“The evil that is in this world always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding”—Albert Camus


Briefly: Boozman resides in Rogers, AR, an optometrist, served on the Rogers School Board at the height of the illegal Mexican and OTM invasions and no public outcry from Boozman or the Board against the nesters.

The now Senator Boozman initially rode into the U.S. Congress on the coattails of his deceased brother, a physician, and before his brother’s untimely death, he was employed by the Arkansas State Health Department.

Boozman was sworn into the U.S. House on 11/20/01 after a special election and held that office for 10 years. George W. Bush was inaugurated as POTUS earlier that same year.

Broadly speaking, Boozman has been invisible (no voice) for middleclass Arkansans during his 15 year residency in the U.S. House& Senate, but readily available to Tyson’s, Wal-Mart, the globalist Chambers of Commerce, the U.S. military/industrial complex, bankers & most assuredly the corrupt warmongering Republican Establishment.

Within months of his congressional swearing in ceremony he became a willing trigger man & enabler for the Bush/Republican Establishment & the deep-state cabal (the government within our government) which is shown later in this article that sets the tone for his unconstitutional & criminal acts in his now concluding 15 years in the nation’s capital—the DC cesspool.

President G.W. Bush, militarily attacked Afghanistan 10/07/01, 26 days after the inside U.S./Israeli job of 911, followed by an attack on Iraq on March 20, 2003—still raging 15 years later and to what end? These far beyond horrific events were built on lies & deceit orchestrated principally by Jewish neoconservatives & carried out by Republican neocons. Recall: the bringing down of the twin towers occurred on 9-11-01 & Americans emotionally swallowed another lie put forward by the U.S. government that 19 Saudis neutralized the whole of the U.S. military & intelligence services. The plan for the Mideast destruction was created by well-placed Jewish neocons and the proposed operation was named the “Project for a New American Century” (PNAC) e.g. Rumsfeld, Kristol, the Kagans, Wolfowitz (the Wolfowitz Doctrine—“we shall have no rivals”), Feith, Chertoff, Perle, Bolton, Gaffney, Soros, Rothchilds, and other Jewish insiders. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the media carried out the seduction of emotional Americans. PNAC evolved in the late 1990’s lying in wait for an excuse to activate, e.g. 911. Why did Bush attack Afghanistan 26 days after 911 and Iraq some 2 years later since Bush & the neoconservative Jews, Republicans & media alleged the perpetrators were 19 Saudis?

Why 15 years later, with preemptive strikes & total destruction of at least 7 mideast countries that meant no malice and offered no military threat are still being subjected to murder, torture, the creation of millions of refugees caused by Bush & continued by Obama, coupled to a $20 TRILLION debt, surveillance & murdering by drones here & globally, spying on & killing American citizens, loss of liberty, and the creation of the now U.S. police state—all compliments of Senator John Boozman & his colleagues who secretly engineered the overthrow of foreign governments, e.g. Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and soon to come Syria and of course all the killing fields without declarations of war. All the while demagoguing Russia as our enemy. Vladimir Putin is the only peace-seeking statesman around the globe. U.S. forces have encircled the Russian state and are provoking war—why? Jewish & American neocons quest for global dominance.

Boozman is a Vichy collaborator. His votes prove he is an active participant in every sordid crime that has been spawned by the Bush & Obama administrations. Couple this with the fact that the Republican Establishment verbally & arrogantly have shown no respect for( Republican) Americans who are the base of the party by their disavowing the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States—Donald J. Trump. All for protecting their ill-gotten personal monetary and political gain.

The RNC first showed their disdain for the nominee June 25, 2015.

Senator Boozman has not produced or articulated one position paper on the criminal activities of either the Bush & Obama administrations. Of course not, he is an enabler & approved. The truth is he has been an active player behind the scenes and in the Senate Chamber that passed thousands of pieces of legislation that have destroyed our sovereignty, our former racial cohesiveness & has reduced our formerly preeminent republic to a nation of 3rd world cultists , e.g. a $20 TRILLION national debt, unbridled immigration legal & illegal, No Child Left Behind, Common Core, the IRS scandal, Fast & Furious, the Benghazi murders, 93 million Americans unemployed, 43 million on food stamps, the international invasions by Syrian refugees, the overthrow of democratically elected Presidents of Ukraine, Libya, & Egypt, the tens of thousands of emails that frame Hillary Clinton guilty of treason and not a word from the Republican controlled House & Senate. All this and more, created on Boozman’s & his cohorts watch as they have engorged themselves lavishly and lived in an opulent realm. Boozman receives $3 million per year “walking around money”.

Boozman, invisible for 15 years, no public stands on the aforementioned crimes, is a lower echelon member of the Club and is a de facto supporter of Hillary Clinton as most of Republican office holders are. I unabashedly declare that Boozman, Cotton, Womack, Crawford & Hutchinson will not vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Listed below are some of the legislative crimes that Boozman supported & voted for, resulting in deaths, destruction, torture, droning, spying, sniping that has reduced our nation to a depraved police & welfare state.

This U.S. government created & sustains the Taliban, NUSRA, Al Qaeda, ISIS, et al now with the intentions of overthrowing President Assad’s Syrian government with the sole goal of territorial expansion for the postage stamp of terror—Israel, by exploiting the American military and spending U.S. tax dollars—which we do not have.

Continuing are a few of the Constitutional, legislative, & military crimes Senator Boozman has enabled by his vote in the two legislative chambers he has occupied for 15 years. Understand that there are thousands of the aforementioned and time & most particularly space will not permit their identification. With that in mind, only a microcosm of the Senator’s criminal involvements are listed. I will forego the category labeled Constitutional because only 1% of congressional acts & legislation is Constitutionally enacted.

I. LEGISLATIVE CRIMES. This category ID’s only 26 of the unconstitutional & criminal acts in this section and involves Trillions of dollars since March 25, 2004. In 2004 the national debt was $7.5 Trillion and not to be redundant, today it is $20 Trillion—all voted yes by Senator Boozman. Accounting for these trillions were such bills as…The Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) an expanded NAFTA. The Thought Crime Bill, Aid to the Mexican Military (while the U.S. is the recipient of 25-25 million illegal Mexicans & our laws preventing such invasions go arrogantly unenforced by the designs of corporate America, banks & the military). The Bail-Out Bill…authorizing the Treasury Dept. to use $700 billion of taxpayer money to bail-out banks who had skimmed for mortgage related securities…at that time Oct. 2008 our national debt was $9 Trillion. Boozman told a Pulaski Tea Party group in April that year he liked some of Obama’s new healthcare legislation, e.g. parents could keep their children on Obamacare welfare until the age of 26. Boozman voted for a Budget Resolution, that was a mandatory bill requiring that spending must be $1.5 trillion in fiscal 2005. Observe today’s mandatory spending—it is despicable. The 15 year savagery has cost taxpayers in the Trillions and Boozman has voted for an increase in the federal budget each year.

II. MILITARY CRIMES. During 8 years with the criminal Bush Administration here is a smattering of more treasonous votes by Boozman. As previously mentioned he has voted every time for the Patriot Act which nullifies the 4th & 10th Amendments. He voted for the Military Commissions Act (MCA) which negates Habeas Corpus. He voted to silence Posse Comitatus. Boozman is a member of the NATO Committee with intentions to implement Globalism. The U.S. is bankrupt yet we have 400,000 troops patrolling and securing borders internationally while refusing to secure our own national borders. In my view of all the dastardly acts Boozman has committed the worst was voting for the rendition/torture portion contained the National Defense Authorization Act (spying on every American) “sealed the deal” that America now is a Police State. The 2016 military budget is $58 Billion dedicated to the phony war on terrorism, maintaining the “killing fields” and the baloney “keeping us safe”. The U.S. has military presence in 130 countries. Why?

Boozman and his televised campaign rhetoric have talked down to & has insulted every veteran who has served in the 15 year Mideast debacle. Remember: Boozman was involved in the Mideast destruction from day one and has continued to support and encourage the continuous brutal, unconstitutional preemptive assaults that has destroyed 7 sovereign Mideast nations. The audacity of Boozman who salivates and advocates “eternal war for eternal peace”, the Jews battle cry.

Excerpts from some of Boozmans’ TV ads, while fomenting for more war, is trying to apply a Band-Aid to cover the deaths, maiming and pain he and his cohorts have inflicted on Vets. They are designed apparently thinking that veterans are low-information citizens/voters. He sends our troops to war then offers pathetic sound bites to sooth.

15 years on your watch MANDRAKE, tell the veterans & the rest of us, HOW & WHEN do you plan to implement your promises to the Vets?

Boozman’s commercials:
1. “I will fight to get veterans good paying jobs” How Mandrake?
2. “I will fight to get veterans jobs” How Mandrake?
3. “I am fighting for you” How Mandrake?
4. “I’m fighting to protect you” (He sends you to war and he is going to protect you?) How Mandrake?
5. Boozman states “he is going to wipe them off the map” (spoken like a purebred warmongering Republican)
6. “I will fix the VA hospital” How Mandrake?

No incumbent who holds a national office, most particularly Republicans, and in this case Senator John Boozman deserves your vote. The boxes labeled Boozman & Eldridge should be left blank. A blank box is our only offense.

The only national Republican that is worthy of your vote is Donald J. Trump

Joe McCutchen

Cronyism vs. philanthropy

When bureaucrats & politicians determine they can game the system, it’s deuces wild. 10/16/16

Pertaining to the Chaffee Crossing’s River Valley Sports Complex, the TR today wrote that Republican Senator Jake Files is partnered with Lee Webb, Jr. on the plan (complex).

Precisely what is meant by the word “partnered” in this context?

City Manager Geffken said “the project is philanthropic”. How so, when the promoters have spent none of their own money and why are they bestowed ownership of the hugely expensive project?

Democrat Webb and most particularly state Senator Jake Files have no doubt colluded with the Arkansas State General Assembly to funnel 2 million dollars or more taxpayer dollars into the Marshal’s Museum crowd, i.e. Griffin & Sicard.

The city of Fort Smith has given $1.6 million (taxpayer dollars) to Files & Webb toward their project, the National Guard has donated $1 million (taxpayer dollars)& others are giving “in kind” donations—meaning they very likely are aligned for some kind of pay-off, or is the last group mentioned just “making a difference” or “giving back” or some other PC phrase? Therefore, Geffken is describing this taxpayer thievery as “philanthropic”.

The TR story printed that it was going to cost another $4.5 million to complete which in government jargon translates into another $2 million or so tacked on.

The story concluded that “Senator Files would not make any money off the sports complex”. (???) This is a pretzelized statement. Files & Webb own the operation, so the TR states in murky terms, and they have been involved in this project for at least 5 or more years & Files will not be compensated??? It seems obvious that in all likelihood this is a payoff by the city and the MM crowd to Files for his milking the State Legislature for the MM for $2 million (taxpayer dollars) or more for a project billed as a private enterprise.

The Sports Complex is no doubt a 501c3 or will be, that will be run by Files & Webb as officers and their handpicked enablers with inflated salaries, absent accounting oversight to the citizens for their millions of taxpayer dollars awarded to Files & Webb without their knowledge or permission.

Files’ statement that he will not make any money off the complex, further stated “The money it generates will go back into the operations of the park, which a non-profit board will oversee”. Non-profits are anything but non-profit, for the most part taxpayer subsidized without appropriate oversight. For Senator Files to state that the money the park generates will go back into the operations of the park is simply a falsehood and the FS city government is corrupt to the core for allowing such an enterprise to take place unless it is completely owned by the city & county or if Files & Webb purchase the enterprise in a legally fiduciary legitimate manner…their money.

I would pose the question to Geffken, since when is taxpayer dollars, taken by force, & redistributed to two politicians; in this case Lee Webb, Jr (D) & Jake Files (R) translate into philanthropy?

Crony political patronage and beyond.

Joe McCutchen

Merit vs. Political Correctness?

The model should have been another Clark, by the name of Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee.

The hiring of a new police chief…on merit or political correctness/affirmative action? 10/13/16

Fort Smith City Manager Carl Geffken named Nathaniel Clark the new F.S. Chief of Police. Does the official City Board have no influence in the hiring of such an important position?

Clark states he has 31 years of police experience and is well-traveled.

The new Chief served as Pine Bluff, AR. Chief of Police for 2 years and was terminated, apparently over racial issues. He sued the city in both state & federal courts and was exonerated. Is this not potential trouble on the horizon since the race card has been played?
The Chief has retired twice from two different positions.

Geffken interviewed 33 candidates and the above was his choice.

In what was designed to be a confidential memo from Geffken to Fort Smith city officials, a number of questionable statements appear, e.g. “he understands the need to engage the community and try to become a part of it”. How do the words “engage” apply here and becoming “a part of the community”? Geffken goes ahead to write “community policing and understanding the difference in being a peace officer and warrior is so needed, not only in Fort Smith but throughout the country”. What?

Geffken’s above statement is clearly inflammatory and is subconsciously alluding to the erroneous implication that the city of Fort Smith has racial problems. If so, please state what they are and when they occurred. The fact that Geffken wanted to keep his memo confidential is a clear indication that he cannot be trusted. We the People, not only ask for but demand transparency in all government divisions, e.g. city government, F.S. School Board, et al.

A Police Chief should not be hired to be a public relations minion. He/she should be hired to run a tight ship, favoring none, allow, in this case Ft. Smith citizens, to determine protocols, certainly not affiliating with foreign national policing organizations & U.N.’s Agenda 21, obeying strictly their sworn obligations to the U.S. Constitution and that should be indicative that the Chief and his officers have read & understand the Constitution, but how many of the aforementioned would you believe have ever read, studied or understood the Constitution that they have solemnly sworn to uphold?

Geffken: “I will hold Clark accountable and will ask that he provide a plan (you hired this man without a plan?) on how he intends to move the Police Dept. forward. Exactly what does he mean by moving the city forward?

This looks like potential trouble with a capital T, right here in River City.

Joe McCutchen

Collectivism Vs. Individualism–the eternal war

The road to Collectivism is a 24/7 process—witness government schools, formerly public schools…oh yes, their marquees. October 9, 2016

Whether you identify by calling it Collectivism, Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, Political Correctness or Programming, the results are always the same—civil unrest, poverty, & more importantly loss of freedom.

Leon Trotsky, an avowed Jewish Marxist, was the inventor of the word “Racist”. Recall that Jews fashioned Political Correctness that has swept and done irreversible damage to our American culture & heritage.

First, a look at the makeup of the Fort Smith School Board, compliments of city citizens. The president is a disgruntled, new-age carpet bagger who came south seeking employment and to destroy everything locally Southern. Then the lady who is prexy’s right hand and addicted to traveling at city expense to pseudo state & national School Board functions, i.e. faux study groups, fact finding, task forces, retreats, etc. Then the two new male members who were elected to stand firm on Constitutional matters and transparent legitimate school discourse, both geed & hawed at the first volley requiring the courage to dissent. Perhaps they owe their manhood to the downtown brigade leaders, Griffin & Sicard, & their serfs. Two other nondescript individuals and the newest member of the Super-enablers is a much-traveled woman on Griffin’s taxpayer payroll (HUD) and has been ID’ed as a “Community Organizer”. She perhaps envisions herself as a disciple of “the displaced Kenyan” aka POTUS. Those are the stalwarts.

The Board is preparing to hire a new Super, unknown, but already replete with a 10K raise and Lord knows how many & how much of yet to be identified value of the plethora of Perks to be. All Supers are precisely of the same mental makeup. Right out of the Marxist mold & Metro 1313…and none have ever spawned an original thought. Their job is simply to enforce U.N. Agenda 21 (now 2030). The agenda is to short-circuit the child’s mind—absent logic, individuality is verboten, everyone is alike, all cultures are equal, and government is their savior.

The teachers are the useful idiots and those few who understand the despotic system they are tied to are too frightened to open their cheeps. If you indeed believe your child is getting a “good” education, i.e. academic, not social engineering, you are probably a victim of the same indoctrination system.

Folks, those of you who believe teachers are underpaid and the government schools are cash strapped are falling for the same ole line. There was a time when both the above were true, but not today—schools are cash mills.

The 24/7 Process. The government schools not only indoctrinate, obfuscate, withhold & revise inside but carry on those practices outside. Note: Elementary School marquees, but not limited to. The programming must continue. Note the “Word or words of the Week”—not words or grammatical expressions to be used to amplify communication skills but words that are used to subliminally convey their collective philosophy—make good little government socialist automatons. Today the words are SHARING & COOPERATION…never words praising the individual, always the collective mantra.

Where do you believe those words emanate? Certainly not locally.

City Managers, also born & reared in the U.N. vat, are only enforcers of Cultural Marxism, and City Directors are his/her Yes-men. Their allegiances are to the higher Order of Regionalism, 501 c3’s and Planners–all enemies of the Constitution and We the People.

Joe McCutchen

The Drone Rangers Ride Again


September 11, 2001, the USA was the envy of the world. Since 911 the U.S. has become easily one of the most despotic nations in the history of man due to brute force, technology, a quest for global hegemony underwritten by a criminally corrupt government, insiders & outsiders.

Today the Times Record printed an extensive article describing the MQ-9 DRONE REAPER as the new mission of the Ark. Air National Guard, 188th Wing in Fort Smith. The author of the article stated the Reaper had international spying and killing capabilities. Citizens, this includes you & you.

The Bush II crime family started this 15 year reign of terror orchestrated by Neoconservatives, most of which are Jewish. Bush Ii & Obama are now calling this a “War on Terror” (PHONY). Members of the U.S. government are the terrorists, undergirded by Israel. Result: we are now the most hated & most dangerous country in the world. Why would Americans think there would be no retaliation by the victims to our military murdering & maiming of their friends & family?

The U.S., in this 15 year reign of terror, has completely destroyed 7 nations, unprovoked, killed & maimed millions, now a cascade of “refugees”. All the while the U.S. has overthrown the democratically elected governments of Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, etc. and gave birth to Al Qaeda and Al Nusra, and are presently funding their attacks on Syria, in opposition to Russia’s peaceful initiatives. This is only a thumbnail sketch of the terror meted out by the U.S. every hour of every day just like the overflying killer drones.

There never has been one mention that I’m aware of that we engage in peaceful dialog for peace with
Russia and China, i.e. the development and signing of a Peace Pact—instead Politicians, the media continue to track the lie that Putin is our enemy when in actuality he is a global statesman begging the U.S. for a Peace treaty.

The article goes on to proclaim, as if it were an honor, that physicians, Chaplains, & mental health advisors are on staff to help pilots? This can only be described as an admission that what they are doing is constitutionally wrong & morally disgusting. What kind of people would even want these positions, especially a Chaplain?

The Commander, Col. Bobbi Doorenbos speaks unabashedly of how many new positions the 188th is going to hire and call them jobs. Murder & spying is not a “job”…it is abhorrent.

I wrote 2 articles on the “Drone Rangers” June 19, 2013 & September 7, 2013 and can be found on by searching “drone”.

Our government has expanded, trained & armed every principal division of government, e.g. U.S. Forestry, Game & Fish, etc. If you believe individuals that are wearing a badge are protecting Americans’ God-given & constitutional rights, you are a fool & this is demonstrated by your continuing reelection of incumbents. The best example is Sen. John Boozman who is currently running a campaign for 6 more years in the Senate which would give him 22 years. His TV ad states, “He’s helping our Vets, is going to improve the ‘VA, & going to help Veterans find jobs”. He is the very reason that the veterans need help and he has the audacity to run such a commercial—Boozman is an enabling murderer & “conservatives” will trot down to the voting booth in November and vote for this pathetic skeleton of a man. He has voted for every freedom taking bill for the last 15 years in Congress.

Your voting presence would be felt if the ballot marked Eldridge/Boozman were left blank.

Joe McCutchen

Another carrot to grow government


The Fort Smith Mayor, City Directors, former City Manager & City Finance Director—nothing short than a collection of Taxpayer of bandits. September 28, 2016

The fact that the FS City government is paying city employees’ college tuitions and/or other equivalent institutions is the height of an UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT, taxpayer dollars taken by force, grand theft, and immoral. NOT A PROPER ROLE FOR GOVERNMENT.

This same city government misapplied $600,000 MILLION of city funds and claim they are in arrears on City Fire & Police Pensions.
In all likelihood these debacles & treacheries commenced with former City Manager Ray Gosack & Finance Director Kara Bushkel and this & other past Boards—replete with no transparency.

Obviously, in addition no oversight, no taxpayer dollar amount spent since the programs inception and how long this unethical stupidity has existed. Furthermore; total enrollment, total completion, and again how many taxpayer dollars spent on this circus, the names of cow colleges attended, how many graduates and/or other institutions are unreported?

The audacity that this present collection of bandits would continue and revise this criminal practice with more tentacles than an octopus and move into another stage is unconscionable and has no possible chance of a detailed oversight.

Here are the names of the bandits who are involved in this thievery with no apparent shame.

Mayor Sanders, Board Members Catsavis, Lau, Pennartz, Good, Lorenz, Settle, & Hutchings. Is the new City Manager now complicit?

One would think Pastor/Director Don Hutchings would be the moral compass of this crowd, but certainly does not appear so, he is as guilty in this thievery as the rest.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Did it never occur to these pickpockets that the taxpayer they robbed might like to pay for their own tuition or child’s, but now cannot afford to??? Proving once again, THE EASIEST JOB IN THE WORLD IS SPENDING SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY!

The Government School Cesspool

They are all the same—put their names in a hat, shak’em up & draw a name. September 24, 2016

The Fort Smith School Board claims to be in a dither regarding the hiring of a new Superintendent, costing taxpayers $20 grand or who knows, when they simply could have picked up the phone and called the Bentonville high school and determined who was the #2 person on this same company’s list and hire him/her.

Citizens, all Superintendents are the same except for age. They have all been educated, conditioned, programed, indoctrinated and instructed what their assignments will be, all at the behest of the U.N, and the federal government—they all come out of the same politically correct cesspool, with the goal of short-circuiting children’s minds. The hiring is a depressing, exorbitantly expensive joke.

There is no hope for improvement as long as federal funding is accepted. The Fed now contributes 17% to Arkansas K-12 education…how is it we citizens own 83% of the pie and allow a collection of ruthless, faceless bureaucrats who theoretically own only 17%, to control our schools, while at the same time the producers are paying the sinful public school salaries.

Another example of the willful incompetency of this School Board is they are giving a $10,000 raise to an individual they don’ know and has not been hired, which would be a base salary of some $215,000, not including the absurd perks & benefits. Is the School Board going to identify the perks & benefits and the monetary value of each?

So has been stated for a year and a half, and many many times—where is the transparency? This conduct always accompanies corrupt government at all levels.

Joe McCutchen

The Comprachicos of the Mind.

The Comprachicos revisited (see What’s to Fear? The Comprachicos are here… September 22, 2016

Briefly, Comprachicos (child buyers) were not unusual in the 17th century, i.e. those who purchased young children, ideally by the age of 3, in order to transform their bodies into freakish sideshow attractions & jesters, thereby providing the Comprachicos with fame & fortune.

Modern day Comprachicos, aka “Early Education” programmers (by age 3)c, switched from body deformers to mental manipulators, obviously to control thought processes, values and workforce automatons, as you shall see.

Simple equation at work:
Public education = F
F = Funding Follows Failures
If public school doing well academically = No increased Funding
If public school Failing = Increased Funding
Therefore; failure by design in order to receive more FUNDING!

How many program failures have been tried? From Progressive education of John Dewey (early to mid 1900’s), to Headstart, School to Work, Outcome-based education, Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, and now Common Core among the myriad of mind-bending experiments.

The new U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr. recently visited Little Rock, AR to promote Obama’s “new” Preschool for All initiative that would provide pre-K for ALL low-income & middleclass children. King stated “We also know it’s good for the local economy because we want a well-prepared WORKFORCE. Students who get quality early learning are more likely to succeed in post-secondary education, and they are going to be a stronger future WORKFORCE.”
A Big Fat Lie. Btw, whatever happened to the vaunted Headstart program? Nothing. it is still there after decades of colossal failure, according to only one source of many:

It’s Time to Stop Head Start
By Darcy Ann Olsen

This article appeared in the Human Events on September 1, 2000.

Excerpts: “In 1985 the Department of Health and Human Services undertook the first meta-analysis of Head Start research and shook the establishment with its dire findings: “In the long run, cognitive and socioemotional test scores of former Head Start students do not remain superior to those of disadvantaged children who did not attend Head Start.” “In other words, Head Start was a false start—the net gain to children was zero.” “Thirty-five years, $44 billion, and 17 million children have passed through the Head Start gates since 1965”. “To put all children on an equal footing would require genetic engineering, surrogate parents, and for many kids, home away from home.” “After 35 years without success, it’s time politicians reconsider the wisdom of Head Start. When they do, it will be time to let the program go.”

Face it folks, academics are out & social programing is in. Look around at the results…emotional automatons programed to view life from a Collective point of view…the group is everything, the individual is of little value (except when being taught unearned self-esteem, e.g. all answers are correct). Hence the rise of the “communities” (LGBTQ, Gay, Black, Latino) and the fall of rugged individualism. Dependency vs. Independence, emphasis on the “team”, de-emphasis on the person. After all, rugged individuals who rise according to their own efforts & talents are intimidating and unfair to the “disadvantaged”.

Most dictators & collectivist leaders have always known the value of “getting the child while very young” as have religious sects. Mold the mind to think in ways that are advantageous to the molders and goals are achieved much easier than trying to herd a bunch of individuals thinking for themselves who probably won’t agree or want to go along with the molders.

Notice the emphasis Secretary King places on the workforce…a dead giveaway to communistic/socialist/collectivist beliefs & goals…a compliant mass of willing workers to help achieve the goals, in this case of a One-World globalist agenda.

The equation is fulfilled—ignorant collectivist/global worker bees who generate Funding—death of individual freedom & rise of tyranny. The modern Comprachicos are highly successful—mental capacities & standards have been disfigured, deformed, & rendered incapable of logic…indeed of common sense.

Pity the young!

~Barbara McCutchen

LTE re idiotic no caps on gov’t spending!

Another Infamous Issue 3 September 16, 2016

Issue 3—would remove the cap on all state-issued bonds amendment which would allow the state to issue unlimited bonds to a corporation, association, institution, or individuals to help finance economic development projects & services.

Issue 3 on the November ballot is described as a “multi-pronged measure (theoretically) promoting economic development”.
Issue 3, promoted by Regional Chambers of Commerce.

Issue 3 is a reach-out for acquisition of unlimited political power and mischief.

The National Chamber of Commerce is the largest financial advocate of mass immigration, open borders, illegal labor and amnesty. Are enablers & advocates for outsourcing jobs via NAFTA, GATT, TPP—billed as “free trade”—Not free!

Issue 3 would effectively add to Arkansas government’s own wealth and the wealth of its favored groups.

If passed, the Arkansas government & legislature will be in a position to dominate the entire state economic system, replacing the private sector.

The word “regional” equates to losing individual cities’ political & economic influence.

An example of a super-project gone awry–the failed Lockheed-Martin $87.1 million expansion in Camden, Arkansas.

Revealed: Doug Coutts, Senator Tom Cotton’s Chief of Staff, son of Robert Coutts, a former executive at Lockheed, now owner of the company Missile & Fire Control facility in Camden. Robert Coutts & wife gave thousands to Cotton’s senatorial campaign.

David Ray, a former spokesman for Senator Cotton, regarding the failed Lockheed deal, “Arkansas taxpayers shouldn’t be fronting for one of the largest & most successful companies in the world”. Ray continued, “Streamline regulations that will benefit all businesses, not just one hand-picked company”.

The matter of the failed Fort Smith Mitsubishi plant. Total cost? Status & cost of the arcane Arkansas State University located in Queretaro, Mexico?

Giving politicians’ carte blanche spending ability is gross stupidity.

Joe McCutchen

Government double dippers & beyond

The packing continues, not the courts this time but the Arkansas General Assembly.

You might say government for government. September 13, 2016

As an example: LeAnn Burch of Monticello is an attorney for the state Department of Human Services and is seeking the position of a state legislator. More double dipping but the ramifications are far more serious than the double dipping.

The Arkansas General Assembly has become a haven for retired/active employees of government and those individuals dependent on government.
The double dippers show an absolute lack of character. The fact they would take advantage of we the people in such a manner is despicable. In the case of Burch, a retired BGNG, she is a triple dipper, but not as bad as Hutchinson.

The aforementioned individuals are products of a parasitic corrupt government and are enemies of the private sector. Unfortunately, most of we the people don’t recognize this travesty—always in the name of “PUBLIC SERVICE”.

Back to Burch, if she is a full time employee of DHS, how is it she can spend 5-6 months a year attending to state business as a legislator when she should be devoting 12 months a year to her certified employment. Her votes, as is the case with the rest, will always be skewed to & for government—always. Is Burch going to receive full pay as an attorney for the state as well as that of a legislator?
The Arkansas legislature is filled with school teachers, administrators (active & retired), as well as many other government connected individuals. This in itself shows the bar is not set too high.

Someone by the name of Vince Insalaco stated in behalf of Burch, “She would work to strengthen public education”…how? For Mr. Insalaco’s information, which he obviously needs…never has so much money and attention been given to our children and never have they been in so much peril. Just observe government’s results!

Government employees, past & present, most particularly school teachers, are messengers, enablers, & indoctrinators for the Dept. of Education, NEA, AEA, & other Big Government entities.

Joe McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return