“Racist”: Powerful Politically Correct Incendiary


If you have a strong stomach and a quest for factual historical knowledge, read the entirety of this piece.

Trading down—the insider’s game.

The Southside Rebels—the envy of every high school in Arkansas—why so? Because there are none like it.

Southside athletic teams are beautifully attired in distinctive blue and grey, with a smidgeon of red here and there. When they are suited up they resemble no other teams.

They are the Rebels—meaning they are independent, not easily regimented and not to be herded like sheep.

The Dixie Belles and the Southside Drill Team regalia—who else but Dixie Belles, a southern name and Southside tradition are accorded invitations to march in the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. Bulldogs, Tigers, Lions, etc. are not on parade, but there is a certain amount of magnetism about the name Dixie Belles.

The Athletic facilities feature Southern colors.

Then the stirring song “Dixie”, which arouses Southerners’’ emotions, is truly a song of the South and Southside.
And finally, the old, weather-beaten wooden Johnny Reb standing in the entrance to Southside High greeting the students.
How Racist!!

With what do Superintendent Benny Gooden and the compliant Fort Smith School Board’s automatons plan to replace southern excellence?
Two of the downtown insiders Richard Griffin & Sammy Sicard, who pushing their personal self-serving interests have offered up the colorless name “Southside Marshals”…named after the proposed Marshal’s Museum, billed as a private endeavor while being subsidized by millions of taxpayer dollars. Envision the proposed new athletic & band uniforms—tan or brown replete with tin stars. Women’s teams would probably be known as the “Marshalettes”, with similar costumes. The mutiny that Gooden & company have pulled off is at the very least, trading down. Very few in our city pay any special attention to Marshals; they are only hired guns, and the downtown crowd has created a phony admiration for Marshals by some.

Gooden claimed the decision to scuttle Johnny Reb, etc. was based on “PERCEPTION”, i.e. racism. Perception is not an act; it is whatever the individual, in this case Gooden, wants the perception to be. What are the chances this coup was planned months or maybe years in advance, just waiting for “not letting a good crisis go to waste”, i.e. an attack on the Confederate battle flag and the South in general as an excuse to remove all remnants of the South?

Quisling Benny Gooden and his PC Board have no problem spending at least $500,000 (in government work no doubt more like $1 million) on the proposed transition, while at the same time massaging Griffin & Sicard’s ambitions.

A further note, Gooden and his Board held a behind closed doors private meeting before the public meeting to create the “fix” without the knowledge of the High School Administration or the taxpaying public. The speed with which it was accomplished, indeed breathtaking, scurrilous and denotes pre-planning by Gooden and his Board.

Government schools have been the principal purveyors of lies, altering, filtering , withholding, and revising facts concerning the Second War for Independence, misnamed the Civil War (among many other subjects) , and thereby rendering students academically misinformed and culturally defenseless. Note: Civil wars are fought to take over a central government; this was certainly not the case in the aforementioned war which was for independence from tyranny only!

Lincoln’s war cost 700,000 lives. 300,000 were Southerners and many of those were the progeny of the “DISTRESSED CAVALIERS”…brilliant minds and achievers who created a culture that is to be envied today. In 1861 there were more slaves in the north than in the south and slavery was on its way out without bloodshed, if only because of economics due to industrialization. Think of the gene pools lost—both sides, never to be replaced.

If Gooden, his PC School Board & the plethora of school teachers knew the true history of that period why are they continuing the 154 year old Lincoln cover-up? The larger question is, if they don’t know, why don’t they know??

Lincoln himself was a white-supremacist—the heck you say Rebel!

The following are some of the remarks made by Abe Lincoln in his debate with Stephen Douglas, Sept. 18, 1858. Documentation may be found (New York; Library of America, 1989) pp. 636-637. And this is only the tip.

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor every have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people: and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social or political equality. And in as much as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the while race”.

The night Lincoln was shot he was busily working on a plan that he had begun to craft before the war and continued after the war, a plan to colonize blacks, i.e. to deport.

As President, Lincoln allocated millions of taxpayer dollars to a project that would “colonize” American blacks in Liberia.

In 1862 (the so-called Civil War was in full bloom) Lincoln held a meeting with several dozen “free” black men in the White House and explained to them that, because of the inherent differences between the white & black races they could never live together, and so he urged them to lead by example and colonize themselves in Liberia. (Abraham Lincoln, “Address on Colonization to a Committee of Colored Men,” August 14, 1862, in Abraham Lincoln; “Speeches & Writings, Vol. II, 1859-1866 (New York; Library of America, 1989), page 354. “

So who is the racist—The much maligned Confederate battle flag or Abraham Lincoln and the 154 year Lincoln cover-up by government schools, universities, elected & appointed officials, all media, and the PC crowd, including carpetbaggers. To the victor go the spoils, and the power to revise history.

The travesty being carried out by Benny Gooden and all his accomplices must not be tolerated. His unctuous dealings must be exposed to the taxpaying public and the Fort Smith School Board should fire him immediately, and then resign en masse. But that would be the honorable thing to do.

Joe McCutchen

Political Correctness & Warmongering Run Amok

Splash! Splash! Drumroll Please! June 24, 2015

Those mean ole racist, xenophobic, anti-Semite, Whites who dare defend European White Western Civilization, American culture & heritage, the very idea!

So hear this, Whites have been and are being indoctrinated and conditioned to the point many believe that Whites must deed our republic over to the hordes of 3rd & 4th world nesters and other minorities who show zero accomplishments in the Arts & Sciences throughout their entire history. The very idea this group “Council of Conservative Citizens, so-called White Supremacists would have the temerity to defend themselves, their ancestry, way of life, while being pitted against 35-40 million illegal aliens, the growing P.C. crowd and their and our biggest enemy of all—our own corrupt White politicians and bureaucrats. As of last evening, add Ft. Smith’s Superintendent Benny Gooden to the list.

The Honorable Senator Thomas Cotton took $1,500 from the C of CC, it was clean money two days ago, however yesterday it was deemed dirty money. What happened? I’m sure, aren’t you, that the Senator had no idea what the real philosophy of this “racist” band stood for, therefore Cotton returned the money. Don’t you believe that? By the way, what does the C of CC website state that are falsehoods or threatening? Don’t go and get your answer from that bastion of hate & lies, The Southern Poverty Law Center, another arm of the Tribe.

The Honorable Cotton stated, “I do not agree with his hateful beliefs (the president of the C of CC) and language, and believe they are hurtful to our country”. The Senator did not explain what the C of CC’s beliefs are or the “hurtful” language used. Another political dodge.

When completing this read, state whom you believe is the biggest threat to our once sovereign Republic, the Council of Conservative Citizens, or Senator Tom Cotton, Sheldon Adelson & his PAC. Meanwhile, last December in Las Vegas, NV, Sir Thomas had a cozy meeting with Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Venetian Casino Complex, and other casinos in Macau. Shelly is an Israel-firster and so is Sir Thomas.

In that cozy meeting, in the cavernous Venetian, a relationship was struck, how deep, who knows, except of course Sir Thomas & Shelly, but one thing is known for certain, Shelly gave Sir Tom $1 million walking-around money and $3 million for his campaign coffers. Lotta love there. But of course, Shelly being a member of the Tribe has demanded something besides love, i.e. Sir Tom must jump through all the military & political hoops that Benji Netanyahu demands. Lest you are uninformed or have forgotten, those paragons of courage, the whole of the U.S. Congressional delegation also jumps through Benji’s hoops to protect that little postage stamp of terror.

So you might ask, who is representing & protecting White Americans? Answer: No one—the grand design. You see, you the people are blinded by political ideology, therefore you never enjoy an independent, objective, educated thought, and your insouciant conduct has all but brought this Republic to its knees. All politicians and bureaucrats are liars, con-artists, cheats, and some are murderers (though they don’t pull the triggers), yet middleclass Americans, once the heart & soul of this republic, continue to play the roll of fools by reelecting for decades these shameless mere shells of men.
Note the dastardly act carried out last evening by the quisling Dr. Benny Gooden and his compliant PC school board busily erasing American history from the public school system by banning the song “Dixie” and perhaps the “Dixie Belle” drill team as well as the Southside High School 50 year mascot of a “Rebel”…all built on Gooden’s word “PERCEPTION”. Many citizens are in full retreat.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Recall that Sir Thomas received thousands of dollars from the owner & his wife of the Lockheed Plant at Camden, AR that is preparing to assemble 55,000 military vehicles. Senators Cruz, Paul, & Santorum all accepted that dirty ole money from those bad boys & girls of the C of CC & returned it.

PPS. Other than standing up for White Civilization, have any of the readers of this piece ever heard one bad incident emanating from any member of the C of CC, this is more denigration of the South, more indoctrination, more conditioning to remove any southern vestige harkening back to the War for Southern Independence, which the South has still not recovered from. Lincoln’s murderous carnage (700,000 dead) was carried out in the main by Generals Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Pope against Southerners, many people and businesses residing in the North, and the High Plains Indian tribes all felt the pain dispensed by “Honest Abe”. So much for “Public school education”. This is only the “tip”, unfortunately.


The Road to Serfdom


Police & Fire pay raise.

Facts state all government entities are paid far more than equivalent employment in the private sector and every government entity is represented by a union & all joined inextricably at the hip.

Government salaries of comparable positions should never be higher than the private sector which subsidizes them.

Ray Gosack & Richard Jones are quoted in the T.R. June 10, 2015, three, at the very least two, disingenuous statements. Jones, “Since 2006 Fort Smith’s pay for police & fire has lagged behind comparison cities”. Jones, “In 2014 Fort Smith’s pay was nearly 13% behind”. Jones, everything & everybody are not equal.

Gosack,” Without cost of living or market adjustments (oh wow), our pay plan stays stagnant while other cities around us, we’re comparing to, are moving their pay plans along”. Just what is a pay plan??!!

“Comparing” is the same dishonest psychology that politicians & bureaucrats use to make We the People feel guilty for not sacrificing ourselves for more government & its employees.

What Gosack & Jones are doing is trying to compare apples to oranges. Here’s the Marxist mentality again—every city in this case is equal, with no regard for demographics. Additionally, because city claims they need a raise is no foundation for the city to be automatically given one—try that with your boss in the private sector!

Demographics must be the determinate—population size, sex, age, marital status, numbers of children, education levels, economic factors, and a series of others, none of which are being considered by Gosack & Jones. And local private sector salaries should specifically thrown into the mix.

Who exactly is Jones comparing Fort Smith with? Here are the comparison cities Jones cited and their populations.
1. Little Rock—198,000
2. Springfield, Mo—160,000
3. Tulsa, OK—617,000
4. Okla. City, OK—399,000
5. Hot Springs, AR—35,000—since the 1940’s Hot Springs has grown by 3,000. Fort Smith’s population is 89,000. Hot Springs is a tourist city and both residents and visitors are taxed to the hilt.

Note the disparity in population numbers. There is no commonality whatsoever between the cities. It is absurd and slaps the taxpayers of Fort Smith trying to use this mechanism for an excuse for a pay raise.

Divulge to the citizens and let us observe the following areas regarding pay and perks of city employees. List each pay grade beginning with the entry level up to the highest, citizen contribution to their healthcare and the cost of their healthcare, same for dental, pensions, pay allowances, paid time off, paid vacations & length, sick days, holidays, free days, and not to mention, government employees have 100% job security—as opposed by the private sector.

Gosack & Jones offer no justification whatsoever for any type of pay raise. Government employees are not an endangered species. Let them absorb the same standards that are observed by the private sector and if they are not happy there are always those willing to fill their slot.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Still waiting to hear what the cash reserves are for the city of Fort Smith!


The Sweet Smell of Quid Pro Quo!


Bribe defined: To influence by offering a bribe—money or a favor.
June 7, 2015

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R), the current Arkansas General Assembly, Lockheed-Martin, and perhaps others vs. We the People.
The Bribe—$87.1 Millions of Arkansas taxpayer dollars resulting in what appears to be one or more ensuing Bribes.

Question: Who initiated the alleged act of bribery? Was it Arkansas Governor Hutchinson and his enablers who initiated the act, was it the munitions giant Lockheed-Martin, and possibly two other parties?

May 24, 2015, an email and post on my website www.arkansasfreedom.com titled Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Lobbies for More Unconstitutional and undeclared warfare, serves as a backdrop for what has been revealed since, pertaining to the players.

Friday May 29, 2015 the Arkansas General Assembly dispensed $87.1 million to Lockheed, the largest, most influential and profitable munitions corporation in the world. The $87.1 million bribe also signifies that Arkansas legislators, state & national, are charged with lobbying for Lockheed. Pertaining to the bribe, a plant expansion in Camden, AR nebulously states MAY CREATE 600 JOBS. We the people’s taxpayer dollars are collected allegedly to benefit all Arkansans, not a small sector that rests on the word MAY. What are citizen guarantees if any?

The financial relationship just completed in this deal between Gov. Hutchinson, the Ark. General Assembly, the Federal Government & Lockheed is a textbook example of a nexus between governments and corporations which is the definition of Fascism.

Other than bribery, what is terribly wrong, unconstitutionally & illegally with this picture?

1. Subsidizing wars, most particularly undeclared wars, is not a proper function of the Arkansas state government or any other state government—wholly a function of the U.S. Congress, Section 8 of the Constitution.

2. The bribe, $87.1 million taxpayer dollars being funneled, without citizen approval, in what appears to be a self-serving political web. As will be shown shortly.

3. Corporate cronyism—will be described below.
4. Misappropriation of taxpayer money.

5. Ponying up state tax money for undeclared wars resulting in murder & destruction against hapless sovereign countries & has nothing to do with U.S. security and is a crime by any standard. This was not what the $87.1 million taxpayer dollars were collected for.

6. The fact that Gov. Hutchinson and the Ark. Legislature can dispense that much money without a blink represents more factual data that the state’s citizens are being overtaxed and financially abused.

7. The production of 55,000 JLTV’s demonstrates that the criminally corrupt federal government has no intention of curtailing their undeclared murdering wars built on lies and more lies. Particularly since the U.S. military has left thousands of Humvees, hundreds of heavy tanks, tens of thousands of light arms scattered across the Mideast resulting in the creation & arming of dozens of splinter fighting groups e.g. ISIS, the Houthi’s, Al Queda, etc.,, all enemies of the U.S. and why not. The U.S. has invaded & destroyed their homeland, many of their peoples and antiquities.

8. Military lobbying is not a function of the Arkansas state government. 14 years mired in the Mideast and what do we have to show for it? Trillions in debt (a Trillion spent in the Mideast) and huge casualties on both sides. All the while our national borders don’t exist and millions of unchecked 3rd & 4th world invaders enter at will. In the context of national security the federal government never, ever links our open borders with what they call “international terrorism”.

Since my initial offering on May 24th regarding the $87.1 million transfer to Lockheed other personalities have been introduced into the equation.

May 31st came new revelations proving conclusively that the AR-Lockheed deal had numerous tentacles, many of which appear to be unsavory “vote buying” schemes that shower favors on multiple entities.

David Ray, former campaign spokesman for Senator Tom Cotton inexplicably stated recently, “Arkansas taxpayers shouldn’t be fronting for one of the largest & most successful companies in the world”.

Ray continued, “Streamline regulations that will benefit all business, not just one ‘handpicked’ company”.

Turns out that Republican Sen. Tom Cotton has political & financial connections to a senior official at Lockheed and a bevy of warmongering neocons and obviously Cotton has joined their ranks.

Enter Doug Coutts, Cotton’s Chief of Staff and is the son of Robert Coutts, a former executive at Lockheed and now the “OWNER” of the company’s missile and fire-control facility in the Highland Industrial Park near Camden, AR. where the company wants to assemble the JLTV’s.

Robert Coutts and his wife Ingrid contributed THOUSANDS of dollars to Cotton’s Senatorial campaign of 2013-14.

In the article I alluded to at the top of this piece posing the question to Gov. Hutchinson—From his government roles as the titular head of the DEA, the question was asked—“are there any active or lingering relationships between you and Lockheed?”

The spinning of this web of intrigue has criminal implications written all over it and it’s a good bet that most of the Ark. General Assembly have not a clue as to the depth & breadth of the relationship they and others entered into with Lockheed.

The War Party marches on…Hail Caesar.

Lockheed & Coutts fiscal livelihood is determined by perpetual warfare.

Go ahead citizens, continue to trade the lives of your family and friends to increase the political and financial bottom lines of those who lie us into these wars, e.g. most recently, Bush II (Carlyle), Cheney (Halliburton), Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, Rumsfeld, Kristol, Soros, McCain, McConnell, Boozman, Cotton, Graham, Rubio, Boehner, Cruz, unfortunately another Bush, and on & on & on…..and now Obama. You have been conditioned for eternal war and do not realize it.

In other matters, Gov. Asa Hutchinson and the General Assembly, during the past session, could have driven a stake in Obamacare, in Arkansas known as the Private Option, yet they cowardly chose to ratify the so-called Private Option; thereby creating immediately one-fourth of a million new welfare addicts, and metastasizing and will never be overturned.

Basically, this is the same legislature that cowardly put forth ISSUE 3. ISSUE 3 provided the legislators with term limit increases up to 16 years and gave said legislators the power to create a hand-picked committee that would give said committee the authority to raise legislator’s salaries, which happened immediately. All this took place under the legislative banner of “ETHICS”….so much for legislator ethics and morality.

Additionally, the same group, in the dark of night, created a branch of Arkansas State University— in Mexico. Nothing to my knowledge has been said…why and who paid for the ASU Mexico travesty and what is its present status?

The busy Republicans have been for years doing their best to initiate a Constitutional Convention which would guarantee the demolition of the U.S. Constitution for a myriad of reasons. All the above activity is at the behest of corporate cronies. Paralleling this activity is their likewise forceful efforts to scuttle the 7th Amendment—the right to trial by your peers. These republicans are dedicated to transferring the 7th Amendment to the hands of federal bureaucrats. Corruption abounds in both parties.

Have We the People reached the point that the only satisfactory means of terminating the illicit behavior of incumbent politicians is to vote them out regardless of political parties?

It’s the Republic!

Joe McCutchen


Water Gun Bad, AK-47 Good

Water Guns vs. Drones, AK 47s & Missiles May 25, 2015

So the Boy Scouts of America are bravely banning the children’s game of Water Guns? How interesting—water guns BAD, AK 47’s GOOD! The blatant hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Guess what—water guns don’t kill, but war weapons do…hmmm, but the non-lethal kid game is bad & lethal WMD’s are just fine, in fact, HEROIC.

Insanity in the first degree.

Wasn’t long ago kids happily were exercised in imaginary games with rubber guns, cap pistols, BB guns, water balloons, dodge ball, pea shooters, and nobody thought a thing about it…boys were allowed to be boys. Even some girls got in on the fun. Guess mumbly peg is out because it requires a pocket knife.

Suddenly, as the political correctness poisonous disease spread, children became so “fragile” that they must be “protected” at all costs. At first they weren’t to be expected to learn too much by demanding academics or to behave properly in school as that might be stressfully damaging…gasp, some kids are brighter or work harder than others—not fair! Then cops & robbers and cowboys & Indians were out, much less holding your hand in such a way as to imitate a gun!

Now water gun fights are a NO NO for Boy Scouts, that is until they reach the age of 18 when they are suddenly expected to learn to use lethal weapons to murder strangers & destroy property in foreign lands and considered heroic for doing it, perpetrated by a phony “war on terror” concocted by neo-cons in the 90’s & catapulted into reality after 9/11 for American global hegemony, citizen control and the super enrichment of the elite.

The little kids are taught that pretending to shoot guns (or even drawing a picture of them) is totally unacceptable during their “sensitivity training” in the government fool system, and then all at once they are magically expected to be able to kill, maim, and destroy anyone, anything, anytime they are ordered. How sane is that?

Witness the hugely successful movie “American Sniper”, based on a mountain of lies about the so-called hero who actually admitted to enjoying the killing, no matter the victim, & whose real life was far from exemplary. A sniper in an unconstitutional, undeclared war of aggression & preemption, built on lies & subterfuge, is not a hero, but rather an evil villain capable of murdering innocents whether child, woman or man anywhere he’s told. Think Randy Weaver. Think Jade Helm. And don’t forget those brave remote control pilots of killer Drones!

Read or watch Orwell’s “1984” where the population is totally indoctrinated/submissive and continually terrified by daily reports of bloody terrorist happenings “over there”, so they are willing to fight & die in eternal wars for the “homeland” like mindless robots. The U.S. has been attacking foreign sovereign nations for decades now, which are no threat to us but who are excoriated when they try to fight back. They do have valuable resources however, e.g. witness the explosion of the Afghan poppy fields that were nearly eradicated before our invasion and are record size now (tons of Heroin), not to mention the oil & gas in the entire region. What legitimate national interests does it serve the U.S. to occupy countless countries & to destroy not only people but priceless antiquities, lost to the world forever?

Keeping the U.S. economy on life-support through outsourcing, insourcing and massive legal & illegal 3rd World immigration guarantees the supply of desperate unemployed young people flowing into the military for the paychecks, as well as the delusional “warriors to keep us free”. (What freedom?) Pity the exploited.

Is it any wonder that the rate of military suicides is through the roof? Especially when they discover they have been sent as cannon fodder to bloody wars based on lies & deception for the benefit of an Industrial/Military/Financial complex, certainly not for them or their families back home. So much for “freedom” which has become an illusion at best. (Think Patriots Acts , NDAA, NSA, IRS, FEMA,BATF, ad infinitum.)

Insanity in the first degree.

The children are being mentally murdered in plain sight by the public fool system, by design and often assisted by their complicit ill-informed parents & “mentors” who have swallowed the PC poisons & spew them onto the gullible, vulnerable children, e.g. your life belongs to “others”, i.e. the Collective.

The death of common sense and decency is the death of an entire society. This has been accomplished by the Cultural Marxist design based on Critical Theory (pound relentless criticism on anything noble or good that is in Western Civilization) & Political Correctness which turns everything upside down & inside out. Much has been written exposing this movement…do the research.

Tyrants always target the ignorant, gullible young because they know that is where their ultimate victory/success lies.

Pity the young…without intelligent, well-informed, strong parents, they are not equipped to understand, much less to fight back. The PC Boa Constrictor is squeezing the life out of our society and the affected majority barely whimpers & cowers in fear. Fearful of inanimate words or pictures that might offend someone, but cheer on the bloody murders they’ve been brainwashed to believe will keep them “free”. Propaganda reigns, empirical evidence be damned.

Banning water guns is just one more PC Boa squeeze of breath out of the barely living victims. Surrender your paint and ropes…..paint ball and tug-o-war is next.

Barbara McCutchen

Must War be our only souce of jobs & exports?


Lockheed dangles the bait (a bribe)—an $87.1 million bait. May 24, 2015

The callous Arkansas branch of the national War Party (Republicans) will snap it up, hook, line & sinker!

Giving some thought beyond the bait, the Governor is lobbying for more undeclared wars resulting in more murdering of innocent children, women and men, wholesale destruction of other sovereign nations which offer no threat to the U.S. by the U.S. government in its eternal quest for global hegemony/supremacy under the aegis of fighting the phony “wars on terror”. The murdering of innocents by mad dog snipers, drone pilots, strafing, torturing and other real acts of terrorism classified by military commanders and DC neo-cons as “collateral” damage of non-combatants, and the public yawns and/or cheers.

Elected pathological elites are detached from reality—note the verbal and voting record assaults by U.S. Senators Boozman and Cotton. Recently, Friday, both voting to reauthorize the Bush II freedom-killing Patriot Act…Boozman for the third time and yesterday, Saturday, both voted for Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Act, a pact that will further destroy middleclass employment in the same manner NAFTA, GATT, etc. has done. Conservatives, you say?

Essentially, Arkansas citizens are conferring their approval for electives to lobby for more preemptive wars, for any number of reasons; malaise, ignorance, silence, self-service and/or political party commitment.

Look passed the possibility that acceptance of the bait will create 600 jobs, think what the bait contains, its cost and what it really means…the manufacture of 55,000 Joint readiness vehicles. Can you envision the ramification of 55,000? That alone is a proclamation that telegraphs to everyone who is willing to exercise a thought process, there is absolutely no plan for the DC & state governments (lobbying) to pursue, initiate, and/or negotiate peace agreements/treaties. Their battle cry is “Eternal War for Eternal Peace”.

The Dept of Defense & military commanders have ordered on multiple occasions thousands of mechanized vehicles and other equipment to be left on the battlefields resulting in said equipment falling into the hands of ISIS, jihadists, Al Quada, etc. Purposely?

Here is Gov. Hutchinson’s statement that is no different than betting “on the come”, “An $87.1 bond issue to help Lockheed land a military contract that COULD bring 600 jobs to southern Arkansas”.

Lockheed is the largest munitions manufacturer in the world, has mountains of DC lobbyists, accompanied by huge controls over the U.S. Congress. Lockheed NEEDS NO HELP from the Arkansas State Governor & the General Assembly to secure the aforementioned contract in money or political influence—the fix is in. Follow the money! Bribery is the sinister means of doing government business & “favors” follow.

The national Republican War Party is desperately campaigning to increase next year’s defense budget from $57 Billion to $67 Billion…a criminal financial ($18 TRILLION debt) and military effort by any standard and the six towers of corruption from Arkansas are right in the mix. All clamor for more funding…lest you’ve forgotten, these are taxpayer dollars.

Lockheed has yearly cost overruns that total in the billions subsidized by citizen taxpayers, e.g. the F-35, unsafe to fly, regular fires in the cockpit, a failed massive computer system, & pilot helmets that are dysfunctional.
It is stated that the $87.1 Billion payback will take 15-20 years.

Let’s keep them Wars agoin’, it’s good business! Yes, it is for corrupt politicians that are inextricably coupled to the military/industrial complex and through citizen ignorance, have allowed these brutes who have corrupted our Republic to languish in the halls of government their entire lives. Again, gross stupidity.

Have any of you given thought to the terrible price the U.S. and its so-called adversaries have paid thus far by the misadventures created & orchestrated by 2 former and 1 current American presidents & their neo-con handlers—Clinton (the Balkans); GW Bush (Iraq & Afghanistan—-he passed the unconstitutional freedom taking Patriot Acts nullifying the 4th & 10th Amendments, all built on lies & more lies, all the while plans for invasion of Iraq were fashioned in the 90’s, and known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine that simply states “We (the U.S.) shall have no rival and will use any force necessary to insure victory”….observe the blood and treasure wasted during the last 14 years.); Obama (Libya, overthrew the democratically elected president of Ukraine, the multi-attempts to overthrow Assad in Syria (the only bastion for Christians in the Mideast), illegal immigration that has changed the face of Western Civilization forever, NSA/global spying, and soon to be Jade Helm—pitting citizens against the U.S. military. The aforementioned 3 were & are enemies of civilized society.)

The aforementioned presidents should be tried for high crimes. Recall Bush stating the Iraq invasion would be a cakewalk, followed by some years later on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, “Mission Accomplished” & his memorable reference to our Constitution as “just a G.D piece of paper”. A high-born thug.

I quote highly decorated Marine Major General Smedley Butler from a speech he gave in 1933, “I wouldn’t go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the Bankers. There are only two things we should fight for, one is the defense of our homes and the other is THE BILL OF RIGHTS.” “War for any other reason is simply a racket”.

Obviously General Butler’s words have no meaning for Gov. Hutchinson who has been ensconced his whole adult life in big government; a big government man will never go against the government/military/industrial/banking cabal.

From Hutchinson’s past government role as titular Administrator of the DEA, the question must be posed—are there any lingering or current relationships between Lockheed-Martin & Hutchinson?

Joe McCutchen

P.S. irony—the same day Hutchinson bloviated about Lockheed came a story by John Lyon of the Ark. News Bureau which stated “Arkansas ranks 51st in food security, 48th in income level, 20% of families earning income below the poverty level”, etc. etc. yet they are expected to supply tax dollars and young unsuspecting people to serve as cannon fodder for the elitists in their political war atrocities. ONWARD TO WAR WITH AN $18 TRILLION FOXHOLE BUDDY! KILL, KILL, KILL.

Socialized Healthcare: The Cruelest Form of Forced Redistribution

May 16, 2015
Sounds like a provisional Marxist to me—that would be Republican Senator Jim Hendren, a 20 year veteran of the rock’em & roll’em Arkansas State Legislature.

Read his words that were printed in the T. R. today.

“Hendren said then that the firm’s proposal was too focused on finding ineligible Medicaid recipients who could be “scrubbed” from the rolls. He also said the firm proposed to have most of its work done within four and a half months, which he said was too brief a time for the scale of the project. “ (How does he know and if he does know what is the need for an expensive Consultant?)

What could be more laudable than kicking out welfare cheats, of which there are tens of thousands in Arkansas, and hiring a company that obviously is not taking advantage of the system, i.e. TAXPAYERS. Bravo. Sen. Hendren is obviously comfortable with doing the exact opposite.

In this regard, it appears that he is surrounded by fellow travelers, i.e. Senator David Sanders and Rep. Charlie Collins…and throw in House Speaker Jeremy Gilliam.

All want to dump previously hired consultants, The Stephens Group, and hire the Public Consulting Group of Boston—WHY? Anything emanating from Boston is highly suspicious, particularly if you are a constitutionalist.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson had the chance to remove Obamacare, i.e. the Affordable Care Act and/or the Private Option once and for all from Arkansas, but did not have the political will or the integrity to do so.

The aforementioned, in my mind, are intent on foisting an incremental Marxist healthcare system on the taxpaying citizens of Arkansas, with full benefits for all illegals. All of this…Sheer Madness.

After all, Republicans are not only warmongers, but have shown themselves to be provisional Cultural Marxists (forced redistribution)—OBSERVE.

Joe McCutchen

Government Gall: 30 year tax misapplied, So pay up for 10 more!!!


Why would a voter (citizen) cast a yes vote to continue the 30 year 1 cent Sales Tax, formerly & officially known as the 1 Cent Street/Sewer Tax? The official legal title was surreptitiously dropped by city government for the new name (1 Cent Sales Tax) for political cover in order to allow City Manager Gosack and Board of Directors (past & present) to loot at will as if the tax were a General Funding tax.

A vote to continue the street/sewer tax, absent historical facts and specific questions addressed & answered is indeed foolish; particularly when the 30 year street & sewer tax was not applied as it was ordained. An ironclad legal guarantee in writing by the City Manager, the Mayor and the current Board should state every “rolling penny” must be spent on streets & sewers and should be demanded by citizen voters. At this juncture, why would any sane citizen presume to think the Fort Smith city government will change its present dubious & perhaps criminal conduct in their spending of the street/sewer taxpayer millions, if extended for another 10 years, and it will be?

A letter appearing in the Wednesday April 22 edition of the T.R. written by Scott Stuart stated in eloquent fashion why money should not be diverted from the 1 cent street/sewer tax to fund trails. However, Mr. Stuart, in his letter, unfortunately did not use the official name of the tax, i.e. THE 1 CENT STREET/SEWER TAX.

What Mr. Stuart fails to point out in his letter “vote no to the proposed diversion of money from an already inadequate street/drainage tax”. Absolutely not inadequate, if the 30 year street/sewer tax had been applied as so ordered by citizens. The City Directors & Manager refuse to answer how the 1% Street/Sewer Sales Taxes were spent. Simply put: the 30 years earmarked 1 cent street/sewer tax has generated $600 million…$20 million per year, and has been and is being misappropriated and diverted, and again, there could possibly be criminal involvements. All City Directors, Mayors, & City Managers from 1985 to the present have been involved in tawdry practices, whether they know/knew it or not. What makes one think anything will change unless citizen legal force is exerted? The city of Fort Smith is awash in tax dollars and in this regard, the Arkansas Times reports “Arkansas is 48th in government services provided”. “In spite of being in the top ten in what we pay to state and local government, we are in the bottom three in terms of what we get from state and local government”.

If the 1 cent street/sewer tax had been properly applied from say 1985—1995 the sewer/drainage systems would be perfectly functional and the streets in excellent condition. We would not now be faced with a 12 year $500 million federal directive, numerous fines, and new problems with sewers & streets occurring weekly. City Manager Ray Gosack should be fired and investigated immediately.

Residents are now faced with double taxation, rising rates, the streets a shamble, putrid sewers, numerous fines, all due to Fort Smith city government’s ineptness, coupled with other deficiencies. During the 12 year EPA mandate, the $500 million federal edict could easily balloon to $750 million. Recall, Gosack has been embedded in city manipulations for 22 years. Why continue to bestow $20 million per year on such a dysfunctional & questionable entity, accompanied by self-serving insiders?

April 15, 2015 I posed the question to City Directors Catsavis & Lau—What is the dollar amount of cash and convertible assets (bonds, C.D.’s, royalties, insurance, etc.) that the city possesses at this time, as opposed to the city’s fixed assets (buildings, equipment, etc.)?
No response. I believe that neither of these gentlemen have the foggiest idea what the fiscal assets of the city are, and if they did they would probably be fearful to divulge the dollar numbers even though it is a citizen right to know. In all likelihood the city has millions stashed away as is the case with most cities. Two questions must be directed at the City Board—should the 1% street/sewer tax be continued, if so WHY? Just how much does the city have in cash reserves?

History and evidence indicate the fix is in: if serious citizen analytic consideration was applied to the 1 cent tax matter, does anyone believe there are not ample funds to satisfy the alleged police/fire pension deficits? If there is doubt that pension funds are not available, police & fire unions would be screaming. Same scenario (is money in fact presently available?) for the promised (undeserved) raises for the 900 city employees. The appearance of a bait & switch operation. The day after the election or soon afterward, the above deficiencies, in all likelihood, will rapidly disappear.

If there is an actual shortage of pensions for police & fire, the City Manager as already stated should be fired and the current Board resign en masse.

The misplaced focus of city government, enabled by city elitists, e.g. Griffin, Sicard, & the Chamber, etc. have dual purposes. One is to enhance the property values & future incomes of said elitists, much of which is being subsidized by city, state, & federal taxpayers, while at the same time, the city government and the elites are playing to the ignorant (absent facts) Bread & Circus crowd through their new & proposed entertainment venues, e.g. trails, walkways, bike paths, sharrows, et al.

In this case, less than 50 well-placed F.S. residents are being used to influence, through indoctrination (mostly untrue), the thought processes of 89,000 residents and perhaps 250,000 in the 3 county propose alliance.

Then to the proposed Marshal’s Museum, taking a larger & larger share of the taxpayer pie to subsidize what initially was billed as a private enterprise project. Griffin & Sicard are the prime movers and if it reaches fruition they will divest their financial responsibilities and it will be quickly inherited by one or more government agencies.

A little fatigue by the self-serving insiders’ use of the penny, “IT’S ONLY A PENNY” & “KEEP YOUR PENNY ROLLING”, but very successful, after all, that little penny generates $20 million+ per year and allows the Fort Smith city government to continue its lavish spending and financial diversions while the city deteriorates.
One would be led to believe, in view of recent alleged city monetary deficiencies and fines, all embarrassing, and very expensive, that said government would make a gentleman’s agreement demanding the 1 cent street/sewer tax would be spent on exactly that, city streets & sewers.
Instead of engaging in the proper functions of city government, entertainment has seized the F.S. stage.

Why the sudden push for 87 miles of trails? Laying a plotter on a map, 87 miles would translate into a distance from Van Buren, AR to Henrietta, OK. Is this not pause for objective thinking? The push for extensive networks of trails in all communities is not a recent phenomenon, part of Agenda 21’s grand plan.

Therefore; what is the Grand Plan? Is there more to the trail systems than meets the eye? Absolutely!

Appearing in the T.R’s edition of 4/28/15 was a letter to the editor signed by Drew Linder, the Chairman of the F.S. Trails Commission. Spewing the company line, Linder made some outlandish, unsubstantiated claims designed to indoctrinate. To whit:

1. “Citizens told our committee that continuous trails are a priority”. By what authority? Why are trails a PRIORITY? How many citizens attended the 4 regional meetings? About 50, most self-servers, e.g. owners of bicycle shops, etc. and a 501c3 NGO (Frontier) run by a Marxist sympathizer.
2. “Tax will continue to go toward (?) streets and bridges”. Either Linder is ignorant or prevaricating. As previously pointed out, the 30 year 1 cent tax was specifically earmarked for streets & sewers, and the tax for the most part, was and has not been applied to streets & sewers. Nowhere was it a bridge tax. The streets are as rough as the Appian Way and the sewer system stinks.
3. “Many reports demonstrate the economic benefits in cities that have extensive trail systems”. There is not one shred of empirical data that substantiates the above claim.
4. “They are (trails) especially attractive to young people like M.D.’s, engineers, etc.” So what does that prove? More nebulous utterings promulgated by city government & NGO’s.

Trails are a small part of the global governance commitment. The ultimate use of the 87 mile trail system in Fort Smith & across the nation is simply designed to ultimately restrict & restrain various modes of transportation and movements of people, while concentrating residents into high density central locations—stack & pack.

The Bread & Circus crowd marches merrily along, subsidizing their own demise/loss of freedom through the many taxes they/we are forced to pay. REDISTRIBUTION.

Will the 1 Cent street/sewer tax be extended? Absolutely! Replete with a new name. Will the 3 county (Crawford, Leflore, Sebastian) trail system be authorized? Absolutely!

Gosack and his consummate enablers will celebrate another of their tax victories by clanking their champagne glasses behind closed doors while the Bread & Circus crowd will celebrate in the streets by Callin’ them Hogs!

Manipulated and subverted powers by government, enabled by the Bread & Circus crowd who are more than willing participants are glad to go along for the ride.

We, the Republic, have long since descended into a totalitarian morass called COLLECTIVISM.

Joe McCutchen www.arkansasfreedom.com


An off-the-wall Times Record editorial published Friday April 5, 2015, titled “Increased Sewer Rates Inevitable” April 13, 2015

Quotable statements by Madam Editor, City Manager Gosack, Mayor Sandy Sanders & Director Mike Lorenz were mind-boggling.

The year 1989, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a Consent Decree to immediately upgrade various components of the Fort Smith city sewer system.

Recall 4 years in advance of the initial EPA edict, in 1985 citizens voted for a 1 cent sales tax that was specifically earmarked, designating one half for streets and one half for sewers. During the ensuing 30 years the 1% sales tax generated $600 million, and obviously was misapplied, misappropriated, diverted, or all of the above.

2014 the EPA issued its final verdict that directs the city of Fort Smith to spend $480 million over a 12 year period to revamp its sewer system and also accompanied by a $300,000 fine. Any fool can readily understand that in 12 years there will be inflationary concerns, cost of doing business, cost overruns, ad infinitum, and in all likelihood reaching an ultimate cost of $ 3/4 Billion, meaning the residents of Fort Smith will pay for sewer upgrades that will cost well over twice the 12 year, $480 million EPA demand, that is if the city government had followed the city’s vote & trust along with the initial EPA decree. Then there is the sorry state of affairs pertaining to streets, also neglected.

The year 2014, City Manager Ray Gosack & his entourage were summoned to go to Dallas by the EPA. Returning from the meeting in Dallas, Gosack proclaimed like a conquering hero, that the deal HE (not the EPA) cut was a great deal. The arrogance of Gosack’s words is revolting.

Since the initial 1989 EPA mandate was ordered, Fort Smith has had 7 City Managers that have willfully disregarded the ‘89 demand by the EPA, couple that with all the City Boards who have been elected during the past 25 year period, and certainly applies to the present Board.

Gosack has been a key player in city government for 22 years. The present City Board, absent Director Pennartz, has been in power 35 years cummulatively….so why did the T.R. give the present Mayor, Board, & City Manager a pass? Did they have to wait for an invitation from the EPA before enacting what should have been done & completed and was voted on 30 years ago?

The following quotes expressed in the Times Record by Gosack & others are the height of absurdity and express in a woefully deceptive manner that the incompetence’s (massive debt & possible criminality) the residents are now facing are recent occurrences rather than the 25 years of actuality.

Madam Editor…”These are the guys who, almost literally, are cleaning up the mess left by earlier Boards”. These “guys” are a part of the mess. Madam Editor, City Manager Ray Gosack has been buried in this diversion for 22 years, it’s not a “mess” it is a financial calamity. The City Board had no other option but to accept the $480 million decree and a $300,000 fine, most of which Gosack bears the blame. Why are you not calling for the immediate resignation/firing of Gosack and an independent audit of city finances? Why did it take another EPA demand to force the present Board to comply with past decrees?

A quote from Gosack, “If a Consent Decree had not been approved by the city the Federal Government would have sued the city in Federal Court”. Some revelation by Gosack. Why did Gosack, accompanied by some past City Boards, put the city in these fiscally debilitating circumstances? Why didn’t Gosack think of that 22 years ago?

Trying to placate both sides, Madam Editor wrote “on top of that there would have been another $1.5 million for legal services, waiting longer to raise rates only would have increased the price and perhaps added new fines to the total”. More brilliant deduction and never does the editor or any of her reporters ask the question “Where did the earmarked $600 million go?” If city government will not obey the federal government demands, they certainly will not obey city voter demands.

Similar asinine statements were made in the editorial by Director Mike Lorenz and Mayor Sandy Sanders, but never an apology or even an excuse for their part in blowing the dedicated $600 million Street/Sewer tax from all the above.

Finally, Madam Editor states, “So we congratulate this Board for doing the dirty work”. Congratulating a City Manager, City Board & Mayor who had part in misapplying, misappropriating and diverting $600 million of taxpayers hard-earned money is an abuse of the word congratulate and a hard slap in the face of citizens, they are the problem.

The time is rapidly approaching when the ringing plea will be heard “KEEP YOUR PENNY ROLLING”. (Slogan to encourage votes for continuing the tax) Financed in large part by Griffin, Sicard, the F.S. Chamber of Commerce, & other self-serving interests.

The Bread & Circus crowd indoctrinated with Pavlov’s dog’s experiment will rush to the polls to “KEEP YOUR PENNY ROLLING”, producing millions for trails, bikeways, sharrows, signs, Marshall’s Museum, Water Park, Softball Fields, fluoridation, while at the same time, allegedly not having the capacities to fund Fire & Police pensions, proposing across the board 8% raises for all city employees, terrible streets, a $300,000 fine and the $480 million Consent Decree………and the beat goes on.

Joe McCutchen

P.S. Ward #1 Director Keith Lau, in Sunday’s edition of the T.R. seems to be expressing a desire to reintroduce transparency in city government, an extremely huge advance in transparency could be made in this Tuesday Board meeting by he or one of the other Directors asking City Manager Gosack publicly why he was one of the major instruments in diverting the 30 year $600 million. Furthermore, Director Hutchings, asking for less time on citizen appearances at Board meetings is laughable due to the fact that he is a preacher, and I personally take umbrage at any attempt to squelch citizen input.


Censorship, the enemy of freedom.


Think about it folks. Not that long ago the City Board meetings were televised and citizens were allowed to speak/ask questions/give input after most meetings. Those unable to attend could watch the proceedings on their televisions. After the Board was challenged on some issues the TV camera was ejected (too expensive they said), in spite of the fact that private citizens offered to pay for it.

Not long after that, after being questioned and challenged again, the Board barred citizen input except on “special occasions”. Now we have Director Don Hutchings encouraging further censorship by saying 5 minutes is just too long to give citizens to express themselves!

This censorship is an idea expressed by a self-described “conservative” pastor. Sound familiar? (think Patriot Acts, NDAA, et al) Might make one wonder if this is his version of “Do unto others”?

This country was built on free expression/speech, and citizen input is vital to a transparent, healthy governing body…if such a thing is possible, especially these days.

Governing bodies have become arrogant, belligerent, defiant, and self-serving. Any such entity that blocks or ignores the taxpayers’ wishes and concerns is a rogue body, out of control and obviously willing and able to misuse their authority and the taxpayer monies put in their trust.

Once upon a time, discussions & debates could go on for hours, sometimes days in order to come to reasonable, fair conclusions. But now 5 MINUTES is simply too much to ask of our elected & appointed “leaders”.

Is it any wonder taxpaying citizens have zero trust in governing bodies? Why should they when they are told to shut up and sit down, or else. All the while they are the very ones funding the politicrats and their activities. What a tyrannical concept.

If “officials” can’t take the heat, why would anyone want them in the kitchen?

The lights are going out all over the world and another one just went out in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

~Barbara McCutchen

Expose, Rebuke, Return