparently do not understand they are subsidizing not only their demise, but mine. That is like someone voluntarily helping to build the scaffold upon which they are to be hung, until DEAD. Mighty long way from “that ole time religion”.

Dadgummit, the newssez is REALLY bad when this is only a small sampling!

Joe McCutchen www.arkansasfreedom.com

Mass killings, False flags?, & eternal wars


In my opinion Orlando, FL is not the narrative, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, & Poland are. June 15, 2016

Could it be Orlando was a false flag or simply government incompetence? It is said the shooter ripped off 103 rounds with a single shot repeater that required him to stop & insert at least 3 clips during the shooting spree. The setting, we are told, was a small room accommodating 200-300 people. It is difficult to believe that in a prolonged period of time, not one of the 200-300 occupants challenged the shooter. The FBI reported the shooter had made 2 recent trips to Saudi Arabia, was vetted & cleared each time. Same scenario for the 2 Boston shooters, 2 trips to eastern Russia, vetted & cleared. By the way, Saudi Arabia was the home of the 19 individuals alleged to have brought down the twin towers with box cutters??

If you believe the official government explanation regarding Boston, you most likely believe all the other highly questionable tales that the government has spun e.g. Waco, Ruby Ridge, 911, Okla. City, Wounded Knee, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, BLM—Nevada & Oregon; Fast & Furious;… and internationally—have overthrown duly elected democratic regimes in Ukraine, Libya, Egypt…accompanied by their destruction; not to mention Iraq & Afghanistan. Then of course there is Benghazi. Why the plethora of failures by the 17 federal security agencies, notably CIA, FBI, NSA—if they were not false flags

Immigration, legal & illegal, is the root cause of most of the acrimony, bellicosities, instability, & violence occurring in our republic…all due to corrupt presidents & legislatures who refuse to enforce existing U.S. Immigration Law.

Regardless of who staged & carried out the heinous Orlando act, politically it serves 2 purposes. It stimulates Cultural Marxist bureaucrats & politicians, prepping Americans for more government assaults with the goal of completely disarming citizens and to institute another run-up for continuing “eternal war for eternal peace”. Recall: World class criminal Republican President Geo. W. Bush thrust America into a 16 year war against mideasterners, at the behest of Israel & American neoconservatives (mostly Republicans). During this 16 year period the warring organizations of Al-Qaeda, The Taliban, ISIS, the rebels in Syria, and a host of other religious/non-religious sects were covert creations of the U.S. government. Today our friends, tomorrow the enemy!

Now the Narrative. While America’s attention is focused on the Orlando massacre, NATO under the thumb of the U.S. government is demonstrating a psychosis never seen before due to weaponry (nuclear), stealth, & the insatiable desire for global governance. The U.S. involvement in aggressive actions has now propelled the U.S. to a breath away from a nuclear Armageddon with Russia, & China. Iran of course would join Russia if there are any remains. Make no mistake; Russian President Vladimir Putin will retaliate in kind if he fears the Russian homeland is dangerously threatened, as now seems to be the case.

Let it be said, in spite of the lies being spewed by the U.S. government, media, & bureaucrats Russia is NOT poised to attack Europe, Ukraine or any other country. In spite of the litany of perpetual lies, President Putin is not only the only global statesman but the only statesman seeking global peace. Observe his geopolitical positions during the past 10 years. Middleclass Americans should demand an alignment with Russia, accentuated with treaties & REAL FREE TRADE.

NATO is amassing, as I write, 4 battalions of combat troops on the borders of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland. These battalions follow the orders of the U.S. High Command and it is yet to be said how many Americans will participate in the battalions and what are the ultimate overall numbers projected to be.

The American government has implemented dual-citizen Israeli Paul Wolfowitz and his “Wolfowitz Doctrine…we shall have no rivals”….to the letter.

The actions by NATO, under U.S. command, following orders from mostly neoconservative Republicans can only be described as psychotic Hubris in their hegemonic pursuit to achieve U.S. global dominance.

Arkansas has 4 Republican contributors to the potential nuclear Armageddon. Senator Sleepy John Boozman who the RNC awakens only when they need his vote. Recall: Boozman was one of Bush II’s featured rubber stamps. Senator Tom Cotton, who in his first year in the U.S. Senate (a hugely dangerous war aggressor) met with casino owner (Las Vegas & Macao) Sheldon Adelson in his private office on 12/24/14 and accepted a $3 million check. Ownership immediately changed hands from the citizens of Arkansas to a dual-citizen Israeli Jew. Other wealthy Jews buying Cotton’s allegiance are William Kristol $960,000; Paul Singer; Seth Klarman; John Bolton; ad infinitum. The dollar love fest between Cotton and select wealthy Jews, coupled with his war mentality, has very dangerous implications. It is my belief that Sen. Cotton has been groomed to be the Jews’ Republican presidential candidate in 2020, Cotton being the quisling Goy.

Aside from being Israeli President Netanyahu’s personal U.S. Senate chattel (he owns most of the U.S. government), Cotton has all the qualifications Jews are demanding: Cotton is intelligent; energetic; daring; takes & gives orders well; Ivy League degrees; mideastern military service; and from his previous political activities there is no doubt he too is in a hurry to seek the U.S. presidency in spite of the price.

Congressmen Steve Womack & Rick Crawford are also neocon warmongers. Too early to identify Congressmen French Hill & Bruce Westerman’s positions on warmongering.

Conspiracies you say?—In due course we shall see & hopefully I am wrong. Remember, aside from the few conclusions I drew, all the data cited are factual.

Joe McCutchen

The DC Protection Racket/Cesspool

The DC Protection Racket/Cesspool June 9,2016-

Adding the word “Mexican” to Barbara’s “PC Guide for Dummies” on www.arkansasfreedom.com and the matter of Arkansas Senator John Boozman.

Recall Mr. Donald Trump alluded to the belief that U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel should have recused himself in a lawsuit against Mr. Trump, not simply because the judge is of Mexican descent. The charge made by Mr. Trump, much based on some of the Judge’s decisions involving Whites & Hispanics and Curiel’s belonging to at least 4 Mexican racist organizations, i.e. La Raza (the Race).

It is certainly worth mentioning here that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has openly stated that she routinely favors minorities in her decisions.

Therefore; why the uproar regarding the Curiel matter from the PC cutthroat Republican Establishment? Firstly, it is about supreme control by the Establishment followed by money.

Observe the desperation exhibited by the ruling RNC since June, 2015 directing all their venom, lies, & corruption directly at Donald J. Trump. Note: not one utterance directed at the American White middleclass showing their concerns pertaining to jobs, secure borders, deportation, or healthcare. In their blind quest for greed & power the RNC has thrown White middleclass Americans’ (the bulwark of U. S. society) needs to the 4 winds. Not one concern, idea, or thought by the RNC goes beyond the 12 sq. mile DC beltway.

From the lips of the obsequious Senator Boozman, via his campaign, observe in typical hypocritical Establishment-Speak, Boozman’s comments regarding Curiel/Trump. “Those comments are inappropriate and out of line. We don’t judge people by their last name or ethnicity”. How sanctimonious. Senator, in a court of law, it is not only appropriate, but demands the coupling of names, ethnicities, organizational memberships, former rulings, etc.

When was the last time or ever have you heard Boozman publicly articulate significant Constitutional & political positions while all the while he has voted to neutralize the 4th & 10th Amendments, silence on the criminal acts of “fast & Furious”, likewise the IRS, Iraq, Libya, Benghazi, eternal war for eternal peace, the national debt, voted for the Patriot Acts twice & wanted to expand, the National Defense Authorization Act, Habeas Corpus, ad infinitum? Never! Yet he has wallowed in the bowels of the DC political/criminal cesspool for going on 16 warring years, compliments of Boobus Arkansawyers. Closely observe the state of our nation at this juncture—all facets of government are failures. Unfortunately Senator Boozman is nothing but chattel for the RNC.

Not one incumbent of any stripe at any level is worthy of your vote! The only weapon “we the people” have to curb some of the DC crime is withholding the vote. They can’t function without the vote.

The only individual deserving your vote is U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Back to Judge Curiel—he is not Hispanic, he’s not Mexican, he is a Castilian Spaniard as is the case of the entire ruling class in Mexico. Individuals that are usually called Mexicans are Mestizo Indians. Note: the ruling class of Castilians are tall, light skinned, well educated, most in the top 1% financially and possess a choke-hold on the commonly called Mexican society, unfortunately the U.S. is the recipient of 25-35 million uninvited illegal Mexicans & OTM nesters, i.e. invaders, not the phony government lie of 11 million.

The corruption of Senator Boozman & his legislative companions, going back to the Bush II criminal syndicate has resulted IN THE U.S. BEING PUT DOWN BY MASS IMMIGRATION, LEGAL & ILLEGAL, and most particularly illegal Mestizos and Muslims, giving rise to a multicultural morass that is destroying our culture and society.

Joe McCutchen



At 79 years of age and the recipient of a B.A. from Baylor and an M.A. from Trinity, I believe I can testify as an expert witness against the institution called “Public Education”.

I have been incensed for numerous years at not only WHAT I was taught, but at what I was NOT taught…especially in the subject of American History.

If you think you are safe because you attended “back in the day”, think again!

Face it; we were lied to, whether intentionally or not, by our teachers. It’s a bitter pill to swallow. I once was a public school teacher, thank goodness not in American history where I might have been an unknowing purveyor of lies, distortions—revisionism.
Then you think about the unlucky young ones today when the entire system has sunk deeper & deeper into a collectivist cesspool—taking unsuspecting, innocent kids (& often parents) with it and lament.

A perfect example is the brouhaha encompassing the subject of the “Civil War” in recent times. Thanks to honest truth-seekers writing well-documented articles & books on the facts rather than the phantasmagoric tales told by the “victorious” Northern revisionist history writers, we are finally (after 150+ year Lincoln cover-up) able to understand what really happened and why. (See resource list below for some recommendations.)

The fact that the truth is finally making its way into public view is probably the true reason behind the resurgence & repetitive showings of the old TV series “Roots”.

According to numerous sources, Alex Haley’s “Roots” is pure fiction. (Here is one http://www.thenewamerican.com/reviews/opinion/item/6335-alex-haleys-fraudulent-roots )

“In fact, to describe Roots merely as “fiction” is to treat Haley with more charity than he deserves. In at least three critical respects, Haley was downright dishonest.

Haley and the History of Slavery

Black commentator Stanley Crouch doesn’t mince words when it comes to Alex Haley. Haley, Crouch insists, was a “ruthless hustler” and “one of the biggest damn liars this country has ever seen.” Crouch likens Haley to Tawana Brawley, the young black woman who infamously lied about being raped and humiliated by a white police officer. Like the lie concocted by Brawley and abetted by the likes of Al Sharpton, Haley’s story is also a “hoax” that beautifully illustrates “how history and tragic fact can be pillaged by an individual willing to exploit whatever the naïve might consider sacred.”

“According to(Thomas) Sowell, Roots did more harm than good in fueling “the gross misconception that slavery was about white people enslaving black people.” In reality, “the tragedy of slavery was of a far greater magnitude than that.” Slavery knew no racial boundaries. “People of every race and color were both slaves and enslavers, for thousands of years, all around the world.” Sowell likens slavery to cancer in that it transcends time and place. He concludes: “If reparations were to be paid for slavery, everybody on this planet would owe everybody else.”

Haley and Plagiarism
“In the late 1960s, Harry Courlander — a white man — composed The African, a fictional work about a young African boy who is captured, made to endure the horrors of the mid-Atlantic passage, and eventually sold into slavery in America. In 1978 he sued Haley for plagiarism. Upon expressing regret that at least 81 passages were lifted virtually verbatim from Courlander’s novel and recast in Roots, and upon the Judge’s unambiguous finding that Haley was guilty of plagiarism, Haley agreed to an out of court settlement whereby he would pay Courlander $650,000 (roughly $2 million in today’s currency). “

Haley and his Roots

“Haley’s claims to the contrary aside, professional genealogists Gary B. and Elizabeth Shown Mills have demonstrated beyond a doubt that there is no formal documentation to corroborate “the oral tradition” regarding Haley’s family history. Moreover, the very documentation to which Haley refers — “plantation records, wills, census records” — repudiates this tradition. The Mills are to the point: “In truth, those same plantation records, wills, and censuses cited by Mr. Haley not only fail to document his story, but they contradict each and every pre-Civil War statement of Afro-American lineage in Roots.”

This merely demonstrates the tip of the lying iceberg behemoth of American history revisionism and the immense damage it has done to all Americans. Many Whites have taken on unnecessary, unearned guilt and many Blacks have been convinced that they are eternal “victims” of White oppression and use that as an excuse for bigotry, hatred, & sometimes criminal behavior. Ironically, mostly White politicians & bureaucrats have harmed more blacks (& other races) through the effects of the welfare state most likely than the institute of slavery in this country.

Conclusion: Virtually everything we have been told & taught regarding this particular period of time in our history, as well as the Founding & subsequent other periods of time have been skewed, twisted, revised and downright lied about. As a society, we have been hoodwinked, probably irreparably, into our own demise. The enlightened Founding Principles are lying at the bottom of the revisionist garbage heap, perhaps never to be rediscovered again.

~Barbara McCutchen

“The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo; “The South Was Right” by S.A. Steele; “Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong” by Lochlainn Seabrook; “The Un-Civil War” by Leonard Scruggs


Political Correctness Strikes Again

Political Correctness Strikes Again. June 4, 2016

For those of you who do not know what PC is or where it came from, the following is an abbreviated description:

Political Correctness was born in Germany in the early 1930’s by a number of Jews, e.g. Lukacs, Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse & Fromm…the same idea also came from a fellow residing In Mussolini’s prison by the name of Antonio Gramsci.

The idea was & is to destroy Western Civilization totally and due to the rise of Hitler in the late 30’s those Communists migrated to the U.S. bringing their Frankfort School with them. The Jews realized they could not destroy the U.S. by force; therefore their idea was a “March through the institutions” which was & is immanently successful, i.e. Political Correctness.

These Cultural Marxists have destroyed the public school systems and have penetrated every facet of government, as well as all media/entertainment. Public schools are serving to propagandize, indoctrinate, & condition our children to be completely immersed in the destructive process of PC. At least four generations of school teachers (who are victims of the same process) have become the conduits for revisionism, critical omissions, obfuscations, government dependence & socialization, i.e. all cultures the same.

Today’s edition of the TR gives us today’s dose of PC. The new phrase is “FOOD INSECURITY”.

The narrative relates to the nation’s seniors and among other things states “U.S. census bureau found that 24.85% of Arkansans age 60 or older say they face the threat of hunger”. Given due thought, you can only conclude that this is an asinine statement and designed to instill fear, guilt & dependence on government. This segment of population is not hungry, but they “fear”…Baloney! I have yet to see one person in these United States that was hungry, and I go back a long, long way.

If this segment of population were hungry, they can look in any direction and find welfare in layers and government advertising for one & all to come on board for the freebies, along with a bevy of 501c3’s & c4’s.

The new phrase ‘FOOD INSECURITY” can be found in the lexicon of PC words & phrases in Barbara’s article titled “A PC GUIDE FOR DUMMIES” located on www.arkansasfreedom.com

I have defined Political Correctness in this manner: In the practice of the art of Political Correctness, one must first acknowledge and accept that lying is a valid tool to advance goals while reducing the individual to a mere shell.

Yesterday the P.C. dose was used by an individual involved in healthcare stating we are striving for “Quality of Place”…a phrase (Agenda 21/Cultural Marxist) now bandied around by insiders that sounds cerebral & ethereal.

Better wake up folks, we are on the precipice of losing our Republic at every degree on the compass rose. Government is corrupt to the core.

Joe McCutchen

A P.C. Guide for Dummies


One must not only know what Political Correctness is, but also its purpose. Simply put, PC is a method of psychological warfare concocted by mostly German Jewish Cultural Marxists, first in Germany under the name of the Frankfort School and imported into the U.S. in the 1930’s & ensconced in the beginning at Colombia University. Its Collectivist/Communist purpose is the destruction of Western Civilization.
Denial & ignorance of true history are the most dangerous reasons for falling into the P.C. trap, and many, if not most, well-meaning people are glaringly guilty of one or both.

Contents of the PC Tool Kit:
1. “Critical Theory”, i.e. severely, relentlessly assaulting & criticizing/ridiculing Western values & mores.
a. Family unit
b. White male masculinity & leadership
c. Christianity
d. Logic & Reason
e. Morality/ethics
f. Merit
g. Achievement
h. Effort
i. Individual responsibility
j. Honor

2. Egalitarianism=all people & cultures are equal/alike
3. Multiculturalism=all races are the same, therefore race mixing is desirable

4. Victimism vs. Rugged Individualism
a. Feminism=women are victims of men
b. Racism=all races are victims of the Whites, i.e. Affirmative action, quotas
c. Anti-Semitism=anyone who criticizes or questions the Jews
d. LGBT/Gender identity crisis=anyone can claim to be any sex they wish and must be accommodated, i.e. bathrooms & locker rooms, wedding cakes…
e. No one can achieve on their own…they must have help (“It Takes a Village”)

5. Pathological Altruism
a. An individual does not belong to self, but rather the community, e.g. “giving back”, “make a difference”
b. Putting others before yourself is highest moral goal
c. Allowing yourself to be ruled by authoritarians whom you are not to dare question…who are you to question?
d. Believing it is your duty to pay whatever taxes are levied and follow any rules/regulations the authorities demand, no matter how unfair or irrational.
e. It is selfish to look after your own self-interest & welfare—self-sacrifice is one’s duty & goal (a premise meant to disarm the producers, ennoble the parasites & enrich the imperious perpetrators)

6. Eternal war for Eternal Peace
a. “Patriotism” must be instilled at every opportunity, e.g. public events, & worship of military encouraged
b. Sacrifice of blood & treasure is the duty of all patriot comrades
c. Government declared enemies must be destroyed at all costs—Questioning/exposing not allowed.

7. Revisionism
a. History must be revised to reflect the goals to be achieved
b. Education must be totally reconstructed to achieve compliant, barely literate, obedient citizens. Recalcitrant students must be punished, either verbally, physically, or drugged.
c. Deletion or diminution of whole subjects such as Latin, logic, literature, geography, mathematics, sciences, physics, history, ethics, civics, etc. has & is taking place.
d. Books and other sources of information must be either revised, banned or destroyed
e. News and entertainment mediums must reflect/fortify the officially accepted, approved actions, ideas, goals

8. Discrimination
a. No individual has the right to decide with whom they can associate or do business with without fear of recrimination or possible arrest & punishment.
b. No longer an admirable attribute in being thoughtful or careful in one’s choices, but a concocted abominable sin, the sin of making judgments.

9. Art—“the cultural barometer of a society” (Ayn Rand)
1. Music: morphing from intricate melodies (often performed by multitudes of various instruments) & articulate/meaningful lyrics, to basic loud sounds (made by few, thunderous instruments) & incomprehensible, often trashy lyrics
2. Painting: from reality based skillful renditions, to amorphic masses with no real, comprehensible meaning. (Recall the “Emperor’s New Clothes”)
3. Theater: from academically, poetically, intelligent scripts with meaningful plots & complex characters, to crude, rude, violent images & characters.
4. Dance: from an exacting, graceful, meaningful, dignified, disciplined form, to often suggestive, vulgar, uncivilized gesturing/posturing.
Debasement of civilized behavior & aspirations is obviously the goal of most Modern forms of art, thereby making a mockery of manners, excellence, good taste, refinement, etiquette, education/learning, intelligence, romance, beauty, and HONOR.

10. Vocabulary (over time most don’t realize the crucial gravity of the subtle, insidious, manipulative changes) a few examples:

1. Personnel Dept=Human Resources
2. Crippled=physically challenged
3. Retarded=mentally challenged
4. Negro=African American
5. Mexican=Latino
6. Waitress=Server
7. Fireman=Fire Fighter
8. Salesman=Account Executive
9. Mrs=Ms.
10. Chairman=Chairperson
11. Disabled=differently abled
12. Hunger=Food insecurity
12. Dishonest=Ethically challenged
13. Deaf=Hearing impaired
14. Stupid=Intellectually challenged
15. Mailman=Letter carrier
16. Midget=Little person
17. Indian=Native American
18. Spokesman=Spokesperson
19. Illegal Alien=Undocumented immigrant
20. Poor=underprivileged
21. Professional Sports=Arena of Gladiators
22. Weatherman=Weather person
23. Blind=Visually impaired
24. Prostitute=sex worker
25. Bum=Homeless person.
26. Discrimination=Offending
27. Male achievers/dissenters=Angry white males
28. Patriotism=Blind allegiance to government chosen wars
29. Rebel=racist
30. Dissident=enemy
31. Whistleblower=traitor, enemy of the state (Snowden, Manning, Assange)
32. Perception=Reality
33. Founding Fathers=Founders

Observe: the removal of masculinity, truth & reality, ostensibly in order to NOT offend; the twisting & distorting of rationality, thereby disarming & dumbing down the society, reducing it into a fearful mass of obedient automatons unable to question, think logically, or challenge authority.

“1984”, “Brave New World”, “Anthem”, “Animal Farm”, “The Camp of the Saints” all rolled into one…we are within a breath away from the Death of the West and a return to the Jungle, via the Dark Ages.

Ultimately, if the Collectivists win in destroying Western Civilization…what will they have attained? A few ultra-wealthy, corpulent Vandals dwelling in heavily armed fortresses, looking down upon an ugly mass of humanity which has destroyed everything lovely, charming, noble & inspiring—all the centuries of hard won knowledge gone.

And that is precisely why there are the courageous few (often called conspiracy nuts or troublemakers) who continue to fight against abuse, dishonesty, treachery, corruption, deceitfulness, betrayal, hypocrisy, fraud, unscrupulousness, and the deranged neurotics & psychopaths who occupy so many places of authority & control, many so delusional as to have no concept of the evil they are perpetuating, while posturing as the righteous do-gooders.

Hats off to the remaining Bravehearts & John Galts of this world!

~Barbara McCutchen

Boozman, NDAA, & Eternal Wars

May 29, 2016

The U.S. Constitution demands that it is mandatory that every 2 years, in case of war, Congress authorizes the existence of a standing army which was and is a good thing, but like all government entities, sooner or later, government crime & corruption overcome the Constitution & morality. Such is the case with Sen. John Boozman and the NDAA—eternal war.

Congress has added layers & layers of amendments to the NDAA and therein lies the rub. The layers are criminal to the core. Some of the last additions are denying Habeas Corpus, instigating citizen surveillances, monitoring citizen communications, torture, drones, robotics, preemptive wars, & much more.

Senator John Boozman for the last 15 years has been an integral part in the criminal conduct by the U.S. government in the Mideast and the overthrowing of democratically elected governments around the globe, e.g. Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, Egypt, etc. facilitated by N.G.O.’s and the CIA. The amendments alluded to confer unlimited power to Congress & fund their illegal wars while maintaining a perpetual standing army which runs roughshod over our Constitutional freedoms. Observe! Our Founding Fathers were firmly against maintaining a standing army which destroys freedom.

Politicians, the media, bankers, and the military/industrial complex are screaming for more funding for the U.S. military whose current budget for the year is $600 Billion. The U.S. military has abandoned trillions of dollars’ worth of state of the art weaponry strewn around the globe and our so-called enemies du jour are reclaiming them and of course using them against us, by design.

The U.S. spends more on military hardware yearly than the 10 largest military countries on the planet combined, while citizens are holding a $20 Trillion national debt & growing. We the people are governed/held hostage by a collection of psychopaths—both parties. PRESENTLY ONLY ONE EXCEPTION & PERHAPS OUR SAVIOR, DONALD J. TRUMP.

The U.S. has engaged in non-stop wars for 15 years and other than carnage—all sides—what was achieved? NOTHING but more U.S. crime & destruction!

Senator John Boozman has aided & abetted these 15 year wars from the first day he entered congress. He voted for the Patriot Acts twice that destroyed the 1st & 4th Amendments. His dossier only shows warmongering, Establishment compliance, & betrayal of middleclass Arkansans. Over the years he has lightly campaigned by claiming he is a “conservative”, would fight against illegal immigration, and would always serve the interests of fellow Arkansans—all lies. Boozman, unfortunately is just another dangerous, self-serving sycophant and a lackey for the Bush II crime family.

The battlecry emanating daily from the media, the government, etc…”we are keeping you safe”…another laughable grand lie. The DC beltway is the enemy and every complicit government official in it, and many others, e.g. debt, open borders, civil unrest, multiculturalism and of course stupidity, ad infinitum.

I have a solution to regain some of America’s credibility & honor, saving our Republic (most particularly middleclass white Americans), retain our culture and identity and make very few enemies, resulting in peace & prosperity! The US maintains a military presence in 130 countries. Cease & desist and return all American military back to U.S. shores and their tools of war. Divest the troops of their military uniforms, issue Big Smith overalls, Pol-parrot brogans, sombreros/toboggans, leather gloves & other necessities and deploy on the borders contiguous with Mexico & Canada and build the walls that will secure our safety & sovereignty. Equip with light arms and the authority to shoot to kill illegals attempting to cross our borders. This is where our battles should be fought…not protecting Israel & murdering inhabitants & destroying of other countries preemptively…most particularly hapless countries.

We must escape the grasp of scurrilous politicians & other parasitic self-servers, and then I believe peace would soon break out in most nations, except the age old conflicts between Arabs & Jews and past time for us to terminate supporting Israel & their crimes against the Palestinians to the tune of $3+ billion per year. Tell us how Israel is our friend.

I recall a fairly recent experience when Barbara & I were sitting on a hill in Turkey with a young Turkish lady discussing such things as freedom & happiness. She sat looking wistfully up at the sky and said I wish he would not come; we just want to live in peace and get along with our fellow man. She was referring to Bush II arriving in Ankara for one of his scheming endeavors.

Way past time to divest ourselves of all sitting politicians/bureacrats—all!

Lord Acton—“Power is addictive”.

Senator John Boozman is a lever for war and more wars, has zero legislative Constitutional accomplishments. The Senator is the face of War.


Joe McCutchen

Sample: What “Public Servants” Say

What our “Public Servants” have said. May 26, 2016

I. Southside High School Assistant Principal Mr. Travis Biggs in a sophomoric rant during the Monday 5/23 School Board public meeting said, “As a coach and as an administrator every day of his life, (Rowland) stands for what’s right. He don’t care if it’s black, white, Hispanic, Asian, it doesn’t matter. I’m sorry it came to this, Coach. I love you.”

a. Aside from his atrocious grammar (underlined) what is the meaning of the fragmented portion of the sentence of “He don’t care if it’s…….”?
b. Would Mr. Biggs have shown the above bravado if he had not been surrounded by the public school protection racket or if he were taking the opposing side?
c. Is Mr. Biggs saying that Coach has spent his whole entire life in coaching and administration?

II. Mr. Ivy Owen, Executive Director of FCRA (Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority) promoting more trails in the Chaffee Crossing area made the following statement, “Of course, trails and bikeways have gotten to be very important nowadays in “Quality of Place”. Younger folks are looking for the place to live before they look for their job, so we want to keep up with that”.
a. Here’s that phrase again, United Nations’ “Quality of Place”, the use of the phrase Quality of Place is used by politicians & bureaucrats to convey they are in the know and sound so ethereal. Tell us, Mr. Owen just what does Quality of Place mean as well as , place making, wayfinding signs, sharrows, event nodes, sense of place, smart growth & sustainable model”?
b. Fort Smith has planned for 89 miles of trails within the city, to appreciate the magnitude of the trail systems they are building and proposing… go to the Van Buren I-40 exit driving 89 milles east would put you in Russellville. A poll was conducted and there were 600+ respondents and the pols & bureaucrats would have you believe their exorbitant decisions on trail building was based on those 600 respondents in a city with a population of 89,000.
c. The extensive trail systems being built in all cities is part of Agenda 21 & Sustainable Development to limit modes, numbers, distances of vehicles & traffic patterns, accompanied by high density housing (stack & pack), minimal urbanization, resources, etc. compliments of U.N.’s 2030 (formerly Agenda 21).
d. Mr. Owen, please tell “we the people” how many individuals/couples do you know who first choose a residence before looking for a job?

Citizens, better start paying attention and reading the fine print and trust no politician or bureaucrat; they are all in the government protection racket.

Joe McCutchen

Altruism; a tool used by PC gang to drown the U.S. in 3rd worlders

Coming soon to the USA, a tsunami of so-called “refugees” by the millions—the Bait is out…Emotionalism & Altruism (Term Altruism created by Auguste Comte, 1851) May 25, 2016

“Canopy NWA” (Northwest Arkansas)—NW Arkansas, a ballooning bastion of National Socialism. A cancer that is destroying our once preeminent Republic and is precisely the same government as was Hitler’s Nazi Germany 1939. “Canopy NWA” is a vile work in progress to encourage and distribute more foreign nationals throughout Arkansas.

Frank Head—Catholic Charities, said “people wouldn’t even notice if we didn’t talk about it”. Catholic Charities has never talked about their Sanctuary Cities in public view, just the halls of Lobbyist Congress.

Clint Schnekloth—Lead pastor of Fayetteville’s Good Shepherd Lutheran church said “We have a long list of stakeholders, we’re going to talk to elected leaders, in housing, healthcare, etc.” “We the people” are the stakeholders pastor, not the vote buying/selling legislators and not the 501 c3 & c4 profiteers.

Senator Tom Cotton—His “Religious Persecution Relief Act” would accelerate the approval process for 10,000 additional refugees. Who pays?
The above from Sunday’s edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, May 22, 2016. For the above 3 and all the rest of the racketeers wallowing in the out of control U.S. immigration cesspool, some facts:

What these 3 are proposing is just a hint of what is in store for American citizens, i.e. another massive 3rd world multicultural explosion/invasion about to descend upon the U.S. The nascent strategy is currently in place.

As a reminder, the U.S. takes in more legal immigrants than the rest of the world combined yearly, and then we of course are recipients of 25-35 million illegal Mexicans and OTM’s. The United Nations declares the U.S. is not taking in its share of refugees, meanwhile Israel & the Arabs are taking NONE.

Then the matter of a $20 TRILLION national debt juxtaposed to $120 TRILLION unfunded mandates, 44 million & counting receiving Food Stamps, 94 million Americans unemployed, and neocon Republicans frothing at the mouth to get their next war (atrocity) started. Since Bush II’s butchery beginning on 911 the D.C. Establishment has preemptively destroyed 7 countries, overthrown government in 3 or more countries, are massing troops around the Russian Federation while our own borders remain open and unprotected, all the while Americans fall for that canard “the military is keeping us safe”. Why shouldn’t mideasterners defend themselves against unprovoked U.S. hegemonic barbarianism? So Clint, Frank, & Tom we should welcome more immigrant nesters into our nation and who then become another unbearable financial burden on U.S. ciizens?

Catholic Charities—is wholly funded (not HOLY) by U.S. taxpayers and an abuse of the word “charity”. Catholics, among other things, use their ill-gotten taxpayer funding to create & sustain illegal sanctuary cities and use Mexican Consulates as a conduit to disperse illegals to places of employment and/or residency.

Arkansas Bishop Anthony Taylor openly & proudly advocates violation of U.S. Immigration Laws—8 USC, 1324a; 1324c; 1325; open borders, etc. Now the real truth: Bishop Taylor states, “The Catholic Church cannot survive without illegal immigration”. His overt violations of U.S. immigration laws should afford his majesty a one-way ticket to Forrest City for an extended period and there is a federal judge in NW Arkansas that revels in dishing out harsh sentences.

“We the people” are in no way obligated morally or constitutionally to take on immigrants of any stripe or numbers. What we are observing is the criminal behavior & failure of the U.S. government to enforce existing immigration laws and without their enforcement is transforming our Republic into a 3rd world dumping ground, while erasing the white middleclass, many of whom are members of the Founding Stock—all by design. D.C. is filled with White elected traitorous legislators who are leading the charge to destroy our civil society and should be tried in a criminal court.

It was the settlers Anglo Protestant society & culture that attracted subsequent generations of immigrants to this country, certainly not what is being literally dumped on “we the people” now by a massively corrupt & criminal federal government.

We cannot survive as a once constitutional republic if the 3rd world invasion, legal & illegal is not terminated promptly, until as presidential candidate Trump said, we can vet and deport those already here that arrived by hook or crook.

No one has a right to emigrate/migrate to our country regardless of circumstance!

The federal government & supplanted by the states are driving our Western Culture & Civilization into the ground. The feds are using tried & true American emotionalism & destructive altruism to create a demand for the “refugee” tsunami that is about to descend.
No sovereign nation can withstand an unbridled immigration assault, no matter what brand.

For the folks voting for candidates in the embarrassing Republican Party (save Trump) define the political word CONSERVATIVE and then produce one that holds public office—any level. Continuing on: current Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson trenchantly drums away and never fails to state he is a “CONSERVATIVE” and has “ARKANSAS VALUES”…I ask the Governor to illuminate “we the people” what exactly those Arkansas values are. Hutchinson, in less than 1 ½ years has expanded Obamacare and created 300,000 new welfare addicts, with an open end.

Citizens, the word “CONSERVATIVE” that you believe you know the definition of is a giant political hoax and serves only as a deadly snare to suck Americans into believing Republican office holders & appointees are honorable constitutional-believing individuals and will act in like manner. Both Parties are criminally corrupt to the core.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. “We can all be conned but at what point do we realize that we’re being conned and to what point do we allow ourselves to be conned?” (Guy Ritchie)

Expose, Rebuke, Return