Expose, Rebuke, Return
Censorship & Attack on Individual Rights
April 14, 2014

Walter Hussman is.owner of the state’s newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette accompanied by any number of other properties.

Warren Stephens, owner of the Fort Smith Times Record and multiple other newspapers including the Las Vegas Review Journal, the largest off Wall Street bonding agency in the U.S., real estate, hotels, gas & oil interests, accompanied by political ownerships.

A recently concluded American crisis went virtually unreported by American news media with the exception of Fox News,  The Ark. Dem-Gaz & the Times Record were no shows.

The event was the attempted hostile takeover of the Bundy ranch in the state of Nevada by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), all based on trumped up, bogus charges.   The BLM employed snipers, helicopters, drones, boots on the ground thugs, K-9’s, etc.

This un-American collection of government thugs were met by American patriots, many of which were armed, and ultimately was followed by an armed standoff  which took place near the Bundy corral where the BLM had corralled stolen Bundy cattle, cut fences, and engaged in other forms of destruction.  Armed Militia men called the hands of the BLM near the corral and the BLM brutes called off their unconstitutional, illegal attack on the Bundy family. It is noteworthy here that the BLM tasered, manhandled ladies & threatened with vicious dogs.

This is another vivid example of the criminally corrupt U.S. government attacking private citizens and no response from most elected officials.  The Nevada Governor and the Sheriff of Clark County offered no aid or comfort to the besieged Bundy family and the many Patriots who were supportive of the Bundy’s. 
We shall see how the corrupt BLM responds to their defeat and how knowing Americans will react to the next governmental overreach attack directed on private individuals.

At this juncture, few American elected individuals have commented on the brute force used by BLM and where is the so-called press/media?

And most certainly, no positional statements from the s0-called Arkansas Congressional Delegation.  They are: Senators Mark Pryor & John Boozman, Congressmen Griffin, Cotton, Womack, & Crawford.

Why would you expect any of these 6 political parasites to speak out on anything as important & serious as the Bundy crisis?  The 6 have never stated publicly their positions on Fast & Furious, NSA, IRS. Libya, Benghazi, the AP, ad infinitum. The 6 hide out under the cover of silence, while citizen Arky whiles away to day kissing the feet of the 6.

The question remains, why are Warren Stephens &Walter Hussman the purveyors of  censorship, particularly in such important constitutional news that threatens the property rights & freedoms of every American, especially those instituted by the criminally corrupt U.S. government? 

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

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Rinos & Marxists team up for Con Con, Obamacare, South of the Border Down Mexico Way, & who knows what'all?
Funneling campaign money, found guilty, lying, vote buying & selling, involvement in the destruction of the U.S. Constitution, cover-ups, doing business with foreign government while ignoring Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution, accompanied by no discussion/debate within the General Assembly & certainly not the people of Arkansas whose property in all forms are being transported to Mexico, & this is just the tip.


More on why Rino Repubs posing as Tea Partiers ran up the white flag after a few faux vote skirmishes, worthy of Oscars, but nothing more.             March 2, 2014

The white flag of surrender was raised the first day of the session by Rino Repubs under the auspices of head Racketeer Gov. Mike Beebe and his two turncoat enablers Rino Speaker Carter & Pro Tem Lamoureaux.

Prior missives list & illuminate some of the terms of surrender by the Rinos and were addressed and can be found at www.arkansasfreedom.com

It can safely be stated that the whole of the Arkansas Rino assemblage are members of one or more of the following Washington, DC organizations which use members of the Arkansas General Assembly to pick up, funnel to the body, vote & pass said self-serving legislation thereby benefiting corrupt Arkansas legislators and serves the destructive goals of said organizations.

1.    The passages of the D.C.  bills, which number in the hundreds, enhance & undergird the corporate elites while providing service to their CEO, the U.S. government.
2.    The passage of these D.C.  bills by the Arkansas legislature further increases exponentially the numbers & the ease with which Arkansas tax dollars can be spent at will on old or new Arkansas Welfare programs, accompanied by no caps.
3.    These activities by the Ark. Legislature have completely shut out the voice of Arkansas citizens from any legislative discussion. They have essentially stuck bayonets into the heart & soul of our state, the middleclass.

Again, the names of the traitorous D.C. organizations that own every member of the Republican delegation in the Ark. General Assembly who belong to one or more are:

1.    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
2.    Council of State Governments…ultra, ultra dangerous
3.    Southern Regional Education Board…packed with Marxist Democrats…Beebe, Elliot, School Teachers
4.    National Council of Insurance Legislators…the Pied Piper Jason Rapert, Treasurer
5.    State Legislative Leaders Foundation…State Rep. & Bankcorps CEO Darrin Williams (R) and Rino Bagman Sen. Eddie Joe Williams are Board members….leaders of what?
6.    Southern Legislative Conference…Sen. Keith Ingram, Chair & Sen. Bill Sample taking the call, or fall.
7.    The Constitutional Convention and/or the Convention of the People (Con, Con)

It is extremely difficult to quantify which of the above 7 criminal operations, but not limited to, have or will have done the most damage to Arkansans & American citizens. As it stands this moment the real thug & member thugs is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) who has a choke hold on the Republican assemblage and said assemblage is so corrupt in itself that they will not attempt to break the chains that bind them. With ALEC members in control of most committees it is no wonder that ALEC has taken over Arkansas Legislative process.

The proposed “Constitutional Convention”, commonly known as Con, Con is being promoted by State Senator Jason Rapert & Representatives Nate Bell, Randy Alexander, & Bob Ballenger. When asked why they are promoting a Con Con, the answer is “it’s for a balanced budget amendment”. The U.S. Constitution already provides for that, except the missing ingredient is the also criminal U.S. Government who refuses to enforce the Constitution which deals with budgeting. What makes the above 4 think the U.S. government would enforce their balanced budget amendment?

Look for a moment who are the chief architects of the Con Con…George Soros, Mark Levin, Grover Norquist, the Koch Brothers. Interesting collection of Marxists and neoconservatives.

Defend the Constitution, not amend.

The real damning thing the 4 refuse to admit is that once a Con Con is activated any individual, entity, or government can also enter their proposed amendments and provided they have the resources can get their amendment passed.  What the above 4 are attempting to do has the absolute capacity to disassemble the U.S. Constitution that the Founders so meticulously provided us with and has served us well for 200+ years.  Are the above 4 proponents of this proposed destruction of the U.S. Constitution, Buffoons, or outright traitors?

If what this legislative body is involved with does not strike fear in the hearts of each of you, you are surely comatose.

None of the aforementioned organizations and their membership has one thing to do with protecting the rights & privileges of Arkansans. The individuals that belong to these organizations are nothing more than a collection of self-serving piranhas subsidized by productive Arkansas citizens. 

Exhibit 1.  Another unemployed termed-out representative John Burris (R-Harrison) has filed for Senate Dist. #17.  Burris, not even dry behind the ears, has been exerting his legislative “expertise & prowess” since he was 22 years old. Doesn’t say much for John Paul’s leadership.

Burris, no occupation, reminiscent of another A-State graduate, illegally appointed Director of Higher Education, Shane Broadway.   Here’s what this kid Burris claims to have accomplished…

1.    Reduce the tax burden….no proof shown, just self-aggrandizement.
2.    Make government accountable to the people…a bald-faced lie…show us how & where. There is no accountability. He is a member of the money laundering pit known as ASU, along with the head corrupter Gov. Beebe, accompanied by A.G. Dusty McDaniel, illegally appointed Shane Broadway, 1st District U.S. Congressman Crawford, ASU President Charles Welch, and a host of others, including one involved in maintaining a “retainer” relationship with the university either with a first bid or without bids, and the “retainer relationship” was on the plane south of the border, down Mexico way.  There is much, much more.

Then there are the matters of exorbitant ASU travel costs for one month, January, 2014 of over $350,000.  Followed by the issue of the ASU “Ghost” credit cards for Administrators.  The “ghost “ cards can be used for travel, entertainment, etc. and shows up as a lump sum at the bank…thereby no one can see the detail of what was purchased. Can you imagine what goes on in the other universities?

Burris speaks of transparency, the magnitude of the criminal endeavors going on between ASU, Mexico, & the Beebe Protection Racket is being covered-up in part by the Rino enclave. This is transparency?

Not a word from Burris regarding the new ASU university to be built in the Mexican state of Queretaro transporting Arkansas tax payer property to a foreign land, i.e. Mexico, including technology & personnel in violation of the Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution.  This is HUGE…the citizens of Arkansas have no knowledge of the transaction and the loosely knit construction of the contract which can be found at www.arkansasfreedom.com .  Burris has the audacity to proclaim transparency in Arkansas government?  It is a cesspool of corruption.

Burris proudly proclaims, as any good traitor should, that he is also a supporter of funding for Arkansas’ Private-Option Medicaid expansion crafted by co-Marxists Gov. Beebe & Pres. Obama.  Tell us taxpaying citizens why you would support the Private Option.  He goes on to say that insurance is for about 100,000 poor Arkansans…he lies again.  The initial number thrown out was 250,000 with no caps, as is the case with all Federal & State programs. 

In a flash of bravado Burris thinks the Private Option will pass…what a revelation! Is he so dumb or immature he didn’t know the fix was in the first day of the session when Speaker Carter let it be known they would vote on the issue until it was passed. 

Exhibit 2; Another dead giveaway when the Poster Child for a traitor, Senator Jane English, sold her vote to the backroom majesty Mike Beebe for what is said to $40 million for the creation of something called (Marxist) Workforce Program.   It should be known that the Senator is Chair of “The Joint Performance Review” and she is obviously the Chief Performer and also a member of ALEC.  The woman showed when it comes to morality & substance she is a mere shell of a human.

Exhibit 3: Three Arkansas Senators, Lamoureaux, Key, & Williams were fined in December, 2012 for money-laundering and all three are ALEC politicians.

Exhibit 4: Senator Johnny Key, term limited out of both Houses, is marching straight into the teeth of the Arkansas Lobbying law by flouting the law which states any politician must wait one year before they lobby, and is applying for $202,000 year lobbying job + perks at the U of A campus. He would be called Vice-Chancellor for Governmental Affairs.  Key’s day job is running a babysitting operation which is no doubt funded by taxpayers.

In a piece by John Brummett in today’s Democrat (you got to love it) he states “Key is well respected and is well liked”.  Brummett’s real jewel is that Key is a “pragmatic conservative”.  Translation: he’ll change positions at any time.

Tea Partiers must quickly learn to recognize traitors & sellouts & you can’t bargain with them, and the way to win is to take off the white gloves and bareknuckle it with no quarter given. That’s the only language the cowards understand.

 Golden Rule #1 is never, ever vote for an unemployed, retired or active government worker, and most especially active or retired school administrators & teachers of any ilk…all triple dippers walking the tight line of Marxism & the drumbeat of the corrupt unions who have destroyed with the aid of forced redistributed taxpayer funds our public education, higher education while short-circuiting American kids’ minds and catering to the needs, either real or imagined of the illegal alien throngs and the D.C elite.

Talking will not cut it.  Only action will.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

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At first you don't succeed, compromise, compromise, compromise!

Who needs another vote, after the white flag rising by Rino Republicans on the issue of Obamacare, the terms of their surrender were announced, euphemistly called in Arkansas the “Private Option” which was crafted in part by Gov. Beebe and anointed by Barack Obama.  

Knowledgeable citizens quickly understood, when informed, that when the so-called stalemate on the issue had emerged and closed-door bipartisan negotiations had occurred, it was patently obvious the “fix was in”.  Translation: republican compromise their alleged principles. Republicans get the smell, Democrats get the meat.

Terms & Reasons for the Republican surrender:

·    Admitted buying & selling of votes
·    Wholesale lying to constituents
·    Follow closely the real plans for the Hendren/Ballenger Amendment, Can you say Deceptive?
·    The propensity for Tea Party ideologues to accept free legal advice can be the death knell for their courageous & dedicated activities.
·    Finally, Beebe’s proclamation along with other Obamacareites, trolling the idea that the Private Option will have a “limited enrollment”. If you are or were a gambler & accept that gem then “deuces are wild”.

To seize the writings of a dear friend, American patriot and hero Michael Gaddy “Picking a delegation to create a government to which they would all become slaves.”.    Speaking of the Founders Mike wrote, “create a government that would place them under a more heinous power than that which they had just defeated is beyond comprehension and belief.”  Mike again speaking of the Founders, “Did they create a government that would assume dominion and control over their very lives and the lives of their posterity?”

Picture if you will what has taken place at the urgency of the Marxist Beebe administration accompanied by enabling sellout Republicans.

The Fix is definitely In, complements of House Speaker Carter & Pro Tem Sen. Lamoureaux and their mindless followers.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

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At first you don't succeed, bribe, bribe, again

www.thearkansasproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/joined_document-1.pdf />

Headline: Times Record, Wednesday, February 26, 2014…Republican House Leader Davy Carter…”Carter Says Negotiators Not Living Up to the Deal”.    And of course the deal orchestrated by Beebe, Lamoureaux, & Carter is the foundation for much of the corruption going on in Beebe’s backroom and throughout the citizens’ capital. 

A letter sent out on February 24 and signed by 28 Republican members of the House of Representatives and addressed to “The Honorable Davy Carter”  (Read at link above)

There is nothing honorable about Speaker Carter’s conduct representing the citizens of neither Arkansas nor the signatories.

HB 1150 & SB 111 voted on 4 successive days were defeated all 4 days. The will of the people has been disregarded and no attention paid by the House of Representatives to the people’s wishes.  The conduct of this body is offensive, corrupt, and has segued into vote buying, money exchanges, taxpayer monies spent on the creation of new bureaucracies, etc.

The signatories state “It our belief that an impasse has occurred and cannot be resolved without more unnecessary tension.”  What occurred is a simple matter of fraud and there is no impasse, the votes determined that.

This body of Republican representatives has shown they have no constitutional or moral high ground for existence.  They have further shown they will compromise, cheat, and steal to achieve the results of their political bosses.  In this instance ALEC & its mules, in this instance Rep. Bob Ballenger has shilled his way into DC prominence by distributing legislation that government and corporations want passed.  It didn’t take ALEC long to get its hooks into Ballenger, same for the 28 signers on the link above.

In closing, these 28 self-serving legislative slugs had the audacity to, in writing state, “Preserve the resources of our state and work for the best interest for our citizens”.  How long has this session been going on?  And at what cost? And just how many votes will they tolerate before they rebel against this tyrannical, arrogant conduct?  “Public Servants” ???????  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Man-up now, or resign….all of you who are waffling on Socialized Obamacare, and most particularly dishonorable Speaker Carter.

Joe & Barbara McCutchen
Fort Smith

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At first you don't succeed, vote, vote, vote again.


Citizens, do you recognize the fear factor or do you even have one—you should…the Machiavellian influences have their sabers drawn in Arkansas and compelled to use them.

Arkansas Government—Infested with Corruption, Obfuscations, Lies, and accompanying Traitorous Acts Unchallenged at any level…and only a glimmer of the prevailing circumstances and tragedies directed at non-thinking dumbed-down citizens.   

The head of this incestuous whirlpool of political abuse is of course, 35 year veteran on the taxpayer teat who uses any number of imbroglios to accomplish his Marxist, Fascist Power Goals.  Beebe is the natural mule & shill for Western Marxist/Bolshevik redistributor Barack Hussein Obama.

Beebe’s been in the barrel with Obama since the nation-killer Obamacare’s initial offering. Obama projected his designs by creating the “Affordable Care Act” permitting government to confiscate 1/6th of the American economy while destroying rights to privacy, self-determination, private property and any number of other constitutional violations.

Obama/Beebe are in league with any number of high profit government expansionists and funding sharks, i.e. state colleges & K-12 schools, hospitals, chambers of commerce, and any number of others who are avowed enemies of citizen autonomy.

Obamacare was billed as providing insurance for 15% of the population who have no health insurance.  What is the proviso that dictates productive citizens must bear the burden of providing health insurance to non-productive individuals regardless of their station in life who are a huge part of a growing number of deadbeats, legal & illegal aliens, etc.

Beebe is more than aware that these so-called exchanges will set the price of healthcare, control the selectivity of the process, and any number of other ways resulting in the destruction of the quality and availability of healthcare.  The ultimate goal of Barack, Beebe and the rest of political & bureaucratic panhandlers is to install a system of “single payer” healthcare run by the federal government.  Both Democrats and Republicans are deeply immersed in the demise of the Constitution and the Rule of Law as we will see shortly in the treasonous efforts to create an Article V Convention, spearheaded by Republicans who would wantonly destroy the U.S. Constitution resulting in more rogue government exchanges.

A true statement if you occupy Beebe’s mindset, i.e. vote buying and power-mongering through bribes & intimidation.  If Beebe was an honorable individual he would simply state that this nation has a liability of $17 Trillion + 25-35 million illegal aliens which should be deported, U.S. border secured, accompanied by slashing all government agencies by 30% beginning with the criminally infested Dept. of Education and Dept. of Human Services.

A sampling of “tough decisions” that Beebe does not want to address. During his reign as Governor he has added over 3,000 new government employees.  A micro-random look at travel expenses at his alma mater: October, 2013 one month travel expenses= $311,108.24.  January 14, 2014= $350,000. 11 ASU employees in 2014 are being paid $1,524,963, that’s an increase over 2013 of $364,619.  ASU has a budget in excess of $100 million per year and are hustling for more, while at the same time ASU Chancellor Hudson’s administration is fraught with unacceptable practices. What are the expenses incurred & why hasn’t the governor provided detailed documentary on expenses, movement & utilization of taxpayer owned property for an ASU campus in the Mexican state of Queretaro and how much to come?

It must be noted that the U of A Fayetteville spent $1,330,000 in the month of December, 2013.

Another “tough decision” by Beebe…ignored. Why hasn’t Governor Beebe addressed the incest and inbreeding in the current session regarding the massive cost engendered by the Democrat & Republican legislative outlaws?

Featherbedding & nepotism are accompanied by the ever-present government Protection Racket that rapes and pillages Arkansas citizens on an on-going basis.  These systems are filled with thousands upon thousands of self-serving, low-level automatons.

A BRIEF LOOK AT THE CURRENT REPUBLICAN ROGUE ARKANSAS HOUSE & SENATE:  (Forget the Democrats, we always know where they stand)

There is no way to describe this body other than constitutionally and morally corrupt to the core.

Republican votes in the Arkansas General Assembly go to the highest bidder in a majority of cases and their words & positions are as worthless as a straw in the wind. Republican Senate Majority Leader Eddie Jo Williams is the bagman & shill for the Party of Irrelevance.

Do any of you believe the citizens of Arkansas have any semblance of representation  when its leadership & certain members boisterously brag they will vote on an issue, in this case Obamacare, (which they famously campaigned fighting against), every day until they get the desired results—passage. This one expression brands these elected representatives as being completely devoid of constitutional, legal, & moral authority.   The leadership in the House is “Billy the Kid” Davy Carter (R) (no hog iron) and Pro Temp Leader (world traveller at taxpayer expense) Michael Lamoureaux (R) who are in Beebe’s right & left pockets respectively.  

Tweets out of Little Rock on 2/22/14 stated that House Speaker Davy Carter sent the state police after Rep. Payton who was heading to the dentist after a 2 day toothache.

Times Record Headline (2/24/14)…"Speaker: House will vote on issue until it passes."   That says it all.

With the charged political atmosphere reaching corruption of these proportions (and it goes much deeper) does anyone of the Republican leadership believe that this government is any way related to the Constitution, rule of law, morality and honesty?  The citizens of Arkansas are recipients of a collection of political perverts, both Parties.


A sampling:

·    Let’s observe some vote buying.
·    Senator Jake Files: represents city government, hospitals, UAFS, the Chamber, & the alleged “privately endowed” fantasy called the Marshal’s Museum, for which he siphoned off $2 million of taxpayer money to Richard Griffin’s Museum operation.
·    Sen. Jane English (R), claimed to be a patron of the Tea Party…Beebe bought her vote for a thread of a so-called “Workforce” deal that she can lay claim to as a “social progressive”…Morally & philosophically bankrupt and at what the cost to the taxpayers?
·    Rep. Denny Altes (R), voted for, voted against, voted for, & along the way the chamber, the hospitals & UAFS patted him on the back & told him what a nice guy he was.
·    Now the three, on the first round of votes, did not vote…Carnine (Rogers), Lowry (Maumelle), Slinkard (Gravette)…why did they seek their office?
·    Time to bring this to an end but this is noteworthy…Stephanie Malone (R), niece of Travellin’ Man” John Boozman who formerly ran an alleged “Entrepreneurial School” designed by master schemer UAFS Chancellor Paul Beran…which of course ended in an expensive failure.   She is owned by governments, never labored a day in her life in private enterprise and is owned by the same group as Altes.

The point regarding Stephanie is that she & Democrat Hank Wilkins (Pine Bluff) were outside the chamber during the vote…resulting in 2 no votes.  


A Constitutional Convention (Con-Con), also known as Convention of States (COS), also Compact for America, also balanced budget, and then the convention name that strikes fear into the hearts of every educated American…CONSTITUTION FOR THE NEW STATES OF AMERICA.  If that doesn’t curdle your blood, nothing will.

And what makes you think Congress will obey ANY constitutional changes if they were made?

Two of the principals who have dedicated themselves to destroying the American Constitution, one billionaire Russian Jew, Western civilization & American culture hater George Soros, coupled with Grover Norquist and Mark Levin whose “balanced budget” amendment legalizes congress’ unconstitutional spending and does nothing to control the national debt of $17 Trillion.

Several members of the Arkansas state legislature who are pushing for the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and are wallowing in their stupidity are Sen. Jason Rapert (R) the Pied Piper (who belongs to 4 freedom killing organizations listed below), Rep. Nate Bell (R), Rep. Randy Alexander (R), Rep. Bob Ballenger (R), Sen. Bill Samples (R) (doing double duty to bury Arkansas freedoms & is employed by ALEC &  belongs to 4 of other pernicious government organizations), Sen. Johnny Key (R) (likewise 4 killing organizations).  Sen. Key in a show of bravado is trying to exempt himself from the lobbying Bill #2011 in an effort to hustle a $200,000+ job at the U. of A. Fayetteville campus. What possible credentials does Sen. Key profess to have gained running a babysitting operation that would qualify for a university position? Also Sen. Eddie Joe Williams (R) (the money man) & Sen. Andrea Lea (R) ( double-dipping money woman) & lastly the darling of Fort Smith corporatism and member of 3 organizations Sen. Jake Files (R). The arrogance and audacity these and others like the aforementioned would compare themselves to the brilliance of the Founders’ Enlightenment Work, their courage & vast knowledge contained in their Founding documents and which have provided for the world’s preeminent society for over 200 years.  The listed 4 and all their associates are enemies of American taxpaying citizens.

These legislative fools have no awareness that in a Constitutional Convention, any individual or body politic can brings their amendments, regardless of content, and enter them for passage.

Citizens, please take a few minutes and research constitutional conventions, there are 2 types.  A Constitutional Convention conducted by the Congress called a Con Con & an Article V convention precipitated by the people.  2/3rd of the states to apply & 3/4ths to ratify.


It should be noted that the above referenced organizations have rooted connection with the United Nations & Agenda 21. Every city in Arkansas are paid members in some of these freedom killing organizations and Arkansas Republican office holders fill their ranks, as well as actively engaged in precipitating a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con).

Have you ever wondered, are these elected state representatives & senators smart enough, educated enough, & dedicated enough to craft and enter the thousands of legislative bills to be introduced for passage every year?  Perhaps you have, but did you know the source creation is Washington, DC to Little Rock via bagmen & women, e.g. Rapert, Williams, Lea, etc.

The six organizations alluded to in the above are as follows:
1.    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)…they write the bills and the above mentioned, along with Michael Lamoureaux dispenses them in the legislature for voting.  This is the nexus between government and corporatism with the edge going to the government acting as the CEO.
2.    Council of State Governments…ultra, ultra dangerous
3.    Southern Regional Education Board…what a surprise, Beebe, Sen. Joyce Elliott, & Batesville School Dist. #31 Superintendent are Board Members…a vote buying dream for Beebe.
4.    National Conference of Insurance Legislators…the Pied Piper Sen. Rapert, the treasurer.
5.    State Legislative Leaders Foundation…state Rep. & Southern Bank Corps CEO Darrin Williams & Sen. Eddie Joe Williams are Board members.  Eddie Joe feels right at home in this capacity. One may ask, leaders of what?
6.    Southern Legislative Conference…Sen. Keith Ingram, Chair & Sen. Bill Sample taking the call.

Citizens, it was mentioned at the outset, are you aware of the Fear Factor that is providing for the loss of any number of freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, & the rule of law?

If at this juncture you are either acutely or remotely aware of the antics & corruption transpiring in Arkansas government. Your Fear Factor needle is literally pulsating.  

You must understand that what is being said here is just a swatch of the tapestry.

Tomorrow is Judgment Day and we will be apprised of the conduct of Gov. Beebe, Pro Tem Sen. Lamoureaux, House Speaker Carter and their acolytes.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith


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ASU/Mexico delegation official
Headline Jonesboro Sun, February 20, 2014, Jonesboro, Arkansas:    February 20, 2014

“An Arkansas State University delegation—a dozen strong—left Jonesboro on Wednesday for a 3 day trip to Queretaro, Mexico”  

Current ASU Chancellor Tim Hudson was outed at Texas Tech Univ., Lubbock, Tx for pursuing the same irresponsible conduct as at ASU, namely; a very curious alleged university operation in Queretaro, Mexico.

Hudson and his collaborators speak in very glowing terms about this “pie in the sky” operation.

The ASU/Queretaro ongoing attack directed at Arkansas’ taxpaying citizens has failed to raise one simple question from the Arkansas General Assembly, i.e. the House & Senate. Even though volumes of topical and specific information have been forwarded to the whole sitting body of the state of Arkansas.

Jeff Hankins, V.P. for Strategic Communications for the ASU Board of Trustees, “Arkansas State will use private funds to pay for the flights, local transportation of the delegation, and their partners in Mexico will for hotel and all other expenses”.

1.    The source of these “private” funds?
2.    Why are private funds being used?
3.    Why the secrecy?

The Sun previously recorded ASU/Queretaro campus will be the first U.S. University in Mexico.

1.    Why ASU and who chose?
2.    What function can ASU serve that a whole host of Mexican technological universities cannot or do not provide?

What is the reason a private business foundation in Mexico would donate 150 acres to fund a portion of a Mexican national university (owned & controlled by Mexico) with a few tentacles radiating to Jonesboro, Arkansas accompanied by the name of ASU?

Where and what are the contractual obligations that have to do with the bid processes, international relationships, cross-border funding for faculty and students, and most importantly Article 1, Section 10 which in part says “WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE CONGRESS NO STATE CAN ENTER INTO ANY AGREEMENT OR COMPACT WITH ANOTHER STATE OR WITH A FOREIGN POWER”, and who pays?

Hudson further throws out more nebulous stats—2,000 students enrolled the 2nd year, $16 million could be generated for ASU, including the Jonesboro & Queretaro campuses, and it opens up students to be globally aware. (?)

And finally it gets down to what every alleged institution is based on—funding.  A statement made yesterday by Chancellor Hudson, “additional revenue for the university at the same time when state funds appropriated less than in years past.”

The Arkansas governing bodies have been and are derelict in their official duties to protect the citizens and their properties, particularly in the numerous matters involving the ASU/Mexico matter.

A full investigation must immediately be commenced by the Ark. State Police and all facts laid bare regarding the ASU citizen travesty.  Nothing more than an expensive playpen for educantists and politicians and the exportation of Arkansas jobs?

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith

P.S. then there are other matters, i.e. of ASU financial & ethical hemorrhaging…one example, Trawick International at a cost of over $350,000 in one month (January, 2014).


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The Huckster rides again??

We need to cut off the trail of ants so they don't infest our homes.  We do this by posting the FACTS and the TRUTH about these *candidates* or potential candidates - early on so they don't gain any traction.

There is talk of The HUCKSTER making a run for president again.  Educate your self and others about this FRAUD before he gains any more name recognition (for those who vote by the last name they hear before voting).

Here are two great resources filled with information on The HUCKSTER - the Arkansas Snake Salesman  -

Jackie Juntti
WGEN   idzrus@earthlink.net

For further facts about the shameful record of Huckabee go to www.arkansasfreedom.com    the unvarnished truth where the spin REALLY stops.


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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Huckabee - Neocon-Counterfeit Conservative 'Friendly' With Richard Haass' CFR-Globalization Policies
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orig. pub. 09.2011

Lest we forget the past sneaks - - with rumblings of Huckabee musing about a run for president, thought a brushup on this globalist counterfeit Christian is in order.

Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | January 3, 2008

IMF MD Lagarde at CFR

(L) CFR president Richard Haass and (R) International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde Council on Foreign Relations Photographer/Don Pollard
Huckabee had no reservations explaining his affection for the secretive think tank. "There are very good people involved," he told the young Republican.

One such CFR member is its current head, Richard Haass, whom Huckabee describes as "an old friend" who is "very knowledgeable about international affairs." Huckabee then off-set speculation about Haass by adding that "nobody can question his sense of patriotism or loyalty to the United States."

An Iowa student expressed his concerns about the Council on Foreign Relations with presidential candidate Mike Huckabee during a recent appearance.

Richard Haass has previously made direct statements declaring that "State sovereignty must be altered" to yield to control by world bodies and the forces of globalization. The CFR head is also a frequent attendee at Bilderberg conferences, and may well have a different sense of loyalty and patriotism than other Americans.

Nevertheless, Huckabee's statements in Iowa only further solidify statements he made last week to CNN's Wolf Blitzer where he named Haass as his key source for foreign policy, along with Frank Gaffney, a notorious neo-con.

Huckabee, under the guidance of Haass, would certainly pose a danger to national sovereignty-- not only does the C.F.R. regard the concept of sovereignty with contempt, but has effectively worked towards erasing all borders and increasing international integration since its inception.

Further, its a clear sign that Huckabee would offer no resistance to further NAFTA expansion, deals like the SPP and other steps towards the further degradation of the Constitution (making him not much different from the other corrupt presidential candidates).

Huckabee did acknowledge concerns about the CFR's role as an "international, globalist organization" as a potential threat to State sovereignty, but seemed to offset such concerns with regard for its role in 'research.'

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ASU/Mexico/Ruling Junta

The cast: Chief of State, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, Director of Higher Education Shane Broadway, Congressman Rick Crawford (R), and in this matter ASU Chancellor Tim Hudson, President Charles Welch, & ASU’s official Board of Trustees.


This band of men allegedly installed to protect rights of Arkansas citizens are obviously in a corrupt box with the lid on.

Of course, it is a matter of transferring citizen owned property without their knowledge or permission for the creation of an Arkansas State University campus to be built in the Mexican state of Queretaro.

Admission now comes from certain members of the Arkansas House & Senate that they have no knowledge of the egregious movement of Arkansas state assets from Jonesboro, Ark. to Queretaro, Mexico.

How could this be if this operation were not a sinister undertaking?

No exploration, generally or specifically, has been undertaken by the state’s governing bodies, past or present, pertaining to the theft of ASU. Can this conduct be defended?

Here are some pertinent questions among many:

1.    The House & Senate in the main have no knowledge of the transfer
2.    They have no interest
3.    They pose no questions
4.    No debate
5.    Of extreme importance there has been no detailed information disseminated regarding the ASU theft to the voting public…THIS IS CENSORSHIP.
6.    Etc., etc., etc.

What is the constitutionality & authority for the Ruling Junta to literally takeover a state university and who gave the “GO” command?

In a fair & open forum the head of state, Gov. Mike Beebe, must be called before the Arkansas General Assembly and questioned about his and his accomplices nefarious activity pertaining to ASU—how deep & who benefits?

Remember, every one of the aforementioned names is buried deep in the bowels of ASU.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith
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ASU/South of the Border
BEEBE & THE OBAMA WAY=ROGUE GOVERNMENT            February 16, 2014


Governor Mike Beebe, the Establishment, & their ongoing plunder of Arkansas State University, a citizen-owned property, with designs of transferring portions of said property to the Mexican state of Queretaro.

Citizens are totally unaware of the motivations behind Beebe’s, McDaniel’s, Broadway’s, Crawford’s, Hudson’s, Welch’s, the ASU official Board, & other consummate backroom hangers-on for the take-over of portions of a citizen-owned higher education institute to be used for establishment of a Mexican ASU campus. The above bloviate that the above is all “free”.   Each has deep roots connected to ASU.
What are their real goals?  Certainly not the education of a horde of Mestizo Indians or Castilian Mexicans.  No matter how flowery smarmy their duplicitous, noble sounding educanto descriptions they utter.

Multiple serious questions arise regarding the constitutionality, the legality, and morality of this proposed ongoing crime against Arkansas’ citizens.

The Commission of the ACT of transferring citizen’ property, both physically & materially to a foreign land engenders taxpayer fear and duplicates the DNA fingerprints that Obama’s administration has heaped on America.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Arkansas citizens are ignorant and insouciant pertaining to the internal political affairs of State; therefore the Arkansas political system is seldom challenged and provides political cover for politicians for pursuit of their own self-serving agendas. Without citizen impediments or consequences government has grown accustomed to acting unilaterally.

Citizens have not been apprised with information or detail regarding the transfer of portions of Arkansas State University to the Mexican state of Queretaro. Absent is public debate & discussion regarding the Commission of the ACT.   

The Arkansas General Assembly is showing no interest in the plight of the Arkansas education system bottom up, which can be described as a dismal failure, much of which can be attributed to the presence of thousands of illegal aliens’ offspring.  The Governor’s solution—throw more money at it, i.e. vote buying.   Illegals invading by the hundreds of thousands into our state, killing American kid’s dreams, stealing jobs, cheap labor, utilizing all forms of welfare and special programs created specifically for them, i.e. Huckabee’s free prenatal care. Now this exercise, coupled with sending American technology, academia and physical assets to educate well-heeled Mexican nationals.

Governor Beebe and the General Assembly are showing utter disregard and disrespect for sovereignty, citizenship, property and culture.  The price citizens’ pay for eternal incumbency.

Recent history of the ASU scandal can be found at www.arkansasfreedom.com.  The ASU matter is pervasive and stealthfully evil.  The Commission of this Act can and should be terminated immediately.

Joe McCutchen
Fort Smith
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Who is Mike Huckabee by Diane Kepus





By Diane Kepus
February 8, 2014

The surfacing action of Huckabee to start “putting out feelers” as to his presidential electability is certainly an issue to look at with his involvement with Jeb Bush and Huckabee’s support of the Common Core Standards and now – doing a total turn around on his national weekly Fox show.

It appears that Huckabee is better suited to politics than being a man of the cloth. Ministers are to be held to a higher standard – I am not saying it is right, but it just goes with the occupation or calling. Huckabee is a player of words and I would put him into the new class of “New World Evangelists” who refuse to address the direction our country is taking to ruination.

He is a lot like Rick Warren having even attended seminary at the same time and the same place as Warren.

We now know that his speech to the Council of State School Officers (CCSSO) was worded very differently than his announcement on his Fox show. Not only that, it appears the governor has also learned “double speak” lately.

At the CCSSO meetingHuckabee urged state education officials to get rid of the “Common Core” name because it has become “toxic.” Hum! However, Huckabee intends to continue to support the standards and it would appear this is the case as he is still listed on Jeb Bush’s Common Core site as a supporter. And – why was Huckabee invited to speak to the CCSSO?

“Rebrand it, refocus it, but don’t retreat,” Huckabee reportedly told CCSSO members. This of course is what some states are doing especially Florida.
Florida lawmakers, Governor Scoot and Commissioner of Education Stewart have all said they want to delete “Common Core” from official documents and replace it with the friendly sounding “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.” Supposedly by changing the name of the standards everyone will forget they are the grandfather of the Common Core and the complete ruination of our children’s education.

In Florida, the Sunshine State Standards, adopted in 1996 became the Common Core State Standards in 2010.

This past November, Joe Follick a spokesman for the FL Dept. of Education stated, “Given the input that the state has taken and the changes that are likely to be made, "it would be disingenuous to call them common core standards”.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) used an executive order to strip the name “Common Core” from the state’s new math and reading standards for public schools. In Iowa, the same standards are now called “The Iowa Core.”

Tea Party members and others have argued that the standards amount to a federal intrusion in education, while supporters have tried to make the resistors believe that the development of the standards was spearheaded by governors and education officials.

Just the fact the president and Arne Duncan were ready and waiting on the sidelines with Race To The Top (RTTT) grants to the states shows the Federal intrusion. The grants from RTTT pushed the states to agree to share all their information on our children, their families and the teachers to the huge data mining system. All of this done BEFORE the standards were written and without any state legislation being passed authorizing it.

Back to good ole Huckabee! In June, 2013 Huckabee came out swinging in defense of the CCS. He sent a letter to lawmakers in Oklahoma, urging them to support Common Core.“Like many of you, I’ve heard the argument these standards ‘threaten local control’ of what’s being taught in Oklahoma classrooms,” Huckabee wrote. “Speaking from one conservative to another let me assure you this simply is not true. States and local school districts will determine how they want to teach kids, what curriculum to use, and which textbooks to use.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. Huckabee is no conservative. His gubernatorial record shows that.

His lack of understanding the full scope of this “infection”– standards are to be used as the goals to reach and the curriculum is what is used to gain those goals is irresponsible. With the likes of Pearson and every Tom, Dick and Harry company out there writing curriculum to align with the standards For Profit – there is no escape from this but total elimination.

All of Huckabee’s remarks are like a playbook from Jeb Bush’s Foundation.

We can ask the question why did Huckabee choose to agree with the likes of Jeb Bush and his cronies rather than the American parents who had bothered to do their research! Why did he choose to ignore people like Professor’s Sandra Stotsky and James Milgram, but instead decided to follow the like-minded support of David Coleman, Linda Darling-Hammond, Bill Ayers, George Soros and Jeb Bush types?

This causes one to wonder what Huckabee got for his initial support of the CCS and now apparent continued support! Backers for a presidential run, monetary? He certainly could have done his own research!

Huckabee’s “epiphany” mirrors that of others who have suddenly realized that it was not just a few unimportant people who are concerned about CCS; but instead, the parents and taxpayers of America, from all parties, no parties, no particular occupations or races – but our nation as a whole realizing the danger of having the Obama administration indoctrinate our children into the social justice agenda through Common Core Standards – using our children as “Human Capital” to become involved in public-private partnerships is not only despicable, but Progressive to Socialistic.

The selfish and inconsiderate support of this planned damage against our children cannot be explained or excused – now or in the future! We are talking about a former governor here that supported Bill Clinton’s “School-To-Work Act”. He also appears to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Put your money away boys – you will not win this battle! Parents will!

© 2014 Diane Kepus - All Rights Reserved

Click here to visit NewsWithViews.com home page.

Diane Kepus – Parent, Education/Human Trafficing Researcher, Speaker

My background as an Accountant /Auditor showed me my love of “digging.” In 1980 when I took up the hobby of Genealogy as the TV commercial says “I was in deep babe.”

I am married with a blended family of 8 children, 13 grandchildren and one great-grandson and you can readily understand why I chose Education or the “lack thereof” and Human Trafficking as my passions for the past 4 years.

I have witnessed the decline in the scholastic achievement levels of our children brought about by the interference of the Federal DOE and individuals/businesses who choose to use our children as “human collateral” for their own financial gains. In the process they are leading them into a Communist agenda to be overseen by the United Nations.

I actually began my Education research regarding the “International Baccalaurate” (I program and that branched out into all aspects of foreign education of which has been allowed into our schools. Then it moved on to the push for Charter Schools with “unelected” school boards to the infiltration of the Common Core State Standards which are to be implemented into the states without proper state legislation.

The Common Cores State Standards (CCSS) are an important issue we must tackle by getting the information out to the parents so they can help stop this. This is not about making your children smarter, or worrying about whether they will actually go to college or not – this is about Total Control by others who are not their parents. The cost alone – wait until your property taxes go off the charts to pay for this. It is all about $$ and Big Business.

My goal is to reach as many people as possible to teach and inform them the truth about the Common Core State Standards and all the other evil things of which are being put on our children on a daily basis and most of it without parental permission.


1- www.chartertruth.com
2- www.flcommoncore.net
3- www.truthabouteducation.org
4- www.americaismyname.org
5- www.truthabouteducation.wordpress.com

E-Mail: Thekidds8@ymail.com

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